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here's my receipt: harry went to louis' xfactor performance. harry was mia for every single promo event louis had for JHO. Louis skipped a promo event on Harry's bday. Louis has been mia all week while harry has been prepping for his snl show. :D

Damn spill that tea ☕ 

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Erwin looked GODLY in this episode, that stubble *_* it was animated even better than i hoped!

I have to agree with you Anon.  Beard!win was everything I could have hoped for and more. I know there’s been some Discourse about the beard, and quite rightly so,  Beard!win is serious business!  Some people expressed a preference for more beard, but I’m inclined to think that the beard was perfect and I approve of the fact that Erwin looks exactly like he does in the manga. 

One of the reasons I loved the fine beard is that I tend to headcanon Erwin as being quite hirsute, but because he’s so fair, you only really notice it when you get right up close and personal which only Levi is allowed to do.  In fact me and @birbwin​ wrote a teeny ficlet about this once :}

From this distance, the distance from the bed to the mirror, Erwin looks entirely hairless; smooth and flawless like the marble statues Levi once saw in the halls of Mitras. As he lies in the Commander’s bed and idly watches his morning ablutions, Levi quietly envies and adores his flawless perfection. But he knows that as Erwin turns, just so, the light will catch the fine strands of gold that dust his arms, his thighs, the darker blonde scattered across his chest, the thick trail tracing down his belly to the dense tight curls where Levi loves to drag his fingers and press his lips.

I mean holy hell, will you lookit him! 

PS Is it dumb that the idea of Erwin having “animated stubble” made me laugh? :}  

1) If you play the game and lose, your memories will be erased. Everything you’ve ever experienced - everything that makes you who you are. Gone. Just… gone. 

2) If you win, you live forever. But you can’t leave the Bridge. 

3) If you win and leave the Bridge, you’ll remain immortal - but all of your memories will be erased.

roger + immortality for @voiceoflightcity and an anon

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the anon telling us to chill is the one who needs to chill tbh, the more awards exo wins the better obviously, it makes both exo and us exo-ls happy so why shouldn't we want to win the everything? winning awards is also proof that exo is still relevant you know, we don't want SM to throw them aside since they've already debuted a new boygroup... also this is an exo blog so you can't expect us to not be far up their asses

Im them coming to the most obnoxious baekhyun blog telling me to not be obnoxious

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Do you think there is still a chance for us to win best fandom ? I've been voting as much as I can these last few days and it's kind of depressing to see them leading with 49% and us 46% (Also THANK YOU for everything you do for the bellarke fandom )

don’t feel that way, trust me.

Whoever is voting is doing the best we can, we just need more people, Maybe?

if we can win? I honestly have zero idea? Cause we have 3 days to go, that’s a lot, a lot can happen in 3 days. That’s like… as if today was the first day of Bob’s poll.

What i do know is we overcame a gap much much bigger on bob’s poll on the night before we won, so yes it’s possible, if that’s what you’re asking me

we just need the people.

what i also know is we got like 486524895742 categories to take care off, also in 3 days. 4365974654o fandoms to watch out for. So don’t beat yourself up because of this one category. Okay?

And thank you for the kind message :)

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Hi!! I love your stories! The way you write and in my personal opinion get the characterization just right for H and D is phenomenal to read! I was wondering are you going to make a play list for How to Win? I really enjoyed the one you made for RoD!

😍😍😍 you’re great this is great everything’s GREAT, I just don’t even know what else to say. Heart eyes all around, Anon!

and yes I have the early makings of a playlist, and I’ll probably post it next week?? possibly??? I feel like sometimes the songs I choose contain spoilers for future plot (lol, you’d probably have to really read into it to recognize that) so sometimes I hold off until further into the story

MYTH #14: There are just as many abusive women as abusive men. Abused men are invisible because they are ashamed to tell.

There certainly are some women who treat their male partners badly, berating them, calling them names, attempting to control them. The negative impact on these men’s lives can be considerable. But do we see men whose self-esteem is gradually destroyed through this process? Do we see men whose progress in school or in their careers grinds to a halt because of the constant criticism and undermining? Where are the men whose partners are forcing them to have unwanted sex? Where are the men who are fleeing to shelters in fear for their lives? How about the ones who try to get to a phone to call for help, but the women block their way or cut the line? The reason we don’t generally see these men is simple: They’re rare.

I don’t question how embarrassing it would be for a man to come forward and admit that a woman is abusing him. But don’t underestimate how humiliated a woman feels when she reveals abuse; women crave dignity just as much as men do. If shame stopped people from coming forward, no one would tell.

Even if abused men didn’t want to come forward, they would have been discovered by now. Neighbors don’t turn a deaf ear to abuse the way they might have ten or twenty years ago. Now, when people hear screaming, objects smashing against walls, loud slaps landing on skin, they call the police. Among my physically abusive clients, nearly one-third have been arrested as a result of a call to the police that came from someone other than the abused woman. If there were millions of cowed, trembling men out there, the police would be finding them. Abusive men commonly like to play the role of victim, and most men who claim to be “battered men” are actually the perpetrators of violence, not the victims.

In their efforts to adopt victim status, my clients try to exaggerate their partners’ verbal power: “Sure, I can win a physical fight, but she is much better with her mouth than I am, so I’d say it balances out.” (One very violent man said in his group session, “She stabs me through the heart with her words,” to justify the fact that he had stabbed his partner in the chest with a knife.) But abuse is not a battle that you win by being better at expressing yourself. You win it by being better at sarcasm, put-downs, twisting everything around backward, and using other tactics of control—an arena in which my clients win hands down over their partners, just as they do in a violent altercation. Who can beat an abuser at his own game?
—  Lundy Bancroft, Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

“Think you can beat me now?” Gibbs teasing lightly, his hands in front of his face like a boxer.

You stood in the same stance, apprehension stirring around in your stomach. “Hell yeah.” You answered, and round 8 began. Or maybe it was 9. You’ve lost count at how much Gibbs had pinned you. ‘All in the sake of learning;’ whatever.

Gibbs smirked and you both started making your way towards each other. He flashed out a punch, to which you blocked easily. In return, you tried to punch at him, but Gibbs took your wrist and redirected it, looking to trip you. But you were ready. Your other arm went up and hooked around his neck, pulling him down with you. He had you pinned again, sure, but you brought him down as well.

Gibbs sat on top of you, trying to take control, but your leg was over his. So, with some twisting around and strength you didn’t know you had, you were able to flip the man onto his back. “I win!” You praised.

His started to chuckle. Technically, you did win. Both your legs were on either side of his, hands locked around his upper arms, making it difficult for him to move. Just as he taught you. Gibbs smiled and shrugged. “Only because you’re straddling me. Looking for a kiss?”

His words made you blush deeply, and taking advantage of your fluster, Gibbs was able to free himself. “Don’t lose concentration!” He scolded, but now, you had everything but concentration.

Requested by Anon~

Exo’s Reaction - You Playing Need For Speed Rivals

Hey! Here you go my lovely anon! <3


Xiumin - *He’d question you on what you’re doing and what was the aim of the game. When you allow him to play with you, he always thought it be awesome for you to win until he got into it then it would be his turn to win*

Lay - *He loves games himself but he may have never played this ever before so it’s the first time for everything so he’d end up crashing alot and accidentally knocking into your car, apologizing constantly and leaving you to carry on your game, admiring you* 

Kai - *He’d be eating food when he turns to see you playing and asks you to let him play, you pass him the other controller as he puts his food aside and sits next to you, making running commentary as he’d head to head with you* 

Suho - *He’d quickly search up what the goal of the game was and once he had done so, he’d challenge you but would end up bribing you into letting him win teasingly*

Kyungsoo - *He’d feel bad at first for winning against you who was the pro at the game but as you play against each other more and more, he smirks to himself of how much better he was getting*

Tao - *Half way through a game, you needed to go to the toilet so you paused the game and went. Tao being left alone, he’d unpause it and race ahead you then pause it again, acting all innocent when you return*

Chen - *He’d tickle you and other things to try distract you but when that didn’t work, he’d loose anyway and he won’t stop bugging you to give him cuddles because he deserves them as he tried his best*

Kris - *He’d have time to spare after doing some work and decides to try win against you and being the pro you are, he’d moan because you keep winning and ‘this ain’t his style’ would be used alot*

Chanyeol - *He’d act stupid and crash into things and you while playing but when the game was coming to an end, he’d kick your ass and win. He’d die laughing of how you thought that he couldn’t win but you were wrong*

Baekhyun - *He’d think of tac-tics to win, tricking you and other ways he could think of but it would backfire and would end up having his car being smashed by the end *

Sehun - *He’d get more childish as you continue to have rematches, one after another and would end up kicking your ass everytime. He’d rub it in your face and you scold him which makes him worse*

Luhan - *It’ll be a casual gaming session and you were sharing the winning position everytime until he starts winning more and you teasingly call him a cheater and as you carry on calling him one, he’d actually take offence* I do not cheat! *gif*


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Exo Scenario - Winning Baekhyun

(Basically this anon asked for a scenario where you are constantly bullied your own family about your weight and compared negatively to your perfect twin sister who you think will win over Baekhyun’s heart (whom you love) because she is perfect and skinny and everything you are not.)

Well anon first I want to thank you for your patience!! College orientation is quite the bitch when it comes to free time and its been hard making time to write so as a reward to you for your continued patience this scenario is EXXXXTRA long and hopefully everything you asked for!! Thanks for the request!!

Exo Scenario - Winning Baekhyun

It didn’t make any sense. Their logic, their reasoning, their reactions. You worked harder than she had ever had but it didn’t matter. Your twin sister was everything you were not: pretty, skinny, successful, loved by your parents in every way possible, and on the verge of getting the guy you had loved with every fiber of your being for as long as you could remember.

It didn’t make sense, but you believed them.

You let them push you down into this well of despair where you were never good and enough and you believed them because they were your parents, your family, your friends, and surely they knew best, right?

“Yah! Y/N! You’re spacing out again! Can’t you ever focus long enough to get your work done?” Your lovely sister who bared the same face and same hair but completely opposite body scolded you. You had been quizzing each other for your midterms. Midterms that meant absolutely everything because their results would decide whether or not you made it into the medical school of your dreams, or any medical school at all. It was the same for your sister.

“Sorry, I just was thinking about dinner next week, and getting to see Baekhyun again finally.” You lied, trying to hide your true thoughts about her and your parents.

She scrunched up her nose, “You’re never going to pass with those types of thoughts, Y/N. You should really use your brain more and think about these things, it’s there for a reason.” She didn’t even look up from her book and she made a mockery of you and tried her best to make you feel useless, incomparable to her. The same way your parents did every chance they could get. “Besides, daydreaming about Baek does nothing for you. You should know by now that he’s not interested in you the way you seem to be obsessed with him.”

Okay that stung just a little. Maybe more than a little. Maybe even a lot. You didn’t let her see it though, keeping your face stony and blank, hating the negative effect she had on you. “I just meant I am excited to see him after we’ve been at college all this time and away from him. That’s all.” You tried not to sound defensive, but it still came across that way.

“Y/N. Stop kidding yourself. Baek doesn’t like girls like you who eat too much and aren’t particularly good at anything. You should aim a bit lower.” All the while she never glanced in your direction and didn’t see the way your face sank into a look of utter disbelief and the way your heart seemed to visibly sink to your stomach, everything in you turning to disappointment and sadness, because someone somewhere was forcing you to believe her. To understand that she was right, despite how much you wanted to scream that she was wrong.

“Okay, onto the next question…” She flipped the page and began and you could only swallow the lump in your throat and the hurt in your heart as she carried on, oblivious to the worlds of pain she had just convicted you to.

Midterms came and went and the semester ended without much acknowledgement as students filtered back to their homes for a well deserved break. But you, just before your first dinner home which coincided with Baekhyun’s visit, you received the best news you could have ever asked for. The news that would blow your parents and sister’s mind. News that would finally set you apart from your sister once and for all and make everyone see that you were just as good as her all along.

You got ready for your dinner at your parents favorite restaurant that was severely overpriced and served tiny portions that couldn’t possibly be worth as much as they made you pay for them and tried to imagine the looks on their faces when they realized you had finally outdone your twin. Maybe they would try to play it off like no big deal, and that’s when you would know that you had finally done it.

Glancing in the mirror you tried not to feel completely dissatisfied with what you saw as your sister came and joined you in the bathroom, inspecting her own reflection. You studied yourself and then her, easily spotting the differences that set her apart from you. Her dark hair was full of body and luscious, especially when it was arranged in soft the waves the way she had done for dinner, while yours sat limply over your shoulders, pin straight and unfamiliar with the word ‘volume’. Her waist was paper thin along with the rest of her, giving her the ability to wear just about anything and make it look good while your waist, although thin, spilled out into curvy hips that were accompanied by a chest that you were sure could never be considered attractive. And her stature. Her stature was one of total confidence and oozed seduction but also professionalism while you, your stature was just you. Nothing really to describe there as far as you were concerned. Other than, perhaps, the way that your shoulders seemed to slouch under the weight of the comments that had been slung at you all your life.

As the two of you made your way downstairs, you were met by equal looks of joy and disgust.

“Oh darling! Is that a new dress? You look simply stunning!” Your mother exclaimed at your sister, twirling her around and pulling her close to whisper, “Baekhyun won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you tonight.” They giggled together and you took a long and deep breath, knowing what was coming.

“Y/N, seriously? Couldn’t you have tried a little bit harder? You look just ridiculous there is nothing suitable about that dress.” You had seemed to make your father instantly angry with your wardrobe choice, but looking down you couldn’t understand why. The dress was black and sleeveless, the collar coming up to your throat. Although your huge hips and bust made the dress a little too snug it was perfectly acceptable for the restaurant you were planning to attend. You had even tried to humor them by wearing your sister’s nude heels that she had commented would be ruined by your large and chubby feet and a nice necklace.

“Honey, it’s fine. It just gives Baekhyun even more incentive to only have eyes for her sister. After all she is the perfect wife for him.” Your mother told your father, refusing to even look in your direction.

“Well there’s no time to change now anyway. Let’s get a move on we’re meeting Baekhyun at the restaurant.” Your father asserted before heading towards the door.

“I have some exciting news when we get there.” You told your parents quietly, their backs to you.

“Me too!” Your sister chimed in and they seemed to react to that.

“Oh wonderful I cannot wait to hear all about it.” Your mother looked enthusiastically in your sisters direction. Typical.

Excitement stirred deep within you as you tried to imagine how Baek might have changed in the last few months on the way to the restaurant. Baekhyun and his family had been close friends to your family for a very long time since way before you and your sister were born. You grew up together, the three of you, and he seemed to be the only one who understood what it was like to have so much pressure placed on you living in your sister’s shadow. You always saw him as your older brother, someone you could rely on when everyone else just seemed to exist to put you down. You had always loved him dearly that way, and it wasn’t until you turned sixteen, and Baekhyun, eighteen then, was on his way to college and a new life far, far away from you, that you realized you had fallen irrevocably and completely in love with him. You weren’t quite sure when exactly it had happened, but you knew in that moment that he hugged you deeply and strongly before climbing into his car and driving away that you had been in love with him that way for quite some time. Your heart sped up as the entrance to the restaurant came into view and you could see his familiar tall silhouette off to the side, waiting patiently. It was always this way, and it always would be because you could never have him, not when he was meant solely for your sister.

“Baek! It’s wonderful to see you!” Your father pulled him into an embrace and clapped him on the back as he climbed out of the car and handed the valet the keys.

“And you too sir! I’ve missed you guys so much, especially with my parents being overseas.” Baekhyun gave your father the biggest smile, running a hand through that caramel colored hair that had not changed in the slightest, his eyes reflecting every ounce of happiness within him. Then he extended a hand to your sister as she began to climb out of the car ahead of you. His eyes seemed to sparkle when she intertwined his fingers in her own before pulling him into a long hug. He laughed at things she whispered in his ear and seemed to scan her face over and over again as she pulled away and remained inches apart from him, close enough to remove the distance in less than a breath.

Everything inside of you seemed to sink like a boat that had been capsized and had no chance of being saved. Your heart felt like it had been crumpled up into a ball and thrown into the nearest waste basket to rot and be forgotten. He looked so happy to be in her arms. He had never looked at you like that. Maybe your parents were right.

On shaky legs you climbed out of the car on the other side, realizing no one was about to help you of the car because you had been forgotten once again. You stumbled slightly, unsteady in the heels you had snagged and instantly regretting the decision to wear them. When you made it around to the other side, you saw that your parents had already continued on ahead followed by your sister and immediately began struggling to catch up with them.

But something stopped you. A hand had caught your wrist and whirled you around in a dizzying flurry. Breathless, you looked around for your captor and were instantly pulled under by the dark pool of Baek’s melting eyes that seemed to sparkled like pieces of the universe. Your breath caught as you stared at him, words leaving you completely.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked softly, his voice warming you from your head to your toes. The familiar symphony of it like landing on a shore after being stranded at sea for months.

“Inside.” You replied breathlessly, trying to stop the way your eyes seemed to flick towards his lips every few seconds.

But before you could think he had swept you up into his arms, pulling you tightly and fitting his head snugly into the crook of your neck where it seemed to sit perfectly. It felt like home and it send electric sparks all throughout you that made your toes curl in pleasure as you gripped him tighter, terrified to let him go.

“I missed you.” He spoke softly, his words like a whisper of air against your skin. Before you could reply and tell him that you missed him more than he could have ever possibly missed you, he pulls away and begins to drag you towards the entrance.

“How many?” You heard the hostess ask.

“Four.” Your father replied.

“Oh, you aren’t with them ma’am?” She asked me, gesturing to your family and you who were about five feet apart.

“Oh, Y/N. I forgot you were here. It seems there are five of us then.” Your father grumbled unhappily and you had to fight the urge to laugh hysterically at being unwanted and forgotten by your own father. You already felt so low from the way your sister kept knocking her hand against the love of your life’s suggestively that everything about your life just seemed comical at this point.

You made sure to order the exact same thing as your sister so that your parents wouldn’t embarrass you the way they always did when Baek came to dinner and call you out for eating too much and say you were overweight to begin with.

“So Baekhyun, how is life treating ya? Your job still good?” Your father grilled, eager to talk to his almost son.

Baekhyun’s reply was easily as enthusiastic with an added kick of cheeky which was one of the things you loved most about him. “Yes sir. It’s paying the bills. Wish it would pay for a bit more though, if you know what I mean.”

“And are you beginning to think about settling down? Finding someone to start your life with?” Your mother pressed, you could almost see her and your sister sit forward in anticipation.

“When I find the right girl for sure.” He replied, not giving anything away.

“I bet you the right girl is sitting right next to you.” Your mother teased and your sister gasped audibly.

“Mother!” She shook her head in embarrassment and Baek looked at her, their gazes lingering on one another for a few seconds too long, allowing for your sister’s embarrassment to fade away and be replaced with boldness.

You couldn’t feel anything besides the hot tears that collected in your eyes fast and aggressively, making them glaze over just like the rest of you as you stared unseeingly into your lap. The food was brought out then and you tried to blink back the water that covered your eyes in a glassy dome. With shaky hands you began eating, not thinking or feeling, just eating the food in front of you and trying desperately to block out the words that continued. Mostly the ones that involved your sister being the best wife there could ever be.

It didn’t make sense. You were the same in almost every way. You were both going to be doctor’s. And that’s when you remembered.

“I have news.” You said suddenly, setting down your utensils and looking up into the surprised eyes of your parents.

“Oh yes so do I!” Your sister exclaimed, immediately capturing the attention of everyone at the table. “I got into medical school! My third choice!” She told them excitedly and every single one of them, Baek included, began collectively freaking out and congratulating her. You smirked in your seat. Harvard had been her first too. She had only gotten into her third. You had gotten into Harvard medical school and she hadn’t.

But you could never be that lucky.

“Y/N. Why aren’t you congratulating your sister?” Your father demanded, seeing you sitting there quietly.

“You didn’t get in did you?” Your mother guessed, “I knew you would never do it. I mean you eat like a pig for gods sakes!” She gestured to your already cleared plate, clearly digusted, “How can someone as unhealthy and overweight as you become a doctor? You should never have thought that you could.”

Somewhere in the middle of her little rant your mouth must have dropped open but you couldn’t quite recall when. You were so humiliated and dumbfounded that you just sat there, frozen, the news you had wished to share stuck on your tongue. Your eyes seemed to find their way over to Baekhyun’s which were completely unreadable as they stared back at you. His chin quivered like he was trying to say something, but you didn’t give him the chance to.

“Excuse me.” You said, pushing away from the table and racing out before they could say anything else to shatter you further, as if you weren’t already in a million pieces scattered all over the goddamned floor. Rushing out the door you were met with a blast of cold air that seemed to shake you back into your body as you turned the corner of the building and leaned against the freezing stone. Sliding down to the sidewalk you took shuddered breaths in an effort to calm yourself but before you knew it you were sobbing uncontrollably and wishing you could just disappear completely from existence.

These people were supposed to love you, so why did it feel like they were trying so hard to knock you down and make sure you never got back up?

“Y/N?” The familiar melody of his voice slammed you back to reality and you looked up to see him crouched in front of you, a concerned look on his face, and a bit of hurt too.

“What are you doing?” You cried through streams of tears, your voice coming out in choked sobs, “Go back in there. Marry my damn sister already so that you never have to consider looking at someone as ugly and fat and completely unremarkable like me.” There was so much anger behind your words, anger that shouldn’t have been directed at him but at the moment had no one else to be directed towards.

Through the tears you watched as Baek’s expression changed from one of hurt, to anger, and then to confusion. “How could you ever think those things about yourself?”

“Because that’s what they tell me! That’s what they’ve always told me. I’ve spent my entire life living in my sister’s shadow and she finally succeeded. She got the one thing that I wanted more than life itself.”

Baekhyun placed a light hand on your knee and leaned closer, threatening your air supply. “You know you can always apply for medical school again next semester.”

You laugh humorlessly at him. “I’m not talking about medical school.”

His brow furrowed at you and he raked a hand nervously through his hair. “What is it, then.”

Biting your lip you wondered whether you should say it. Knowing you had already lost him to everything that you were not you plunged forward, not caring in the least anymore. “You. I wanted you and I couldn’t even have that. Not when I look like this.”

You watched as Baekhyun’s expression changed to understanding and then…something else? Something you couldn’t quite pinpoint but that rendered him speechless and left his mouth hanging open.

“Just go, my perfect sister is waiting.”

You looked down in your lap as a fresh set of tears began and you felt everything inside of you go completely and utterly numb.


The tone of his voice startled you into looking up and what you saw there changed everything. His eyes were shining with tears of his own and there was the biggest smile you had ever seen on his face as you clutched both of your hands in his own. “I’ve been waiting so long for you to say that.”

And then his lips were against yours in a flurry of sparks that had you drawing him closer despite your confusion and guardedness. You had never felt so alive, so far from the chains your parents had created that you felt totally free while still being held in his arms. It was everything in a simple action and exactly what you had been waiting so long for. He was on his knees now, leaning over you to deepen the kiss and when he finally pulled away he touched your foreheads together so he could stare deeply into your eyes.

“Y/N, I never cared about your sister. It’s always been you for me, for as long as I could remember. You are not fat, or ugly, or unremarkable so don’t you ever say those things about yourself again, especially in my presence. You are gorgeous and curvy and beautiful and so so smart and unbelievably remarkable. I love you, I am so in love with you and not a single day has gone by where I didn’t feel that way.”

New tears were streaming down your face now but they were the good kind. This Baekhyun, this was the one you had fallen in love with. The one that was fearlessly passionate and adorable and everything you could ever ask for.

“How can you mean that?” You ask unsurely, afraid to let yourself fall.

“Because to me, there has never been anyone else in the world but you. Please stay with me, forever. I don’t care about what your parents think or your sister. I just want you.”

He was so earnest and real and you felt yourself nod, laughing slightly through the tears, “It’s always been you too. I just want you, Baekhyun. Always.”

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hope you enjoyed!! let us know what you thought!!!




-Lisa (Who starts classes tomorrow >__<)

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I just wanted to thank you for posting the adulting wins/fails (and everything else too), but I like the wins/fails the most because the fails make me feel like I'm not alone and the wins inspire me to do better. Thanks for being a great human being and helping others!

Thanks for being such a great anon & leaving messages! I love the wins/fails, too, because they allow me to connect with my followers a little bit. I love being able to share in your wins and cheer you all on. And I generally find the fails pretty amusing, as well.

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