you won my heart within like what

a sad reality

hey kids, its me Mod Levi.

So, im here to pay my farewells. I will no longer run this blog. I have given all the rights and all to Mod Toodentz. After today, July 12th, 2017, you will not see me writing on here.

A lot has changed about me within the hiatus that I have taken. Some great changes and some not so great. I will not post about what is happening because I won’t bother you with the details and I would like to keep it private. Mod Toodentz and one other person know everything and fyi, im not in danger of anything.

Writing this breaks my heart because I put so much energy into this blog. I love the fact so many of you guys followed me into the weird and awesome journey. Gorillaz will always be with me. I am still that same fan I was.

I want to thank everyone who supported just me in the beginning and whammed me with requests. I want to thank you guys for embracing Toodentz when she first hopped on and was writing with me. I want to thank you guys for supporting Toodentz when she ran this blog by herself for the first time.

I want you guys to support this blog even when im not here anymore. Support Toodentz in everything that she does. Give her the support on her headcanons, imagines, drabbles, one shots, etc. Just give her all the support that you guys gave me when I still wrote.

I hate having to leave but this is for my well being and my mental health. I love you guys so so so much. For everything. And maybe I could drop in from time to time and write an imagine or headcanons!

But please follow my social medias! Twitter: almighty_daisy Personal Tumblr: Tsukishimaswifey Finsta: thealmightymcdavid

Love always, now and forever, Mod Levi.


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I’m extremely grateful to have such amazing followers, and I’ve decided to repeat what I did last time by offering to do another fic giveaway! 

Six people can win a 1500+ word fic!!

(If you won the last giveaway, you will not be banned from entering again.)

Brief Rules and Regs

  • You have to follow me. (obviously)
  • Like and reblog this post as many times as your heart desires!
  • If you receive a notification that you have won, please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize; otherwise, I’ll pick another (via random number generator).

By clicking around my blog (or if you just follow me already), you’ll know which fandoms I’m currently in, and I will write anything you wish (AUs, pairings, etc.). (The exception would be SPN, since I don’t follow/participate in the fandom any more.)

Due date is June 31st!