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Maybe, meeting you—it was like a first kiss. A kiss like how they described it in books and how they’ve shown it in movies. Something like music without its lyrics, only those beautiful melodies. Something that will make you think of your wonderful dreams. Something that made your feet move up from the ground, that it feels like you’re flying. It’s like magic happening in reality. Meeting you—it feels like being excited about something that’s going happen. It’s like something that gives you mixed feelings, yet in the end, no matter how much it made you nervous, you’re still glad that it happened.
—  ma.c.a // It Was More Than Nice

I actually really like the ending of Yuri on Ice, but they tried to cram so much stuff into the last few episodes that some of the things that happened seemed to come out of nowhere, which felt a little unsatisfying. As I’m nothing if not a diligent little english nerd, I’ve been doing some (unnecessarily deep) thinking about how to fix that and like. It turns out that if you just move some stuff around and maybe add some tiny things, everything makes so much more sense.

So anyway this is long and self indulgent, be warned:

  • at the dinner during episode 10, let’s add a little scene where viktor and the competitors are joking around and yuuri is watching them. a strange look crosses yuuri’s face, but since this ep is from viktor’s pov, we don’t get to hear what he’s thinking
  • viktor still goes out in the morning, meets with yurio, comes back to the room. but yuuri’s awake and sitting up on the bed. his back is to the camera
  • viktor’s like?? “yuuri??” and yuuri goes “viktor, after the final, let’s end this”
  • BOOM. the ep ends, and we still get the ED about the banquet. the contrast between the two scenes would have been killer lmao

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“It’s a universe where it’s a physical impossibility. Biological determinism. Ill fate.

Like a goddamn Greek tragedy.

Technically, it doesn’t change anything. Harry knows this. So why does it feels like everything has changed all of the sudden?

Why does he feel like every hope he ever had has been crushed? Hope for something else, something more.

The finality of it all makes his ribcage constrict.”

Where your heart is by @tvshows-addict and @anhcor

Thank you so much for this amazing, mind-blowing masterpiece! I was incredibly inspired by the fic, so I managed to put together this little drawing. I hope you like it! :)
Worst - Chapter 1 - Baneismydragon - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
In the wake of tragedy you can either lose yourself, or become stronger. Sometimes it's hard to see the truth of which path you have chosen, and we all see ourselves as the hero of our own story.
By Organization for Transformative Works

I can’t recommend this fanfic enough. 

It is wonderful. It is a character study on Gabriel Agreste, and probably the best out there. I love how it explores the thought process and pattern of self-justification that can lead someone down the darkest path.

Seriously, it’s masterfully written. I love it so much.

This Winding Road

Request from @helluvawriter: I forgot to send mine!! Can I get 53 and Cesaro because all Cesaro all the time!

53: “This is probably the absolute worst time to say that I love you, but I really do.”

Summary: Roadside brawls usually help no one, but in your case they provide an opportunity to make a confession to the love of your life… With mixed results.

Warnings: A little language and feelings galore!

Set before Cesaro and Sheamus win the titles.

Hidden Serenity reference too…

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If you have free time, read the Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ. Know who your messenger is, try to live the life he lived and grow to love him just as he loved you.

In celebration of reaching 1,000 followers, I’m finally making a follower forever!

I’ve never made one before, but this is a big milestone, so why not?

I’ll try to include as many people as I can on here, but if you’re not on here I’m really sorry and mean no harm!! I’m forgetful at times. I may edit this post and add someone I’ve forgotten every now and then!

Okay to reblog if you were mentioned!

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yoi fandom: *reads killing stalking"
yoi fandom: “omg so nasty you hets surely are gross, this is problematic, not like viktuuri which is perfect bla bla bla”

yoi fandom: *reads 19 days*
yoi fandom: “ew gross this is nasty and problematic, not like viktuuri which is perfect”

you fandom: *reads blood bank*
yoi fandom: “absurd! ugly! problematic! ABUUUUSEEEEE!!! it is not like viktuuri which is perfet bla bla bla”