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I Remember. (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

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You woke up with a start felt cold. You were always warm in your heart but ever since a few nights ago, that warmth became nonexistent. 

Scott rushed into your room. “You screamed.” He said. “Scared mom.” 

You confided in your older brother, who was your senior by a year, with everything. You told him that you were missing something and he even told you that he felt the same. “My missing limb starting to ache.” Was all you said. He only nodded and sat down in on the edge of your bed. “Do you think Lydia will figure it out?” 

Scott shrugged. “We shouldn’t depend on her with this. We’re all missing the same person.” 

“Stiles.” You nodded. 

“That could be his name. It could not be. But we’ll figure it out. In the meantime get some sleep.” He gave you a side smile which comforted you a little before kissing your forehead then leaving. 

You laid back down in bed and whispered, “Sleep. Sleep. Sleep…” 

When you opened you eyes, you met a familiar pair of brown ones. “You’re here?” He questioned, uncertainty in his voice. Should he be relieved? Should he be worried? 

“Stiles?” You asked, suddenly feeling your missing limb. All your memories flooded back to you as you laid in his arms.

“You remember me?” He questioned. “How are you here?” 

“Scott told me to go to sleep. When I woke up, I was here.” You shrugged. “How can you get out?” Stiles told you he didn’t know. 

“How are you even here? Like you’re physically and mentally here.” Stiles gaped, holding you tighter. 

“This is a dream. I’m going to wake up and forget this.” You smiled sadly. Stiles shook his head.

“You’re here. This is real.” He promised, stroking your hair and then pulling you up into a tender kiss.

“I wish I can take you with me…” You whispered. “I wish… I w-wish..” 

And then you woke up. Scott was rushing past your door. “Your alarm has been going off for ten minutes, (Y/N). We’re going to be late.” He panted as he pulled on a jacket and sprinted off. But you just sat upright in your bed with a frown on your face. You pressed your fingers to your lips and Scott walked backwards and into view again. “Are you okay?” 

You looked up at your brother, a sudden warmth wrapping around you. “I remember.” You whispered. 

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What if you woke up one day as a bear but not knowing you are a bear. You would walk around the street seeing everyone running away from you and you wouldn't be able to ask anything because bears can't talk. And you would be a depressed bear because no one would want to be with you. But you eventually would accept yourself and you would move to the forest, where you could be yourself. You would learn to bear with your new self.

i’m calling the police

Smile//Calum Hood fluff

Warnings: mentions of depression
This is just something that I think of a lot so I’m writing it yay. (I know it’s short just bear with me)
Written by: S

You woke up to the sun shining through your window, a beautiful day outside the walls of your apartment. But beauty was the last thing going on in your mind. The blackness that invaded sometimes was back, and growing. You didn’t want to eat or shower or do anything but curl up on your couch and drink tons of coffee. Last night, Calum was finally able to convince you to sleep which, of course, led to nightmares. Most of them were him leaving or being taken away from you. It was the thing you were most terrified of.
“Here you go princess,” he called from the doorway, holding a cup of coffee for you and one for him.
“Thank you,” you replied weakly, grabbing it with a shaky hand and taking a sip.
“Hey love what’s wrong?” he asked after he’d crawled beside you into the bed.
“Nothing I’m fine,” you squeaked.
“Y/N, no you’re not. You haven’t eaten or slept or even smiled in days. I miss you. And last night you screamed in your sleep. Tell me what’s going on.”
You set down your coffee and he set down his and he pulled you into his lap so the two of you were facing eachother.
“Cal its back. The big black cloud in my head. The voices. The nightmares…..” you trailed off, on the verge of tears.
“Sshh baby it’s okay. Hey, you know I’m gonna help you fight them off. And we’ll fight together. Always,” he said, kissing your forehead and then your lips and holding you tight.


18 June 2014 - Now
1 Year Anniversary

2p!FACE severe cuddles!:

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
Clingy wasn’t normally a word you could use to describe Francois. In fact, it’d be a complete opposite. But tonight, he was barely sober, and it showed. You could smell the alcohol directly from his lips, they were pressed to your ear. He pulled you against him and split your legs with one of his own. Your chest was crashed against his and there was no argument. He needed to feel someone, and was desperate for it to be you.

2p!America/Allen Jones-
Suffocating. He was suffocating you, or at least, that what it seemed like. Allen had fallen asleep with you on the couch, and at first it was sweet. But an hour later and a still unconscious boyfriend changed that. You were pressed between him and the back of the couch, his arms wrapped around your chest. His legs shoved against your own, sloppily. You were his involuntary teddy bear.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
You woke up when the scent of pine captured your nostrils. But upon this awakening you had an addition to the bed. Matthew is nuzzling his head below your neck, and his arms are wrapped around your waist. On your first attempt to move you’re captured by his legs, which now held yours in place. On the second you receive a possible death threat. And on the third you receive a plea to stay still. He continuously buries his head into your skin, as if he wanted no space to be left between the two of you.  

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
You were uncomfortable. That much he surely had to realize. 
“Love, you‘re so…plush.” He commented while rubbing his cheeks into your stomach. He’s been resting there for only a few minutes, but it felt longer. As you twitched a single leg away, he not-so-subtly reprimanded you. His bottom limbs encased yours, making escape impossible. Oliver was close and comfortable, and even if it makes you a little squirmy, you couldn’t deny him. Instead you laid a hand on his head, tracing your fingers in the locks.  

A Bloody Situation

Summary/Original Request: SamXReader where the reader gets her period in her boyfriend Sam’s bed.

Words: 566

Warnings: a bit of swearing, description of blood, nervous reader, I think that’s it.

A/N: This is my first imagine that isn’t a DeanxReader, so please bear with me and let me know if it lives up to expectations!

One morning, you woke up in a cold sweat, or so you thought. The sheets beneath you were soaking wet, so it was natural that you would assume you had a nightmare that caused you to sweat profusely. You felt it as you walked into the bathroom, that familiar falling feeling that you knew too well. Your suspicions were confirmed when you got into the shower and saw a giant, red puddle on your shorts.

“Shit.” You squeaked, the color draining from your face, “Sam is gonna be pissed that I bled in his bed.”

You could vaguely hear your boyfriend groan as he woke up to find a red puddle in the middle of his bed. Not wanting to hear about it, you quickly turned the water on and jumped in before it even had a chance to heat up. You yelped as the ice cold liquid poured over your warm skin.

“Y/N, are you okay? There’s a giant blood stain on my sheets.” You heard Sam say just as you were beginning to shampoo.

“I’m fine, Sam. I just got my period. I’ll clean it up. I’m sorry if you’re mad.” You replied, getting even more embarrassed.

“It’s not a big, Y/N. It’s a bodily function. You can’t control it. I’ll take care of it. Do you have enough supplies?” he said.

“I have, like three tampons, but that’s it.”

“If you want, I can have Dean run to the store while I take care of the sheets?” he suggested.

“No! Don’t have Dean do it!” You yelled, poking your head outside of the shower curtain.

“Would you rather I go?” He asked.

“Yes. I don’t want Dean poking fun at anything. You know he will.”

“Okay. Then I’ll put the sheets in the wash and go to the store. I’ll even take a picture of the tampon box to make sure I get the right ones.” Sam said as you heard the snap of his phone camera.

A little while later, you were sitting on the couch watching TV with Dean as Sam returned with a large box of tampons, a bottle of Midol, your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and some little heart-shaped Dove chocolates.

“Dude, you’re so whipped.” Dean commented as he took a slug of his beer.

“It’s not called ‘being whipped’ Dean. It’s called ‘caring for your girlfriend.’” Sam retorted.

“Whatever you want to call it.” Dean said.

“I told you he would have a smart remark.” You whispered.

“He’s harmless, Y/N, really. He’s all talk.” Sam replied.

“Thank you, Sam.” You said, standing up to give him a kiss.

“So, Sammy, while you were gone getting Vampire tea bags and sweets for your girlfriend, I found a potential case. As if that’s not good enough, it seems to be a possible Vampire case.” Dean mentioned.

“Would you be up for a case, Y/N?” Sam asked.

“I don’t see any reason why not. Who knows, maybe I can lure the blood suckers in.” You added, going to pack your duffle bag.

“Just don’t bleed all over my car!” Dean shouted back at you.

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll bleed all over everything you know and love!” You shot back.

You were more than excited for this hunt. After all, a hunt was just what you needed to get your mind off of the disaster of that morning.