you will never be this happy

i don’t think it’s fair for people (non-artists especially) to point out an artist and say “wow i hate their art they suck they haven’t progressed in years, the way they draw _____ is pathetic”. yes, it’s okay for you to not like an art style but don’t put someone down for their progress. development in art is something that doesn’t move upwards consistently in a smooth path, it’s different for everyone and it’s not fair to compare and judge. even the most popular artists can get stuck drawing the same thing for a long time and i think that’s okay? some people get really comfortable with the way they draw a certain thing and may choose to stick with that for a long time because it looks right to them, they’re fearful of trying a new thing and the new thing looks like trash in their eyes so it might take them a while to get comfortable with exploring. everyone is different and develops in their own way, art is frustrating and really hard and no one is harder on the artist than themselves. 


jinper - a jumper worn by kim seokjin, coined by @jinandtonics​ (happy birthday my love)

I’m sure not many people remember that I make gifs and stuff bc I haven’t made anything in ages lol but I think I’m going to have to call it quits on gif making as a whole (or at least not to call myself an editor). I’m actually quite sad to say that but I have no time anymore and whenever I try to make something I’m always unhappy with the result. I don’t want to rush into making gifsets just so I can get notes and feel an ounce of happiness. That’s not me. I’m not that sad lmao. So yeah…. sorry if anyone is disappointed, being an adult really sucks :(((
moritz doesn't sleep well - sebs - Because You'll Never Meet Me Series - Leah Thomas [Archive of Our Own]
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*throws this on the doorstep of leah thomas’ personal home, disgracing her immediately* take this filth.

Because You’ll Never Ask Meme

Letter: What helps you feel connected to others?

Power line: What is one of the biggest difficulties you’re had to overcome?

Goggles: What’s something that you usually try to hide from people?

Plane: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Head: What’s your biggest wish?

Eyes: How do you think people see you?

Mouth: What do you want to be in life?

Bones: When’s the last time you went to a museum?

Heart: What are you most afraid of?

Mouse: What’s the worst thing you’ve experienced?

Piercing: What kind of impression do you want to give people when they first meet you?

Color: What’s something you want to be able to share with the world?

Run: What do you do to positively cope when you’re feeling stressed?

Sign: How do you think you communicate best?

Blackberries: What’s the nicest thing someone’s done for you?

Sawdust: What have you created that you’re most proud of?

Lunch bag: What’s the thing you wouldn’t give up no matter what?

Science Fiction: If you could meet one person in real life, who would it be? 

I’ll never stop telling you how amazing you are, even if we disagree on certain things you’ll always be my favourite person.
—  Tenari Ioapo // To the one I love


Thanks for the inspiration @healingsuggestions :)

tv shows: yeahhh,, uh,, i’m here for the *looks at smudged writing on hand* gltb thing?? yeah, we totally got you,, but um,, i left a casserole in the oven at home,, promise i’ll come back, for real, totally;:,,

books: lgbt characters? those are over there, through the Infinite Forest of Generic Dystopia. good luck though, few have ever made it out alive!

podcasts: fuk u guys, here’s 7 aroace characters, 5 genderfluid characters, 37 bisexuals, 54 healthy wlw relationships, actually everyone is lgbt sorry we don’t make the rules!!!

reminders for the young wlw out there
  • it’s okay to want to have sex with a girl
  • it’s also okay to be totally terrified at the thought of having sex with a girl- internalized homophobia affects all of us to a certain extent
  • it’s okay to want to make out with a girl for hours on end (seriously, it’s totally an okay thing to think about)
  • it’s okay to fantasize about girls, even in a sexual way. you are not dirty for doing this.
  • you can absolutely wear clothes that are stereotypically lesbian, such as flannels. in the same note, you can totally cut your hair short if you want. you aren’t perpetuating a stereotype, you’re embracing who you are
  • you can also completely stay away from any clothing that would signify you might be a wlw (especially if you’re in a situation where the suspicion that you’re a wlw could cause you harm)- it’s completely your choice, just don’t shame anybody that does decide to take on that style.
  • it’s okay to not immediately date a girl once you come out. take some time to figure out your feelings, it’s okay. you’ll find somebody that you want to date in your own time, or you can just decide you don’t want to ever date anybody. that’s also perfectly okay.
  • it’s okay to dream about a future with a wife
  • it’s okay to hold your girlfriend’s hand in public and be affectionate in public. it’s not gross or icky, it’s good and cute, i promise.
  • it’s okay to come out to everybody you speak to (there’s nothing wrong with you, and if people judge you, they’re the ones who are wrong), but it’s also valid to only come out to a small select group of people. both approaches are fine.
  • it’s okay to masturbate while thinking about girls. it’s okay, you’re not weird for doing this. it’s a common thing.
  • it’s okay to watch movies or tv shows with wlw, even the ones that are cliche and really cheesy. if they make you feel validated and happy, continue doing so.
  • being a wlw is not shameful
  • you are not broken
  • you aren’t somebody that needs to be “fixed”
  • your thoughts and feelings are valid
  • you are not alone
  • you are loved

pidge: (walks into the team’s halloween party dressed like a floppy disk)

everyone: awwwwww pidge your costume is so cute!!! :)

pidge: thank you!


pidge: (to the camera) i’m actually dressed as the floppy disk containing the morris internet worm source code, a computer worm that was released onto the internet by robert tappan morris on november 2nd, 1989 and accidentally caused between $100,000 to $10,000,000 in damages

When you touched me it felt like my skin was on fire and I never realized how much I enjoyed the warmth of it until it was no longer there.
—  Day 249

i get a lot of ideas shared in my inbox, and this was one i had to make real as soon as physically possible! 

i’m feeling like this is a universe where bridgette and felix never meet out of costume, and then keep hoping to find each other once their miraculous duties are over and their powers are gone. they finally meet on the stairs of montmartre, all because bri kept those ribbons in her hair just like ladybug… 


Happy Birthday to my sweet Ashley! (๑♡3♡๑) ( @ranpohedogawa​ )
↳  yurio tickets for you to spend on your bday! XD

I promise you this, I will do my absolute best to give you everything I possibly can because you deserve the best and nothing less.
—  Tenari Ioapo // I’ll love you right.