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Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 10 FINALE

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale)

A/N: FINALLY THE FINALE! Wow, this has been one of my longest series…I honestly didn’t think it would grow to be this long, but thank you so much for giving my first mystery fic so much love <3 and for waiting so patiently for each update through tough work weeks and vacations that delayed them. I appreciate each and every one of you! I LOVE YOU! I hope you enjoy ~

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           “Yoonji. Y/N’s disappeared.”

           Prez’s call had turned Yoongi’s entire being icy, despite being drenched in sweat from basketball practice. Without another word, he had rushed to the library where he currently had Prez’s neck in a death grip, fuming despite his insides churning at the feeling of being so damn close, only to have you slip out of his fingertips once again.

           "Why is it that you’re always around when these things happen?“ he growled dangerously, ready to dig his fingers into the very pressure points that could immobilize the man in front of him.

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Do you and Aryn say ily to each other ??

I just told him I loved him for the first time today and he said it back. I’ve never actually ever said that to anyone I’ve ever dated, so it was a little wild, but I definitely do love him. he’s done so much for me and means so much to me, I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without him tbh.


Hello guys :)

like i promise i  come back with my new video on my wonderful and beautiful babies. Kurt and Blaine are always in my heart and i never stop to make a video with them now that i come back i upload a new video every two weeks :) 

i love you and thank for support me and watch my videos also after the end of glee :)



12 Reasons why I blew you a kiss as I walked out on you

12 Reasons why I blew you a kiss as I walked out on you 

1. You said “you’re great” “you are the best” “you’re amazing” while while we fucked. You called it love making. It was your best effort yet. I felt secondhand embarassment. You said it was the best to date.I wished i was watching the food network. I faked it three times. I Took your hoodie anyways.

2. You said you loved me, then described the only girl you ever truly cared about. I was thankful that I never said it or felt it back. I feel less guilty for not loving you.

3. You said that its pathetic how girls call you at night. You said you’d never answer at 2 am, even for me. You said you love control. I said you shouldn’t be so hard on people.

4. You spoke condescendingly of suicide. I didn’t even cross your mind as you said it.

5. You thought it was funny that I was sober for the first time in a while.

6. You said you trusted me. Then you said all women are incapable of being faithful.

7. You know you’re smart. You know you’re brilliant at giving head because I told you. You have absolutely no idea when you are right or wrong, and don’t bother to find out.

8. You said you loved me, you asked me to love you too, and that you couldn’t fuck anyone else because you can’t bother with dating apps. Oh, and because you really, really love me.

9. You pretend to listen when I say that I’m not in love. You say you’re jealous and need me in your life. I say no. You think its a joke. I just left and blocked your number while you fell asleep, cluelessly.

10. You feel so sorry for yourself. I don’t feel sorry for you. You view upper hands as trophies. I think you have daddy issues.

11. I feel grateful for peeking into your head. I can’t do cartwheels in the shallow end of a pool.

You say love is a risk, and encourage me to jump in. I think its reckless, not romantic. I am not the one afraid of deep waters. I just know yours is too sshallow to for diving. 

12. I packed to leave. You asked me where I was going. I said be safe darling. and blew you a kiss. You stood outside the door waiting for me to come back to his apartment. When my elevator landed on the first floor, I noticed how pretty the marble was.

(Written and submitted by @night-school-for-wolves)

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- You try to hold back most of the time, but when you don’t see him all day you get super clingy once you finally have him back

- Usually he just laughs and keeps an arm around you, but he never goes without some sly comment

- “Wow, someone missed me” and “Y/n, it’s been literally an hour”

- You laugh kinda nervously, not wanting to tell him the real reason

- It just makes you so stressed that he could just wander away to someone else and you’d have no clue?? So you like to keep him close

- He gets so used to it that he just immediately kisses your cheek every time he sees you

- You have no idea, but secretly he does this because he’s just as insecure

This is kinda crappy, but I hope you like it anyway! <3

You and me

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Request ;  can you please do james potter x reader based on the song you and me by lifehouse? (also, can you make the reader is sirius sister? and she’s slytherin, a sassy/sarcastic but if you dont want to make the reader sirius’s sisther than it’s okay)

Pairings ; James Potter x Slythrin!Reader

Warnings ; My english, a little bit of language, gif is not mine credits to it’s original owner.

A/N ; If you find mistakes feel free to correct me because you’re learning from your mistakes and i want to improve my english because they suck.Hope you like it love, I tried my best.

Word Count ; 1,630

-What day is it - And in what month - This clock never seemed so alive - I can’t keep up and I can’t back down - I’ve been losing so much time - Cause there’s you and me - And of all people with nothing to do - Nothing to lose - And there’s you and me - And of all other people - And I don’t know why - I can’t keep my eyes off of you-

You were heading to the dining hall for breakfast. You quickly took a seat beside your friends in Slytherin table and then you saw them. Your brother’s friends. They were sitting at Gryffindor’s table and laughing as always. You actually were a bit jealous of their relationship. Yes, you love your friends but you never were this close with them as Sirius, your brother, and his gang is. They’re like brothers from different mother. But it was so peaceful to finally see your brother happy, you smiled without realized while you were seeing Sirius hugging him.

Hugging James. The one with hazel eyes, the messy hair and the glasses. The dork that you have fallen for. There were times that you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him. There were times that you were staring at him not caring how many people could see you, like it was just you and him.

But, of course he was too busy staring at his Lily flower, the red hair from their house. She was beautiful and kind but the most important she wasn’t a Slytherin like you. So it was expected to not look at you.

-What are the things that I want to say - Just aren’t coming out right - I’m tripping on words - You got my head spinning - I don’t know where to go from here-

You were running late at herbology class and you accepted that you were going to be too much late when you meet you brother and him at the corridor.

“Y/N love, how are you today.” Sirius and you actually had a pretty good relationship, you had the same ideologies but you were pretty ambitious so you stuck at the Slytherin house and were your mama’s favorite. But you hated her, you hated her for what she was doing to him and you always were by his side.

“Wonderful Siri, but i’m late. Promise we’ll talk later.” You hugged him quick and started walking but he spoke.

“Y/N, wait.”

“What do you want Potter? Just because you’re Sirius’ friend doesn’t mean that you can talk to me.” Lies, lies, lies. You were dying to talk to him but you had a reputation to up hold among your classmates and talking to Gryffindors, even to your brother, didn’t help much. This war between your two houses is awful and you don’t really understand why but if you want to stay at the quidditch team you had to follow.

“Well you know, to talk. I need to tell you um, I want actually, well”

“Then when you accomplish to speak properly we can talk.”

You were harsh at him, and now you’ll never know what he wanted to say to you and you were cursing yourself. But you were late. And you got detention because of this.

-Cause there’s you and me - And of all other people with nothing to do - Nothing to prove -And there’s you and me - And of all other people - And I don’t know why -I can’t keep my eyes off of you-

“Prongs what are you doing walk.”

James didn’t know if he had done something to you and that’s why you keep telling him off or you were just hated him because of the house he was in. For about a year whenever he was trying to talk to you were making fun of him so from a moment he just couldn’t put the words in a row to talk to you. But this maybe was because he liked you. He liked you terribly and he couldn’t tell anyone because first Sirius would kill him and second everyone was assuming he was in love with Lily even though he didn’t show any sign about this for more than a year.

“Yeah, I’m coming.”

He couldn’t keep from thinking about you. Your perfect Y/H/C hair and those grey eyes which were exactly like his best friend’s but on you was so much more. They were shining like they had real stars inside them.

-Something about you now - That I can’t quite figure out - Everything she does is beautiful -Everything she does is right-

You were at the quidditch field ready to get out. You were playing against Gryffindor and against him. He was a chaser while you were a keeper so you really needed to concentrate on the game and not on him. Except for if you wanted to been thrown out from the team.

The game started and he was casual as always. His team was really good but this year had been some changes in yours and you had been so much better than last year so the quaffle hadn’t come near you. But that was until he got it. He was coming towards you on his broomstic, his hair was messy as always but now because of the air they were flown as well.

You catch the quaffle while on the same time your team’s seeker caught the snitch. You had won.

“Sorry Potter, some other time.” You told him, thrown to him the quaffle and then you flied to your team to celebrate.


You were at the library studying, alone, when you saw James and Remus walk in. They saw you and came to sit at your table.

“Hello boys, it would be my pleasure if you could leave just like you came.”

“Well my dearest Y/N we won’t leave because we need your amazing abilities to potions.” He told you with smirk on his face. Remus pounded some potions’ books on the table.

“Slughorn made me to help him with some essays his hadn’t done but I’m not a genius in potions. So Y/N I’m really sorry for what I’m doing but Sirius told me that you would help James if I say those two tiny words, for Sirius, please, I can’t tolerate him anymore.”

“Well thanks moo-”

“Shut up Potter. Okay Lupin, leave him to me, but tell Sirius if he find his friend headless tomorrow it would be his fault.”

He was looking deep in your eyes the whole time you were explaining him what to write in his essays. It was odd but he didn’t talk too much he was listening.

He loved your voice, and he loved how you talk about the things you like. And you were passionate about potions so he didn’t want to interrupt you just for some stupid things. He believed that everything you do is beautiful. That everything you do is right so he wouldn’t distract you.

-Cause there’s you and me and all of the people with nothing to do - Nothing to lose - And there’s you and me and all of the people - And I don’t know why - I can’t keep my eyes off of you and me - And all other people with nothing to do -Nothing to prove - And there’s you and me and all other people - And I don’t know why - I can’t keep my eyes off of you-

You were the last ones who left the library at night. You had an amazing time with him even though you didn’t spoke too much. You loved that he was actually hearing you and not daydreaming. He was walking you to your common room but you decided to tell him. To tell him that you are in love with him.

“Y/N” – “James”

“You first.” He told. Well now you wanted to know what he was going to say. You took a deep breath.

“Well, the thing is that I like you. But I know that you like Lily and there’s no problem I’m not taking you away from her or whatever. I just want you to know because I don’t feel good to pretend or whatever. And there’s no need to say anything because I know it’s not mutual-”

“WOW. Who told you it’s not mutual Y/N? I was about to say exactly the same. I’m in love with you. And I wanted to ask if I had made anything wrong and you keep behave to me like crap.”

“I’m sorry you know I don’t want to it’s the Slytherin thing.”

“Y/N I don’t care anymore I’m happy that you’re feeling the same.”

-What day is it - And in what month - This clock never seemed so alive-

He pulled you close to him and he took your head in his hands. He placed carefully his lips on yours and he kissed you, slowly and he was tasting every bit of you. He was kissing you like you were fragile and he were going to break you. You put your hands on the back of his neck and pulled him even closer. You made the kiss deeper but then you understand what it’s going on and a smile appeared on your face. So he wasn’t able to continue kissing you. He put his forehead on yours.

And then while the two of you were standing on the middle of the corridor you saw Sirius, Remus and Peter looking at you. James saw them too. They were looking you dead in the eyes. Then Sirius looked at them.

“You owe me 2 galleons its. Because, I fucking knew it!”


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I just thought about Tom and his significant other fighting and the latter says I hate you and Tom's all like no no no you don't hate me you love me say it after me love please say it but the other is fuming and stays with friends or family but when they get back jist hours of sex alternating from slow and passionate to rough and fast but the whole time Tom just insists that they keep saying I love you because he never wants to hear them say that again and mean it so much and ahhh


succ&fucc saturday™ (almost over)

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Hey it's me! I'm back once more to get what I'll never get in real LIIIIIIIIFFFFEEE! How would Crosshairs from AOE, Sideswipe from TFRID15, and Airachnid from TFP react to their human companion not showing any fear or anxiety in high stress situations? Like if the bots were witnessing their #1 worst nightmare and their companion is like "So what? There's no reason to complain and freak out...". Also I love u hope u had a marvelous day!<3

(You too, old friend! ^_^)

AOE Crosshairs

  • “Aww slag, Y/n!” he called, dodging bullets on the field. “I’m outta ammo!”
  • You called back to him, saying you were out too, and there was no way you both were going to single-handedly defeat all the military choppers and cars here easily.
  • You called him to transform and try to loose them.
  • Once you got in, you told him to step on it, and his tires screeched on the pavement as he sped forward.
  • “Are you shaking???”
  • “No!”
  • “Crosshairs, you’re sharking! Are you scared? Did you get hit?!”
  • “Slag, Y/n, no I’m fine!” 
  • “It’s alright to say so, it’s just us.”
  • “Y/n!”

TFRID15 Sideswipe

  • After a sleepless night, you just had to get kidnapped by that wolf and his gang of furries.
  • Right now, your hanging upside down, blood rushing to your head with a headache getting worse as you slowly pass out by the lack of things happening.
  • No ones there. The room’s dark, you’re tired and don’t give a shit.
  • Suddenly, the wall seems to open and light pours in from the outside.
  • “Y/NN!” you hear a loud but familiar voice echo throughout the room. He unties you and helps you to your feet and freaks out.
  • though he was acting all confident coming to find you, he had an edge in He’s so afraid of losing you.

TFP Airachnid

  • You recently have gotten an infestation of bugs on the window next to your bed, but having arachnid is always fucking around with people you invite in, you decided to take matters into your own hands.
  • You did some looking around for the best kind of pesticide to buy, and when it came in, you sprayed down the whole side of the house.
  • And it worked- perhaps a bit too good.
  • What you didn’t anticipate was arachnids reaction.
  • She seemed a bit off when she came over that night to bother you.
  • “What the frag is that smell? What is that?!”
  • “Arachnid, go to sleep.”
  • “I’m serious - what is that? It’s burning my intake.”
  • In the end, she was okay, but you apologized and ended up sleeping somewhere else for a week.

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wow you voted for mario kart... it's never your enemies that stab you in the back... it's always the ones you trust.. trust is like a mirror.. once broken.. you can try to fix it but the you can still always see the cracks inside... trust no one.. not even your own hands... ((this s a joke mario kart is good content too i lov them + you're right.. phil cursing?? my one and only love))

“trust is like a mirror” why did u make me think of lady gaga ft beyonce’s iconic music video for telephone? where is part 2? this made me sad

hey tay!! i love you so much, you literally mean the world to me. no words can describe it! you help me through so much and never fail to make me in a better mood. i hope you are having/had an amazing day & i wish we can meet soon, i think i would literally die lol. no words can describe how much i am looking forward to reputation, i can’t wait to hear about your life these last few years and to hear how happy you are. i’m doing EVERYTHING i can to make sure i can come to your show in new york, i’m so pumped!! i love you to the moon and back, i’m always here for you as you have been for me. from a swiftie that has loved you so much since 8 years old, jane 💗ps. this is a picture of me at the philadelphia 1989 tour aka the best day of my life !! and then there are two pictures of me recently. love you!@taylorswift @taylorswift @taylorswift

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You're officially my new favourite blog! I get so misty-eyed when I see all that stuff.. Can't even find any body glitter gel these days, it's tragic. What are your fave 90s/2000s products that you wish were still around?

I’m so glad you love the blog, I’m pretty proud of it! =) The good news is with the mermaid/unicorn trend being so hot in cosmetics right now, things like body glitter has made a slight comeback, but it will never quite be the same as it was in the 90s.  But I do gotta say I am living for current makeup trends with the whole mermaid/unicorn/shimmer/holographic thing precisely because it does remind me so much of the 90s! Makeup felt so fun and carefree in the 90s so to see that coming back is exciting.

Anyway lol… love your question!  There are so many things from the 90s/early 00s that I miss!  I’m sure I’m forgetting some of my faves but off the top of my head (BRACE YOURSELF lol):

  • Jane Cosmetics... the whole line, the 90s and very very early 00s version.  It just was never the same after they were sold and revamped and no matter how many times they tried to bring it back it just never ever had the same feeling.  Collecting various Eyezings was my fave.
  • Revlon Street Wear... the whole line.  It was so fun and youthful, especially coming from a brand like Revlon.
  • 90s Bonne Bell.  It will never be the same since it sold and while Smackers still exist I don’t think the Bonne Bell products really do.  I loved the Lip Lites.  Especially Cappuccino.  They always gave me such nostalgia because that is one of the first makeup brands I can remember looking at when I was like 6 or 7.
  • L’Oreal Rouge Pulps… I would so love for them to bring them back!
  • Cover Girl used to make a gel blush stick that I adored.  I actually went through 3 or 4.
  • L’Oreal Blush Delices…. Strawberry Tart was my favorite.  They were really amazing blushes.  Uggh I miss them.
  • L’Oreal’s orginal Translucide Foundation... it was my holy grail foundation until it was discontinued somewhere around 2008ish.
  • Revlon Skinlights original line, I think when they attempted to bring it back a couple years ago they should have leaned towards more of the original products and packaging to draw in the nostalgic crowd.  
  • Maybelline Cosmic Edge collection.  That was the makeup collection that started it all for me in my early teen years.  Everything was shimmery and glittery and perfect.  I still love those things today.  Someday I’ll probably be an 80 year old lady rocking some glitter hahah
  • Revlon’s Limited Edition collection that came out around 2007.  I haven’t posted the print ads for them yet here but I have most of them and will be posting them soon.  It was the freshest thing, IMO, that Revlon had done since Street Wear.  The products were beautiful and innovative.  I still have some in my stash!
  • Limited edition collections and color collections in general from drugstore cosmetics lines.  Did you guys notice how this stopped being a thing around 2010ish?  I loved the thrill of hunting down and finding new items, especially if they were LE.  It was frustrating at times but the thrill of the hunt and finally purchasing a coveted item was so fun!  And almost every drugstore line had a holiday/winter, spring, summer, and fall collection filled with new shades and LE products.  Now it seems most lines drop new products 2x a year and the occasional LE item or 2.  

I…………. will stop now =D

My wife loves so much.....

Ok, so it’s not very often that we have donuts in the house.When we do, it’s a special treat, and I usually only eat one primary type, glazed choclate cake, in donut or donut hole versions. @negan–is–god went to run a couple errands this morning after I got back from the gym. While out she stopped and got me an iced caramel apple cider, and stopped at the local donut shop. She noticed the shop only had two of the said favorite donuts. Upon getting home she presented the last two donuts from the shop, and omg! They were the first donuts she grabbed, just another reminder of how much this woman loves me!!!! Let me tell you, I haven’t had a donut in like two months, and it wasn’t my favorite donut because I can never find them….As you can clearly see, I needed a moment with this thing. Did I die and go to heaven? At least for a moment I thought I did. Definitley going to have to pay her back later!!!!!

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Hello. Since we're on the topic of crushes. I am 22 yrs old and I've never had a crush on anyone. I hear about people getting butterflies, feeling agitated, palms sweaty, heart fluttering and other similar symptoms and I do not understand them. I try to imagine them hypothetically and I still can't do it. I feel like an alien. What is a crush? How do you recognize it? How is it different from infatuation?Or lust?Or love? How does it operate? Is it an important part of life?Or am I just defected?

Sweetie, your not defective at all, most likely you’re just like me. I’ll get back to that though, since I want to answer your questions first.

A crush is typically a result of romantic attraction gone wild. Some people get butterflies, some people feel agitated, or have sweaty palms or their heart pounds, but it’s different for everyone. Physical symptoms aren’t always the same, and really they’re just symptoms, not the crush itself. Some people have crushes without physical symptoms, and that’s just fine too. A crush is really wanting to be with someone in a romantic sense. For each person what they think is romantic is different (though things like holding hands, cuddling, innocent kisses, cooking together, growing old together,etc are common on the list, for a lot people including me all those things are platonic too) and so it’s important to think about what seems romantic to you. It’s a hard question to answer, and I think most people find there’s overlap, and that’s okay. I’ve lead workshops before where I had people sort actions into the categories of platonic, romantic, and sexual and watched people break out into loud fights about where kissing should go, so don’t feel like anyone else’s definitions should matter to you. If you find there are somethings you find completely romantic, and find there is someone you really want to do them with, that’s a crush.

I’d say to recognize a crush, for me it’s usually realizing there has been someone on my mind often. Is there someone you think about more often then other people? That you look forward to seeing more than anyone else? Is there someone who you really want to get to know more than anyone else? Just every little thing about them from their favorite color to the darkest moment of their life? Recognizing when you have a crush isn’t always easy, but those are signs for most people. 

Infatuation is something different. Infatuation is being in love with the idea of someone. I know he isn’t particularly popular with the tumblr community, but John Green’s book Paper Towns shows infatuation rather well. I think fans of musical artists do as well (that isn’t a dig, it’s simply how celebrity-fan interactions are set up to work). Infatuation is about loving a idealized and misunderstood version of someone, where the majority of their flaws are erased and rewritten to match your ideals. A crush isn’t so deep, it isn’t as strong of a feeling, and people can usually see the flaws in their crush and accept them. 

Love, too, is something where people see flaws and accept them. It’s a strong, longlasting emotion that comes from a lot of time having been spent together. Love in its principle is an emotional bond forged over time. I’d like to note I didn’t say romantic for a reason. Romantic love is the intersection of love and a crush, that romantic desire towards someone. There’s also platonic love, like loving your best friends as your friend, or familial love, as in loving your family (both blood-related and found family). Love can come in a lot of forms, it isn’t inherently romantic, but is rather a network of emotional support and care for one another that takes years to form and can last a lifetime.

Finally, before I talk about how we’re similar and why probably none of the above matter, is lust. Lust is sexual desire for someone. It’s wanting to do sexual things to/with someone. Some people don’t ever feel lust, it’s not their thing, and that’s okay. Other people feel it constantly, and so long as they don’t pressure someone into doing something they don’t want to do, that’s okay too. Lust is different from the others because it is purely sexual. It’s about wanting to do sexual things with a specific person.

Summary with examples:

Crush: Prolonged romantic attraction. There’s a girl in your class you would really like to get to know better. You fantasize about doing things you think of as romantic with her, like holding her hand and going out on dates. You don’t know much about her, and that’s okay, because you would like to know more. You accept her as a inherently flawed being, because we all are, and that’s okay.
Infatuation: being obsessed with an imaginary ideal projected onto a real person. You think Yoo Youngjae for B.A.P is the absolutely most amazing perfect man on the world. He has no flaws. He has never done or said anything bad ever in his life. He has never even farted because he’s so perfect. You assume his personality is your ideal for a partner’s personality. You, for instance, believe he would never tease you, or make jokes at your expense when you do something wrong, that his favorite animal is cat because that’s your favorite animal, and that he likes all the things you like. You will feel hurt and betrayed when you find out Yoo Youngjae said in a recent fansign that he prefers dogs because that doesn’t fit with your idealized version of him. You hear him curse once, and you no longer like him.
Love: a longlasting emotional bond. You and your best friend have known each other for a year, and you feel comfortable telling them anything. You believe they are someone you could spend the rest of your life hanging out with, and genuinely enjoy their company. You don’t have any romantic feelings toward them, but you know you can always go to them for support.
Lust: sexual desire for someone. Wow. Moon Jongup is hot. I would like to make out with him.

Having crushes isn’t important or necessary to life at all. You don’t need to have crushes. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t have romantic feelings toward anyone. You are not obligated to have any romantic feelings ever. Not having romantic feelings does NOT make you any less human and it does NOT make you any less capable or deserving of love. If you’ve never had a crush, that’s just fine, you’re just fine, and you’ll be just fine. I myself don’t experience romantic crushes often, like I said in my last ask. I’m something called grey-romantic, meaning I only feel romantic attraction in rare instances. For me, it’s about once or twice a year that I might like someone, sometimes less, and that’s ok. For other people, there might only be one person ever in their life that they like romantically, and that’s okay too. Moreover, if there is only one person, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that person is “the one” and that you are obligated to be with them, it just means they’re an exception, and if you want to try to be with them you can, but you don’t have to.

There’s a thing called ‘aromanticism’. A person can be aromantic. That would mean they don’t have romantic attraction toward other people, don’t get crushes, and some might not be interested in romance at all. That’s a perfectly normal and okay way too be, and just like I said before, there’s nothing defective about it, nor does it make you any less deserving or capable of love. I can’t tell you if your aromantic, just like I can’t tell you anything else about who you are as a person. What I can tell you is that there’s a whole community of people that never feel romantic attraction, that dont have (romantic) crushes, and that they’re all okay. Nothing is defective about them, nothing is wrong with them, and they are valid as they are. If you think you have never had a crush or felt romantic feelings toward someone, I would highly recommend looking at their community as speaking to people there.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to come to me. If you want to IM me, that’s okay too, pick whatever you are most comfortable with. I hope this helps <3

Came back from Korea!

Yesterday I came back from the most amazing and wonderful journey I’ve ever has. I fell in love with this country instantly, I’ve met many great and lovely people, I’ve seen beautiful and breathtaking places and eaten delicious meals. In my deepest dreams I’ve never expected experiencing something like this. I won’t make a long post because nobody reads it anyway but I just want to say that you really should visit Korea and feel this country on your own skin. I left my heart there and I’ll definetely come back! 

Also together with @hiimcaroline we managed to attend Soribada Music Awards which is crazy when I think about it. I’ve seen many great groups (I still can’t believe this) and they’re even more talented in real life! It’s such a shame BTS couldn’t attend.. But anyway it was something I couldn’t ever wished for! 

We tried to get into M Countdown for BTS Comeback Show but even when we stayed outside from early morning and then came back just to wait 6 hrs for a miracle it did nothing. K-Armys fanbase is strong but let’s be honest, they have many more opportunities than I-armys and it’s so easy for them comparing to us. It’s sad but at least I’ve seen with my eyes how it works. I’m still disappointed and it really discouraged me to try anything at all. Like it’s better just to stay in front of your computer screen. Okay, I sound depressing but I’m still salty and sad about it (if you want to know more just pm me)

you can check my instagram for some pics @darkclauds 
big thanks to @hiimcaroline for suffering together during this journey haha


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36.“I wish I could hate you.” & Jalec.

I wish I could hate you.”

The words came out of Alec as sharp as a sword, cutting the air in half as well as their opponent. If that was Jace or Alec himself, it was hard to tell.

Because the impossibility to hate Jace was a twisted knife in Alec’s heart, a constant reminder that he’ll never be free of a feeling that only brought him unspeakable pain. But his wish to hate him was a stab wound in Jace’s back - you should never want to hate your parabatai.

Alec had brought a curse on both of them.

“I wish I could not love you.”

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So now that you’re gone, what do I do? I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do anything except think of you. I am so in love with you and I am not okay. The only time I’m ever actually okay is when I’m drunk or high, but even then I’m still calling out for you..
—  You’re my midnight thoughts.