you will find me dreaming

I want your Monday morning
sleep soaked eyes
dream drenched voice,
lazy bones
‘five more minutes please babe.’

I want your Tuesday afternoon
coffee break,
glasses off, laughter on
‘just hold me for a while
it’s been a hard day.’

I want your Wednesday evening
fingers through hair
teeth nibbling nails
neck craning, eye glazing
‘this paperwork never ends’

I want your Thursday night
drinks for two
bones unbind
muscles let loose
flats, slacks,
‘just me and you’

I want your finally Friday
stretch soul smile,
sun sipping light
from the glaciers in your eyes
fingers unfurl, hand extends
‘c’mon babe, lets go wild’

I want your weekend.
your movie marathon Saturday
reading by the fireplace
kissing in the blankets
want your Sunday morning
orange juice and pancakes
white sheets, tender skin
hair like the Fourth of July
‘let’s not get out of bed today.’

I want your ordinary
and your stress, rest, release
I want your bad day and that terrible night
I want you drunk in my arms
forgetting the place but never my name
I want your lazy and your lonely
and your fist full of fight
I want you everyday
in every way
for the rest of my life.


yet unknown writer

This is the kind of love I want to find one day.

(found it on Berlin-artparasites –someone pls find me the author of this quote)

how about an anastasia yoi au?

- Dreamworks Anastasia au, obviously. Also who knows what country this is taking place in BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT WE’RE CONCERNED WITH RIGHT NOW OK.
- Yuuri is part of a royal family, Victor is the kitchen boy that befriends him. 
- When Yuuri’s family is attacked, Victor helps Yuuri and Mari escape. Yuuri has some form of accident and forgets his childhood. 
- Dimitri = Victor. Vlaad = Chris. Con men with hearts of gold, of course. 
I mean, Victor and Dimitri already have similar-ish hair and Victor would look great in Dimitri’s clothes. 

- Mostly I just enjoy imagining Victor and Chris watching people audition as “Anastasia” and encountering this:

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

- But lbr, Victor and Chris are kind of like “well this isn’t right for THIS con, but i like your style” bc both of them would totally do something like that. 
- Mari wants to find Yuuri. Hence why the con begins!
- Yuuri finding an adorable poodle puppy on his adventures. 
- Chris sees Yuuri is just LOVES him because Yuuri is adorable and perfect. Victor also is like - ok, how is someone so beautiful - but is pretty tough on Yuuri when “prepping” him to be the brother Mari is trying to find. 
- They spend lots of time together traveling and obviously slowly fall in love. 
- Yuuri and Victor practice waltzing on the boat. It’s just as wonderful as the Anastasia scene is. 
- Again, tell me you don’t picture Yuuri and Victor dancing while Chris looks on exactly like this:

- Also, Victor saves Yuuri when he’s sleep walking on the boat and almost jumps off the ship due Rasputin’s curse. Pulls him close in the pouring rain, holds Yuuri after. Just. Because. 
- When the get to where Mari is, they meet Phichit, who is a close friend of Mari’s. 
- Phichit is wonderful and loves Yuuri. He’s convinced Yuuri is Mari’s lost brother and does everything in his power to help Yuuri. 
- When Mari does realize Yuuri is her lost brother and Yuuri regains some of his memories, Victor simultaneously realizes how much he’s come to love Yuuri.
- Cue Victor realizing that Yuuri actually IS Yuuri and that he helped him escape all those years ago.
- Yuuri remembers how he and Mari escaped, remembers that it was Victor who got them through the secret passage. 
-Cue them rushing to one another, confessing their love, etc. It’s beautiful. 

P.S. if you don’t think “at the beginning’ is the perfect Victuuri theme song, you are wrong and I will fight you. <3

tf just happened

ok so bear with me ok im still so weirded out by what happened. so right. on with the story

i was out grocery shopping and just as i was about to re-claim the stuff i left from the baggage counter, the boys (there were 3 of ‘em) there started snickering just as i was walking up to the counter

so, being the friendly person i am (i like smiling at strangers ok), i was kinda smiling as i handed my claim number. but then i noticed they were shoving each other and whispering go on, go on til finally, one of the boys said, “are you single? youre cute” at that point my smile just dropped but apparently encouraged by my silence he went on to ask for my number too. at that point, i seriously just wanted to get out of there but they wouldnt hand me my stuff till i gave my number

at this point i was so uncomfortable and they were just honest to god leering at me; BUT THEN i felt an arm going around my shoulder and this really really cute girl just says “hey babe, whats wrong?”


after that they finally gave me my stuff without apologizing and the girl accompanied me until we were out of sight, keeping up with the charade. when we were out of there, she turned to me and apologized APOLOGIZED if ever she made me uncomfortable but she saw the trapped look in my face when i was facing those guys so she just wanted to help me. all i could say was, “i wasnt uncomfortable and thank you”

she winked WINKED like wtf is that? at me and left

just like that

i shit you not i thought this only happened in movies like WTF i had to pinch myself

i didnt even get her name.

i’ll drop by that grocery again.


Me and my unrealistic dream theatre roles

Wicked: Elphaba

Heathers: Veronica Sawyer

Hamilton: Eliza

Rent: Maureen 

Into the Woods: The Witch

The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Helena Landless

The Lion King: Nala 

Anything Goes: Reno Sweeney 

Little Shop of Horrors: Audrey

Aladdin: Jasmine or Genie

The Little Mermaid: Ursula or Ariel

probably a lot more that I’m forgetting, all of these are highly unlikely to ever happen, but hey, a girl can dream XD

‘Tangled’ sentence meme

Send one to my muse for their reaction

  • “Let’s see how fast you can run.”
  • “That’s a lot of hair.”
  • “Who are you, and how did you find me?”
  • “What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?”
  • “I am a despicable human being.”
  • “Let’s just assume for the moment that everyone in here doesn’t like me.”
  • “Did I ever tell you I’ve got a thing for brunettes?”
  • “I don’t know why, but overall it just smells like the color brown.”
  • “You can’t tell anyone about this, okay? It could ruin my whole reputation.”
  • “Why would you ask such a ridiculous question?”
  • “I want a castle.”
  • “Mother knows best.”
  • “You should know that this is the strangest thing I’ve ever done.”
  • “I’m just teasing, you’re adorable.”
  • “I have made the decision to trust you.”
  • “Stay calm. It can probably smell fear.”
  • “That’s the funny thing about birthdays, they’re kind of an annual thing.”
  • “This is kind of an off-day for me, this doesn’t normally happen.”
  • “You know, I can’t help but notice you seem a little at war with yourself here.”
  • “You know how I hate the mumbling…”
  • “Let’s turn around and get you home.”
  • “Great. Now I’M the bad guy.”
  • “You know how I feel about the mumbling.”
  • “I have a big surprise!”
  • “I’m just very interested in your hair and the magical qualities that it possesses.”
  • “The world is dark and selfish and cruel.”
  • “Everything I did was to protect YOU.”
When one day you look back and feel lonely, when all your struggles come crushing you down, when you want someone to listen to your silent pleas, and you want a hug and find no one to hug you, find me. I’ll be staying alive in the dreams you have before you sleep. And if there comes a day when you cannot reach me in your dreams, look for me. That’s when I’m drowning on my own struggles, that’s when I want someone to listen to me and hug me and tell me everything’s going to be okay. That’s when I need you most.
—  cynthia go // Look for me [87/365]

Young Fem!Reader x Brother Figure/Alpha Scott

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Reader has nightmares of Isaac and Reader’s abusive home life

The plate dropped to the ground and your eyes locked on your brothers from across the room. The sound of it shattering into tiny pieces was almost like a warning bell for the both of you, Isaac quickly pushed his chair back as a glass was launched towards you, taking the blow as he crushed you to his chest and told you it was going to be ok.

“I’m sorry Isaac!” You yelped when he was grabbed and dragged towards the basement.


You threw you blankets back, gasping for air as the nightmare left your body coated in sweat, Melissa’s room was just next door so she heard you cry out and had hurried in. She wrapped you in a tight hug as you sobbed into her shoulder.

“It’s alright (Y/N), if you have a bad dream you can find me ok.” Melissa said gently.

“Ok.” You whimpered.

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Never in a million years did I think ....

I’d find someone so utterly and completely perfect,
someone who would make me happier
than I ever dreamed I could be,
someone that would touch my life so profoundly
and just give me a whole new reason to breathe.
But then I found you and realized
that everything I anticipated you to be
doesn’t even compare to who you are.


plot twist: it’s emma!
(this could just be me, but the look she gave while brooke was talking about him being different, that didn’t look like a ‘wow’ or  ‘i can’t believe it’  that was a ‘oh shit, did i fuck up?’)

without a word you stole my heart
then, you left to swim among galaxies,
that’s what they told me!
I tried to forget you
but you kept coming back, sometimes
crawling with star dust
on your weakened knees
like an outcast ghost chosen by death
of course, without a logical purpose.
later, you find me dreaming
a fool heart tramp,
in the afternoon
among romantic vampires
and crippled gods,
and in the night
I find you floating with grace
like a penguin feather, you’re
creating with your animal spirit a storm
under my skin in the stream of my blood.

twitter bios

i should study wtf im doing with my life.

mom im not crazy, they are just too normal to me.

people ask me if i have twitter, i just answer them that i dont know what it is.

i can be tough i can be strong, but with you, it’s not like that at all…

the internet is the best and worst thing to happen in this world.

make your life a story worth teeling.

i tried to put my ex dick as a password but they said it was too short.

its all about money and distance.

am I that easy to forget?

i’m really cool, ask my mom.

everyones getting in relationships and i can’t even find my other sock.

‘you appear just like a dream to me’

my style is expensive and black.

your smile is contagious, no matter how angry or sad I am, all i need is to take one look at your smile and everything seem a little better.

dont get too close, its dark inside.

i don’t like people, so go out, you’re wasting the oxygen.

i’ve never met my idols…

everytime i close my eyes it’s like a dark paradise.

so it’s gonna be forever, or it’s gonna go down in flames.

i want to be cool, but all I do is laying in my bed with coffee, listening to music and watching youtubers.

i want to travel and meet beautiful souls. nobody can destroy my dreams.

twitter bios

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I just feel the need to share on my tumblr that I fucking hate university. Its making me feel depressed the same way school did with the pressures of academics. I consider myself intelligent and I am in no sense stupid or an idiot (on the rare occasion though.. idk mistakes) but in this environment I feel unnecessary pressure weighing me down, also heightening my stress levels. As a result, my relationships with my friends and family suffer. Uni is almost exactly like school but worse because it’s self directed learning and I ain’t got no motivation for that especially after high school. So, I’ve decided that I want to defer from my course and apply for a design institution/college (which is basically uni but is more practical and actually specialises in what I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE AKA MY PASSIONS AKA FASHION AND WRITING gah I’m excited honestly). I’m crying now because I feel like I’m also discovering who I am more and more everyday. I hope I do get the chance to complete a degree in the school of my choice and one day, maybe become a fashion designer. Idk, maybe you’ll see my name on a label one day and that thought alone is just !!!! Exciting. I’ll be old though if I become a designer bc there’s a lot of other shit I wanna do. Follow your heart

It happens to everyone as they grow up. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on
Sometimes things go wrong; that’s normal. But we have a saying in Tibetan, ‘Nine times fail, nine times try again'.

-    Dalai Lama  

Whisper in the Night (Mortal Kombat)

Still writting sappy SubScorp. Still without spellcheck.

Title: Whisper in the Night
Fandom: Mortal Kombat
Rating: G
Word Count: 469
Characters: Hanzo Hasashi, Kuai Liang
Summary: It’s well into the midnight hours and Hanzo has a confession to make.

It’s creeping up on early morning by the time Hanzo makes his way into the room, quitely and with permission from the Lin Kuei guards at the gate (not that they were capable of stopping him but it allowed them to get word to their higher ups that the Shirai Ryu grandmaster was there so they wouldn’t get a shock). Ambient light from outside spills into the room, a sliver of it cast over the bed and framing Kuai Liang, bare chested and half tangled in the sheets. Hanzo undresses and carefully straightens the bedding as best he can, coaxing a corner out from under a leg, gently prying open a fist, hands lingering as he lays the sheet across broad shoulders.

Hanzo slips in bed next to the younger man, propped on an elbow to study him, the scar on his face, the disheveled mess of his hair, the way his cheek presses on the pillow. Hanzo shimmies a little closer, brushing his lips on Kuai Liang’s shoulder. The contact makes Kuai Liang turn over, eyelashes fluttering slightly as he mumbles out Hanzo’s name and something that might have been a greeting as he seeks the older man out, nuzzling against his chest. It’s such a sweet moment, so purely Kuai Liang that Hanzo can’t help the emotion that feels like it’s going to burst his heart. He’d been psyching himself up for this confession for weeks, telling himself that Kuai Liang deserves to hear it and that his family would have been happy for him and for a moment upon entering the Lin Kuei temple, Hanzo had lost his resolve for it. But there, now, with the weight of Kuai Liang’s head on his shoulder, breath against his collarbone, fingers twitching low on Hanzo’s belly, it seems like the easiest thing in the world to say it, breathing in the subtle scent of his mussed up hair, “I love you.”

Kuai Liang’s head lifts up suddenly, face scrunched like he’s squinting though his eyes are still closed. “Did you just say you love me?” His words run together, barely intelligible.

“I thought you were asleep.”

“Did you?”


A smile crosses Kuai Liang’s lips, lethargy making it slow and sweet. He rests his head back on Hanzo’s chest, hand coming up to run through the dark hair there. “Making sure I didn’t dream it.” When he exhales it’s a little chilly but Hanzo’s heart is thudding hard enough to negate the temperature difference. “Shouldn’t say it when I’m asleep,” Kuai Liang’s words slur even more, “can’t say I love you back.”

Hanzo can feel him fall back asleep and he turns his head so he can hide his smile against Kuai Liang’s hair. He holds him close all night.