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Coldwest reincarnation AU?

1 - they always start out fighting. ALWAYS. Sometimes this is in the ‘opposite sides of a war’ thing; sometimes it’s in the ‘you snubbed me in kindergarten and I’ve never forgiven you’ sort of way. There was one lifetime where they seemed to hit it off initially. That was the lifetime in which one of them was a spy for the other side. It was very unfortunate and ended in mutual murder.

2 - They tend not to get together until the dreams of their past lives start haunting them. They never get together because of the dreams, but it’s usually what makes them look each other up - or, if they are already acquainted, think of each other differently.

3 - Iris’ favorite past life was when she rode the elephants of Hannibal and Len flipped her off from behind a Roman infantry helmet. She took him prisoner, and brought him back to Carthage with her when the call to retreat came, and they were married within a year.

4 - Len’s favorite past life is the one where they’re both pirates. No real reason. He just likes pirates.

5 - This time around, they start life off fighting over Barry. It’s hilarious to everyone involved, but somewhat awkward when Barry ends up discovering that Mick is his soulmate-reincarnate about a year or two into this escalating fight. This amuses even more people, and causes Iris to declare that if HE gets a Rogue and CISCO gets a Rogue and even CAITLIN is dating a Rogue now (Shawna doesn’t know how she got in the middle of this), then damnit she’s going to get herself a Rogue, too. Len is not asked his opinion about this, but that’s okay.

  • Aries: You'll be as bright as the sun and make the most difficult choices in your life soon. Chin up, spit the blood, and fight for your beliefs.
  • Cancer: Maybe things seem pretty rough right now. Think about what you want for the long run, maybe it's not what you want now. Where are you in 10 years?
  • Taurus: You're always so nervous and tedious about your work. You know what? If you're trying to impress something or someone to get what you want, maybe it's not for you. Because if you're not doing what you love to impress people, screw that. Do what you want.
  • Gemini: Oh boy. You have no idea. You have such big dreams and so little time. Go with what you want and don't let anybody get in the way of it. You're really never late to anything. There's time, just a limited amount.
  • Leo: Summer down, maybe your dream when you were little won't work. Maybe it will, who knows? The thing is, don't live your life in solitude, find someone to adventure with and show your colors.
  • Virgo: My dear, don't be afraid of society's rules, they're meant to be broken. Prove your point. Be an example. Break the glass.
  • Libra: You've been told what to do and how to do it for too long. Stop obeying and start pioneering your own future. Dream for yourself.
  • Scorpio: You think you have it all figured out don't you? Just know that life throws curveballs all the time. Be ready for anything darling.
  • Sagittarius: Maybe you don't know. Maybe you know. You're in the dark yet you see light. I promise it will become clear for you one day when you probably least expect it.
  • Capricorn: You're ambitious but not supported. I'm sorry. Put yourself in a healthy group of people and environment and you'll grow as fast as time passes.
  • Aquarius: You can not see the future and there are things you won't be able to predict. Stop trying so hard and let go. You'll find your success elsewhere. Don't expect a pretty platter of success to be handed to you.
  • Pisces: You fall but you need to get back up. Don't loose sight of what's important to you and your journey. You've grown so much in this period of time. Keep it up and success will be great.
75 Conversation Starters

My friend was asking me for things to keep conversations going and i came up with a whole list of questions to ask people, so i decided to put them here incase any of you have trouble keeping your conversations interesting

  1. Biggest fear?
  2. When do you want to get married? Do you want to get married? 
  3. What is your dream job?
  4. What do you want to major in in college?
  5. Where do you want to go to college?
  6. If you could marry one celebrity, who would it be?
  7. Where is your dream vacation?
  8. Which of the Seven Wonders of the World would you go see?
  9. Do you always want to live where you do now?
  10. If not, where do you want to move to?
  11. What’s your favorite cereal?
  12. Favorite flavor of poptart?
  13. Do you like rollercoasters?
  14. What’s your favorite soda?
  15. Who is your favorite fairy tale character?
  16. What’s your favorite horror movie? or do you not like horror films?
  17. What’s your favorite holiday?
  18. What do you notice first about a guy/girl?
  19. What’s your favorite pizza topping?
  20. What did you have for dinner last night?
  21. Who do you look up to?
  22. Most embarrassing moment?
  23. Coffee or tea? Or neither?
  24. What superpower would you have?
  25. Favorite video game?
  26. Favorite video game counsel?
  27. What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?
  28. What’s the best thing that happened to you today?
  29. Do you sing in the shower?
  30. What would you do if you had 24 hours to live?
  31. What’s your favorite commercial?
  32. What was your favorite birthday?
  33. If you could have a zoo animal as a pet, what animal would you have?
  34. Do you want pets in the future?
  35. Do you have pets now? What kind? How many?
  36. What kind of pets do you want in the future?
  37. How many kids do you want?
  38. What would you name the pets or kids?
  39. What is your favorite Halloween costume that you have worn?
  40. What was the last thing you thought about before you went to bed?
  41. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?
  42. What’s your favorite fruit?
  43. What’s your favorite dessert?
  44. What’s your best talent?
  45. What’s your favorite Dr. Suess book?
  46. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep?
  47. What TV series world would you love to live in?
  48. What’s the last trip you went on?
  49. Do you like Chinese food?
  50. Do you like Mexican food?
  51. What’s the weirdest food you’ve eaten?
  52. Have you been to state fair?
  53. What’s your favorite candy bar?
  54. What’s your favorite candy that isn’t a bar?
  55. What kind of car do you want to drive?
  56. Who do you go to for advice?
  57. Are you afraid of heights?
  58. Are you afraid of small spaces?
  59. Are you afraid of spiders?
  60. Are you afraid of snakes?
  61. Have you ever been to Disney World or Disney Land?
  62. If so, would you go again?
  63. What’s your favorite school subject?
  64. Favorite teacher?
  65. When do you usually go to sleep?
  66. Where is a weird scar on your body and how did you get it?
  67. Who can always make you smile?
  68. Have you ever dyed you hair?
  69. Have you ever gotten a concussion? If so, how?
  70. What are three good things that happened to you today?
  71. Who is your best friend?
  72. Which friend have you had the longest?
  73. Are you a night owl or a morning person?
  74. When do you usually wake up? 
  75. What do you think about most often?

I might add more if i can think of some

tbh I really like my generation because I feel like we have a “we deserve more than we’re getting” mentality and I feel like older generations are like “you can’t always be happy” and “you can’t always do what you want” and ours is taking a dramatic step and being like “why not??” and being the first to really question a society where its citizens dreams and happiness are expected to take a backseat to things like capitalism idk

jungkook oneshot #1

written using the prompt: “we’re unintentionally wearing matching shirts. of course they’re gonna assume we’re dating.”

words: 393 (lol this is one of the shortest pieces of shit i’ve ever written)

a/n: this is real short and real pointless but i loved the prompt a lot, almost as much as i love kookie.

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Boyfriend Jeno

donghyuk; here

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  • awww all of nct loves you guys together
  • so be prepared to get your cheeks pinched if you’re both caught holding hands
  • especially by jaehyun, who has classed you both as his children
  • your heart stopping in fear every time he does cool tricks on the hoverboard, like riding around in a handstand.
  • “be careful!!”
  • “always am ;)”
  • then jaehyun is like “where did u learn to wink stop it” and is also making sure he doesn’t fall, with the others close behind just in case they need to catch him
  • one time, jeno put his clothes on in reverse (like, trousers on his arms and shirt on his legs) to freak the crap out of you while riding around on a hoverboard
  • will do anything you want if you flash some aegyo
  • “let’s get ice cream!”
  • “no, I wanna get frozen yogurt!”
  • *aegyo*
  • “fine, okay, we’ll get ice cream!”
  • watching cartoons every morning while eating cereal. not bc you’re kids, no, oc not. you only watch them out of habit, & since there’s nothing else on … >.>
  • pretends to be a photographer to snap photos of you, being cheesy & calling you his muse
  • “what do you like more; me or cars?”
  • “………” *jeno absconds*
  • seriously tho, this boy loves cars. he’s got drawings of them stuck up on his bedroom walls and models, dusted often and displayed beautifully, that you. Must. not. t ouch. under. ANY. Circumstance
  • makes u download the same games on your phone as him, so you can compete or send each other lives/gifts
  • strong snapchat game
  • your streak started the day you both officially went on a date and has never been lost
  • cinema dates where you shyly wait to hold hands until the theater is dark bc asdfgkl awkward
  • then your hands become so sweaty but neither of you want to pull away
  • both hands reaching for popcorn at the same time, making eye contact for a second before blushing and looking away
  • then you see taeyong melting at the cuteness from the corner of your eye bc yes
  • you get chaperoned on dates
  • jeno wants to take you somewhere cute, alone, so you both sneak out one day (not at night bc it’s dark & scary) and try to find the local park
  • except you’ve never been there & jeno couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag
  • “uuuuuuuuh ….. uuuuuh I thought it was here? maybe it’s the next street?”
  • eventually you both need to ring someone to find u but who won’t tattle on you two sneaking off & being bamf’s
  • “mark :) our best friend :) how do u do? may we ask a favour of you, oh trustworthy & handsome mark :)”
  • you’ve never cuddled, per say, since his bedroom is off limits unless you’re with the others, so the closest you’ve gotten to cuddling is during movie night
  • he lays on his side on the blanket spread on the ground, and you lay a safe distance away, then haechan is on your other side since there’ll be no sneaky kisses with that squealer around
  • and that’s your version of cuddling :)
  • brags about his musical talent but gets shy if you ask him to show you
  • ngl the furthest you’ve gotten is one (1) (ein) (uno) kiss that was more just lips touching for .000001 seconds & blushing and not making eye contact for a week
  • but you’re both young so there’s no rush. things like making out or going on dates to fancy restaurants come with age and maturity. right now, neither of you are ready for that. it’s just sweet, innocent love filled with pure emotions. so don’t try to force an adult relationship, and enjoy this puppy love while you can :)
Secret Admirer - Mark Lee Scenario

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hello there! ^^ could I please request a fluff mark scenario where you’re a new trainee that he’s been eyeing in sm, & he always sees you dancing in the wee hours in the studios so he always leaves food or encouraging messages & one day he gets caught lolol (cue shy & stuttering mark hehe) thank you so much you guys are amazing <333

A/N: i’m really really really sorry that i’m posting this so late,i’ve been so busy w school lately ;; i hope u enjoy this and i actually loved to write this so much akfhjhr anyways enjoy!! <3

Word Count: 991

“Practice makes perfect but remember to take care of yourself, have a break now with the food that’s inside of this bag~Enjoy it with a smile~” You read.Smiling down at the neat handwriting, you put the note away in your backpack and decided to dig into the food your secret admirer bought for you.You wondered who it could be as you took a first bite out of your food.

You’ve been getting all of these encouraging notes and food ever since you were officially announced to debut in the next group.Every time you left to go to the bathroom or accidentally fell asleep while practicing, you would find a bag filled with food and a small note on top of it.

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More Than ‘Just Friends’ // Mark Tuan

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Pairing: Mark x Reader (ft. Jackson)

Genre: Fluff, angst

Summary; You’re Mark’s childhood friend. You’ve both always had a thing for each other, but neither of you have been able to verbalise it. However, upon Jackson becoming a little too friendly with you; Mark can’t hold back any longer.

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You should know
that I know your favorite lipstick is cherry,
the exact minutes and seconds of your
favorite scene in your favorite movie.

the lyrics of the song that reminds you of me,
the entire mental video I did of you
witht he song that reminds me of us.

your feet are always cold
and you get red when I kiss them.
we don’t fit on my bed
but we do in each other’s arms.

I’m sorry, doll,
my answers aren’t enough,
and you deserve the thruth.

Turns out, you are my hopes,
all my dreams,
my home,
and my future.

I know the times you cried because of her,
because of me, and because of him.
Also, I learned all the ways to make you laugh,
I know the 143 strawberry marks in your body
(you have one between your legs, 
where you can’t see it. 
I also know that you giggle when I kiss it,
that’s my favorite secret).

You ask me for things 
I should had let you known 
with my arms and mouth,
and every time I don’t have an answer
a part of me dies,
wishing I could stop everything and say:
I do, I do, I do.

—  you are all i want. // jackie on my mind. nc.

Requested: Can you do one, where (y/n) is a pretty good and famous doctor. There is an event where (y/n) meets Shawn and both fall in love immediately.

Note: Sorry this isn’t exactly what you requested, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 



It’s your first year working as a Pediatrician. It took a lot of years of school to get to this point, but you’re so excited to be in the first year as a practicing physician. You’ve always loved working with kids and you dreamed of being a pediatrician for as long as you can remember. You’re finishing up a file from your last patient when the nurse comes over to you. She hands you a file, and looks at you, eyes filled with excitement. You give her a questioning look and that’s all it takes for her to gush, “Shawn Mendes is in there.” She whisper-yells to you while pointing at a closed door.

“Huh?” You ask, confused.

“Shawn Mendes, please tell me you know who he is. Please tell me you do not live under a rock.”

You think for a few seconds, “Oh he’s a singer, right?”

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A bouquet of clumsy words: you know that place between sleep and awake where you’re still dreaming but it’s slowly slipping?
I wish we could feel like that more often. I also wish i could click my fingers three times and be transported to anywhere I like.
I wish that people didn’t always say ‘just wondering’ when you both know there was a real reason behind them asking.
And I wish I could get lost in the stars.
Listen, there’s a hell of a good universe next door, let’s go.
—  E.E. Cummings

okay holy fuck the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper… remember the episode of gilmore girls where paris doesn’t get into harvard? and she goes over to rory’s house and she’s like “i didn’t enjoy having sex with my boyfriend rory why do you suppose that is.” you know who directed that episode? jamie babbit. you know what else jamie babbit directed? but i’m a cheerleader. you know what ELSE jamie babbit directed? the episode of always sunny where mac comes out and the episode where mac has a dream about kissing dennis.

So, I had another dream

And it took place on beach city, and so apparently jasper was kinda uncorrupted, she still had horns and those weird spots. But the thing is, she was DEATHLY scared of that big cinnamon bun called Steven.

And she’d always be looking for him like: “WHERE IS THAT RUNT” and “WAIT TILL’ I GET MY HANDS ON YOU STEVEN” she’d always be on the look out, and slowly she’d lose hope because she’d never find him anywhere. And so Jasper started crying, and in between sobs you’d hear “I’ll get him” and “for sure”. And in reality, Steven was just hiding in her soft massive hair this whole time.

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"I've chased you through a thousand lifetimes, through a thousand different worlds, helpless every time to watch as you slip through my outstretched fingers. Just this once I get to know you, to hold you, to love you uninhibited, but this time, you don't even know who I am."

a kylo/hux reincarnation au, where only kylo remembers their past lives and he has to spend his time with hux trying to get him to fall in love with him so he can finally have that happy ever after that he’s always dreamed about having with someone

his grandfather chased a beautiful woman through time, always meeting with her but never staying with her and it tore him apart until he did the unthinkable and killed her to stop his cycle

kylo can’t do that with armitage but he wonders if he’s destined to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps

damned to suffer, damned to always be alone

cut to the current reincarnation, where kylo is a knight and hux is a general, and they co-command a glorious star destroyer together, and hux can’t stand to look at him

he begs his grandfather for help, help to make hux fall in love with him, to end his cycle of chasing this beautiful man through endless tragic lives just to lose him at the last hurdle

and it’s only when kylo almost dies that hux tells him the truth this time

this is their 17th reincarnation, and hux remembers them all; he remembers kylo leaving him just when he was falling in love, he remembers kylo being too cowardly to kiss him or just tell him the truth, and he remembers promising himself that, in this lifetime, he isn’t going to allow himself to fall in love with kylo ren, the man who runs without looking back

but the sparkle in hux’s eyes, the shine that kylo has followed through time, tells kylo that it’s already too late, for souls who repeat the cycle like they do, love, sacrifice and undying need to have the other one near is the only option

Life is like a dream
Right and wrong, love and hate…
They all get buried with the passing of time and leave quietly with no trace
Do you still think that you don’t have my whole heart and resent me?
I’m always worried that I may have left you with hatred instead of love
Not allowing you to rest in peace…
I still love you
When you gave up everything and stood by me in the rain
When you threw your body in the way of a flying arrow to protect me
You became someone I could never forget in my life
I came to realize that  the opposite of loving is not hating
But leaving…
I’m afraid you may think
That I left you
And that you left me
I yearn for you so much
But I can’t be near you
I hope and wait to see you again inside these fences
I’ll be waiting for you everyday
—  Hae Soo’s Letter to Wang So (Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
Sleep Easy

Request: Could u do one where the reader has been having bad dreams and doesn’t sleep and is always tired (spencer starts to notice) but one night they are working late on a case she falls asleep and has a bad dream so spencer invites her over for the night and they like cuddle and whatever and the reader gets a proper sleep And all that idk

 A/N: I hope you enjoy this. I thought about making it longer but I wasn’t sure if I should. If you want a part two, let me know.

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i never understood the word love 

it always seemed to be a phrase you said when you had nothing else to say

i never understood the feeling you get when you’re in love 

the way you could want someone so much 

not for happiness 

but for them 

love isn’t where you long for them to make you happy 

you yearn for their smile 

you crave the way their lips curl upwards when you call their name 

you thirst for how their eyes light up when you whisper secrets 

you want more than anything to share your dreams  

it is them you want 

you could feel melancholy 

and still love them 

and if that person truly loves you back 

they will stay

Back where I belong

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Jace Wayland/Herondale/Lightwood x Reader 

Request :  Could you pretty please write an imagine with Jace Wayland based on the song Happier by Ed Sheeran (it’s from his new album). That would be amazing. Thaaaank you 💕😍

Warnings : crying , make out , yelling , cheating , 

     It’s been months since I last saw her . She still haunted my dreams and she was always in my mind not matter what was going on . I tried to forget her but nothings seems to work , nothing can get her out my mind and my heart because from all the people in this world she was the one meant to be mine , but I screwed it up again . 

     Five months ago I was the one to hold her in my arms , t kiss and cherish her , to be there when she needed me , to make her happy , to keep her going , to get out the best of her but now all this things are made by another man , I have heard about him and I hate him . I hate him for holding my girl , for loving and taking care of her , I hate him for destroying all my chances to get her back . I know that he makes her happy but I don’t want her to be happy with him , I want her to be happy with me but I can’t turn back time . I can’t repair my mistakes .

    The streets of Idris are full , teenagers running , holding hands , laughing and kissing . I look at them and I remember the times when she was still mine , when her smile was the only thing to fight my demons , when her hands will played in my hair for hours , when we held strong into each other .

     I pass not caring about all of them but then I hear that beautiful laugh , her laugh . I search for her face frantically and I see her . She’s just as always the most beautiful thing that I ever saw . She smiles at a boy , whom’s hand is tightly wrapped around her waist . Rage and jealousy fill my chest and I look at them . She’s so happy , she’s way more happier than how she was when we were together and all that I want now is to go there and pull her in my arms , to hold her tight and never let her go , to tell her that I’m sorry and to kiss her until she melts in my arms but I can’t destroy her happiness even though I would want her to be happy with me not with him .

     I can’t stand there and watch her with him so I turn my back and walk to the Lightwood house but then I hear he yelp and I turn around just to see them kissing passionately . It makes me feel sick when I watch them like that so I start to run away from that image that will hunt my dreams forever .

     I lock myself in my room and I sit onto the bed , tears falling from my eyes staining the matters . I can’t face this feeling , I can’ face all this pain , this empty space in my heart , the missing half of my soul . I throw things around until I feel my anger disappear . I feel numb so I just fall on my knees and let out a pained scream .  

     I need her back ! I want her back ! I crave her in my arms but she’ll never be here again .

     Hands touch my body and chills run down my spine , I kiss the sensitive skin of her neck and she digs her nails in my back a soft moan escaping her lips .

     “ I need you , please Jace ! “ she whines but then everything freezes and it starts to spin . Now I face her pained eyes and the tears running down her cheeks . I’m naked and the only thing that cover me is a towel wrapped around my middle .

     “ How could you do this to me ? What have I done to deserve this ?” She yells and I look around . I see myself in a mirror , my neck is covered in hickeys and a girl is on my back her body is covered by a blanket but she takes her clothes fast and runs out my room . (Y/N) is still there , looking at me with those beautiful eyes that are red and sore now .

    “ I’m sorry , I just don’t know what’s going on with me .” I say in a low tone , (Y/N) just cries harder when she hears my words .

     “ So she’s the one that took your mind away and made you fell apart from me ? Well I hope that she makes you happy Jace ! I hope that she will give you all that I did and much more . I hope that she haves what is missing at me so you’ll won’t search for happiness in someone else behind her back !” (Y/N) turns her back n me and leaves my room . I can’t find the strength to stop her and I watch her leave my room , then the next day I watch her leave my house . 

     The images spin again and I see her with her new boyfriend . She’s happy now and that’s how I want her to be .

     I wake up and I realize that I’m not on the floor but on my bed . I look around and I see Alec on a chair looking out of the window . The room is clean now , everything is where it should have been .

    “ You’re up .” Alec notices and he comes by my side . “ I know that It’s hard to see her with someone else but Jace it’s time to move on . I understand that you love her more than everything and that she was all that you ever wanted but she’s out of our lives now and you need to find someone else . You know I love you , you’re my brother and I don’t want to hurt you Jace but (Y/N) moved on and you need to do it too .” Alec hugs me as he speaks and I lean into him . He’s my parabatai , I know that I can trust him and I know that he wants just the best for me so I’ll try to make him happy . I’ll try to do what he advices me too .

     Two months more and I just can’t . I swear I tried but no girl on this Earth can make me feel happy again so I wait . I wait for her to leave him , I wait for her to come back to me . I wait to be whole again . To be happy again with her .

     The Institute is silent , everybody is out on a mission but I’m here in the training room . Maryse whouldn’t allow me to go on missions anymore because I can’t focus . So I’m all alone hitting on a punching bag without anything to protect my hands . The skin cracks open and blood stains my hands . I punch , and hit with both my hands and my legs but I feel nothing at all . Nothing seems to touch me anymore .

     I hit and I hit and I hit until I get lost in the little bit of pain that I start to feel , I’m out of breath and my lungs burn but I don’t stop , I keep going . I need to get better . I need to get out on missions again if I want to feel that I’m alive at the least for a few hours.

     “ Jace !” Her soft voice reaches my ears but I don’t stop , I just tell myself that I imagined (Y/N) calling my name . I hit harder and harder until the chain trembles so fast that it seems to break .

     I want to punch it so hard so it will fall from the ceiling but a pair of arms sneaks around my waist and I stop , my heart skips a beat and my whole body trembles . I slowly turn around to be meet by the person that I missed the most in all this months . I look at (Y/N) and I can’t actually believe that she’s here in my arms . I slowly touch her cheek with my hand and she leans in my touch her eyes never breaking eye contact with mine .

     “ You’re here .” I whisper and she tightens her grip on my waist .

     “ Yes , I am .” She confirms and I look mesmerized at her . I caress her face and I look into her eyes trying to find something to tell me that this is not real .

     “ Are you going to leave again ?” I ask , my voice trembling as I’m afraid of her answer .

     “ No . I’m not going to leave again now that I’m back to where I belong .” She affirms and I crush my lips on her . I let her feel all the love that I was keeping inside .

     “ I love you .” She whispers as she pulls a little bit away from me .

     “ I love you .” I affirm and now she’s the one kissing me back and I feel whole again . I feel happy and I know that this time I’ll won’t make any mistakes . I’ll keep her safe and loved just as I should .

anonymous asked:

Scenario (or headcanons if you prefer) where Kageyama's s/o is kidnapped by a rival group and how he gets her back? Thanks <3

With you he could see himself leading a life of normalcy, a stable job that didn’t force him to always check behind his back, a family pet, and perhaps a kid or two. Those were dreams, mindless fantasies that distracted him from the chaos in reality. The thought that it could all be stripped away from him was shoved into the farthest recesses of his mind until you were suddenly gone. He should have expected it, being involved with the mafia and acquiring enemies like he did. But the fact that it happened to him was an eye opener. 

When Daichi called him into his office that evening he knew there was something wrong; He never called him by his first name with such an expression of morbidity etched into it. He wasn’t even able to finish his sentence before Kageyama disappeared, door nearly hanging off its hinges from the force against it. He felt like he was suffocating, drowning in his own turmoil, never feeling more helpless and vulnerable until now. 

Days passed as Karasuno went into overdrive at Kageyama’s expense, searching high and low who could possible be responsible for taking his beloved. Most had suspected it was Aoba Johsai’s Oikawa Tooru considering that Kageyama had obtained his skills form the man only to betray him and join Karasuno. But upon closer inspection and interrogation of the lower ranks, he had nothing to do with it. In fact it wasn’t anyone of significance, just a scum looking to make money. 

Sugawara was excellent at his job as an informant, easily locating the shabby building where you were being held. Tanaka and Nishinoya’s squad had the area surrounded on the ground level while Tsukishima and himself took position on the rooftops. No matter what he saw or heard he had to stay calm unless the situation was to turn from bad to worse.

“Only shoot on my call, Kageyama. We don’t want that bastard to hurt ____ anymore than he already has.” Daichi’s authoritative voice called out over the ear piece, and the sniper felt his finger itch on the trigger at the mere thought of anyone putting their filthy hands on you. “Got it?”

“Yes sir.” He muttered through gritted teeth, peering through the scope. Nothing as of yet. He grew anxious at the wait, forcing Tsukishima to threaten to shoot his legs off. He would do it too.

It wasn’t until the sound of gunfire rang out from the ground did Kageyama snap at attention, body rigid as his eyes searched any sign of you. The doors to the building were blow open courtesy of Tanka before a haggard looking man limped from the building, a gunshot wound to the shoulder while he dragged a woman in front of him. It was you. His first instinct was to shoot the bastard, but Daichi’s orders resounded in his mind. Not yet.

The man was shouting something, a gun pointed at your temple as he held your body in front of him like a shield. “Fucking coward.” Kageyama growled, prepared to take the shot at a moments notice.

“Take it now!” 

Everything moved in a slow motion, finger putting pressure as he pulled the trigger, two shots making way to their target. One knocking the gun from his hand and the other making a hole in his chest. He watched with a saddened expression as you fell to the ground, terrified and shaking. He should have never involved himself with you, otherwise you wouldn’t have to deal with this. But he couldn’t focus on that, all he wanted was to take you into his arms and kiss the pain away.

You’d never felt more relieved than when you spotted familiar navy hues solely focused on you. If you weren’t in so much pain you’d have run into his open arms like a cliche in the movies. He was warm, your worries and fear melting away as his grip tightened, lips pressing into your forehead.

“I’m so sorry,” He whispered, hands threading through your hair. He was more upset with himself than anything. “This is all my fault. I promise to never let this happen to you again. Even if I have to distance myself I-”

You stopped his rambling by firmly taking his face into your hands, smiling through tears. “No, after all we’ve been through you’re not leaving me. This just means you’ll have to teach me self-defense after all.” Even now you somehow managed to make the situation light hearted.

Footsteps approached you, Kageyama glancing behind to meet Daichi’s stoned gaze. “The bastard is still alive. If you want, I’ll leave him to you for interrogation means.” There was something dangerous behind the boss’s eyes, one he was appreciative of.

The man was going to pay for everything he did to you, painfully slow. He would learn the true meaning of fear. If there was one thing to know, it was that Kageyama Tobio was not a force to be taken lightly. He’ll shoot you dead between the eyes before you comprehend that life is flashing before your eyes.