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“You know that’s not how this works – I don’t intervene with your job, and you don’t question mine.“

You know , at first this line didn’t make sense to me. DEO is the one with capacity to intervene on NCPD work aka “Your jurisdiction ends where I say it does” and DEO’s unorthodox methods and natural distaste for aliens is something that canonically get on Maggie’s nerves. So , shouldn’t it be ‘I don’t question your job , and you don’t intervene with mine’ ? Yeah, unless they already discussed this , discussed their boundaries about their work lives, discussed what they can discuss and what is on the table to banter about.

My headcanon now is that Alex told Maggie this same line and this is Maggie way to remind her of all that. Because  she can’t go in her work, in front of Winn, and tell ‘Honey, we’ve discussed this’ so she uses the same phrase Alex told her once. Just like , ‘we’ve been through this already, right?’ . And Alex doesn’t respond because , yeah they did.

In resume, Sanvers is the best healthiest ship I’ve ever seen and the fact that they respect each other so much to have this kind of talk, specially in their respective fields and when they started with opposite views about what they’re working for,  makes my eyes water and is really setting the bar high in my life.


Miyuki Kazuya & Sawamura Eijun for @mitemitai || Happy Birthday, Dee! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


Happy Birthday sweet strawberry girl grizzly-pandabear!!!

last year i drew you a haru pillow body but i actually wanted to draw makoharu eating strawberry desserts together so i did it this year o/ 

idk how many straberries i draw but i hope it’ll be enough to satisfy you, grizzly you strawberries lover heheh 



1BitHeart Drawing Challenge

‘Cause i’m TOO DEEP on 1bithell


Idk if i’ll be able to finish it. Btw it was supposed to be just one week challenge but then i came up with many ideas so it became 15 days! I’ll just put this on the tag if there’s someone out there who also wants to try it!! ;w;

So then….

Day 1 - Favorite Main Character
Day 2 - Favorite Enemy
Day 3 - Fav non-plot Character (can be 2, if you can’t just pick one!)
Day 4 - your OTP
Day 5 - a ship you wish could be more popular
Day 6 - your BROTP
Day 7 - Genderbend time!!
Day 8 - Scene Redraw
Day 9 - Pick a character that hadn’t appeared on Chapter XXX and draw them +8 years old
Day 10 - draw somethin’ based on a character’s backstory
Day 11 - Create an alternative outfit for a character or clothes swap!
Day 12 - Draw something you wish had happenend during the story (crackships count!!)
Day 13 - A headcanon
Day 14 - Crossover with another miwashiba game or just any series of ur choice!
Day 15 - draw/redraw something based on one of the endings, or ur favorite ending!

And that’s it!! Ah a idk if i’ll have insp to draw all of them but anyways//// hope it maybe can help the fandom if anyone’s there having artblock ;w; (and also cause it’d be fun~!)