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I promised this like a month ago now let’s all go back to our simming and pretend this didn’t happen


btvs rewatch ✞ 5x18 Intervention

Last Reply 1988 Thoughts

I don’t think I’ll get over Reply 1988′s ending until I get super drunk and have the biggest hangover the next day and reflect on how stupid I was being.

My heart is still broken and it’s so ridiculous because it’s a tv show you know. It’s not real. It’s supposed to allow us to escape real life for a second and accompany characters as they grow up into becoming adults, not make us sob into a glass of whiskey. But guess what? It was so good that we really got attached to them and started rooting for their happiness and feeling their sadness. The show eventually took over my actual real life, and I would turn down the occasion to go out with friends because I need to see what Bora is up to, or what Jung Bong’s interest this week is.

The show gave me Jung Hwan, to whom I related so much in an almost scary way. Tough on the outside but really just full of love for everybody around him. He loved this girl who made his life brighter ever since he was a kid. He loved her before knowing what love was. They’d always bicker and he always acted proud around her because that’s who he was. Expressing his feelings wasn’t his strong suit. He was more into big gestures rather than words. But words were what did it for her. And so we accompany Jung Hwan in his transition to adulthood, with his awkward first love, heartbreaks, moments of friendship, and love for his family. We love him and root for him. But he doesn’t even get any closure at all. What the hell?

And our lovely Deok Sun, who made us look forward to Fridays and Saturdays, who can’t dance for shit but makes your heart burst with love every weekend, when you didn’t even understand what she’s saying because you don’t speak Korean. But you still tune in, and read recaps and root for her. Deok Sun, who made you livewatch the show at odd hours, 6AM, 10AM, who cares? Deok Sun, with her lovely smile and big heart is on. Then they take this girl away from us. They turn her into a prop in a poorly written ‘romance’ they threw at the viewers at the very last minute without showing us how her feelings grew when we SPENT SO MUCH TIME WITH HER. They don’t explain her motives, her dreams. Then you realize the show was never about her. They just tricked us into believing it was. Then they start saying it’s a “family drama”, and it’s like ??? WE KNOW THAT?? But does that mean you get to throw the girl you advertised as the main lead in the trash? I’ve never felt this cheated, not even with the How I Met Your Mother ending. Just. Why?

I’m not even gonna mention Dong Ryong, pfft what a waste of character. Taek, oh Taek. What do I even say here? We never got to see him grow into an adult. Idk. Of course, he did “all the right things, at the right time”, but since when does that even matter? The writers never once looked at Deok Sun as an actual person who can ‘choose’ the person she wants to be with. It was always assumed that Deok Sun would just ‘accept’ whoever confesses, and sadly that’s just what happened. And let’s not talk about ‘adult’ Taek (lmfao Kim Joo Hyuk was not playing Taek, and it was such a big mess that they didn’t even address it).

I’m still bitter as ever, and my ask is open as always for your convenience if you want to call me a child or something.

It’s just. You know, Jung Hwan got labeled as this guy whose pride got the best of him (I read this in many posts don’t @ me). That’s just rubbish. Sure, he didn’t confess when he had the chance but he was not being “a macho” dude. He was being a teenager who bickers with his female friend because he’s acutely aware of everything she does. What is wrong with you? Have you ever been in love with someone who knows you so well that if they were to reject you, your whole world would crumble? Jung Hwan was careful not prideful, and I understood him for a while until I no longer could. The guy never got over her, never got closure, never confessed, NADA. That’s just? WHAT ABOUT US, PEOPLE WHO CAN’T PUT THEIR FEELINGS INTO WORDS? WHAT ABOUT US WHO ARE EMOTIONALLY CONSTIPATED? What’s the show’s message to us? lol. The writer basically said we were doomed to be alone and lonely for the rest of our lives. lol. ok thanks.

Anyways please don’t pay attention to me. I’m so?

This will be my last reply 1988 post. xoxo

I won’t be tuning in for the next one, because I hate, ABSOLUTELY HATE, the ‘We’ll write this as we go” thing. Why can’t you pre-produce? They’ve been preparing for the show for SO LONG. Why do they have to take a break in writing if it’s not to ‘tailor to viewers’ or to ‘adjust to leaked spoilers’. The writer also obviously turned viewers into a joke, completely disregarding our feelings. No thanks. I was your biggest fan *sigh*. Thank you for the laughs and the tears. You filled the void in my heart for a while but then inflicted a new one. I don’t think I’ll forgive you for that any time soon.

What Tae Would Do To You When You're Still Sleeping
  • *Tae comes into the bedroom and jumps on the bed*
  • Tae: Wake up!
  • Tae: Pali!!
  • Tae: You better wake up or else you won't get anymore kisses from me!
  • Tae: I'm not lying!
  • *Sees that you're still not waking up*
  • Tae: Alright you made me do this.
  • *Climbs on top of you and tickles your waist*
  • *Your eyes wide open*
  • *Tae sees that you're awake*
  • *Tae still keeps on tickling you*
  • Y/N: Yah Taehyung I'm awake! Stop tickling me!
  • Tae: Ani.
  • Y/N: W-WAE!
  • *You slapped his arm making him stop*
  • Tae: Okay okay I will stop.
  • *Tae smirked and tickled you once again*
  • Y/N: My stomach is hurting Tae.
  • Tae: Ahaha alright I will stop.
  • *Taehyung removes his hands from your waist and kissed on your forehead*
  • Y/N: What happened to the "You won't get anymore kisses from me" huh?
  • *Tae chuckling foolishly*
  • Tae: I guess I lied.
  • Y/N: Yeah you did.
  • *Tae was pouting*
  • *Chuckling you said*
  • Y/N: I love you.
  • *His smile lit up*
  • Tae: I love you too~.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • This is kind of like a short scenario so you guys can imagine more if you want hehe

napwhile  asked:

Hi Marc, So I've asked twice about Russia in Season 4 and I'm supposing it's to big of a spoiler and that is why you won't answer me. So can I ask if we will be seeing anymore of Anatoly or the Bratva in the future? Love Arrow I waited years for an amazing show like this to come out and all of you are doing a really,really fantastic job. Oh and please let Diggle stay forever he is the best person on Arrow.

You’re right… it’s a bit of a spoiler.  But we love the character of Anatoly and the character that plays him and we have plans to bring both back!