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Endless list of favourite female characters: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

“Harry ― you’re a great wizard, you know.”

“I’m not as good as you,” said Harry, very embarrassed, as she let go of him.

“Me!” said Hermione. “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things ― friendship and bravery and ― oh Harry ― be careful!” ― Chapter 16: Through the Trapdoor, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

rilakkyungsoo  asked:

Hello! I ♥LOVE♥ your work and I was wondering if you'd ever entertain the idea of releasing a template (I'd pay money for it tbh) for that A M A Z I N G spell book you made for your wizard?

Hey! Thank you for the kind words :D I actually do want to do something like this, but it’s gonna take me a while because it’s actually a lot of work and what you saw in the gif was made very scrappily so I’d want to do it right! I promise you it’s coming, but there’s a lot of my to do list D: 

WBJ23: The Sky

There is absolutely nothing unusual in the sky.

Wait, no, that’s boring. Um, let’s say… floating castles were all the rage with wizards back in the day, and so- since magic doesn’t necessarily run on “mana” or any particular power source- those are still kicking around up there. People can’t really control their trajectory without magic, so they either stay put or just sorta drift around the globe. Problem with a floating castle is that- unless you’re a wizard who can self-sustain- you can’t really live up there without having someone fly you up resources in a plane, or cultivating a really extensive garden and collecting rainwater. 

As a consequence, most floating castles are owned by corporations or government bodies- an individual is going to have a hard time doing anything with one. The stationary floating castles are typically government-owned, occupied by a charter state’s militia and used to get a bird’s-eye-view on the surrounding territory. Others are privately-owned by the ultra-rich.

Those that move, drifting in predictable flight paths around the world, have been converted into luxury cruise ships, run by companies that can afford to shuttle passengers and supplies up there to keep things running smoothly. Damn, now I want to go on a cruise in a floating castle, that sounds rad. Hell, if I do a second game in Nefisnios, that’d be the perfect setting- a murder on a cruise castle, with a bunch of affluent tourists as the suspects.

okay, okay, hear me out:

what if the boy who lived was the girl who lived? scruffy tomboy harriet “call me Harry” potter, getting extra rubbish from the Dursleys both from being a girl and being the wrong kind of girl

and absolutely nothing in the entire 7-book series changes except for pronouns. because girls can be brave and imperfect and angry and sulky and loud just like boys can.

(except a girl harry would room with Hermione Granger and the Patil twins instead of Ron and Sean, but that’s literally the only thing I can think of that might change)

since it seems to be the consensus that being the weird girl is lesbian culture i think we can all agree that harper from wizards of waverly place was a lesbian

When The Bard Uses Polymorph

Context : We’re all level 8 in the middle of a battle between the party and a group of Fomorians and giants. I, playing a Wizard who’s a little too brave for his own good, cast fly on myself and close in on a Fomorian who tried to run away. Once at the end of my fly speed, I drank a potion of fire breathing.

DM : It is now Mestipen’s (Bard) turn.

Mestipen : I want to call out Leocanto (me) “Hey, Leo! Check this out.” And I want to start playing a rendition of the Jurassic Park theme on my Lute and cast Polymorph to change Leocanto into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

DM : Does Leocanto resist?

Me : Never even crossed my mind.

DM : Okay. You are now a flying, fire breathing T Rex roaring in the face of a Fomorian who looks VERY afraid.

Me : *ooc* God I love D&D.

Bulletproof Monk

Witnessed in my friend’s campaign.

Friend of mine asked the GM if his friend could join our campaign. Graduated with a bachelors in fine arts and my friend thought he would bring interesting role-play to our games. So all of us start thinking to ourselves “this guys gonna be at Bard” but we were all surprised to find he actually was a Monk.

And not just a monk. The Bob Ross of monks. The nicest yet simultaneously the most terrifying character we’d ever witnessed. This is the story of how he beat the first serious boss of our campaign.

We were pinned behind cover vs a Gunslinger.

Gunslinger: “Come out. Come out. Wherever you are SO I CAN SHOOT YOU!”

Party talks about what to do and Monk is silent.

Then, as we are talking, he yells, “Ok. I’ll come out, but you better make that shot count!”

Monk OOC: “So there’s about 40 ft between me and him right?”

GM: “Yeah, and your speed would let you get there.”

Monk OOC: “Ok, but I deliberately want to walk slow enough so he gets a chance to shoot me.”

GM: “Uh, ok. Sure.”

Monk going towards him slowly: “Show me what you’ve got.”

Gunslinger: “You’re some kind of stupid, boy!” *Shoots*

GM: “That’s a hit. You take.”

Monk OOC: “I use Snatch Arrows.”

GM: “Wait…does that work on bullets?”

-One Rulebook Check later-

GM: “Ok so the rifle goes off and *Monk* reaches up faster than any of you can see and catches the bullet with two fingers. *Gunslinger* turns white as a sheet.”

Monk then proceeds to walk up and take a seat next to the guy, putting an arm around his shoulders while holding the bullet in his other hand.

Monk: “Hey, friend. Looks like you almost lost this. Good thing I grabbed it for you, huh? Why don’t you put the gun down before you lose any more?”

Monk OOC: “In case it’s not clear that’s an intimidate.”

GM: “Ok, roll for me.”

Nat 20

GM: “Of course it is. *Gunslinger* immediately puts his gun down in front of him and actually starts crying.”

Monk patting Gunslinger’s back: “Aw, there, there buddy. You almost got me. Why don’t you come with us now? Hands behind your back please. I’d hate to have to chase you.”

Our Wizard OOC to my friend: “So why did you never tell us your friend was Ace Ventura?”