you won in my eyes angel

“Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick
The one that makes me scream” she said
“The one that makes me laugh” she said
And threw her arms around my neck

Show me how you do it
And I promise you I promise that
I’ll run away with you
I’ll run away with you

Spinning on that dizzy edge
I kissed her face and kissed her head
And dreamed of all the different ways I had
To make her glow
Why are you so far away, she said
Why won’t you ever know that I’m in love with you
That I’m in love with you

Soft and only
Lost and lonely
Strange as angels
Dancing in the deepest oceans
Twisting in the water
You’re just like a dream
You’re just like a dream

Daylight licked me into shape
I must have been asleep for days
And moving lips to breathe her name
I opened up my eyes

And found myself alone, alone
Alone above a raging sea
That stole the only girl I loved
And drowned her deep inside of me

Soft and lonely
Lost and lonely
Just like heaven

my alternative titles for every eurovision song contest (up to 2017)
  • 1956: So Good They Did It Twice
  • 1957: Yes, Gimmicks Were A Thing In 1957
  • 1958: One Of The Most Covered Songs In The World Came In 3rd Place
  • 1959: The Official Soundtrack for Disney's 'Cinderella' (1950)
  • 1960: Camera Angles Are Extremely Important
  • 1961: Blimey, The 50s Is Taking A While To End
  • 1962: Contrast Overload
  • 1963: (Studio Version)
  • 1964: So Lit The Original Film Got Destroyed In A Fire
  • 1965: The Year Eurovision Starts To POP
  • 1966: Udo Jürgens: This Time It's Personal
  • 1967: Whoever Thought Rotating Mirrors Is A Good Stage Background Was A Fool
  • 1968: COLOUR!!!!! (or, “The Year Cliff Richard Was LIVID”)
  • 1969: The Year Everybody Won
  • 1970: The One With The Most Ridiculously Energetic Interval Act
  • 1971: I Want Whatever Conditioner They're Using
  • 1972: Vicky Leandros Is A Goddess
  • 1973: [Luxembourg to the rest of Europe] You Just GOTTA See The Orchestra!!
  • 1974: The Rise of ABBA
  • 1975: None Of The Acts Can Paint For Shit
  • 1976: Whoever Had To Move That Background Display Before Every Song Must Be Fucking Ripped
  • 1977: A Bird And A Child In The Hand Is Worth Four In The Bush
  • 1978: Who Needs Postcards When You Have Lifts?
  • 1979: The Year With A Gay German Genghis Khan
  • 1980: Johnny Logan, Pt.1 (or, "Close, But No Cigar, Katja Ebstein")
  • 1981: Blonde White Folk Create New Global Dance Sensation
  • 1982: [Germany to the rest of Europe] Babe, I've Changed, Trust Me
  • 1983: The European Flower Show
  • 1984: *Sigh* I Wish I Was As Cool As Désirée Nosbusch
  • 1985: The Student Has Become The Master: Norway Edition
  • 1986: A Child Is Significantly Better Than A Load Of Adults
  • 1987: Johnny Logan, Pt.2
  • 1988: Europe's Embarrassing 80s Prom Night
  • 1989: Yugoslavia Finally Wins 3 Years Before It Stops Existing
  • 1990: The European Union Is A Very Good Thing
  • 1991: Gorgeous Singers Make Up For Ugly-Ass Staging
  • 1992, 1993 & 1994: Ireland: The Trilogy (Franchise)
  • 1995: (Instrumental Version)
  • 1996: Ireland: The Sequel Nobody Wanted
  • 1997: Love Shine A Light (Except Towards Basically Anywhere That Isn't England)
  • 1998: Trans-cending The Haters Through Eurodance
  • 1999: Here Comes The English Language
  • 2000: The Year The Logo Predicted Instagram Makeup Trends
  • 2001: Not Even The Songs Could Save The Horrible Fashion Of The Early 00s
  • 2002: Well… That Wasn't Expected
  • 2003: A Song Sung In Nonsense Almost Won
  • 2004: The Dance Off
  • 2005: You're My Number One Angel If You Let Me Try
  • 2006: Demons Win In Front Of Some Stairs
  • 2007: Like Everything Else In 2007, Eurovision Has A Bit Of An Emo Phase
  • 2008: What On Earth Were We Thinking
  • 2009: Mother. Fucking. Violins.
  • 2010: A Significant Amount Of Jumping Occurs
  • 2011: Good Luck Filling All This Unnecessary Stage Space Up, Lads
  • 2012: Are My Eyes Bleeding Or Is Literally Everything In This Contest Red?
  • 2013: Ministry Of Sound: Eurovision Edition
  • 2014: What A DRAG, Amiright?! (Nah But Seriously 2014 Was A Fantastic Year)
  • 2015: The Story Of A Man And His Projector Friend
  • 2016: Jamala Beautifully Makes Us Feel Sad
  • 2017: The Year Having A Dancing Gorilla Was Considered An Advantage
Angel Boy

Cas x Reader//Smut

Warnings: NSFW, Rough Sex, Getting Caught (kind of?), Unprotected Sex, Teasing/Calling Names

Summary: You know that Castiel likes you as you’d overheard him tell the boys, but he won’t act on it. You tease him by calling him “Angel Boy”, a name he doesn’t like. Castiel decides to confront you about this, which leads to an interesting demand from you.

Author’s Note: On my last home visit I got my wisdom teeth out and read a lot of fan fiction when recovering- I noticed Cas rolling his eyes and being sassy was a trend, as well as sarcastic sex- so I was inspired to write this. 

Originally posted by love-untiltheresnoloveleft

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been continuously teasing Castiel. After having heard him admit to Sam and Dean a few weeks ago that he always got a weird feeling around me which he didn’t quite understand fully- to which the boys later confessed what he was describing was ‘Love’- I decided that I’d try to see where I could take this little love interest.

I’d been wearing clothes that I thought I looked especially cute or hot in whenever I knew Castiel was going to be around; I would purposefully button a few of the top buttons of my flannel so he could get a ‘good view’ of my cleavage when we were researching. I also made sure to put in lots of touch, considering that I knew Castiel wasn’t much of a ‘touchy-feely’ kind of guy; he never had many interactions with humans before meeting Sam and Dean-according to what they tell me- so he was a little more socially awkward when it came to the hugs, or handshakes. Whenever we would pass by one another I would ‘accidentally’ brush my hand against his, or reach for the same book or object when doing research in the bunker. My touch seemed to always startle him, making him seem wearier and almost electrocuted when it’d happen, even if only for a split second.

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best kimya dawson lyrics:
“let your emotions be fuel to your flame”
“eyes like omens”
“walk like thunder (leaving footprints that are light)”
“sometimes whispering is okay but maybe you’d feel better if you screamed today”
“i’m tossing out my thoughts like handfuls of confetti”
“it’s crucial to raise children who won’t do what they’re told, who will fight for what’s right, and who can’t be bought or sold”
“you may feel strange, well, you are an angel”

Angel With a Shotgun

Originally posted by supercanaries

Request: Can you write a Barry one shot based on ‘Angel With A Shotgun’ by The Cab, with y/n being the “Angel”?

Notes: Okay so I hope this is what you’re looking for, although i have a feeling I might have gone a little far-fetched with the request. I hope you like it, anyways.

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Bless My Soulecism

You always knew
the lies I’ve taught myself to believe
would never be good enough for him

We have the same smile
he is the last angel that can save

Love, I have no easy answers for you
I bury questions with every poem
but there is never enough dirt.

The ugliness behind our
pretty faces

burns holes
in the soul

and that’s the first poem
I wrote about you that
wish I could burn
because I see myself
in your eyes and I wish
I could disappear from
the mirror

I don’t hate you.

I can’t.


My sweet Ollie

your face looks like mine
you can see it in the eyes
especially when you smile

Have you discovered
children have a way
of noticing things
that are there,

seeing shapes
and shadows
that aren’t?

There are monsters in the dark
but do not be afraid
I am there too.

I thought I
past the would,
could, should be

but there are no stars
in the sky and these
gnarled branches
won’t give me release

and the future is the same as it always was

some things
cannot be hidden
cannot be undone
cannot be found
cannot be repaired

If I could still believe
in God and say a prayer
I would ask that he would read
these words you can’t see yet

whisper them into your ear
so that with every heart beat
you have an answer for why we’re

and one day
when you read this

know that I loved you
know that I missed you

There is still sunshine longing
to kiss your forehead

Don’t sleep
until the day
is yours
and only yours.

My son, trust me
when I tell you,
there is nothing to fear
in the dark.

Fear the Heart.


#bgolliechap for referenced poems

Blunt Drama Recap 2014 (Part 3 of 4)

One Warm Word

I know my husband is cheating. I’m going to make him cry blood in a super smooth way but why the hell my lil bro fell in love with that cheating woman’s sister?! In the end we made up though coz he’s super hot.  

God’s Gift 14 Days

After drowning in a magic lake, I get to time-travel to the past to change my daughter’s fate who gets killed in the present because she can’t obey my words. I succeed but the detective who has been helping me all this time is kinda sacrificed to that lake. 

Doctor Stranger

I’m a genius surgeon. I did everything to find my spy girlfriend. Things are getting confusing since my girlfriend is not like my girlfriend but things finally worked out pretty well.  


I was deep in debt and I met this young rich lady CEO who offered to help me pay my debt if I lend myself to her for a few days for work. I agreed. My wife mistook it as an affair. We got a divorce and so I start a new relationship with the lady CEO. 


I’m a cold-blooded prosecutor who is about to get serious with my awesome career but damn suddenly I got this serious tumor in my brain. But I will fight it. 

You Who Came From The Stars

I’m an alien in a handsome human form. I’ve lived for hundreds years on earth while waiting for my spaceship to come. During my last wait, I fell in love with an actress who happened to be the reincarnated version of the girl I have helped in the past. Finally we managed to go through all the obstacles.   

You’re All Surrounded

I mistook a good cop ahjussi as a bad guy who have killed my mother. In the end I get to find the real killer. I’m sorry, good guy ahjussi. 

It’s Okay It’s Love

When I couldn’t have sex because of a trauma, a handsome schizophrenic oppa is the right medicine. Later I have to treat his mental illness but it’s okay coz it’s love.

She’s So Lovable

I fall in love with my dead girlfriend’s much younger sister but I can do this coz love haz no boundaries. 


My family was ruined because of a fabricated report made by a female reporter. I live in fear but still plan to take a revenge but years later I fall in love with the daughter of that woman reporter.

Angel Eyes

My mother gave her eyes to my girlfriend but my girlfriend’s dad is the one that killed my mother. I am angry and my girlfriend is devastated after finding out the truth, but our love conquers it all. 

Birth of A Beauty 

After getting a plastic surgery, I survived the cruel society. Now I’m planning to take a revenge to my murderous husband with the help of a handsome genius CEO who falls in love with the pretty me. 


Every morning, Father Gold saw her in the Diner but she never looked up from her plate. He’d watch her walk down the street and bite his tongue to keep from calling her name, just to feel it roll off his tongue. 

Belle. Beauty incarnate. With a reputation for kindness and grace. 

Unknown to the downtrodden priest, Belle had been watching him, too. Her natural curiosity was sparked by his quiet, almost hermetic ways, her fancy won by his gentle amber eyes. Her heart broke as she watched him pray, looking so broken and lost.

Father Gold knelt at the altar and begged for understanding, for forgiveness. He sinned each day with lust in his heart for an angel who walked among men. 

“Father Gold?” her soft voice roused him from his heavy contemplation.


She knelt in front of him. “You know my name…”

His heart was pounding. She was so close, her eyes so bright, the scent of roses in the air around her.  

“Why are you here?” he breathed, at last, before the silence in the shabby church could close in on them. 

Belle studied him, a sad smile tugging at her lips. “You looked lonely.” 

She longed to touch him, smooth away the frown lines etched deep around his mouth. But she knew she’d never be satisfied with just a single touch. So she simply waited for him to lead her in the next prayer.

As their voices blended and echoed against the high ceiling, Father Gold stole surreptitious glances at the lovely creature before him, wondering if she could be his absolution… or his damnation. 

“Don’t you dare say you love me” Pt.3-Nate Maloley

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

The kiss was electric. We kissed for a solid three minutes until a fussy toddler wokeup. “Mommy hold me”,he whined through his pacifier extending his arms. You pulled away from Nate, and you felt defeat like he had won again. You quickly got out of the car and went to the backseat. “Hey baby, wanna go see grammy”,you said to him. “mhmm”,he said. “(y/n), you’re not going to talk about what just happened? It was amazing, there was a spark. If you say you didn’t feel it you’re lying”,Nate said. You ignored him and walked into Kami’s house. “Mommy you’re back”,you daughter screamed with excitement. You hugged her and put your son down. “Were you good for Grammy and Papi”,you asked looking up at them. “Yes ma’am. Can I stay with them? Pleaseeeee.”,she said. “If its okay with them”,you smiled. Kami nodded at you and your daughter cheered with excitement. “Do you want to stay here or go home with mommy”,you asked your son. “Stay pwease”,he said. “Okay let me go get your bag from the car”,you said.

You walked outside to see Nate laying on the hood of the car. You walked to the front of the car and lifted yourself onto the hood. “Remember after our first date we did this”,Nate said. You giggled and nodded your head at the memory. “You tried to name constellations and when you ran out of names you made your own”,you laughed. “I didn’t make them up”,he said. “So theres really a constellation called big booty”,you smiled. “Yea”,he smiled. You just laughed and continued to look at the stars. 

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“What happened to us being happy together baby”,Nate said taking your hand. “Lets not talk about it Nate, I’m finally over it”,you said sliding off the car. “No, c’mon won’t you just forgive me? I miss you, I fucking miss you. I miss coming home to you and the kids. I miss kissing you, I miss telling you everything is going to be okay, I miss holding you, even fucking touching you?”, He screamed. You walked up to his face and slapped him. “Are you fucking kidding? You hurt me and the kids. You fucked my best friend in our bed! And i’m so fucking stupid because i can’t get over you Nate! I try and try and I can’t stop loving you, let alone get you out of my head! You broke my heart and no one was there to help pick up the pieces, only me!”,you screamed back. You went the the trunk and got the bag out of the car. You walked inside to see Kami holding your son by the door. You smiled and pretended everything was okay, you’ve gotten very good at it lately. “Okay so theirs pajamas and extra clothes in here. Oh and some diapers”,you smiled handing her the bag. “Okay I’ll see you tomorrow monkey”,you kissed his forehead. “Princess, come kiss me goodbye”,you yelled upstairs. She came flooding downstairs and giving you a big kiss. “I love you mommy, sweet dreams”, she whispered in your ear. “I love you most babygirl”,you whispered back giving her a eskimo kiss. “Bye guys, see you tommorrow”, you waved heading toward the door. “No, mommy don’t leave stay here”,you son said. He wiggled out of Kami’s arms and ran to you. “Baby I can’t stay, I have to go home. You can come with me or stay here. Daddy’s staying here tonight”,you said to him. “Noo stay with me, pwease”,he said with his lip stuck out. “(y/n), its already 12 and it would take you an hour to get home, plus he probably needs you since he just got stitches”,Kami said. “Oh-um okay sure mommy will stay”,you said awkwardly. 

“Alright guys lets go upstairs to bed”,you said to the munchkins. You walked up the stairs carrying (y/s/n) and holding your daughters hand. While going up stairs you saw old pictures of you and Nate from highschool. “Oh mommy is that you and daddy”,you daughter said with excitement. “Yea, it is”,you said. “You look pretty mama”,your son said. “Hey, thats my line”,Nate said appearing from his bedroom. “Hey, your mom said we could stay over since its late, that okay”,you asked timidly. “Yea,yea thats fine baby”,he said. “Woah dad are these your trophies”,you son asked wiggling out of your arms. “No no don’t touch, you’ll break them”,you said chasing after him. “Its fine, one day you’ll have some too”,he said picking up your son and letting his hold a trophy. “Mommy whats this picture”,your daughter asked you handing you a picture. You looked at it and remembered it was one of the best nights ever. “Well, that night Daddy had a big championship basketball game. And he won and it made us very happy. I was cheering on the side and when daddy score the last basket I ran to him and jumped into his arms. And grammy took his picture”,you explained. “And then later that night me and mommy went to a dance and were crowned king and queen. She looked beautiful, she was like an angel. She was my angel”,Nate said to the kids,

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You were lost in his perfect mud puddle eyes and perfect words. “Your dress is pretty”,you daughter said. You snapped out of your daydream. “Well, maybe you can wear it one day”,you said to her. Her smile grew four times bigger. “Okay guys time for bed”,you said getting off the bed. “Daddy can we all sleep in here and cuddle like we did at the old house”,’your daughter asked Nate. “C’mon honey, lets go get your night gown on okay”,you said taking her hand. You walked to the guest bedroom and got them ready for bed and noticed you didn’t have clothes for yourself. “Mommy can I go sleep in daddy’s room”,you daughter asked. “Sure, want me to walked you down since its dark”,you asked. She nodded her head. You didn’t bother your son since hes already fallen asleep. When you reached the door you knocked softly. “Come in”,you heard Nate say. “Daddy, can I sleep with you”,your daughter asked timidly. “Of course”,Nate said picking her up and tickling her. You smiled at them, remembering how it used to be. “Goodnight babygirl, goodnight Nate”,you said turning around heading down the hall. “Hey baby, do you need some clothes”,Nate said to you. You turned around and shook your head no. “Yea you do, come here”,he said. You walked toward his room again and waited. He returned with a white tshirt. “I remember how you always loved to wear my shirts to bed”,Nate said smiling. You saw his dimples and you just wanted to kiss them. You accepted the shirt. “Look Nate, you’ve gotta stop calling me baby”,you said looking down. “I can’t, you’ll always be my baby”,Nate said kissing your cheek. “Nate, please stop. I don’t want you hurting me again”,you said on the verge of crying.

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“I won’t hurt you, not again. You will always win, every fight, every decision, everything. I will do anything to get you back. You are my world and if I’m not with you, I don’t know how I function one more day. I need you back baby. You made me a better person. I will pick up the pieces I broke. I’m so goddamn stupid for doing what I did.”,he said. You broke down right there outside of his room. It was a good thing your daughter was already asleep, you didn’t want her to see you upset. Nate then embraced you and you felt more secure. You kept crying and crying. You’ve kept in all the anger and pain for months on end. You finally ran out of tear and just stayed in his arms. “I-I still love you Nate”,you finally said. “I love you, more and more each day”,he said holding you and kissing your neck. “Can I ask you one question Nate”,you asked hiccuping from all the crying. “Anything baby”,he said. You looked up to see his brown eyes were now blood shot from crying too. “Why’d you do it”,you said quietly. “Well, I came home early that day. I parked my car in the garage so the kids wouldn’t see and I came home to see her on our couch. She was obviously drunk and she was crying. She was looking her you because Mark left her. I made her some tea and tried to make her feel better till you came home. I went back to the bedroom to get her some clean clothes. And I came back to see she was in the kitchen making something. She came up to me and handed me a cup and told me she made me her signature drink. It smelled terrible, but she told me she always made it for Mark so I drank it to make her feel better. And that’s when all the shit happened. I felt really weird after I drank it. I started hallucinating and all that fucking shit happened. I really didn’t mean it baby, i really didn’t. I just didn’t say anything because I thought you wouldn’t believe me”,he said. You sat there in shock and let all that new information. And you knew he was telling the truth because whenever he lied he’d look away from you. 

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“Oh baby, why didn’t you just tell me that.”,you said embracing him. “I thought you’d think I was lying or really did sleep with her”,he said wiping his tears. You took your hand and wiped his cheeks for him. “I wish you would’ve told me”,you said kissing his cheek. “I’m sorry I caused so much heart ache”,he said breaking down again. “It’s okay, we’re okay now baby.”,you said kissing him. “Can I have another chance baby? I love you so much”,he said through his tears. “Of course you can”,you whispered kissing his tears.

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“Just Like Heaven”  (The Cure)

“Show me how you do that trick
The one that makes me scream” she said
“The one that makes me laugh” she said
And threw her arms around my neck
“Show me how you do it
And I promise you I promise that
I’ll run away with you
I’ll run away with you”

Spinning on that dizzy edge
I kissed her face and kissed her head
And dreamed of all the different ways I had
To make her glow
“Why are you so far away?” she said
“Why won’t you ever know that I’m in love with you
That I’m in love with you”

Soft and only
Lost and lonely
Strange as angels
Dancing in the deepest oceans
Twisting in the water
You’re just like a dream

Daylight licked me into shape
I must have been asleep for days
And moving lips to breathe her name
I opened up my eyes
And found myself alone alone
Alone above a raging sea
That stole the only girl I loved
And drowned her deep inside of me

Soft and only
Lost and lonely
Just like heaven

Got Your Back

for @anarchyaustralia and @gladsyoucame‘s olympic!5sos blurb night! 

video inspo :) -

Ashton thanked the universe everyday for his growth spurt. Because without said growth spurt, he would’ve been too short to qualify for competitive swimming. And before you, swimming had been his everything.

The snap of his goggles falling into place over the back of his swimming cap. The screech of the starting whistle. The coiling of his recently loosened muscles before pushing off the block into the pool. The dragging of the water. The absolute thrill of a race. The feel of his hand slapping against that pool wall, thus marking his time. Ashton lived for all of it.

The day he qualified to swim for his home country, already a swimming powerhouse amongst the world, was probably the happiest of his life. But then he met you.

After his first Olympics without any gold medal wins in individual events, Ash decided to consider overseas university offers. And you, an overworked college student hadn’t ever really payed much attention to your school’s athletics. That is, until one of its record breaking athletes almost ran you over in his haste to get to the gym.

He hadn’t noticed you then but you sure as hell had taken note of him that day. And not in a good way.

But he found a way to charm you anyway. It wasn’t just his soft, sandy curls or his solid and soulful hazel eyes. It was also his dedication and his drive. Ashton was the type of guy it was almost too easy to put all your faith in.

And he loved you for that. You understood how much work went into being the best in the world and would never design to demand he put you over swimming. You were his rock and his biggest fan. The two of you together made the perfect team.

Which was how you ended up in this situation, about four years into your relationship.

“Babe! Baby. Babebabeba-”

“What Ashton?” You looked up from your book to see your long time boyfriend standing just beyond the bathroom doorway holding up a razor, his big green-gold eyes pleading.

“Can you shave my back?”

Closing your book, you slowly sat up from where you’d been slumped against the hotel bed headboard before setting the book aside all together. “Yeah of course…” You knew how hypersensitive Ash got before normal competitions. So you weren’t ready to risk giving him anything but positive replies to any and all of his requests. This was the Olympics afterall. Cocking your head in curiosity, you continued. “But why? Doesn’t Calum usually like, literally have your back?”

Pouting, Ashton let out an exasperated sound before stamping his foot and rolling his eyes.

You just raised an eyebrow and waited.

“Okay so, one of guys might have let it slip that Campbell’s wife shaved his back before he won gold.”

“Ashton,” you sighed but moved to get up anyway.

“Angel please.”

“Oh my god, fine whatever I’m coming but you’re gonna have to lay on your stomach in the bathroom so I can see-” You cut yourself off, momentarily stunned at the brilliant grin he shot you as you took the razor from him.

“Thank you sweetheart,” he said sincerely. You just rolled your eyes at his back before following him into the bathroom.

“Ash,” you began several minutes later, already more than halfway through shaving him. “You know this starts growing back right away right? And I can’t go down to the locker rooms with you to get rid of the stubble-”  

“Y/n it’s fine,” he replied, his voice coming out slightly muffled on account of him resting his face on his folded forearms. “Calum’ll take care of that right before the heat.”

“Then why am I even-?” You cut yourself off again. And with an exasperated sigh, just gwent right on back to finishing what he’d asked of you.

And when Ashton surfaced the next afternoon after slapping the pool wall, he felt really good as he ripped off his goggles and swimming cap to check his time. The results mirrored his emotions and then more. He’d finally won his gold.

When it hit him as he treaded water, there was no holding back his delighted laughter as he turned to where you were in the crowded and pointed to you. Laughing hysterically as tears of pride coursed down your cheeks, you pointed back and blew him a kiss.

Ash felt on top of the world and completely ready to ask that burning question that’d been sitting in the back of his mind for months now. He had the ring back at the hotel and backed by the adrenaline high of an olympic champion, there was no stopping him. He just had to get by all the reporters first.


Okay so i’m still not over the whole Calum tonguing the fucking bottle on snapchat so just imagine you are in the tour bus watching the boys snapchat story and you see the video of Calum and the bottle, and you feel that familiar ache for him between your legs. So you quickly get up of the couch and run into the arena, not even bothering putting on shoes. You go into the boys dressing room to see that it’s crazy (as usual before a show) and you spot your man, laying on the couch messing around with the boys. Normally you would wait until it has cleared out in the room for just the two of you but, you’re so needy, especially after that snapchat. So you make your way over to him and it’s Luke who sees you first, he looks up from his phone and gives you a quick grin before going back to his phone. You quickly make your way around the couch to Calum and straddle his thick thighs while his hands instinctively go to your waist “Hey babygirl, whatcha doing in here?” You disregard the question completely and instead go straight to the point “What do you think you were doing with that fucking bottle.” you feel Calum chuckle deeply beneath you “Is that why you’re here angel, did daddy make you excited?” You normally would roll your eyes at this statement but decide you don’t want to fuck around, so you start to slowly roll your hips on top of Calum’s causing him to let out a deep groan “Baby what are you doing, someone could see.” “I don’t care I need you.” with your statement you feel calum harden beneath you. You lean down and whisper in his ear “Cmon daddy if you don’t do it i’ll just ask one of the boys.” Calum narrows his eyes into slits at your statement. “You wouldn’t dare.” “Try me.” You go to grab the end of your top to take it off only to have two hands grip your wrists “Don’t even think about it angel.” With this calums starts to stand up making you stand up as well. Calum pushes you foward out the dressing room toward the bathrooms you smirk knowing you won. “Where do you think you two are going?” calls Luke. Calum just smirks and says “To take care of my baby.” But not loud enough for Luke to hear, before he slaps your ass and makes his way towards the bathrooms, not before looking over his shoulder and saying “You coming?” causing you to sprint after him with a big ass grin on your face. Oh what this boy does to you.

So this is my first time ever writing. I really enjoyed making this and it would be greatly appreciated if you tell me whatcha think, and let me know if I should make more.

Out of My Hands

Summary: The reader, after being on her own throughout her entire life, begins looking for a real home and, with a little heavenly help, just might find it with the boys.

Warnings: Aside from the fact that I haven’t written in 5 years or written fanfic in over 8 years and the writing is atrocious, abandonment, self-esteem issues, weapons.

Words: 1953

Part 1

  Awful things happen to everyone.  Everybody loses someone they love, has their heart broken, feels small, gets neglected, abused, or worse, forgotten.  In the long run, what does it matter?  We all end up at the same place, just in a different line.  

  My father was a hunter.  Not like a “Let’s go climb a tree, sit in a box, and wait until we can shoot Bambi” kind of hunter.  No.  The kind of hunter that saves people from the dark underbelly of the world that nobody seems to realize exists.  The ghosts, monsters and beasties that we tell stories about without realizing that they could be right around the corner.

  I grew up in musty motel room after musty motel room until I was 7.  My dad would stay just long enough to make sure that I was settled. That I still remembered how to open the mini bar without breaking the seal and that I had the closest pizza joint’s number along with whatever cash he had to spare.  Then he was gone.  Sometimes for a couple of days, others for a couple of weeks.

  One night, after a string of nights spent alone, a man came to the door of the Cheshire Cat motel that I was in somewhere in Northern Illinois.  He said he was there to take me to my new home.  He told me that my dad wasn’t coming back and that no one could find my mom. The later was no surprise, she’d left just weeks after having me.

  By the time I was eight, I had been in four different foster homes. A ward of the state they called me.  Not a great nickname for a chubby white girl with no real home or family.  

  The new home that I was promised never came about.  I went into foster care but was never a good fit.  Families wanted little girls that would sing and throw tea parties.  Not ones that taught their real kids about the birds and the bees and the very real monsters under their beds.

  At 18, my chances were up.  24 failed foster placements, and almost as many run ins with law enforcement and I was on my own.  But I never had the compulsion to go truth seeking.  My mom was never some mystery woman I longed to meet and my dad being gone was no great loss.  I knew how to survive and how to protect myself.  He had taught me enough to get me by.

  On his longer trips, Dad would leave me with some friends of his.  They had a daughter about my age named Jo.  Jo’s dad was a hunter like my dad though they never really seemed to get along.  During those trips, I’d make myself useful.  Cleaning and cooking what I knew how to and they gave me a place to sleep as well as Jo’s hand-me-down school books.  I soaked up all the knowledge that I could. Supernatural and otherwise.  Jo was only a year older than me and we became my only friend.  

  Once I was in the foster system, I went to school and got a “formal” education. I skipped two grades right away and graduated with honors. School was never hard for me.  Convincing other students that I was normal?  Figuring out that not everyone knew that vampires, werewolves and ghosts were real?  Those were my challenges.  Not many kids my age were clamoring to get to know me. In those days, I missed Jo.  She knew everything that I did and then some.

  Just after getting out of the system, I received a check from a life insurance policy my father had had.  Not a huge windfall, but enough to help me buy my car, get a gun, and move around.  I moved to Julesburg.  A small town in Colorado with only about a thousand people right off of 138.  In my mind, the smaller the town, the better.  I stayed for a couple of years.  But the former “sin city,” full of such history and small town charm had me feeling trapped.  Once people started noticing me, remembering my name and generally gossiping about my general comings and goings, I got antsy. I had never had roots before.  It was time to leave.  I had lived a life of bouncing from place to place and I knew how to just keep going.  So I did.

  I headed for Jo’s mom’s place.  Harvelle’s Roadhouse, just outside of Merna, Nebraska.  It was a long shot that she would even remember me. But where else did I have to go?  I’d never been anywhere that actually felt like home.  Harvelle’s was all I had.

  When I finally got there, it was gone.  No roadhouse.  No Jo.  No Mrs. Harvelle.  Nothing but a makeshift plaque commemorating what, and apparently who, used to reside there.  It didn’t come out and say it. There wasn’t some fancy epitaph.  But I knew, one way or another, Jo was gone.  

  All at once, I was full of rage and sorrow.  Dropping to my knees in front of my old 1966 Ford Mustang , I let myself break momentarily. Allowing myself 15 seconds to freak out.  I threw the dust-like dirt beneath me, beating the ground with my bare fists, screaming and pleading with the heavens to let this all be a dream.  To let me, just once, have somewhere that I fit.  Where I belonged.

  I closed my eyes and started telling myself to calm down.  I’d come through much worse than this and was still here.  I could get through this too.  I had to.

  As I began to stand up and brush myself off, I heard a noise behind me, like wind.  I reached for the Kimber Super Carry Pro that I I always tucked away inside my green leather crop jacket and drew on whatever I was about to face.

  “You won’t be needing that,” the woman starting at me said, matter of factly.

  “I think I can be the judge of that.  Who are you?  Why are you here and how did you sneak up on me?”

  “Let me explain,” she said “If you’ll just put the gun down.”

 Her voice was melodic.  Her brown hair hung just above her shoulders and she wore a grey business suit.  Very clearly not a hunter.  

  “Y/N, my name is-”

  “How the hell do you know me? Everyone I ever knew is dead apparently. Who the hell are you?” I yelled, taking a much more pointed and aggressive stance.

  “My name in Hannah.  I’m an angel of the Lord.”

  I paused.  “I’m sorry, what now?  I could’ve sworn I heard you say some whackadoodle stuff right there.  A what of the who now?”

  “I’m an angel of the lord.  And I’m here to help you.  Although, I’m not familiar with this Whackadoodle you speak of.  Is that some language that I’ve not heard of?” Hannah said, looking at me, confusion plastered on her face.

  “Not important.  Okay, Salma Hayek, what do you got?  How are you going to help me?” I asked her, relaxing as I resheithed my Kimber.

  “My name is not Salma Hayek. I’m not sure-”

   I cut her off.  “No, she’s an actress.  Plays an angel in Dogma. Well technically a muse.  So not the point.” I babbled.

  “In answer to your questions, I know where the Harvelle’s are.  They’re in heaven.  They have been for quite some time.  I can not tell you that you are dreaming because you are not and I am not prone to lying.  If you still want a home, there are places you can go where you may find one.”

 I looked at her, dumbfounded.

  “So what, you’re my personal stalkery fairy God-Angel?  You couldn’t have helped me out, oh I don’t know, about twenty years ago?!”

  “That isn’t how this works, Y/N.  I heard you today because you were addressing us.  The angels.  The heavens.  Something you haven’t ever done before.  And I’m helping you now because I can.  Because you asked it of me.  You can still make yourself a home.  There are still plans for you.”  She seemed exasperated.  

  “What, like God’s plans?  Let me tell you, so far, his plans for me could do with some editing and a few rewrites.”  

  “God’s plans have been moot for years.  He left Heaven long ago.” she stated as if this was something I should’ve known.

 “Wow. That makes so much sense,” I laughed.  “Okay, you said something about a home for me.  What, like my parents?  Other hunters?  Where” I asked, hopping onto the hood of the Mustang.  

  “Your father, while alive, is still hunting.  He’s in Florida chasing a Khan Worm which he still thinks is a ghoul.  I can not tell you where your mother is because I simply do not know.  But yes, there are other hunters who can offer you solace.  Should you choose it.”

  “Wait, you’re saying my father is still alive?  That he really did just abandon me all those years ago?  Awesome.  This day keeps getting better and better.  But what happened here?  How did Jo and her mom die?”  I asked, not sure I actually wanted to know the answer.

  “Hell hounds, initially.  On Lucifer’s orders.  The hounds attacked and they sacrificed themselves to save the rest,” she explained, ever so nonchalantly, as if the fact that angels and Lucifer were real was common knowledge.

 “The rest?”

  “The hunters that were there.  Helping them in the war against Lucifer. They won, in the end.”

  “Okay. Well where can I find these hunters then?” I inquired, jumping off the Mustang and taking my car keys from my pocket.

  “The Winchester’s?  I’ll show you.”

Hannah reached out to me, grabbing my arm.  The wind kicked up and I closed my eyes, my stomach feeling like it was diving for my spine.

  “Woah.” I said, opening my eyes.  The old roadhouse was gone and we were inside what looked like a library.  There were cold coffee mugs on the table along with a few old books that looked almost ancient.

  “This is how hunters live now?  Geez, Child Services should have let me be. I would’ve grown up just fine.”

  “The Winchester’s are gone right now.  They left about an hour ago but will be back momentarily.  Good luck” and with a pop, Hannah was gone.

  “What the – MY CAR, HANNAH!  Damnit!”

  I went to the kitchen and began scrounging for something to eat.  I found sandwich fixings and set to giving myself a tour of my new surroundings.  Halls and halls of bedrooms.  One with gun mounted on the walls.  Another with a laptop on the bed and more books scattered around it.  And more than handful of barren rooms.  

  I made my way back to the library, sat at the table with my cold cut and a glass of water and began reading the books strewn out in front of me.  Wendigos, ghouls, everything my dad ever told me about and then some.  I was fascinated.  Until I heard bags drop in the hallway.

  “What the hell?!” he yelled in a deep gravely voice.

  I looked up from my book and at the man who was obviously surprised to see me.  His green eyes bore into mine and he didn’t take a step before reaching for his weapon.  I drew mine at the same time with a mouth of of Turkey on Rye.

  “Dude, your security system sucks.”

Angel with a shotgun.

Another Song fic, based on the song “Angel with a shotgun” by The Cab.
Seriously guys I am so in love with this song, it´s ridiculous. 
If you don´t know it, please, please, please listen to it.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Song: Angel with a shotgun - The Cab

Originally posted by yaelstiel


“Cas, no!”, you shouted and rushed over to him, grabbing the arm with which he was holding his angel blade, only inches above the throat of the angel that had been torturing you.
“He has to die”, he said and you nodded: “Yes he does. But you can´t be the one who kills him.”
Castiel let the unconscious body fall to the floor:
“And why not?”
You felt tears building up behind your eyes: “Cas, you already killed so many of your own kind for our sake and this one is probably the most important one of all.”
He looked back at the body: “This monstrosity isn´t one of my kind. I have no kind.”
“Please don´t say that”, you whispered.
He turned completely to you, his blue eyes more intense than ever: “Don´t you see it?”
“See what?”, you asked exhausted.
He pulled his trench coat aside and pointed at the gun that was tucked there: “I´m an angel with a shotgun. I´ll be fighting ´til the war´s won. And I don´t care if heaven won´t take me back.”
Tears were now sliding down your face: “They say before you start a war, you better now what you are fighting for”, you said quietly.
His face was so serious it almost hurt to look at him: “And I do know it.”
You started to get angry: “And what would that be?”
“You really don´t understand anything”, he spat and it made you feel even more mad.
“Then start talking! If I don´t understand it, then explain it to me.”
He turned around, making sure the other angel still wasn´t moving and then turned around again, a wild fire blazing behind his eyes:
“I´ll throw away my fate just to keep you safe. Don´t you know you´re everything I have?”
His words took you by surprise and your face went blank:
“Cas, I´m most certainly not worth fighting not to mention dying for.”
He shook his head: “If love´s a fight, then I shall die with my heart on a trigger.”
Your vision was so clouded with tears by now, that you had to blink several times before you could see him clear again: “But why? Why do you love me? I remember times when your faith was the most important thing you had. I don´t want to be the reason for that to change.”
He then pulled you in to a hug and you absently hugged him back, sobbing against his chest, heavy with everything he told you.
“Sometimes to win, you´ve got to sin. That doesn´t mean I´m not still a believer. Even though they”, he pointed at the unconscious angel, “still say I´m a dreamer. But I wanna live, not just survive.”
You stood up on tips of your toes and pressed a kiss to his lips and it felt so wrong and so right at the same time.
He kissed you back, making you feel so secure with his arms around you all the time.
When you broke apart you smiled under your now dry tears: “I love you Cas.”
He nodded, then turned around, his blade suddenly back in his hands but before he finished the job he looked back at you: “Ready to be by my side for all eternity?”
You nodded, determination written all over your face.
Cas smiled and then killed the other angel while you averted your eyes and when you looked back there was just the mark of the wings left and Cas looking at you.
Suddenly you chuckled.
“What is it?”, he asked and you smiled: “Angel with a shotgun. I like that.”
He smiled back and kissed you again: “Me too.”

Oh, but Hell is empty without you, my Angel.
Hell is cold without your embrace,
Without your mercy and your grace
Without your midnight kisses under the dark veils.

Without your deep brown eyes I die slowly,
I’m becoming nothing but pale rotting death,
A marcid empty shell…
Do you ever think if the Devil… If I, feel lonely?

It won’t take more than a cut,
Trust me it won’t hurt that much,
Best sacrifice of all…
Murder in the name of love.

Your blood will not be taken for granted, Your death will not be in vain.
Our souls will dwell soundly…
Forever in Hell.

Come to me now,
let’s not waste our time,
Don’t you know that
You’re already mine?

—  LN
Birthday Cake (M - Jungkook)


Requests:  Can you make a smut about the reader being Jungkook’s birthday cake😉 &   @allaboutthespn said: Can I have 43 and 106 with the golden kookie? 😃😄

Word Count: 3,209 words

Look at this happy little bean aww

You woke up early, making Jungkook breakfast and setting it up nicely on a tray before you returned to see him still fast asleep.  You figured he would still be asleep, the time only being just a little over 9am and he couldn’t fall asleep until around 1. He made you sing to him, saying your off key singing always put him to sleep and you hit his head. You still complied, seeing his body beginning to relax with the sound of your voice and your own eyes being to droop as well.


“5 more minutes…”

“I should have stopped after our fifth round.”

“Why, so you can say you only lost to me 3 times instead of 4.”

“You know, most guys would let their girlfriends win so he doesn’t make her feel bad.”

“I’m not like most guys.”

“I figured that out when you buy me a custom Pepe for our 3 month anniversary.”

“Don’t talk about him like that when he’s in the room, babe. He has feelings too.”

“I liked you better when you were asleep.” He rolled over to look at you with a mischievous grin on his face as he took the tray from your hands, thanking you and you sat next to him on the bed. He spread some jam on his toast and cut it into pieces.

“Open up.”

“Jungkook, it’s your breakfast.”

“I know you haven’t eaten, babe.”

“I’m not hungry.” Your stomach decided to disprove your statement by growling loudly and you could feel Jungkook’s disapproving look, letting him feed you a bite. You fed him in return, finishing his breakfast together before he placed a kiss on the corner of your lips. He smiled at you gingerly as you snapped your head in his direction, seeing him lick his lips and look down into his lap.

“You had some jam on your cheek, cutie.”

“I could have wiped it off.”

“And miss that priceless look you’re giving me, no way.”

“How are you older than me?”

“Well, Y/N, when a man and a woman love each other a lot, they–” You hit him in the face with your pillow, him taking a few moments to process what happened before he swung his pillow at the side of your head. He took a few hits from you before he hit your sides, getting away from you and you chased him with your pillow. He tossed a couch pillow when you entered the living room, aiming for your face but you caught it and aimed it back at him. He dodged, the pillow hitting your wall and he tossed another pillow at you, this time hitting your face.

“Jeon Jungkook!” He let out a laugh, running away again and you following him again, catching him in the bedroom. You two stood in front of each other, standing on either side of the bed and he looked at you smugly.

“Why aren’t you moving, Kookie?”

“Why aren’t you moving, babe?”

“Because you could move first.”

“So can you.”

“Drop your pillow, Jungkook.”

“You drop yours, Y/N.”

“At the same time.”

“On the count of 3.”



“Three.” You ran over the bed, Jungkook pushing you down and quickly climbing atop of you and tossing your pillows away. He grabbed your wrists, holding your hands above your head and looked at you with a triumphant smile graced upon his face. You knew he was proud to have another victory over you again, his competitive nature always showing in anything. You could remember the one time you played chess with him, you were sure he didn’t know all the rules yet he still managed to get checkmate.

You’ve been playing chess since you were little, playing Namjoon once in a while when you found him in the dorms. But Jungkook beat you on his first attempt at the game. Maybe you need to rethink doing anything that could be a competition with Jungkook involved.

“I win, Y/N.”

“Fair and square.”

“What’s my reward?”

“It was a pillow fight, Kookie.”

“And you lost, now give me a reward.”

“I don’t know what to give you.”

“I have an idea.”

“What is–” He pressed his lips against yours, the taste of strawberry jam and lemonade flooding your taste buds and you kissed him back. His lips were skilled, moving sweet and slow and letting his tongue run against your bottom lip. You let his tongue enter your mouth, tangled tongue with him and felt his tongue roam every inch of your mouth.

You craved more than his nectarous lips, wishing to feel his hot body press against your bare skin. You wanted to let yourself be vulnerable for him, allow him to tear you apart and mould you back together with his hands. He pulled away, snapping you out of your bawdy thoughts and looking at him, dazed.

“It was worth it. So worth it.” He said before lying on top of you, his whole body weight on your body and you hit him.

“Jungkook, get off me! You’re crushing my body.”

“But you’re so warm.” He nuzzled his head on your chest and you bit your lip, feeling your nipples becoming more sensitive and tried to pry him off you.

“Jungkook, I mean it. Off me, now.”

“You’re no fun.”

“I can’t believe you’re 19.”

“Feels like just yesterday, I came here from Busan. That shy 15 year old boy that didn’t know people. That kid who looked up to his hyungs because they were all he had.”


“I’m glad I met you. You’re the only girl who really took the time to figure me out. You were patient with me, taking me out of my shell, letting me come around to see that you weren’t just going to disappear like other girls.”


“Too much emotion?”

“No. I’m glad I met you too. You might not be a complete transformation from that shy 15 year old but it doesn’t matter. I fell in love with Jeon Jungkook, the guy who can’t let me win anything over him, the man who lives with passion, the boy who sings his heart out every time he graces upon a stage, the man who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Whether you’re 15 or 50, you’ll always be my Jungkook.” You were tearing up through your speech before feeling Jungkook wipe your cheek. He kissed you softly, pulling away seconds later and you smiled.

“Thank you, angel.”

“But for real, let me win something against you.”

“You won one match yesterday.”

“Which you profusely denied and claimed that I clearly cheated somehow.”

“It’s still a victory.” You rolled your eyes, Jungkook put his hand on your face and you looked at him. He squished your face, making you pucker your lips and you slapped his hands away.

“You’re better at me in cooking.”

“That’s a skill you don’t have. I remember when I told you to watch my soup while I go to the store to buy some meat for it and you somehow managed to let it burn?”

“How do you burn a liquid?” He grumbled, you in return placing your hand on his face.

“You have a talent for ruining food, Kookie. I think you inherited it from Namjoon.”

“Whatever, are you happy now?”

“Thanks for trying.”

“Come on, babe. What does winning over me even mean?”

“That you aren’t the golden maknae.”

“Although I am, why does that matter to you?”

“I just really want to see you lose for once.” He poked his inner cheek with his tongue, looking at you and you stared back at him. It unintentionally turned into a staring contest and you blinked first.


“This is just a small victory.”

“It’s still a victory.”

“I know the perfect place to resolve this.”


“Indoor trampolining?”

“Best two out of three, who can jump the highest, score the most points at the basketball game, and who can jump the furthest into the pit.”

“We need a moderator.”

“I already thought of that, baby.” You saw the rest of BTS walk in, peeling off their masks and Taehyung let out a loud pant.

“What do you need all of us here for, Kookie?”

“It’s my birthday and you guys don’t want to see your favourite 19 year old.”

“We would want to see if you don’t tell us a location and give us 30 minutes to get there. I swear Taehyung almost lost his shoe trying to catch up to the car.”

“It’s not my fault that you guys didn’t want to wait for me to tie my shoes.”

“It was taking too much.”

“It was 30 s-”

“Can you two idiots argue elsewhere?”

“The only idiot here is Taehyung.”

“Shut up, Jimin. You’re not clever either.”

“Okay, we brought you here not to argue like children but to moderate our little competition.”

“Plus, trampolining is fun. Don’t knock it until you try it.”

“If this is lame, I’m going home.”

“Namjoon, quit being so grumpy. You sound like an old man.”

“You mean Yoongi?”

“Do you have a death wish, kid?” You eased the hostility and grumpiness, getting everyone ready to jump on the trampolines. Jungkook jumped in the one next to you, off the bat trying to outjump you but you tried to bounce higher. You switched spots and gained more height in your jumps. You tried to do some tricks, Jungkook trying to mimic you.

“Do your own tricks!”

“Yours are so much better.”

“At least I can jump higher than you.”


“Yes, taste defeat.” You said as you tried a flip off one of the wall trampolines, bumping into poor Jin and knocking you both down.

“Oh god, Jin. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay; we can bounce back from this.”

“Jin hyung, that was so lame.”

“Why do we go out in public with you?”

“You all are ungrateful brats!” You laughed a little before getting out of the same trampoline space as Jin, you getting out of the section and Jungkook gave you the victory. You both moved to the area when you and Jungkook played basketball. You both had difficulty, although you eventually go the hang of it and starting making shots. Jungkook began making all his shots, having a smug look on his face every time he made a shot. You bumped his elbow and he elbowed you back when you take a shot.


“You hit my elbow first.”

“You had a smug look on your face.”

“That’s because I’m winning.”

“Jimin, what’s the score?”

“Y/N have 43,” you were smiling until you heard the rest of Jimin’s sentence, “but Jungkook has 44.”


“I’m so going to kick your ass in the pit jump, just watch.”

“That’s some statement, baby girl.”

“It’s a promise.”

“You’re really hot when you’re competitive.”

“Then, I’m about to get sexy.” You walked over to the pit area, Jungkook hot on your heels and waited for your turn. You both jumped, wanting to claim victory quickly and looked at Taehyung who was supposed to watching you both.


“Oh, shit. Do it again, I swear I’ll watch you both this time.” You both looked at each other, he was looking at his phone and you two got out the pit. Jungkook helped you up, you meekly thanking him and jumping into the pit again.

“How about this time, Tae?”

“It’s a tie..”


“You guys landed around the same spot, so it’s a tie.”

“We can’t have a tie, I have to beat this stupid golden maknae. Taehyung, be honest. I won, didn’t I?”

“Excuse me, little girl. I’m golden for a reason and I won this round.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Here, children. Quit it and let’s get out of this place.”


“Did I fucking stutter?” Yoongi could be commanding if he wants to and you guy got back into your regular shoes, going back to your apartment. The boys went to the dorm, Jungkook staying at your place instead and being teased by the other boys.

“So, we’re both equals.”

“I guess so.”

“My girlfriend is pretty golden.”

“You’re lame.”

“So are you.” He smiled at you and playfully bumped elbows with you until you smiled, making a cute sound when he saw the smile on your face. You two just spent a few hours, taking a nap before going out to dinner with the rest of the boys.

“Baby, can we shower together?”


“Saving time and water.”

“It’s always the same excuse.”

“Can we or not?”

“Pushy.” You followed him into the bathroom, starting the shower and began taking off your clothes. You didn’t notice him staring at you until you looked into the mirror to fix your hair into a shower cap.



“Your shower cap have little cookies on it, were you thinking of me when you bought this?”

“No, I was thinking of protecting my hair. It’s not always about you, Jungkook.”

“That’s weird, I thought it was.” You rolled your eyes, hearing him chuckling and entered the shower with him. He put his hand on your hips, slowly running his fingertips against your sides and you shivered to his touch. You felt his hot breath against your neck and you hit his head.

“Ow. Shit, babe, you hit my eye.”

“Kookie, are you alright?” You turned to face him and he had his hand covering his eye, you grabbing his hand to look at his eyes. It wasn’t too bad, just glossy from irritation and you kissed under his eye.

“The last time I try to be sexy in the shower.”

“No, it’s not.”

“You’re right, it’s probably not.” You washed him, making sure to not dwell on cleaning his back and chest for too long before washing yourself. Jungkook snatched your personal sponge from you, washing your back even though you didn’t want him to. You both got out the shower, drying yourself before changing into formal attire. You wore a stunning scarlet hi-low dress, pairing it with silver heels and Jungkook drove you to the bar.

“Happy birthday, maknae!”


“Hyung, are you already drunk?”

“I may have had 2 or 3 drinks before you two decided to show up.” You sat down in the booth next to Jungkook and Hoseok. You always found talking to Hobi easy, always talking about dance, music or your plants. It was strange to talk about plants but Hobi managed to make anything seem exciting.

“Who’s the birthday boy?”

“Him.” You eyed the waitress, seeing that she had a few buttons loose and her cleavage in full view when she leaned over. You linked arms with him, Jungkook oblivious to you and she placed a birthday hat on his head.

“Happy birthday.” You kept your hand locked with his, his thumb running over yours as you took sips of champagne and seeing Jimin, Namjoon and Tae drunk with Hobi a bit tipsy.

“Yah, Kookie. How is your girlfriend so hot?”

“Because she’s out of your league.”

“Apply cold water to that burn, dude.” The rest of the guys laughed at Jimin’s drunk confession but you felt Jungkook squeeze your hand a little.

“Let’s dance, okay?”

“Okay.” He led you onto the floor, the blaring sound muffled once you felt Jungkook’s hands roamed your body again. You almost purred in his ear, wanting him to take you home instead.

He quickly said his goodbyes before pulling you along with him, eager to get home. You let his hand rub against your inner thigh, his fingers brushing against your panties often. He parked the car, taking you upstairs and you made him sit in the living room.

You slipped off his jacket, loosened his tie and left kisses along his jaw. Your red lipstick stained his skin, you eyeing your masterpiece before he pulled you into a kiss. Your senses were flooded by his pine scented cologne, the craving you felt earlier returning to you and you kissed him deeper.

“Jungkook…” You gasped, his lips moving to your neck and taking a bite. He sucked the skin, soothing the bite with his saliva and you worked on unbuttoning his shirt.

“I’m much sweeter than that stupid cake.”


“Wanna a taste?” You said close to his ear, his reaction was picking you up and taking you into the bedroom. He unzipped your dress, eyeing your underwear. You had a feeling he would want you, wearing red lace which was his favourite tonight.

“You know me so well.” He put his hand on your neck, kissing you again. You felt the core beginning to burn again, wanting his tongue lick you clean instead of exploring your mouth.

“I know what could make you taste even sweeter.” He mumbled before leaving the room and returning with a container of frosting. He tore off your bra, opening the container and coating your nipples in frosting. He licked your nipple, eating the frosting off you and you moaned his name. The way his tongue swirled around your nipple before he sucked it, cleaning all the frosting off your breast.

He licked a line is frosting off your stomach, his eyes locked on your as you watched his pink tongue licked your torso clean. He slipped off your panties, glancing at the glossy layer that coated your pussy.

“So wet for me.”

“All for you, baby.” He slipped two fingers into you, pumping them into you while watching your face contort in bliss. Your head rolled back in the mattress, shameless in your loud moans of his name and he moved closer to your pussy.

“Oh god.” He licked you haltingly, purposely wanting to see your squirm and you whimpered when you felt him begin to suck on your clit. You grabbed at his hair, the brunette strands handling your tug.

“Fuck. I can’t wait any longer.”

“Please, I’m on the pill. I need you.” You didn’t care how jumbled up your sentences were, the only coherent thought was feeling Jungkook pounding you into your bed so hard that he had to wheel you around. He flipped you over, your face buried in the mattress and he pushed into you.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”

“Shit, shit.” He waited for a bit before moving his hips and you bit your lip. You bit back your moans, taking every thrust he made and stopped with him all the way inside.

He pulled you up by your hair, letting you press your hands into the mattress and let every moan spill out of your lips. Your voice was hoarse from the broken sobs and he held onto your hip while he pounded you.

“Does it feel good, baby?”


“You love it when my thick cock pound your tight little cunt, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes.”

“You want me to make you cum, baby?”

“Please, please. Please make me cum.” You gasped out as his hips moved rapidly, his burst of energy and his hand moving to rub against your clit causing you to climax.

He rode through your high, his hot seed spilling into you before he pulled out. You collapse to the mattress, your breathing heavy and shallow. He cleaned you both up, cuddling with you on the bed before you pecked his lips.

“Happy birthday, Kookie.”

~Admin Blake

I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)

Author: zepppie

Word Count: 1480

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I am so sorry this is super late! I’ll save my excuses, but two betas (thank you @jaderz-mega-yikes and @elizlyn!) and three rewrites later, I present to you my entry to the SPN Disney Challenge by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious​! The prompt I chose was I Won’t Say from the Hercules movie. As this had been rewritten from scratch, it hadn’t been beta’d so any and all mistakes are mine. 

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Sam honestly has never met anyone more stubborn than his brother. Once Dean set his mind on something, he digs his heels in and doesn’t budge, even if it’s to his detriment. “Look, the witch is gone,” Sam patiently explains. “No one can undo the spell but you.”

When Dean replies, it sounds like he’s only mere inches away. But all Sam sees is the mildewed walls of this house’s dank basement that the witch had been hiding in.

“No chance. No way. I won’t say it. Nope. No.”

“So you just plan to stay like this for the rest of your life?”

“Why not? Invisibility, man! Imagine the tactical advantage on the field.” Sam feels a hand shove his shoulder. “Imagine all the girls’ locker rooms I can ghost my way into.”

He rolls his eyes at that, mumbling, “Nice.”

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The Hunger Games AU


You think he might be the only blessing in the hell you’ve been sentenced to.

It was no secret that he’d captured the heart of not only the Capital, but several of the districts when he himself had won four years ago at age seventeen. The boy with the golden eyes who remained so beautiful even when his skin was tainted with blood and his smile twisted into madness.

Ashton Irwin was everybody’s golden boy, the champion loved by all. And he was your angel sent to help you survive the Hunger Games.

“It’s my job to get you out alive.” He tells you when you first meet, a grin on his face which is quickly replaced by a smirk. “And believe me baby, I’ll give it a good go.”

He, of course, doesn’t forget about George, the male tribute who’d been destined to the same fate as yourself. And he helps him, he really does. He gives him the advice he gives you, teaching him the secrets you both so desperately needed.

But when it came down to it, Ashton would choose you to save over George. 

“I don’t think I’m supposed to have favourites.” He mumbled lowly into your ear one night, pulling you to the side after George had wandered off to bed. “But you’re making that hard for me baby.”

“I’m not a baby.” You’d replied, looking at him defiantly, causing him to smirk.

“Yeah you are.” He grinned. “But you’re my baby, and you’re going to win for me.”

And you soon realise that he’s the one you’re trying for. Of course you want to go home, you want to see your family and provide for them in Victor’s Village, you want to live. But you also don’t want to let him down. You don’t want to disappoint him.

You don’t want to lose him.

The boy with the golden eyes who trained you to be a killer. The boy with the soothing voice who taught you to be a winner. The boy with the reassuring smile who, quite possibly, taught you how to love.

“You got a ten baby.” He grinned, his arm wrapped tightly around you as you lay together on a sofa. “And Caesar did a fine job at making sure they love you. Not that you needed his help, you’d have been great on your own. Getting you sponsors will be easy.”

“Are you sure? I mean, the Careers…”

“They’ve got nothing on you baby. And besides, you think I’m letting you get away?”

He’s what you think of when you step onto the metal plate. His laughter ringing in your ears rather, his smile clouding your vision. And as you’re suddenly blinded, the arena forced into your view, his final words to you echo through your thoughts.

“Win this for me baby, then be my golden girl.”

And as the gong rings, you slip into the perfect killer he’s turned you into, desperate to get back to the closest thing to an angel you’ll ever meet.


He made it all a little more bearable.

From his very first greeting, that very first smirk. His brightly coloured hair and the intricate patterns on his arms that stood out so starkly from his pale skin had worried you, but the second he’d opened his mouth you knew he was different from the stereotypical Capital stylists you’d heard of.

“She needs to be beautiful.” Someone hissed.

“She needs to be a killer.” Another replied.

“She needs to be a winner.” He’d sighed, entering the room with his eyes on you. “Don’t you Princess?”

Michael was the reason you won over so many people. District Seven, although liked well enough, was never anybodies favourite. Until Michael made them pay attention to you.

“Look great. Capture their attention. They remember you, you’ve got a shot. And like I said Princess, you need to be a winner.”

It was his work that made you so popular. His words of encouragement that geared you up before you entered the arena. His smile and laugh that kept you going.

It was his arms you collapsed into when you won.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it Princess?”

And his hair was a different colour, another pretty drawing on his arm you didn’t recognise. But his eyes were still green and his smile was still the same and he was still rooting for you even though you’d already won.

“Now comes the fun bit.” He smiled sympathetically, pulling you by the hand to stand in front of a mirror. “You should smile Princess. Makes you even more prettier than you are.”

“It doesn’t feel like fun when I just killed four people, and another nineteen are dead so I can be here.” You’d whispered, your eyes finding his. He wrapped an arm around you comfortingly, his lips, which were pink enough for him to not have fallen into the habit of painting them another ridiculous colour, brushing your hair.

“It doesn’t make you a bad person.” He breathed. “And I’m certainly grateful that you came out of there. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m rather fond of you Princess.”

And it was his smile that kept you going as you had to face the families of those whose blood you’d spilt. It was him you thought of when you couldn’t cope. The way he scrunched up his nose when he didn’t like something, the way he giggled when you were so blunt about things you shouldn’t be.

It was him that, slowly, helped you become ok with yourself again.

“You’re smiling Princess.” He’d mused, causing you to look up from what you were doing. “You should do it more.”

“You should be around more.” You’d replied, making him grin.

“Who else would help you look good?”

And the red in your ledger doesn’t seem so bad when you have Michael twirling you in a pretty dress. 


With the inevitability of death constantly looming, you thought this was probably a better way to go.

He was stunning. His blond hair, although matted with mud and stuck to his forehead was almost golden again in the sunlight, his blue eyes shining, And his lip was curled and his teeth bared, but you could imagine how beautiful he’d be if he smiled. His physique gave away that he was one of the pets, you hadn’t needed the constant reminders that he was from District Two for you to remember he was who most people wanted to win.

You think that if you had to die in here, you’d rather it be at the hands of someone as gorgeous as him.

He has you pinned to the tree, one hand on your throat and the other gripping his knife. In all honesty, you’d seen the way he’d been using the small blade, not just killing the other tributes but using it to help him find food, and you were impressed. It was no surprise he’d scored and eleven, making your seven look measly.

“You’ve only got three left after this.” You mutter, the hand you had on his wrist loosening slightly so your fingertips on grazed his skin. “And we both know you won’t have a problem getting rid of them. You’ll easily defeat the little one from ten, he’s only still around because he had the guy from nine, who died this morning. I’m assuming that was you as well?”

He doesn’t respond, his eyebrows furrowing at the speech you were giving him.

“Then, that leaves the girl from one and the guy from four. Don’t underestimate the girl, she might surprise you. I don’t doubt you’ll win though. So like I said, kill me and you’ve got three left. Could you do it quickly though? I’d rather get this over with.”

He blinks at you; once, twice, three times. The snarl on his lips slowly disappeared into a look of confusion, and suddenly he looks innocent, just a normal eighteen year old boy, not the dangerous killer he’d become. His hold on your throat lessons ever so slightly.

“You think I can win?” He asks, and you can’t tell if it’s hope or eagerness or disappointment in his voice.

“Everybody knows you can win.”

His eyes are wide and his guard is down and for a second you think about trying to take him on. But then you remember the knife in his hand and the look in his eyes when he trapped you, and you begin to make a list of people you love in your head you wished you’d been able to give a proper goodbye to.

“I don’t want to kill you.” He whispers, and you forget to breath for a second at his words. “You’re beautiful and funny and I don’t want to kill anyone any more. Especially you.”

His hand leaves your throat and his knife hangs by his side and you can barely register what’s going on as he’s stepping away from you. His words are quiet and pleading and honest, something you hadn’t expected from the people’s champion. But his eyes are innocent and almost childlike, and you can’t help but watch in amazement as he retreats.

“Maybe you’ll win pretty girl.” He calls, actually sending you a smile that only confuses you even more. “You can talk your way out of death.”

“You’ll have to kill me eventually you know.” You tell him, finally finding your voice. He only grins, even chuckling slightly.

“Not if I can help it.”


It’s a cruel joke. A nightmare you are yet to wake up from.

Because there’s just no way it’s Calum, your Calum, who’s going to be this year’s District Six male tribute. It has to be a terrible dream.

And any second now you’ll wake up to a regular day. You’ll have lunch with Calum and smile and laugh and be happy and carefree and you definitely won’t have to worry about the reaping because there’s no way either or your names are going to be pulled out. Any second now you’ll wake up and have all the time you want to be with Calum, your best friend, the idiot boy who boldly stated he didn’t like trains on your first day of school, who used to hide behind you even though he was so much taller because he didn’t want the other boys to tease him.

But it isn’t a joke and it isn’t a nightmare and Calum’s walking up towards the stage with shaky legs and tears in his eyes to stand beside the girl who he might have to kill in order to come home.

And somehow his eyes find yours in the crowd, desperately trying to take in the sight of you before he’s being dragged inside the Justice Building and you collapse to the floor sobbing. His sister finds you, her own tears falling as she clings to your hand, the pair of you scared for the boy you adored.

They give you five minutes with him, five minutes to say your goodbyes.

And his arms are around you and you’re face is buried in his neck and neither of you really know what to do, how to live without the other.

“We’ve wasted a whole minute.” He whispers, pulling back to look at you. He smiles weakly, and you desperately try to stop crying. “You look after yourself.”

“Cal you have to win.” You beg, clutching to him as if it means he can’t be taken away. “You have to fight and you have to win and you have to come home to me. Promise.”

He sighs, kissing you gently, which takes you by surprise, but you kiss him back all the same. He pulls away with a sad smile.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to do that,” He whispers, his grip on you tightening.

“Stop it. You’re saying goodbye. You’re going to win and come hime so you don’t need to say goodbye.”


Please Calum.” You’re chest is tight and the old nickname only makes things worse, the time you have together almost over. “Come home. For me. I need you.”

He nods, kissing you again. The door opens behind you and you’re dragged apart, tears in both your eyes and emptiness in both your hearts.

“Promise!” You yell as they pull you away from him, and he manages to send you a smile and a nod.

“Promise!” He shouts back as the door slams shut, separating you from the boy you loved.

And the dread you’ve been feeling since his name was called consumes you, taking over and filling your thoughts with doubt about ever seeing Calum again, worry that he wouldn;t be in your life any more.

But most of all, it’s fear that you have to watch the boy who didn’t like trains be taken to his death on one.

NYD have NEVER done a UK headline tour, have only been here twice, and at their first kerrang awards picked up best video for Angel Eyes. They were up against fucking Gerard Way and Frank Iero.


(Side not: Please, MCR/Gerard/Frank fandom, let them have their moment and stop being bitter about them losing. It is pathetic and disrespectful towards this band. I’m sure one award isn’t going to make a difference to those two. I am not saying they don’t deserve it, all the nominees do, but this band won so you need to respect that.)