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I find it so funny when people try to make out being called ugly doesn't bother them. I wasn't being rude, love, I was stating a fact. Bellatrix is described as beautiful and Alecto as unattractive, you're unattractive so Alecto would suit you better. And you seem stumpy. Don't take offence, it's only the truth. If you're so concerned with ugly souls why do you wish to play a Death Eater? AND further more, dressing up as characters over the age of 10 is just sad.

If I was bothered by you, a stranger hiding behind the safety of anonymity, calling me ugly, I would be ashamed of the person I became. I’m not that weak, I assure you. I’ve endured worst insults, and been in the presence of shittier people than you and came out stronger and better than that person. 

What put a fire under my ass is the sheer audacity you have. “Stating a fact” is a sorry excuse for unwarranted rude behaviour. No, you were being rude, and you knew this because you wouldn’t be hiding behind that old grey circle and sunglasses. You knew exactly what you were saying, and that’s what I think is funny. You know what you are saying is an insult, you wanted to attack me, you wanted to insult me, to damage my insecurities, to make me feel bad about doing something that I was clearly enjoying. You wanted me to be discouraged from being who I wanted to be, even if that was dressing up as a fictional character (which I’ll get into later based on your last comment). 

The thing is, you’re wrong. I know I’m not unattractive, and I know the person I am. The reason why your petty comments don’t bother me is because I don’t need your validation. You’re a nobody who thinks that their word is the word of God, and you can just bully people into inferiority based on your subjective. The people who are most important to me strongly disagree with you. My family, my friends, the man I’m dating, even my followers, would all strongly disagree with you. And that’s all that matters. You are one person, against literal thousands of people that I can say would disagree with you. 

I’ve met, and dealt with people exactly like you, with your manipulative, destructive language. If I was still that sixteen year old girl with crippling insecurities, your words would have triggered me into a major depressive episode of self loathing. And that’s the problem. Not everyone is like me. You say that to the wrong person, and that can send them down a dangerous road. But your pea-sized brain would not be able to comprehend body dysmorphia, anorexia, or bulimia, and how easily one words could be the last straw on the back of that weak, old, horse that is trying to get rid of of the weight that it’s already carrying. And I pray that no one has done that based on what you’ve said to them because you were, and I quote “just stating facts”. Subjectiveness aren’t facts, they are opinions, they are alternative facts. They are worth nothing, and worse even less coming from a no-faced coward. 

I know exactly who you are. I know exactly who your parents are. I know exactly who your friends are. I know exactly how you were brought up. You are literal trash. Garbage. Garbage on the outside, garbage on the inside, and a coward all over. In a few years, you will grow to regret and mourn everything you’ve done and said. You will cringe in the dark after a bad memory slips back into the forefront of your mind, and it will haunt you the rest of the day. You will bow your head and hide away when you see a person you once bullied walking in your direction. You will ignore all confrontation when someone brings up all the trash you’ve sputtered in the past to them, because you’re ashamed and afraid of the person you once were. You, my friend, are a coward, and will grow up to be afraid of your own shadow. Your past that will tail your heels for a majority of your young-adult life until one day you finally can look yourself in the mirror. I don’t need to curse, or jinx you out of spite, because you’re already doing it yourself. 

You knew you were being insulting. And in the instance that you are that stupid and delusional that you actually believe you weren’t, what did you honestly think my reaction would be? What kind of self-loathing sadistic person do you think I am that I would bow and say “you’re right, I am too ugly”? No, you KNEW that I would react negatively. And the fact that you answered twelve hours later with this drivel means you went back onto my blog to see how I’d react.

Now to acknowledge the “AND further more, dressing up as characters over the age of 10 is just sad.” You DO sound like a 15 year old with an entitlement issues. Are you a single child? Did your mommy and daddy give you an ipad when you were six? Did you start a tumblr when you were 12? Does your name have a Y in the middle of it where an e, a, or i should be? Please, you just insulted a large community of people: Cosplayers, larpers, and role players on tumblr. 

I’m not even going to acknowledge your alternative facts.

But I will challenge you this:

My anonymous is toggled off for the time being. If you want to respond to this, pull up your grown up pants and say it without that bullet proof vest of anonymity. Stop being a coward and show all these lovely 11,000+ people that follow me who you really are. Face the consequences of your words, and grow the fuck up. 

But like I said, I know who you are. And you won’t reply to this without anonymous on, because you know what will happen, and you’re afraid. If anything, you will wait until I turn anon back on, but that means you’re that petty to be stalking my blog long enough to check if I’ve turned it back on.

But, I’ll be keeping it off for a while. I’m patient. 

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Yo I'm like 99% sure that girl was hitting on you

oh, the one in the library? Nah.

I’m the captain of that class, she was just there to pass/ask me how to pass.

I talk way too much and am the senior that’s been through every inch of American History and American political science. The hegemon.

God, this sounds arrogant, but I don’t know how else to phrase it. I got a perfect score on my last two tests and I only studied an hour or so for each.

I mean, I’m not like ‘smart smart,’ but I am uniquely good at American history/politics and expressing myself about them. For very very complicated reasons I won’t go into, I cried when I read the declaration of independence when I was 16 and have been knee deep in the stuff since then.

Anyway, that would be cute, but she was just like ‘I want to pass,’ and ‘this is the girl that the teacher compliments whenever she talks,’ ect.

random work story: so today my colleague was like ‘oh I’m going off to lunch can you take over this new membership from me Alice, it’s that guy over there with the really beautiful eyes’ 

and I was like ‘…okayyyyyy’ and then I went over there and he looked up from his membership form and HOLY SHIT

she wasn’t kidding the guy had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen

they were like…tawny golden with long dark lashes they were EDWARD FUCKING CULLEN EYES is what they were, and the guy was pretty handsome too I guess (I’m not really a good judge) and I was just sitting there trying to talk to this dude like nothing was wrong but also low key trying not to make eye contact lest my words fail me entirely because just looking at him was like STARING DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN

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I tried to read wolf guy but I rlly didn't like it? Idk there was so much rape in it it made me so uncomfortable and idk I feel like it was only for deepen Akira's Man Feelings and the overall plot was pretty meh

We all have, my friend, different tastes and preferences. While the rape scene was indeed a way too long (I’ve got all the volumes in Japanese and the scene starts in 7th volume and ends in 11th volume so…) otherwise I enjoyed Wolf Guy tremendously. I know such a dark story which contains such “easy” themes as kidnappings, mass murders, gang rape (also a rape towards a man), murders and partly also cannibalism because Haguro eats Akira’s cut off fingers in his twisted extacy isn’t really… how can I say it… eh… “general audience’s” thing. 

I must say I don’t know how the original story from 1970′s is and I definitely need to read it someday and see how much the plot has been adjusted. Is the original plot as dark and twisted as the version I have read I wonder? I do know Haguro kidnaps Aoshika in the 1970′s version and she gets abused.

But, I have always loved dark, twisted stories which are well told (and well drawn). And Wolf Guy is definitely my kind of a series, hands down. I fell in love with it the first glance and I followed it from the very beginning when it started 10 years ago. Haguro is the best villain I have seen in any medium if you ask me haha.

I also love Oyasumi Punpun to death and Nozoki Ana is great, too! Oyasumi Punpun is a very heavy story, but still in a different way than Wolf Guy. It contains themes as domestic violence, mental health issues, hallucinations, murders, suicides, violence in relationships, child abuse, insane religious cults, cult suicides ect. Nozoki Ana it’s just an erotic story with very lovable main characters, but it has some twisted kinky elements.

You don’t have to like it. Absolutely not. Yet, no one’s dislike for something I love won’t make me love that thing any less or deem it as “bad”. I’m a way too old for such group pressure or need for validation to my likes and dislikes from others  haha :’DD

I hope you have found some manga which you enjoy as much as I enjoy of Wolf Guy! Let me know if you have any recommendations; I’m honestly always open for suggestions as there’s zillions of different manga series and it’s easier if someone points out “I liked this, you should try it, too.”

Just Sayin'

So I’m going through my Inbox at an attempt at organization and it struck me once again how lovely you all are. You guys are so intelligent and polite, not every blog can say that about their readers. I’m incredibly lucky to have you here to read my scribbles. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the sweet beans you are. I love you guys.

We’ve had even more stuff in the post today and are so so grateful for everything off the wish list! None of these had a note with them but thank you so much for the Eeyore Tsum Tsum, the fidget cube and the panda tin which will be used for PRN meds in our bag when we go out! We don’t take any of this for granted, we weren’t expecting anyone to buy anything so this is so lovely, especially because we’ve been struggling recently.. just thank you for everything and for everyone being so kind to Abby and the rest of us always 💜

oki. never done this before. but since it’s my birthday in a week here’s my amazon wishlist if anyone is interested :)

I’m obviously not expecting anything lol. But I thought I’d give it a try. It’s in order of what stuff i like most… and if you do go ahead and decided to get something I’d recommend buying it with several people so that it is much cheaper. If you do end up getting something i’ll make a video to thank you 😊 thank ily guys

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The amount of gay in this chapter was off the charts, and we didn't even have a moment between Kurogane and Fai! Could you imagine?? I am so glad you noticed Nokoru sleeping in Suoh's lap, because this is very important for science *flails* but also did I miss something because I'm so used to you calling characters by other names that I legit saw the name "Suoh" and was like, "who the hell is that"? NICK. SINCE WHEN DO YOU CALL MINOR CHARACTERS BY THEIR ACTUAL NAMES. I CANNOT COMPUTE.

OH MAN. I’m so beyond amused that you actually noticed that. That is incredible. 

But FULL DISCLOSURE; I totally had to google Suoh’s name halfway through typing the tags because I legitimately couldn’t remember it. 

More Full Disclosure: I do this often. 

Especially when it comes to minor characters like the Clamp Detectives. I know that one of them is named Nokoru but I can’t for the life of me remember which one that is. And what is the name of the third detective? Who even knows. It’s a mystery of the universe. Literally no-one knows. 

See look now I have to google it halfway through making this post.This is how ridiculous I am. 



I understand, like, 2/3rds of you ( ½ of you ??? ) are citta blogs but I just hit a big milestone && thats rly cool since I’ve never gotten here before. so ty @ everyone who follows me and wants to rp w/ me. holy hell batman I never expected this ??? weeps I’d do smth for you guys but 1. the only art I can offer is furry art and 2. my graphics suck, so take all my love an affection instead

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fmbl!!!! I dunno if you'll get to read this before the concert but i just wanted to say have fun!!!!! Stay safe and enjoy yourself!!!

THANNKS anon thank you!  I actually am seeing the show tomorrow - today was a travel day - so I’ll carry your wishes with me for sure!!!  For now I am very safe, about ready to tuck in for the night so I can get up early tomorrow and WAIT and then go get BUCK.

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do you have any tips on how to get to sleep? It's 3:40am and I've been trying to sleep since 1. I'm so tired but it's just not happening. Any ideas?

well ok this is kinda weird but i make up stories in my head to get me to fall asleep and that usually helps unless it just gets really interesting omg listen to me im such a dork ;___;

but i’ve heard of people doing similar things, like they imagine walking through their dream house in super detail or imagining themselves in scenarios like what they would do if they won the lottery.. basically just think of something really specific and focus on that. it’s kind of where the idea of counting sheep comes from.

of course a nice cup of herbal tea never hurts too.

OOC: Hello!!!! Okay I really did not wish to do this anytime soon, but I just feel rather bad >///< I have seen a bunch of my lovely followers a picture of themselves in RL, and some of my friends are requesting for me to show myself. I am not very photogenic, and I am quite awkward/shy. But I do not feel that it is right that you all are showing off your beauty with your lovely personalities, and I tend to avoid uploading something xD;;; This is probably the most recent photo I have a couple of weeks ago. I went to a wedding, and it was my first American wedding I had been too. It was so very much fun! Anyway, I hope this doesn’t bother anyone or upset….here goes nothing >//////< -runs away-