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Sing For You // Hong Jisoo


the prompts: (1) whenever I think of joshua i get this “boy next door” feel. but maybe have it where joshua or the reader has just moved to the neighborhood and the reader hears joshua play the guitar near his bedroom window and he starts to notice her and play songs that convey his feelings for her. (2) personally i would love a joshua scenario with a flirty josh and oblivious reader cuz!!!! why not!!!

words: 3834

category: fluff

author note: he’s not that flirty in this like maybe a subtle flirt. anyway this is for my older sister, for her graduation gift. I’m proud of you, you loser, and I hope you like this scenario. (good luck choosing between joshua and yuta now muahaha)

- destinee

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When you and your family moved into that ugly green two-story house at the end of a cul-de-sac, you assumed there would be no one your age to hang out with. It was the summer after you graduated high school, and you were pleased to spend it leisurely, doing nothing but catching up on the latest Netflix series available. You would start working as soon as the summer was over, and so your goal was to spend as much time as you could enjoying being lazy.

The bedroom you chose was at the end of the hall on the second floor, far away from your parents’ room. There, you could watch Netflix on your laptop day after day, without a care in the world at who was outside (or inside) of your house.

Your mother was sociable, and always on the prowl for new friends she could chat with. That’s how she found Mrs. Hong, who conveniently lived next door along with her son, Joshua.

To say Joshua Hong was cute would have to be the understatement of the century, since he was downright princely in every sense of the word. Luckily, his bedroom seemed to be right across the yard from yours, so you were able to see him from time to time whenever he opened his curtains. He never seemed to notice you when he sat on his window seat to play his guitar. Sometimes, he would crack open his window and you could hear the experimental twang of the strings as he learned new melodies and songs. That wasn’t very often, though.

Usually, Joshua had friends over, and they would play in the in-ground pool in his backyard. You found out he had handsome friends too, and lots of them. Sometimes they picked him up in a beaten up old van. It obviously didn’t fit thirteen boys, so you always watched in amusement as Joshua would squish into the trunk with a few other boys. They were a wild bunch, and loud. They were the soul reason you bought noise-canceling headphones.

Some days, when you didn’t feel like Netflix or the internet, you would watch Joshua and his friends hang out, since it was rather comical to see them playing around. Especially when they had sleepovers at Joshua’s place. Apparently they were fans of truth or dare, unless Joshua really did have a boyfriend named Yoon Jeonghan, as he had shouted out for the neighborhood to hear one night. That was the first time you ever heard him speak, funnily enough. His voice was soft.

Soon, Netflix became boring to you as July found it’s way into the year. You found yourself at your window seat more often than not, watching Joshua as he fiddled with his guitar. He was quieter alone, away from the the hustle and bustle that his friends offered. With his and your windows cracked open, you could hear his gentle voice as he sang a familiar song. Without realizing it, your eyelids began to droop as you leaned against the window pane. Joshua’s soft voice sang you to sleep that night.


She is the sweetest thing that I know…“ Joshua sang, ”you should see the way she holds me when the lights go low. Shakes my soul like a pot hole, every—dang it!”

He exhaled in frustration as he once again messed up the simplest of chords. Where there was a D, he had played a C. He had never messed up something like guitar chords. He could play a song by ear if he wanted to, as he had been playing since he was in middle school.

He blamed you. Ever since you had moved in a few months ago and he saw you going out to collect mail, his mind hadn’t been the same. He found it cute how you would give the mailman a wide smile whenever he brought a package for you. Often times he didn’t even have to wonder very long what it was that you were so happy to receive, as you would open the package right there in the front yard. He got to see your interests, which mostly consisted of miscellaneous fandom merch or something even stranger like a box of food from who knows where. Although once, you received a tin of cookies and Joshua had considered introducing himself right there just to take a few of those chocolate chip treats home with him.

The point was, Joshua found you rather interesting and pretty, but he was too shy to actually strike up a conversation with you. His mother told him a lot about you, because according to your mother you were always watching Netflix shows or making strange conditions in the kitchen.

Joshua had the developing desire to keep learning about you. He wanted to know more about you, outside of your mother’s opinions and his observant assumptions. However, he wasn’t very outspoken when it came to girls. In fact, he barely even talked to them in high school. Even now, in college as a struggling music major, he didn’t really talk to girls. He was too shy and uninterested. He had his entire life to find someone that made his heart race. For now, he just wanted to hang out with his friends. Your moving right across from him sort of wrecked that plan, however, as now he found his heart racing every time he saw you outside.

As he repositioned his fingers to play the song again, he glanced out the window, towards your house. His curiosity for you was quenched when he realized your window was right across from him, and you were sleeping against the partly-open windowpane. He quirked a smile at your sleeping form.

Had you heard him singing? The thought flustered him, as he wasn’t sure he sounded good. Sometimes he just fooled around on his instrument, and it probably sounded stupid. He wondered how many times you had heard him singing his heart out to Ed Sheeran songs. Then, he cringed as he remembered his favorite activity to do when he felt bored was to freestyle his own raps for whatever reason. Perhaps you would find them funny. That would be a plus, right?

Whatever you had heard, Joshua was going to make sure you heard only the best songs from him. From then on, he kept a mental note that you could be listening to his songs.


You were awoken bright and early the next morning, to the usual legion of boys shouting and yelling.

Did they not know it was morning?

Splashing was quickly heard along with loud voices, so you sat up begrudgingly and looked at your phone. You groaned, Who went swimming at the crack of dawn, anyway?

They were disrupting your precious sleep, and so it was only logical that you would disrupt their precious fun. As desperate times call for desperate measures, you got out of your bed and grabbed the Nerf gun that lay in the messy underside of your bed. After finding a spare dart laying around, you crept over to your window seat and hid behind the decorative throw pillows you had set on the cushions. You pushed open your window and aimed for the first boy you saw near the pool: a tall, dark boy busy slathering sunscreen on his shoulders. You pulled the trigger and grinned as your target met it’s mark.

“Ow! Wh—” he turned around quickly, and locked eyes with you.

You squealed in alarm and ducked behind your cushions.

“Joshua! Your neighbor just shot me with a Nerf gun!”


You peaked your head over your throw pillow and watched as Joshua pushed himself out of his pool and walked closer to your house, his brows furrowed as he looked at your window. Then, he opened his mouth without a sort of Aha! expression. “It’s really early. My mom told me her parents were on a trip so I just assumed she was with them. We should keep quiet.”

You sighed in relief as all the boys seemingly agreed and got out to get some sun instead.

If you were honest, you might have watched the shirtless boys tan for just a bit longer before returning to your bed.


Cause I know that I let you down, but is it to late to say I’m sorry now?“ Joshua strummed his guitar rather recklessly to the Justin Bieber song.

His thoughts were that if he couldn’t speak to you, then he could very well sing to you. At least from his bedroom. He still felt guilty for waking you up on a Saturday at six in the morning. So he thought of the only semi-apologetic song he knew the chords to. If that was Justin Bieber, it would have to do.

He could see you even now, with your head against the windowpane, listening to him. You seemed to be listening casually as you scrolled on your phone, occasionally stopping to double-tap. When he stopped singing and playing, he chuckled softly because you had peeked up and looked over to his window, wondering why his voice had cut off abruptly. He quickly put his head down and waited until you went back to your phone before he looked at you again.

Was there a sort of unspoken communication between you two? He would sing and you would just listen along?

Joshua bit his lip in thought as he mindlessly strummed random chords. Maybe he could sing for you every night.

Before he could begin another song, his mother called him to help her make dinner.


He went downstairs into the kitchen, where his mother was busy tossing a salad. “Can you cook and cut the chicken for me?”

“Of course,” Joshua said, moving over to the fridge to grab the chicken.

“What happened this morning?” Mrs. Hong asked as they both worked together. “I was drinking my morning coffee, listening to you guys play in the pool and then all of a sudden all the noise just stopped.”

“Oh, well apparently Y/n didn’t go with her parents on that trip, and we woke her up. She shot Mingyu with a Nerf gun to let us know that we were being too loud.”

Mrs. Hong giggled and shook her head fondly. “Maybe you should invite her over. She might be lonely during dinner.”

Joshua groaned and turned to narrow his eyes at his mother, “Are you trying to set me up?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Mrs. Hong shrugged her shoulders coyly, “but it would be nice for her to come over and you two to meet properly.”

“I don’t know…” Joshua mumbled, his ears turning pink at the thought that his mom might embarrass him before he got to even properly talk with you.

Mrs. Hong rolled her eyes. “I won’t bring out the baby pictures, just go and invite her over before she starts microwaving pizza pockets or something.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” Joshua sighed, making his way out the back door.

The walk from his house to yours felt rather slow for him. Especially since his legs seemed like lead, and his feet were dragging with anxiety as he thought of seeing you face to face.

He stood in front of your pea-green home and lifted his fist, knocking on the creaky screen door.

He heard quick footsteps from inside, and then the door was swung open. It was you, with a bright smile on your face until you saw him. Your smile quickly turned down in disappointment. “Oh. I thought you were the delivery man with my clothes.”

Joshua scratched the back of his head, “Ah… Sorry. I’m Joshua Hong from next door.”

“I know who you are,” you said sweetly. “I’m Y/n Y/l/n.”

“Yeah. Um, my mom wanted to know if you wanted to eat dinner with us? Since your parents are out and everything.”

“Oh!” You looked genuinely surprised. “I’m sorry, but I’m going out on a date with this guy from the mall. I don’t have his number to cancel or anything.”

“Don’t cancel!” Joshua said hastily, ignoring the frantic and nervous beating of his heart as he thought of you going on a date with someone else. “If you’re going on a date then go! Have fun,” he laughed awkwardly and turned on his heel, marching down the stairs towards his home.

He walked into the kitchen, his stomach turning as he saw his mother’s hopefully face. “Is she coming?”

“No,” Joshua sighed, going to take the chicken out of the oven. “She has a date.”

The two of them agreed not to talk about you any longer, as Mrs. Hong could sense the melancholic tone in her son’s voice. He was a bit hurt, but he wouldn’t mention it as he sat down to eat with his mother.

The two of them sat down and prayed before digging into their light dinner, easy conversation distracting Joshua from his worry about where you might be going and what you might be doing on your date.

The loud honking of a car suddenly jolted the two. Poor Joshua had been drinking water as it happened, and so he accidentally spilt some of it down his thin t-shirt.

“Go see what that is,” Mrs. Hong told him, her eyebrows furrowed in worry that there might’ve been an accident in their neighborhood.

Joshua obeyed and walked over to the window over the sink, dabbing his shirt with a paper towel as he did so. He peered out the window to see a sleek black car in your yard, honking. Suddenly your door opened and you came outside, your hair flying behind you as you ran over to the car.

“It’s her date,” Joshua informed his mom, “He didn’t even ring the doorbell.”

Mrs. Hong rushed over and tutted, shaking her head. “Where’d she pick him up?”

“The mall,” Joshua said spitefully. “What guy picks up girls at the mall anyway?”

Mrs. Hong patted him sympathetically on the shoulder. “Why don’t you go call it a night?”

“M'kay,” Joshua said softly. “Thanks Mom.”


You returned home later and tossed your bag onto your bed. You plopped into your window seat and sighed. Your date had been a jerk, and after flirting with the waitress, he had made you pay for the entire meal (which wasn’t any MacDonald’s by the way). After that, he tried to initiate a make out session in the front seat of his car, to which you politely declined.

You opened your window slightly, hoping to hear some of Joshua’s singing. You wished you had just stood the jerk up and stayed with Joshua and his mom. You were sure that dinner would’ve reaped more benefits than the one you had been on.

You heard the sweet melodies of a Shawn Mendes song, followed by Joshua’s soft voice. ”‘Cause I know I can treat you better than he can, and any girl like you deserves a gentleman…

You suddenly looked up and met Joshua’s gaze for a second before he finally looked away, still singing.

Had he played that song for you? Did he know that it was a botched date or was the song just a coincidence?

Either way, you grabbed a blanket and curled up in your window seat, letting Joshua’s voice lull you to sleep.


The next few weeks were rather quiet, save for Joshua’s nightly songs. Each night was a different love song, and you liked to listen to them as you feel asleep, imagining he was singing to you. It wasn’t like the two of you hadn’t ever talked, but the words were nothing more than greetings from him, and occasionally his friends, when they saw you outside.

Your parents had returned, yet they were still put most of the time, working. You spent the morning cleaning up the house, and had finished well before noon. Out of boredom, you decided to make cookies.

After a few hours, you were surrounded by cookies and cookie dough, your music blaring loudly with whatever random Spotify playlist you had chosen. In your excitement, you hadn’t realized that you had made literally fifteen dozen chocolate chip cookies, and there was no way to eat them all.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of yelling and hollering outside. The boys! You could give them each a dozen to take home and you’d still have two dozen left.

With that decided, you put the cookies in individual ziplock bags and stuffed them all in one of your mother’s oversized grocery bags. You turned off your phone and pocketed it before leaving the house.

The boys were all near the pool again, as they had been since the early morning when you started your chores. With a few steps, you were outside the pool gate, opening the latch and letting yourself into what looked to be an intense chicken-fight competition. There were nine boys standing at the pool edge with their backs to you. They hadn’t noticed your presence, as they were too busy cheering on the four boys in the pool. You snuck beside one of them to see Joshua sitting on the shoulders of the boy you had shot with a Nerf gun just a couple of month ago. His hands were linked with another boy’s, and they both were straining to push the other off.

In the excitement of the other boys’ cheering, you played along. “Go Joshua! Take him down!”

Joshua froze at your voice, allowing the other boy to shove him into the water. Each of the boys turned to look at you, and the one in the pool was the first to speak, “It’s Nerf girl!”

Joshua resurfaced and pushed his bangs off his forehead. “Y/n?”

“Hi, Joshua,” you said with an awkward wave.

The boy you had shot spoke again, “Don’t think you’ve gotten out of the punishment, Shua. Jeonghan won so he gets to flick your forehead.”

All of the boys agreed, and so Joshua and the other three boys pushed themselves out of the pool. Joshua walked over to the towels and quickly wrapped one around his shoulders before making his way towards you. “What are you doing here?”

You shrugged and held up the bag. “I made too many cookie so I thought I would share. There’s a bag for each of you.”

Suddenly, Joshua’s punishment was forgotten as each of the boys scrambled to get their bag of cookies. They each thanked you, but you could hardly reply after seeing their handsome faces up close. When there was only one bag left, you pulled it out and handed it to Joshua with a soft smile. “Here you go.”

“Thanks, Y/n.” Joshua scratched the back of his head, “Do you want to come swimming?”

The thought of Joshua seeing you in your swimsuit made you blush, but it was hot outside and you were bored. “Sure. Let me go get my swimsuit.”


Joshua thought his ears were going to absolutely burn from the heat that crept up them. Your bathing suit made you look even more stunning, and Joshua was finding it hard not to stare as you smiled and laughed with the other boys. Everyone was taking a break to eat their cookies, which were no longer separated by dozens, but instead passed around and mixed up until nearly all of them were gone by you and the thirteen hungry boys.

“So, what’s it like living next to our Joshua?” Jeonghan asked you with a smirk as he leaned back into the lawn chair.

Joshua groaned, a cookie in his hand. “Guys… don’t bother her.”

“It’s okay,” you answered Jeonghan, ignoring Joshua’s pleas. “When you guys aren’t waking me up, that is. Actually, when you guys aren’t over at all, it’s quite pleasant.”

Jeonghan rose his eyebrows, “Hear that, Shua? She likes it when you’re the only one home.”

“That’s not what she meant—” Joshua started, but he was quickly cut off by all the boys’ suggestive cooing.

“Leave him alone,” you said, your own cheeks aflame.

Joshua found it endearing that you were sticking up for him. In fact, as the day progressed, and he talked more with you, he felt absolutely enamored with you to the point where he wasn’t sure he could hold it in any longer.


After you showered and cleansed all of the chlorine off of your body, you made your way to the window seat. As you dried your hair with a towel, you listened for Joshua’s song through your cracked window, ”Leave this blue neighborhood, never knew loving could hurt this good, oh, and it drives me wild. ‘Cause when you look like that, I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad, oh, it drives me wild. You’re driving me wild, wild, wild…

The thought that he could be singing to you crossed your mind yet again, and before you could stop yourself, you pushed open your window and hung your head out. "Hey, Joshua!”

Having been staring at his guitar, he jumped when you called his name. The song stopped abruptly, and Joshua turned to see your head out of your window. “Yeah?”

You sent him a smile, “Can I ask you something?”

Joshua opened his own window all the way so he could hear you better. As he retuned his guitar to keep his nervous fingers occupied, he replied, “Shoot.”

“Are you playing those songs for me, or is it just a coincidence?”

Joshua’s eyes widened as he realized that you had caught on to his act. He cleared his throat, “A–Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

As he played his new song, he heard your laugh as it echoed across the way. “Joshua, stop! I wanna talk to you!”

Reluctantly, Joshua did stop. “Yeah. Okay, well, I guess I like you but I didn’t actually know how to convey it. I was sort of hoping my songs would charm you into liking me too.”

You smiled brightly, “Oh, they did. Especially those freestyle raps you sang about how much you wanted tacos.”

Joshua laughed nervously. “You heard that?”

“Yeah,” you answered, “It was cute, though.”

Joshua stared at your confident smile for another moment before biting his lip. “Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow night?”

“I would love to, as long as you’ll keep singing for me. I expect a rap about how much you enjoyed our date as well.”

“You got it,” Joshua said. “Any requests before I head in for the night?”

You hummed in thought before replying, “How about Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis?”

Joshua’s cheeks turned pink. “Oh. That’s a good one. Okay. Right. Cool. Let’s go.”

He began to sing, and once again you curled into your window seat, listening to his soft voice conveying not only your feelings, but his own as well.

~the end~


author: chrevastan
word count: 2153 (oneshot)
characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader College!AU (Fluff)
warnings: none
A/N: This is my entry for @theassetseyeliner‘s AU Writing Challenge. I had so much fun writing this. Thanks for letting me participate, Erin! :)
Prompt:  “Why are you so dramatic and keep coming in through the window?”

Originally posted by seabasschino

“I’m giving you one last chance, Miss Y/L/N. If you don’t earn a satisfactory mark in this test, I’ll have no choice but to fail you.”

It had been a week since your grade consultation with one of your program’s most feared instructors, Professor Phil Coulson, but no matter how hard you tried, you still couldn’t rid yourself of your bubbling anxiety. You’ll never forget how intimidated you felt when you arrived at his office that Friday afternoon. He didn’t even bother to hide the disappointment at the steady decline of your marks.

Truth be told, you were disappointed at yourself too–because, what the hell, you were the third most outstanding student in your class, and you would’ve been the first if it weren’t for Stark and Banner. You were doing fine halfway through the semester but somewhere along the way, you began to neglect your academic performance.

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Fuckboy! Kim Jaehwan

masterlist can be found (here)

Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

“When you love something, it loves you back in whatever way it has to love.”

  • Jaehwan is the type of fuckboy who gets dump by others
  • He is the lead singer of the super popular rock band in his university
  • He always has a crowd cheering for him whenever he performs
  • He will flirt with literally all the girls who managed to get backstage tickets
  • They get infatuated really easily with his smooth lines and sweet voice
  • Even if he serenades them with the exact same song and uses the same greasy pick up lines
  • He has a reputation of changing girls quickly
  • One day it will be Chungha, the next week it will be Naeun
  • But rather than him dumping them
  • The girls are the one who breaks up with him
  • Why?
  • He’s the literal definition of a hot mess
  • His apartment is so MESSY and let’s not even talk about his locker at school
  • Dishes are piled in the sink, there’s a mountain of laundry that isn’t touched and the sofa is covered in dust
  • Dating Jaehwan comes with 99 problems
  • He never gets his shit together as his assignments are all undone on his table
  • So the girls usually dump him as they become fearful when they noticed how different he is from the glamour of the stage
  • To be fair, the girls don’t really say why they broke up with him
  • They sort of want to brag they dated the ‘dream boy’ of their uni
  • It’s a bit embarrassing to reveal that they dated a hot mess
  • So they make up stories saying that it was because they had something on
  • You live next door to Jaehwan but you knew nothing about your neighbour
  • All you knew from the landlord that he was a boy around your age
  • This person was never home and when you first moved in, you left cookies outside the apartment
  • Two days later, you had received a box of chocolates with a bright yellow post-it note saying 'thank you’
  • You do hear music playing once in a while and the occasional whiff of ramen
  • But you have never spoken to him
  • One day you had come home at 4am after staying up all night studying for a really important quiz
  • You also had to finish up a group assignment since your groupmates literally did nothing but you couldn’t afford to lose 5% off your grade
  • You were drained to say the least as you also had to climb 5 flight of stairs as the lift somehow broke down the day before
  • Once you reached the 5th floor, you literally sat on the stairs since you were so exhausted
  • That was when someone held a can of coffee to you
  • You were like is this a ghost????
  • But Jaehwan laughed and introduced himself as your next door neighbour and told you he saw you and thought you needed it
  • You were shocked that this cute boy infront of you was the neighbour whom you have never met before
  • And the fact that he was apparently leaving at this hour???
  • But he continued saying that he was heading out for band practice and left you as he climbed down the stairs
  • It took you a few cups of coffee later to remembered that your neighbour was Kim Jaehwan

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Christmas Cookies!

Hi guys,

in honor of my favorite time of the year - Christmas - I want to spread some joy. What says joy like cookies? Right?!

I will be baking my first batch of Christmas cookies this Saturday and I thought hey, why not send out some of them to my awesome tumblerinos! 

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I’ll be shipping internationally so anyone can join in!

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*allergy and dietary info: wheat flour, eggs, butter, almonds, traces of: anise, allspice, cilantro and well, the sugary stuff you put on top :) *

Hello Neighbour

Characters: Tony x Reader

Summary: Living next door to Tony Stark is, unsurprisingly, a little bit of a nightmare but how much could you take before you are seriously planning to sneak in and murder the inconsiderate ass in his sleep?

Word Count: 2041 words

Prompt “You’re my new neighbor, but I know you’re stealing my wifi to watch porn. Can you not?”

A/N:  This is for @bionic-buckyb and her fabulous challenge.  Thanks for the prompt sweetie. xx

You weren’t usually a passive aggressive note kinda person and as you found yourself scribbling yet another post-it note for the inconsiderate asshole who had moved into the apartment next door you let out a frustrated growl.  It had started innocently enough.  The wonderful, amazing gay couple that you adored moved out into a gorgeous, much larger condo and you had waited the arrival of your new neighbour with a little trepidation but general hope.  You had been at work when they moved in and upon entering the hall you’d had to climb over several boxes just strewn about the place with a frown.  It was okay though, perhaps they were moving in by themselves and with the parking restrictions had to get everything in the building as quickly as possible.  You got how stressful moving was so you let it slide.  When the thumping bass caused your bed to vibrate so much it woke you at 3am you had simply taken a steadying breath and tried to focus on the fact that your new neighbour was still unpacking at this hour and deserved your pity, the music was probably just to keep them awake to finish what they could.

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Lana Del Rey for Le Parisien (France - July 2017) after Lollapalooza Paris

A rough translation of the interview, which was originally translated in French so a few things might have been lost in the process.

Interviewer: You just came off stage… In what state of mind are you?

Lana Del Rey: Tonight, I’m happy. When I looked at the crowd, it was crazy. I thought I’d sing for 10 000 people but there were 40 000. That’s a lot of people!

Int: Tonight, once again, you took the time to come down the stage and greet your fans…

LDR: When my first album came out, I sold a lot of copies but the critics weren’t good. I always keep in mind all those people who supported me from the beginning. I used to make songs for myself to enjoy. Now, I make them so that people can appreciate them.

Int: Your fans often offer you gifts. What’s the weirdest thing you ever received?

LDR: I don’t usually take the food, but I got cookies. Underwear… that I don’t always keep. But I keep all the letters, I could make an album of it.

Int: Do you have a special bond with the French public?

LDR: Definitely! When my first album came out, I felt like an important artist with the journalists here, I’ve got great memories of the Olympia… I was always understood.

Int: Since the recent terrorist attacks in France, do you feel something different?

LDR: I was a little nervous coming her. But, I’ve been to London where crazy things happened. And I live in California, an hour away from San Bernadino where a lot a people were killed (14 dead, 2 dec 2015). It’s terrifying, we live in a strange era and everybody’s affected everywhere.

Int: You new album just came out…

LDR: I love the energy of it… There’s something new, even if it’s not a complete turnaround, there’s more light. This album is less tragic and dramatic.

Int: You worked with The Weeknd on the track ‘Lust For Life’…

LDR: He’s fantastic, I met him in 2011. He was always very curious about what I did. His voice is perfect. In the studio, he reminds me of Michael Jackson, even if it’s risky for me to say because everybody loves MJ.

Int: Your universe is also very inspired by David Lynch. Would you like to work with him?

LDR: Yes, I would love to! I never met him.

Int: The song ‘Is it the End of America’ is very political…

LDR: It is a comment on the current cultural change in the US. It’s been a year and a half since people started to ask during dinners ‘should we move to France?’

Int: You seem more concerned about the defense of women’s rights…

LDR: There were inappropriate things said in the white house, it made people uncomfortable. It was also about the question of closing Planned Parenthood. My friends are single women with kids. They have partners but they have to support themselves. And these organisms are very important for them.



Happy Holidays everyone!!

Here’s some gift for you my lovely fans for keep on supporting me and stayed with me through years! I hope you’ll enjoy some baby Wreckers enjoying christmas & glorious holidays too~!!

Also! If you haven’t read Wrecker babies’ story, better read it now!
Story build up by me & @rungs-eyebrows​ just for you★

Roddy’s part here received a rock for his present for eating their Christmas cookies without Kup’s permission, so it turns out just to make him learn haha, but not to worry! Kup gave him a wonderful gift after he received the stone UvU*

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Enjoy your holidays guys!!

Boy Next Door

Originally posted by hyungnu

Shownu definitely felt an immense form of attraction from the minute he moved in next door to you. But for the love of god please stop baking him cookies. 

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: it’s in a different style of writing than usual and also in his POV,, so i hope thats okay. 

Shownu had been talking about you with his roommate, Minhyuk for roughly an hour. But there was something hilariously absurd about the conversation. It might have been because they didn’t actually know your name and only referred to you as the person living in room 316. Or maybe it was because they insisted on whispering even though there was no possible way that you, their neighbor could hear them unless they were screaming at the top of their lungs. But most likely it was because for the past sixty minutes the topic of conversation remained solely on the fact that neither of them could think of a way to ask you to stop baking them cookies.

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A Taste of Heaven

Relationship: Bucky x Reader 

 Summary: sometimes getting baked isn’t a bad thing

 A/N: written for the lovely @ipaintmelodies (I hope you like this)

 Warnings: fluff and baking 

 Words: 1,196

“Natasha?” you called out over the gentle holiday-themed melody humming through the room, your body stayed turned to the nearly prepared cookie batter. 

The team wasn’t meant to be home for another half hour and they’d discover your surprise if they walked in now to the sweet scent of baking cinnamon and sugar. Bucky’s gravelly voice answered, wrapping his arms around you, “no such luck." 

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Ever since you were little your Grandmother would provide you with cookies each week with instructions to: Never Share The Cookies With Anyone, Eat At Least One Cookie A Day, Tell No One. This time instead of the cookies arriving, you receive a package with the recipe and a warning.

"Who do you want to be?"

*inspired by a tweet that I came across last night showing something that ksoo wrote in BWCW😁*

“Okay, kids. You can all go home if your guardians are already here to pick you up,” Yixing dismissed his students as the bell rang. His eyes landed on Kyungsoo who meticulously packs his things back into his Pororo bag and remembered that he wanted to ask him something.“Kyungsoo-yah, can you come here, please?”

5 year-old Do Kyungsoo wondered why Mr. Zhang called for him. It is going home time, right? He looked up confusedly on his teacher and saw him smiling. It looks like he won’t be scolded. Seems like Chanyeol kept his promise to not tell on him pulling on Chanyeol’s ear.

It was his fault for teasing Kyungsoo, anyway.

The toddler left his bag on his seat and obeyed his teacher. Mr. Zhang crouched down and kneeled in front of him so they can talk face to face. He smiled at Kyungsoo again and the kid giggled cutely.

“Is there something wrong, Kyungsoo-yah?”

“Sorry, Mr. Zhang. Your cheek gets a deep hole when you smile! Yeollie has one too. He looks funny! ”

Chuckling, Yixing ruffled his student’s hair playfully. “It’s called a dimple, Kyungsoo-yah. Do I look funny to you?”

“No, Mr. Zhang! You are handsome! Just like Nini.”

Then, Yixing remembered.

“Actually, Kyungsoo-yah, I called you because I have a few questions about your answers to our activity yesterday.”

Kyungsoo’s face fell and his lips pushed out in a pout. “Did Kyungie answer wrong, Mr. Zhang?”

“No! No, you didn’t, Kyungsoo. I’m just curious.”

Kyungsoo tilted his head to the right, his eyes widening a little bit more than normal. Yixing pulls out Kyungsoo’s worksheet from his desk and laid it in between them. He pointed on the first question and asked, “Who is Jjangu, Kyungsoo-yah. Why do you wanna be like him?”

“Oh!” Kyungsoo clapped his little hands and his chubby cheeks were pushed up because of the big smile he has on. “Jjangu is Nini’s dog, Mr. Zhang. And I want to be like him because he makes Nini smile always! He gets to play with Nini always! Kyungie wants to make Nini smile and play with him always too, Mr. Zhang.”

Amused at the confirmation of his suspicion, Yixing reached for his treat stash and took two cookies and gave them to Kyungsoo. The toddler’s smile grew bigger as he received the cookies with two hands.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhang but Kyungie can only eat one,” he pouts slightly. “Eomma says Kyungie can only have one cookie a day.”

“You give the other one to your best friend and eat it together. I’m sure he likes cookies.”

In fact, Yixing knows because he has seen Kim Jongin, or Nini, go thru a pack when his brother, Yixing’s best friend, invites him over to their home.

“Yes, he does!” Kyungsoo exclaimed in excitement. “Nini likes cookies but he said he likes Kyungie the most!”

“Okay, okay. You can go now and meet Nini to give him his cookie,” Kyungsoo rushed tonhis seat right away to get his bag but went back to bow and say his goodbye to his teacher.

Yixing gets up from the floor and picked up Kyungsoo’s worksheet where the answer to the question “Who is your favorite person?” is ‘Nini❤’.

He hopes Mr. and Mrs. Do aren’t the jealous type.


What I posted on Facebook earlier, more stuff tomorrow.

Okay I know Facebook is the worst place for me to do this on but I need to just let everything out.

As you may or may not know, one of my favourite youtubers have decided to leave a certain group.

I will not be discussing my opinion on this, however I will mention that I am mostly upset but I am angry.

I am not angry at the youtuber but all of the hate he has been receiving. Like telling someone who legit had a physiological breakdown to kill himself or that he’s worthless or that his 6 months off was just a scam, that is just terrible. Like utterly disgusting and you should be ashamed.

I know I wasn’t going to mention my opinion but I will for this section. JJ (KSI) removing himself from the SDMN wasn’t heartbreaking or emotional but more a shock. A shock that was so unexpected as he was literally acting as if they were a perfect friendship group. I personally think that this wasn’t this thinken through. Like everything that has gone on with JJ in the last 6 months must have been great for him. I understand that but now he shall receive hell. Because when you break a little bit off of that cookie, everything seems to be gone.

I do not hate JJ and I never think I will but I hate the current situation he’s in.

If you say someone is your idol and then proceed to tell then that you hate him is what I like to call an oxymoron. Doesn’t make sense does it? If you are saying that Tobi and Simon and Ethan etc. are going to be irrelevant than you have a shock bigger than this coming.

If you take a look at the pictures you will understand how much the fandom is currently upset but if you are going to be a pack and go for a lone wolf, at least be gentle.

More on my tumblr soon (nearenoughangel)

Rant over Xx

GoChi: “I won!”

It was supposed to be for the “GoChi week” but I was terribly late. Still, here it is! A small drabble of their “first time” (♡°▽°♡).

@redasuki @kairi-yajuu @cozymochi

«Chichi, come on! It’s all pointless!
«Shut up! I won’t take my words back!»
Goku sighed heavily. Sudden gusts of anger from his dear wife have become quite common. Mostly the reasons for this behavior was quite understandable - Goku himself was to blame and he understood this. He always listened to Chichi’s tirades stoically, getting what he deserved and promising “not to do it any more”. But today was different. Today, Chichi seriously called him for a battle! When did they last have a fight? On the Tenkaichi Budokai? A whole year has passed since then! Why did she want to fight so suddenly? Is it revenge or something?
«You won’t change your mind, will you?» Goku asked just in case.
«What are you, a scumbag?!» Chichi snorted.
Goku sighed once again and took the stance.
«Okay, if that’s what you want»/
«And don’t you dare to give in!» and Chichi charged with this battlecry of hers.
And immediately she made it clear that she should be taken seriously. She was quick, agilate and accurate. That surprised Goku. When did she manage to improve her skills so much? He didn’t remember that she was so strong on Tenckaichi Budokai.
However, despite the fact that Chichi caught him off guard, the blood in Goku’s veins boiled happily. His heart pounded faster, and a satisfied smile spread across his face. Goku did not fully understand where were such strange sensations coming from . It was all too new for him. But he, no doubt, wildly enjoyed this all-encompassing sense of delight, filling from the tips of his toes to the shaggy top of his head like a mountain stream. And this aching feel of tenderness in his chest from the mere glance at the beautiful and determined face of his wife made his head spin.
Their battle lasted almost all day and none of them was going to give up. Several times, Chichi almost managed to knock Goku off his feet, but he managed to dodge. A couple of times he even counterattacked, and Chichi skillfully parried his attacks. From the side glance it was like a strange but full of passion dance.
However, everything ended completely differently than Goku had expected. While getting carried away with the fight, he didn’t notice the stone sticking out in the ground and stumbled, followed Chichi with him and they rolled off the hill.
When Goku recovered after the fall, he found himself lying on his back, and Chichi sat on his belly, taking a breath. Her face, lit by a red sunset, bordered with her disheveled raven hair, sparkled with triumph.
«I won!» she declared proudly.
Goku blinked a couple of times, digesting what he heard, and laughed heartily. She won indeed! She laid him on both shoulder blades! And there is no point in blaming the stone of his defeat: luck is an important pledge of victory as well.
«And I lost!» He smiled. «Well done, Chichi».
«And you doubted?» Chichi proudly raised her nose with her arms crossed over her chest. But she inadvertently squeaked when Goku sat down and hugged her around the waist.
«But Chichi, it’s a bit unfair,» Goku frowned, pouting like a child who had not received a cookie. «Why didn’t you tell me you were training, eh? I would then joined. It’s more fund when you do it with a partner».
His words suddenly made her blush. For some reason, his heart pounded faster than usual. How does she do it?
«I just wanted to surprise you,» Chichi confessed, looking away in shame. «Well … I also wanted a little revenge for the fact that you defeated me so easily on Tenkaichi».
«Revenge?» Goku was puzzled. «You was so hurt that I won then?»
«Not that hurt actually. It was my pride that got hurt a little. Before that day, no one had managed to defeat me in battle».
«Is that so?».
«But, you know, in fact, I’m grateful to you».
«If I had not been defeated, I wouldn’t have realized that I still have a lot of work to do. That there is still something for me to strive for. And I’m doubly glad that it was you who showed it to me. Now I understand a little more why you train so much».
His chest pleasantly hurt from her words, and his cheeks became hot. Goku grinned, scratching his head.
«You’re welcome, I guess?» He wanted to say something else, but Chichi’s soft lips, eagerly pressing to his own, forced him to lose all words. Something stike in his head, and something hot and pulling appeared in the bottom of his stomach. His hands involuntarily clamped Chichi in bear hug, and his tongue demanded entrance into her mouth.
It was like Chichi wanted to recoil at first, then Goku instinctively pressed her closer to himself. When she was limp in his hands and allowed him to deepen the kiss, euphoria gripped him.
In a moment the whole world disappeared for him. Everything became unimportant, meaningless, secondary. Everything except Chichi. Nothing mattered any more, except for her radiant brown eyes, the smell of wood in her hair, the soft skin under his calloused hands and her melodious voice, passionately whispering his name.
When the sweet dope dismissed him, it was already night. The stars glittered overhead, the cold ground pleasantly cooled the skin. Chichi peacefully snuffled at his side, all disheveled, but as beautiful as ever. Looking over her soft hair in his hand, Goku felt like he was the happiest in the world. As if he won not one but ten Tenkaichi Budokai in a row.
However, the hungry stomach demanded to stop this idyll and return home. Picking up clothes scattered on the ground, Goku wrapped Chichi in his gi, took her in his arms like a princess, and went to their home.
«By the way, don’t forget,» Chichi muttered sleepily as they were already standing on the threshold, «since I won, then cleaning the house is on you.»
Goku only grinned, cheerfully said “I won’t forget» and kissed his beloved wife on the forehead.