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Celestial Navigation--9/10
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In which, Coulson delivers surprising news (twice), Jarvis is his usual helpful self, Tony takes the initiative, and secrets are finally revealed.  Will these two crazy kids finally work things out?

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It’s a mystery!

adhd feelings

🔹*opens safari app and sees all the tabs* oh i should probably close these *goes to the tab to close it* oh but i might need th-

🔹i have listened to nothing but this song on repeat for the past week


🔹this thing is Fuzzy or Smooth or Bumpy i must run my hands all over it right now immediately

🔹that one mood where everything just feels like a long, drawn-out scream and its not even agitated or anything its just Scream

🔹screaming is an emotion

🔹i feel like a question mark

🔹listening to burnt rice by shawn wasabi so many times in a row that you end up accidentally disassociating


🔹playing minecraft for so long that you can feel things that most normal humans can’t feel and then realizing that it’s one am when you go to get water from the fridge

🔹the house: *asleep* me: Hello There


🔹the only thing i can focus on is how itchy this choker is but it looks very nice on me so i will Not Take It Off out of spite

🔹*absentmindedly gnaws on pen and only realizes when people stare at you weirdly*

i’ve been talking abt this with a friend but i’m kind of mad that emma stone won??? i’m so tired of her

i’m tired of white actresses taking roles meant for woc and then going on w/ their careers and winning awards with no repercussions!!! basically i will never forgive her for aloha (or scarjo for gits and lucy or carey mulligan for drive) 

people saying that what tord did in the end isnt much more than other atrocities the boys have committed in past episodes (zombeh attack, zanta claws III the list goes on) with a death count of 1 and 2 destroyed houses is kind of futile because the narrative is totally against tord in the end. i dont like it, but the show basically retconned him into being the devil on earth and it’s going to stay that way.
it sucks. it’s not the funny lighthearted tone of eddsworld it’s just pure miserable ANGST with a “haha look at this one off joke that still feels really bitter because we’re still funny ;)” it’s not just a legacy thing. other legacy episodes weren’t like that. i get a finale is supposed to feel somber but the end basically was 2 episodes dedicated to throwing tord in the incinerator and making tom the Cool Straight Man Hero Who Saves The Day (yeah, i know that wasn’t the intention of the episode but it still damn felt like it. turning one of edd’s close friends into a metaphor for the disease that killed him and “took everything away” without (i assume) his consent is goddamn sinister. characters are separate from the real life counterparts be damned)

i. i realized it wasn’t just another “bad day” when you screamed at a stranger and looked at me with tears rolling down your cheeks begging for something to give. “mom have you taken your medicine, did you take too much again?” “just enough,” she whispered.

ii. maybe i should’ve caught on when i walked in on you changing and saw all those cuts, god they covered every hidden inch of you. i was 15 and i didn’t understand that the demons you were fighting worked doubles.

iii. i was an idiot to not figure out that it wasn’t anything medicine could fix. you’re always so tired and your eyes are lifeless and bloodshot. you don’t sleep, i hear you pacing back and forth every night. i’ve been my own mom lately, i push myself and work hard but honestly i forget to eat and i get tired too, i give up on people because i watch you give up on yourself a little more each day. it’s not even fair of me to ask you to keep fighting because i know you don’t have the energy.

iv. i can’t ask you to love me because you don’t know how, i can’t ask you to come back because you’re still here- it’s just your heart that abandoned me.

v. you needed help but your reputation couldn’t handle the attention you’d get from leaving us for awhile so we watch you suffer but mom, i’m sick of you missing christmas and birthdays because they’re not the same without you being criss crossed on the couch next to me with a mimosa in one hand and a smile in the other.

vi. maybe, just maybe i should’ve realized that you were gone a long time ago. i’m so stupid, i should’ve gotten the memo when the pills got more excessive and the bottles started piling up. i should’ve manned up when you stopped chasing your liquor and stopped going to sleep but mom i was scared of what i already knew.

vii. i was scared to lose you so i watched from a distance and now you’re gone and i miss you and i hear you pouring up another one as we speak and i don’t even know if i should stop you or pour one too.

viii. i’m sorry that i didn’t realize you were sick and needed help but most of all, i’m sorry you were obligated to fight this fight alone because i hid from the truth. mom, i’m sorry that 18 years have gone by and i thought you were “just this way.” i’m sorry i blamed you for being ill. i will always be your little girl but mom i’m just tired of looking in empty eyes searching for someone who isn’t there.

// 2:44

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We'll miss you Tree

At around 6:30 EST I will be doing a live stream in memory of @coldlovetree

My Patreon will be in a “Donate” button so you can help Sai get over her grief. (Help her with school expenses and food so she doesn’t have to worry to much)

I’ll be coloring a comic for Tree and possibly doing some Patreon requests if the live stream doesn’t run on long enough.

Please, please, please try to show up and please reblog this post.

I want to help in any way I can.

Thank you all so much.

The amount of naughty bot blogs I had to block from last night is unreal, with their no profile picture and button mashed blog names.  Go away bots, I don’t know where you’re popping up out of the wood work all the sudden the past few weeks on each new post but you’re making me scared to click on reblogs there’s just so, so many of you.  Will they ever leave us alone….

Voting for March Banner!

(Thanks again to the anon who made the suggestion for themed months!)

This month is going to be revolving the Republic Senate.

If you want to take a look at our other banners for example, look here: [x]

Here are the choices made by our group:

  1. Padme Amidala
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  3. Halle Burtoni
  4. Bail Organa
  5. Riyo Chuchi

Comment, reblog or send us an ask on who you want to vote for!

Voting will be ongoing until 2/28!

how can people cry “FETISHIZATION!!!!” immediately at the fetishization of non-Asian POC but are completely fine with sexualizing k-pop stars all they want, have entire blogs dedicated to shipping them in real life, borderline stalk them into their personal lives, and treat them as if they were gods just because they’re asian as if that doesn’t count as fetishization, too? 

do you not think Asians count as a race that can be fetishized? or is it because “i’M POC TOO!!!!!!!!” as if your experience with oppression means that you can contribute to the oppression of another group? that you’d target another race with the same thing you despise people doing to yourself? or is it because you’ve called yourself a weeaboo/koreaboo so much that it’s lost the original meaning behind the word where it was meant to be a label on people who fetishize asians? that you’ve been contributing to the fetishization of Asians for so long you don’t realize that what you’re doing is fetishization?

just admit you don’t care about the fetishization of Asian people if you pull this sort of thing, at least you can say that you’re honest about it and let people know they should avoid you.

*crosses ankles*  Soooooo, folks, I’ve got a bit of a message for all of you.  People have said it before and they will say it again, but apparently some people just can’t read or make a logical conclusion, so historian me is going to go on a rant.

People who think that Amy (aka @wehrmxcht and her many blogs) is a Nazi are complete and utter idiots.  People who think that Reiner is a ‘woobified rebel’ are idiots.  People who think writing about Nazis is wrong are idiots.  I shall now explain.

Amy - while completely full of salt - is one of the more caring and accepting people I have met on this site.  She was actually the third person I followed.  Over the last few months, I have gotten to know her and I can say with 100% certainty that she is not a Nazi.  In fact, we’ve had long conversations about how bad it was back then and how we’re so grateful that we aren’t alive.  For the MILLIONTH TIME, AMY IS NOT A NAZI.  AMY IS NOT A FASCIST.  AMY IS NOT RACIST.  If you knew about some of her friends, you would know that we are black, white, middle eastern (that’s me, BTW, I actually might be Jewish soooo, ya know), gay, straight, trans, and everything in between.  So…. tell me, you people, please, how is Amy a Nazi?  She is and goes against everything that they stand for.  It’s just not possible!

And now onto Reiner…. Okay, so this is actually what pisses me off the most.  Reiner - while fictional - is based on real people who tried and gave their lives trying to stop Hitler.  Men like Stauffenberg, for example.  Men who realized their mistakes and tried to stop him.  Does that erase the fact that they went along in the first place?  No, of course not.  But BECAUSE THEY TRIED, THEY DIED.  Yes, they DIED TRYING TO STOP THE NAZIS.  So, give them some respect, the kind you would give anyone who tried to stop Hitler or the Holocaust or anything else of that regime because otherwise, Hitler still wins a little.  You know why?  BECAUSE HE TRIED TO ERASE THESE MEN FROM HISTORY.  AND YOU ERASING WHAT THEY DID?  SAME THING.

Finally, writing Nazis.  Okay, I personally do not do this - though my German character could be considered one, I suppose? - but I know why others do.  It’s not because they hold some fantasy about that era.  It’s because they’re trying to understand them for the most part, SO IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.  SO WE UNDERSTAND HOW THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN.  HOW.  And, also, I’m sure, to make sure we don’t forget just how bad it was SO WE DON’T ROMANTIZE ANY OF IT.   

So, please, especially you people who think all Germans are Nazis… go crawl back down into your little ignorant holes and read some history.  Maybe someday you’ll actually be adults and realize that mun does not equal muse and that it’s okay to write about bad things, including Nazis, murder, theft, etc.  BUT OH, DON’T SOME OF YOU ALREADY WRITE THE LAST TWO?

Just saw a terf with an icarly url…. just wanna let you know that i Carly was one of my favorite shows as a child and it’s a comfort show in general so I wanna tell you all of them are trans. All of them. Carly is a successful trans girl and spencer loves and supports her

Nevil is a gross terf and no one likes him and they all beat the shit out of him whenever he opens his Hell mouth

when will latinxs get credit for the shit we do, when will we get recognized for what we have created, when will latinx characters not be reduced to stereotypes? When will we stop taking roles that just make us just Spicy Latinas or Latin Lovers? When will we get noticed by content creators, and the media that we don’t all fit into just two categories of white passing, and brown that we have afro latinx too and that we are diverse as a culture too. When will I see latinx characters in media that aren’t just ambiguously or unambiguously Mexican, like do people not realize that there’s more to us than just that? When will I see a Colombian character that isn’t “”drug lord gangbanger””, when will I see bilingual latinxs or just latinxs in general in the media especially in fanfic use their bilingualism for other than just sexy times??