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Mod Kohina here, with a giveaway offer for you! Thank you for 300 followers~!

You can win: ANY MAGICAL ITEM UNDER $30 (including shipping)

The item must be something related to magic, but other than that it could be anything, from tarot cards to a cauldron, to runestones. 

To enter, simply reblog this post!


~ I will do this giveaway by getting you to add an item to your amazon wishlist and buying it for you, so you must have an amazon account and be willing to share your wishlist with me

~ You must be following @teeniewitches

~ You must have messaging enabled on your blog so I can message you if you win (I will PM from @littlewillowwitch )

~ You must not be any of the communities in the DNI

This post will be up until 3rd of June, then I will use a random number generator to pick a winner! Good luck young witches~!


  • You have to be currently following me or follow me! (i will check >:0!!)
  • Reblog and like to enter!
  • If you win please pm the reference of you character!
  • Please don’t follow then unfollow immediately after the raffle is over.
  • each person who reblogs will only be entered only once!


  • original characters or fictional.
  • shippings.
  • minor gore.


  • nsfw.
  • mecha.
  • animals/furries (except characters with animal parts!).
  • detailed character designs.
  • overly detailed gore.


I will use a random number generator to choose the winners!

I’ll announce the winners on May 7 and also the same day the raffle will be closed! I will send the winners a PM, if they don’t responds back in 24 hours I will choose another winner!  

Get to know me meme

J.CRules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 people you’d like to know better.

I was tagged by @legit-min-yoongi-trash-tho thank youuu x

Nicknames: Mr. Emma, a passive aggressive babe from my boyfriend and kid.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Thesickseagoatone

MBTI type: All cause I did the test last year and I can’t remember what I got

Height: I’m like 5′3 but that’s wishful thinking

Time: 20:45

Birthday: 14th January 2000

Favourite bands: Jeez, can anyone even answer this question? ….. Radiohead, Foster the People, The 1975, Red Velvet, Bts,Tame Impala, Exo, Arctic Monkeys, Niravana, BIGBANG,The Neighbourhood, Years and Years, Red hot chilli peppers, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Twice

Favourite solo artists:  The Weeknd, Childish Gambino, HEIZE, Troye Sivan, Kendrick Lamar, tbh Harry Styles and his new album can fuck me up, DEAN, Luna, J.cole, Gdragon,

Song stuck in my head: Twice - Signal cause did you hear that fucking pre-chorus? 

Last movie watched: Baby Driver and I was attracted to the soundtrack more than Ansel Elgort

Last show watched: Arrested Development

When did I create my blog: October 2015????

What do I post: ABSOLUTE UTTER GARBAGE Pretty Korean boys and girls and fanfics x

Last thing I googled: Bing is underappreciated and it’s your fault sweetie x

Do you have other blogs: Nah x

Do you get asks: Ye, I get asked to continue my fics a lot but idk man ;’)

Why did you choose your url: Cause I was an edgy teen and wanted to combine two edgy songs. Pm me if you know what they are. ;)

Following: 719

Followers: 542

Favourite colour: Blue can fuck me up but we’re all special in our own way so love all colours out there x

Average hours of sleep: 24

Lucky number: 7 & 13 cause I’m basic af

Instruments: I’m untalented af so none? I’d like to play piano though I probably never will :’)

What am I wearing: Ae$thetic t-shirt and my new jeans that are supposed to be petite but are still too long

How many blankets I sleep with: Just my duvet ;););)

Dream job: To speak all the languages and have that be my job

Dream trip: Seoul probably but Milan would be cool. Or Barcelona. Or Vienna. Or Budapest. Or you know anymore that isn’t my own country?

Favourite food: ;);););););););) Blackberry Mojito Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbucks

Nationality: Irish

I’m tagging: @eternalrainofmyspotlessmind, @lady-planetaerium, @love2laughlive2love , @koreapopyume, @btsmvs, @stellaahong , @hollixox @minyoongj , @majestic-mooshroom , @chocolatechipkookiies 

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Wyatt and Miguel

 Miguel took the bear and tucked it under one arm, shaking his head a little.  "You do too much for me,“ he murmured,ducking his head.  They were far enough away from the Heights that Miguel didn’t feel apprehensive about slipping his hand against Wyatt’s.  "I clean up nice, right?” he said winking.  "You looking pretty fine yourself.“

“thank you. I washed my hair and put on deodrant and shaved my face,” He said. He smiled when he had his hand with Miguels. “Wow, someone is .. i like it.” He tugged his hand to go on the train. He sat back and looked up at the ceiling. “You came. I swear I didnt think you would.”

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They say that if I let it get to me, you win. So you win.
(12:31 PM.)
If I blocked you from my phone, I’d always wonder if you ever changed your mind about me; I’d always wonder if you ever tried to call.
(5:36 PM.)
You win, you win, you win.
(5:40 PM.)
It’s one minute later, and you still win.
(5:41 PM.)
I’m so lonely and you’re the only boy I’ve ever loved who treated me like I was worth something.
(5:42 PM.)
I don’t miss you, I’m just lonely.
(5:42 PM.)
But the whole world could be screaming I’m beautiful, and I wouldn’t hear it unless you were chanting it out along with them.
(5:43 PM.)
But I don’t miss you.
(5:44 PM.)
I think I just want to tell you that we can’t be together. I just want the words to roll off my tongue and into your ears, as my head falls on your shoulder; and you’ll tell me that you know.
(5:45 PM.)
You’ll tell me that you’ve always known, we were doomed from the start, but you tried anyways for a girl like me.
(5:46 PM.)
Tell me these things and I swear I’ll be okay.
(April, 29th, 5:47 PM.)
But of course you won’t.
(5:49 PM.)
And of course, you win.
(5:57 PM)