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Daenerys and Sansa

What’s up everyone? Today we’re going to talk about these two amazing ladies; Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark. 

With the Jonerys ship taking off (literally), I see A LOT of hate going and back and forth between the Jonerys and Jonsa shippers. There’s quite a bit of speculation that Sansa is going to be angry with Jon for giving up the North and that her and Dany will never get along. Well I’m here today to tell you that I think Sansa and Dany will get past whatever early on strifes there may be, because in reality, they’re not as different as it may seem. 

So, let’s remove Jon from the equation and appreciate each woman for who they are on their own and some of the similarities they share.

Daenerys: Started off as a young, pretty, timid, and naive girl who just wanted to go home.

Sansa: Started of as a young, pretty, timid, and naive girl who just wanted to be loved.

Daenerys: Lost both of her parents.

Sansa: Lost both of her parents.

Daenerys: Lost two brothers.

Sansa: Lost two brothers.

Daenerys: Was always at odds with Viserys.

Sansa: Was always at odds with Arya.

Daenerys: Orphaned and taken in by Illyrio, who arranged for her to be married to Khal Drogo.

Sansa: Orphaned and taken in by Littlefinger, who arranged for her to be married to Ramsay Bolton.

Daenerys: Was raped by her new husband Drogo.

Sansa: Was raped by her new husband Ramsay.

Daenerys: Has the Unsullied and the Dothraki who will fight for her.

Sansa: Has the Vale and the North who will fight for her.

Daenerys: Has her most loyal protector who would do anything for her; Jorah.

Sansa: Has her most loyal protector who would do anything for her; Brienne.

Daenerys: She is loved by her people and loves them in return. Mhysa.

Sansa: She is loved by her people and loves them in return. Lady of Winterfell.

Daenerys: Lost Viserion. (Even though its only one dragon, he was still a huge part of her).

Sansa: Lost Lady.

Daenerys: Has grown in to a strong, smart, powerful leader that is not to be crossed.

Sansa: Has grown in to a strong, smart, powerful leader that is not to be crossed.

***BONUS** Both are beautiful fire princesses and snow queens. 

Please stop putting these two against each other just because you can’t agree on which one of them you ship Jon with. Yes, they are very different individuals, but deep down they have more similarities than you might think. I hope D&D does these two justice and allows them to form a friendship. 

And yes I ship Jonerys, but I still love Sansa and will always appreciate her as a strong character. 

*Disclaimer* These similarities are based off the show not the books.

Dating Sebastian Stan and being younger than him would include...

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A/N: I love Sebastian way too much and it’s probably not healthy

  • Him being insecure sometimes, thinking that you will find someone your age and leave him
  • You reassuring him that “that’s definitely not happening”
  • And him reassuring you too because you know, he’s always working with a lot of gorgeous women
  • Sebastian wanting to take things really slow
  • Definitely not putting you on the spotlight of fame
  • So he’s really protective over you
  • Calling you “baby”
  • Taking you to meet his mom and telling you that she’s gonna love you
  • You spending way too much time on his place
  • Him eventually telling you to just move in already
  • Travelling with him to places you’ve never been before when he’s on vacation
  • Him teasing you whenever you can’t do something
  • “Here, let me do this, you’re too young”
  • Sebastian covering your eyes whenever you two are watching a movie and there is a sex scene
  • Lazy make out sessions in the morning before he goes to the gym
  • Him supporting the career you wanna follow, it doesn’t matter which it is
  • “You know, when we get married…”
  • But knowing that you want to wait a little bit before actually getting married
  • You always sitting on his lap because it’s just too comfortable
  • Cooking for him 
  • And him definitely teasing you if you mess something up
  • “Kids are not supposed to play with stoves, babe”
  • You teasing him back whenever he calls his mom because he wants to eat something but doesn’t know the recipe
  • “There’s something called internet, you old man”
  • Romantic and passionate sex
  • Sebastian loving to take showers with you so he can wash your hair
  • Taking pictures of you but never posting them because he doesn’t like to share the cute and simple moments he lives with you
  • Defending you whenever someone says shit about you and/or the age gap between you two
  • Him taking you to meet Romania and the whole Europe on your birthday
  • Nose kisses
  • Long bear hugs before he has to leave/when he arrives
  • Him showering you with small but cute gifts
  • Talking about movies and cartoons from when he was just a kid
  • “Okay, that’s too old, Seb”
  • Tickling fights
  • Basically him always taking care of you because you’re the most amazing thing that ever happened to him
Imagine people assuming you and Jared are a couple so he gets asked about you a lot in interviews, which makes him shy because he has feelings for you.

“It must be amazing to have such a great addition to the cast for this season huh? Everybody is so eager to see (Y/n)’s character interact with Sam and Dean!”

“Yeah the entire cast and crew is really excited for this.” Jensen nodded his head “You know, she’d always come around and everybody already adores her because it’s impossible to not love her. You know, there was never really a reason but she loved to pay a visit to a certain someone-” he glanced at Jared who rolled his eyes with a smile “Claiming it was just to see all of us, but I never once believed it.”

“Come on man, you’re just jealous she loves spending more time with me than you!” Jared exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air and Jensen merely shrugged.

“Yeah, hanging out is what we call it now.” Jensen scoffed “You know, it’s just a good thing she won’t have to try and come up with a reason now every time she visits.”

“Well, I am sure that despite everything this is going to be a great experience! And I’m sure, Jensen, that since (Y/n) and Jared are such a lovely couple it is only fair they spent some more time together.” she said with a shrug and both Jensen and Jared’s eyes widened, but unlike the younger man Jensen burst laughing.

“Wh-what?” she chuckled.

“We- we’re not together.” Jared shook his head and hands “We’re just- (Y/n)’s my best friend, we’ve known each other since we were kids. It’s all- we’re friends, that’s just it.”

“Oh oh? Really? I’m- Forgive me, it’s just with all the pictures the two of you upload and with how much you’ve been seen out, hugging and almost cuddling, going grocery shopping together and actually seeing you get out of her house early in the morning it’s-” she shook her head with a laugh.

“Yeah, no we’re just friends. It’s friendly.” Jared said with a shy laugh, mostly because he knew that at least from his side it wasn’t like that.

“Hey, we’re friends too but you’ve never went grocery shopping for me!” Jensen exclaimed, all the time that wide grin on his – knowing above all – annoying but mainly scaring Jared. Who knew if you were actually watching the interview or not? He swore if you ever found anything he’d just crawl under a hole and die of embarrassment.

“Are you jealous now?” Jared asked him with a nervous smile but Jensen just shrugged trying to seem innocent.

“All I’m saying is: You don’t usually want to marry your best friend and have kids with him!” he raised his hands in the air as Jared’s eyes widened “So yeah, you and me are best friends. What you have with (Y/n) I am not going to say because I’ll be found dead in my house tomorrow morning!”

“Oh no don’t worry, you’ll be dead by tonight judging by the look on Jared’s face!” the interviewer laughed, pointing at the younger man.

“Oh you bet!” Jared exclaimed “I am already trying to find a way too!” he laughed awkwardly, hiding his face behind his hand “I still have no idea why I hang out with you.”

“Oh no no, you hang out with (Y/n).” Jensen pointed, making quotes with his fingers “Let’s not confuse those two! Cause I really bet you don’t have the same intentions you have for her when we are out.”

Jared opened his mouth to speak but actually didn’t when he felt his phone vibrate. He did shoot Jensen a glare when he spoke “Ten bucks it’s her!”

And as much as Jared wanted to retort the message he got from you made all air leave his lungs and his heart leal to his throat “We are so not naming our first son Jensen! Pick me up at seven so we can hang out a little more ;) xx’

I Won’t Say I’m In Love (Harry Hook X Reader)

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A/N: I feel I went a little overboard with this one (excuse the terrible pirate pun - I couldn’t help myself) but I hope you enjoy it anyway xxx
Words: 5138
Requested: Yes!
Warnings: Swearing, fluff, angst
Could you do Harry X Daughter of Hades reader with her attitude more like Meg (NOT related to her, like how Jay acts more like Aladdin) I can’t stop thinking about the song I won’t say (I’m in love).
I kind of took the song idea and ran with it soooo…

If there was a prize for rotten judgement, you had already won it. Every person that you were drawn was inherently bad, not in the sense that they were a villain like you, but in the aspect that they wanted to break you heart. First the son of Scar, then the son Shan Yu, the sons of Mother Gothel, The Queen of Hearts and Dr Facilier equally as damaging to your mental wellbeing. Boys to you, were bad news, and you had had your heart broken so many times it was becoming tiring. You were the daughter of Hades, a goddess who was supposed to be the embodiment of evil, but it was hard to uphold a stone-cold reputation when you were constantly sniffling about your latest failed love interest. It was your best friend who always had to scoop you up off the floor, your best friend who always told you you were better than which ever villain broke your heart, your best friend who taught you that you didn’t need any pathetic boyfriend to make you worthy. It was also you best friend who had threatened to hook anybody who so much as looked at you the wrong way, but that was a habit you were trying to talk him out of. In short our best friend was pretty fucking amazing, if not a little intense. So you took his advice and made a new philosophy, vowing to never fall in love again. It wasn’t quite what he had meant but it was the easiest way to insure you would’t be hurt once more. Why would you need a relationship when you already had everything you needed in a best friend, when you already had everything you needed in Harry Hook.

“I could hurt ye,” Harry whispered a hint of seduction lingering in his Scottish accent as he traced the outline of Mal’s face with his hook.
He didn’t believe his luck when he found his Captain’s worst enemy in the “Curl Up and Dye” whilst making his usual rounds, and was using the opportunity to get underneath her skin. His brief session of intimidation was swiftly interrupted by the entrance of a very familiar goddess.
“Oh come on Harry! My best friend hasn’t even been on the Isle for an hour and you’re already threatening her! Hands off now!”
You had walked in on Harry threatening one of your closest friends, Evie and Dizzy standing in a corner not really knowing what to do.
You marched towards the smirking pirate and gave him the look, the look that meant business, the look that meant: you have two seconds to do what I say or I can no longer be held responsible for my actions.
Harry sighed.
“Oh come on Y/N, I’m only playing” he taunted, grinning at you slightly two widely.
You rolled your eyes.
“I thought I was yer best friend not her”
“Ye haven’t replaced me now have ye darling?” He said with mock sarcasm, turning to you with puppy eyes before winking. He was still poking his hook at Mal, making you huff a little.
You changed your tactics, standing behind the pirate and pushing your lips to his ear.
“Now where would you get that idea Hook” you said so quietly it could have been a whisper, slowly running your hand up Harry’s back.
You felt all of his muscles tense up under his shirt and smirked to yourself. Your plan worked, his focus shifted to you instead of the purple haired VK. Suddenly you pulled him backwards away from Mal and stood in front of him, arms crossed with an un-amused look painted on your face.
“Don’t look at me like that. Ye make it out like I’m some kind of bad guy” Harry grinned, his signature smirk reappearing.
“That’s because you are”
The pirate pouted.
“Yer forgetting that ye ain’t exactly a saint yourself Y/N”.
You both looked each other in the eye, trying to keep a straight face, but cracked simultaneously, erupting into a fit of giggles.
“Perhaps. I guess this is why we are friends,” you said eventually but then hardened your tone again. “But I swear to god Har. If you threaten Mal again I’ll personally make sure you’re banished to the underworld. I don’t care how much Uma hates her”
You glanced at Mal with a smile, who had gone to join Dizzy and Evie in the corner of the salon.
“Anything for ye…” Harry started, when his eyes lit up with mischief you new exactly how he was going to finish the sentence. The dreaded nickname.
“Don’t you dare call m-”
“Hot stuff!”.
He winked at you and you groaned running towards him and shoving his chest. Harry had called you hot stuff since you were ten, when he made you so angry that your hair ignited, engulfing your head with cobalt flames much like your father. You begged him for days to stop, but seeing as you hated it so much (mainly due to the fact that people started to presume you were together) Harry decided to keep it.

As your hands connected with the pirate chest, he grabbed your arm and pulled you towards him. In a second, you were tossed over his shoulder, kicking, screaming and flailing your limbs as he spun you around in a circle, his hook resting over the small of your back. You were both chuckling heartily, completely forgetting you had an audience until little Dizzy cleared her throat loudly enough for you to hear.
“Harold James Hook! Put me down right now!”
“Any thing ye say… Hot stuff”
“Harry!” You screeched.
“Well as much as I would love to stay and chat.. hot stuff” He ignored your glare but sniggered to himself before continuing “But I’ve got more children to steal from”
Immediately your jaw clenched and Harry realised his mistake too late.
“You’re stealing from children again?”
He ran his hands through his hair and avoided your eyes.
“I am a villain Y/N. It’s what I do”
“No, we talked about this Harry! You’re a villain yes, but not a monster. You don’t steal from children”  
“Uma told me t-”
“Uma doesn’t control what you do”
“No, I’m sorry I forgot that was ye job” Harry muttered sarcastically under his breath.
You raised an eyebrow at him long enough for him to cave in.
“Fine! I’ll give it all back!” The pirate finally announced “Ye going to be the death of my Y/N” he said rolling his eyes.
“What else are best friends for Harry?” You grinned back at him as he made his way out of the salon.
“Dizzy yer money” He grumbled reluctantly, dropping it by the door before turning back to face you “Meet you in the market at seven?”
“Meet you in the market at seven” you reaffirmed, nodding at him with a grin.
Harry hadn’t even been gone 10 seconds before you were descended on by the group of confused yet intrigued VK’s standing in the corner.

“Oh. My. God!” Evie shrieked like a little school girl, jumping up and down and squealing
“We knew it! We all new it!” Dizzy shouted, grabbing your forearm and tugging at it a little.
You huffed but chuckled lightly at their giddiness.
“You know what?”
“That you love Harry!” Mal practically shouted, grabbing your other arm and beaming at you.
“No.” You said defiantly, your top lip wrinkling at the mention of the word love. “I most certainly do not.”
“Who’d you think you’re kidding Y/N?” Evie laughed “He’s the earth and heaven to you”
“He’s my best friend!” You protested.
“We can see right through you. You love each other!” Mal added, glancing at Evie with a knowing look.
“It’s okay Mal, just shout it a bit louder. I don’t think the deaf man at the end of the alley quite heard you” you hissed, shaking the girls off of your arm “We do not love each other okay?”
“But you have him wrapped around your finger! Do you think he would have given me back my money if anbody else had told him to” Dizzy tried to reason.
“He’s my best friend!” You repeated.
“And I’ve seen the way you look at each other” Mal said.
“He’s all you talk about, all you think about” Evie said backing her up.
You inhaled sharply before starting to ramble, refusing to take a breath until you had finished
“I am not in love with Harry Hook he is my best friend and that’s how it has been and how it will always be everything works just fine the way it is we do not need to complicate that by taking it any further I mean why would we anyway relationships aren’t even a thing on the isle and I don’t need to ruin the one thing that I got right because of some stupid feelings that might not even really be there”
The three VK’s looked at each other, then at you
“Oh my gosh Y/N you’re scared of falling in love”
“I am not!”
“Face it like a grown up Y/N, you’ve got it bad. It’s a good thing you know, love is a good thing”
“You don’t get it”
“But we do… Don’t be proud Y/N, it’s okay to admit you’re in love”
You just looked at them for a second, your stony facade wavering slightly as a memory invaded your thoughts.

Vibrant, curious, alive with bounce and effort. That’s how you remember the two of you that night. Your hair was flowing behind you, rustled by the breeze, as you ran giggling from the brunette beside you. He was mesmerised by your goofy grin, your cheeks pink from the cold. You and Harry couldn’t have been older than seven but you had snuck out once the sun had set, running barefoot down a grassy sand dune, holding your shoes in one hand, tossing them over one shoulder, grabbing each others hand with the opposite.
“Harry, look at the sea!” You shouted with wonder.
Reflected on the gossamer surface of the ocean was a perfect silver orb, a full moon, making the young pirate laugh a little.
“It’s only the moon Y/N”
“But it looks pretty though. It just looks so perfect ” you defended, pouting a little as you gazed out at the water.
“Yer really weird you know” Harry said, letting go of your hand but shuffling closer to you.
“Oh” was all you said quietly.
“It’s a good thing” Harry rushed, trying to explain what he was thinking “Ye know normal people are boring”
Harry looked at you, his pirate hat was way too big for his head so it slouched too far forward, covering his eyes. You broke out into an uncontrollable smile as you looked up at Harry who even at that age was taller than you.
“I love you Harry”
“I love you too”
Then the seven year old pirate knelt down, one knee digging into the wet sand as he took off his hat. He scrambled around in his back pocket until he pulled out a small copper ring, a glossy black stone adorned the band.
You gasped.
“Will ye marry me Y/N?” the younger Harry Hook announced, giving you the ring and grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
Your smile was even wider.
“Har! We are far too young to get married! Ask me again when we’re older and I’ll say yes.”
You passed him back the ring and kissed his cheek.
“Okay Y/N” Harry said slightly deflated but still smiling as wide, “Ye better not forget”

When you snapped out of your daydream, Evie, Mal and Dizzy were staring at you with smug looks, leaving you to wonder how long you had zoned out for.
“I won’t say I’m in love” was all you huffed before you left the salon.

You weren’t even half way down the street before you started to curse the three of them. Because, for the first time, it occurred to you. They might actually be right.
You were in love with Harry Hook.
You were in love with Harry Hook.
He was your one stable force, your one ounce of stability in a world of chaos who was always there through good and bad. You loved him so much for that. You were in love with him and you couldn’t believe that you’d only just realised it.
But then the doubt came.
You knew he didn’t love you back, Harry had made it very clear on numerous occasions, hell, he was the one who told you to stop falling in love. Once before you had tried to confess your feelings for Harry, even if you didn’t consciously realise that was what you were doing yourself, and the outcome had bruised way more than just your ego.

Ursula’s Fish and Chip Shop was packed as per usual. You were hustled into a particularly lively corner, talking with Harry over a plate full of fries. It wasn’t unusual for you two to eat together, in fact you had been bonding over questionably good fish and chips for as long as you could remember. It had become a tradition. Much like it had become a tradition to try and calm Harry down when he told you about who was irritating him and tradition for him to throw food all over the place. Much like how it had become tradition for Harry to glare at anybody else who tried to talk to you until they walked away. Much like how it had become tradition for you to laugh at him and tell him to relax. But that day was different.
“I don’t think ye understand how much I hate that kid,” Harry snarled, picking up a handful of fries and launching them across the room. Normal.
“Har! When did you ever care what Drew thinks anyway? If you’re mad at him, fine by me, but don’t waste my food on his sorry ass,” you laughed, hugging the plate of chips protectively. Harry slumped down beside you, muttering to himself. Also normal.
“Have ye got a problem mate because if not ye need to move along and stop looking at Y/N. She isn’t interested” He shouted at whichever poor boy was approaching you. Again completely and utterly normal.
“Give it a rest Har, I can defend myself” you giggled. Normal, sweet normal.
But then you tilted your head to look at him
“Besides Harry, I wanted to ask you something”
Not normal. This was new. This was un-expected. This was spontaneous, out of blue, intriguing but not in any realm of normality.
“Well ask away” replied Harry with a grin, clearly he wasn’t phased by the new conversation.
“I was just wondering whether you wanted to go and see the floating lanterns with me tomorrow, you know for my birthday. They’ll be lighting them in Auradon all weekend so if we get boat at night we’ll be able to see them across the lake” You looked up at Harry hopefully “I thought it could be nice”
“Ye want to see the lanterns?”
You nodded your head.
“Ye have always been odd Y/N. But yes, I’ll come see the lanterns with ye. I’ll get Uma and Gil to come t-”
“No!” You said quickly before returning your voice back to normal “I mean, maybe us two could just go.
You smiled weakly at Harry, who cocked his head and looked at you differently. It took a moment for you to realise what you had just done. You had asked Harry on a date. You cursed yourself over and over unable to comprehend why you had just done that. He rubbed the back off his neck.
“Hmm, when I think about it I have to train some new crew members with Uma. Maybe another time?”
Your stomach twinged a little but your forced yourself to keep smiling.
“What about the day after. Like I say they’ll be letting them off all weeke-”
“I’m on lookout duty all that night”
“Oh” You felt about two centimetres tall in that moment but you refused to let that stupid smile falter.
“How about you just tell me when you’re free and we’ll go on a boat trip then. Lanterns or no lanterns. I mean my birthday would have passed but it’s okay”
Harry put his hook down on the table and avoided your gaze purposely.
“I don’t really have time for a boat trip. I’ve just always got stuff to do”
Rejected. You had just been rejected by your best friend and it stung like a bitch.
“That okay,” you lied “No worries”
Harry picked up another chip and ate it awkwardly. You didn’t speak for a while.
A small piece of you had just died, but you kept that goddamn smile on your face.
“Are ye okay Y/N, ye look like yer going to be sick”
“Yeah yeah I’m fine. Actually no, I think I’m getting sick. I’m just going to sleep it off. Bye”
You ran out of the restaurant and away from a bewildered looking pirate, before he could stop you. You couldn’t work out why you were crying about Harry Hook that day but looking back it was so obvious; your heart had been re-broken.

You weren’t mad at Harry after that day, how could you be? He hadn’t done anything wrong, he just didn’t love you in that way. But that was okay, because he was still your best friend, nothing could take away from that. So you moved on, accepted that being friends was the best you were going to get and pushed any feelings you had for Harry deep down. Just not deep enough.

You were down at the market place before Harry was, so you took the time you had spare to browse the various stalls, ignoring the calls of market traders to buy their produce. Usually if you wanted something you would just steal it, an odd apple here and there, a random scarf from time to time. Recently though, you had being to cut back on your petty thieving vice so you resisted the urge to take anything. You made your way to a small cart at the back of the market selling jewellery, the whole stand glinting with golds, silvers and bronzes. You knew none of it would be precious metal, you simply didn’t get that on the isle, but they were pretty nonetheless.
“How much is this one,” you said, picking up a silver hair brooch encrusted with small red gems.
The market vender was about to answer but was cut off by a voice from behind you, a familiar palm resting on your shoulder.
“Might not be the best idea to get that with yer hair sweetheart” Harry whispered, pulling himself in close to you and speaking in your ear.
A nauseating jolt of butterfly’s rippled through your stomach before you could stop yourself. Get a grip girl. You tried to tell yourself but you couldn’t help it.
You handed the hair clip back to the stall worker and walked away with Harry.
“I was going to get that you know” you said, punching Harry playfully in the arm.
He grinned at you.
“I didn’t know ye were the jewellery type hot stuff”
You punched him again for using that god awful nickname before you answered him.
“I love jewellery Har, you know it’s one of my many weakness’”
It was true, Harry would often tease you, calling you a magpie, as you had a soft spot necklaces and earrings.
“I got you something” Harry said quietly, opening the his palm to reveal a intricate ring. He reached for your hand, slipping it onto your finger and smiling at you.
You looked at the pirate, then at the ring, then back at the pirate again.
“Harry! It’s beautiful” You flung your arms around him but then paused “Did you steal it?”
Harry scoffed.
“Did I steal it? Ye got some nerve ye do Y/N. Of course I didn’t. I’m just offended ye don’t recognise it” he laughed.
You looked at the ring Harry had given you again. It was copper, a glossy black stone adorning the band. It was the ring from the beach, the ring from your childhood. You took a step backwards
“Harry I-”
You were cut off when Harry pushed his forehead against yours, your eyes widening in alarm. He slowly, started to angle his head towards yours, his lips parting slightly. He was going to kiss you, holy shit he was going to kiss you. A wave of anger washed over you almost instantly.
“Harry what the hell!”
You slapped him hard, straight across his face, surprising the both of you. You were only getting angrier.
“No! Stop it! Stop playing with my emotions! I thought you were different! I don’t get it, you don’t like me enough to spend time with me on my birthday Harry, MY BIRTHDAY, but somehow you think it’s okay to spring shit like this on me!” The ends of your hair were burning blue now
“I didn’t mean to-”
“This is all just an intimidation thing isn’t it” you yelled not caring who was staring now “You flirt with everyone you’re trying to intimidate I knew that, but I’m supposed your best friend, why are you trying to scare me”
“I don’t w-”
“I’m going to walk away now so I don’t set myself on fire in public,” you said as calmly as you could manage “Go try and kiss somebody else”

You had to calm down and you knew it. You had to do it fast. Your hair was always the first thing to catch fire but the burning sensation would spread further than that if you couldn’t control it. You wanted to cry, to scream, to tear down a building when you stomped away from Harry, your confusion at his actions amplifying your emotions. You had to stay in control. There was one time when you couldn’t, when the anger was so overwhelming that your body temperature rose so dangerously high that you collapsed. You were hospitalised for weeks with severe burns, reiterating the fact that although you were the daughter of a god, you weren’t immortal. An uncomfortable prickle of heat spread across your skin as you collapsed in the alleyway bawling. You were lucky that Evie found you.
“He tried to kiss me Evie. I don’t understand him and it’s driving me insane. I don’t know what he’s thinking,”
“Oh Y/N,” Evie said, daring to touch your shoulder once you had cooled down “You are literally the only person on the whole Isle who can’t hear what he’s trying to tell you”

Optimistic. That’s how you felt as you stepped onto that pirate a ship, a strong belief that everything was going to turn out brilliantly. Evie helped you to accept that perhaps you over-reacted at Harry’s attempt to kiss you, so you marched to the docks armed with an apology and a sorry looking smile. You felt terrible, if Harry had truly intended to kiss you genuinely then you couldn’t even begin to understand how he was feeling. Not only had you completely rejected the poor pirate, you had embarrassed him in front of the whole market. The saddest part of all of the whole messy situation was that you actually wanted to kiss Harry, it was your fear of admitting your feelings that was pushing you away. You hoped Harry was in an understanding mood.

You scoured the upper deck for the pirate but you struggled to find him anywhere. You did on the other hand, find Uma.
“Hey Uma! Do you know where Harry is?” You asked the Captain, slowly making your way towards her.
You may not exactly have been friends with Uma but you two were civil and got along well enough. She nodded at you reluctantly, as if contemplating whether to speak.
“He’s in his cabin,” she replied softly, looking at you with pity.
You presumed she was acting strangely because Harry had told her about the market incident. You were wrong.

You whistled to yourself as you you climbed the stairs to Harry’s cabin, pausing outside of his door to give yourself a pep talk. There was no point in denying it anymore, you were completely and utterly head over heels for the boy and bottling your feelings up wasn’t going to help anything. You decided then and there you were just going to tell him, get everything off of your chest once and for all. It was Harry after all, you could tell him anything in confidence and vice versa, the two of you were practically inseparable.
“You’ve got this Y/N,” You told yourself “Get in there and get yourself a boyfriend”.
You grinned nervously but felt oddly calm, opening the door of Harry’s bedroom.
“Har?” You called out softly.
Then your whole world collapsed.

Harry Hook.
Hailey Facilier.
Each other.
On the lips.
That’s all you had to see to know it had happened again.
Your heart had well and truly broken this time.
You shut the door slowly, knowing they hadn’t seen you.
You felt like you’d been hit in the face.
But the funny thing was, you weren’t surprised. Harry was the biggest flirt on the Isle, he was known to break hearts left right and centre, yet you refused to believe he would do that to you. It was like giving a murder a knife and expecting not to be stabbed. After all he had said about the guys who had hurt you, he had joined the list himself. But you still weren’t prepared for it. How could you possibly have prepared to have your heart ripped out of your chest. You underestimated the power of heartbreak. Why were you never ready for it? Because you loved him. Or maybe because you were in denial. You thought Harry would never do it to you. You thought the murder wouldn’t stab you. But you had been stabbed all right, stabbed right in the very back.

You stumbled your way back to the main ship. You couldn’t see, you didn’t know where you were or where you were going, you knew one thing and one thing only. You were burning. Anger boiled deep down in your system, as hot as lava, scorching you from the inside out. It churned from within you, hungry for destruction and you knew this time that it’s too much for you to handle. There was no way for you to control this. The pressure of the raging sea of anger wouldn’t just force you to say things you didn’t mean or release the pent up emotions you had suppressed for weeks, it would hurt people, including yourself. Seriously hurt people.
How could you Harry? was the only thought you had as you hit the deck.

“Harry!” Gil yelled as he ran to find the first mate “Harry! We don’t know what to do!”
The doors to Harry’s cabin flew open revealing him sat alone at the foot of his bed, his head in his hands. He jerked his head to face Gil.
“What are ye going on about,” he snapped.
“It’s Y/N! I think she’s about to set on fire again!”
Harry winced at your name but still managed to roll his eyes.
“She’s the daughter of bloody Hades what do ye expect! Ye know her hair sets on fire”
Gil shook his head violently, so much so it made him dizzy
“Yeah but Harry! It’s not just her hair!”

Harry was panicking. He was there when this happened before, when he had no idea what to do, when all he could do was stand and watch you. He raced down to the ship deck, where you were laid on the floor, a crowd of pirates surrounding you. He pushed them all out of the way.
“What the fuck has made her so mad!” Harry screamed to no-one in particular as he kneeled beside you.
“Get away from me!” You spat, wiggling as far from his as you could. You couldn’t stand up anymore, your entire body glowing red as you continued to get hotter and hotter. It hurt to move.
“Please,” you croaked, any resentment in your voice vanishing, leaving you completely vulnerable “Please just go back to Hailey”
“What do you mean back to Ha- Y/N you’ve got this all wrong”
Without thinking Harry reached for you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you in close. He grimaced, a searing burning pain exploding from the arm that was holding you but he shrugged it off, pulling you into a closer embrace. He started to rub your cheek.
“Please try and calm yer self down Y/N” He whispered to you.
“Let go of me Harry, I’m hurting you”. You were crying but your tears turned to steam as soon as they touched your face.
“I’m the one that’s hurt ye love and I’m sorry”
His embrace was soothing, his muscular arms protective of you as he held your frail burning body. Slowly but surely you felt your body temperature decline.
“Do you love her Harry?” It was a question you didn’t want to know the answer to but you asked anyway.
“Y/N ye don’t seriously think that do ye?” He gripped your harder. Your skin was no longer glowing like embers of a bonfire but you still far from back to normal.
“I saw you kissing and-”
“She kissed me Y/N! She kissed me! And I pushed her off me! And I screamed at her because…” He paused for a second and just looked at you.
“Because what?” Your voice was gentler now.
“Because I fucking love ye Y/N”
It happened suddenly, as if someone had flipped a switch.
You were extinguished.
The flames disappeared.
A new kind of warmth dispersed inside of you, a tingling happy glow of heat radiating from your stomach banishing the remnants of any anger. You melted, returning back to your normal state, looking up at Harry in disbelief.
“Ye heard me, I love ye. And I’ve told myself for so long that I didn’t, because I was scared of ye finding out but I can’t help it I-”
“I love you too Har”
You buried your face into the crook of Harry’s neck, no longer afraid of burning him to death.
The Pirates around you began to cheer and you became suddenly aware that you had an audience. Harry waved his hands in an odd gesture and they all scurried away, leaving you sat on Harry’s lap in the middle of the ship.
“I’m sorry for being a dick”
“And I’m sorry for nearly giving you third degree burns”
You both spluttered with laughter.
“Yer lethal Y/N. Remind me of this whenever I plan on making ye angry again,”
“Oh so you plan on making me angry in advance do you?” You smirked back at the pirate.
You were back to being Y/N and Harry again, slipping back into the comforting roles as if nothing had happened,as if you hadn’t just been sat on the floor consumed by your own raging anger. It was refreshing.
“Ye better believe it” Harry winked at you.
He offered you a hand and pulled you up to stand behind him.
“Now!” He said grandly “About that boat trip ye were banging on about…”
Harry lead you to the ship’s railing and motioned towards a small white rowing boat tied up along the docks, a singular paper lantern resting at the bow.
You grinned at him.
“Harold James Hook, have I told you I love you?”
“I love ye more”
“Not possible”
“It is”
“It isn’t”
“It is”
“God we’re unbearable aren’t. we,” you chuckled lightly.
“I’m afraid we are..” Harry smirked “…Hotstuff”


“I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise…! I want to be like you…! Like you. The strongest hero.”

Dedicated to @noxtics
Happy super belated Birthday Zimah-san (°◡°♡)

Fannibal appreciation to all those fans who will not be called out by name today.

To all the people who picked up this show after it was already cancelled and started making art, gifs or writing fic. It’s amazing to experience this journey again through new eyes. And it’s fresh blood like you who will convince some TV or streaming service that there is life in this fandom yet.

To all the people who will not be named today and will still be just as supportive.

To people whose art and fic never found an audience, but still made content and reblogged other people’s content.

To all the meta writers who tirelessly answered the same questions over and over and to those who waited for questions that never came.

To all the people who can’t write or draw or photoshop or gif, but were there every time there was a poll to win, or a write-in campaign or a Twitter push.

I can’t call you all by name, because I don’t know all of you (yet), but I want you to know

I appreciate you.

I have a friend who has never watched a single episode of GoT(she’s a little too vanilla for it), watch an ep where Jon and Danielle shared a scene together and this was her response:

so I showed her some gifs of Jon and Sansa(she never intended on watching and I have very little people I can discuss/vent GoT to without spoiling), you know, gifs like this:

Originally posted by tiny-little-bird

and this:

and basically after a little bit of background, she responded with this:

and now she’s even considered watching the show and reading the books(I’m meeting her soon so I can pass over seasons 1-6 to her)!

Amazing, love it, live for it.

August 23rd

River happy birthday. I will never not be pissed about how short your life was, but you gave the world more in your youth than most people that get to live their entire lives do. I don’t think I’ll ever fully accept that you’re gone because it’s too hard and nothing saddens me quite as much as being reminded of that. I wish I could give you a thank you for being my friend through all the movies, I wish I could thank you for giving me so many amazing characters, I wish I could thank you for all the songs, I wish I could thank you for fighting for animals, I wish I could thank you for trying to save the world. I wish I could thank you.

me: (wastes my time constantly reading facts that i already know about a character I already know everything about because somehow my brain will never get tired of hearing about how amazing this one character is 24/7)

Lightweight Killua AU

An AU for Lightweight Killua Headcanon

“You’re lying.” Gon stared at Killua dumbfounded, “There’s no way you’re telling the truth.” 

“I told you a million times. I’m immune to poisons- that includes alcohol, dummy.” Killua said, still looking through the aisle of different shaped bottles of various alcohols. “Logically, that means I can drink as much as I want and won’t feel a thing.”

“Still, though. I don’t buy it.” Gon pouted and Killua rolled his eyes at him.

“Too bad. It’s the truth. I can drink whatever I want and not have to worry about getting drunk.” Killua smirked, “You, on the other hand, would probably fall over after one drink.”

“I would not! I could handle drinking. Mito-san just never let me…” Gon stated, huffing. “And if you’re such a heavyweight, prove it. I wanna see.”

“Of course she wouldn’t let you drink! We’re underage!” Killua said, his eyebrows raised, “And fine! I will! I’ll drink all night and watch you get drunk.”

You’re the one getting drunk. It’s impossible to be immune to alcohol. You have to feel at least something.” Gon said, looking at all of the bottles before picking a couple- more out of looks than out of actual contents since he wasn’t exactly experienced with anything like this. Killua rolled his eyes before grabbing a few random bottles himself.

“Uh huh. Sure. I wonder what kind of drunk you’ll be. Hopefully not a loud one.” Killua winced, imagining an overly drunk Gon speaking ten decibels higher than normal.

“I bet you’ll be a funny drunk.” Gon said after some thought once they got to the checkout. The cashier eyed them suspiciously.

“Aren’t you kids a little young for drinking? Can I see some IDs?” He said sternly, looking from Killua to Gon.

“We’re sixteen!” Gon grinned, getting wacked on the back of the head by Killua.

“And we have these.” Killua handed the cashier his Hunter’s License as Gon pulled out his. The cashier sighed before bagging the drinks, waving them off.

“Go ahead.” He rubbed his temples, “Just… Don’t get into any trouble. I don’t need the Hunters Association giving me crap for giving kids alcohol.”

“Thanks!” Gon beamed, grabbing the bags.

“We’ll be fine, don’t worry!” Killua smirked and followed Gon out the door.

When they got back to their hotel room, the boys put out their spread of alcohol on the table. They’d ended up with tequila, vodka, wine, gin and whiskey. Gon stared as Killua got some paper cups from the counter before opening the bottles. 

“Ew that smells disgusting.” Gon scrunched up his nose as the smell hit him. Killua rolled his eyes before picking up the bottle of gin and pouring a little in a cup.

“It’s supposed to. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. Don’t be such a baby, Gon.” Killua teased, handing his friend the cup and pouring himself one. Gon stared at the contents unsure and Killua struggled not to laugh. “Just drink it.” 

“You haven’t had yours either!” Gon said, whining. 

“Okay fine. On three?” Killua suggested and Gon nodded. “One… Two… Three!” 

Both boys downed the cups of straight gin before their eyes widened. Gon spit hit out back into the cup, coughing. Killua clamped one hand over his mouth, the other clutching the counter as he struggled to swallow the liquid. When he succeeded, he gasped and coughed, his face red from the burning. He looked at Gon who’s eyes were watering.

“Th-That was horrible!” Gon said, before laughing, “Y-You should see your face, Killua! It’s so red!”

“Speak for yourself! You look like you’re crying your eyes are so watery!” Killua laughed. “Ugh, that tasted awful. Like antiseptic or something.” 

“Yeah, my throat- Wait a minute. You’re having more?” Gon said, staring in shock as Killua eyed the bottle of vodka suspiciously before pouring some.

“I said I was gonna drink all night, didn’t I? I have a point to prove. You want some, lightweight?” Killua said, waving the bottle in front of Gon tauntingly. Gon narrowed his eyes and snatched it, pouring some into his cup- already partially filled with gin. 

“Cheers?” Killua grinned, hitting Gon’s cup with his before they both forced it down.

“Heh, my face feels hot.” Killua blinked a few times, trying to make the room stop. Gon eyed him warily, looking suspiciously sober to Killua. “Hey, you haven’t drinked… drunk… drank… what’s the past tense?”

“Killua, maybe you should stop. You look pretty drunk.” Gon said, getting up from his bed to throw away his cup. Killua frowned stubbornly.

“No, you aren’t even drunk. And I am not drunk. And we have all this stuff to drink.” Killua slurred, stumbling a bit to the counter. Gon sighed, walking over to him, taking a bottle from his hands.

“It’s almost all gone anyway. And you are too drunk.” Gon said, crossing his arms. His cheeks were pink but for the most part, Gon had proven to be the one who could handle his liquor. “Come on, let’s go to bed. It’s getting late.” But Killua was already shaking his head, a dazed look in his blue eyes.

“‘m still thirsty.” He reached for the tequila before Gon swatted his hand away, a glare in his eyes.

“No, Killua. If you’re thirsty, I’ll get you water.” Gon said, his arms crossed, “I mean, sheesh, this stuff doesn’t even taste good. A stupid bet isn’t worth it. And you’re already drunk anyway- so you lost.” 

“Say, Gon, you’re really hot.” Killua said seriously, staring intently at the teen in front of him. Gon flushed brightly in surprise.

“H-Huh?” Gon squeaked.

“You are. You were cute before. But now you’re really hot.” Killua tilted his head a bit, his eyes glossing over Gon’s body. “Really, really, hot.” 

“Y-You’re drunk. You don’t mean that.” Gon laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. 

“I do, though. You’re really hot and really amazing.” Killua hugged Gon’s body before he could stop it.

“K-Killua, l-let go.” Gon blushed, trying to wiggle his way out of Killua’s hold but succeeded only in having Killua draped along his back, his arms around Gon’s neck.

“Why is something so bright friends with me?” Killua mumbled, nuzzling Gon’s neck, eliciting a squeak from him.

“Where’s all this coming from?” His voice rising an octave when Killua tightened his hold on him.

“I never said ‘nything ‘cause I love you.” Killua slurred, before hiccuping. Gon’s breath hitched, as Killua continued. “You’re just so happy, you know? And you’re friends with me. I followed you on your date with Palm that one time because I wanted you to ask me out. But you’re a stupid head and-”

“W-Wait, you love me?” Gon whispered, a permanent blush staining his cheeks. Killua glared, rubbing his cheek on the back of Gon’s neck.

Yeah. You gotta pay ‘tention, dummy. I’ve loved you for forever. You’re really cute and-” 

“It’s not nice to lie, Killua. Even if you are drunk.” Gon’s voice shook a bit, trying to process it. Killua growled in frustrated and stumbled off of Gon before grabbing his face in his hands.

“’m not drunk. And I’m not lying!” Gon barely had time for his eyes to widen in surprise before Killua yanked their lips together.

Ugh, dammit…” Killua grumbled, feeling the contents of his stomach sloshing dangerously. He planted his face further into his pillow in an effort to block out any daylight. His head pounded, his stomach hurt more than it had in years, and he couldn’t remember a thing.

“Um, Killua?” Gon asked quietly, holding a glass of water some pain medications. “A-Are you feeling alright?” Killua stayed silent so he pressed further, “Killua?”

“I lost, okay? I got drunk. Big whoop.” Killua muttered, looking up to glare at Gon- only to find the boy looking away, a red blush across his cheeks. “Gon? What’s wrong?”

“N-Nothing. Um, here’s some medicine and some water.” Gon practically thrust the items at Killua without looking at him. 

“Thanks…” Killua eyed Gon suspiciously as he took the medicine, cringing as his stomach lurched a bit. He set the glass down on the bedside table. “What…What happened last night? I don’t really remember much after we got into the vodka…” Killua’s cheeks turned pink, imagining what he could have said or done.

“You don’t remember anything?” Gon said, looking back at Killua surprised. Killua shook his head, gingerly sitting up.

“Nope. Nothing. I remember feeling kinda funny and I remember you asking me if I was okay. But I wanted to win and figured I could shake it off. Guess not.” Killua said sheepishly, still wondering why Gon was acting so weird. “So, what’d I do?”

“You, um…” Gon chewed his lip, “ran outside in your underwear. Sorry, I tried to stop you but you were kinda fast…” Killua sat there before his face turned from shy to mortified.

“Wh-What?! No way. There’s no way I did that.” Killua said, panicking. He looked up, catching a glimpse of guilt in Gon’s eyes. His own eyes narrowed, “You liar.”

“I didn’t lie!” Gon glared at the accusation- no matter how true it was, he was not a liar.

“Yes, you did! You have guilt written all over your face!” Killua ignored the urge to throw up and the way his head was screaming at him to lie back down.

“Ugh, fine! I lied! There, you happy?” Gon groaned, crossing his arms across his chest.

“I’d be happier if you would just tell me what happened!” Killua said, really panicking at this point. Why wouldn’t Gon look at him without getting all flustered.

“Okay, okay… You kinda, sorta, called me hot.” Gon flushed. Killua blinked before glaring at him.

“You’re lying again!”

“I am not! You said you loved me too!” Gon yelled his blush bright. He watched Killua’s cheeks turn pink. “If you don’t believe me, you said you followed me on my date with Palm because you were jealous and-”

“I was not! She was crazy and I didn’t trust you with her!” Killua’s eyes widened before he turned an even darker shade of red. Gon was in the same boat, torn between teasing his best friend, and pressing him for more of a confession- a sober one. 

“S-So… do you?” Gon started, his voice quiet and hesitant.

“Do I what? Do I think you’re hot? Because the answer is no. You are not hot right now.” Killua huffed, getting up and walking towards the bathroom. Something in Gon’s eyes sparked, a grin reaching across his face.

Right now? You mean I normally look hot? Or just sometimes?” Gon teased, following him. He could see Killua’s ears turn red as he stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

“I am never drinking with you again!” Killua yelled from inside the bathroom and Gon couldn’t stop the laughter bubbling in from his chest.

Inspired by talks with @mowedith 💜
Why Black Women Should Go Natural

Self-love is extremely important when a black woman decides to go natural she is taking a huge step to fully loving herself. Why is that? By accepting who you truly are without wigs, weaves or perms will truly change your life. When I first made the decision to go natural I must admit at first, I was scared of how I would look and most importantly cutting my hair off. However, was the best decision I’ve ever made. Never in a million years would I have gone back natural but I was so tired of perms, thin hair and not seeing hair growth. When I left the hair salon in 2015 after my big chop I’ve never felt so free and more myself. I walked around like “here, this is me take me as I am.” Spending hours on YouTube looking at all the different ways I can style MY hair I couldn’t have been more amazed. So, you mean to tell me I can have these pretty curls, blow outs, big puffs all with my own hair? No $300 sew in or $350 bundles? That’s when I knew I made the right choice. In just 2 years with trims and even cutting my hair touches my back for the first time in a long time. It has grown so much and has thicken greatly in not even 3 years.

A lot of black women use perms because they feel their hair is too hard to manage or the first thing they scream is “I can’t do nothing with my natural hair!” That’s where they go wrong there is plenty of things that you can do to your hair when your natural. You can still switch it up and wear your weaves, wigs, and crochet styles every now and then. But, the products we have now for our hair Is better than ever before. Why purchase an afro wig, kinky curly hair, or a puff ponytail when you can wear those styles for free with your own hair?

We black women take proud in our hair, how we can do as many styles as we want, getting our edges on fleek and slaying day by day. However, imagine the impact on the world if we accepted who we are instead of accepting who everyone else wants us to be. Let us not say “nappy hair” anymore and say “our hair.” Our natural hair is who were love it and care for it and it will love you back.

On the day after fanfiction writer appreciation day, and all the other days of the year too, I want to give a shout out to all of the writers who didn’t get a shout out.

To the writers who haven’t written in a long time, you’re still amazing.

To the writers who don’t get all the kudos or comments.

To the writers that the rec lists never mention.

To the writers who don’t feel good enough.

Shout out to all the fanfiction writers. Just because you didn’t make the rec lists this time doesn’t mean you won’t next time, and if you don’t that’s okay.

You’re still great and you’re still appreciated.


Oh my gosh friends, I have hit a truly outstanding milestone!! Honestly, I really never expected to ever get here, and I have been so grateful for every new follower and every new “milestone” that I hit and really, I should have been doing this all along. Because I was truly awed and thankful when I had reached the point of having 25 followers, and I have often wished there was something I could do to thank people for being with me here on this blog.

But here is an amazing thing and I would very much like to thank you for being here! Giveaways seem to be the standard approach, so I will try a writing giveaway first, and if that doesn’t work (as in, if absolutely no one wants this), then I’ll come up with some other giveaway =D

I am calling this the “Will You Ever Write” Giveaway, because this giveaway is designed to give people (well, one person) the chance to dictate the next story I write. I often get questions along the lines of “will you ever write a longer version of [blank] AU” or “this pairing in this AU” or “this anime” and this giveaway is specifically designed to say, “yes! I will! And you can choose what that is!”

I am promising one *at least* 5k long story to the grand prize winner of this giveaway. This person can choose to request that I write a full-length (at least 5K) story for one of the AUs that I have written in short format on tumblr but have yet to continue as a longer thing.

That means, you could choose a full length version of:

(Designation: Miracle and Fairy Tale AU are off this list because I have too many plans for what’s in D:M and the Fairy Tale AUs are being written regardless)

OR you have the option of designing a brand new AU for ANY of the fandoms I have written for:

  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Haikyuu
  • Eyeshield 21
  • Ookiku Fuributte
  • Free!

(provided it is a ship I have written before). Just pick an AU trope you would like to see me write for a fandom (Coffeshop AU, Superhero AU, etc) and I will do it!

OR if there is a fandom I haven’t written for that you’d really like me to, we can negotiate that too! 

Boku no Hero Academia and Yuri on Ice are two that I would certainly love to write for. Any *anime* that has appeared on this blog is also fair game, although I have varying degrees of familiarity with the stuff on this blog so thus why negotiations might have to be made.

The only rules/restrictions I put on fic are:

  1. All fic will be SFW,  although I am comfortable with writing darker themes if you want darker themes. (Think along the lines of what has appeared in D:M).
  2. It really does have to be for a ship I ship, sorry, but I am open to writing friendship fic between any pairing
  3. for length’s sake, it has to be limited to one ship, but if you would like to see cameo appearances of another ship, that’s something that can happen too.
  4. I do reserve the right to ask you to pick something else, if you happen to pick an AU or a fandom that I am very uncomfortable writing for. Nothing comes to mind at the moment, I’m just reserving the right to say that.

Rules of the giveaway! Likes and reblogs each count! This is for my followers, but I have to be honest with you, I’m probably not going to know if you don’t follow me. You can reblog however many times you’d like, it each counts as an entry. Grand prize will be picked by random generator. Deadline for entry is September 4, 2017 at midnight. I will notify the winner through message and give them a week to respond; if they do not respond the random generator gods will pick a new person. The winner and what they chose will be announced publicly after confirmation and negotiations have been finalized.

I think I’d probably even do a 2nd and 3rd place winners for a 1K fic or 500 word drabble, if they want.

And, you know, if no one wants this, I will come up with some other way to thank people! I promise =D

I’m going to reblog this a couple of times before the deadline to give people the chance to see it, since I suspect people missed out on the last offer I made. So if you are tired of seeing this on your dash, please avoid the tag #willyoueverwritegiveaway, because that’s what I will be using.

Thank you again, friends!! I cannot express how happy this makes me :)

i just don’t understand how the falsettos fandom sleeps on the obc and oobc? like in trousers is like a fever dream but holy shit the music is amazing and chip zien has the voice of a god! march of the falsettos and falsettoland are amazing, especially all of the lyric changes seen in the revival

march of the falsettos: it’s queer mr marvin! sorry-
falsettos revival: explore mr marvin, your core mr. marvin!

march of the falsettos: did she ever drive you wild? no. never? no. never? no. never? no. never never never? no. never? no. never? no no no!

falsettos revival: I just know what I’m told, cause when I met your wife she was anything but cold. it wasn’t quite precise to say that she was ice, when I met your wife she was very nice, very very very-

barbara walsh’s im breaking down is amazing!! like don’t get me wrong im a huge sjb stan, but barbara walsh’s im breaking down is sooo amazing!!!

micheal rupert has an amazing voice, like holy shit he can sing. his marvin was amazing and his what more can I say gives me chills.

if y'all haven’t, PLEASE go listen to in trousers, march of the falsettos, and falsettoland. they are all amazing.

anonymous asked:

please tell me that you tag your edits as 'my stupid edit' as a joke. they are not stupid, they are amazing :D

Haha yeah, it kinda is a joke! I never take my stuff seriously so I jokingly add “stupid” to say “hey I had fun making this!” :P also I’ve always used this hashtag for my stuff and I don’t really want to change it because it’s my thing, it stands out, you know?
But thank you so much!! :D

happy forty-seventh birthday river jude phoenix. even though i wasn’t even alive while you were, i still miss you. i love you more and more everyday, if that’s even possible. now i don’t know about god and things like that, but wherever you are right now i hope your having fun and being happy. one part of me doesn’t think that it was your time, the other believes your soul was never meant to grow old. your love for animals still amazes me, as well as what you wanted to do for the world. your incredibly strong love for not only animals but people as well is one of the many things that makes you special. what you achieved and the impact you made on this earth in your short life is more than some people could even begin to dream of. you were an amazing actor, guitarist, singer, activist, brother, and son. your performances were so moving that many of your films are still being enjoyed to this day. you still hold a special place in many peoples hearts, but then again who could ever forget you? if there is a god above, maybe he liked his creation so much that he couldn’t wait any longer and he wanted you back. i feel as if we should not mourn over your death but rather celebrate your life. you’re a beautiful person with a beautiful soul who deserved so much better. no matter how odd people thought you were because of your hair or you clothes, i think that’s why i love you so much. simplicity is a rare thing in hollywood, but it wasn’t rare in you. i love you and miss you. happy birthday rio.

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What were your first impressions when you read the first OA script??

i read it all in one sitting because it was just that incredible. i remember dying to get on set & see it come to life. i wasn’t disappointed - in fact i never could have imagine how amazing the whole experience would be!!

anonymous asked:

Can I ask a stupid question? As a white woman, is complimenting a WOC on her amazing braids actually a compliment (just saying "Your braids are gorgeous!") or is it othering? I know braids and hair are issues fraught with tension. I don't want to thoughtlessly cause harm by what I think of as an positive intended act of admiration for things my hair could never do. Should I just keep my mouth shut and admire in silence?

i think you answered your own question. are you complimenting her because her hair is “so exotic wow these braids are amazing omg can i touch it???” (and that way othering her) or do you appreciate the technique or the way it suits her? i want to believe that your intentions are good, but the fact that you even have to ask if certain behaviour is okay because you’re afraid of othering someone (or making them mad?) makes me think you’re (subconsiously) already doing it.

idk, what do you all think?