you won in my eyes angel

So I was just rewatching the promo for the next Andi Mack

You know getting in my daily dose of Ambi

I was doing fine, feeling kind of hopeful even that maybe Amber won’t turn on her stans and the new episode might be the beginning of her redemption arc.

“Maybe she really is just warning Andi.” I think.

“Maybe she’s finally being nice.” I continue thinking.

“Maybe she’s worried about her.” My Ambi ❤️ grows two sizes.

But then I read the comments, particularly a few that catch my eye…sadly, make sense for what could happen in the new episode. Spoiler: It doesn’t look good for Amber. (Btw I took the liberty of covering the name and profile pic of the commenter.)

So basically what they’re theorizing is, this is all one big scheme that Amber’s cooked up to win Jonah back. Amber knows the girl and has put her up to hanging out with Jonah where Andi is (maybe they always hang out but Amber suggests they swing by the Spoon to say hi or smth) and then she goes and plants the seed in Andi’s head that Jonah could be cheating. Then when Andi says something to Jonah about it or he finds out she’s sent Buffy and Cyrus to spy on him (violating his privacy and breaking the trust between them) he’ll need some space from Andi. He goes to the Spoon to talk about it with Amber (or she sees him sitting sad and thinks this is her cue to talk to him seeing as how her plan seems to be worked/or has worked) and that’s where we get Amber getting inside Jonah’s head telling him not to trust Andi or smth.



If this is true, and let’s be honest, it could be since we’ve seen how things have gone so far…I’m in sadness. My girl isn’t getting her redemption arc, or a last name. I’m sad.

Seventeen Reaction : you cuddling close to them

Request : Seventeen reaction to you cuddling close to them while sleeping but they’re awake

S.coups / Seungcheol : 

He would look over at you with loving eyes when you cuddled next to him. He would kiss the top of your head and cuddle back. He swears that you cuddling him, helped him fall asleep faster, therefore he makes you cuddle him now every night. Would not be the one to tease you about it

Jeonghan : 

He wasn’t having trouble sleeping, he was just planning what the next day would be like when he felt you cuddle next to him. He would smirk at you and whisper “My Angel~” before closing his eyes and falling asleep in your embrace. Won’t exactly tease you about it, but he’ll say how adorable you looked and things of that nature

Joshua / Jisoo :

Two words. Heart. Melting. Literally his heart melts when you cuddle to him. He might take a pic or two because you’re too adorable to resist. He’ll hold your hand and fall asleep, cuddling back. Slightly teasing you about it in the morning. Only because you’re just too cute for Joshua to handle.

Jun / Junhui :

He’s probably just texting one of the members Woozi or Minghao And thats when you cuddle next to him in your sleep. He’s smiling from ear to ear and slightly clutches his heart. He takes 500 selfies of himself with you besides him. He sends one to the member he was texting with the caption “Look at how cute they are ❤︎.❤︎” Then falls asleep next to you eventually. Defiantly teases. No doubt.

Hoshi / Soonyoung : 

Exhausted from practice, he lies down next to you and closes his eyes. Soon, he feels you cuddle up to him and nuzzle your face in his chest. He does his signature eye smile and cuddles back happily. He wished he would’ve taken a picture but he hopes you do it more often. Is only a slight tease about it when you wake up ;P

Wonwoo : 

Hes reading a book when he feels you cuddle into him. He smiles down at you with pure love, ‘How can someone be so perfect?’ He thinks to himself. Wonwoo pets your hair as he continues to read. Eventually, he stops and cuddles back into you. He won’t tease you about it, but he will tell you how thats the cutest thing you’ve ever done.

Woozi / Jihoon : 

You fell asleep to him singing to you. When he reaches the end of his last song to you, you cuddle him lightly. This makes him stop immediately and smile at you lovingly. He quickly takes a few pictures of you and falls asleep. In the morning , he shows you how cute you were cuddled into him and slightly teases~

DK / Seokmin : 

Ahh this boy.. He comes home to see you in a deep sleep on your shared bed. He smiles to himself before crawling in. Before he has a chance to wrap his arms around your torso, you’re already cuddling into him. This causes him to nearly scream at your cuteness. Instead of taking a picture, he just cuddles back and enjoys the moment. Defiantly teasing you about it when you wake up.

Mingyu : 

Just like S.Coups, he was having trouble sleeping and was just lying there. Then all of a sudden, you cuddle yourself into him. He gives the biggest smile and cuddles back, nuzzling his head in your neck whilst your head was nuzzled in his chest. He doesn’t say anything about it when you wake up, he just hopes you guys will do that again every night.

The 8 / Minghao :

He was a tired boi who just wanted rest. Therefore, he was a bit annoyed at first when he felt you cuddle into him. As he was about to push you away, he sees how Angelic you looked and just melted. He relaxes himself and kisses your cheeks before slowly drifting off to sleep. When he wakes up, he apologizes for being grumpy and tells you about how cute you were all cuddled into him.

Seungkwan : 

He was just playing games on his phone when he felt you grasp him and hold him close. He looks at you with awe and kisses your forehead. He plays on his phone for a while longer then puts it down and cuddles back into you. Might take a picture if he feels like it. Will defiantly tease you about how cute you were being.

Vernon / Hansol :

Boi has his earbuds in and is ready to drift off into a deep sleep when he feels your arms wrap around him and cuddle into him. He smirks over at you and takes a picture. He kisses you before going back to listening to music and drifting off with you cuddling him. He doesn’t tease you but threatens to send the picture to all his contacts.

Dino / Chan :

 I mean it when I say he wont be able to handle your cuteness. As soon as he feels your embrace, he’s internally screaming, in a good way of course. Takes a bunch of pictures and sends them to you so you can see them in the morning. When you wake up and question why he took the pictures of you cuddling, his answer is simply because your just too damn cute.

my alternative titles for every eurovision song contest (up to 2017)
  • 1956: So Good They Did It Twice
  • 1957: Yes, Gimmicks Were A Thing In 1957
  • 1958: One Of The Most Covered Songs In The World Came In 3rd Place
  • 1959: The Official Soundtrack for Disney's 'Cinderella' (1950)
  • 1960: Camera Angles Are Extremely Important
  • 1961: Blimey, The 50s Is Taking A While To End
  • 1962: Contrast Overload
  • 1963: (Studio Version)
  • 1964: So Lit The Original Film Got Destroyed In A Fire
  • 1965: The Year Eurovision Starts To POP
  • 1966: Udo Jürgens: This Time It's Personal
  • 1967: Whoever Thought Rotating Mirrors Is A Good Stage Background Was A Fool
  • 1968: COLOUR!!!!! (or, “The Year Cliff Richard Was LIVID”)
  • 1969: The Year Everybody Won
  • 1970: The One With The Most Ridiculously Energetic Interval Act
  • 1971: I Want Whatever Conditioner They're Using
  • 1972: Vicky Leandros Is A Goddess
  • 1973: [Luxembourg to the rest of Europe] You Just GOTTA See The Orchestra!!
  • 1974: The Rise of ABBA
  • 1975: None Of The Acts Can Paint For Shit
  • 1976: Whoever Had To Move That Background Display Before Every Song Must Be Fucking Ripped
  • 1977: A Bird And A Child In The Hand Is Worth Four In The Bush
  • 1978: Who Needs Postcards When You Have Lifts?
  • 1979: The Year With A Gay German Genghis Khan
  • 1980: Johnny Logan, Pt.1 (or, "Close, But No Cigar, Katja Ebstein")
  • 1981: Blonde White Folk Create New Global Dance Sensation
  • 1982: [Germany to the rest of Europe] Babe, I've Changed, Trust Me
  • 1983: The European Flower Show
  • 1984: *Sigh* I Wish I Was As Cool As Désirée Nosbusch
  • 1985: The Student Has Become The Master: Norway Edition
  • 1986: A Child Is Significantly Better Than A Load Of Adults
  • 1987: Johnny Logan, Pt.2
  • 1988: Europe's Embarrassing 80s Prom Night
  • 1989: Yugoslavia Finally Wins 3 Years Before It Stops Existing
  • 1990: The European Union Is A Very Good Thing
  • 1991: Gorgeous Singers Make Up For Ugly-Ass Staging
  • 1992, 1993 & 1994: Ireland: The Trilogy (Franchise)
  • 1995: (Instrumental Version)
  • 1996: Ireland: The Sequel Nobody Wanted
  • 1997: Love Shine A Light (Except Towards Basically Anywhere That Isn't England)
  • 1998: Trans-cending The Haters Through Eurodance
  • 1999: Here Comes The English Language
  • 2000: The Year The Logo Predicted Instagram Makeup Trends
  • 2001: Not Even The Songs Could Save The Horrible Fashion Of The Early 00s
  • 2002: Well… That Wasn't Expected
  • 2003: A Song Sung In Nonsense Almost Won
  • 2004: The Dance Off
  • 2005: You're My Number One Angel If You Let Me Try
  • 2006: Demons Win In Front Of Some Stairs
  • 2007: Like Everything Else In 2007, Eurovision Has A Bit Of An Emo Phase
  • 2008: What On Earth Were We Thinking
  • 2009: Mother. Fucking. Violins.
  • 2010: A Significant Amount Of Jumping Occurs
  • 2011: Good Luck Filling All This Unnecessary Stage Space Up, Lads
  • 2012: Are My Eyes Bleeding Or Is Literally Everything In This Contest Red?
  • 2013: Ministry Of Sound: Eurovision Edition
  • 2014: What A DRAG, Amiright?! (Nah But Seriously 2014 Was A Fantastic Year)
  • 2015: The Story Of A Man And His Projector Friend
  • 2016: Jamala Beautifully Makes Us Feel Sad
  • 2017: The Year Having A Dancing Gorilla Was Considered An Advantage

you are my woman, the strength in the waves of the ocean,

seize my dreams, my secrets and so much more,

i hope that one day the love that has guided us becomes our home,

my family, becomes us.

we are still kids but nothing is impossible,

i won’t leave you this time,

you kiss me slow and i exist again,

in your eyes i’ll grow,

dancing with you,

in the darkness,

close together and then barefoot.

inside our own melodies,

i watched you laugh,

and whispering i said,

tonight, you are perfect for me

i’ve always believed in us,

because you are an angel and i waited for you,

so long i waited for you,

because tonight, you’re perfect for me

- Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli - Perfect

Blankets [JungkookxReader] (Pt 1/5)

Originally posted by thedesire

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Feat. Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung)

Genre: Romance/Angst/Smut BadBoyAU!

Summary: A one night stand turned into various visits. No strings attached, or at least that is what you told yourself every time he walked through the door. His first name was the only thing you knew, besides having memorized every sensitive spot that laid upon his skin.

One night you catch a glimpse of his world. One that you had never had the temptation to roam on your free will. Jungkook though was addicting, and your craving for his touches led you to venture into his life. This new found world offering you a freedom you didn’t know existed. The consequences of your actions instead of taking you a step closer to him, formed a barrier. Jungkook’s sweet touches turned rough with rage, his passionate kisses turned possessive, and his comfortable casual talk went to promises/lies of a forever. 

Rating: M [Language, Strong Scenes, Drug usage, Sexual Scenes](Will add a warning prior if that chapter will contain any smut scenes)

Author’s Note: This was supposed to be a One Shot, but after I started writing it I couldn’t stop. After it got way too long I decided to divide it into 3 sections. I am hoping to finish this in about a week. I almost have it completely finished, just need to edit it. I hope you enjoy it :)

Not 100% edited yet. Might have minor mistakes :)

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

You may write me down in history

With your bitter, twisted lies.

You may trod me in the very dirt

But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

-Still I Rise, Maya Angelou

Those eyes that showed you galaxies that forever were going to be out of reach. Those lips that peppered little glimpses of heaven all over your skin. Those fingers that traced every curve of your body as if you were made of the most fragile glass. Those strands of hair that you held onto with  dear life when he was rocking into you so deep that you were scared to spiral down into an endless abyss if you let go. Those promises of forever and always whispered in between the sheets every night. They were all but a mere figment of your imagination. Now you knew better.

Those eyes were grounding you to the floor not taking you to outer space. Those lips were damning you to hell as you let them set your core ablaze. Those fingers were strangling your neck, stealing your breath away. Those strands of hair were not for support, they were but a loose rope that would let you fall. Those promises were lies. Forever and always did not exist. The only thing real were those blankets, where your sweaty bodies had entangled and connected over and over again.Those blankets were now entangled with last weeks takeout in the deep depths of trash, along with the memories of haunting smiles. At least that is what you liked to tell yourself. That was probably a lie too.

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"Lets go back to the beginning, Where our date with destiny began. When an angel danced with the devil, To find where the right writer ran." Does this mean a date with darkiper? Do we need to go back through the stories...?

Google shushes you quickly. “Not so loudly. He’ll hear you, but Reverse did promise that she would leave behind clues for you to follow in places she knew the Author wouldn’t look. Just please don’t alert him, or he’ll be able to find her and my brothers.” His eyes flash. “And I won’t let that happen.”

Seiyuu Animedia September 2017 - Rikako Aida Interview

*I am still learning Japanese so many things will be inaccurate but please do enjoy.

I would like to give a special thanks to @yujachachacha for QC!

“As a woman and as a seiyuu, I try to aim for a natural state of mind.”

—From here, I would like to begin to talk about personalities. How would you express yourself in a word?

R: Being extremely shy around strangers (smiles). While recording for the first time, I didn’t speak to anyone on the site at all. Sometime ago I had a job of dubbing for a film, and there I was finally able to talk to those around me at the celebratory dinner table. The sound director said, “That was the first time I’ve seen you laugh.” (laughs)

—That is fairly relatable, huh.

R: Obviously, “I would like to get along!” is what I say when I feel calm, as I wait for others to speak to me (laughs). Even when I first met the members of Aqours, I still wasn’t able to talk, but I was able to use Anchan (Inami Anju) to start conversations. But, in this situation, I never thought that she would be paying attention to me! Like, are you serious?! I was very surprised.

—But you seem to be more dignified during events and such…

R: It’s nice to stand in front of others, and it’s very fun, but I think that my personality is very troublesome (laughs).

—It must be very troublesome (laughs). How do you spend your days off?

R: I mainly go to sleep. When I’m on vacation I usually say, “First, let’s go to sleep!” (laughs)

—Do you like staying in your room?

R: Usually I do, but if there are movies that I like, then it is my priority to watch them. Recently when I went to the movies, I had watched something called “Memoirs of a Murderer.”

TN: A more direct translation would be, “22 Years of Confessions from a Murderer”

—What are your points on choosing movies?

R: I like mysteries. And probably detective ones. But if I were to pick, I would choose Japanese films. Of course, I like foreign films a lot, since they help me study the expressions made by dubbing.

—When you watch foreign movies, are they subtitled or dub translations?

R: When I was living in America, sometimes I was able to see subtitles as well, but occasionally there were times where the subtitles and dialogue were completely different. Because of this I don’t actually listen to the English audio, rather I focus on the subtitles which leads me to sometimes being unable to concentrate on the movie (laughs).

—Really, the English-language does have some unique problems (laughs). By the way, do you usually enjoy reading?

R: There are many mystery books to choose from after all, and Isaka Kotaro-san writes them as well. I liked the book "Fish Story”. But the best one was “Golden Slumber”. To this day it has been stamped with, “The Greatest Story to be Ever Told,“ which still makes me cry. I think those who’ve read it would understand (laughs). Also, I’ve recently read "Gukouroku,” by Tokurô Nukui-san. I read up to half of it and left it in the hotel at Los Angeles, USA where I performed. I was very curious at the start of the story, but now I would feel regret if I bought it again. My heart feels conflicted (laughs).

Note: Isaka Kotaro is an author specialized in writing mystery novels that have won many awards, such as the “57th Mystery Writers of Japan Award”.

—(Laughs) Who is your ideal male?

R: It’s Sakai Masato-san! I love his acting and I’ve almost seen every movie and drama he’s appeared in.

—Again, you have black hair.

R: Yes. Of course, any color is fine as long as it suits the person. But because my eyes are facing towards the direction of the arriving atmosphere, I guess black hair is the best after all.

—I see, is there someone you respect…?

R: It’s Kitamura Eri-san. It was almost at the same time that the anime “Angel Beats!” and “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD” aired in which she starred in, she played a completely different role in each work. Her multifaceted performance ability is, “Ah, so powerful!” I came to the conclusion that although she may be arrogant, her voice is pleasant, not only as a seiyuu but as an artist as well, as she has her own unique view of the world. I am really looking forward to what she does in her own path as I keep moving forward as well.

Note: According to the Seiyuu Bible GK Interview she has said that seiyuu Kitamura Eri had influenced her the most.

—Aida-san, have you ever thought about the roles you would want take?

R: In addition to anime, when acting in movies and dramas, they always have some kind of attracting role. Therefore, I would like to take on the role of a villain that could be really impactful. I want others to think, “That person is really annoying!” (laughs). Also for the work that changed my life, I would like to work with comedies like “Gintama”, as it is one of my goals to make others laugh.

Note: From the Seiyuu Bible GK Interview, She said that after stumbling opon the anime, “Gintama,” she decided to become a seiyuu. In this tweet  I am only guessing that the “certain anime” she was inspired by to become a seiyuu was Gintama. In this tweet she wanted to hurry to see Gintama.

—It has been 3 years since you became a seiyuu. Have you noticed any changes in yourself?

R: Regarding my expressions, I don’t have a high voice nor the voice for an anime. In that sense, I am different because I can have my own way of performance that is different than others. Besides, even from the work on stage I’ve done before, and even from the anime staff, I’m often praised with, “Being natural is a great feeling.” However, since I feel that I shouldn’t need to divide my voice, I’d like to express my roles as naturally as possible. It is important to express the heart with true feelings. So I would like to cherish it and leave it unchanged.

—Also, this magazine was released the day after your birthday August 8th. Speaking of which, what are some childhood memories of your birthday?

R: Ah… Since it is during summer vacation, none of my classmates celebrated with me, which was strange (laughs). To be honest, this isn’t a good memory (smiles).

—To revive your spirit (laughs), finally please talk about next year’s ambitions.

R: I would like to face various challenges, whilst being natural at it at the same time. As a woman and as a seiyuu, I would like to aim for a natural state of mind!

It finally happened, Sam had won. The moment he taught Jack how to use his damn puppy eyes Dean was no match for the two of them. He dared any person, angel, demon or monster to say no to those two sets of pleading eyes. He had put up a good fight but in the end, he had lost. 

“You’re a pain in my ass, you know that don’t you?” Dean growled at the source of his aggravation.

Dark eyes blinked up at him innocently. 

They didn’t work on Dean as he crossed his arms over his chest and glared, “Do try that trick on me, I grew up with Sam, that boy is the master of the puppy eyes of doom.”  The small whine didn’t move him at all. “Come on Sam is probably going out of his mind with worry over you.” That was another thing Dean didn’t like their newest addition had seriously cut down his and Sam’s fun times. 

Arriving in the library Dean was greeted to a sight that he enjoyed greatly, Sam on all fours as he crawled around on the ground looking under the tables, chairs and the couch Dean had finally gotten him to install calling “Zeppelin, where are you girl?” 

Dean would have enjoyed the view a little longer in the pain in his ass didn’t let out a happy bark at her name as she went rushing over to her owner. 

“Zeppelin! Where were you girl?” Sam murmured as the object of his search appeared at his side doing her best to cover Sam with kisses. 

“Trying to eat another one of my boots.” Dean drawled out from his place against the door. “Again.” 

Sam winced as he gathered the puppy into his arms as he climbed to his feet. “I’m sorry Dee, how can I make it up to you?” 

The leer that appeared on Dean’s face had Sam blushing. “Give the pup to Jack they can watch each other for tonight.” Dean’s voice dropped into that husky tone that made Sam’s toes curl. 

As Sam scrambled to find Jack Dean might have to admit that he was wrong and that puppy had some uses it served as a way to keep Jack busy and out of the way as he and Sam had their own fun. 

The King of Tickling (DeanxSamxCrowley)

(Ticklish!Dean) (Ticklish!Sam) (Tickler!Crowley)

A.N., The name is atrocious, I know.

This is a fan fiction that @fanficsandfluff and I wrote together, but she isn’t publishing it on her blog because she’s too humble to accept the fact that she did equal, if not more, writing than me.

Summary: Crowley can’t seem to keep his hands off of the human blood, and it causes drunken tickly mishaps.

Sam was sitting atop his bed reading a book when the King of Hell himself stumbled through the doorway. He saw Sam’s disheveled expression and started giggling like a schoolgirl. “Moose! How’s my favorite forest animal doin’?” He said, barely being able to stand up straight.

“Crowley..? What’s with you?” Sam inquired.

“Wah, this? Oh, I just got into a few of your blood vials for.., ya know, kicks.” The demon explains, a bit of a question sounding in his voice. God, he’s really out of it.

“You’ve been shooting up blood again? Damn Crowley, we give you this much”, he makes a gesture of about a half inch in between his thumb and index finger, “leeway to walk around the bunker and you go stealing our blood for your habit?”

“Aww, Moosie!! You do care!”

“Fuck off.”

“Oo, Feisty.”

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my sweet angel

summary: sometimes life hits too hard, but when it does, you can always rely on peter parker to help you bear the weight.

warnings: a lil angst, but fluff throughout

word count: 1k

author’s note: i think everyone goes through a time in their life that they feel this way, but remember loves, you got this :))))

The first thing you did as you entered your room was slam your door, the sound echoing through the empty house, the house that was soon to be filled with your loud sobs.

You were so damn tired; tired of the pressure that came with school and sports and extracurriculars and the thought of college looming around in the back of your mind constantly. You were tired of life and feeling like there was nothing you could do to change it. And more than anything, you were tired of feeling tired.

You ripped your backpack off your shoulders, throwing it towards your bed carelessly, not even giving it a second glance as it crashed on the floor with a loud thump.

You dropped your pre-calculus textbook in blind fury, the weight landing on your foot, causing you to let out a strangled shriek. You kicked the pages filled with confusing problems, your anger focusing on the inanimate object.

You clutched your converse-clad foot, dropping to the floor as your eyes blurred with oncoming tears. You placed your head in your hands, your body shaking violently due to the overwhelming tide of emotions rolling through you. Your hands travelled upwards, the instinctual reaction of wiping away your pain, not leaving any evidence, a habit by now.

You bit your quivering lip, looking up to the ceiling detailed with yellow stars you put up when you were younger, because you insisted to be able to see the constellations even when you were inside. You smiled lightly at the thought, wishing you could just go back to the age of eight, having not a single worry line etched into your features yet and having all the time in the world to admire the sky. You couldn’t even remember the last time you looked at the real thing.

You licked your newly chapped lips, fanning out your fingers and staring down at you shaky hands. Anxiety racked through your mind, making you feel smaller and smaller as each minute passed.

“Hey, love, I just thought I’d drop b-” the creak of your door and Peter’s voice signaled his arrival, but the moment his eyes landed on you his heart ached and he fell silent. He pushed open your door, falling to his knees and sitting in front of you.

You were surprised by his sudden visit, turning your face away from him, averting your eyes from his caring ones that you mistook for pity. “I don’t want you to see me like this,” you choked out, using your sleeve to wipe away some of the excess of mascara running down your pink-tinted cheeks.

Peter took your face in his hands, turning you to face towards him. “Don’t hide from me,” he whispered with the utmost sincerity. “I love you. All of you. And I want to witness all of you; even this side, even though it hurts me so much.”

You just stared back at him, speechless. How could this boy be all yours? This boy filled with an ungodly amount warmth and sweetness? You’d won the lottery, but of course your self-consciousness creeped back in.

“I don’t deserve you,” you replied, ceasing to meet his eyes again. He caressed your cheek, dragging his thumbs under your eyes to clear them of the smudged mascara.

“Y/n,” he spoke softly, “please look at me, my lovely angel.” The pet name peaked your interest, your eyes, brimmed with tears, meeting his. “You deserve the whole damn world.” You were about to protest, parting your lips, but he placed a finger gingerly over them, finishing what his statement. “You’re not allowed to fight me on that.”

Peter smiled gently at you, your mouth curving upwards weakly at the sight. “So, do you want to talk about it?” He asked unsurely, not wanting to force you into doing anything you didn’t feel comfortable with.

“Not really,” you answered, sniffling quietly. He nodded, disappointment splaying over his features, because he wanted to help you figure out whatever it was that made you this feel this way and he couldn’t do that if you didn’t tell him.

You noticed how his shoulders slumped and you took a deep inhale, then exhale, not being able to resist the urge to cure his disappointment. “I’ve been just been down lately,” you explain, running a hand through your tangled hair.

His eyebrows raised as he leaned forward, giving you is undivided attention, humming at your words. “I guess, schoolwork has just gotten really overbearing and I’m so worried about my GPA dropping, but I also want to be able to get rest too. I feel like there’s just not enough hours in a day to do everything I need to.”

Peter nodded understandingly. Every time he put on his suit, he felt that exact way. He wondered how he could find the right balance between being Spider-Man and being Peter Parker, a straight A student and reliable boyfriend. He struggled with stress just as much as you, it’s just that you’d never seen it before, because he also didn’t want you to see him breaking down over it.

“I get it,” he replied, intertwining his fingers with yours. “Sometimes life gets hard and overwhelming, and you think that everything is constantly at stake, but you know what? I’ll always be here, no matter what. God, angel, I love you so much.”

You cherished every single syllable that he said, grinning at how earnest he was. He loved you and there was no way you could feel any doubt returning the feeling.

You leaned forward, your lips barely brushing over his in a chaste kiss, then placing your forehead on his, your breathing syncing up. “If you feel overwhelmed with everything in your life, angel, we could always take a break for a little while,” he suggested, trying not to let his voice break.

This boy loved you so much that he was willing to take a break from the thing in his life he was the most grateful for: your relationship. He was willing to sacrifice his happiness, just to lessen some of your anxiety.

Peter never had a single intention to break up with you the moment he was able to call you his, but that all went away when he thought that it could benefit you.

“No, Peter,” you quickly interrupted him, taking his face in your hands. “You’re what makes it all bearable.”

“Are you sure bec-”

“I’m certain.”

“Okay, good.”

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You should do a part two for that one story you wrote about Eddie loving Christmas so much and him and Richie first meeting at thanksgiving bc I loved it and i need more please don’t deprive me

Okay, but only because I love Christmas stories!!! First part is here

Richie watched the winter snow fall outside of the bay window. The large white clumps collecting on the ground and painting the entire world white. Christmas lights were lazily hung around the yard, in Ben’s failed attempt at becoming more festive and Beverly’s attempt to not turn them into the typical suburban household. The result were as pathetic as you might imagine, and Richie wondered if it would have just been better to keep their household bare.

“Earth to Tozier, are you even listening?”

Richie jumped at the sound of Stan’s booming voice, feeling his wandering mind crash and burn onto the kitchen floor. He turned and noticed his best friends all too common scowl, along with Mike’s amused smirk. “What did you say? I wasn’t paying attention.”

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First of all, I just love your writing and the Jackson storm Cruz drunk fan fic was amazing! I was wondering if you could do a fan fic of Jackson hanging out with Cruz (non romantic or romantic, I have no preference)

Thank ya :) I started that fic with a certain plot in mind and about ten minutes into writing it, it was taking on a direction all it’s own. IDK what happened man, but I’m glad you liked it!

“Why? Why her?”

“Because you’re both famous and cars are gonna line up out the wazoo to meet you. It’s marketing. Gotta put on a good show and act friendly. Make us and yourself look good.”


Ray cut him off before he could complain any more. Jackson scowled and looked over at the booth he was assigned to. Meet and greets weren’t anything new. Meet and greets at a shared booth, now that was new, and he didn’t like it. Curse this venue for being so cramped!

Why couldn’t IGNTR have been paired up with another sponsor? Not only did Dinoco dwarf his sponsor in sheer size and reputation, but they also had the most recognizable racer, apart from himself of course. Anything would be better than sharing a booth with Cruz. Heck, he’d even tolerate that Treadless guy to get away from her.

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Destiel Flash Fiction

Title: Uno

Word Count: 602

Warnings: None at all!

Requested by: @maddy-rylie

Destiel Fluff

Dean and Cass sat at the table, a game of Uno near completion. They had been playing for a while already, neither of them were paying attention to the time, and multiple games had finished with Cass being the victor of each. Dean had grown impatient over his losing streak after Cass’s second win, and he had no qualms about hiding his attitude.

“Uno…” Cass announced calmly as he laid a card down. He wiggled in his seat, adjusting to pull his bathrobe out from under him. He rubbed his eyes, yawning quietly.

Dean’s nostrils flaired, his jaw clenching as he looked from his hand of four cards and over to Cass’s singular card. “How do you keep doing this?!” He threw the cards down on the table and leaned back, crossing his arms. Cass’ eyes narrowed, his head tilting to one side.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve won six games in a row, and this is about to be the seventh! Are you cheating?! Are you using some kind of Angel hoodoo to change your cards?! You’re cheating, aren’t you?!” Dean stood and pointed, his face growing a bright red.

“Why would I do that, Dean? That would be a completely trivial use of my powers to cheat at such a simple game.”

Dean’s face contorted angrily, “You’re ridiculous! I know you’re cheating, I can tell! Stop being a child and just admit it!”

Cass set his card down and pushed his chair back as he rose, “If anyone is being a child it would be you, getting so worked up over this. I didn’t cheat, but if you refuse to believe me I can’t do anything about it. I’m going to bed now, it’s late.” He turned and strode throught the doorway and into the hallway that led to his room. Dean watched him go, his anger subsiding only slightly.

I’m the one that’s childish?! He flipped over Cass’s card and stared at the card that would have made him the winner once again. OF COURSE! He whipped it away from him, not bothering to see where it landed. He stomped back to his room and flopped on his bed, staring at the floor as he ranted internally. He was being a baby, he didn’t admit he was cheating even when I called him out on it. He stormed off, that was immature of him, he can’t blame me for the situation.


A couple hours later, Dean still lay on his bed, sleep escaping him as he played their conversation in his head on a constant cycle. Ok… Maybe I overreacted a bit, I didn’t have to accuse him of cheating.

He heaved himself up and stepped carefully through his dark room and down the hall to Cass’s where he opened the door slowly and peeked his head through the crack. Cass was crumpled into a ball on the side of his bed, his head cradled in his elbow. Any anger that Dean had left melted away instantly. He padded up to the bed and crawled over to Cass, laying down and cuddling up to his back. Cass stirred and glanced over his shoulder with lidded, sleepy eyes. “What are you doing in here?” He whispered. Dean snuggled his face into Cass’s nightshirt and pulled him close. “I’m sorry I got mad at you, I shouldn’t have accused you of cheating…” His voice muffled through the fabric. Cass sighed, smiling as he grabbed Dean’s hand.   “I forgive you… But you know… We should probably refrain from playing Uno for a while.”

Dean snorted lightly, “I think you might be right.”

( @maddy-rylie I finally wrote it for you, I’m so sorry it took so long! Let me know if you have any more requests, and I will work on them right away :D I have more time to write now, so hmu!)

I’m tagging @travelingintheimpalaandthetardis because I know you like destiel fluff 😊
Juliet (My Romeo Story)

My name is Romeo and this is my story about Juliet.
I can never forget the day I saw Juliet.
I remember seeing her one day walking through a sea of people.
Red hair, golden skin, and curves.
She was beautiful!
The mirrors on the wall knew she was the fairest of them all.
She walked with a purpose!
Her head was held up high as she stared at societies giants in the face.
Seeing her made my heart beat twice as fast and made my brain conjure up thoughts about what love really is!
My heart and brain soon went to war about Juliet.
But, just when it seemed as my brain had won the war Juliet started an alliance with heart and they dropped an atomic bomb on my brain.
Her smile is one that Angels envy.
It’s warm and inviting.
She’s a lotus flower that blooms every time you hear her speak.
As our conversations get longer and longer I enjoy hearing her talk more.
Her eyes pierced my soul.
I can feel them looking at my inner workings trying to determine if I am worthy enough of her!
My heart isn’t purist and my soul and my soul isn’t the cleanest, but Juliet is certainly one who can change it.
But, what can I offer her?
Well I might not be a king, but I am soon to be her knight and I shall deliver an entire kingdom to her feet, because a queen deserves to have whatever she wants.
Juliet! The girl whose soul is pure like the virgin Mary’s.
Juliet! The girl whose beauty isn’t her best quality.
Her free spirit, golden heart, and open mind are what attracts me to her.
Juliet! The girl who makes me laugh despite the fact that I have emotional scars that run deep into my black heart.
Juliet! The worlds eighth wonder.
Juliet! A girl that’s worth risking it for.
Juliet! A girl that would make me drink poison for her.



Review :  The descriptions you use to depict Juliet are beautiful. I love the passion and drive you place behind her. I wish it was more personable though, a little bit more about how she makes you feel. Otherwise, lovely poem. Keep on writing. ❤



Every morning, Father Gold saw her in the Diner but she never looked up from her plate. He’d watch her walk down the street and bite his tongue to keep from calling her name, just to feel it roll off his tongue. 

Belle. Beauty incarnate. With a reputation for kindness and grace. 

Unknown to the downtrodden priest, Belle had been watching him, too. Her natural curiosity was sparked by his quiet, almost hermetic ways, her fancy won by his gentle amber eyes. Her heart broke as she watched him pray, looking so broken and lost.

Father Gold knelt at the altar and begged for understanding, for forgiveness. He sinned each day with lust in his heart for an angel who walked among men. 

“Father Gold?” her soft voice roused him from his heavy contemplation.


She knelt in front of him. “You know my name…”

His heart was pounding. She was so close, her eyes so bright, the scent of roses in the air around her.  

“Why are you here?” he breathed, at last, before the silence in the shabby church could close in on them. 

Belle studied him, a sad smile tugging at her lips. “You looked lonely.” 

She longed to touch him, smooth away the frown lines etched deep around his mouth. But she knew she’d never be satisfied with just a single touch. So she simply waited for him to lead her in the next prayer.

As their voices blended and echoed against the high ceiling, Father Gold stole surreptitious glances at the lovely creature before him, wondering if she could be his absolution… or his damnation. 

Prize [S. Coups]

Humans keep the antlers of the deer they kill as a prize. Angels keep the horns of demons. Demons keep the wings of angels.

Their hearts beat fast. Their breathing was ragged. Their eyes filled with determination. They clashed once again, the fight continued on. Dark against light. An angel fighting against a demon. God knows how long they had been fighting, time was different for them.

“Won’t you stop this?” The angel let out a breath. The demon smirked, “I’m not leaving without my prize.” The angel rolled their eyes. “I’m flattered, Choi Seungcheol. However, I will leave with my wings intact with my body.” They held a defensive stance. Seungcheol lunged for the holy figure, attempting to grab at their wings. The angel dodged easily at Seungcheol’s reckless attack, aiming to grab at the horns protruding from his head.

“Don’t think it’ll be that easy.” Seungcheol managed to strike a punch. Silver blood dripped from the angel’s mouth, “You’re not half bad.” They admitted. “Thanks, angel. Neither are you.” The demon winked. Jumping at each other’s throats once again, their strengths were almost equal. Seungcheol had been injured with a side kick to his face. He spat the black blood from his mouth, Seungcheol’s eyes were filled with spite.

“Oh, did that hurt?” The angel mocked. “Hmm, perhaps I thought it felt good.” He teased. The angel stood upright, “Excuse me?” They flushed. “You heard me, babe.” Seungcheol smirked, once again. Scoffing once again, they lept after the dark being. Coming close to the demon’s devilish horns, Seungcheol grabbed after the angel’s wings. The angel grabbed at his right horn as he grabbed at their left wing. The two both suffered from immense pain.

Seungcheol felt as if his head was being torn apart. Whereas the angel felt as if their heart was being torn out. They fell opposite of each other, screaming in agony. The angel left with one right wing, holding the demon’s right horn. The demon left with one left horn, holding the angel’s left wing. They both fled, leaving the scene in utter disaster.

Seungcheol looked up at his collection, one spot left empty. “Choi, the man himself would like to see you!” His long haired friend called to him. “Alright, alright.” He waved off Jeonghan. Seungcheol walked towards the sound of the other’s voice. Before exiting the room, he turned back to his collection. A single left wing ridden with silver blood stood in a glass case. Seungcheol smirked before leaving, hoping he’d run into a one winged angel on his next mission.

GOD I love playing the Friday the 13th game!!!

I bought an XBox just to play it and am OBSESSED! SO MUCH FUN!!!
The guys at Illfonic really knocked it outta the park.

I love playing as Chad in his speedos: what eye candy!
Been playing as Fox currently (she’s my TOTAL FAVE).

If you wanna play with me on XBox, my handle is IBTraverF. I don’t have a headset so sorry you won’t hear my angelic voice. You can play alongside me though and beat the shit outta that maggothead Jason!


(now it won’t be long, tomorrow is gone)

01. I smile at the moon, death is on my face / 02. in the town one morning I went, staggering through premonitions of my death / 03. you were lost from the start / 04. I receive this body mine from womb to grave / 05. condemned to choke, every word I pray / 06. don’t run, don’t hide, don’t scream, don’t ask for God, ‘cause he can’t help you now, from here out you are mine / 07. you said my name but the devil came with her black eyes and paper cut smile / 08. all I want is just a little peace of mind, but the angels won’t have it / 09. I’m high, can I stay like this forever? / 10. there is no descending sorrow, as the mirror looks back and tells no lies / 11. I watched the moon fall dead, it’s such a lovely feeling to know I’m better off / 12. I never knew you when you were golden, I never knew you as unbroken / 13. you’re born with hands tied, I can’t save your soul, for I lost mine long ago

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“Don’t you dare say you love me” Pt.3-Nate Maloley

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

The kiss was electric. We kissed for a solid three minutes until a fussy toddler wokeup. “Mommy hold me”,he whined through his pacifier extending his arms. You pulled away from Nate, and you felt defeat like he had won again. You quickly got out of the car and went to the backseat. “Hey baby, wanna go see grammy”,you said to him. “mhmm”,he said. “(y/n), you’re not going to talk about what just happened? It was amazing, there was a spark. If you say you didn’t feel it you’re lying”,Nate said. You ignored him and walked into Kami’s house. “Mommy you’re back”,you daughter screamed with excitement. You hugged her and put your son down. “Were you good for Grammy and Papi”,you asked looking up at them. “Yes ma’am. Can I stay with them? Pleaseeeee.”,she said. “If its okay with them”,you smiled. Kami nodded at you and your daughter cheered with excitement. “Do you want to stay here or go home with mommy”,you asked your son. “Stay pwease”,he said. “Okay let me go get your bag from the car”,you said.

You walked outside to see Nate laying on the hood of the car. You walked to the front of the car and lifted yourself onto the hood. “Remember after our first date we did this”,Nate said. You giggled and nodded your head at the memory. “You tried to name constellations and when you ran out of names you made your own”,you laughed. “I didn’t make them up”,he said. “So theres really a constellation called big booty”,you smiled. “Yea”,he smiled. You just laughed and continued to look at the stars. 

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“What happened to us being happy together baby”,Nate said taking your hand. “Lets not talk about it Nate, I’m finally over it”,you said sliding off the car. “No, c’mon won’t you just forgive me? I miss you, I fucking miss you. I miss coming home to you and the kids. I miss kissing you, I miss telling you everything is going to be okay, I miss holding you, even fucking touching you?”, He screamed. You walked up to his face and slapped him. “Are you fucking kidding? You hurt me and the kids. You fucked my best friend in our bed! And i’m so fucking stupid because i can’t get over you Nate! I try and try and I can’t stop loving you, let alone get you out of my head! You broke my heart and no one was there to help pick up the pieces, only me!”,you screamed back. You went the the trunk and got the bag out of the car. You walked inside to see Kami holding your son by the door. You smiled and pretended everything was okay, you’ve gotten very good at it lately. “Okay so theirs pajamas and extra clothes in here. Oh and some diapers”,you smiled handing her the bag. “Okay I’ll see you tomorrow monkey”,you kissed his forehead. “Princess, come kiss me goodbye”,you yelled upstairs. She came flooding downstairs and giving you a big kiss. “I love you mommy, sweet dreams”, she whispered in your ear. “I love you most babygirl”,you whispered back giving her a eskimo kiss. “Bye guys, see you tommorrow”, you waved heading toward the door. “No, mommy don’t leave stay here”,you son said. He wiggled out of Kami’s arms and ran to you. “Baby I can’t stay, I have to go home. You can come with me or stay here. Daddy’s staying here tonight”,you said to him. “Noo stay with me, pwease”,he said with his lip stuck out. “(y/n), its already 12 and it would take you an hour to get home, plus he probably needs you since he just got stitches”,Kami said. “Oh-um okay sure mommy will stay”,you said awkwardly. 

“Alright guys lets go upstairs to bed”,you said to the munchkins. You walked up the stairs carrying (y/s/n) and holding your daughters hand. While going up stairs you saw old pictures of you and Nate from highschool. “Oh mommy is that you and daddy”,you daughter said with excitement. “Yea, it is”,you said. “You look pretty mama”,your son said. “Hey, thats my line”,Nate said appearing from his bedroom. “Hey, your mom said we could stay over since its late, that okay”,you asked timidly. “Yea,yea thats fine baby”,he said. “Woah dad are these your trophies”,you son asked wiggling out of your arms. “No no don’t touch, you’ll break them”,you said chasing after him. “Its fine, one day you’ll have some too”,he said picking up your son and letting his hold a trophy. “Mommy whats this picture”,your daughter asked you handing you a picture. You looked at it and remembered it was one of the best nights ever. “Well, that night Daddy had a big championship basketball game. And he won and it made us very happy. I was cheering on the side and when daddy score the last basket I ran to him and jumped into his arms. And grammy took his picture”,you explained. “And then later that night me and mommy went to a dance and were crowned king and queen. She looked beautiful, she was like an angel. She was my angel”,Nate said to the kids,

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You were lost in his perfect mud puddle eyes and perfect words. “Your dress is pretty”,you daughter said. You snapped out of your daydream. “Well, maybe you can wear it one day”,you said to her. Her smile grew four times bigger. “Okay guys time for bed”,you said getting off the bed. “Daddy can we all sleep in here and cuddle like we did at the old house”,’your daughter asked Nate. “C’mon honey, lets go get your night gown on okay”,you said taking her hand. You walked to the guest bedroom and got them ready for bed and noticed you didn’t have clothes for yourself. “Mommy can I go sleep in daddy’s room”,you daughter asked. “Sure, want me to walked you down since its dark”,you asked. She nodded her head. You didn’t bother your son since hes already fallen asleep. When you reached the door you knocked softly. “Come in”,you heard Nate say. “Daddy, can I sleep with you”,your daughter asked timidly. “Of course”,Nate said picking her up and tickling her. You smiled at them, remembering how it used to be. “Goodnight babygirl, goodnight Nate”,you said turning around heading down the hall. “Hey baby, do you need some clothes”,Nate said to you. You turned around and shook your head no. “Yea you do, come here”,he said. You walked toward his room again and waited. He returned with a white tshirt. “I remember how you always loved to wear my shirts to bed”,Nate said smiling. You saw his dimples and you just wanted to kiss them. You accepted the shirt. “Look Nate, you’ve gotta stop calling me baby”,you said looking down. “I can’t, you’ll always be my baby”,Nate said kissing your cheek. “Nate, please stop. I don’t want you hurting me again”,you said on the verge of crying.

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“I won’t hurt you, not again. You will always win, every fight, every decision, everything. I will do anything to get you back. You are my world and if I’m not with you, I don’t know how I function one more day. I need you back baby. You made me a better person. I will pick up the pieces I broke. I’m so goddamn stupid for doing what I did.”,he said. You broke down right there outside of his room. It was a good thing your daughter was already asleep, you didn’t want her to see you upset. Nate then embraced you and you felt more secure. You kept crying and crying. You’ve kept in all the anger and pain for months on end. You finally ran out of tear and just stayed in his arms. “I-I still love you Nate”,you finally said. “I love you, more and more each day”,he said holding you and kissing your neck. “Can I ask you one question Nate”,you asked hiccuping from all the crying. “Anything baby”,he said. You looked up to see his brown eyes were now blood shot from crying too. “Why’d you do it”,you said quietly. “Well, I came home early that day. I parked my car in the garage so the kids wouldn’t see and I came home to see her on our couch. She was obviously drunk and she was crying. She was looking her you because Mark left her. I made her some tea and tried to make her feel better till you came home. I went back to the bedroom to get her some clean clothes. And I came back to see she was in the kitchen making something. She came up to me and handed me a cup and told me she made me her signature drink. It smelled terrible, but she told me she always made it for Mark so I drank it to make her feel better. And that’s when all the shit happened. I felt really weird after I drank it. I started hallucinating and all that fucking shit happened. I really didn’t mean it baby, i really didn’t. I just didn’t say anything because I thought you wouldn’t believe me”,he said. You sat there in shock and let all that new information. And you knew he was telling the truth because whenever he lied he’d look away from you. 

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“Oh baby, why didn’t you just tell me that.”,you said embracing him. “I thought you’d think I was lying or really did sleep with her”,he said wiping his tears. You took your hand and wiped his cheeks for him. “I wish you would’ve told me”,you said kissing his cheek. “I’m sorry I caused so much heart ache”,he said breaking down again. “It’s okay, we’re okay now baby.”,you said kissing him. “Can I have another chance baby? I love you so much”,he said through his tears. “Of course you can”,you whispered kissing his tears.

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I am not very vocal person. I thought for a long time how to put in words what cannot be said. I miss you so much, Jonghyun. I will miss you for the rest of my life, but I have also a lot to thank you for.

I fell in love with your voice when I heard Y Si Fuera Ella back in spring 2010. Over and over I would listen to it in awe, wondering who’s the angel with such a beautiful voice. I fell in love with your eyes, so honest and large and always so warm, it melted my heart. I fell in love with You when I saw the video of you sobbing after you’ve won first place with Juliette. I so admired your sensitivity and your honesty, the way you let the tears flow, unashamed. Being a crier myself, I felt instant connection. From then on I watched you grow as I grew myself. In hard times I would often think of you, your wisdom and bravery and I selfishly drew strength from that, hoping you could somehow feel at least fraction of the overflowing love I felt for you. You were my light in the dark, my precious little brother that I never had, my teacher, my Inspiration. I am so so so sorry you had to suffer such a huge pain. I am so sorry I couldn’t help you. I am so sorry that my words are not enough to express the love, the pain and the grief that I feel.

You lit up peoples’ hearts with love. Now you light up the sky. You are the moon and the stars and the precious memories that will last forever. I am so grateful I could have you in my life. I hope you are in a better place now. You deserve the rest, you did so well. More than well. Be well, Love, wherever you are.