you will still get crap from people on the internet and in person

I don’t understand why every time there is a police shooting of an unarmed person (something that happens with alarming regularity) ,who possibly committed a crime, weird buttheads on the internet say stupid crap like “well if they weren’t living this high risk lifestyle this wouldn’t have happened”. I don’t give a damn if they were tip-toeing in their jordans cartoon thief style with armfuls of jewelry; if they were not armed, not fighting back, and in no way a threat to the life or livelihood of that police officer- THEY SHOULD NOT BE SHOT. There are serial killers who still don’t get the death penalty, definitely nobody deserves it for misdemeanor theft or buying weed. Oh, the suspect was fleeing from the scene? Tough shit Officer Bill, guess you’re going to need to find them later. AND NOT IN A DAMN MORGUE. I’m just so tired of there being a new hashtag every week in memory of decent people (if not law abiding), who aren’t even allowed to be mourned properly before they are trashed by the media and compassionless dipsticks on the interwebs.