you wished for you it


In these dreams it’s always you:

                           the boy in the sweatshirt,

the boy on the bridge, the boy who always keeps me

                          from jumping off the bridge

     Oh the things we invent when we are scared

and want to be rescued

Richard Siken // I Had A Dream About You


On this day in music history: November 22, 1988 - “The Delicate Sound Of Thunder”, the fourteenth album by Pink Floyd is released. Produced by Pink Floyd, it is recorded at The Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, L.I., NY from August 19 - 23, 1988. Recorded live during a five night stand on the US leg of Pink Floyd’s tour in support of their most recent studio album “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason”, the fifteen track double live LP features in concert performances of several Floyd classics as well as newer material. The cassette and CD configurations includes the track “Us And Them”, which is cut of the vinyl release due to time constraints. There are also an additional seven songs played on the shows that are cut from the final track listing. The shows the live album is culled from are also filmed, providing a major part of the live concert footage for the home video release “Pink Floyd In Concert - Delicate Sound Of Thunder” (released on VHS and Laserdisc in June of 1989). “The Delicate Sound Of Thunder” peaks at number eleven on both the UK album chart and Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA

Dazai, meeting Chuuya as a merman for the first time: Pretty fair creature! Take me down to those clear waters and let us spend eternity together!

Dazai, after pestering Chuuya to agree to it: … Nah. I think I change my mind. Be a human instead, don’t you have a witch down there? If not, I can search one for you—

Chuuya: Get in the fucking water, Dazai.

Writing Problem #999

Ok, I’m sure plenty of people have this problem, but honestly, I just need to say that I am TERRIBLE at maintaining a reasonable word count. Like. Really bad.

I’ll fastidiously plan out what I want to occur in each chapter, and suddenly—bam, I’ve written over 3000 words and I haven’t even gotten through 10% of what I want to say. Even in the editing process I struggle to cut down (if anything, I just add even more stuff on).

I suppose having a longer word count isn’t always a bad thing, but sometimes I worry that I’ve left in too many unnecessary details or descriptions, and that people will get bored reading it.

So…. yep. Basically, this post was inspired by the very likely possibility that the next chapter of Sixteen Rules is going to surpass the 7k word milestone (which isn’t even a record for me). Uh. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. Thank you for listening to my rambling.

((This kind of reminds me of a post @itsladykit​ made a while ago when she did her Drabble Night Short Story Weekend. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who suffers (sorry Kit).))

Anybody else wanting to add to the family drama this thanksgiving by coming out

Happy Birthday Babycakes!

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite beans @fionnglynnjackstyles I hope you have an amazing day because you deserve nothing but the best. Part 1a of your gift starts with me so I hope you like it! You know where to go for the other parts!

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“A sneak peak at Christine Daae’s new dress!” (from Maree Johnson’s Insta)

It appears Ali Ewoldt is slowly getting a whole new wardrobe. She recently started wearing a different wedding dress, she has worn a new dressing gown for some time. And now also a brand new Wishing dress.

by-surprise  asked:

Happy birthday! May this day be filled with joy and lots of warm sunshine <333 A request: Malice World War II AU, Matthew as a soldier on the front and Alice as a spy (I really want to see our precious sarcastic fave Alice as this kickass spy, because something tells me she would have been great at this)

Okay I loooove this prompt–I had to do so much research for it because I really know nothing about WW2. And I couldn’t do spy!Alice nearly the justice she deserves in only 100 words, but this AU is full of awesome potential. I would happily expand it someday.

Matthew x Alice, The Doctor Blake Mysteries. Also on AO3 (notes there explain the historical details):

He spotted her laughing in the crowded British club; really, he couldn’t have missed her.

Her dark hair was cut dangerously short, and her bright eyes were trained on one of his fellow Army buddies. There was something feral in her smile that put him on alert.

“Don’t worry,” another AIF volunteer told him, following his narrowed eyes. “She’s with us. SOE.”

Still, he crossed the room, offering his hand. “I’m Matthew,” he told her. “18th Brigade. What’s your name?”

She smiled, ignoring his hand to press her lips to his cheek instead.

“What would you like it to be?”

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