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Ngl idk if you've done this but could you pls do one where the DA2 romanced companions find out the fem!mage!champion is a blood mage??

Avaline: she is indifferent about it, she thinks it’s not ok at all and doesn’t agree. “Please stop, I don’t want you to hurt yourself!” I Hawke continues, she might take matters into her own hands……..

Anders: woah, as much as he doesn’t like the idea he allows them to do it. “Be careful! I want to make sure you’re ok!” He doesn’t mind but he won’t do it.

Merrill: she’s ok, she makes sure they are doing it safely though. “It can be used for good!” She understands them doing it.

Fenris: he doesn’t understand them, why are they doing this? He doesn’t know what to say, he sulks.

Isebela: who cares? She doesn’t as long as they’re ok. “Well it’s none of my business!” She laughs.

Sebastian: nope, he doesn’t agree at all and does his best to stop them. “This isn’t safe for you ok!” He says to Hawke.


Just think about it

Sirius Black would still be alive if Harry had bothered pulling out the mirror Sirius gave him. Like he could have just been like, “are you being tortured by Voldemort?”
“No, I’m at home.”
“Ok, I won’t come rescue you, just wondering. Stay safe.”

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Hey could I request RFA (plus Saeran) reacting to MC wearing only a shirt and undies to bed? If not that's fine! (I love your head cannon's btw👌)

Thank you! That means a lot (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I really hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • When he saw you…His jaw dropped.
  • Omg…The room is so, so hot right now!
  • He’s just looking at you…Having already that kind of thoughts.
  • You’re just there, laid on the bed, without the blankets on, reading a book.
  • He’s just looking at your whole body…And when you look at him, he’s just so red!
  • After that he lies on the bed while you continue to read now, he feels a little bulge in his pants…
  • This is just too embarrassing…
  • He’ll put the blankets on, even if he’s almost melting! And he’ll try to not look at you!
  • When you’re tired, you just hug them and sleep, Yoosung is looking at the ceiling, he can’t sleep!
  • Now he’ll have insomnia, great!
  • He’ll be like that for days and days until he can’t take it anymore and he’ll kiss you.
  • And you’ll feel the desperation on his kiss, and after that, he’ll explain all to you.
  • You laugh, this is just too funny “Do you want me to put something else?”
  • He doesn’t know the answer to this…But he knows that he wants to see you like that again…It’s not bad
  • He’s red again.
  • “….N-No…”
  • “Ok, so let’s stop with this talk and let’s sleep” You laugh.
  • Yoosung eyes are full of desperation when he heard this and he kisses you again, after some time just making out he looks at you “Please…Not another day of torture…Just, please…Help me today…”


  • When you got out of the bathroom, he was waiting so he can brush his teeth.
  • He froze, and you just smile walking to the bed.
  • And he’s seeing you…He’s checking on you…
  • Omg, why he did that?!
  • Now things are worse!
  • His plans change, he’ll take a bath!
  • He enters the bathroom and locks the door, he brushes his teeth, but after that, he takes a bath.
  • A very cold bath.
  • So he can control this beast!
  • Now everything seems fine! He’s relieved that this worked.
  • But when he got out of the bathroom, he sees you, lying on the bed…
  • He’s hot again.
  • This can’t be happening!
  • He’s biting his lips, with lustful thoughts that only are making him worse!
  • When you looked at him and smile “Are you coming?” He almost screams!
  • “…MC…Please…Put something else…This is too tempting for the beast…”
  • If you keep that, the beast will not hold back.
  • if you change, the beast will be sad, but will be caged.
  • You choose.
  • He’s wishing that you choose the first option.


  • When you told her what you were going to use to sleep this night.
  • She just nods.
  • It’s not weird for her, this is ok.
  • You can use anything if you want to MC.
  • Not a big deal.
  • This was before she saw you with that.
  • O-M-G.
  • How do you have such effect on her? How are you so pretty in this?
  • Oh god, she’s staring at your thighs, did you notice that? Oh god, she’s blushing too.
  • Now you’re just beside her, lying like nothing is happening, oh god, the temptation is beside her.
  • She’ll pray that she can keep her control, but she’ll cuddle with you that night.
  • She just needs to touch you.
  • But in the next day, she’ll ask you to not use that anymore, and she’ll not give details about it…
  • She would want some pictures of you like that so she can keep that on her phone? Sure…!
  • But if she sees you again like that… She wouldn’t keep her control.


  • Jumin desires you even when you’re with a big coat.
  • He just has a lot of emotions going on, of course, he tries to maintain his composure.
  • He doesn’t want to seem like a perverted or something like that.
  • You’re just beautiful and perfect for him.
  • So when he saw you with just that to sleep, he bites his lips.
  • Thinking.
  • Should he lose the control? Are that clothes for provoking him? Or is just clothing?
  • So many questions…
  • But not a single answer.
  • He sits beside you in bed “Is this your “pajama” honey?“
  • You look at him, he’s checking you, you just smile and nod.
  • Oh, odd.“ He bites his lips again, checking you one more time, you find it strange but you don’t say anything.
  • After some minutes he looks deeply into your eyes, he got close to you right now, pretty close.
  • "I like that on you…” He whispers, kissing your lips gently, but after that he gave your neck some kisses too, making you shiver “…But i would like more if you wasn’t with them…” He bites your neck, making you open your mouth.
  • After that, he just looks at you, giving you a little smile “Of course… If you let me, i can take them off.”


  • He got out of the bathroom right after he showered.
  • He saw you, using only that…
  • Error 707
  • 707 Stopped working
  • His nose is bleeding, his mouth is open.
  • “M-Mc…!” You look at him.
  • “What’s it?”
  • “….I don’t think you should wear those things… Even to sleep…”
  • You sigh, lying on the bed right now, you don’t care
  • “Seven, this is the way i feel more comfortable to sleep, and i’ll not change that.”
  • Seven’s just looking at you, quietly.
  • He left a little grin escape from his lips, and then he let his towel fall.
  • Now, you’re the one that stopped working…
  • “S-SEVEN!” You almost scream while he was lying on the bed, he laughs and looks at you “What?”
  • “…Put some clothes on! You’ll sleep like that?!” He laughs again, looks like he thinks this is funny.
  • And then he hugs you, making you shiver “But MC….This is the way i feel more comfortable to sleep, and i’ll not change that”
  • Ok, he’s using your words against you, you sigh, biting your lips “Ok…I understand…I’ll change, you won" 
  • You make him let you go, while you were standing up, Seven grabs your hand making you lie in bed again.
  • You wide your eyes while he’s getting on top of you, smiling “Too late MC (~˘▾˘)~”


  • Ok, Saeran never says what’s wrong.
  • He’s just a grumpy punk.
  • But he was so surprised when he saw you like that. 
  • Like,  really, he froze.
  • After that, he’s just blushing, even if he doesn’t admit it.
  • You look at him, and just smile, while he was there, next to the door, while you’re already on the bed, sitting, combing your hair.
  • After that smiles, something in Saeran snaps.
  • He runs to you, jumping on you, making you lie on the bed, making the comb fly over the room, while he was now, on top of you.
  • He’s already taking off his shirt "S-SAERAN” He looks at you.
  • “Wait? You wanted me to see you like that and be quiet about it?!
  • He sighs, he knows sometimes he’s too brutal, so he looks at you “…This is torture for me MC”
  • You look at him while he’s getting closer “It’s too much bare flesh for me to handle…I need to mark it” He starts to suck your neck, making his way to your ear.
  • “Please…” He whispers… When Saeran said that, you knew, he was really desperate for that.
“Vacations are rare for the Waynes” - Batmom x Batfam

Here’s a little collection of short stories about the Batfamily going to the beach/being in vacation ! I kinda just had ideas for tiny little snippets rather than a story that was a long one and made sense…it’s bad. Hope you’ll like it : 


my masterlist blog :


How did the Wayne found time to go on vacation ?  

God bless Batwoman, Batgirl, Jim Gordon…And everyone who joined in helping the Batfamily over the years, because thanks to them, you, your husband, kids and beloved butler were FINALLY able to take some times off. 

A few years ago, leaving Gotham for vacations would have been a big no-no for Bruce, and you always understood, you really did. Hell, you had trouble leaving the Bat computer behind…But ever since he got new allies that weren’t direct family, things got easier. 

They all were able, since a long time now, to take at least one night off during the week and such. But actually full on holidays ? Oh that didn’t happen in…in…in forever ! 

The only holiday you went on with Bruce was without the kids, and it was for your Honeymoon. Three days. Three days of pure bliss (and lots of sex).

And now, the opportunity to be all together for A FULL WEEK came up ! 

It all started because Tim got injured pretty bad, but still wanted to go on patrol…and you lost your shit. You were always supportive of their nightly activities (though worried sick as well), and you were monitoring the bat computer almost every night, when you didn’t have “date night” with Bruce or “mother/son bonding time” with one of your boys ! 

You were really understanding, and you too wanted Gotham to be a safe place, having had the same kind of background than Bruce…But hell if you were going to let one of your babies go out in the streets while he was badly injured !

With your famous “Batmom Glare” and a stern voice, you told Tim : 

-You’re not going. You’re taking some vacation my boy, to relax and be fully charged again. In fact, we’re all taking a vacation ! 

…It kinda just happened. You were mad, they didn’t want to make you angry (you were scary when angry), and it was true that…All of them wanted well deserved time off. 

And it was decided. A week far away from the murkiness, grittiness, darkness that was Gotham, in the sunny Bahamas. Perfect. 

Of course, Bruce made sure that coming back to the city fast was possible, and also made sure to brief all of the Batpeople on anything that could happen but…He also really wanted to go. He wasn’t getting any younger and though he’d never admit it your little burst of anger was a blessing for him too. 

You all needed time away. Oh yes. And though you also made sure Gotham would be in safe hands (anyway, villains got pretty calm lately), you left without hesitation ! TO THE BAHAMAS !! 

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Boyfriend Series; Wonwoo

- we all know jeon wonwoo calls himself a bag of luck as a joke
- but he really does starts believing he is one after meeting you
- for your first date, he takes you out for a simple lunch, a walk in the city and then ice cream for dessert but since it’s summer and it’s hot out, your ice cream melts and stains your shirt
- wonwoo sees how upset you are about it and offers to let you wash it off at the dorm since you guys are close by
- so you go inside the dorm and all the other members are like “ooohhh wonwoo who’s that??” and wonwoo just laughs and tells you to ignore them
- you’re waiting around in the living room while he leaves to go find something that could help with the stain, and you get a bit confused because the other members are nowhere to be seen
- all of a sudden the lights go off and you hear wonwoo call your name and he’s like “(name)?? are you okay?? stay where you are i’ll be right there!! argh those guys i swear…..”
- you slowly get up and try to follow the sound of his voice when you suddenly trip on something
- but you don’t land on the floor…… you fall over someone and accidentally kiss them on the lips
- the lights go back on and you and wonwoo immediately pull away out of embarrassment
- that’s right, your first kiss is accidental but it’s a cute little memory you think of every now and then
- but now whenever you both go on ice cream dates, wonwoo orders your ice cream in a cup so you don’t stain your clothes again how thoughtful right
- always has on his glasses and sweater paws and you cry
- blushes when you fix his glasses for him
- lends you his big sweaters and gets flustered when he sees you wearing them like his face turns all red and you’re like ??? wonwoo are you sick ???
- bookstore dates!!
- he likes to tell you his favorite passages from the books he reads
- when he wakes up with really bad bedhair you don’t want him to fix it because you find it so cute and when he tries to you slap his hand away like NO KEEP IT LIKE THAT
- “(name) i have to fix it i’m going to a fansign…..” “no.”
- afraid of dogs so when he sees one he hides behind you who’s shorter than him like gooD JOB WONWOO
- you always ask him to sing his solo part in “laughter/smile flower” because his voice is so deep and soothing wow
- you both get matching plushie keychains for your bags
- bumps into everything, honestly so accident-prone you have to keep band-aids on you at all times
- wonwoo doesn’t normally open up to people because he’s so used to keeping things to himself, but he learns how to open up to you and now you’re his go-to person whenever he’s feeling down
- he’s the type who doesn’t really want any advice or comments, he just wants someone who’ll listen to him
- tells you his lame jokes and gets offended when you don’t laugh but when you do he looks so proud of himself afterwards
- but sometimes he’s laughing too much while trying to tell you a joke which makes you laugh and when he finally tells you the joke you’re still laughing and he thinks it’s because of the joke he told you
- his phone’s lock screen is a picture of you wearing his round glasses
- made a playlist of all your favorite songs and listens to them before going to sleep
- says “i love you” quietly because he’s shy and when you tell him you love him too and his face turns bright red
- loves giving you back hugs
- hangs up polaroid pictures of you two on his wall
- loves watching movies with you and actually prefers staying at home to watch an old movie with you over going to an over-crowded cinema
- but he doesn’t mind going to the movie theatres with you if there’s a movie you really want to see
- he’s often really tired when you meet up because of his busy schedule so you let him sleep while you’re both on the train
- while he’s sleeping, he holds onto your hand tightly and his head falls on your shoulder
- you take pictures when this happens and laugh at his reaction when you show them to him later that day
- when you’re lying on your stomach watching videos on your phone or something, he likes to crush you by rolling over your back
- loses track of time when he’s with you and gets scolded by the other members for coming late to practice
- when you share food, he always lets you have the last piece
- tells mingyu all about you who pats you on the head and thanks you for making his best friend so happy
- but then wonwoo sees mingyu pat you on the head and gets so protective of you after that
- like he gives any member the look if he sees them get too close to you and they cower away lmao
- wonwoo is shy so he doesn’t say “i love you” very often
- but just know that he really, really does
- there are different ways to show someone you love them
- when he asks you about your day, if you’ve eaten; when he sacrifices sleep to go see you, when he hugs you tightly after not seeing you in a while or anything of the sort
- that’s how wonwoo tells you he loves you
- “you know what, (name)?”
- “what wonwoo”
- “you’re my won and only”
- “…ok that one’s pretty good”


Rent’s Due: Kim Haeng Ah & Hong Yi Seul (Bubblegum)

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how to be less judgmental/deal with judgment:
-make it a lifestyle, wake up every morning with no intent to judge and remind yourself when you catch yourself judging others.
-know that when people judge you they do not know you like you do.
-they don’t know what good you have done, and that is ok. their life won’t be as satisfying if they need proof that you’re a good person, you just need to know that for yourself.
-even if you are thinking something, just try to hold it in (like seeing an instagram post and immediately showing your friend and saying negative things about it).
- be aware that most people who judge you for something are most likely insecure about that in themselves and see a flaw in you that is only there because they want to see it and make themselves feel better.
- imagine yourself being the person you’re judging and hearing what you said about them but about you, does it make you not want to say it anymore?
- just because something is different than your way doesnt mean it is wrong. it is hard to think this because that person probably thinks the same about you. who’s to say who is right? you both equally feel that what you are doing is the “right” way.

Bite me

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Request: Could you please do a yoongi scenario where he finds out you have a biting kink?

(A/N: Tumblr wasn’t letting me upload this yesterday so again I apologize for that but here it is! I hope you like it

P.S. this starts off cute but then… well you know but it’s really nothing because I suck)

Gifs do not belong to me credit goes to rightful owner

“You should really come hang out with tonight y/n, it’ll be fun I promise,”

“You say that all the time and it always ends up with me having to watch over all of you and then drive your drunk asses home and making sure you don’t puke I’m my car,” she grumbles in annoyance but continues to beg for you to goin them.

“That won’t happen again I swear.”

“Ok whatever but not tonight my boyfriend is coming back today and I promised that I’d spend the day with him.” Your lips twitched into a smile at the thought of yoongi finally coming back from tour and couldn’t wait just to be with him.Oh I see, you’re just horny,” she cackled. Your cheeks flushed red as she continued to laugh at her remark while you became a stuttering mess trying to shut her up.

“That is not true you bitch, Yes I miss him but that’s not what I’m thinking about!”

“Oh come on it’s been a while y/n I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to get freaky under the sheets with your boo, it’s all good.” She laughs once again and at this point you were havin’ none of it. “Just go and have your fun, I’ll talk to you later,” you quickly hung up before she could make some other stupid remark, still red from embarrassment due to her choice of words. How does one say those types of things so naturally without any shame? Although…she wasn’t completely wrong. You did miss his touch. The way his skin felt on yours, the way he kisses you. And dear god all the sweet nothing and the dirty things he would say to you. Yoongi really knew how to drive you crazy.

It wasn’t until another four hours, that seemed to take forever, when the boys had came home and yoongi right away called you to come over. You were greeted by the boys with warm welcoming hugs, but when yoongi had you in his arms you hung onto him like your damn life depended on that hug. “I can tell you’re happy to see me,” he hums happily pushing you back a bit by the hips to give you a quick peck to your lips.

“More like you’re happier to see her hyung,” you turned to look back at jimin who was already grinning ear to ear with taehyung and namjoon snickering behind him. You looked at yoongi who glared at them while shaking his head but ceased his actions when he noticed your eyes on him.

“What are you guys talking about?” you asked looking at your boyfriend with a teasing smile. “He did nothing but talk about you the whole time,” said namjoon.

Jin was already shaking his head like he was annoyed but had a smile on anyhow. “It was endless, y/n this, y/n that, oh how much I love my girlfriend y/n.” he playfully complained. Hoseok stood by yoongi trying so hard to stifle his laughter but clearly fail. “What, is it so wrong to miss my girlfriend?” he pouted at the others making you giggle and hug him again. “Babe don’t be so bashful, It’s cute that you talked about me,”

“Yeah, but not when it’s every single day.”

“Ok, ok, you had your fun. C’mone y/n I wanna take you out.” 


Looking out the window of your car you realized that  you were on the road that leads to your apartment. “Hey, babe,” “Yeah?” “We weren’t really going on a date huh.” Yoongi continued driving but mumbled something that you couldn’t quite hear. “What did you say?”

“I just wanted to be alone…with you..”

Once you had  gotten home you and yoongi were quick to cuddle together on the sofa. He wouldn’t let you sit next to him though. He kept insisting that you sit on his lap, and so after an almost four minute argument you finally obliged. You didn’t hate the idea you just wanted to have your head on his shoulder. Not the other way around.  But this was nice too. The TV was on and the lights were off but instead of getting nice and cozy and sleepy you two just talked. Although every now and then your phone would buzz in your back pocket making yoongi wonder who kept messaging you. “Y/n, baby, your phone keeps buzzing it’s kind of bothering me.” You just shrugged it off reaching for your phone to turn it off and set it else where. “It’s just my friend so I’m not even gonna bother,” you said. Yoongi’s brow raised. “How do I know that for sure,” you shook your head and laughed a bit. “Trust me babe it’s her,” “she knows your back and wants to know all the sexy details.” You exaggerated the last words with awkward body movements that made yoongi practically shake with his cute laugh. “You have same strange friends…then again you’re a bit strange yourself,” you lightly smacked his chest before he pulled you in for a kiss.

“But that’s ok, it’s cute.”

“You’re cheesy.”

“You love it.”

You lean in this time for a longer, much sweeter kiss which soon switched to small pecks then to a heavy make-out session .

You straddled his lap barely even hovering over him. His hands held you firmly at your hips and you could feel him trying to buck up against you. That’s when he spread his legs a little causing you sit on him. “Yoongi,” you quietly moaned. He growls almost when he hears you moan his name.

“Fuck I missed you,” he said against your lips. You hummed, dragging your kisses down to his neck and began to suck and nip at the skin the way you know he loves it.

You grinded against him earing a low and deep groan from him. Smiling to yourself you did It again and another moan escaped his lips. Before you could go even further you were pushed off and laid back onto the sofa with yoongi hovering over you and staring at you with a fire in his eyes. He hungrily kisses you easily gaining access to slip his tongue into your mouth. You moaned into his mouth feeling his tongue swirl against your own. It always felt so great and so new every time he did that and fuck how you loved it. He pulled back for a bit of air and whispered how much he loved you.

You were already so caught up in your own pleasure  that you didn’t feel him kiss at your collar bones, down to your chest, pulling down your shirt and bra to suck at your hardening nipples. He bit down a bit to harshly and you whimpered out in what he thought was in pain but you were absolutely loving it. “Shit baby, did I hurt you?” he asked with concern hinted into his voice. You shook your head, “no I’m ok,” you tried catching your breath. “Do it again yoongi,” you begged and his eyes widened. “Again, really?” you bit your lip with a shy nod. “Please yoongi, do it again, bite me,” you breathed out and yoongi growled at this. “Fuck baby I  didn’t think you were into to that.” He kisses you roughly again with more passion and lust just burning through his veins. Only if you knew how much you really affected him.

You bit down at his lip as he pulled away and you swear you could feel him shiver. He sat up and pulled his shirt over his head and threw it out of the way and he was quick to help you get rid of most of your clothing. You jumped up quickly and straddled your man once again to attack his chest with licks and bites while you grinded down on him, he was so hard you couldn’t believe you didn’t notice it before. “Shit, y/n,” his breathing was so erotic.

“I can see why you like this so much,” he chuckled between moans.

You adjusted yourself so that he can sit up. His large hands traveled up your back, one of them unhooking your bra and letting it fall and he wasted no time to take one of your breast into his mouth while his other hand massaged and played with the other.

Tonight was going to be one hell of a night.

I suck at endings lol but I’m ending it here because I actually didn’t want it to be a complete smut also but I hoped you enjoyed it anyway!

Much Love~


Imagine you and carl have this game where you always steal his hat and hide it places and carl has to try and find it to get it back. You do it to annoy carl unaware carl plays along with it cause he likes you.

You could hear carl coming so hid behind a wall trying not to laugh. You heard him walk past and smiled. “Y/n” maggie called seeing you “there you are, what are you doing?”. You shook your head at her but carl had already heard. Carl smirked coming around the corner, “not a good hiding place y/n”. You rolled your eyes and placed the hat on carls head “15 minutes” you smiled “not my worst time”. Carl grinned as you turned to maggie “you need help?”. Maggie nodded “yeah if you two arent busy playing”. You laughed “its ok carl won this round, i can help, bye carl” you smiled walking with maggie. “Y/n” carl called suddenly. You and maggie stopped as carl ran up to you. “Hey i was thinking maybe you should just keep my hat”. “Why?” You smiled “finally giving up grimes?”. “You wish, well for one reason in the 5 years weve known each other ive never given you a birthday present”. You nodded “its really hurtful carl, its a daily struggle”. Carl grinned holding it out to you “and second it suits you better than me”. “Its suits me?” You asked thinking this was some joke. Carl nodded “yeah you look hot in it” he smirked “see you later”. You stopped in shock watching him walk away. “You okay?” Maggie laughed. “Did carl grimes just flirt with me?”. Maggie smirked “aw y/n hes been flirting with you for five years but its good youve finally noticed”.

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Stop being a fucking whiny girl and just post the ML Stuff. Your blackout is the most idiotic thing ever. Just throwing a tantrum won't stop people from reposting. They don't care about this, they will continue to not care about this. And we will not reblog from you because you won't post art for two weeks. Protesting and doing nothing or just whining about things won't change things. God, all of you are really stupid.

Woah, ok. First of all, RUDE. 

Second. I don’t owe you anything Anon. You want a comic? You want ML art and LadyNoir fluff? 


Harassing me will only make me NOT want to post anything, blackout or not. I might even decide that I don’t wanna post anything ML related ever again (like many artists before me have). And it’d be your loss, not mine. I enjoy drawing and I can continue to do so without having to share my art publicly. I post when I want and I post what I want to post. I won’t churn out art just because you come whining to my inbox about it. If anything, I’d even risk it to say it is you who owe me.

Third. Everyone knows the blackout won’t stop reposters completely, and that’s okay. We’re not targeting reposters anyways. We’re targeting fans. Fans who are incredibly kind people and who will support content creators because they are smart enough to know that a community where content creators feel safe is a community that will live on despite hiatus or the show being canceled or whatever. We want to reach those who can gain awareness of the problem within the fandom, those who we are sure will care and who will start to help each other out when a reposter does his thing. People who will hopefully join the fight against reposting culture no matter the fandom they see it in.

Because yes, reposting is bad. But reposters thrive and are popular because there’s people who follow their pages and give them likes. (Most of times without those people knowing the pages they follow are not of an original artist). But thank you Anon, thanks to people like you going around we can start discussion. We can make example of rude people to teach others what not to do.

People will learn to see the difference between a page with original content and a reposter’s page… Between a kind person who makes an art request and a cowardly and entitled whiny dumbhat who hides on Anon because they are not getting what they want. 

Those who like what we do, and want us to keep creating stuff for them to see will support the original creators, always. 

After all… reposters can’t keep a fandom alive. That’s a job only content creators can do.

So thank you Whiny Anon, for giving me an opportunity to talk about my thoughts regarding these matters. I advise you to actually inform yourself about what the blackout really is about before you go and embarrass yourself any further.

extemporaneous — prologue

extemporaneous — a kang daniel scenario series
word count: 821

blurb: you and ong seongwoo were not only friends, you were best friends. and to be quite honest, you wouldn’t have it any other way. when seongwoo one interesting night — between cheap alcohol and stale cigarette smoke — meets an interesting young man from busan and decides to introduce the two of you, your world breaks down into uncontrollable chaos. once again.

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ok but victor is a huge pain in the ass nerd so i bet years later he is still making jokes about the coaching fee and sends yuuri texts every once in a while like:

>>yuuri, if you pick up groceries, i will count it toward your loan xoxo -v

>>yuuriiiiii will you bring your coach a coffee since you can’t even pay me?? i’m too poor ….jk i just forgot but just bring me caffeine pls i love you

>>ok but since you won gold how much of the winnings do i get as your coach?? because let me tell you i think your payment is a little overdue

and yuuri just texts back >>vitya we’re married. we share a bank account.

Negan Gets The Girl

Summary: After Reader and Daryl have been taken from Alexandra, Negan shows no intentions to Y/N. Making you kiss Daryl resulting in Negan flipping out revealing his true feeling for Y/N.

Warnings: Mature audiences, Smut, swearing (it’s Negan there has to be swearing)

Negan x Reader

It had been a while since you had seen Rick and the group and you missed them. Negan had taken you to the sanctuary and you had no idea why. At first, you thought it was to punish Rick and then you thought it was to be his wife, but it wasn’t any of those reasons. You couldn’t help but wonder why you. He could have taken anyone else.

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