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just us two - luke hemmings (part 9)

Luke knew that parenthood was never going to be easy when his girlfriend left him standing in the delivery ward with their baby clasped in his hands. his 5 year old daughter striking up a feud with the son of a coldly beautiful single mum was not a complication he had anticipated though. nor was falling in love with her.

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‘And I’ll be back around eight okay?’ Y/N asked as she whirled around the bedroom, re-tying her hair, touching up lipstick, gathering piles of papers and sorting through folders.

‘And you’re also going to remember to breathe before then, alright?’ Luke chuckled lightly, stopping Y/N in her flurry of activity by placing his hands on her shoulders. ‘You’ve done so much preparation for this case you’ll be fine.’

‘Well I don’t just need to be fine…’ Y/N said worriedly, distracted eyes drifting to the papers still scattered over the bed.

‘You’ll be perfect.’ Luke corrected himself, leaning down to press a reassuring kiss to her lips.

‘I love you.’ She smiled once he had pulled away, a noticeable calm now smoothing her features. As the weeks wore on between them the freedom of saying those three words, without having to remember the people they’d been said to before, increased and their conversations were filled with them.

‘I love you too.’ He smiled back, a familiar flutter in his chest as he looked at Y/N. ‘Now not to bring back the panic but…’ he gestured with a nod of his head to the clock on the wall.

‘Shit, shit, oh my god you’re right I’m going to be late!’ Y/N exclaimed, pushing past Luke to throw the rest of the papers haphazardly in her bag and dash down the stairs.

‘I said no more panicking!’ he couldn’t help but laugh as he followed her at a more sedate pace.

‘Bye Sammy! Bye Luna!’ Y/N called into the kitchen as she tugged on her shoes.

‘Bye mommy!’ they called back in unison, happily ignoring her panic as they ate their breakfast.

‘Bye Luke!’ Y/N said finally as she dashed out the door.

‘Wait! Y/N you forgot something!’ Luke yelled as he followed her across the drive.

‘What? Is it my laptop? Have I…’ before Y/N could finish Luke dipped his head down and kissed her deeply.

‘You forgot that.’ He said simply, unable to keep the grin off his face.

‘Honestly if I wasn’t such a sucker for all this romantic shit you pull Hemmings you would be so dead right now.’ Y/N half laughed, half sighed.

‘There she is, making empty threats at me, that’s the woman I fell in love with.’ Luke laughed outright.

‘Okay I’m actually leaving now, any more dramatic love proclamations and you’re getting run over.’ Y/N warned with a grin as she climbed into the car.

‘I got my goodbye kiss that’s all I wanted.’ He held his hands up in surrender to her. ‘See you tonight.’ He finished with a wave as she rolled her eyes at him, turning round a moment later to blow him a kiss.

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lofi-mango  asked:

If you were gonna make, like, a bulk meal for the week, what would you make? cuz i need ideaz

Two things! 

1. Pesto chicken pasta. Super easy. Make some pasta. Make some chicken. Cut it up really small. Add pesto, olive oil, and some cherry tomatoes if you want. Done. I make a whole box of pasta worth of it at a time and it’s so yummy.

2. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s a little more ~~healthblr~~. Quinoa, bell peppers (any color), ground turkey, onions, and garlic all mixed up together. It’s super yummy and so easy. I used to make a ton and bring it to work all the time. You can add other vegetables if you want also, but I like it best just like that.

So this was a super quick but yummy dinner tonight. Give it a try if you fancy something different. This recipe is for the pea salad. It’s just something to make the veggies a little different. Would also be great for leftovers for a salad the next day! If you want the recipe for my thyme fries then follow the link! I served this with a sainsburys mushroom and spinach burger - it was delish, but feel free to serve with anything you like - be that meat, fish, tofu, anything!

Avocado Pesto Pea Salad

1. Cook your 2 cups petites pois as you normally would. In a bowl add a handful of rocket, 1 tbsp of avocado pesto, 2 tbsp of parmesan and 1 spring onion

2. Mix the whole lot together and you’re done - as easy as that. Enjoy!

ok-ak  asked:

Hi! I'm new to NYC. Here for grad school. Got any tips? Food/cool places/coffee shops/things to do/anything?!/help im going to cry and go home. Thanks!

All I do is eat. That’s all I do in NYC. I mean, I go to drugstores for makeup and supermarkets for low sodium chicken broth and dive bars for 5 dollar gin and tonics with barely any ice, but mostly all I do (and want to do) is eat. So I’m going to list my favorite restaurants, because all I really WANT to do is eat:

L’Artusi (Italian, homemade pasta, try the olive oil cake)

Dirt Candy (all vegetarian, carrot merengue pie, broccoli hot dogs)

Momofuku Milk Bar (crack pie, Christina Tosi)

Talde (pretzel dumplings, bacon egg and cheese fried rice, very cool plates)

Carbone (most expensive meal I’ve ever loved, spicy vodka rigatoni, like the Godfather)

Motorino (meatballs, brussel sprout pizza, sparkling red wine)

Rubirosa (vodka sauce pizza pie, artichokes, thin crust like my grandma liked )

The Commodore (best nachos in the entire world, best green salad that has parsley and pickles, piña coladas)

Giovanni’s Brooklyn Eats (calamari, lady who sits by the bar and compliments you)

MP Taverna (hummus, octopus is one of my favorite foods, big windows, lots of rosé)

Bare Burger (the spot I went on my very first date, said I was sweaty, and then fell in love)

Charlie Bird (makes you feel cool, chicken liver, farro salad)

Momofuku Noodle Bar (salty, yummy, and the soft eggs!)

Taim (falafellll)

Perilla (farro risotto, spicy duck meatballs)

Prune (just had their coddled egg and now I am dreaming about their dinner)

Brooklyn Burro (favorite burrito ever)

The Lodge (my favorite brunch is a tempeh bacon sandwich with an over easy egg, tomato, fried okra, and some kind of pesto)

Shake Shack (when I finished my first book I sat alone in a booth and ate cheese fries)

EDIT TO SAY: WHAT are your favorite places to eat in NYC please tell me

blond-hair-blue-eyezz  asked:

Hey I saw you're turning raw vegan too, any advice for a fellow health nut ?? Xxx

Certainly! These challenges are meant to make you try new things, but you should never feel like you are depriving yourself. If you like pasta, try raw pasta and the same for pizza, tacos, and any other food. Also, never fear nuts. Nuts are magical things. They can be made into raw nut butters (raw coconut and almond just might be the best things in the world). You can also turn them into almond milk, soak them and puree them into a yummy sauce, make nut cheese, and so on. Here are a few of my favorite recipes so far:

The raw basics/wow you can make them from scratch/ yum


almond milk

raw salad dressings

almond butter


Lunch/ dinner

raw falafel and mango chutney

macro bowl (raw and cooked recipe)

fettuccine alfredo with zucchini noodles

rainbow pad thai

marinated zucchini noodles with tomato basil sauce, dried baby tomatoes & garlic portobello meatless balls

layered raw taco salad

sunny siesta soup

apple and butternut squash soup

raw yam burgers with daikon fries and ketchup


green monster smoothie

raw breakfast cereal

apple pie porridge

pink power detox smoothie

raw banana nut muffins


raw chocolate truffles

the raw brownie

coconut butter cups

choco mint almond bars

chocolate orange hazelnut cake

superfood sundae

pomegranate macadamia cheesecake


superfood energy bars

fig bar

my favorite pre-packaged foods

 alive and radiant kale chips

lara bars

sun dried goji berries

all the artisana nut butters! they are fabulous and I would highly recommend all of them

So far, I’ve felt a lot more relaxed around food, energized, and have spent way less time in the kitchen (which in no ways am I complaining about!) Hope you are doing well and I hope this helped, love!

Muffin Pan Mini-Frittatas

This recipe is highly customizable to your tastes, quick, and can make several breakfasts at once. Good for any diet that allows eggs. Also good for leftovers!


-cooking oil
-spices of your choice
-add-ins: any combination of veggies, meat, cheese, sauces, etc. this is where you get creative. I have a few suggestions below

You will need:

-muffin pan(s)
-a couple of larger bowls
-whisk or fork
-whatever you need to prep cook the add-ins you choose


-Choose and cook your add-ins if necessary. The total amount of your add ins should fill about ¼ of your muffin cups. (See below for suggestions) Mix your add-ins together into one of the bowls.
-Preheat your oven to 350
-Break eggs in the other bowl. The number will depend on how many you want to cook and how many muffin cups you have. Each egg will make roughly 1.5 to 2 frittatas. I like to make a bunch at once.
-Add milk to the bowl with your eggs. The ratio should be about 1/ cup for 6 eggs. Adjust according to how many eggs you have. 
-Whisk your eggs and milk thoroughly. Add dry spices to the eggs. I recommend at least adding some salt.
-Cover the bottom and sides of each muffin cup with cooking oil.
-Fill each muffin cup with your egg mixture and add-ins. Each muffin cup should be about ½ to 2/3 full.
-Bake for 10-20 minutes, depending on how hard you like your eggs cooked. Under-cooked frittatas will stick to the pan, though. There should be no runny egg mixture if you stick a toothpick or fork in. The outside edges should be at least slightly browned.
-Remove from oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes. Keep in mind they will cook a little bit more when you first take them out.
-Enjoy! If you are having trouble getting them out of the pan, stick a fork between the frittata and the pan and run it all the way around to separate it from the sides.
-You can put these in the fridge and reheat in the microwave.


You can pretty much go crazy here, but here are a few add-in combinations I have tried that were yummy:

-sauteed spinach, sliced tomatoes, pesto sauce
-diced ham, cheddar, hash browns
-bacon, spinach, swiss cheese
-onions, potatoes, colby jack 

You can also add stuff on top after you take them out of the oven, like sriracha, salsa, etc. For extra cheesy-ness, sprinkle shredded cheese on top of the frittatas immediately after you take them out of the oven. The cheese will melt as they cool.

Creamy, oil-free, 100% vegan pesto sauce with brown rice noodles and avocado 😍😍 Made this for the fambam last night & they absolutely LOVED it! You know what’s better than eating a yummy traditional dish? Making your own version that both yummy AND guilt free! Xx

Pesto Sauce:
2 cups tightly packed basil leaves
½ cup pine nuts
¼ bock firm tofu
¼ cup hot water
2 cloves garlic
Salt to taste
Blend all ingredients, Enjoy!