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Request: One where he is very protective and a guy is catcalling you and tries touching you and he gets mad and punches the guy.


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Shawn closes the door behind you both and walks beside you down the street. He walks a few strides behind you, but you aren’t worried because you know he has long legs that can catch up to you in an instant.

This morning he whispered into your hair, “Y/N, do you want to go out somewhere nice with me today?” And you gladly agreed. He didn’t explain any further details of where exactly the ‘nice’ place is, but you don’t care because you love surprises – and Shawn always has the best surprises.

It’s the little things that Shawn does that make you love him more and more each day. The small gestures and touches you share: they really show you how special what you have together is. You’ve been dating for a while now, but every day he makes it seem like you’re discovering something brand new.

“Slow down, Y/N!” Shawn calls out, sounding quite out-of-breath as runs up to you panting. Laughing, he reaches out for your hand that’s swinging behind you backwards and forwards as you walk. You notice what he’s doing and playfully speed up your walking pace, and stop swinging your arms so he has to jog faster to catch up. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” He says to himself under his breath, still laughing at you.

The gap between you both widens and you turn your head round to look at Shawn and give him a small grin. You have no idea why he’s even struggling. He’s probably just pretending to make you laugh: he’s already told you so many times that it’s the best feeling ever when he manages to do that. Not a lot makes you laugh, yet Shawn makes you laugh daily.

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FIC: Miracles and Storms (Otayuri pre-slash)

This was meant to be a 5 Times Otabek Kissed Yuri and the 1 Time Yuri Kissed Him fic, but I’ve been such a slouch in the writing department lately. I doubt I’ll ever finish it, although you never know!

I decided to post the first part (”forehead kiss”), which can stand on its own, so here y’all go:


“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” Yuri mumbles into the thing he’s lying on. He’s almost positive he’s still in the bathroom stall, so it might be the toilet seat. With his luck it’s the floor. It doesn’t matter, not when it’s so cool against his burning cheek that it’s completely worth every strain of hepatitis he’s getting from it. “I’m here to win a gold medal and fight crime.”

“Yakov is looking for you.”

“Tell him I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Victor and Katsuki are looking for you, too.”

“Tell them I’m dead.”

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{ flower child | levi x reader }

Originally posted by jupiter-fox

Word count: 1744

You were that girl. The one that seemed to always be smiling, always happy and cheerful. Many pondered on the thought of you joining the Survey Corps, better yet, the military in general. But they couldn’t argue that you were a fierce cadet under that gorgeous exterior. In the beginning a lot of the cadets underestimated you due to your level of cuteness and your height but they quickly learned to get rid of that idea when the saw you in action. Many of the boys have sparred with you thinking it was going to be rainbows and cupcakes and they all got their ass handed to them. A lot of people compare your skills to Mikasa, some say even better, but you quickly dismiss the idea when you hear it.

You had a signature look. Everyone knew you were coming when they see the pretty flower crown resting on your (color) locks. Various colors such as red, white, lavender and yellow always seemed to be woven to perfection into your hair. The flower crowns, your pink lips, your big (color) eyes and the slight flush of pink that always seemed to be on your cheeks left the boys enchanted. But you honestly had no real interest in any of them.

Eren is cute but Mikasa would probably slit your throat. Jean is pretty handsome but he can be a little mean sometimes. Armin is adorable but he seems to be more into books than a girlfriend. Reiner can be a little …overbearing but his muscles are nice though. No matter what Connie says, he’s totally into Sasha. And Bertholdt is too shy for his own good.

But there is one guy that sparked your interest but he would never-

You were snatched out of your thoughts by someone taking off your crown. You turned around to see a very smug looking Jean. You stood up from your spot in the mess hall and tried to take it from him but he held it in the air.

“Jean, give it back!” You pouted. You tried jumping up to get it from his grasp but it was no use, you were too short.
“What do I get in return?” Jean said cooly with the same smirk. You tilted your head to the side with the face of confusion.

“Well, what do you want?” You asked in the cutest voice.
“I don’t know, Reiner. What do we want?” Jean said then tossed your crown behind you. You quickly turned around and bumped into another tall body. You looked up to see Reiner holding your crown high in the air like a prize.
“A kiss from the short, flower crown princess herself.” He said with a shit eating grin. You blushed a bit at his comment but continued to try to reach for your crown.

“Oi. Braun, Kirschtein. Do you two want stable duty while the rest of us have dinner tonight?” A low and stern voice asked. A voice that everyone feared but you seemed to get butterflies when you heard it. Captain Levi. It was so ironic how you had lovey dovey eyes for a man that was the polar opposite from you. Nonetheless, every time you saw him it made your day a bit brighter.

“No, sir!” They said in unison.
“Then give back her shit!” Levi ordered. His voice was almost like venom and it shot right through the boys. Reiner quickly gave back your crown and you had a satisfied look on your face as you placed it on top of your head.
“Thanks, Captain!” You beamed happily while giving him a salute. A piece of your hair fell in your face and you blew it away refusing to break the salute.
“Tch. Don’t let it happen again. I don’t have time to save your sorry ass.” He said before walking off. You felt a little discouraged but you quickly shook it off keeping in mind that he talks to everyone like that.

You sat back down and noticed Sasha and Mikasa were now sitting beside you. Mikasa in sitting across and Sasha to your left.
“What was that about?” Sasha asked before stuffing her face with bread.
“Jean and Reiner being meanies. Captain told them to stop” You replied.

“Maybe they just wanted to sport your crown.” Mikasa said quietly with a hint of amusement in her voice. You giggled lightly and started to eat.
“No, really (Name). Anyone would love to wear one.” Sasha said in between chews.

Your eyes lit up when you thought of a plan. A beautiful, flowery plan.

Later that day

You were so unbelievably tired. After a long day of training and chores you headed out to a field just outside of HQ with a basket. You sat there for hours weaving together flower crowns for every in the Survey Corps. No two crowns were alike and you did your best to correspond it to the receiver. You smiled to yourself as you put the final flower into the last crown you did. You put it in the basket with the others and soon heading back to base.

The Next Day

Levi woke up feeling shittier than usual that morning. He had about three hours of sleep the night before and the rest was just mindless shitty paperwork. He prayed for a day where he could just relax and actually get a full night’s rest. Levi got out of bed that morning and did his usual routine by getting dressed and heading to the mess hall to get his tea. Everything seemed normal until he seen multiple cadets AND superiors wearing flower crowns. Levi furrowed his brows in confusion. Turning a corner he saw Eren talking with Armin and surprise surprise they had flower crowns on. Eren’s was decorated with large orange, red and the occasional white flowers and Armin’s was made with teal and yellow flowers.

“Jaeger! Arlert!” The two boys looked in Levi’s direction and gave him a quick salute.
“Sir!” They both said in unison. Levi waved the salute off.
“Where did you two get those flower crowns?” Levi asked with the same monotone voice and bored expression. Eren and Armin kind of looked at each other.
“From (Name), sir.” Eren said.
“You’re dismissed.” Levi said. Eren and Armin hurried away thanking the gods that they weren’t in his presence anymore.

Levi entered the mess hall he saw if not everyone, almost everyone, wearing a flower crown. His eye twitched slightly as he went to go get his tea. Walking past the superior table he even saw fucking Erwin sporting a green and red flower crown.

‘What in the fuck? Why does everyone else get a shitty crown and I don’t?’ Levi thought as he poured his tea. It was safe to say he was a little jealous.

Levi headed back to his office after he was finished pouring his tea to finish the last bit of paperwork he had. He was particularly pissed off that everyone at his table was flaunting the fucking crown that he didn’t have.

Levi was in deep thought scribbling at the papers in front of him when he heard a soft knock at the door.
“Name and business.” He said. A familiar yet soft voice answered.
“Cadet (First) (Last)…I’m here to give you a gift.” You said clutching at your basket nervously.
“Enter.” You sighed hoping to get your nerves out but it failed. You turned to doorknob and pushed the door open entering his office. You looked around and noticed it was more organized that your life. You stood in front of his desk.

You got instant butterflies when you saw his bored, steel gray eyes on you. The blood from your body rushed to your ears and dusted your cheeks with a light shade of pink.
“Captain, I made this for you,” you reached into your basket for the final crown that had been in there. You pulled it out and smiled at your work because you had actually made this special for him. The crown was woven beautifully with large green, white and black flowers and a pink bow in the back of it.
“I hope you like it.” You smiled softly handing the crown over to him. He reached over his desk and looked at it. You couldn’t tell if he was happy or unamused because he had the same facial expression: Bored.

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You shifted slightly.
“Well, cadet. I am very…pleased with this. Thank you.” His voice had the slightest hint of happiness in it and it was enough to make you extremely happy.
“You’re very welcome, sir!” You beamed and started to head toward the door.
“Wait, (Name).” He called and you stopped in your tracks. You turned around with a slightly confused look and you were a bit surprised that he called you by your first name.

“Yes, sir?” He stood up walking towards you. You dry swallowed as he got closer and the same heat on your cheeks was growing larger as he looked down at you.
“… Do you think you could… help me put this on?” He asked awkwardly while looking down at the crown and rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled.
“Of course, Captain-” You gently took the crown out of his hands.
“Call me Levi.” He corrected you.
“Levi.” You smiled at the way his name felt rolling off your tongue.

He was a few inches taller than you so you stood on your tippy toes and gently put the crown in place. It fit his head perfectly. Levi watched you closely, low key admiring your beauty. He felt vulnerable inside when he saw your lips slightly parted, your eyebrows furrowed cutely in concentration and your cheeks had a tint of pink to them.

“There we are!” You smiled clasping your hands together looking at your Captain with a flower crown on his head. The Lance Corporal, Levi Ackerman had on a fucking flower crown and it was beautiful.
“You’re a good kid,” He said and you smiled bashfully. “Thanks for the gift, brat.” Levi leaned over and gave you a soft kiss on the cheek. You felt your eyes widen and your hand touched your cheek as you looked up at him.
“T-Thanks, Ca- Levi.” You thanked him, not for the compliment but for the kiss.

Maybe you should give him gifts more often?

  • Mae: I don’t think I’d be able to keep a job for even a month.
  • Gregg: Knowin you?? Yeah, I’d wager less than a week.
  • Mae: I’d probably get fried the same day they’d hire me.
  • Gregg: I’d wanna see that happen. You walk in and get tossed out.
  • Mae: Id go in for an interview and they’d just fire me before they hire me.
  • Gregg: You look at the “hiring” sign and the owner comes out and fires you before you even apply.
  • Mae: I’d just be like, standing there, not even thinking about applying for the job yet, and they’d just walk up and fire me.
  • Gregg: They walk up to you when you’re six and not even thinking about jobs and fire you.
  • Mae: They just come to me when i was just born and fire me.
  • Gregg: They come up to your pregnant mother and tell her that you’re fired.
  • Mae: “Excuse me, miss, but your future baby is fired.”
Jealousy get the best of me- Monty De La Cruz

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Requests are open!

Requested but with a twist

Warning: Explicit content- swearing and dirty talk

Authors Note: This was a request based on jealousy and I thought I might spice it up a bit and I’m sorry if its not what you wanted if not liked I can make another one with a sweeter version but I just thought it would make things hot and heavy.

Short Imagine

I stared as he walked by wearing his plaid shirt and holding his bag that hung loosely by his side, his hair muffled up in his usual style and his smile as wide as ever. God, he was so good looking and I can’t even tell you how long It has been since I had a crush on him- too long.

“Hey baby” he winked and continued walking,.

I cant believe he just said that to me but I should tell you that we have had a serious flirtationship throughout the entire year but it’s never anything too serious but I wish it was.

I’m sure he probably thinks that he owns me without any strings attached because I’ve noticed how he comes to me and make me want him while I see he flirts with so many girls and he is always in sight from me, always around me, well let me tell you that two can play at this game.

‘Who can I flirt with that will make Monty jealous?’ I thought as I walked down the halls and came across a few guys that might be on my list;

Victim Number 1- Alex Standall; He’s cute and he’s had an encounter with Monty so that should work but I don’t want any violence so no.

Victim Number 2- Bryce Walker; Uhm no Honey, simple no and I don’t even have to justify myself.

Victim Number 3- Jeff Atkins; He is so good looking and he plays on the same team as Monty and I guess that would be easier to plan since they will be in the same place most of the time so I guess that is my plan! Jeff Atkins, get ready for some serious flirting.

I walked closer to him and leaned in against his locker but I made sure Monty could hear us because his locker was 2 lockers away from Jeff’s where he stood and eyed me.

“Hi Jeff” I smiled

“Hey Y/N” he flashed his smile and I actually liked it.

“So listen, I was wondering if you would wanna meet up sometimes and hang” I attempted to flirt

“what did you have in mind?” he answered and frankly I was surprised because I’m actually not that great at flirting so this was a shock.

“Netflix and chill?” I smirked and looked over to Monty who had an angry expression vibing all over him and so prominent on his face.

Jeff bit his bottom lip and I took that as a ‘hell yeah!’ and I walked off but making sure that my ass was clear in sight. I was heading to home-class when I felt a pair of hands grasp my arm and pulling me somewhere quiet.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing Y/N?”  a jealous Monty spat while he pressed me against the wall of an empty classroom and his hand beside my head as he inched closer so I could feel his breath on my neck as I turned to the side to avoid eye contact, he came closer to my ear and whispered words that made my knees weak.

“You meant Netflix and fuck right? the only person you’re allowed to fuck is me, baby. You know you’re mine”

I turned to face him and answered “I can fuck whoever I want and that might be Jeff, he probably has a bigger dick than you, maybe he can make me feel better than you ever will- the boy has nice lips and probably a tongue that can work, those biceps to hold me down when I’m squirming under him and his hands to keep his dirty little slut quiet when he fucks me” I smirked In his face and he went from angry to flushed, I knew he was jealous at the fact I was talking this way to him but based on another guy.

“No one can have you. got that?” he didn’t let me answer when he smashed his lips against mine and I finally got what I wanted- him.

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Chloe is so underrated imo. She's saved Lucifer's life many times, but her actions are so underlooked. Her only development this season has been her feelings for Lucifer which isn't all bad, but as a female character she should also have a life outside of him aswell. Also her personality is gone. I love Chloe, but the writers are trying to make her be this boring, depressed, way too serious woman when we know that's not her. Hopefully they writers write her more like Maze next season.

Well you’re right about one thing: Chloe Decker is underrated. But she is in no way, shape, or form two dimensional.

If you think her only development this season is her feelings then you haven’t been paying attention.

Chloe Decker has a whole life outside of Lucifer. She is a great mom to Trixie while still working full time. It only looks like Lucifer is the center of her universe because of her job. Chloe works a normal nine to five day. Lucifer also works a nine to five day– as Chloe’s partner. They work together nine hours a day and that’s mainly it. After that, Chloe goes home to Trixie.

You believe she is uptight and boring because her personal life is being a parent. A parent, I might add, to her first child. Statistically speaking, first time parents are usually harder on their child because parenting as a whole is new to them. Not to mention she is now divorced, undoubtedly putting pressure on her to be the strict parent, because we know from 2x03 Dan is not. This can cause stress and can make her come off as strict and boring. But we also have to taken into consideration: Chloe’s mom.

Chloe’s mom was obviously a more hands off parent. It’s clear that, before he died, her father was the one who took care of things. When he passed away; however, that responsibility fell to a 19 year old Chloe. As Chloe said in 1x10, she had to babysit her mom. Because of this Chloe was probably molded into the “boring” person you see today.

But going back to her own life: between trying to take care of Trixie and working, you’re right, Chloe doesn’t have a social life. Like I said, her life is her child. Once you become a parent, your first priority is your kid. Trixie is 8, she isn’t really independent yet, therefore; Chloe’s life is at Trixie’s beck and call.

But that doesn’t make her lose her personality. Chloe has personality, but she also has walls. She’s a very private person so it’s no surprise that she shuts herself away from even us viewers. In 2x12 we see behind her walls in the form an out-of-character, flirty Chloe who is more than happy to grab a piece of Lucifer Morningstar’s ass.

Whether you like it or not, Lucifer is Chloe’s foil. He’s the eternal teenager to her eternal adult. He brings out the 2x12 side of Chloe, but that is not all Chloe’s personality is.

At her center, Chloe will always be more serious than the average person, it’s just who she is. That’s not something that was brought about by Lucifer. She enjoys having fun, but we only see her at work–a place where you’re supposed to be professional. And her stoic personality has nothing to do with her being a woman.

Take Amenadiel: his personality is the same as Chloe’s. We thought he was a stone statue until 2x18 where he taunts Lucifer with his childish “I’m Dad’s favorite”. The same thing happens with Chloe in 2x12. We thought she was an uptight parent until we saw that side of her.

Everyone has different sides of themselves. Some sides they show, some they don’t. For Chloe, her serious switch is stuck on high and there is nothing wrong with that.

So to sum this up: Chloe Decker is a working parent. She was forced to grow up at a young age. Most of our interactions with her are at her workplace where she is required to take things seriously. She has a life outside of Lucifer in the form of Trixie. And most importantly: Chloe Decker is not boring.

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Hi there I love what you did with what I requested before. So I'm hoping you could do this too. Roadhog,Junkrat,Mei, and Orisa(because you don't see her enough) all hanging out with their platonic or romantic s/o at a fair. You decide which. Love your work see ya.


  • Let’s be honest, he’ll probably almost blow all your money on claw machines trying to win you a pachimari 
  • You eventually had to stop him from getting mad by distracting him with other attractions there
  • However he snuck off part way through and returned a few minutes later with a happy looking plush and an even happier smile


  • Drags you on all the rollarcoasters he can, even the ones you hate - but he convinces you and says he’ll hold your hand
  • However when you were finally getting into it, most of the rides had shut down for the night
  • He just squeezed your hand and told you that you could just come back tomorrow


  • The two of you spent most of your time in the photobooths, giggling and looking cute
  • She surprised you by kissing your cheek in the last one, she claimed it was a tradition in her time and country
  • You looked at her, deadpan in the face with a smirk playing on your lips, she laughed as her ears went red and she blushed


  • You spend the majority of the evening explaining to her why humans enjoy such activities
  • She was actually really good at the tin can mini games, knocking things down and all that
  • You ended up winning her a little stuffed bear and the end, she didn’t exactly know what to do with it but she appreciated the gift

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What if the GOM were playing LIFE with their team and their cursh(the reader) picks them for their husband as a joke, how would they react?

i actually have no idea what that game is? i thought the name was familiar but then i searched it, and turns out i was wrong! still tho, i hope you like this! ^^


  • At first, he would be surprised, and most of all happy.
  • You were his crush, and even if you only picked him as your husband in a game, he’ll still be flattered.
  • Although, he won’t actually show you how surprised or happy he is, he’ll keep his usual calm and cool aura.
  • But then again, you weren’t his crush for no reason.
  • Even when he was good at hiding it, you were the only one who can see how happy it made him.
  • He’d be waiting for the moment your eyes lock together so he can smirk at you.
  • He’ll also probably try and play the husband part even after the game is done just to mess with you.
  • Will even mess with you via text and call you some cute married couple nicknames like “honey, sweetie, darling, etc.”


  • He chocked on his drink.
  • He has no idea what to do with himself.
  • He really tried to look all cool in front of you but that was too much for him. 
  • His imagination ran wild the moment you picked him, and he could have sworn he felt his own cheeks flush.
  • He probably made you think he doesn’t like you since the first thing he did was choke.
  • He sat quietly the entire time throughout the game.
  • As much as he wanted to hit Takao for nudging him every few minutes and winking, he couldn’t.
  • He apologized to you after the game, but ended up confessing to you by mistake. 


  • Suddenly all he knew was blinking.
  • The moment he heard you pick him, he just froze.
  • Well, his eyes did not. He started blinking rapidly that Kuroko had to actually nudge him a little until he came back to his senses.
  • “Sorry! I just…. dozed off for a second.” was the only excuse he could come up with.
  • When he heard you giggle, he could have sworn his heart skipped a beat.
  • He’d steal glances at you every once in a while, and smile.
  • He had no idea you had this much impact on him when it’s not even real.
  • When he realized how he would feel if it was actually true, needless to say he became a grinning mess.


  • He had to mentally, and physically stop himself from yelling and squashing you into a hug.
  • He didn’t care that it was just a game, that was enough to make him like you even more.
  • “I’m officially the luckiest husband.” he blurted out.
  • His face actually turned red when everyone went quiet and you were looking at him.
  • Oops! he realized he actually said it out loud rather than saying it in his own head.
  • His eyes went wide when he saw you covering your mouth and giggling shyly.
  • He couldn’t help but watch you giggle, and laugh along.
  • This would be the first time he actually applauds himself for saying something without thinking.


  • “Ehhhhhh, ___-chan picked me?” was the first thing to come out of his mouth.
  • He laughed it off in front of you and acted like it wasn’t a big deal.
  • He was actually dying from the inside. 
  • He would keep turning his head to the other side just to smile.
  • You were the only person he kept offering to take a bite from his snack.
  • That was his way of saying I really like you. 
  • Even everyone would stop just to stare whenever he offered you.
  • Since he wasn’t the type to share his food, this just showed everyone just how much he’s willing to do for you.


  • He simply smiled and thanked you. 
  • He also excused himself right after to use the bathroom.
  • He went in there just to throw his fist up and practically whisper a “YES!”.
  • When he came back and saw you smiling at him, it made him realize you really are a person he wouldn’t mind waking up to everyday.
  • He’d enjoy just sitting there, watching you play and amusedly watch your face expressions.
  • He never thought there could be a day where he would thank Aomine for something, but he was wrong.
  • He was gonna thank him the minute this game ends for dragging him into this even when he didn’t want to.
  • Will remind you of this when you two actually do get married.

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Would Fresh even be able to inhabit PJ?

It’s probably not ideal for a parasite to latch onto PJ. While it isn’t… like… entirely impossible for a parasite to grab his soul and take control, there’s a lot of other details that they probably would look at and go “Oh gosh no I’m not gonna take the blob dude”. 

Some of these are:

  • “HA! I got you n…and now I’m a puddle. How do you de-puddle? UH… DUDE? HOST? CAN YOU PLZ TELL ME?! STOP SCREAMING AND TELL ME HOW TO NOT BE A PUDDLE?”
  • “YES! I got the sou… Woah WOAH DUDE is this body fully INK? I can’t operate a soul swimming in INK?! I will -” (parasite looses the grip on the soul and falls off)
  • (and even if they can stay on) “… THERE’S SO MUCH INK HOW CAN I EVEN SEE WHERE I’M GOIN?!?”

So it’s like.. a trade off. Want a soul with a medium/large amount of magical energy? Well then be ready to be a puddle for a few weeks to feed off of that energy!

Note: This is all my viewpoint on parasites and might not land up with how parasites act. 


*A very smutty fic drabble, might be my smuttiest/rudest (cringey) one yet for Jonsa. Coz these two are just soooo …HOTTT*


“Are you ready yet?” Arya called out to her from downstairs. Sansa rolled her eyes and smoothed down her hair before flipping the light switch in her room. Jeez, I only said ten minutes..

“Yes, yes I am,” Sansa answered as she walked down the steps to her impatiently waiting sister.

“You look fine Sansa, you know Marge’s waiting for us now,” Arya huffed as she took her crossbody mini satchel and slung it across her chest. Sansa couldn’t help but grin at how adorable and pretty her sister looked, all dressed to the nines and prettily made up. It was a first for Sansa seeing her like this. And Sansa cherished it. Probably an evening to remember for them both since it was Arya’s last night as a single lady and Sansa’s night out in ages. She was quite certain it was going to be unforgettable if Arya was involved.

The deep house bass beats pounded through the speakers as Arya led Sansa into the doors of the Red Keep, the new Goth-Steampunk themed nightclub that Arya had been desperate to get in for ages. How she managed to get onto the guest list was beyond Sansa but who was she to refuse a girls’ night out?

“Hey, Arya, Sansa! Over here!” Sansa saw a familiar face and a hand stretching out to wave frantically at them amidst the large crowds in the club. “Hey Marge!” Arya cried out excitedly and Sansa followed her to where their table was.

“This place is amazing! Oh my god, so happy I get to have my hen’s night here! I am gonna get so drunk!!” Arya gushed as she bounced up and down excitedly. Sansa giggled just as excitedly, happy she was able to be a part of it all.

“I know right? It pays to know people I guess,” Margaery nodded with a knowing smirk. “Yeah, I bet you know the important ones well!” Arya teased laughingly.

“I’m going to get us drinks, just have fun and let loose okay?” Margaery yelled over the loud music and disappeared into the crowds.


“Soo.. I know it’s my hen’s night but Margaery and I were just talking the other day and we think you should be the one getting laid.”

Sansa almost spit out her vodka lime.

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Soooo Tumblr tagged your new post as "Content for Adults Only" and I can't see it 😢😢 srsly tumblr is pissing me off rn

Anon said: I don’t understand how your most recent post about Denki is blocked by safety mode????? Like it’s just your art of his birthday! I love the art of it tho, it’s fantastic! Keep up the amazing work.

Anon said: *whispers* the thing you just posted contains sensetive media apperantly

Yeah it’s most probably Mineta isn’t it

(jk it was probs my inclination to swear my way through life’s fault, I asked for a review so it should be visible in a bit but for now you can see it here !!)

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  • Someone: Hey, is there something wrong? Are you alright?
  • Me, internally: Arya got separated from gendry thinking that he's leaving her for the brotherhood without fully understanding that gendry, a poor bastard boy on the run, probably thinks that he wouldn't get to talk or even interact with his m'lady once they reach Arya's brother at Riverrun, with him just being a nobody compared to her being a royalty, in a society that takes hierarchy quite seriously. Maybe believing that an earlier farewell would be better than seeing her everyday but not being able to be truly beside her and just be with her like he was used to. And so he decides to go against his heart and tell her that he's staying with the brotherhood, which in turn led to her feeling abandoned by everyone who she thought was her pack, by him most especially, whom she trusted with her true identity. Without knowing that somewhere, that same black-haired boy who "left" her years ago, was still waiting for her return.
  • Me, with tears in my eyes: fine

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I feel bad for the creators because they genuinely tough that simply saying they were teenagers would be enough for the fans and to just let their imagination run wild. They probably never expected people to demand an age and were just creating content with a vague age like most cartoons are. I don't think they ever saw this age shit storm coming. Like in smaller fandoms you don't see this mess at all with couples with even bigger age gaps.

Age is irrelevant to the plot it shouldn’t be this big of a deal antis need to drop it 

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Idc who answers this question I just need help😂 how do I tell if a guy is good for me? The last guy I dated viewed my depression as a burden for him and he was just generally Not Cool about it and through retrospect I realize he wasn't that good for me. How can I tell if I'm in a healthy relationship? Sometimes it's hard for me to see it when I'm so close to the situation. Thanks bebes

If you feel happier or even just more content when you’re apart from someone, it’s probably not a healthy relationship. If you’re hardly ever apart from them, and are unable to tell, that’s still probably unhealthy. Knowing whether a relationship will be good for you before really getting to know them is difficult. Honestly, even though it can be hard, the best way to go about things is to communicate your needs to your partners and friends. Communication is Good™


morgoththebetrayer  asked:

Any ideas as to how Bolas' army of Lazotep coated super soldiers helps him regain his pre-mending powers? According to The Hour of Revalation: "There was just enough time left to put into place the possible means to regain his godhood" referencing his interference on Amonkhet. I can see why they'd be useful in a general sense as an interplanar army, but do we have any hints you've picked up yet as to where in the multiverse he needs to conquer to reclaim his original powers/reverse the mending?

A super soldier army definitely helps, but to what use they’re put is probably the bigger question. One they’ve clearly laid out as an issue for the future:

I would remember that Lazotep does seem to be its own power source, so it’s possible Bolas’ connections to the Eternals provides him with even more power. The most likely answer is that they extend his will so that he doesn’t have to be physically present everywhere he wants his agenda carried out.

They’re probably also for a specific confrontation he has in mind to take more power.

  • Iceburg: Dream ship?
  • Franky: That's right! But it won't be one just because it's completed based on the blueprint! It has to sail out over many seas, experience countless battles, overcome extreme hardships, and arrive at the end of the world, only then, will it become a dream ship! One day, I'll make this ship, and I'll become the shipwright and ride on that ship. To see that fated day! Even if the ship gets beaten up and battered it will shine brighter than all the other ships!!! What do you think Mr. Tom?
  • Tom: That's wonderful! If you can become part of the crew, then you'd have surpassed me!
  • Kokoro: It's probably the pirate blood in you talking.
  • Iceburg: Idiot! Keep on dreaming about surpassing Mr. Tom.
  • Franky: What was that!?
  • Tom: Hahaha! Like a man, do it with a don!
Thunderbirds     Chapter 18

T/w: language, angst, alcohol use

   I stormed out of the bookstore as soon as Jane was gone, leaving Jared behind before I said or did something I couldn’t take back.  This was beyond petty.  He had been increasingly pissy the last few months, and I had just chalked it up to the stress of living out of a tour bus with people you were probably getting tired of seeing 24/7.  That didn’t explain.. well… whatever the fuck had just happened.  

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Do you draw for fun or for money ? , As an artist it pains me to see how many people do art for money but are not actually interested in art or doing art in there freetime.

For fun 100%!!!

I absolutely LOVE drawing on a daily basis! It’s all I ever do! 

I love drawing to get away from stress, anxiety and family issues that’s probably why I draw so often! 

Sketching and drawing just makes me so unbelievably happy, so that’s why I love do it every second I can! Even If I don’t post all the work I do! 

Dear Alana,

It’s kind of hard to say what was going on in my head at the time.  Besides the awkwardness of seeing Nahyuta fifteen years older, I was also dealing with defending Trucy from a murder charge, saving our office from repossession…not to mention everything Mr. Wright had said about believing in me.  It was hard to focus on any one of those things.

And it got even more fun when Nahyuta gave me the “bead squeeze” punishment.  If someone had told me years ago that he would do that, I probably would’ve laughed.

But yeah, like you said, everything worked out between us.  I didn’t know what all he’d been through after we were separated, but I knew he wasn’t the kind of person to do things out of selfishness or loyalty to someone like Ga’ran.  I can’t tell you how glad I am that we’re on the same team again.

-Apollo Justice