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Ok, you've won me over. So I literally just this morning discovered tongue/mouth fetish videos. I've known about them in the periphery but never really looked into it. But, to my surprise I was very much into it. And now all of a sudden you just posted that video. It must be fate, I'll be signing up or subscribing to one of your services shortly. You're the sweetest, sexiest little girl I've ever seen and I look forward to supporting and spoiling you. Now... what to pick off your wishlist...?

That would feel like quite the coincidence huh? Hehe, And thank you so much for all the flattery and wanting to spoil me!! I’m excited to eventually have you as a supporter of my premium content 💕 Now if I had to pick something off my wishlist that I really want.. hmm.. oh! definitely any of the toy attachments for my fuck machine😍 Or the other props for my sexy nurse costume ✨

17 Things I Learnt in 2017 (Study Edition)
  1. Some days you won’t feel intrinsically motivated. That’s ok. That’s why friends, motivational speeches and pump-up jams exist. 
  2. You learn as much from your extra-curricular activities as you do from your formal education. This is where you’ll gain soft skills. 
  3. Treat all subject matter as though its wildly interesting. If you speak about everything like it’s your favourite topic, soon enough you’ll genuinely find an interest in it. 
  4. Pick subjects you like. Don’t pick a subject because your friends are doing it, it scales well or you think it’s what you should be doing.
  5. Pick subjects you absolutely suck at. You don’t have to only pick subjects you know you’ll do well in - you can do things that challenge you; things that will make you grow.
  6. Don’t pay too much attention to ranks. You don’t have to focus on others - only on beating yourself. 
  7. Ask for help! Ask your friends, your teachers, your parents, your seniors - anyone who you think will listen. There is never any shame asking for help.
  8. Study everything. Don’t neglect one subject in favour of another. Make sure every subject is getting time, even if it’s not an equal amount. 
  9. Lists help a lot. Write down things. Tick them off as you go. 
  10. Your academic goals don’t have to be the same as anyone else’s goals. You shouldn’t have to worry if your goals are higher or lower than anyone else’s - they are yours.
  11. Studying with friends makes studying around exams a whole lot more bearable. 
  12. Pay attention to your health. An ‘A’ grade is nice, but 8 hours of sleep per day is nicer. 
  13. Pay attention to your friends’ health, especially around exams. Some of your friends might be struggling, make sure you’re there for them and you support each other. 
  14. Talking about doing something isn’t nearly as effective as actually doing something. 
  15. If you’re good at something, help someone else. It’ll help out the other person and help you better understand it if you help someone else understand it. Win-win. 
  16. Sometimes you won’t meet your goals and that’s ok. Don’t let one failure overshadow all your successes. 
  17. Do things you enjoy. Don’t give up your hobbies entirely just to focus on academia. You’ll do much better if you have time to have fun and relax. 


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why do you love this "homestuck/hiveswap" so much. I miss your bendy stuff

Because homestuck will forever be my most favorite thing.
It’s, like, so freakin huge???? There are so many things and insiders aghh.
Like I said before, I totally loved the jokes, characters, music, story. Also there are sooo many great characters and every each one has a big role in it? Like, if u would put one charater out, it would not be the same hahah.
Just, read it, oK? You will get it.
You won’t regret it.

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Hey could I request RFA (plus Saeran) reacting to MC wearing only a shirt and undies to bed? If not that's fine! (I love your head cannon's btw👌)

Thank you! That means a lot (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I really hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • When he saw you…His jaw dropped.
  • Omg…The room is so, so hot right now!
  • He’s just looking at you…Having already that kind of thoughts.
  • You’re just there, laid on the bed, without the blankets on, reading a book.
  • He’s just looking at your whole body…And when you look at him, he’s just so red!
  • After that he lies on the bed while you continue to read now, he feels a little bulge in his pants…
  • This is just too embarrassing…
  • He’ll put the blankets on, even if he’s almost melting! And he’ll try to not look at you!
  • When you’re tired, you just hug them and sleep, Yoosung is looking at the ceiling, he can’t sleep!
  • Now he’ll have insomnia, great!
  • He’ll be like that for days and days until he can’t take it anymore and he’ll kiss you.
  • And you’ll feel the desperation on his kiss, and after that, he’ll explain all to you.
  • You laugh, this is just too funny “Do you want me to put something else?”
  • He doesn’t know the answer to this…But he knows that he wants to see you like that again…It’s not bad
  • He’s red again.
  • “….N-No…”
  • “Ok, so let’s stop with this talk and let’s sleep” You laugh.
  • Yoosung eyes are full of desperation when he heard this and he kisses you again, after some time just making out he looks at you “Please…Not another day of torture…Just, please…Help me today…”


  • When you got out of the bathroom, he was waiting so he can brush his teeth.
  • He froze, and you just smile walking to the bed.
  • And he’s seeing you…He’s checking on you…
  • Omg, why he did that?!
  • Now things are worse!
  • His plans change, he’ll take a bath!
  • He enters the bathroom and locks the door, he brushes his teeth, but after that, he takes a bath.
  • A very cold bath.
  • So he can control this beast!
  • Now everything seems fine! He’s relieved that this worked.
  • But when he got out of the bathroom, he sees you, lying on the bed…
  • He’s hot again.
  • This can’t be happening!
  • He’s biting his lips, with lustful thoughts that only are making him worse!
  • When you looked at him and smile “Are you coming?” He almost screams!
  • “…MC…Please…Put something else…This is too tempting for the beast…”
  • If you keep that, the beast will not hold back.
  • if you change, the beast will be sad, but will be caged.
  • You choose.
  • He’s wishing that you choose the first option.


  • When you told her what you were going to use to sleep this night.
  • She just nods.
  • It’s not weird for her, this is ok.
  • You can use anything if you want to MC.
  • Not a big deal.
  • This was before she saw you with that.
  • O-M-G.
  • How do you have such effect on her? How are you so pretty in this?
  • Oh god, she’s staring at your thighs, did you notice that? Oh god, she’s blushing too.
  • Now you’re just beside her, lying like nothing is happening, oh god, the temptation is beside her.
  • She’ll pray that she can keep her control, but she’ll cuddle with you that night.
  • She just needs to touch you.
  • But in the next day, she’ll ask you to not use that anymore, and she’ll not give details about it…
  • She would want some pictures of you like that so she can keep that on her phone? Sure…!
  • But if she sees you again like that… She wouldn’t keep her control.


  • Jumin desires you even when you’re with a big coat.
  • He just has a lot of emotions going on, of course, he tries to maintain his composure.
  • He doesn’t want to seem like a perverted or something like that.
  • You’re just beautiful and perfect for him.
  • So when he saw you with just that to sleep, he bites his lips.
  • Thinking.
  • Should he lose the control? Are that clothes for provoking him? Or is just clothing?
  • So many questions…
  • But not a single answer.
  • He sits beside you in bed “Is this your “pajama” honey?“
  • You look at him, he’s checking you, you just smile and nod.
  • Oh, odd.“ He bites his lips again, checking you one more time, you find it strange but you don’t say anything.
  • After some minutes he looks deeply into your eyes, he got close to you right now, pretty close.
  • "I like that on you…” He whispers, kissing your lips gently, but after that he gave your neck some kisses too, making you shiver “…But i would like more if you wasn’t with them…” He bites your neck, making you open your mouth.
  • After that, he just looks at you, giving you a little smile “Of course… If you let me, i can take them off.”


  • He got out of the bathroom right after he showered.
  • He saw you, using only that…
  • Error 707
  • 707 Stopped working
  • His nose is bleeding, his mouth is open.
  • “M-Mc…!” You look at him.
  • “What’s it?”
  • “….I don’t think you should wear those things… Even to sleep…”
  • You sigh, lying on the bed right now, you don’t care
  • “Seven, this is the way i feel more comfortable to sleep, and i’ll not change that.”
  • Seven’s just looking at you, quietly.
  • He left a little grin escape from his lips, and then he let his towel fall.
  • Now, you’re the one that stopped working…
  • “S-SEVEN!” You almost scream while he was lying on the bed, he laughs and looks at you “What?”
  • “…Put some clothes on! You’ll sleep like that?!” He laughs again, looks like he thinks this is funny.
  • And then he hugs you, making you shiver “But MC….This is the way i feel more comfortable to sleep, and i’ll not change that”
  • Ok, he’s using your words against you, you sigh, biting your lips “Ok…I understand…I’ll change, you won" 
  • You make him let you go, while you were standing up, Seven grabs your hand making you lie in bed again.
  • You wide your eyes while he’s getting on top of you, smiling “Too late MC (~˘▾˘)~”


  • Ok, Saeran never says what’s wrong.
  • He’s just a grumpy punk.
  • But he was so surprised when he saw you like that. 
  • Like,  really, he froze.
  • After that, he’s just blushing, even if he doesn’t admit it.
  • You look at him, and just smile, while he was there, next to the door, while you’re already on the bed, sitting, combing your hair.
  • After that smiles, something in Saeran snaps.
  • He runs to you, jumping on you, making you lie on the bed, making the comb fly over the room, while he was now, on top of you.
  • He’s already taking off his shirt "S-SAERAN” He looks at you.
  • “Wait? You wanted me to see you like that and be quiet about it?!
  • He sighs, he knows sometimes he’s too brutal, so he looks at you “…This is torture for me MC”
  • You look at him while he’s getting closer “It’s too much bare flesh for me to handle…I need to mark it” He starts to suck your neck, making his way to your ear.
  • “Please…” He whispers… When Saeran said that, you knew, he was really desperate for that.
“Vacations are rare for the Waynes” - Batmom x Batfam

Here’s a little collection of short stories about the Batfamily going to the beach/being in vacation ! I kinda just had ideas for tiny little snippets rather than a story that was a long one and made sense…it’s bad. Hope you’ll like it : 


my masterlist blog :


How did the Wayne found time to go on vacation ?  

God bless Batwoman, Batgirl, Jim Gordon…And everyone who joined in helping the Batfamily over the years, because thanks to them, you, your husband, kids and beloved butler were FINALLY able to take some times off. 

A few years ago, leaving Gotham for vacations would have been a big no-no for Bruce, and you always understood, you really did. Hell, you had trouble leaving the Bat computer behind…But ever since he got new allies that weren’t direct family, things got easier. 

They all were able, since a long time now, to take at least one night off during the week and such. But actually full on holidays ? Oh that didn’t happen in…in…in forever ! 

The only holiday you went on with Bruce was without the kids, and it was for your Honeymoon. Three days. Three days of pure bliss (and lots of sex).

And now, the opportunity to be all together for A FULL WEEK came up ! 

It all started because Tim got injured pretty bad, but still wanted to go on patrol…and you lost your shit. You were always supportive of their nightly activities (though worried sick as well), and you were monitoring the bat computer almost every night, when you didn’t have “date night” with Bruce or “mother/son bonding time” with one of your boys ! 

You were really understanding, and you too wanted Gotham to be a safe place, having had the same kind of background than Bruce…But hell if you were going to let one of your babies go out in the streets while he was badly injured !

With your famous “Batmom Glare” and a stern voice, you told Tim : 

-You’re not going. You’re taking some vacation my boy, to relax and be fully charged again. In fact, we’re all taking a vacation ! 

…It kinda just happened. You were mad, they didn’t want to make you angry (you were scary when angry), and it was true that…All of them wanted well deserved time off. 

And it was decided. A week far away from the murkiness, grittiness, darkness that was Gotham, in the sunny Bahamas. Perfect. 

Of course, Bruce made sure that coming back to the city fast was possible, and also made sure to brief all of the Batpeople on anything that could happen but…He also really wanted to go. He wasn’t getting any younger and though he’d never admit it your little burst of anger was a blessing for him too. 

You all needed time away. Oh yes. And though you also made sure Gotham would be in safe hands (anyway, villains got pretty calm lately), you left without hesitation ! TO THE BAHAMAS !! 

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Kozume Kenma [孤爪研磨] Life in Pictures for @kirei-na-jinsei

“I’m not good with people, and I don’t want to interact with them.”


Rent’s Due: Kim Haeng Ah & Hong Yi Seul (Bubblegum)

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Boyfriend Series; Wonwoo

- we all know jeon wonwoo calls himself a bag of luck as a joke
- but he really does starts believing he is one after meeting you
- for your first date, he takes you out for a simple lunch, a walk in the city and then ice cream for dessert but since it’s summer and it’s hot out, your ice cream melts and stains your shirt
- wonwoo sees how upset you are about it and offers to let you wash it off at the dorm since you guys are close by
- so you go inside the dorm and all the other members are like “ooohhh wonwoo who’s that??” and wonwoo just laughs and tells you to ignore them
- you’re waiting around in the living room while he leaves to go find something that could help with the stain, and you get a bit confused because the other members are nowhere to be seen
- all of a sudden the lights go off and you hear wonwoo call your name and he’s like “(name)?? are you okay?? stay where you are i’ll be right there!! argh those guys i swear…..”
- you slowly get up and try to follow the sound of his voice when you suddenly trip on something
- but you don’t land on the floor…… you fall over someone and accidentally kiss them on the lips
- the lights go back on and you and wonwoo immediately pull away out of embarrassment
- that’s right, your first kiss is accidental but it’s a cute little memory you think of every now and then
- but now whenever you both go on ice cream dates, wonwoo orders your ice cream in a cup so you don’t stain your clothes again how thoughtful right
- always has on his glasses and sweater paws and you cry
- blushes when you fix his glasses for him
- lends you his big sweaters and gets flustered when he sees you wearing them like his face turns all red and you’re like ??? wonwoo are you sick ???
- bookstore dates!!
- he likes to tell you his favorite passages from the books he reads
- when he wakes up with really bad bedhair you don’t want him to fix it because you find it so cute and when he tries to you slap his hand away like NO KEEP IT LIKE THAT
- “(name) i have to fix it i’m going to a fansign…..” “no.”
- afraid of dogs so when he sees one he hides behind you who’s shorter than him like gooD JOB WONWOO
- you always ask him to sing his solo part in “laughter/smile flower” because his voice is so deep and soothing wow
- you both get matching plushie keychains for your bags
- bumps into everything, honestly so accident-prone you have to keep band-aids on you at all times
- wonwoo doesn’t normally open up to people because he’s so used to keeping things to himself, but he learns how to open up to you and now you’re his go-to person whenever he’s feeling down
- he’s the type who doesn’t really want any advice or comments, he just wants someone who’ll listen to him
- tells you his lame jokes and gets offended when you don’t laugh but when you do he looks so proud of himself afterwards
- but sometimes he’s laughing too much while trying to tell you a joke which makes you laugh and when he finally tells you the joke you’re still laughing and he thinks it’s because of the joke he told you
- his phone’s lock screen is a picture of you wearing his round glasses
- made a playlist of all your favorite songs and listens to them before going to sleep
- says “i love you” quietly because he’s shy and when you tell him you love him too and his face turns bright red
- loves giving you back hugs
- hangs up polaroid pictures of you two on his wall
- loves watching movies with you and actually prefers staying at home to watch an old movie with you over going to an over-crowded cinema
- but he doesn’t mind going to the movie theatres with you if there’s a movie you really want to see
- he’s often really tired when you meet up because of his busy schedule so you let him sleep while you’re both on the train
- while he’s sleeping, he holds onto your hand tightly and his head falls on your shoulder
- you take pictures when this happens and laugh at his reaction when you show them to him later that day
- when you’re lying on your stomach watching videos on your phone or something, he likes to crush you by rolling over your back
- loses track of time when he’s with you and gets scolded by the other members for coming late to practice
- when you share food, he always lets you have the last piece
- tells mingyu all about you who pats you on the head and thanks you for making his best friend so happy
- but then wonwoo sees mingyu pat you on the head and gets so protective of you after that
- like he gives any member the look if he sees them get too close to you and they cower away lmao
- wonwoo is shy so he doesn’t say “i love you” very often
- but just know that he really, really does
- there are different ways to show someone you love them
- when he asks you about your day, if you’ve eaten; when he sacrifices sleep to go see you, when he hugs you tightly after not seeing you in a while or anything of the sort
- that’s how wonwoo tells you he loves you
- “you know what, (name)?”
- “what wonwoo”
- “you’re my won and only”
- “…ok that one’s pretty good”

boyf riends and richjake double date

-these dorks go to skate-world.
-michael argues with everyone for 20 minutes that he’ll pay, and they let him.
-jake has really bad balance and of course he got inline skates saying to rich, “babe, look i’m a natural at everything. it’ll be fine.”
-he fell on his ass within the first minute.
-rich laughed at him and just skated on past but the guilt was to much and he went over to help jake.
-michael and jeremy are reeealllyy good at skating and michael has the most technique while jeremy is more fast.
-michael did some cool asf tricks and made the other couple loose their minds.
-the rink does skate races and jeremy and rich and a bunch of 8th graders race each other and jeremy won and rich was soo mad. -“it’s ok baby, you just have to excpet that jeremy is better than you.” - jake 2k17 -they request so many songs to the dj.
-‘everytime we touch ’ came on it rich was dancing with his skates and fell down.
-the skate rink also had an arcade so the couples walked over to get some tickets.
-they also had this indoor playground and everyone but rich was told to get off due to height but rich, sweet rich, went to the very top and flicked them off.
-they got real tired real fast and decided to go out to dinner afterwards.
-they went to steak and shake because you can’t go wrong with s&s.
-it was v romantic and ended with the couples sharing shakes.
-they all had a good time and were very happy:)

whoot skating is v fun

Imagine you and carl have this game where you always steal his hat and hide it places and carl has to try and find it to get it back. You do it to annoy carl unaware carl plays along with it cause he likes you.

You could hear carl coming so hid behind a wall trying not to laugh. You heard him walk past and smiled. “Y/n” maggie called seeing you “there you are, what are you doing?”. You shook your head at her but carl had already heard. Carl smirked coming around the corner, “not a good hiding place y/n”. You rolled your eyes and placed the hat on carls head “15 minutes” you smiled “not my worst time”. Carl grinned as you turned to maggie “you need help?”. Maggie nodded “yeah if you two arent busy playing”. You laughed “its ok carl won this round, i can help, bye carl” you smiled walking with maggie. “Y/n” carl called suddenly. You and maggie stopped as carl ran up to you. “Hey i was thinking maybe you should just keep my hat”. “Why?” You smiled “finally giving up grimes?”. “You wish, well for one reason in the 5 years weve known each other ive never given you a birthday present”. You nodded “its really hurtful carl, its a daily struggle”. Carl grinned holding it out to you “and second it suits you better than me”. “Its suits me?” You asked thinking this was some joke. Carl nodded “yeah you look hot in it” he smirked “see you later”. You stopped in shock watching him walk away. “You okay?” Maggie laughed. “Did carl grimes just flirt with me?”. Maggie smirked “aw y/n hes been flirting with you for five years but its good youve finally noticed”.

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hey, you seem pretty cool so could i request a HC of the RFA (+ V and Saeran please) of them play fighting with MC and who would win. i know this sounds weird but i'm curious of how the members would react. sorry if this has been done before! i'm fairly new to this but thank you for at least reading this!~ ❤️


~Love this! Play fighting is so fun it’s one of my fav things haha

◉ Yoosung

  • He was strong in LOLOL
  • But was he strong in real life????
  • You were about to find out
  • You challenged him to a duel
    • “MC, no! I-I can’t fight you!”
    • “Too SLOW!”
  • You kicked him in the shin
  • Not super hard though
    • “Hey, OW! That kinda hurt, stop!”
    • “Come on, Superman Yoosung show me what you got!”
  • You poked him in the stomach
  • He still wasn’t doing anything
    • “I won’t do it!”
    • “Aww..wittle baby Yoosung won’t fight me…”
  • OK
  • Now it was on
  • You knew that would get to him
  • Attacked you with tickles
  • Had you on your knees in a second
  • Pushed you down onto the floor and pinned you under him
    • “I give up I give up!” you laughed
    • “Well now that I won I’ll take my prize”
  • Kissed you

◉ Jumin

  • You were playfully slapping him on his arms
    • “What are you doing?”
    • “I just want to play, fight me!”
  • You laughed and kept hitting him
  • He didn’t understand this
  • He wasn’t about to fight you
  • Sighed
  • With one hand and with ease he grabbed you by the wrist and whipped you around tossing you against the wall
  • Smiled and let his finger tips trace your jawline
    • “If you want to play, I have a much better game,” he said smoothly
  • Ok
  • He wins

◉ Zen

  • You guys were both struggling to block each others smacks and pokes
  •  He was strong but you were agile and kept escaping his grip
  • Somehow you ended up on the floor
  • You were both rolling around
  • He grabbed your arm and you pulled away too hard and your arm sprung back
  • You elbowed him in the nose on accident T_T
  • Whoops!
  • He immediately gave up and rolled on the floor
  • Covered his face
    • “Omg ZEN I’m so sorry are you okay?!”
    • “NO!” he sobbed
  • His nose wasn’t even bleeding or anything -_-
  • You pat him on the back
  • Spent the rest of the night bringing him ice packs and giving him extra kisses
  • He forgave you though

◉ Jaehee

  • You guys play fought a lot
  • Of course you never won
  • She was a beast ok she’s amazing and strong
  • She always went easy on you
  • She was at the bookshelf picking out a DVD when you crept up silently behind her
  • Karate chopped her side lightly and she immediately went into defense mode
  • Dropped the DVD and grabbed your arm
  • Flipped you onto your butt on the floor
    • “Owww!” you rubbed your butt and fell on your back with a whimper
    • “OMG MC! I’m so sorry it was a reflex!”
  • Rushed to your side
  • Laughed when you started laughing
    • “No sneaking up on you…gotcha” you winced

◉ Saeyoung

  • You were fighting over the last bag of chips
  • What else is new
  • This fight was epic
  • Going all over the apartment
  • He had the chip bag and was not letting up
  • Chairs-knocked over
  • Throw pillows-thrown
  • He was standing on the couch now
    • “Ha-Ha-Ha, Defender of justice will win these chips once and for all!” he began to open the bag
  • You ran up to him and threw your arm out to grab him
  • Unfortunately he jumped into mid air at the same time
  • And you ended up punching between his legs
  • Fell to the ground in agony
    • “No! You hurt looooong cat™!” he cried
  • You dropped down and rubbed his back
    • “I’m so sorry omg!”
    • “You could kiss it and make it better,” he rolled towards you
    • “UGH!”
  • You grabbed the chips and hit him on the head

◉ V

  • Play fighting?
  • Lol
  • Play fighting to him was rolling around on the bed
  • Tickling each other
  • He was actually pretty good at blocking you
  • But he always let you win
  • You always tried to escalate it
  • But he would interrupt to kiss you
  • Will never stop kissing you and ruining the fun
  • Ends up on top of you every time so you have no choice lol

◉ Saeran

  • Who knows how these things always started between you guys
  • You guys were fighting over the remote this time and it escalated
  • He was trying to get it from you
    • “I don’t want to watch a dumb chick flick, give it here,” he groaned
    • “Never!” you laughed
  • You tried to run away but he grabbed you by the ankle and accidentally made you fall
    • “Ouch, dang…” you cried
    • “Shit, are you okay?!”
  • He didn’t mean to actually hurt you
  • Rushed over to your side
  • Really concerned
  • You were faking though
  • Caught him off guard and flipped him on his back
  • Straddled him
  • Leaned in close to his face
    • “I win,” you whispered with a grin
  • Kissed his nose
  • Saeran accepted defeat
  • He pouted but he was blushing

Day 2 of the 12 days of christmas challenge hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and @like-a-bag-of-potatoes! Today’s prompt: fireplace. Thanks go to @impala-dreamer for beta-ing this for me! 

Word count: 289

Characters: Sam Winchester x reader, mentions of Dean

Warnings: implied smut, Sam Winchester’s glorious body

The heat was starting to die out, but you were way too comfortable to move and sort the fire out.
“This was a great idea.” Sam murmured into your hair, his hand stroking up and down your bare back.
“Maybe we could do this next year too.”
“Dean once won an amateur stripping contest.”
“OK, you’re definitely out of it right now. Let’s get you to bed darling.”
“But..comfy…” you whined, not moving your head from where it rested on Sam’s chest.
“OK, at least let me put some more wood on the fire.” Gently, Sam eased you off him and stood up. In the light from the fire’s dying embers, you couldn’t help but admire every muscle in your boyfriend’s naked form.
“You look good like this.” you muttered, following his movements with half lidded eyes.
“You mean naked and stoking a fire?” Sam chuckled.
“Oh yeah. You should rock this look more often.”
“Maybe I’ll find a way to get a fireplace in the bunker.”
“I like that idea.”
“Or we just come up here more often. After all, it’s your cabin.” Sam said as he came and laid back down next to you, pulling you back into his side as you threw your leg over his.
“Maybe.” Laying your head back down, you nearly drifted off to sleep from the sound of Sam’s steady heartbeat. But you were still awake as the clock struck 12.
“Hmmm…Happy New Year babe.” you whispered, stretching to meet his lips.
“Happy New Year.”
Laying there, you were more then happy to savour the peace and quiet that you rarely got as a hunter. But then you suddenly jolted up.
“Did Dean really win an amateur stripping contest?!”

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Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Choromatsu-08 - Does Choromatsu dream of electric sheep?

Choromatsu: Hello. Dekapan. 

Dekapan: They’re finally complete!! The sextuplet androids who will save the world!! 

Choromatsu: (Sextuplet androids…!? …Huh? Why am I hiding? Well, whatever. I’ll wait for the right time and show my face.) 

Dekapan: With these we’ll be fine even if the trend towards an ageing population continues. And we’ve secured a supply of young labourers too. This is the greatest invention of the century. Winning the Noble Prize is no longer just a dream. I must keep these androids a secret until then. 

Choromatsu: (Hmm hmm… In other words, those aren’t cleaning robots, but earning robots… ) No way, I could get a lot of use out of those!! 

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anonymous asked:

Have you done a Mtmte Drift falling in love?

What is it lately with bots falling in love? But you know what? I’m not complaining, I like it :D

I suddenly love awkward!Drift, fight me.

No proof-reading, grammar maybe suck. Maybe not. Dunno.


  • Drift is pretty smart, you know. Usually, it’s easy for him to recognize his feelings towards others and act accordingly. Apparently, this is not about feelings like love or liking in romantic way. He is very slow in this. He can flirt jokingly, but it takes some time for him to realize why he becomes so flustered when s/o jokingly flirts back.
  • Actually, when he realizes that he fell for s/o, he suddenly becomes very clumsy. You know, it’s really weird, when Drift, who is usually calm and collected, stumbling on his feet and falling right in front of s/o every time he sees them. They actually thinks it’s adorable, while Drift is embarassed lil samurai bean. 
  • He is the one who shows off accidentally. Like, when he is sparring with someone and his s/o is watching, he subconsciously uses moves that looks cooler. If s/o is in awe - he is very smug. That’s why he loses - Drift is looking at s/o for too long.
  • Drift watches s/o very often. Whenever they are in one room, he is constantly looking at them, sometimes smiling. He is very embarassed if s/o notices, he thinks he is being creepy. But s/o secretly loves his flustered face, when he tries to look away from them.
  • Drift tries to buy them gifts and be kind of “secret admirer’. But due to his new clumsines near them, he stumbles and falls right in front of their berthroom doors. He just wanted to leave a gift, poor boi. Even worse - s/o was in there, so, they heard loud thump and opened the door. And here he was, laying in front of them. Drift sat as fast as he could, his cooling fans kicking on, while his faceplate feels hot as Hell. S/o smiled and held a hand to help him, but instead of taking it, he gave them the gift. They took it and kissed his cheek, giggling, then returned to their room. Drift swore to good, he overheated this moment.
  • The only person he talks about his crush is Ratchet. He would’ve talk to Rodimus, but lil hotty is so talkative, he would’ve told everyone on the Lost Light about it. Doesn’t matter, accidentally or not. So, grandpa friend is the best friend, even if Ratchet is salty af. I mean, “Just say them and get it over with. You’re an adult.” Like, yes, Ratchet, he is, BUT IT’S NOT THAT EASY.
  • Don’t get me wrong, Drift can be very confident and chill, and it’s cool. But he is ALWAYS clumsy when he is around his s/o, so, this is pretty hard to be chill when the love of your life giggling at you!
  • One time, when he fell, s/o tells him “Oh, hi, Drift. You just can’t help falling for me, huh?” And they laughs, and their laughter is the best thing in the universe, and they just… OH BOI, DRIFT IS DEAD, CALL RATCHET.
  • The worst thing is when his s/o doing something, that he thinks are adorable (let’s be honest, IT’S ALMOST EVERYTHING) and he is just thinks that they are so cute oh Primus, and he is literally screeching and squealing. Only Ratchet and his magical smak to the back of the Drifts helmet can save ears of nearby bots.
  • The confession is awkward, cute and accidental. He tried to talk to Rodimus, because it seems like he could’ve help him think about how to confess more than salty grandpa, even though Ratchet is a good helper. Drift thought about some romantic date somewhere on the beautiful planet with flowers fields and stars, where he can take his s/o to sit under the moon(s) light… Roddy never noticed (even though everyone else knew already) his best buddy’s crush. So the two is in main hall, and s/o is there too, talking to minibot squad, when Rodimus hears about Drift’s love and, like “WHAT, WOW, THAT’S AWEOSME, LET’S TELL S/O THAT YOU LI-”. Thank Primus, Drift have his reflexes, so he shuts Roddy’s mouth with his hand. But… Now everyone in the room is looking at them.
  • Poor Drifty boi. S/o is looking at him questioningly and he have no choice… Actually, he could’ve laugh it off, but deep inside he doesn’t want to. So, he takes a deep breaths, coming over to s/o, calm and cool. Roddy is cheering in the back, but Drift doesn’t care right now. All of his attention on s/o. He is frowning - just because he is soo concentrated. S/o is looking at him, Drift is looking at them and then… He stumbles and falls. Yet again.
  • Everyone is giggling and Drift looses all of his concentration. Again.
  • S/o can’t help but laugh. He looked so epic, and now he is adorable again… Aww.
  • “Oh, Drift, you really can’t help but fall for me, can you?” They smiling and yet again held a hand for him.
  • He took it this time, looking in their optic, standing tall. 
  • “Guess I really can’t.” He smiles, and this smile is the most beautiful smile in the universe.
  • It’s s/o’s turn to be a blushing mess with cooling fans on. 


  • “Oh Primus.” “Just Drift for you, sweetspark.” “sTOP IT, I’M BLUSHING.” “And it’s adorable.” “WHY ARE YOU SO CONFIDENT ALL OF THE SUDDEN.” “You like it” “AAARGH” 
  • “Ok, Ratchet, where is my money, I won the bet.” “Making him confess doesn’t count as “help”, Rodimus.” “BUT HE DID IT.” “I’m not giving you any money.” 

Things I Learned in 2017

• A change in environment and being surrounded by completely new people can be life changing and amazing

• Don’t waste time on negative people, they’re not worth it

• It’s ok to be normal!! You don’t have to be the best at anything, there’s nothing wrong with leading a normal life!

• Try to choose happiness everyday.

• When you’re recovering, try your best to get out and do things with people. It might be extremely hard at first, but honestly, fake it till you make it. Act how you tell yourself you’ll act when you’re happy, instead of waiting. One day it won’t be faking it anymore.

• You won’t be happy everyday, and that’s ok, but you still have to pick yourself up and take care of yourself.

• Work hard but let yourself breathe. There’s no use in burning yourself out.

• Go with your gut. Seriously.

• One year can take you from the worst place in your life to the best. Don’t give up!!

Please add what you learned!

Falling Literally

Pairings: Tony Stark X Reader

Words: 2820

Request: “Stop being so cute.” “You’re teasing me again.” “Do you believe in aliens?” “I can’t feel my legs.”  ( 67, 69, 106, 151)

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: Battle, slight violence, reader injury,fluff. 

Tag List: @sybilhowlett  @palaiasaurus64  @redroomproperty @alwaysoutoftheordinary @withouthannah @metaphysicalmisha @andybubblebath @secretninjachild@whatshernamemaria @pou-noikiazeis-to-oneiro @alwaysenjoythelifeyoulive@niallandsebastianaremylife @raindancer2004  @v-esperteen  @purpledolphin-f  @sour-kangaroo1998  @princeffreeshgoddessofgreatbooty @melizzzabeth @darkmelodies1 @jenniegs @greenangrysnowflake  @harley-with-gegs-quinn @kunoichi-ume @bigbadwolfhale @jessicaguerreiro07 @purplekitten30@sociallyawkwardcircus-freak-hi @dangeroustriumphstudent-7579fd0b @mewling-quim @jedionironthrone @harley-with-gegs-quinn @purplekitten30 @chicthrill @omg-luv4lyfe-universe @maddieirwin69


“Hey Guys?” You spoke into the intercom. “Do you believe in aliens?”

“Really Y/N?” Tony replied.

“Considering there is a giant fucking wormhole in the sky, with weird ass creatures coming out of it, Yes Y/N. I do believe in aliens.” Clint voice snapped into your ear.

It was 2014 and the Chitauri had finally made a comeback. Everybody who had been in denial after the Battle of New York,was awakened back into reality. Mayhem was all across the city as people ran around to find a safe haven. It had only been a little over a year since you had first joined the Avengers so this was your first real battle. After making your way up the ranks of SHIELD, it was determined that you were much more qualified than a normal agent. Thus,it was decided that you would join them as a fighter as well as a lab consultant due to the numerous degrees that had your name on them You were clad in your full leather suit,and cuffs similar to Natasha’s widow bites, and your chosen weapons for the day were your precious daggers. But you also carried two guns just to be on the safe side.

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