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Title: Confidence
Warnings: None that I know of…. That’s a first.
Word Count: 1173 counting lyrics.
Summary: This was written for @mrsbatesmotel53 challenge. Sam and Dean stop at a bar for drinks, but when the house band’s lead singer quits they see an unexpected face join the band.
Prompt: Paralyzer by Finger Eleven and I named my motel Starlight Motel.
Tag: @mrsbatesmotel53 Other tags are below the cut.
A/N: Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you would like a part two! Italics represent lyrics.
     Sam and Dean walked into the bar hoping to drink away the case they just finished. They sat down at the counter and ordered their drinks. There was a band tuning on the stage and suddenly there was a loud commotion. The duo turn around to see the lead singer storm off the stage and out the back door labeled EXIT. The bassist set his instrument down and hopped off the stage. He ran over to someone in the corner booth and talked in a hushed voice. Sam turned back around to the bar while Dean continued to watch what was going on. The bassist finished his conversation and the person in the booth followed him back to the stage. You had on boots and a pair of dark blue jeans that were riddled with holes and frays, but complimented all your curves. Your Jack Daniel’s tank top was cover by a red and black flannel. Climbing onto the stage, you pulled out your hair tie, allowing your black hair to cascade down to the center of your back. You looked vaguely familiar to Dean, but he couldn’t place who you reminded him of.

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5sos-baes  asked:

Why can't we ask Patrick about Peterick

hi there! I talk about this a little bit on my blog info page but i’ll go into it more because there’s a fuckton of reasons and they all overlap. buckle up kiddo. also my comma key decided not to work right now so bear with me. THIS IS REAL IMPORTANT TO ME SO PLEASE READ IT ALL. 

*note: i use “you” a lot in here—i mean it in the general sense-not you personally. I’m going to try and answer your question as thoroughly as i can right now and when i talk about this it tends to make me kind of mad because i really can’t believe it’s even an issue so basically i’m going to get mad but i’m not mad at you. 

1. he ASKED people not to talk to him about it.

THAT SHOULD BE THE ONLY REASON ANYONE NEEDS BUT I’LL KEEP GOING. Okay. Here’s the thing. Patrick is really really good about interacting with fans. He’s polite. He’s tolerant. He’s patient. He does not owe you any of these things. He does not have to be that way. 

When people first asked him if peterick was real (which i still can’t believe anyone did) he was like what? me and pete are good. we talk regularly. (paraphrased from a tweet.) and then when people told him what it was—SURPRISE!—it creeped him right the fuck out. AS ANYONE WOULD BE IF THERE WAS EROTIC FICTION WRITTEN ABOUT THEM AND THEIR FRIENDS. 

Because Patrick is a literal angel???? Wow we don’t deserve him???? He’s said that he appreciates and encourages people expressing creativity by writing and drawing fiction and art about it but that he DOES NOT WANT TO SEE IT. (I can dig up the tweets where he said that somewhere if you want but there’s a bunch and i’m putting off walking my dog to type this so i’m not going questing right now but they’re real) A very very reasonable request. There. The community has its go-ahead to have as much fun as we want as long as we keep it far away from him. That’s fine right?? That should be plenty! Everything works out. Only no. People are terrible and continue to badger him about it. Which takes us to reason #2:


Say one of your friends has something they’re self-conscious or uneasy about—something they hate talking about because it makes them uncomfortable. Let’s back it up. Make that anyone—they don’t have to be your friend. Shouldn’t be too hard to imagine because most people have insecurities/issues/anything. You’re a good person—right? Using people skills you can tell that they don’t want to talk about that thing! So you don’t ask them about that thing! THIS IS ONE OF THOSE THINGS.

Pertaining to this—it’s pretty standard manners to not ask people about their sex lives especially if you don’t know them???? Doing otherwise suggests you have very little regard for them as a human being. On to reason #3.


Continuing to ask him about it despite the above factors shows a total lack of respect for what what he does; (I’m going to have to use semicolons from now this is so bothersome pretend they are commas) what he says; and it’s frankly degrading to him because you are ignoring his wishes and stripping him down to this one stupid thing that doesn’t even relate to his entire body of work. It negates any admiration you have for him and kind of says “hey! I don’t care that you are part of an insanely cool band whose music i love! i am reducing you to fill a role in my fantasy version of you which has nothing to do with what you’ve worked for or who you are; and directly conflicts with your wishes.”

and. man. that’s not cool. we all love and respect the hell out of patrick. it’d be pretty rad if everyone acted like it. 

~*~*segue to reason #4*~*~


EVERYONE!!! NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!!!!! FAMOUS OR NOT FAMOUS!!!!! HAS!!! THE!!!!! RIGHT!!!!!! TO PRIVACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


THE BOY COULD FUCK SIX GROUPIES; ANDY; AND A ROLLED UP PIZZA EVERY FUCKING NIGHT AND IT STILL WOULDN’T BE ANYONE’S GODDAMN BUSINESS except maybe a therapist’s because that would be pretty weird. and anyway—besides ALL OF THAT—we kind of already know who he’s sleeping with? because reason #5 is called


Their names are Elisa and Meagan and they are respectively Patrick’s wife and Pete’s girlfriend/soon to be baby mama. Elisa doesn’t show up a ton in pictures because patrick doesn’t post too many but MEAGAN and PETE never STOP posting pics of one another. 

REGARDLESS. They’re both in relationships that they’ve publicly acknowledged being very happy in. Any vocalizations to them about how they shouldn’t be in those relationships is disrespectful to that happiness as well as insulting to BOTH people in the relationship–and no one has any right to insult meagan or elisa because you!!! don’t!!! know them!!!!

ALSO. I can’t presume to ever know anything about their preferences that they haven’t said but Patrick has been pretty vehement in his denial of being anything but straight in the interest of truth which you can see here. as far as we’re concerned his word on that subject is gospel so you best damn believe he doesn’t like dick. 

as far as pete goes i don’t know he’s said anything other than the famous “gay above the waist” thing but i think based on his public dating history it’s very safe to assume that he’s into women and not patrick. “but he always talks about how he loves patrick—” yeah i know. radical right? affectionate people. friends who love each other. i’m a cuddler. i drape myself all over my roommates. i don’t shut up about how fucking awesome my friends are but i don’t wanna lick their titties. calm down. also if you watch this interview it’s pretty clear that the concept of fanfic freaks pete out too. so just don’t!!!!!

on this note i will state here that there is no room on this blog EVER for anyone who hates on ANY significant other had by anyone in the band—or anyone famous whether i care about them or not—because they get in the way of someone’s ship. these are REAL PEOPLE we are talking about. daydream all you want but if you care about them as much as you say you do their happiness is your primary concern. 


Don’t ask Patrick about Peterick. Don’t ask Pete about Peterick. Don’t ask anyone in the band/related to the band about Peterick. They don’t like it. It’s not real. It makes them uncomfortable. Why would anyone think it was okay to ask anyone about something like that. What in the hell is wrong with you. Do you have no concept of how your actions/words affect people. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. Grow up. Let’s just do our thing quietly and respectfully. 

 Calum Imagine: Fighting For Your Marriage

Author: Rhine


It’s funny, he thinks, how he has to fight for something that’s already his.

It’s bound by an oath at an altar, sealed with a kiss and a ring, promised with those lips that he loved so much.

‘Till death do us part.

But he breaks it, he breaks it because he parts from you again and again and it feels like death every time he has to leave you standing at the terminal when he promised I’ll always be by your side when he was standing at an altar instead.

And maybe you were bound by promises and rings, but they’re just echoes of what you wanted on a lonely night and a weight on your finger for what’s missing every day when he’s gone.

I’ll be back soon, babe.

But he’ll always be gone again.

And it’s a little harder to bear when he’s sworn an oath to love you for eternity while he feels like a forever away.

You don’t know what you expected when you kissed him on that night he promised to be yours – maybe you thought the bond you just created was stronger, his limbs tangled with yours in between the sheets like he’s never left, like he’ll never leave – you don’t know what you wished for when you woke up with your husband, feeling as if the moment was infinite, just you and him in holy matrimony of white-sheet dresses and more than chaste kisses.

And you knew you couldn’t tie him down with a ring and a kiss – it was his job, but still – you were his wife.

You didn’t feel like it, when you were alone for more nights than ones spent with him.

It feels like a recording stuck on rewind – leave, it’ll be over before you know it; calls, I miss you so much; empty beds, I wish you were here; airport terminals, I’m home I’m home – only to repeat all over again.

And every time he comes back, every time you’re starting to get familiar with him again – creating a life, a routine with late night laughter and early morning breakfast, of elbows knocking while you brushed your teeth and nagging him to clean the dishes – he leaves again.

It’s a broken record that falls short every time you’re close to a crescendo of something bigger than just kids in love; an endless cycle of loving and leaving just before falling apart when all you wanted was to create something new.

You wanted more than waiting for something that’ll always go; you wanted more than a title and a last name.

You wanted him, you wanted to be his in more than just the word wife from half a world away.

What’s wrong, love?

Surely a marriage was more than just this – this waiting game, this dance of counting down days and lingering kisses that always fade?

Surely it was more than just a change in name?

I… I don’t know Cal. I just – I just… doesn’t it ever feel like we’re not married at all?


He’s taken aback by your sudden question, his heart suddenly spiking at all the ways this conversation could go – none of them good, he’d presume by the sad tone in your voice.

You’re fighting for a breath and he can hear an intake of air over the phone, the struggle of words that you’re trying to give to him.

It’s no different from when we were dating. You leaving. Me waiting for you to come back. Cal, when I promised everything to you – when we promised each other – I wanted… I wanted a life with you. That’s why I said ‘I do’ at the altar, why I said yes when you first gave me this ring. But this – this is the exact same thing as before. This isn’t a life. This is just waiting for one.

He’s silent, gripping the phone with white knuckles and purple veins, jaw set and head down as he tries to process your words and picture the girl on the other side, his wife on the bed with the space he was supposed to fill, you and only your loneliness for company.

How much longer am I supposed to wait, Calum?

It breaks his heart to hear those words, and even more so to know that he’s too far away to catch them before they fell from your lips.

That he’s just a little too far, almost a little too late.

I’m sorry.

I know you are. I just… I just wish that could take all of this away. I wish that these phone calls were enough and that apologies are good enough band-aids Cal, I really do. But – but I wish more that the days were shorter when you were gone and longer when you’re here. I wish with all of my heart that you weren’t gone. That you weren’t always leaving.

He’s crying and he’s trying not to let the boys see him wipe his eyes roughly, or for you to hear his soft sniffles on the other end.

It’s not your fault, Cal. It’s just hard. Harder than what I thought it would be. Having those promises, this ring – it almost makes things worse when you’re gone but all the infinitely better when you’re here.

He feels the thick band of metal on his own finger and he thinks of your small hands against his when you danced that night, how he wishes he could feel your soft touch with your love and the cool metal of your promise when your press your hands to his bare skin.

I want a life with you, Cal. A family. More than just this… this waiting for one.

I’ll give you that. I’ll give you anything. Everything.

His voice is jagged from the sobs he’s choking in.

Can you, Calum? You’re so far away.


And he knows you won’t leave, but he can still feel you drifting away even as he tries to tether himself to you an ocean away.

I’ll fix this.

It’s not broken, Cal. Just – just missing. Missing you.

You hear the sharp intake of breath and you wish you didn’t have to hurt him and say those words, you wish you didn’t have to know how to say those words at all; you wish you didn’t know how to miss him.

But it’s something you knew all too well and Calum wishes he didn’t give you nothing but empty air in the promises he made of never leaving you behind.

I’ll be home soon.

And I’ll be missing you until then.

It’s a sad kind of goodbye; one where the line is cut though he still tries to hold on to you even after you hang up.

Calum knows that the oaths he swore in a suit in front of an altar are broken at his feet, but his love is still intact, his love for you is still there, always there – please don’t walk away.

He’ll make new promises again and seal them with a kiss, he’ll keep them and he’ll keep you in his arms.

Just please don’t walk away.

Even though he has, just one too many times. 


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The worst part of the hardcore/screamo/whatever scene is that people are too close to each other.
You can easily find out the members of your favourite bands are assholes just like anyone else. 
When you are fourteen you think you could never hate people who listen to the music you like, and then suddenly they become your worst enemies.
Then people of bands or labels you thought you respected end up talking shit about your band or about the shitty comics you draw for tumblr.
Then these singers and drummers and bassplayers and guitarplayers try to fuck the girls and/or boys you like, because oh boy, they have touring bands, how cool are they, and they wink at them, and add them on facebook.
And you still have their records, you still wear their shirts, and you try to still like their music. And then you can’t. So you can’t listen to them anymore. And slowly you can’t listen to anything anymore. You have to listen to Adele. ‘Cause come on, what are the chances you or someone you know is going to meet her?

And you just wish you could go back to your headphones and your bed and your stereo and your mp3 players. Reading the lyrics, ignoring the names.

♥ 100 cool questions by me ♥
  1. Is there a ship or plotline that you wish would have been executed better?
  2. If you could go to any concert right now, who would you see?
  3. Most recent fanfic that you thoroughly enjoyed? 
  4. Do you like boys with curls or a quiff? 
  5. Band member you’d bang?
  6. Favorite Avenger and why?
  7. Do you prefer male or female singing voices?
  8. If you could pull off any color, what color would you dye your hair?
  9. Something that you are ashamed of liking?
  10. Favorite season finale?
  11. Something popular that you’ve never watched/read?
  12. Men with stubble, no stubble, or beards?
  13. Favorite non serious quote?
  14. Casual date or formal date?
  15. What is the last cringe worthy thing you have done?
  16. Do you like your nose?
  17. Do you like girls better in skirts or jeans?
  18. Which element would you like to bend and why?
  19. Ship that you don’t actually ship but like the idea of?
  20. Applies to all genders: People with long hair or short hair? 
  21. Pandora or Spotify?
  22. Would you rather have a day out with all of your friends or stay at home and have a sleepover?
  23. Do/did you prefer having a seating chart in class or not?
  24. Where on your face do you break out the most?
  25. Someone you pressured into getting a tumblr?
  26. Which Disney show was the last that you actually enjoyed before you stopped watching Disney Channel?
  27. Which of your favorite celebrities do you think would give a really good hug?
  28. Have you at any point in your life ever had abs, visible or not?
  29. Lana Del Rey or Marina and The Diamonds?
  30. Favorite cover of a song?
  31. If you could give any cancelled show a second chance, which show would you pick?
  32. Something you wish you would have done but chickened out of?
  33. Phan or Troyler?
  34. Favorite cuss word?
  35. Actor who was the most perfect for their role?
  36. Which was worse: the Percy Jackson movie or The Last Airbender movie?
  37. Weirdest fic you have ever read?
  38. Ever randomly saw a celebrity in public? If so, tell the story.
  39. Grease or Mama Mia?
  40. What do you do when you are home alone?
  41. What is a story that you tell to people way too much?
  42. Smallest fandom that you are a part of?
  43. Biggest girl crush?
  44. Biggest guy crush?
  45. Smut or fluff?
  46. Converse or flip flops?
  47. Favorite song to sing when you are all alone?
  48. Something you used to like but gradually stopped liking but still have a soft spot in your heart for?
  49. Childhood show that you still enjoy to this day?
  50. Guilty pleasure song?
  51. Favorite youtube video?
  52. Favorite order from a fast food restaurant?
  53. Real life brotp?
  54. Most anticipated new show?
  55. Most anticipated movie?
  56. Would you date someone 5 years older than you?
  57. Best kisser you have ever kissed?
  58. Do you hate boybands out of spite or because you genuinely do not enjoy their music?
  59. If you could have your memories of one tv show wiped so you could watch it for the first time again, which show would you pick?
  60. Something you used to hate but slowly came to love?
  61. Ship you wish would have taken longer to get together?
  62. Ship that took too damn long to get together?
  63. Favorite kiss to watch?
  64. What is the story of how you became friends with one of your best friends?
  65. Something that makes you think about life/have existential crises?
  66. Favorite Tyler Oakley collab?
  67. Smell that reminds you of a certain time in your life?
  68. Have you ever participated in a spontanious, collective singing of Bohemian Rhapsody?
  69. Weirdest substitute teacher encounter you have had?
  70. Character you are most emotionally attached to?
  71. Have you ever changed your url?
  72. What is the latest you stayed up before going to sleep/napping?
  73. Was there a summer where you got significantly more attractive?
  74. Ever played spin the bottle? How did it go?
  75. First R rated movie?
  76. Favorite superhero movie?
  77. Celebrity you would would want to cuddle and do cute things with?
  78. Celebrity you honestly just want to bang and nothing else?
  79. Whose smile makes you smile?
  80. Something that you were excited about but didn’t live up to your expectations?
  81. Ever known someone in real life who got Longbottomed?
  82. Natalie Dormer or Scarlett Johansson?
  83. Favorite text post?
  84. Which celebrity has the most contagious laughter?
  85. Something you really want to buy right now?
  86. Do you usually tumble from your bed or a chair/couch?
  87. Do you consider yourself a flirt?
  88. Song that the radio ruined for you?
  89. Fastest song that you know the words to?
  90. Do you know the names of the 1D boys?
  91. A time when a teacher or professor used you as an example for something?
  92. Favorite novel you had to read for school?
  93. Favorite youtuber?
  94. Band that you would want to be besties with?
  95. Favorite song lyric and why?
  96. Can you read an analog clock?
  97. Do you turn Spotify on private or leave it for the world to see?
  98. Fandom that you aren’t a part of but still reblog posts of?
  99. Weirdest interview you have ever watched?
  100. Time when things did not go how they were supposed to but it ended up being more fun than whatever was planned?