you will never know


Since everyone and their grandma is doing edits of those pictures, here’s a SouHaru one~! (⊙▽⊙✿)ノ*:・゚✧

I never noticed how creepy Sousuke’s feet are no srsly those are the feet of 60-year-old women who wore high heels too often

Other Version

I had this overwhelming feeling like something was not okay with you.
We don’t talk anymore though, so I couldn’t call. I just had to sit and hope that you were going to be okay the next time I saw you.
—  I hope everything’s alright
  • Percy:What if-
  • Annabeth:No.
  • Percy:Annab-
  • Annabeth:No.
  • Percy:Please-
  • Annabeth:Percy, no!
  • Percy:Come on, it's just one giraffe!