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Having a mental illness is not glamorous. It shouldn’t be romanticized. Nor should recovering from one. You’re going to cry. You’re going to feel like giving up.
At times, you’re going to fail.

But it’s ok. That happens to everyone. It’s not easy, but you’re going to make it through. The path won’t be perfect, but in the end, you’ll be ok. That’s all that matters.

Let's just call it Equal.

Today, women everywhere are marching for rights and equality. The fact that we still have to march for this subject in the year 2017 is ridiculous. So I ask, whoever you are that Still thinks women’s rights and equality are not important…..What are you so afraid of? That women will go on to do great things? Well darlings, We already have! Are you afraid women will become leaders? Oops Already have accomplished that too! Maybe we’ll prove once and for all that we really can do anything and everything in this world that you can do. Well damn … guess what… we’ve already proved that too! So now that that’s out of the way…
Ok, Maybe you’re just afraid we won’t Need you anymore.
Well, calm down my dears, I’m here to REASSURE you that we WILL always need you. We will always need each other. That’s the human way!

I’ve been in a band with all boys for 19 years. They are truly the most amazing men I know. They have always treated me with equal respect because they are dude enough to realize we are stronger together. We have a saying in the music industry that it’s not about gender, it’s about talent. Whoever has the talent, gets the gig. Simple.
See, you are scared because You are confusing a women’s demand for equality with “take over”. When really all you have to do is look up the word “equality” in the dictionary to realize that it doesn’t mean that we want to be better than you.
We don’t want to squash You or make You feel unimportant. We just want You to stop squashing us and making us feel unimportant. Stop and think about how you like to be treated. Seriously, get out a pen and list out all the rights that You have. List the rights over your body, your love, your life and your workplace… is everything just how You like it? Good! Let’s just call it equal then. Deal?




Liam x Reader

Requested By Anon

“But you can’t!” Mason sighed as he hurried after Liam.


“Mason it’s not a date ok, she wants to put being part of the Lacrosse team on her application for college and I said I’d help her make the team.” Liam explained.

“Hey I am all for helping my sister but Liam, it says a week before the full moon you’ll be attracted to someone and you could accidentally mark someone.” Mason was attempting to stop Liam from hurrying over to you before class started and Liam stopped.


“So, I mark someone, it’s not like I’m an alpha.” He started walking to your locker when Mason growled under his breath.

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Day 2: 12 Days of CP! Christmas

Prompt list here

Ice Skating (not the hockey kind!)

“Of course the Zimmermann’s have their own rink,” Bitty said, shaking his head with a smile. He bent down to tighten the laces on his skates, jerking when he was rewarded for his sass with a slap to the butt.

“It’s not a rink, it’s a pond,” Jack said. “Just because it’s frozen and round doesn’t make it a rink.”

Bitty leveled him with a look. “Don’t even try to tell me you haven’t played games on it.”

“OK, I won’t tell you that,” Jack grinned, grabbing Bitty by one mitten-covered hand and pulling him out onto the ice.

Bitty laughed and let himself be pulled along, watching his breath make little puffs in the frigid Canadian air. The two of them skated in a lazy circle, unwilling to let go of the other’s hand.

“Will you teach me how to do a jump?” Jack asked.

Bitty snorted. “And risk injuring your $10million ankles? No thank you.”

“Okay, that’s fair,” Jack said with a nod. “Will you do a jump for me, then?”

“I’m hardly warmed up enough for that.”

Another nod. “A lift, then. We can do it like in Dirty Dancing.”

As alluring as the idea was, and something Bitty had fantasized about many times, he shook his head. “No way, honey. We’ll both die. And I don’t want to die before I’ve given you your Christmas present.”

“You won’t know unless you try it,” Jack said, pulling Bitty closer to him. They slowed to a stop and simply held onto one another in the middle of the pond, wrapped in warm clothes and wrapped in each other.

“Why are you so keen to do some tricks with me, hm?” Bitty asked, stretching himself as much as he could to nose along Jack’s jawline. “Got a new interest in figure skating, Jack?”

Jack shivered delightfully as Bitty’s cold nose found the soft spot under his chin. “No, I’ve just got an existing interest in watching you skate. You know a few weeks after you joined the team I asked Coach Murray for your tryout tape?”

“Really?” Bitty pulled back to look at him.

“Yeah.” A little blush appeared high over Jack’s cheekbones. “And I never gave it back. I still watch it sometimes.”

“Because you liked my tight costume, right?” Bitty chirped, letting his hands wander down to grip Jack by his substantial ass. He pulled Jack tighter against him, wanting to feel as much of him as possible in that moment.

“Well, yes,” Jack admitted, lowering his mouth to the hair at Bitty’s temple. “But mostly because you’re beautiful, Bits. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’re so graceful and fluid and ….”


“And bendy,” Jack breathed into his ear, “Very, very bendy.”

Bitty’s laughed echoed across the frozen pond and into the trees along the back fence of the Zimmermann’s holiday house. They would skate around for a little while longer, but he knew it was only a matter of time now before the two of them were much more naked and a whole lot warmer.

"quick man, if you love me!!"

ok but it won’t be said like this. sherlock will be in a moment of desperation and he’ll say “please, john if you l- if you care about me at all” bc he doESNT BELIEVE JOHN LOVES HIM

Ok, ok, don’t laugh at me.
Promise you won’t.
I miss Merlin, I miss that marvellous TV series so much
I miss Arthur and Merlin and their unbreakable and immortal bond
That show taught me a lot
I just cannot bear it is over
I’m crying, I’m feeling stupid
I just miss them

What you were waiting(?)

I kept putting this comic off for over a year, I needed to get it out of my system. It’s short and saucy(??), maybe (????) www.

WARNING 1: Long post. More or less.
WARNING 3: ^That’s what I say but you won’t see any dicks here ok? I’m…. sorry… OTL

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the next update is like 

“good news tumblr! we’re taking away the follow feature for new and better things! you won’t be able to follow any blogs anymore but that’s ok, our new feature will give you hand picked posts from us, tumblr!”

Roadtrip! with Namjoon

this is my favorite gif of namjoon no joke

Roadtripping with Namjoon would include:

  • “ok so if you won’t let me drive then i get to be the navigator”
  • lord KNOWS
  • that this boy cannot drive
  • but you have to trust him with directions unfortunately
  • thank god for gps
  • there will be so many wrong turns on this trip
  • and honestly 
  • some of them you would just end up fighting about it
  • then making out in the car until it started to get dark
  • namjoon would be adamant about going to florida and he would begggg to go see alligators
  • and you told him that they’re not that exciting
  • but all he would do at that comment is scrunch up his lil nose and pout
  • “but they’re like dinosaurs y/n. i want to see the dinosaurs.”
  • “alright, alright”
  • when it was really late and you knew that you needed to stop, you’d ask him to search up motels and he’d somehow always find the most
  • ass
  • hotels in the area
  • and you’d be too tired to smack him because you needed that money to do cool stuff in florida
  • like water ski and like namjoon wants, pet the goddamn alligators
  • but you wouldn’t mind it when it was like 3AM, and his raspy voice was laced with sleep and his eyes are closed but he’s slightly smiling as you try to talk to him
  • “yeah, mm just go to sleep okay”
  • “but i want to talk to you”
  • “talk to me in the morning baby”
  • “you know i love you a lot, right?”
  • “mm.”
  • and you’d cuddle up to him and by 6am you’d wake up sweaty and gross because the air conditioning stopped working but he’d pull you tighter to his chest if you tried to move away
  • FINALLY when ya’ll got back on the road
  • he would continue sleeping in the seat but before he fell asleep he’d take one of your hands in his and hold it while you drove
  • fsidghfjghfs so cUTE
  • but then you’d get bored and decide to fuck around with him
  • you’d blast the loudest music you could find on your playlist and it would scare the piss out of him
  • he would just roll his head back and stick his middle finger at you as you laughed
  • as you neared florida he’d get so excited and poke his head out of the window like a dog
  • and he’d get so hyped at the sight of the ocean and when you guys crossed a bridge from tampa
  • he’d be super sweet and nice when you guys stopped at your grandparents for a night
  • and even tho your grandparents had separate rooms for you two, he’d text you things like
  • “im lonely”
  • “its so cold in here”
  • “i miss you”
  • and you’d drag yourself to the other room and collapse on top of him, where he’d wrap his arms around you and your grandma would awkwardly find you guys snoring in sync the next morning
  • woops
  • and once you had breakfast you’d begin driving again, off to to para-sailing and he would act like a pro
  • and you’d be deadass scared out of your mind but he kept wooping and being all cute and excited so you had to laugh
  • and finally after being in florida for like 3 days you two finally began to pack up for texas
  • and as you began to drive again, he’d take your hand and fall asleep, this time snoring so loud the music couldn’t drown him out

guys i would give anything to go on a roadtrip with this boy goodbye

Ouma and Celes Friendship Event

Kokichi Ouma: Celes-chan, so that’s where you were! I’ve been looking for you.

Celestia Ludenberg: Oh my, Ouma-kun… Was anything the matter?

Kokichi Ouma: C’mon! This is no time to be elegantly sipping your tea! We’re in dire straits here!

Calm down and listen, ok? You won’t believe me, but Yamada-chan, he…

inflated himself just like a ballon and keep going until he popped!

Celestia Ludenberg: Oh my, that’s incovinient. Who could I invite to brew tea for me from tomorrow on?

Kokichi Ouma: What? Can’t be a little bit more shocked? Celes-chan, your class is all covered in blood with some more dripping for the ceiling, you know?

Celestia Ludenberg: Well… As long it doesn’t stain my favourite purse, I see no issues.

Kokichi Ouma: Hmm, you’re so cold in face of this great tragedy. Is that the bloodshed experience only a gambler can have or something like that?

Celestia Ludenberg: Cold is an offensive way to put it. I am about to come running to confirm my purse’s well-being.

Kokichi Ouma: I see. No need to worry. I was lying. Yamada-chan and your purse are both safe.

Celestia Ludenberg: Was that so?… I am relieved. I had been completely tricked by you.

Kokichi Ouma: C’mon, lying is bad! I hate when people lie!

Celestia Ludenberg: I said no lies. Ouma-kun, my lines were all true-to-life.

Kokichi Ouma: Eh~, you’ll never quit this “I was decieved” gag, will you?

Celestia Ludenberg: Regardless of my quitclaim, it is a fact. Dohyaaaaa, I was much surpriiiiiiised.

Kokichi Ouma: Whoa~, it’s a lie so blatant that only Gonta would fall for that~!

Celes-chan… Aren’t you completely pissed at me on the inside and want to flip me out with everything you have?

Celestia Ludenberg: Not at all, I am a gambler… I am used to people lying to me.

Therefore, someone lying is not enough to disarrange my mind. Unlike you, Ouma-kun, I do not claim to detest lies.

Kokichi Ouma: Got it! You hate when people tell the truth much more than when people lie, right, Yasuhiro-chan?

Celestia Ludenberg: …Not in slightest. After all, things would become tiresome if everything was a lies the entire time.

Kokichi Ouma: What a joke~, you’re lying~! That’s why I like talking to people like you!

Celestia Ludenberg: Is this another lie?

Kokichi Ouma: Yeah, that’s a lie! Unless I’m lying about lying!

Celestia Ludenberg: Ouma-kun… Would perharps be interested in taking me on a lying competion?

If you wager all of your belongings, I wouldn’t mind raising your bet.

Kokichi Ouma: Ah, good one~! Let’s make it a game betting all of our belongs and our lives!

Translation note: The “lying competion”(嘘のつき合い) part has a pun on “date”.


Imagine you and carl have this game where you always steal his hat and hide it places and carl has to try and find it to get it back. You do it to annoy carl unaware carl plays along with it cause he likes you.

You could hear carl coming so hid behind a wall trying not to laugh. You heard him walk past and smiled. “Y/n” maggie called seeing you “there you are, what are you doing?”. You shook your head at her but carl had already heard. Carl smirked coming around the corner, “not a good hiding place y/n”. You rolled your eyes and placed the hat on carls head “15 minutes” you smiled “not my worst time”. Carl grinned as you turned to maggie “you need help?”. Maggie nodded “yeah if you two arent busy playing”. You laughed “its ok carl won this round, i can help, bye carl” you smiled walking with maggie. “Y/n” carl called suddenly. You and maggie stopped as carl ran up to you. “Hey i was thinking maybe you should just keep my hat”. “Why?” You smiled “finally giving up grimes?”. “You wish, well for one reason in the 5 years weve known each other ive never given you a birthday present”. You nodded “its really hurtful carl, its a daily struggle”. Carl grinned holding it out to you “and second it suits you better than me”. “Its suits me?” You asked thinking this was some joke. Carl nodded “yeah you look hot in it” he smirked “see you later”. You stopped in shock watching him walk away. “You okay?” Maggie laughed. “Did carl grimes just flirt with me?”. Maggie smirked “aw y/n hes been flirting with you for five years but its good youve finally noticed”.