you will get where you always dreamed to be

Our Lives Are Measured In Love, Not Numbers

“In the end, these are the things that matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?” ~Buddha

Last year my yoga teacher told a story in class about Hanuman, an ancient Hindu god depicted as a monkey. When asked what he was devoted to, Hanuman opened his chest and there were Sita and Ram, sitting on his heart, always with him. He was their greatest devotee.

The story stuck with me.

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1.How old are you?
20, 21 in April
2. Current Job?
Delivery driver
3. Dream job?
something where I can write, I’m interested in music and film, those are the ideals. For something more realistic, I would love working with animals.
4 . What are you talented at?
I’m pretty good at guitar.
5. What is a big goal you are working towards/ have already achieved? 
Being more productive, working on writing seriously.
6. What’s your aesthetic? 
7. Do you collect anything? 
Friends <3
8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversation? 
My Muslim faith
9. What’s a pet peeve of yours?
People who sing in public outside of designated circumstances or events.
10. Good advice to give?
Try to be nice to people, it’s hard but worth it.
11. Recommend three songs!
Farmer in the City - Scott Walker
My favorite song by Scott Walker, if you’ve never listened to him you should. His newer stuff is some of the most experimental music ever, but his early stuff is very accessible, baroque pop, written in an non pop way imo.
Carissa - Sun Kil Moon
Don’t know a whole lot by this artist actually but this album is wonderful, it’s one of the few albums I’ve started and finished on the first listen. This is the opener, all the songs are basically rambling stories, it’s sweet and sad and the guitar is beautiful.
Sex, God, Sex - Swans
One of, if not my favorite, songs by Swans, probably my favorite band. It’s eerie and relaxing, very slow and gothic with a kind of dark gospel vibe. One of the best post punk songs ever, up there with something like Disorder by Joy Division.
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A bouquet of clumsy words: you know that place between sleep and awake where you’re still dreaming but it’s slowly slipping? I wish we could feel like that more often. I also wish I could click my fingers three times and be transported to anywhere I like. I wish that people didn’t always say ‘just wondering’ when you both know there was a real reason behind them asking. And I wish I could get lost in the stars. Listen, there’s a hell of a good universe next door, let’s go.
—  E.E. Cummings

“If you want to do something, Go for it you’ve got nothing to loose”
Louis Tomlinson

“Dreams are like stars,
you may never catch them
but if you follow them
they will lead you to your destiny.”
Liam Payne

“A dream is only a dream.. until you decide to make it real”
Harry Styles

“Life is funny. Things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone.”
Zayn Malik

“Every now and then you have like a realization moment where you get goosebumps and think: I am literally the luckiest person in the world.”
Niall Horan


Ultimately, you are going to do best at something you care deeply for. But you still have to grind it out. You can get into the mindset where the effort and sweat you put in doesn’t feel like a burden. Your career isn’t always a straight line. Sometimes you have to take a job to pay the bills. And sometimes you take a big risk, like building something called Tumblr.
—  President Obama to David Karp, on following your dreams
7 Questions With Sebastian Stan, Cap'n Merica's Best Bud
He's the indomitable Bucky Barnes, who told a pre-warhero Steve Rogers that, “I'm with you till the end of the line”. He wasn't kidding. “Yeah, I love having beers with all the guys, Anthony Mackie (the Falcon) and Chris Evans included. I'm still really close friends with all the people I've worked with,” he tells me. Here. the Romanian born New Yorker answers 7 questions for us.

From Gossip Girl to Winter Soldier, what was your actor’s process? And do you have a ritual that always helps you get into character?
I used to smoke a lot. And I had this ritual, where I’d show up for the audition, have a ciggarette, and keep the stub until I heard whether or not I got the job. Now its a lot of meditation, music, I’m a bit music guy and I like to create my own playlists. Anything that helps get your concentration in order.

What’s your dream crew? As in directors, writers, or actors you’d like to work with.
I love Aaron Aronofsky. Hey, can I send him a personal letter through you? (sure, go ahead I reply.) Aaron, you’re the only man who can wear a mustache well. Please call me, I’d love to grab lunch or see a movie together. Talk to you soon (Stan laughs, because, and you can tell, he’s half serious). Other than that, Ridley Scott, Martin Scorcese, Ron Howard, amazing guys like that. Directors are important, movies are ultimately a directors medium. It’s their world, not so much an actors world. End of the day, it’s their vision.

On a scale of one to ten, how lucky are you in life?
Oh wow, I’m very, very lucky to do what I do. In fact I’m going to get a chance to travel to Malaysia soon for work. Everyday, I make a gratitude list of 10 things that I’m grateful for. (I’m incredulous so I reconfirm that anecdote) Yes, I do! I really think I’m really lucky. I’m so grateful for my family, my mom, my stepdad, they all made it possible for me to come here. Plus the the opportunities I’ve had, for my friends, for the fact that I’m living in New York, in my own apartment in the city. I’m also grateful to have people that believe in me the way they do; my manager has been with me 17 years, my agent for 15 years. It’s also a friendly reminder that life is has got to keep going, you should never feel like you’ve arrived. You gotta stay hungry. It’s all over for you the moment you don’t. And in my job, it’s also about exploring yourself. Films are an incredible medium where you get to talk to people. I have these great fans, they write me everyday, telling me about their lives getting better from watching my movies. To me that’s more important than anything else. And as a man in the world, you have to leave something behind, if not what the hell am I doing while I’m here?

Okay, time for some fun questions. What kind of music gets you dancing when no one’s looking?
Haha… My favourite is 80’s music. There’s this one singer called Tiffany, her song was I Think we’re Alone Now.

Who would you want to be marooned on a tropical island with?
Easy. Endless pizza delivery.

How would the friends you grew up with describe you?
I hope – and this is a big one – that they say I’m loyal, driven and direct.

Who’s your favourite Disney princess and why.
Oh man… I think Princess Jasmine, from Aladdin? She’s just great and such a strong character that just stuck in my mind.

The Signs as Melania Trump Quotes

Aries: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that ‘all men are created equal’”

Taurus: “Why, this car is auto-matic. It’s system-matic. Its hyyyyydro-matic. Why, it’s greased lightning!”

Gemini: “I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me. But I can’t help it that I’m popular”

Cancer: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”

Leo: “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”

Virgo: “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”

Libra: “Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel, you can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place”

Scorpio: I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity”

Sagittarius: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart” 

Capricorn: “Think different”

Aquarius: “The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club”

Pisces: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”

A bouquet of clumsy words: you know that place between sleep and awake where you’re still dreaming but it’s slowly slipping? I wish we could feel like that more often. I also wish i could click my fingers three times and be transported to anywhere I like. I wish that people didn’t always say ‘just wondering’ when you both know there was a real reason behind them asking. And I wish I could get lost in the stars. Listen, there’s a hell of a good universe next door, let’s go.
—  e.e. cummings

Folks want to blame someone for gals like us. “Her daddy was unkind” or “Some fella broke her heart…“ Hogwash. You and me’ve always been like this. Always a little removed. Always…dreaming. Of higher, further, faster…more. Always more.

We came into this world spittin’ mad, running full bore… To or from what, I ain’t never been able to tell. Over the years, I’ve come to think of these traits as the shared attributes of a chosen people. The lord put us here to punch holes in the sky.

And when a soul is born with that kind of purpose, it’ll damn sure find a way.

We’re gonna get where we’re going, you and me. Death and indignity be damned. We’ll get there, and we will be the stars we were always meant to be.


Kelly Sue Deconnick, Helen Cobb’s letter to Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel #1

Higher. Further. Faster. More.

Goodnight Messages

You are the reason why I have sleepless nights.

You are the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight.

It’s you that I’m thinking about when I lay down at night.

And you are the reason why I can’t sleep without saying goodnight.

I wish the sweetest dreams for you tonight, think of all my crazy dreams for the both of us, the memories we’ve created and the ones to follow. I couldn’t sleep without telling you how I felt about you tonight, the easiest way I think would be to remind you that I love you, always, no matter what.

Tomorrow is another day that I’ll fall harder for you, another day where I’ll get those silly little butterflies whenever you smile at me that cute little way you do.

And most importantly it’s another day I get to spend with my love.

And most importantly it’s another day I get to spend my love.

It’s just another day I’ll realize I want to spend the rest of my life with this girl and one day we won’t have to rely on sending goodnight messages over text and instead all we will have to do is roll over in bed, kiss each other goodnight, and hold each other tight.

Hope to meet up with you in my dreams.

Goodnight my Love,

Goodnight my Everything.

Hi Taylor, I’m Allison! I just want to say thank you for making these beautiful masterpieces! You and your music make me so happy! I don’t know where I would be without you! You are such an amazing person! I love how you go above and beyond for your fans! I saw you at BOTH Texas shows it was the magical and so much fun! It felt like you were talking to me and only me! I love you more and more each day if that’s even possible! Your concerts are always the best nights of my life! I hope one day I get to meet you! It is my dream! I’ve been a fan from the beginning since the curly hair days lol! I love you so much Taylor and I’m so proud and happy for you! Thank you for always being here for me! I love you forever & always!😘

Transformation Tuesday!

Proof that you can change your life. You can wake up tomorrow and take steps towards becoming the person you have always dreamed of.

Since I started my weightloss journey I have lost 140 pounds. I am still not where I want to be, but I know I will reach my goal.

There is no quick fix. I let myself get unhealthy and out of control. So it was up to me to kick my ass into shape. Eat healthy and exercise, it really is just that simple. There are a million diets out there that claim they’ll make you lose all that weight. But to be successful you can’t be on a “diet”, you have to change your lifestyle.

I am changing everyday and I’m really starting to love the person I am becoming. Because that person is a fighter. Never give up on yourself. You are the best project you’ll ever work on. ♡


I’m gonna keep this short & sweet!
My best friend Arianna themoderndaygolightly & I will be seeing you October 24th in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome!! We are SO EXCITED & it would be in our WILDEST DREAMS to hug you!!! You have gotten me so far in life & I honestly can say that I don’t know where I would be today without you & your music getting me through! Thank you for inspiring us to always be a better version of ourselves & to live life to the fullest! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH TAYLOR!!!
We will be in section 212 seats 11 & 12!! Hope to give you a BIG HUG❤️❤️❤️❤️ taylorswift

Disney Leading Ladies Get to Know Me
  • Ariel:Where have you always wanted to travel?
  • Belle:What's one thing you wish more people understood about you?
  • Cinderella:What's the story behind your URL or real life name?
  • Tiana:What is your dream job?
  • Aurora:Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • Tinkerbell:Do you tend to hold grudges? Do you anger easily?
  • Elsa:If you could have any super power, what would it be?
  • Anna:Do you have any siblings?
  • Jasmine:Do you have any pets? What's your dream pet?
  • Pocahontas:In what sort of environment would you live, if you could choose anywhere? (i.e. alpine forest, desert, seaside)
  • Snow White:Have you ever tried to run away?
  • Mulan:If you could swap places with anyone, real or fictional, who would you choose?
  • Rapunzel:What are your three favorite hobbies?
  • Merida:Is there someone you still haven't forgiven?
  • Esmerelda:What's your favorite role you've played, or what's your dream role?
  • Giselle:What's your favorite song/album/artist?
  • Jane:Do you like to read? What's your favorite book?
  • Kida:Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Somewhere in between?
  • Megara:Are you more sassy or sweet?
  • Nala:Are you a natural born leader or do you prefer to stay in the background?
  • Alice:If you had to do an illegal drug once, which would you choose?
  • Kiara:Do you tend to follow your heart or your head?
  • Honey Lemon:What's your favorite color?
  • Gogo Tomago:What is/was your favorite subject in school?
  • Lady:Are you a dog person or a cat person?

If you’re going to love me
I want you to mean it

I want to know what it’s like
Not for cliché love-at-first sight
I want someone who feels like
The words to my favorite songs
Christmas morning
Or watching home movies
I want someone
That feels like coming home

I want introductions
Your bright red cheeks
And handshakes to my father
I want see your closest family members
Singing happy birthday to you around
A cake with your name written in icing

I want spontaneous
Road trips with no where to go
Driving in your car with the windows down
Setting off fire works on the Fourth of July
I want a collage
Of undecided mornings that turn into memorable evenings

But I want to take things slow too
I want anticipation
I want to become your best friend
Someone I can talk to for hours
To be the first person you call when you get accepted into the college you always dreamed of
And I want you
On the other end of the phone
Reassuring me everything is going to be alright

I want to know you better than I know myself
I want to know why you got your scars
Even if it’s the name of the first girl you loved
Or why you don’t share the same ambitions your father has
because you want to be there for your child’s elementary school graduation
And where you picture yourself in
Five, ten, twenty years

I don’t want something perfect
I want something passionate
Maddening, intoxicating
I want you to make me so mad that I can’t think straight
I want someone who challenges me
Someone who knows how to push my buttons just because
They know what makes me tick

I want someone to be a team
But can accept my independence
I want someone who I don’t want to live without
But can accept that I could if I had to sustain myself

I want someone who’s proud of me
Even when I trip over my own two feet
Or stumble over my words
Or burn just about everything I bake
Someone who can accept my faults
And still loves every one of them

Most importantly I want someone who loves me like I love them.

“You know that place between sleep and awake where you’re still dreaming but it’s slowly slipping? I wish we could feel like that more often. I also wish I could click my fingers three times and be transported to anywhere I like. I wish that people didn’t always say ‘just wondering’ when you both know there was a real reason behind them asking. And I wish I could get lost in the stars.

Listen, there’s a hell of a good universe next door, let’s go.”

- E.E. Cummings (at Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park)

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@AustinMahone: I just want to say… I’m so thankful for everything thats happened this year. I’m grateful for anyone that’s helped me in some kind of way. I’m thankful for all of you. Thank you for always supporting me through anything and making me smile when I’m down. Thank you for always voting for me. You guys are the reason why I’m getting to live my dreams and travel to places I’ve never imagined. Looking back to when i was just a kid with a dream is crazy because i never in a million years thought i would be where i am now.. like I’ve said before we’ve come such a long way, but still have such a long way to go and i know together we can take over the world! So thank you again for everything you do for me. Theres nothing in this world that i love more than you. YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING. My universe. I love you so so so so much and always will.

4 am knows your name,
and all the things i adore about you,
and all the poetry i’ve whispered into the darkness that surrounds me here
(although i wish your arms did, instead).
i leave the tv on sometimes
so i can maybe sleep
instead of think too much,
(i always think too much).
but i do wish i could listen to you talk
and fall asleep to the timbre of tired
that raspy voices get at 4 am.
i stack pillows in the empty space on my bed,
(where i imagine you would lay)
and it’s less lonely
to fill the gaps,
and ignore the inconsistencies that feel too much like fragments in a story.
i wonder what your eyes look like
when 4 am finds them,
and your dreams hang
daintily above you
(caught in between sleeping and awake)
and you’re quite unaware of the world outside your window,
and of the little house where i try to sleep
in an empty bed
(with too many pillows),
my face lit by the blue tint of a tv screen,
and eyes red and dull from the hours
that have rolled past them.
4 am knows about the love i have for you;
(it’s far too big to be carried in small hands like mine)
and the darkness has memorized the syllables in your name,
and how they can lull me to sleep
if only night waits long enough for me
to truly fall:
fall in love or fall asleep,
4 am has seen both.
—  “insomnia” by chloe roberts
sentence meme: The Prince of Egypt edition!
  • “Deliver us to the promised land.”
  • “I have nothing I can give, but this chance that you may live.”
  • “I pray we’ll meet again.”
  • “Sleep and remember my last lullaby, so I’ll be with you when you dream.”
  • “Do you know somewhere he can be free?”
  • “Brother, you’re safe now. And safe may you stay.”
  • “Deliver us to the promised land!”
  • “Faster you beasts! You run like mules!”
  • “Oh come on! Where’s your sense of fun?”
  • “Admit it, you’ve always looked up to me!”
  • “Second born! Second place!”
  • “You don’t think we’ll get in trouble for this, do you?”
  • “It’s not your fault your sons learned nothing.”
  • “One weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty!”
  • “All he cares about is… is your approval.”
  • “I know he will live up to your expectations. He only needs the opportunity.”
  • “Well, you are rather pathetic.”
  • “Why is it that every time you start something, I’m the one who ends up in trouble?”
  • “Don’t worry. Nobody will even notice us coming in.”
  • “Not much of a snake charmer, are you?”
  • “But I AM showing you all the respect you deserve: none!”
  • “Freedom? Why would I care about that?”
  • “She’s confused and knows not to whom she speaks.”
  • “Now you go too far. You shall be punished!”
  • “Ask the man that you call ‘father!’”
  • “Surely this is all I ever wanted.”
  • “Sometimes, for the greater good, sacrifices must be made.”
  • “They were only slaves.”
  • “So– so everything I thought, everything I am, is a lie.”
  • “I’m not going to merely restore this temple. I will make it more grand, more splendid than anything in upper or lower Egypt.”
  • “Leave that man alone!”
  • You saw what happened. I just killed a man.“
  • "I say you are innocent!”
  • “I’m not who you think I am.”
  • “Goodbye, brother.”
  • “Our father’s the high priest of Midian! You’re going to be in big trouble!”
  • “Aren’t these your camels?”
  • “'Trying to get the funny man out of the well.’ Well THAT’S one I’ve never heard before.”
  • “That’s why Papa says she’ll never get married.”
  • “You should not be a stranger in this land!”
  • “It seems you do not know what is worthy of honor.”
  • “It’s too early for this.”
  • “Here I am.”
  • “Take the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy ground.”
  • “Who am I to lead these people?”
  • “What on earth are you dressed as?”
  • “In my heart you are my brother, but things cannot be as they were.”
  • “He commands that you let His people go.”
  • “Well forgive us these smiles on our faces; you’ll know what power is when we are done.”
  • “Stop this foolish mission; watch a true magician!”
  • “His hands bore the blood of thousands of children.”
  • “I do not know this god. Neither will I let your people go.”
  • “Tell your people that as of today their workload has been doubled, thanks to their god. Or is it thanks to you?”
  • “I didn’t mean to cause you more pain.”
  • “I did not see because I did not wish to see.”
  • “Let my people go!”
  • “All the innocent who suffer from your stubbornness and pride…”
  • “You who I called brother! How could you have come to hate me so? Is this what you wanted?”
  • “Please, talk to me. We could always talk here.”
  • “You were always getting me into trouble! But then… you were always there to get me out of trouble again.”
  • “Why is HE here? Isn’t that the man who DID all this?”
  • “No kingdom should be made on the backs of slaves.”
  • “You and your people have my permission to go.”
  • “Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.”
  • “Look at your people. They are free.”
  • “Deliver us!”
Dream big and work hard but always, always play harder. That’s how memories are made. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous. It may change your life. If it does, let it. Always remember where you came from and keep the people you love close. Life is a wild ride. Take in all of the ups and downs. Be leery of those who can’t get down with cheap beer and obnoxiously loud country music.
—  Day 198: Lindsay Whitmire, 28, Professional Office Assistant, Penn Stater