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why are you buying art commissions while begging for money on gofundme?

Hello Anon !

This is a completely legitimate question and the only thing I’m disagreeing on is the way you speak of me as begging for money. I am asking for help, which is already a very complicated thing for me, and do whatever is possible on my side to make possible the purchase of that AC.

But let’s return to the legitimate question, you are wondering why I am using money for something which is a luxury while I should be keeping it for what is a necessity ?
The truth is I hardly ever buy art :
- I do trades (maybe you know about it but I do gif and screenshot edit commissions).
- I do gils commissions (I hardly ever use my gils for anything else).
- I put myself in a waiting list for buying art from specific artists I’m in love with (@thornedembers art is a good example, I was in their waiting list since November) and ask to pay in 2 or 3 times.
- I am as well the Patron of @raelcsart since several months which is the reason why you see so many arts of her for me.
- And sometimes - and I know it’s a completely crazy thing, even for me it’s super crazy - people just draw for me without I ask anything OAO !

I hope this answered your question Anon, I am sorry if my gofundme or the arts I receive irritated you in any way and I hope my answer eased some of your concerns.

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Do you remember the kid that recognized you at camp? That's me! I hope you don't mind me sticking to anon but I finally worked up the semi courage to say hi on here! :))

OH! Hey there! Gosh I wish I could of been there but yeah… other stuff kinda conflicted with being there =_=

Originally posted by gif-007

If you are there, I hope you are having a great time! ^^

And gosh it’s just fine sticking on anon!
(I use anon a lot too - even with friends o-o. I’m just super shy)

But gosh I hope you have a great summer!! 

So I just got an email from AO3…and ‘we are the quiet ones’ has reached 500 kudos! I’m honestly speechless…I cannot express how unbelievably grateful I am that so many of you have read something that I’ve written, let alone liked it enough to leave kudos. This is the most amount of kudos I’ve had on a fic, and for it to be on my own personal favourite that I’ve written means even more. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ❤️💛💚💙💜

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Hi I love your Wish By Spirit And If Yes. One thing that always pops into my head though, the Whitebeard Pirates? How they kidnapped Ace until he agreed to join them? I kinda want them to do that to Sabo....just take him. When the RA asks for him back their just like "No. This is what happens when you don't take care of your toys, they get taken away." And Sabo just being so much happier cause he's around Ace all of the time, I mean he prob tried to escape for a while but No he's one of them now

Ahhhh I’m so glad you like Wish by Spirit! Thank you, that’s so kind of you to say! haha, that’s a hilarious thought, I love that thought of the Whitebeards running away with Sabo over their shoulders going “na na na~”!

“I’m just here for a few days,” Sabo tells them, and Whitebeard laughs.

“Of course, son,” he says. “You’re always welcome here!”

Halfway around, Sabo stops and turns back because that’s not quite right. “I am?” he asks.

“Course you are!” Whitebeard booms at him. “All my sons can come and go as they please.”

That’s really not right. “I’m not yours,” he points out.

An arm drops over his shoulder and a familiar, warm weight leans into his back. “You kinda are,” Ace points out.

“I’m really not,” Sabo retorts. “I have a job and a life and everything.”

“And we’d never take you away from that,” Whitebeard tells him with an implacable kind of gentleness. “But our home is yours.”

“It’s too late now,” Ace says, really loudly and still right in his ear. “You’re already family.”

That’s a loaded word if ever there was one, and Sabo shrugs Ace off, perhaps a bit sharper than he meant to. “I don’t need family,” he says, loading the word with bitterness. “I’m not anyone’s son.”

Ace wraps himself around Sabo’s back again, offering comfort without clinging. “Neither was I,” he murmurs in Sabo’s ear, “but they took me anyway.”

“I can’t afford–” Sabo starts, and then he makes the mistake of meeting Whitebeard’s eyes.

“We aren’t asking anything of you, son,” Whitebeard says. “And we never will. But we’ll be here, always, and we’re yours to claim if you want it.”

That’s not fair–it’s not fair. “You can’t give me a choice,” Sabo says, and it comes out higher and faster than he’d meant it to. “Don’t–you can’t just do that.”

He doesn’t get choices. No one gives him choices. If he wants something, he has to choose it for himself and then fight for it, tooth and claw, like he did for Ace and Luffy. Like he did for his position in the Army. Nobody gets handed things in this world, especially not things as nice as family.

“You can’t seriously think–” Sabo says, waving the arm that Ace isn’t pinning. “You can’t just offer someone unconditional acceptance like–like it’s an invitation to dinner!”

“Why not?” Whitebeard asks, genuinely curious.

Ace scoots sideways to lean on his shoulder instead of across his back. “You’re not winning this one,” he tells Sabo. “Seriously. They got me.”

Which is a valid point, really, but Sabo’s not prepared to let this go without a fight. “I’m not yours,” he tells Whitebeard, because if there’s one thing he is, it’s stubborn.

“That’s fine,” Whitebeard says, and at the same time Ace grins at Sabo and adds, “not yet.”

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Not sure if this has already been answered but the anon who talked about the interview where jean was described as handsome is in his SNK smart pass au interview (can be found at luckiestunluckyguy . wordpress. com )

Hi anon! I looked at the translation you suggested (this one, I believe?) and could not find a reference to him being handsome. Here’s all I could get about Jean’s appearance from it:

He has that innocence look of a youngster, but also the maturity (face) of an adult – Jean is just that real of a young man.

Jean Kirstein has the same young face as everyone, though he’s also the teenager who brings with him that special determination of a soldier.

I don’t know Japanese, unfortunately! So I can only go by this translation; this says he’s young but also kind of mature looking. Which is interesting, but not a confirmation of him being handsome.

Later on it reiterates that he looks like a “bad-guy”: 

Jean Kirstein, contrary to the reputation of having a bad-guy face and cocky attitude, gave the answers that you’d expected from a mature adult.

I think this interview–which is interesting, thank you for sharing it!–actually confirms my initial reading of Jean; his looks belie his real personality a bit. I remain unconvinced that he is actually supposed to be handsome. 

As @mirandafandomette pointed out to me, there’s also this Q&A with Isayama where he sounds very condescending about Jean’s appearance:

Q: Is there any reason why Jean grew his hair out?
A: Because he still believes in his own potential.

Again, I don’t know Japanese, but in English this sounds a bit like, “Jean’s trying to do the best he can with what he’s got.” ^^’ Maybe we can read this in a more hopeful way; perhaps Isayama still believes in him too? Either way, Jean’s handsomeness seems under question …

Look, I’m going to pull a leaf from Jean’s book and be extra honest: even factoring in Isayama’s style, Jean is not traditionally handsome. It’s even a plot point that people misjudge him based on his looks. That doesn’t mean that I and many, many others don’t find him attractive! For example, here is one of my absolute favorite Jean faces from chapter 81.

Look at that face! It’s heart-breaking! And, as I said in my original response, very expressive! <3 

So I’m sorry anon, I’m still not convinced! But thank you for the note! :)

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i have a new english prof and like 10 minutes into class she started talking about how "the millenials all want socialism" and i just sighed. im not even joking this was verbatim. and then she went on about how people need to give trump a chance i'm.. save me diane

sit in the back with your headphones in during every lecture i’m not even kidding. there’s nothing she can teach you that you can’t learn from your readings or from a classmate who isn’t a complete dumb ass.

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i am really not a big reader in terms of books but let me tell you i so badly wish to know what you have written other than fanfictions & i know you have often mentioned you cant tell more details & 'names' but seriously i hope one day you can because that day i will put everything aside just to read what you have written



Title: You do the Honors
Pairing: Null ARC Cpt. N-11 - Ordo / RC-8015 - Fi
Fandom: Star Wars: Republic Commando
Rating: PG
Word Count: 770~
Prompt: #25 - do it right the first time
Summary: Everyone needs a place to catch their breath.
Expect: Fluff. Mostly fluff. Lots of introspection. 

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