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  • A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.
  • B - A pairing–platonic, romantic or sexual–that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind.
  • C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will.
  • D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t.
  • E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?
  • F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom?
  • G - Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?
  • H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., TV shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)?
  • I - Has Tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?
  • J - Name a fandom you didn’t think about until you saw it all over Tumblr. (You don’t have to care about it or follow it; it just has to be something that Tumblr made you aware of.)
  • K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?
  • L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves. (Characters you’re neutral about are fair game, as are characters you merely dislike. Characters that you absolutely loathe with the fire of ten thousand suns are exempt, as there is no point in giving yourself an aneurysm over a character that you hate.)
  • M - Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.
  • N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).
  • O - Choose a song at random. Which ship or character does it remind you of?
  • P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).
  • Q - A fandom you’ve abandoned and why.
  • R - Which friendship/platonic relationship is your favorite in fandom?
  • S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)
  • T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending? 
  • U - Three favorite characters from three different fandoms, and why they’re your favorites.
  • V - Which character do you relate to most?
  • W - A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.
  • X - A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom.
  • Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?
  • Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)

RebelCaptain AU || Imperial!Jyn

If her loving guardian Orson were here, Jyn would know the words he’d be saying to her.

‘You think yourself so coy’ she could imagine the snarl coming out of that wretched mouth, ‘If only you remembered your place.’

It was unfortunate he had to be away to another sector and not see her disobey him. Wearing a risqué outfit and flirting with a stranger would probably make the old man physically red with rage. The young woman almost wished he were here.

But that wish quickly fled as her rugged stranger gave her a look that made her heart skip. Now Jyn is relieved that melodramatic beast of a ‘guardian’ was not present to ruin this feeling of being wanted. Of being desired for.

“So the man who raised you finds you quite to be the rebel?” The man questions. It is a response to her story of raising hell for Orson while she was growing up. She nodded and he continued on, “Well he should have turned you into Lord Vader himself.”

A little part of Jyn found herself frightened by that name but she pushed that as far back as she could so it would not change the mood. So she jokingly began, “I don’t believe mentioning Vader is a good way to charm”

His eye squinted a bit but the corner of his mouth perked up, “Then I suppose you might have to teach me the right way.”

Absolutely Horrid! she thought. But she knew the cheap line did no damage when it came to her interest in him.

“You know,” she started, deciding on changing the subject, “I’m not as rebellious as you may think. I am as loyal as they come, especially to what I believe in.”

The stranger stayed quiet for a moment before he asked, “And what is it that you believe in, Miss Erso?”

“My father,” Jyn said without hesitation, but now that she thinks on it, he wouldn’t know that she’s speaking of her birth father. She got the thought out of her mind as she continued, “and the Empire.”

When her traitorous mother was killed, Jyn Erso was separated from her father and placed under the care of Orson Krennic. Although she still despises her guardian, the young woman is now immersed into the Empire and is sold it’s numerous lies. One of the biggest lies being that it represents peace for the galaxy. Now on a different planet, to represent Krennic, Jyn meets a man who will not only change her destiny but the whole galaxy itself.                                      

Intelligence Officer, Cassian Andor, is sent on the mission that can change the war forever. And that mission is Imperial loyalist Jyn Erso, who, unbeknownst to her, is carrying secrets that can take down the Empire. But Cassian doesn’t know where they are being held. So he’ll have to get close to her until he finds them. But as he gets closer, it not only threatens his mission but who he is as a rebel.

Up close and personal Meme

Rules! Send either “Mun” or “Muse” plus a question if you want to know the answer from either from the intimate, TMI questions below!

웃    Last thing you remembering thinking before you fell asleep last night. 

☿     Something that scares you to your core. 

♒    A memory that still makes you cry. 

☑    The biggest regret of your life. 

❣     Tell us about your fist kiss. 

♥     Tell us about your first time. 

❥     The first time you had your heart broke/ detail your first major break up. 

✄    Something about yourself you’re really embarrassed or ashamed about. 

☺    A memory that always makes you laugh out loud

♪     Your OTP and what do you think it says about you and the love you want/think you deserve?

♫    Style icon? Who do you wish you looked like?

♋    Secret, guilty pleasure

☯    Strangest turn on. 

✐    Tell us a bit about your first writing project you can remember. 

✒     Tell us about your favorite book

✑    The worst book you have ever read. 

ϡ     Have you ever lied or cheated to get something you wanted, whether a lover, a grade, a toy, ect?

۵    Random piece of love advice

❂  Tell us your three wishes for yourself

✬   Do you hate anything about yourself

✣   What do you think your muse says about you?/ Your mun says about you?

✌    Something you would change of the fandom/character’s universe?

✚   Religious views? Paths to said views?

❇   Tell the truth about _____ [ asker makes up question]

In honor of Mary

I have a little idea for the fandom! In remembrance of Mary this week, I think we should create lots and lots of posts to fill the mary Watson/mary morstan tag. Though I also suggest using an additional tag for those of us who don’t wish to venture into the regular character tags. How about “remember mary?”

I propose posting about your favorite scene, maybe a HC. Could be something you dearly wished to see in the future had she survived. This could be in written form, art, video, or music. Anything! It could be in connection with an otp or brotp on the show or not. AS LONG AS ITS POSITIVE MEMORIES OR HC ABOUT MARY. Let’s just enjoy remembering her!❤️

If you’d rather not create your own post, you’re welcome to send me or another Mary fan an ask, anon or not, and it can get posted that way.

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Malec shippers. They get hardcore flirting, teasing, a wedding showstopping kiss,dates, feelings, relationship drama, the angst of keeping half of the OTP alive out of magic, hand holding and the need to stay alive because eternal life is meaningless without this boy. A silly gift that means I want this, I want to be yours because it’s the first time you’ll be mine and I’m different from all you’ve had so far.

Merthur shippers would kill for magic to bring back that loved one, to be more powerful, to have the skill of centuries and the knowledge to command the darkness that claimed the man who made him wish to live. The prat, the clotpole, my lord, my king, my Arthur, I can’t lose him… Cursed to forever waiting, may someday, one day.

Sterek shippers would kill for a kiss that would hide the best bits behind closed doors and fade to black. Plaid and leather in the bedroom floor as they pin each other against the wall for the right reasons. Something more than a look across the room, a dying stare, the wet memories of holding his sourwolf 2 hours to save his life, watching him grow, live, love… and leave.

Destiel shippers would kill for the showstopping love declaration. Dark angel wings wrapping around a speechless man who’s suffered and shouldered the pain of his family and his own feelings, ready to be dragged from perdition once more and taught how to love without fear.

Hannigram shippers would kill for some uncomplicated feelings, less blood, less pain, more time together. Less making you miss me, making you need me by poisoning your mind so you cannot live without me. Or too broken to live with me.

Stormpilot shippers would kill for more than a few hours of longing stares, a jacket that was mine and now it’s yours along with my heart before you came back to base all broken and silent, hurt saving someone else. 

Malec shippers have canon on their side, books showing all the love and desire and they’re eager, desperate for more. In a world where every second they are together is a miracle we envy so much. May they get more time. All the time. ANY time. 


I will burn you down,” Kavinsky said.
Ronan’s smile was sharp as a knife. He had already been burned to nothing. “You wish.”
Kavinsky made a gun of his thumb and finger and put it to Ronan’s temple.
Bang,” he said softly, withdrawing the fake gun. “See you on the streets.”

The final tragedy of Claire and Jamie’s parting

“I think it has something to do with being able to fix your mind on a certain person who’s in the time you go to” –Claire Fraser, Voyager

Claire had to fix her mind on Frank in her final moment with Jamie, since the very thought of Jamie would have kept her there, unable to honor his last wish. 

She had to erase him from her mind in order to live. 

Maybe that is why she couldn’t bring herself to say goodbye. 

Gif Credit: 


My beauty you had early withstood, and as for my manners — my behavior to you was at least always bordering on the uncivil, and I never spoke to you without rather wishing to give you pain than not.Now, be sincere; did you admire me for my impertinence?”

For the liveliness of your mind I did.” -  pride and prejudiceChapter LX.

words had always mean despair,
but she calls your name like no one did before.
you never knew it could be this soothing,
that there was more than sleep and pleasure on bed.
she wishes you a goodnight, and you sleep calmer;
and she kisses your hand, stops the noise on your head.
suddenly, this girl that has everything to your eyes,
who changes the year with the wave of her hand,
wants you.
you, the one that has nothing and
has never been looked at.
and she wants you, from all people, she chose you.
—  she’s magic. nc.

So I got your letter. San Francisco, amazing. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write back. There are life’s natural heroes and then there’s you. Your words. You always believe somewhere deep in you there’s a coward, I wish I had told that that’s not true, because you lept, while I stayed. Feet first into the unknown. Why should I have expected anything less than fearlessness from you? But I am not as brave as you. I want to write and say I’ll be there, I’ll get on a plane, I’ll come right now, I really do but I can’t. Not because I don’t love you, I love you Freddie Lyon, but because you won’t even get this letter, because I won’t send it.  I’m the coward, Freddie, not you. So, instead, I’m sending this prayer out there. Just hoping that somehow you’ll know to come home. Please come home. Now, soon. And maybe your courage will make me brave, too. Just come home and I will leap too

Amor che null’ho amato amar perdona

So, here it is.
I did it.
ARE YOU HAPPY NOW @miya-sheep ????????

Also, when I was writing the angst part Welcome to my life from Simple Plan started playing. Followed right up by Hello from Adele. THE ODDS ARE AGAINST ME-

 Error is probably OOC. Yup, he totally his pls don’t kill meh

 The prompt is ‘Imagine your OTP are good friends, but not together as a couple yet. Person B has a plush of Person A, but had kept it a secret for a long time. One day, Person A walks in on them whispering to the plush while hugging it and is about to tease them lightly about it, but holds their tongue when they realize Person B is crying about how they wish they could get up the courage to admit to the real Person A how they feel. How Person A reacts is up to you’ by @otpprompts

I’ll add the AO3 link when I manage to post it there. For now, enjoy this thing I made!

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(Your wish is my command! :) Thanks so much for the ask :3 it means a lot to see that people like what I’m writing! every-thing–the–light–touches
To anyone who’s reading this for the first time, here the first part if you like: PART 1

Lily glanced at her phone again, double checking the time and date that the boy had sent her.

The Rizotto, 7:30 PM, won’t be able to pick you up unfortunately but I’ll send a car! ;)

to which Lily had simply replied with: “Thanks but I can get my own ride”.

Marlene had swatted at her for being so blunt with the band boy but Lily couldn’t help it. Although she didn’t know him as a person, she wasn’t a huge fan with how flirtatious he had been when they had only just met.

Maybe she was overthinking this. She probably was, she was always overthinking everything, according to Marlene anyways.

The red head sighed as she checked the time at the top of her phone, 7:45 PM. Of course he would be late. Just as her thoughts drifted to the thought of leaving, her name was called out from behind her and she turned to see Mr. James Potter, one of the lead singers of the famous ‘Marauders Map’ band, in a suit and tie.

“Who knew such a bad boy would be willing to get dressed up?” Lily stated as she walked over, putting her phone back in her small clutch purse. “You’re late, you know.”

“Sorry about that.” James gave her a sort of dashing smile, gesturing for her to head inside the fancy restaurant ahead of him. “Body guards were arguing with me about whether or not they should come. And I think I clean up very nicely, thank you very much. Although, you would take the spotlight off of me in a second.” He grinned as she caught his eye, eyebrows raised slightly.

“Well did they end up coming?” She asked simply, ignoring his attempt of flirtation, smoothing out her short black dress. 

“The bodyguards? Well we made a deal. I stay in here, they stay out there.” James gave her another grin, making Lily wonder if he ever stopped smiling. They got to the employee at the front who greeted them eagerly, showing them to what he called 'their best table’ in the back. 

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anonymous asked:

You’re one of the loveliest people in the whole fandom and as always Lizzie and Ciel are fortunate to have you as their fan! I absolutely love your art and I love how sharp you can be when it comes to answering other people’s questions! Don’t change, wishing you a lot of fun on this positivity day for Kuroshitsuji! \_(^3^)_/

Ah. A positivity day… I had already been wondering how this message came to be. I really don’t deserve that, anon. I really, really don’t.

But thank you anyways. Who doesn’t want to hear their otp can be happy to have them. XD

Have a nice day as well, anon.

darthbiscuits  asked:

A, C, N, T, V (if it's too many feel free not to do them all)

(it’s not too many)

  • A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.

Well, I really like Rexsoka, Kanera, Obitine, Quinlan and Asajj, Reylo (my secret).

  • C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will.

This one has nothing to do with star wars but I never liked Delena (from The vampire diaries) this is the only ship I say that I truly hate..

  • N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).

I wish we had more Rexsoka, more Maul not seeking revenge on Obi-Wan (leave old Ben alone Maul) and a book or anything else only about Kix after he woke up from carbon-freezing (do it disney, I want details about this precious clone trooper).

T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

Fives never died. He just pulled a prank in everyone with the help of Fox and now all the clones live happily together in a calm and beautiful planet in the outer rim (THIS IS CANON OKAY).

  • V - Which character do you relate to most?

This one is difficult because I really never thought about it. It would be Maul, I mean I just love him a lot lol (he only needs a hug…)

Thank you for asking \o/

anonymous asked:

heyy, can i get to know more about you? whats your full name? what about your fears? why did you choose this url on tumblr? and i wanted to say that your blog is as intresting and nice as always! tf2, my otp, even happy texts to make your followers and friends smile! you're awesome, we love youuu ❤❤❤

I’m not gonna say my full name here because this is a public website, but my real name is Louis, but friends call me Loulou and Lou. 

My fears are a lot, but i could said that my deepest fear is probably not be enough for the people that I love the most? I sometimes wish I could give them more, and tell them how I love them. It’s hard, in the past I had many troubles with toxic relationships, but it doesn’t change me as a person. It makes me stronger and I’m happy to have new people around who I really appreciate. Sometimes they are so far away from me, but they still mean a lot, and help me to grow up as person everyday.

I chose irlmisha because I really love Heavy a lot, and both of us share a lot of similitudes. He is really sweet and caring even if he looks intimidating sometimes. Misha because is the real name of Heavy! However I thought in the idea of change, but maybe not, I feel happy with Heavy, he is such a sweet guy.

Thank you so much for the sweet comment , it means a lot! This make me smile so much, I love you too and I love you all <3

Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.

My Obirin feels along the manga are just like

“Just when me and Kakashi were becoming friends.. I couldn’t bring myself to confess to Rin.. I wish I had more time with everyone..“ - Chapter 244

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“It’s not good to hide your wounds, you know. I’m looking after you.” - Chapter 603

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“You promised me you’d become Hokage. I too want to stop this war… and save the world. That’s why I’ve decided.. That I’d stay by your side and watch over you!” -Chapter 653

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“Rin.. the next time.. I’d like if you could.. spend some time alone with me.” - Chapter 686

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“I was waiting for’s okay. You always did your best. I’ve been watching you.” -Chapter 687

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My OTP. 

My Feels. 

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100 ways to say ‘I Love You’. Bellarke Style

1. “I’m here for you.”
2. “Brave Princess.”
3. “Get Clarke whatever she needs.”
4. “I know, you’re not a killer!”
5. “You always did what you had to do to protect your sister. That’s who you are.”
6. “Can you wish on this kind of shooting star?”
7. “I’ll help you find her.”
8. “Thank you.”
9. “Look, this is not who we are.”
10. “Clarke, you don’t have to be here for this.”
11. “It’s not easy being in charge, is it?”
12. “Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.”
13. “Because right now I don’t feel like being around anyone I actually like.”
14. “Watch your foot.”
15. “Get the hell off him!”
16. “You saved my life today.”
17. “I need you.”
18. “None of us would have survived this place if it wasn’t for you.”
19. “If you need forgiveness, I give that to you. You’re forgiven.”
20. “We’ll figure something out.”
21. “Whenever you’re ready.”
22. “He’s one of us and he deserves to be pardoned of his crimes, just like the rest of us.”
23. “I trust him.”
24. “Why don’t you go get a drink? You look like you could use one.”
25. “Have some fun while you still can. You deserve it.”
26. “So do you, by the way.”
27. “I need you to follow us, be our backup.”
28. “Did he do something to you?”
29. “You feeling better?”
30. “I do believe in second chances, though.”
31. “Be careful where you step.”
32. “Funny.”
33. “And we believe Murphy?”
34. “We can’t do this without you.”
35. “I want you to say that you’re with us.”
36. “You inspire them.”
37. “You did good here, Bellamy.”
38. “Eighty-two alive.”
39. “Looking to you, Princess.”
40. “It had to be done.”
41. “I’m sure that had to be done, too.”
42. “You won’t be by yourself.”
43. “Your Mom would be proud.”
44. “You’re gonna be fine.”
45. “You did the right thing.”
46. “Forget it. It’s too dangerous.”
47. “I can’t lose you, too.”
48. “It’s safer on our side.”
49. “Clarke, stop! You’ll get yourself killed!”
50. “He’d do anything for her. To protect her. Just makes sense.”
51. “I was being weak.”
52. “You came through. I knew you would.”
53. “Bellamy, you’re late. Every three hours means every three hours.”
54. “Be safe, too.”
55. “I did it to save Bellamy.”
56. “I am getting through that door.”
57. “Together.”
58. “Hey, we can get through this.”
59. “Please come inside.”
60. “What we did. You don’t have to do this alone.”
61. “Where are you gonna go?”
62. “May we meet again.”
63. “Hate to cut this short. We need to find Clarke.”
64. “Please. She’s in danger.”
65. “We’re losing her.”
66. “I’ll get you out of here.”
67. “Please. Please don’t. I’ll do anything. I’ll stop fighting. Just please don’t kill him.”
68. “So what? We give up? Let him kill her?”
69. “We can’t lose Clarke! We can’t lose her.”
70. “You should come home to yours [your people].”
71. “I need to see Bellamy.”
72. “He saved Indra’s life.”
73. “You left me.”
74. “This isn’t who you are.”
75. “I’m sorry for leaving, but I knew I could because they had you.”
76. “I’m sorry, too.”
77. “I know we can fix this.”
78. “I’ll come with you.”
79. “You okay?”
80. “Take a break. I’ll let her beat me up for a while.”
81. “You’ll recover.”
82. “Maybe there are no good guys.”
83. “I don’t know what happened between Emerson and you in Polis, but I do know that letting him kill you here today is a stupid plan.”
84. “Distract him. I shoot him.”
85. “Bellamy, don’t.”
86. “I came to see if you were okay.”
87. “I was so angry at you for leaving. I don’t want to feel that way anymore.”
88. “But you didn’t want that to happen. You tried to stop it.”
89. “The question is, will you forgive yourself?”
90. “You know, you’re not the only one trying to forgive yourself. Maybe we’ll get that some day.”
91. “We need each other, Bellamy. What we’re doing now, the only way we’re gonna pull that off is together.”
92. “Now we’re sure.”
93. “You’re willing to trust that guy with your life?”
94. “No, but you’ll be covering us the entire time. And I trust you.”
95. “We’re not leaving. Clarke is in trouble.”
96. “Clarke, that thing killed Emerson in seconds.”
97. “Hey, try doing that hanging upside down.”
98. “I believe you.”
99. “We’ll keep you safe.”
100. “Her friends are her weakness. Start with Bellamy Blake.”