you will die before you accomplish it

late night self reflective asks 🌙
  • cosmos: what's one thing you wish you could say to someone you are no longer friends with?
  • galaxies: what are three things you want to do before you die?
  • waxing: what is your proudest accomplishment?
  • waning: what is your biggest regret?
  • full moon: what type of person do you hope to be?
  • contemplation: if you could wake up one morning and everything in your life was perfect, what would that look like?
  • night light: who/what makes you feel safe?
  • ponder: what do you want to do with your life?
  • sunset: who is someone you thought would be in your life forever, but you no longer talk to?
  • midnight: are you a different person late at night than in the early morning?
  • candle light: are you an indecisive person?
  • reflection: have you ever changed something you liked about yourself to satisfy someone else?
  • sweet dreams: are you happy?
  • nightmare: what are you most afraid of?
  • constellations: who is someone you could talk to for hours and never stop?
  • reminder: who is someone you will never forget?
  • 11-11: what's something you want, but feel like you will never have?
  • shooting star: who is someone you trust to help you make the right decisions?
  • earth: where do you feel most at home?
  • soothe: what's one thing that always makes you feel better when you're upset?
  • slumber: what's one thing that helps you fall asleep when it feels impossible?
Get to Know the Blogger!!!
  • 1. If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
  • 2. What is your favorite piece of clothing you own / owned?
  • 3. What hobby would you pick up if time & money weren't an issue?
  • 4. What does your perfect room look like?
  • 5. How often do you play sports?
  • 6. What fictional place would you like to visit?
  • 7. What job would you be terrible at?
  • 8. When was the last time you climbed a tree?
  • 9. If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance of winning a medal for?
  • 10. What is the most annoying habit that you or other people have?
  • 11. What job do you think you'd be really good at?
  • 12. What skill would you like to master?
  • 13. What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
  • 14. If you had unlimited funds to build a house to live on for the rest of your life, what would the finished house look like?
  • 15. What's your favorite drink?
  • 16. What state or country do you never want to go back to?
  • 17. What songs do you have completely memorized?
  • 18. What game or movie universe would you like to live in?
  • 19. What do you consider to be your best find?
  • 20. Are you usually early or late?
  • 21. What pets did you have when you were growing up?
  • 22. When people come to you for help, what do they usually need help with?
  • 23. What takes up too much of your time?
  • 24. What do you wish you knew more about?
  • 25. What would be your first question after waking up from being frozen for 100 years?
  • 26. What are some small things that make your day better?
  • 27. Who's your go-to band or artist when you don't know who or what to listen to?
  • 28. What's the best way to start the day?
  • 29. What TV shows do you like?
  • 30. What TV channel doesn't exist but really should?
  • 31. Who has impressed you most with what they've accomplished?
  • 32. What age do you wish you could stay at permanently?
  • 33. What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch?
  • 34. What's your ideal way to spend a weekend?
  • 35. What is something that is considered a luxury, but you don't think you could live without?
  • 36. What is your claim to fame?
  • 37. What is something you enjoy doing the old-fashioned way?
  • 38. What's your favorite book or movie genre?
  • 39. How often do you people-watch?
  • 40. What have you only recently formed an opinion about?
  • 41. What's the best day of the year?
  • 42. What subject interests you that not many people have heard of?
  • 43. How do you relax after a long day of work?
  • 44. What's the best book series or TV series you've ever read or watched?
  • 45. Where is the farthest you've ever been from home?
  • 46. What's the most heartwarming thing you've ever seen?
  • 47. What is the most annoying question people ask you?
  • 48. What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with no preparation?
  • 49. If you were the dictator on a small island nation, what crazy dictator stuff would you do?
  • 50. What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
  • 51. Would you rather go hand gliding or whitewater rafting?
  • 52. What's your dream car?
  • 53. What's worth spending more on to get the best?
  • 54. What is something a ton of people are obsessed with, but you just don't get?
  • 55. What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?
  • 56. Where is the most interesting place you've been?
  • 57. What's something you've been meaning to try but haven't gotten around to it?
  • 58. What is the best thing that happened to you last week?
  • 59. What piece of entertainment do you wish you could erase from your mind, only to experience it for the first time again?
  • 60. If all jobs had the same pay rate and hours, what job would you want to have?
  • 61. What amazing thing have you done that no one was around to see?
  • 62. How different was your life 1 year ago?
  • 63. What quirks do you have?
  • 64. What would you rate 10/10?
  • 65. What fad or trend do you think should come back?
  • 66. What is the most interesting piece of art you've seen?
  • 67. What kind of art do you enjoy most?
  • 68. What do you hope never changes?
  • 69. What city would you most like to live in?
  • 70. What movie title best describes your life?
  • 71. Why did you decide to do the work you are doing now?
  • 72. What's the best way a person can spend their time?
  • 73. If you suddenly became a master at woodworking, what would you make?
  • 74. Where is the most relaxing place you've ever been?
  • 75. What's the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?
  • 76. Where would you rather be from?
  • 77. What are some things you've had to unlearn?
  • 78. What do you look forward to in the next 6 months?
  • 79. What website do you visit most often?
  • 80. What one thing do you really want but can't afford?
  • 81. Where do you usually go when you have free time?
  • 82. Where would you spend all your time if you could?
  • 83. What's special about the place you grew up?
  • 84. What age do you want to live to?
  • 85. What are you most likely to become famous for?
  • 86. What are you absolutely determined to do?
  • 87. What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?
  • 88. What do you wish you knew more about?
  • 89. What question would you most like to know the answer to?
  • 90. What question can you ask to find out the most about a person?
  • 91. When was the last time you changed your opinion or belief about something major?
  • 92. What's the best compliment you've ever received?
  • 93. As the only human left on earth, what would you do?
  • 94. Who inspires you to be better?
  • 95. What do you want your epitaph to be?
  • 96. What haven't you grown out of?
  • 97. In what situation or place would you feel most out of place in?
  • 98. What's the dumbest thing you've done that actually turned out pretty well?
  • 99. If someone wrote a book on an event in your life, what would the book be about?
  • 100. What's something you will never do again?
  • 101. How do you hope you'll change as a person in the future?
  • 102. What keeps you up at night?
  • 103. What's the most surprising self-realization you've had?
  • 104. What is the most illegal thing you've ever done?
  • 105. How do you get in the way of your own success?
  • 106. What are you afraid people see when they look at you?
  • 107. What is your biggest regret?
  • 108. What do you look down on people for?
  • 109. What bridges do you not regret burning?
  • 110. What lie do you tell most often?
  • 111. What would be your spirit animal?
  • 112. What is the best & worst thing about getting older?
  • 113. What are you most likely very wrong about?
  • 114. If you had a personal flag, what would be on it?
  • 115. What's happened that changed your view on the world?
  • 116. What is the biggest lesson you've learned?
  • 117. What is the most immature thing you do?
  • 118. What are you famous for among your friends & family?
  • 119. If your childhood had a smell, what would it be?
  • 120. What one responsibility do you wish you didn't have?
  • 121. What are 3 things you want to accomplish before you die?
  • 122. What do you want to tell your 10-year-old self?
  • 123. What's the best thing you got from your parents?
  • 124. What's the best thing about you?
  • 125. What blows your mind?
  • 126. Have you ever saved someone's life?
  • 127. What are you really good at but embarrassed to be good at?
  • 128. What would a mirror opposite of you look like?
  • 129. What are 3 interesting facts about you?
  • 130. Which of your scars has the best story behind it?
  • 131. What's the title of the current chapter in your life?
  • 132. What were some of the biggest turning points in your life?
  • 133. What's the hardest lesson you've learned?
  • 134. What do people think is weird about you?
  • 135. What mistake do you keep making?
  • 136. What have you created that you're most proud of?
  • 137. What do you doubt?
  • 138. What are some of your morals?
  • 139. What do you want to be remembered for?
  • 140. What do you regret not doing in your childhood years?
  • 141. What is your favorite fragrance?
  • 142. What do you think your last words will be?
  • 143. Who or what do you take for granted?
  • 144. Why would you be annoying as a roommate?
  • 145. What is something you're insecure about?
  • 146. What's the best & worst piece of advice you've received?
  • 147. What irrational fears do you have?
  • 148. What makes a good life?
  • 149. What's the last adventure you went on?
  • 150. What is the most memorable gift you've received?
tarot card asks
  • fool: what's the biggest risk you've ever taken?
  • magician: list 3 of your talents
  • high priestess: do you pay more attention to your heart or your mind?
  • empress: how dependent are you on others?
  • emperor: describe your relationship with your father
  • hierophant: do you value tradition?
  • lovers: does someone need to share your values for you to pursue a relationship?
  • chariot: in what situations are you most assertive?
  • strength: how impulsive are you?
  • hermit: what are you like when you're alone?
  • wheel of fortune: how's your luck?
  • justice: do you value fairness over mercy?
  • hanged man: how do you feel about martyrs?
  • death: do you like change?
  • temperance: do you tend to focus on the past, present, or future?
  • devil: is there anything you're addicted to?
  • tower: what do you most want to change about yourself?
  • star: what religious beliefs do you have?
  • moon: do you have any recurrent dreams?
  • sun: do you believe optimism is always good?
  • judgement: how confident are you in yourself?
  • world: what do you hope to accomplish before you die?
The Sound of Silence

Context: I am DMing a session in which the players have just defeated a sphinx on a boat. The players are currently rolling to see if they’re able to hold the sphinx down so they can interrogate her.
Halfling Rogue: *rolls a 17*
Half Orc Bard: *rolls a 16*
High Elf fighter and Half elf cleric: both roll a 2.
Me (jokingly): roll for self esteem!
Half elf: I got a twelve.
High elf: ….I rolled a natural failure.
Me: tears roll down your face as you realize that you are unable to accomplish this menial task. You are a disgrace to your kind.
Halfling: Rolling to see if I die from laughing at him. *rolls a 15* Yeah, I’m good.
High elf: Intimidation check to see if I can get them to stop laughing at me! *rolls a 1*
Me: You stutter out a “I could take you” before you start bawling again and drop your sword on the ground.
Half-Orc: Does the “sound of silence” starts playing around us?
Me: hello darkness, my old friend…

My dearest dragons

“The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself" 

"Breathing intense, hot flames, it can melt almost anything. Its breath inflicts terrible pain on enemies.”

“What is your wish?”

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“Norbert is a Germanic first name, 

derived from nord (“north”) and berht (“bright”).”

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“I don’t envy the one who gets the Horntail. Vicious thing. Its back end’s as dangerous as its front.”

“The beast’s scales had turned pale and flaky during its long incarceration under the ground; its eyes were milkily pink; Its great spiked wings, folded close to its body, would have filled the chamber if it spread them.”

“And the Scrolls have foretold, of black wings in the cold, That when brothers wage war come unfurled! Alduin, Bane of Kings, ancient shadow unbound, With a hunger to swallow the world!”

“I would name them all for those the gods have taken. The green one shall be Rhaegal, for my valiant brother who died on the green banks of the Trident. The cream-and-gold I call Viserion. Viserys was cruel and weak and frightened, yet he was my brother still. His dragon will do what he could not.”

“And the black beast? Asked Ser Jorah Mormont.”
“The black” she said “is Drogon”

“I am fire. I am death”

“ Luckdragons are creatures of air, warmth, and pure joy. Despite their great size, they are as light as a summer cloud, and consequently need no wings for flying. They swim in the air of heaven as fish swim in water. Seen from the earth, they look like slow lightning flashes. The most amazing thing about them is their song.“

“Spyro’s main attacks consist of ramming his opponents with his long horns or breathing fire at them.”

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“None of us can choose our destiny, Merlin. 

And none of us can escape it”

“To the stars, Bowen. To the stars.”

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“Dishonor on you. Dishonor on your cow”

“It is our destiny to attempt the impossible, 

to accomplish great deeds regardless of fear.”

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“The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But… before the sun sets on her 16th birthday she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die!”

“Can’t catch me, Fifi!”

“My real name is Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi.“

"They were the ultimate firebenders. And if you could conquer one, your firebending talents would become legendary and you’d earn the honorary title, Dragon. The last great dragon was conquered long before I was born, by my uncle.”

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I’m in a chatty mood, Tumblr

Ask me: 

1). Favorite book:

2). Top 3 favorite movies.

3). Top 5 favorite songs.

4). Do you like storms?

5). What’s your favorite tv show?

6). What do you do for a living?

7). Coffee or tea? 

8). Do you like to read?

9). Tell me about 3 people who have changed your life.

10). Tell me about a hidden talent.

11). Introverted or extroverted?

12). Do you prefer texts or calling someone?

13). Biggest accomplishment?

14). 5 things you want to do before you die

15). Biggest fear and/or greatest dream?

16). Would you rather go to the beach or hike in the mountains?

17). Do you have any pets? If so, names? If not, do you want a pet?

18). Tell me a story.

19). How’s your heart doing?

20). Do you feel alone right now?

21). Favorite memory?

22). 3 things you hope that happen this year

23). What’s your favorite way to wind down at the end of the day?

24). Tell me a joke.

25). 5 things you wish you could tell a younger version of yourself?

26). How do you feel about roller coasters?

27). Scared of the dark?

28). Do you have a favorite number?

29). Any tattoos? Do you want one if you don’t have one?

30). Do you have any piercings?

 31). Tell me the craziest thing you’ve ever done.

32). Do you have a hard time accepting compliments?

33). What time is it, and what’s on your mind?

34). Are you looking forward to anything?

35). Biggest regret?

36). 3 things you want to learn

37). Do you remember your dreams in the morning?

38). Do you like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

39). Favorite season? Why?

40). Do you write in pen or pencil more?

41). Do you like to make lists?

42). Name your top 5 favorite characters from a book, tv show, movie, play, etc.

43). Did you play outside a lot as a kid? Do you still?

44). How often do you take time for yourself?

45). Are you stressed? 

46). Have you ever done something you know you shouldn’t have?

47). What’s your #1 pet peeve?

48). Do you like to cook or bake?

49). Are you dating someone?

50). Do you like to write or draw?

51). Do you play an instrument?

52). 3 places you want to visit and why

53). What’s your best friend like?

54). You are able to re-live one day from someone else’s perspective. What day do you choose? Who’s perspective are you viewing it from?

55). Have you ever done something that someone didn’t believe you could do?

56). Favorite animal?

57). Favorite ice cream flavor?

58). Favorite smell?

59). What does the word family mean to you?

60). How often do attend social events? (Parties, hanging out with friends, etc).

61). You have unlimited money. What do you do with it? Why?

62). Do you prefer sugary or salty foods?

63). Do you like spicy food?

64). Tell me why you followed me.

65). Where do you want to be in a year?

66). Do you wear glasses or contacts?

67). Favorite outfit you own? Post a picture if you can.

68). Are you a dog or a cat person?

69). How do you feel about small talk?

70). Have you ever told someone you love them and then regretted it?

71). Story of your first kiss?

72). How many blankets do you sleep with?

73). Are you comfortable right now?

74). Have you ever been to a funeral?

75). Have you ever smoked?

76). How often do you tell someone you love them?

77). Pineapple on pizza: great or disgusting?

78). How often do you spend time outside? 

79). Have you ever gone camping?

80). Have you ever gone fishing?

81). Weirdest thing you’ve ever done?

82). You become your favorite animal. How do you spend your day?

83). Do you like your cookies chewy or crunchy?

84). Do you like bonfires?

85). Bugs and spiders: do they freak you out, or are they kind of cute?

86). You’re stranded on an island with someone. Who do you hope it is?

87). You wake up with a brand new skill mastered. What is it, and why?

88). Can you crochet/knit/sew?

89). What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever bought?

90). Do you have a favorite Christmas or birthday present that someone got you?

91). Do you like to exercise?

92). Candles or flowers?

93). What is your favorite food?

94). What’s your dream job?

95). Have you been to a different country?

96). Are you good at spelling?

97). Name 3 things you love about yourself.

98). Are you busy a lot?

99). 3 things you’re scared of.

100). Do you have any siblings?

101). Have you ever done karaoke? 

anonymous asked:

rfa + minor trio- middle of the night, can't find mc, find her doing whatever. (stargazing on the roof, baking, just random little things that could be cute?) ps thank u for giving vanderwood the love they deserve, i love my baby sm too

Vanderwood deserves all the love.


  • While Zen was at rehearsals, you stayed home. He always didn’t come back until late, leaving you to eat dinner alone.
  • You sat on the couch eating your food, watching the news. Just to see that he was involved in yet another scandal with one of his coworkers on the new musical he was starring it. They shared romantic roles with each other.
  • A sigh involuntarily left you. He told you not to pay any attention to it, because literally none of that stuff was true. But…you couldn’t help it sometimes. Jealousy and doubt are natural things to feel when you see your significant other be associated with someone else.
  • When Zen got home, it was pretty late. You cuddled with him as he ate and listened to him speak about his day, you staying mostly quiet with the thoughts of doubt still in your head. He assumed you were tired then you both went off to bed.
  • It was a little past midnight when you crept out of your guy’s shared bed, careful not to disturb him, and went up to the roof. The place he took you when you first visited his home and where he confessed his love to you.
  • You sat cross legged and looked up at the starry night sky.
  • Zen was beautiful and so talented. He had thousands of people who admired him and could get anyone he wanted. He was one of those bright stars in the sky, and you? were just one of those people who were only worthy of watching him from down below. How could he have ever chosen someone like you?
  • Tears began to form in your eyes, until you felt a presence standing behind you, causing you to whip your body around as you were greeted with Zen’s face with a tired expression plastered over it. A balled up fist went to rub at one of his tired eyes.
  • “Jagiya? Is everything okay? It’s so late…what are you doing up here? Come back to bed.”
  • You turned yourself back around and stayed quiet, just as you did earlier. Moments later, he settled down next to you and he yawned, leaning his head against your shoulder.
  • “What’s wrong? Tell me. You’ve been silent all night, I miss your voice.”
  • You told him softly and subtly how neglected you felt, how worried you were that he would leave you for someone else or that the media would ruin your guy’s relationship. 
  • He immediately sat up and stared over at you. He used his fingers to gently turn your face towards him.
  • “Baby, you’re all I want. All I need. You don’t give yourself enough credit. You’re way more amazing than you think. You may not see it, but trust me I do and so many more people do. Why would I want anyone else when I already have the most breath taking person right in front of me? You’re my entire world, Jagiya. Now, shall we go back to bed?”


  • Of all the times you played LOL with Yoosung, you didn’t horribly lose only once. But. You still lost.
  • His other friend’s online would constantly laugh at how bad you were, and honestly Yoosung thought it was pretty humorous too. You’d all laugh, but Yoosung would always have your back and tell them to stop, even though it wasn’t that deep. He’s just very protective over you okay.
  • You told him that you were going to bed while he was up studying one night and he simply nodded his head, as you went into your bedroom, sneaking your laptop in with you.
  • Once you got snuggled up in bed, you immediately turned it on and signed into LOL. You were determined to get better so you could play harder missions with your boyfriend!
  • A few hours passed…along with many epic fails and deaths. You were sure you the only thing you’ve improved on is running away from the boss. At least you could dodge, slightly better. I mean. you noticed you were getting blown up significantly less.
  • Suddenly, Yoosung walked into the room, stretching his arms out and letting out a big yawn. When he saw you were still awake, expecting you to be asleep, he tilted his head at you in confusion. 
  • “What are you doing up?”
  • “Uh…..nothing….”
  • “But, you’re clearly doing something.”
  • “I’m not doing anything.”
  • “Then why is my laptop in front of you?”
  • “…i was sleeping and it just showed up, i don’t know how it got here.” 
  • “…..really?….”
  • “yes, really.”
  • Yoosung crawled in bed and you tried to hide the laptop in your chest.
  • “NO!”
  • This boy was A LOT stronger than he put himself off to be. He ended up snatching it away from you, ignoring your loud whining and protests in the background.
  • He looked at the screen just to see your death count.
  • You died a whopping 47 times in the last two hours you’ve been playing. 
  • “Oh my god..” *cue loud snorting laughter*
  • You huffed, did the cutest pout he had ever seen in his life, before plopping down in bed and pulling the covers over you.
  • He eventually quieted down and pushed the laptop to the side, pulling your body over to him.
  • “You’re so cute, MC. You don’t have to get any better, you’re already the best you can be!”
  • “Really?..You don’t care if I die a lot?”
  • “As long as you don’t die in real life, I’m good. Besides, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone suck die so many times in LOL before. That’s an accomplishment! Along with being the most adorable person to ever exist. Wanna pull an all nighter?” 


  • It was yet another long, and painful night of work for Jaehee. 
  • When she came home, she didn’t really say anything. She just gave you a kiss on your forehead, then pulled you to bed with her, where you two snuggled up with each other for the night. 
  • You felt so terrible for her, that she was working so hard like this for the both of you. So you decided you would make her lunch to take with her tomorrow! It would be much better than her getting takeout.
  • You lied there and pretended to be asleep for awhile, until you were sure that she was fast asleep herself. Jaehee was actually a pretty light sleeper, but she was so tired, you were sure that you didn’t wake her up when you crawled out of bed.
  • You immediately got to work in the kitchen, quietly and stealthily as you put together a bento box for her. You decided to bake her some cookies as well!
  • It occurred to you that you weren’t as quiet as you thought, as you heard a voice speak your name from behind you as you mixing some cookie batter together. 
  • “Why are you cooking?..So late? Should I have brought some food home when I left work?”
  • “Oh…no! Jaehee, I was just making you food to take with you tomorrow. I want to make sure you’re eating healthy and taking care of yourself since you always take care of me..”
  • Her tired, baggy eyes went wide and blinked a few times before she gave you the sweetest smile. 
  • “Thank you…No one has ever thought of me like that before. I appreciate it. But, I would much rather be in bed with you right now.” 
  • She walked up to you and pressed a kiss to your lips, causing you to smile. 
  • “How about you finish this up tomorrow? You can bring it to the office and we can both eat together during our break. How does that sound?”


  • It was a Sunday night. Jumin had a meeting the next morning so you both went to bed early.
  • The night went along peacefully, he held you close to his chest with an arm draped around your waist as you two slept. You awoke to the sound of meowing in the other room. It was no other than Elizabeth, but you never heard her meow this late before, nor was it this frantic.
  • You rose up and slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb Jumin and tip toed into the living room.
  • Elizabeth was curled up on the couch, asleep, but she was whimpering and meowing aloud. It appeared she was having a nightmare and your heart sunk.
  • You settled down on the couch and gently shook her awake. Her blue irises opened up and stared at you, you could see the fear and sadness in them.
  • Elizabeth had such a good life, you wondered what she could’ve been dreaming about. 
  • You scooped the cat up into your arms and held her gently to her chest, much like how Jumin did when consoling you, and your head rested lightly on top of hers.
  • You rocked steadily side to side as you sang her a soft lullaby and stroked the fur on her back, she emitted soft purrs as you continued.
  • “MC?”
  • You didn’t notice Jumin’s deep voice in the background, as you were falling asleep as well with Elizabeth in your arms. 
  • He found the sight all too adorable and endearing, a smile spreading across his lips as he inched towards you.
  • He carried you bridal style in his arms, while you still held Elizabeth. The both of you had already fall back fast asleep.
  • “Let’s go back to bed, my princesses.”


  • This boy barely ever slept.
  • But when he does, he really wants you to be snuggled up besides him.
  • He almost had what seemed like a death grip on you, as he snored softly and was dead asleep.
  • You really had to pee.
  • You shook, you shimmied, you wiggled and eventually you were free from his grip, quickly shoving a pillow into your arms to replace yourself, because you knew he would wake up. And you wanted him getting all the sleep he could get. 
  • You scurried over to the bathroom and relieved yourself. 
  • You were about to crawl back into bed, until you saw Robo Cat!
  • Seven mentioned that he had made a new addition to his abilities and you picked up the tiny robot and examined it.
  • There was a new button on his stomach, and you could see the dots on his ears, implying that they were actually speakers. How cute!
  • You pressed the button, and kpop began to play. 
  • You laughed and put down the Robo Cat, and it even began to dance around a little bit.
  • You found it so adorable and this song was bangin’! You couldn’t help yourself, so you danced around too and sang along. 
  • As you were enjoying yourself, you didn’t notice Seven standing in the doorway recording you.
  • “Those are some nice moves you got there, MC!”
  • “Why would I delete the cutest video to ever exist? I have to share this with others and bless this cruel world!”
  • Then with a press of a button it was on his instagram, his snapchat story, his twitter, in the RFA chatroom.
  • youweregoingtokillhim
  • Before you could even begin to yell at him, he pressed a hard kiss to your lips and demanded Robo Cat to start playing music again. 
  • “Let’s boogie until the sun comes up my space queen!”
  • You guys literally danced until the sun came up, trashed the bunker, then passed out in the bathtub.

Jihyun (V): 

  • V had the tendency to take pictures of you when you least expected it. 
  • It annoyed you and made you pout because you weren’t ready and thought you looked ugly, while V was literally having heart explosions over them. 
  • But he couldn’t deny, he got some really good memes of your face and used them in the RFA chat.
  • “When your cacti won’t grow.” *picture of you snarling at sushi at a terrible restaurant u guys had gone to*
  • “When you have no idea what’s going on.” *picture of you looking hella confused during a RFA meeting*
  • “The floor is your endless love and compassion for me.” *picture of you tripping onto the sidewalk*
  • don’tworryhehelpedyouuprightafter
  • “omg jihyun stop pleasge” 
  • “When you literally just can’t stop.” *picture of you crying over how cute a ladybug was*
  • Seven saves a l l of them and joins in.
  • He literally had a WHOLE album dedicated to memes of your face on his phone.
  • Little did he know, you were going to get him back.
  • Jihyun had gone to bed a bit early that night before you, you guys had a movie marathon but you decided to stay up a bit longer. 
  • When you were sure he was fast asleep, you got his camera from his desk and crept into your guy’s room.
  • Finally, you were going to get a picture of your own.
  • You crawled onto the bed and were ready to take a picture until you realized…
  • s h i t
  • V literally looks like an angel when he’s asleep. HOW COULD YOU MAKE A MEME OUT OF THIS?
  • You decided to take a picture anyway and…
  • s h i t x2
  • The flash went off.
  • You were about to quickly scramble off the bed and hide when a hand gently grabbed your wrist.
  • “What are you doing?” V’s sleepy, deep, baritone voice asked you.
  • nut
  • “I…was trying to get a funny picture of your face. Like you do to me. But failed, because you literally look so gorgeous when you sleep.”
  • His cheeks flushed a dark red and laughed.
  • “Well…allow me to help you.” He said, then literally made the silliest face that he could (still looking adorable as fUC  K).
  • Now, you had a V meme to use for yourself.
  • You both laughed for ten straight minutes at the picture before he kissed you goodnight and you both fell asleep.
  • The next day when you woke up in the morning, the first thing you sent in the chatroom was
  • “When people don’t ship you with someone who blinded you then started a religious cult. Also, when your route comes out soon.” *picture of V’s happy face*
  • nicebreakingthe4thwallmcthat’sseven’sjob

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hufflepuff, the Hat calls. yellow and black cheer and your housemates welcome you with open arms and grins on their faces, and you sit by a boy that’s a year ahead of you and grins when you look shyly at him. 

(the rest of the Hall applauds politely, and you can see them forgetting you, putting you out of mind, writing you off as “one of them.”)

you watch the rest of the sorting, cheer wildly when another ‘Puff  is Sorted with you, and you follow your Prefect when they show you your dorm and explain to you, that first night, that this is the house where they value patience and loyalty, fair play and hard work. 

the first class you have, the other House sends you pitying looks and indulgent, condescending smiles, and before the day is over, after a careless comment overheard from one of the seventh-year ravenclaws, you know what the rest of Hogwarts- the rest of the wizarding world- thinks of you.

a week in, you think, fine. hard work and fair play and patience and loyalty? those aren’t exclusive to kindness and weakness. 

it takes you a month to establish yourself where you want to be. a kind word here, a small gesture there, just the right amount of smiling admiringly at a pureblood there, and you’ve become friends with a good amount of people in each house. 

(the boy from the first night corners you, one day, and says, i know what you’re doing. he grins, fierce and bright, and all edges and sharp corners. he says, let me help, and we can accomplish twice as much. 

you agree.)

the year goes by quickly, and by the end of it, you’re known as the person to go to whenever someone needs something done, anything, everything. your teachers know you’re the reliable one, the one that can always be counted on to follow the rules and do the right thing. 

second year goes by too quickly, and the boy- john- joins the quidditch team, so you do too, and you hear rumors that Harry Potter’s gone and done it again (he’s done something, but you never hear quite what, somehow, and have to read about it in the Daily Prophet, because everyone exaggerates), and you focus your efforts on widening your circle of friends.

(you widen the circle of people that you do things for, and you start to test their loyalty. little things become bigger things, and soon, you know just who to ask to obtain this potion ingredient, that bit of homework- and they all still think you’re the one doing things for them.)

third year and fourth year blur together- you’re building power, and john’s doing the same while also taking tests and starting to decide what he wants to do with his life, and your teachers look fondly at you when you ask them for help with this spell or that plant, and they don’t know that you’re storing everything in your mind- patience and hard work, that’s all that’s happening here. how many people would be able to play this game for four years, much less do it without cheating or lying? 

(because you haven’t lied, you haven’t done anything untruthful, and you don’t cheat, because when a hufflepuff is taken seriously, it’ll be because they were a hufflepuff, not someone who was Sorted wrong.)

fifth year is when it starts to fall apart, bit by bit. the tension in the school is mounting, has been, ever since the Tournament, and you remember the way you sat in the Astronomy Tower for hours when Cedric died and how john found you and the way that you resented the pitying glances that were sent your way, and the talk of how Cedric was just a ‘Puff, and he couldn’t be expected to hold his own, and how you hexed the person that told you that it wasn’t your own fault that your house was useless, because Cedric was dead because of fair play.

(which is stronger, you wonder. fair play or loyalty?

loyalty, you decide the next year when Death Eaters take over the school.)

in your sixth year, john is killed because he is a muggleborn. he wasn’t your closest friend, no, but he was the one that shared a secret with you. he was a strong, steady presence, and he was supposed to help you- or you were supposed to help him- prove that the world’s perception of ‘Puffs is wrong.

the new teachers, if they can even be called that, despise your house and look down on it, but, you find, that is an advantage in these days. you are as clumsy, as inefficient, as stereotypical as you can be, and you take their wrath (take it, because you know what you’re doing, know exactly how much the blood quills and cruciatuses will hurt, but it’s you and not someone else), and you stay walking the halls of Hogwarts even when most of the other students realize that to stay alive for the battle that will come when Harry returns they must hide in the Room of Requirement. 

after all, you weren’t sorted into the smart, clever house that knew what to do to survive, or the house that knew when to be brave and when to hide in order to be alive to be brave later, or even the house that could safely walk the halls and talk to the teachers without fear of retribution.

you were sorted into the house that talks of patience (patience, when you’re being insulted, and patience when you spend three nights in a row feeling a blood quill etch words upon your skin because you know that while you’re distracting a teacher, another student is going through their office for information), and hard work (and it’s hard work to get up in the mornings, sometimes, when you know that all that awaits you that day is pain; it’s hard work to keep up the facade of a student when you’re falling behind on your work; and some days, the only thing keeping the smile on your face is years of practice in doing things that you feel like you can’t, years of hard work), and loyalty (and the thing that keeps you here is loyalty, to your housemates, and the children- because you’re not a child, haven’t been since john died, and loyalty to your world).

you’re using the few favors you have left to claim from years of hard work to ensure that first years that are marked for pain, for torture, escape the castle safely, and sometimes, when no one can see you, you look as the ceiling in the darkness of night and think, Potter, you’d better hurry. 

the year winds on, slowly, and you grow thinner and lines that have no place on your face take up residence there, and scars begin to fill your skin. you’ve abandoned fair play altogether, because there’s a time to be fair and to not hurl minor hexes and jinxes at a teacher’s back or their shoes, and there’s a time to do so with extreme prejudice, and that time is wartime, that time is now.

then, Potter returns. 

he’s changed, from what you can remember, and so have his companions. they’ve matured, but so have you, and all you can think about is the fact that there will be fighting, and not just the kind that you and the other students have engaged in throughout this whole year. 

there’s a battle, and then, with the dead strewn around you, Voldemort calls for Potter, and the other houses react loudly and visibly, and Hufflepuff stays, quietly and calmly, and you know in your bones that this, this is what you were meant to do, to keep these not-children, not-adults alive so that they could fight, and you feel, deep inside of you in a place that’s been closed off since first year, a warmth. 

you close your eyes and then you’re awake and standing in a courtyard watching Neville- Neville, who was one of the few who showed you kindness, who didn’t underestimate you or brush you aside, who could’ve been yellow and black in another world- cut the head off of a snake and you hear pandemonium break out and you’re drawing your wand and-

you run, and as you shoot spells, you think of the hard work you’ve put into helping these people survive, the patience you’ve had to cultivate as you put long-term plans into play, and, most of all, the loyalty that kept you here, kept you fighting and fierce and sharp and all angles and no softness allowed in this harsh world, just like john’s smile when he told you he wanted to change the world, just like you, once upon a time. 

(you die in a flash of green light, quick and fierce and thrown from a wand that’s broken a moment later as your closest friend, a slytherin that had donned a spare pare of your robes days ago so that they could pretend to go home, but instead help more freely here, because who notices another ‘Puff? who notices one more dark head bent down to avoid conflict? 

you die as you lived, quick and bright and wanting to leave an impact on the world, and in the second before the green light hits your chest, you think to yourself, this doesn’t feel meaningless, and you die knowing that you accomplished what you wanted needed to.)

they come to your funeral, those who knew you, and they look at each other and say, you knew them too, and they look at each other and see different houses and different blood types and they all feel something, deep inside, where loyalty and hard work and patience rest in everyone, no matter how it’s been trampled and twisted, and they leave your funeral thinking of that. 

Hogwarts grows again, becomes a school that teaches normal magical subjects instead of torture and how to hide your weaknesses and how to draw attention from others and how to smuggle food and drink and books and people, just as it should be.

when they tell stories, everyone knows your story, because everyone’s parents had known you in some way, met you, been defended by you, spared torture by you, seen their sibling smuggled out of the castle by you, and they tell their children that Hufflepuff is the house of those who value loyalty and patience and hard work, and, sometimes, most times, but not all, fair play, but when you cross those who they give their loyalty to, you had best be on your guard, because no one, no one, has heard the war cry of a Hufflepuff and survived to tell the tale.

Kinky Doings

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: NSFW

Word Count: 918

Prompt Request: “8, 9 and 12 with Klaus, please.” - @diorvirgin

Saying Klaus Mikaelson has enemies would be an understatement. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of people that would do anything to see him dead. Although it was a risk being with him because his enemies would use you to get him, you didn’t care whatsoever.

You and your husband, the original hybrid, just finished watching a movie at the local movie theater in a downtown area. He had to use the restroom and since you were in a rush to get in the car, you went on ahead of him.

The sky was dark and the car was parked far enough where there were barely any people in sight. It was just you alone walking alone with the darkness. You were always so cautious with your surroundings that every time you pass by an alley, you just had to take a quick look to make sure no one was hiding around to kidnap or assault you.

Passing by the nearest alley, you took a quick glance and didn’t see or hear anything with your amazing vampire hearing. But this time, you should’ve been more cautious because a stranger grabs you instantly with the need to kill you with the stake he held in his hand. 

Since he had the attack of surprise, you struggled fighting against him. The stake pierces your chest and you yell out in pain. It gets even closer to your heart which freaked you out because you weren’t ready to die just yet. Not like this. All you kept thinking was ‘Klaus hurry up and be my night in shining armor before I die’.

And that’s exactly what Klaus accomplished because he grabs the stranger by the arm that held the stake. You bent over, holding at your thighs to pull yourself together waiting for the wound to heal and that’s when Klaus says to your attacker, “That’s no way to treat a lady.” His eyes fired yellow as the sun, veins formed under his eyes and his fangs looked ready to pierce into his skin.

Your lover violently bit into the man’s neck, while he yelled in pain. After he pulled away, he allowed him to run off knowing he’ll be dead shortly.

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m really turned on by that.” You implied, biting your bottom lip. Some may think it’s rather odd, but it turns you on so much when the Mikaelson has his hybrid face on. You even got kinky with him in the past by leaving bite marks on him during foreplay, letting his blood that filled in and around your mouth drip down to your chest.

“Oh is that right, love?” Klaus wiped his mouth with the back his hand, then smirked at you.

Seeing that there’s nobody around and it’s basically a ghost town, even though you were just a few feet away from him, you vampire sped in his arms which pushed his back to the brick wall. You wrapped your legs around his waist with your arms snaked around his neck. “Someone’s eager.” Nik said, not being surprised by this gesture at all because he’s used to you being naughty.

“Oh shut the fuck up.” Your lips met his as if it’s been weeks since you’ve last kissed. Being gentle was not your intention.

Your husband loves being in control, so he used vampire speed to shove your back on the wall roughly. It hurt from the force he used, making the bricks crack a little but you did not care.

Klaus kept you glued to the wall while he trailed kisses lower and lower, making sure to caress your breasts with his hands as he made his way down with his plump lips. You were aching for him already and hoped he would just stick his face in between your thighs, but that wasn’t the case this time. He lifted himself back up so that the two of you were eye to eye again.

Then, he signals his eyes down at his groin and you knew that meant for him to unbuckle his belt so that he can just be inside you already, which you didn’t mind.

Tonight is not going to be the night that your man makes love to you. Tonight will be the night filled with lust and rough sex. He pulled your panty to the side and didn’t give you time to adjust to his size, making your mouth form the letter ‘O’. It’s as if you gasped for air before letting out a pleasure filled moan. “Oh Klaus, what are you doing to me?

“Giving you what you bloody deserve.” He said softly, then started on pounding in and out of you. You held your hands on his broad shoulders to aid in keeping yourself balanced.

Moments later he finishes inside of you, then the two of you readjust your clothing and start walking out of the alley as if the fucking session never happened.

Walking was a bit of a struggle for you of course. “Carry me?” You asked.

“Of course, love.” Klaus picks you up bridal style, low grunting picking up your weight. “Shall we go for round 2 in our bed?”

You smirked at his question then stated, “I prefer the kitchen counter.”

“Oh you really are a naughty one.” Nik showed a devilish grin, then started motor boating your breasts, making you throw your head back and giggling. Tonight is going way better than you planned and you just couldn’t wait to get home.

anonymous asked:

Can you do how would rfa+v+saeran react to a MC that is a YouTuber, like Marzia or iisuperwomanii or iHasCupcake

I… have no Idea who are these people, I’m sorry :( So these came out a little generic, it’s hard to write for requests I’ve seen in other blogs. Anyway, hope you still like this:

RFA + V and Saeran with a youtuber MC


  • He found out when you two were on a date in public
  • Some girls kept looking at you two, and he smiled sweetly. Probably just a couple of shy fans of his.
  • But they come closer and approach… you? Telling how much they love you, how good you are and how your make up tips are helpful.
  • Then he finds out you’re a pretty popular Youtuber between teenage girls. They like your style and how you manage to sound very smart and cool.
  • He likes that in you too, so he definitely relates.
  • He starts watching your videos and yeah, it’s pretty good. You’re as natural in front of a camera as him.
  • Expect Zen dropping subtle hints on you doing a boyfriend tag. “MC, why don’t you do a boyfriend tag? I want to do a cameo on your videos.” Subtle.


  • Gameplay channel. Featuring you.
  • Did he die and went to heaven? Are you a gameplay youtuber angel?
  • When he called you, he knew your voice was kinda familiar, then he sees you in person and… can someone fall in love even more?
  • He’s a fan, he’s been following you ever since you had, like, more than 100 views and considered this a victory.
  • He’s so honored he gets to see your videos before you upload it, makes him feel so special and important.
  • He celebrates as much as you do with each one of you accomplishments, even when they’re tiny.
  • But when you got a VIP package on LOLOL, neither you or him considered this tiny.


  • She was looking for some music channels to let it play while she works
  • Then she sees you in this thumbnail, and HOLY SHIT! Look at all those views!
  • So you have a famous cover channel . And you’re hella good!
  • She’s binge watching them all the time, and she leaves comments too, it’s so cute.
  • Seriously, why do covers? Start writing songs and posting them, isn’t that how Justin Bieber got famous?
  • That’s how you found out she actually likes Justin Bieber’s songs.
  • So you do a cover of “I’ll show you” just for her. And for your 500k followers, but she knows you’re singing to her.


  • This man doesn’t understand the concept of a youtuber.
  • Or a vlog.
  • But he’s pretty curious on why these much people watch you listing the TV series and books you like.
  • Then he sees cosmetic brands send you products for you to do reviews and he realizes this is a great business opportunity.
  • So here he is sending C & R’s products merch for you. He could have just give you, but he really sent via mail.
  • And some of them had some significant increase in sales.
  • You’re coaxing him to join you on a boyfriend tag, but no, not happening. But be sure he’ll build a little studio to you in his penthouse. It’s amazing, but wouldn’t the boyfriend tag be even more amazing?


  • He didn’t need the background check this time
  • He knows your channel
  • All that he knows about makeup? He learned from you
  • So when he sees you in the CCTV, it’s hard not to squeal and fanboy
  • When you two get together, he becomes your cameraman, also helps you edit the videos .
  • Shrieks and goes crazy when you get merch from famous brands, he’ll test them on you and on himself.
  • Won’t appear on the videos due to safety issues, but most of your subscribers know your boyfriend’s laugh that shows off in the making of and blooper videos.


  • Another one who doesn’t get it.
  • Why are so many people interested in watching you play a video game? Why don’t they just play by themselves?
  • He watches your videos , you’re good, you make funny comments, your voice is sweet and you’re cute.
  • He’s almost buying the game you recommended on your last update
  • Who is he kidding? He is buying the game you recommended, he wants to play with you and hear more funny comments, now just for him.
  • The idea of you being so open in the internet and still manage to keep a few things just for him really pleases him.
  • He’ll make any hater comment disappear, you had to beg him not to dig on the hater’s life, tho.


  • He’s proud of your accomplishments
  • You’re a talented singer, you deserve these many views
  • Loves to know everything about your updates. What will be the next song, why did you choose this one, thinks like that.
  • He’s one of your biggest fans, always showing your videos to his acquaintances
  • Who knows? Maybe he knows someone who knows someone that own a record label?
  • But If you just want to keep it as a hobby, he’s fine with that too, as long as you’re happy.
  • Also has money to get you the best equipment, maybe you’re not a pro, but he’ll definitely make you feel like you are one.

anonymous asked:

Do you write Johnlock too? If yes, please can you do "you'll have to carry me" from John to Sherlock? Thanks in advance!

Okay. I wrote this with the intention of including this sentence but then it took me a few days and I completely forgot about the original prompt! I’m so sorry!! But, I still figured I’d post what I had written because I ADORE Johnlock. Anyway, so sorry about that but I really hope you enjoy!!!

Sherlock had never seen John like this. He’d gotten home from the hospital and only mumbled something about a rough day when Sherlock asked. He’d said nothing more until gotten out a scotch and glass and sat down in his chair, only then preceding to demand Sherlock to play for him.

Sherlock had barely been able to focus on the strings and bow. He tried to categorize. Task at hand: Violin: Includes: smooth the bow back and forth, focus on each note-

But each time he felt a warm feeling bubble to his frontal lobe, dispersing the orderly, familiar instructions his mind naturally gave his hands and fingers when it came to his music. He’d pretended he didn’t know what was causing it, but he was too clever to trick himself in such a feeble way. John was looking at him. That was the source of the warmth. John was looking at him, bathed in firelight, lids hooded slightly, and a soft, calm smile on his face. Sherlock had finally cut off mid song, lying that something was off and that he couldn’t play like that. That he’d have to take it to the shops tomorrow. John had just nodded and poured himself another scotch.

That was how the night had begun.

It had escalated into John laughing at almost everything he or Sherlock said. He completely ignored Sherlock’s attempts to find out what had caused this drinking spree, and, honestly, it was getting harder for Sherlock to focus on that task either. He kept finding himself wanting to smile and laugh with John. (Source of Urge: John’s smile).

The warm feeling spread down to his chest. (Cause: John has never laughed this much. Effect: Emotions of happiness and relief that John is laughing.)

Sherlock tried to lie to himself again and ignore the fact that, the real overpowering emotional effect of John’s laughter was complete and utter endearment.

He sat in his chair, feeling his posture becomes less and less stiff the more John talked and laughed at himself. When his own smile finally broke through, however, John’s laughter stopped abruptly and faded into another one of his soft smiles. Just for him, Sherlock liked to think.

Sherlock swore he could feel the warmth in his toes.

“Have you finished then?” Sherlock’s voice came out higher than he meant it. By the soft chuckle John gave, he guessed that it had shown on his face.

John laughed again, letting his head fall back onto his chair and crossing his feet. He set the still half full glass down and eyed the noticeably empty bottle, “Yeah, yeah. Suppose I have.”

“Good. Now we can stop this, and you can tell me what’s really on your-“

“You weren’t enjoying my company, Holmes?”

Sherlock suppressed a slight shiver. His last name sounded entirely different coming from John’s mouth. It wasn’t cross like people usually said it. It was almost…

Sherlock shook himself, “I always enjoy your company, John. I cannot, however, ignore the fact that you are evading an… emotion.”

John laughed or sighed—Sherlock couldn’t decide which—and spread his hands open in surrender, “Well, go on then.”

Sherlock cocked his head to the side slightly, narrowing his eyes, “Go on what?”

John closed his eyes, head resting comfortably on the back of his chair, arms dropping, “Deduce me.”

Seduce me, Sherlock’s mind played instead and he stood abruptly. Heat. He glared at the fire. Heat and alcohol that’s all this is. That’s all that’s happening to you.

He could believe this lie as well, if it weren’t for the fact that he’d had no alcohol. The heat detail only happened in extreme cases. Furthermore, if he was feeling rather hot, it wasn’t from the flames in the fireplace.

He stuttered, “Well- clearly something happened at work.”

John snapped his fingers, words slightly slurred, “Very good. Go again.”

Sherlock opened and closed his mouth a few times, before forcing his eyes away from John’s face so that his other senses could actually perform their jobs. He swiped John’s coat from where it lay on the back of the client’s chair, taking a quick sniff.

“Not female related. No traces of perfume on your coat. You wouldn’t have been this open about it if it had been, so that’s two things that rule that out.” He threw the coat back on the chair, ignoring John’s stare and bringing his fingertips to his chin, “You get a half hour for lunch, not much room for any sort of discomfort there. That leaves work related, and if not female then more specifically patient related.”

Sherlock missed the way John’s smile was faltering. He continued to take long strides back and forth in front of him.

“You were working with young children today, or more specifically one young child.” He did note John’s raised eyebrow, “The Barbie sticker still on your sweater. You took one when the child did signifying you were trying to comfort her. She was scared, meaning it wasn’t a routine check-up, it was something more serious. Something you clearly had been thinking about all day given the fact that the image on the sticker is faded slightly— you’ve been touching it, thinking about the child—and that it is still on your sweater. That means something went wrong, something is wrong, and you’re worried, you wish you could-“

Sherlock froze, realizing what he had just done. John was leaning forward in his chair, head in his hands. Sherlock shuffled on his feet, startled by the sudden change in behavior and guilt rushing through him.

“I-“ He took a step forward, “John..”

“It’s fine.” John’s voice was slightly muffled.

Sherlock struggled with himself a moment more, before resigning into his gut instinct, not matter how odd it felt. He sank slowly to his knees by John’s chair, hands fidgeting in his lap. He wanted so badly to reach out and lift John’s head from his hands. He just wasn’t sure he could do it right.

“I apologize. John, I get… caught up.”

“I know, Sherlock. I know.” He let out another long sigh (Sherlock wished he was still laughing) and sat up, leaning back and looking at Sherlock, “I egged you on. ’s my fault.

“No,” Sherlock couldn’t have that, “No, John, it isn’t. I-“ He scrambled for the right words, an action foreign in itself, “I- John. I have two sides to my brain. One is logical, the other… emotional.”

John furrowed his eyebrows at him, his eyes curious rather than confused.

Sherlock’s hand reached out without his knowledge and he just barely managed to divert its path from John’s knee to the arm rest. His heart beat hard, “I’m all logic. I- You have to understand, I haven’t developed the other half like I have this one. I never thought I would have to, never thought I would, not until-“

They both sucked in a breath. Once again, carried away Sherlock thought.

Not until you he had been about to say.

Sherlock bit his tongue, “I- I… I’m sorry. Sorry, I didn’t mean-“

“Yes you did.” John said quietly.

Sherlock shook his head, caught off guard, “What?”

John suddenly let out a little laugh, his hand coming up to cover Sherlock’s on the armrest, “Sherlock, I know you. You always say what you mean. You were just doing it. Yes, I had a patient. She’s a little girl and she’s sick. That’s what happened. You figured it out and so you said it. So sure of yourself, and then… this. Me…” John’s thumb stroked over his knuckles softly, gently there but not trying to overpower Sherlock or distract, “All of that goes away, doesn’t it?”

Sherlock held his breath, eyes locked on their hands. His breathing was uneven, adrenaline and blood mixing in his veins. He swallowed hard, nodded, “Yes..”

John’s thumb stilled for a moment, then resumed, “Let it, okay? There’s…” John scooted forward in his seat and Sherlock swore the warmth radiating from him was hotter than any fire, “There’s no deducing or analyzing in this, it’s just… this.” He nodded at himself and Sherlock, “Okay?”

Sherlock blinked at John, trying to follow his instructions, trying to stop his brain. But it wouldn’t. It categorized, logging every little thing he wanted—needed—to remember from this moment.

Tan skin—fire light, John. Lips, parted, cheeks colored—result of elevated pulse—reason to be determined. Hair mussed, eyes soft, pupils blown—alcohol? Pupils could also result from attraction. Attraction to whom? Surely not-

“Sherlock, hey, come on back, yeah?” And suddenly John’s hands were on his cheeks, thumbs running along the cheekbones he seemed to pay so much attention to. Sherlock blinked wildly, lips parting, world coming back in focus. His world, at the moment, was full of JohnJohnJohn. John smiled at him, palms warm, “There we go. Come back to me… Finished thinking yet?”

Sherlock was barely aware of his mouth moving, his own voice sounded too loud given how close they were, despite the fact that both of their voices had lowered to just above a whisper, “It’s physically impossible to finish thinking. To accomplish that one would either have to die or become increasingly accomplished at meditat-“

Sherlock. Look at me.”

Sherlock didn’t think he would ever be able to do anything but look at John again.

John’s thumbs halted on his skin, his eyes were honest and soft and Sherlock doesn’t remember anyone looking at him like that before.

“Sherlock what do you want? No factors, no reasons or logic. What do you want? Just say it. Just say whatever you’d like. Doesn’t have to make sense.”

Sherlock let out a breath. Just say it. His brain instantly went full-power despite himself, weighing the reactions John might have to what his entire body was burning for him to say. Instead of words, he found himself leaning forward ever so slightly. It felt more like he was being pulled forward, his entire being being attracted to John. Just say it.


He focused on John’s hands against his skin. He focused on his eyes, his mouth. Nothing about them, just the fact that John was right there in front of him, lovely and patient. Still, the words were stuck in his throat. He couldn’t mess this up. When words failed, Sherlock found, actions didn’t.

He leaned forward and he kissed John Watson.

And his mind went blissfully, simply, blank. Only the moment remained.

John’s lips were warm and soft, slightly tangy from the scotch. He pressed back against Sherlock’s with equal force and, for the moment, Sherlock’s brain didn’t seem to need any of the stimulants it usually went to. He wasn’t doing a million things, thinking a million things at once. All that seemed to be noise now, white noise that silenced itself so quickly at John’s touch it was almost eerie. But it was lovely. It was freeing.

“You.” Sherlock said when they broke apart, foreheads together and breathing deeply, “I want you.”

John smiled, and Sherlock kissed him again before his mind could come back online.

The Party Girl (Part Two): Good to Know

Jeff Atkins x Reader

A/N: There are going to have to be time jumps cause there’s no way in hell I’m writing a year with of interactions day by day. I also what to make it a point to say that Bryce is going to seem like a half decent person for a little while before I reveal him for the human trashcan he is. I don’t want anyone thinking I like that scumbag even a little. Also, that is an actual conversation I’ve had with my sister.

Part One


The first day of school came way too quickly for your liking. It isn’t that you hate school. Getting to see your friends every day and putting in the work for decent grades has never really bothered you. It’s the getting up at the ass-crack of dawn that kills you. You’ve already hit the snooze button on your phone four times and you know if you don’t get up now it’ll be a race to get ready.

Pushing your blankets off your body, you sit up and look around your room tiredly. It takes another five minutes before you finally force yourself out of bed. Silently thanking yourself for showering the night before as you pull a simple outfit on before attempting to do something with your hair. You settle on an easy half ponytail, so you have enough time to focus on your makeup. About a half an hour later you were finally put together enough to head downstairs for breakfast. Once downstairs you found your family in the kitchen already eating. Your mother is cutting up a waffle on your little sister’s plate while the four-year-old is giggling at the faces you father makes at her from behind your mother’s back.

“Hit that snooze button enough today or what?” You father asks when he notices you.

“You have ears like a hawk.” You say as you slide yourself into a seat.

“I made you waffles. I wasn’t going to because I do believe they’re too calorie packed to be a breakfast food but who am I to break tradition. Plus, it’s green beans first day too!” Your mom smiles as she hands your sister her fork. The child turns to you with a wide smile on her face.

“I go to school today!” She bounces in her chair slightly.

“I know,” You smile back, “you’re like a legit adult now. It’s crazy.”  

“No! I’m still little.” She laughs at you.

“Yeah but you’re in school now.” You say before taking a bite of your waffle. “Pretty soon you’re gonna need to get a job and stuff.”

“I’m just a kid!” She nearly yells. Her face is slightly red, and you can tell that she thinks you’re completely serious.

“Alright,” Your dad laughs, “let’s not push the kid into a nervous breakdown on her first day of pre-school.”  

You laugh slightly and focus on your food again. It’s quiet for a few minutes while the four of you focus on eating your breakfast. That is until your mother attempts to make conversation.

“So,” she smiles in a way that tells you that you won’t like what she has to say, “I talked to Claire yesterday.”

There it is. Claire Down is your neighbor and Tyler Down’s mother. Claire and your mother met when your parents moved into the house next door and have been best friends ever since. Naturally, you and Tyler grew up together as close friends, but eventually, that changed. The two of you drifted apart. It’s what happens as people grow up. Unfortunately, you mother, and Claire, just could not seem to let the friendship die.

“She said that Tyler got the go ahead to do photography for the yearbook.” She’s smiling widely, almost as though it were her own son that accomplished something great.

“Cool.” You mumble back, not sure what to say. You finish the last bit of your breakfast and get up to put your plate in the sink.

“You know honey I was thinking th-“ your mother continues, but you tune her out slightly as you hear your phone vibrate on the table. Picking it up, you skim the message before grabbing your bag from the floor.

“Sorry mom,” you smile at her slightly, “I gotta go. My ride is here.”

“Your ride?” she looks confused. “Since when you do get a ride?”

“Since now I guess.” You laugh and give you sister a light kiss on her head. “Have a good day green bean. I’ll see you guys at dinner ok? Love you!” You yell over your shoulder as you make your way out of the house.

Outside the blue Jeep is parked in front of your house. You notice Justin in the passenger seat, so you find yourself climbing into the back.

“Mr. Foley, always a pleasure.” You pat the side of his face.

“I bet.” He winks back at you, and you can only roll your eyes in response.

It is not that you don’t like Justin. You just did not have the same relationship with him that you did with the other guys. Most of the time his attention was focused on Kat and yours on…well anything else. Of course, you like him because he made your best friend happy, but you didn’t exactly know him. Not well enough for you to make a clear decision on your feelings about him anyway.

“So Montgomery,” You smirk at him, “still tending to those wounds from the beating me and Sheri gave you?”

“Oh fuck off,” he scoffs, “This is why losing to you is bullshit. You never let it go. Next time I’ll be the one beating your ass.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep Cruz.” You laugh.

The rest of the ride was spent talking about the usual bullshit. Despite what typical gender roles would claim, the guys were the biggest gossips you’d ever met. 90% of the time any drama you heard came out of the mouth of one of them. It’s amazing and one of the many things you love about them. By the time you made it to school, there was barely any time to speak to anyone else. Instead, you had to head right to your locker before making your way to first period.

Your first class of the day was hell on earth. Math was never your subject so having to sit through it at such an early time was a special form of torture for you. Second-period U.S History wasn’t the worst in the world. The third period was nothing to celebrate, but you did have Zach with you, so it wasn’t a complete loss. The both of you could only hope that third period, communications, would not be such a snooze fest. Zach and yourself walked into the room to find Justin sitting at a desk in the far corner. The both of you moved quickly to take two of the three remaining seats in the cube. As the rest of the students began to trickle in you decided that the class wouldn’t be half bad. As you watched the other students selecting their seats, you noticed Hannah make her way into the room.

“Hannah!” You wave your hand and motion towards the last empty seat in the near you. She looks slightly relieved and excited as she makes her way towards the back of the class. Before she can sit down another body slides itself into the empty seat.

“Seriously Pratters? Fuck off.” You grumble and kick the bottom of the desk.

“Jesus Y/N. Happy to see me.” He attempts to smirk.

“You fucking wish,” You snap and turn your head back towards Hannah. “Sorry Hannah, apparently, some people can’t tell when they’re not wanted.”

“Oh, you wound me.” He pretends to grab his chest in pain.

“Don’t worry about it,” Hannah mumbles looking slightly disappointed.

“You can sit with me, Hannah.” Sheri smiles as she makes her way to the next closest set of desks close to you. “Any friend of Y/N’s is a friend of mine.”

Hannah looks at you for a moment longer before settling for the seat beside Sheri. The rest of the class goes on as you expect it to. Mrs. Bradley attempts to get through introductions and explaining what to expect from the class. Kids continue to interrupt her and have conversations amongst themselves. The typical high school classroom in every way. You could have cheered when the sound of the bell signaled not only that the class was over, but that it was time for the most sacred period, lunch.

Gathering your things, you looked up to see that Hannah had already left the room. Shrugging, you make your way to the cafeteria with the rest of your friends. After grabbing something quick to eat and head towards your usual spot with your friends. When you sit you find that they have already begun gossiping about someone having been hooking up with someone. Supposedly the girl is a cheerleader, and the boys are pressing Sheri for any information she might have.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” She insists, “What I do know, is that there is a spot open on the team this year and it would be amazing if someone acted quickly and took it.”

“Sheri,” you sigh, “it’s not happening. I already had to give up volleyball to focus on school. It’d make no sense to add that to my plate.”

“Please, just say you’ll think about it,” Sheri begs.

“Ok yeah sure. I’ll think about it.” You agree.

“Yay,” she wraps her arms around you, “you’re going to look so cute in a uniform!”

“Fucking right she is,” Bryce interjects.

“In your dreams Bryce.” You scoff.

“Every fucking night.” He winks back.

You spend the rest of lunch entertaining Sheri’s idea of you possibly taking a spot on the team. She seemed so excited you didn’t have the heart to tell her that it wouldn’t happen. After lunch, you separated from them to head to your classes. Thankfully, one of those classes was a study, so you were able to relax a little. On the other hand, one of those classes was Spanish. Spanish was another class that was not your best subject. Despite how well you did in other subjects, learning languages has always been your downfall. By the time the class was over, you could feel a headache forming. The only thing keeping you going is the knowledge that the next class was the last one before you could finally go home. You made your way into the classroom and slid yourself into a desk in the back. Laying your head on the desk, you took a moment to savor the slight quiet.

“Don’t tell me your sick again?” You jump slightly and left your head to find Jeff sitting at the desk on the side of you.

“What?” You mumble out.

“The last time I saw you, you were sick. You’re not again are you?” Your face flushed slightly at the memory of him witnessing you throwing up.

“Oh yeah, no I’m not sick. Just exhausted.” You smile slightly.

“I feel that. There are few things as tiring as the first day.” He nods.

“Yeah,” you could feel yourself relaxing slightly, “and it doesn’t help that I’m not a morning person.”

“No?” It feels like he’s looking at you a little too closely now.

“No,” you laugh a little, “I’d stay in bed all day if I could.”

“Good to know.” He smiles.

You open your mouth to reply, but the teacher calls the attention of the class. Unlike your communications class, this class is serious, and there is little time to speak to anyone. As much as you pay attention, you can’t help but repeat his words in your head. Was it meant to be as sexual as it sounded or were you just depraved? You continued to think over the statement until the bell rang. Almost immediately Jeff turns towards you.

“What are you doing in this class anyway?” He asks as you make your way out of the room. “It’s a junior English class. Last I checked you were a sophomore.”

“I uh,” you began, “I tested out of English freshmen year, so I’m a year ahead, in this class anyway.”

“You really are a little genius aren’t you?”

“What?” You laugh.

“I always heard you were smart, but I didn’t know you were testing out of classes smart.” He shrugs.

“It’s just this class. Reading and shit is something that comes easily to me.” You explain.

“Well, now I know who to call when I need help.”

“Too bad you don’t actually have my number.” You shock yourself by saying. There’s a small pause, and for a moment you wish that you could crawl into a hole. You completely avoid eye contact and scold yourself in your head.

“Not yet.” He replies. You look up from the floor to see a small smirk on his face.

“Y/N!” You jump at the sound of Zach’s voice coming from behind you. Both of you look to find the boy making his way through the hallway towards you.

“Looks like you’re needed.” Jeff mumbles.

You look back towards him and nod slightly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then.” He winks and begins walking away.

You’re unable to say anything in response as you watch his form disappear down the hallway.

“Hey,” Zach says and wraps an arm around your shoulder.

“What can I do for you, Zach?” You ask.

“Well, Monty has to go see the guidance counselor for something about his schedule or some shit. So I have to give you a ride home.” He explains.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to.” You say.

“What kind of friend would I be if I left you to walk home?” He jokes.

“A bad one.” You laugh.

“Exactly so let’s go.” He squeezes your shoulder slightly, and you both begin to walk out of the school.

The ride home is quick and relaxing. You make it home before either of your parents. Grabbing a snack from the kitchen and head to your bedroom. You decide to take a quick shower and are getting dressed when your phone begins to ring. Wide smile forms on your face as you accept the FaceTime call.

“Kit Kat!” You all but yell.

“Y/N!” She yells back. “I was waiting for my updates you know.”

“I know I’m sorry, but I needed to take a shower.”

“Oh please, like it’s anything I’ve never seen before.” She rolls her eyes.

“Yes, but I would rather not take my phone in the shower with me. It’s already enough work.” You laugh.

“Excuses. So tell me all the details. How’d it go? Did you see Hannah?” She asks.

“It was fine.” You shrug. You take a moment to prop your phone on your desk so you could continue to get dressed. “I have a class with Hannah. I was going to ask her to sit with us at lunch, but she left pretty quick.”

“She’s a slippery one. You’re going to keep an eye on her right?” She asks.

“Yes Kat, I already said I would.” You reply.

“I’m just making sure. She can be kind of shy sometimes, and you can be a bit of a bitch sometimes.” She shrugs.

“Oh fuck you,” you laugh as you pick the phone back up. “I am not a bitch.”

“Sure hon,” she smiles, “So what else happened? Did you get to see Prince Charming at all?”

You try to keep your face as neutral as possible but fail miserably.

“I’ll take that as a yes” she laughs.

“He’s in my English class.” You explain.

“Ok,” she probes, “and did you two speak?”

“Yeah, he asked if I was feeling better and how I ended up in a junior class.” You pretend to pick at something on your bed and avoid making eye contact with her through the screen.

“Annnd? There’s obviously something else. You won’t even look at me.”

“Ok, he said something, and it’s probably just the hoe in me that is taking it the wrong way.” You say quickly.

“What did he say?” she asks.

“He said it was ‘good to know’ that I like to stay in bed all day. It’s probably nothing.” You shrug.

“BITCH!” she yells back. “It was not nothing! He wants you in his bed all day! How could yo-“

“Oh my god no Kat. He doesn’t!” You laugh.

“Yes, he does! Oh my god, if you fuck Jeff Atkins you better call me after. I need, no I deserve details!” She demands.

“Kat fucking stop I’m not going to fuck Jeff Atkins. Jesus.” You laugh and cover your face with your hand. You hear the door close downstairs and the familiar sound of your little sister’s laugh.

“Oh yes, you are.” She beams, “and it’s probably going to be the best di-“

“OK sorry Kit Kat,” You interrupt her rant, “My mom’s here so I gotta go! I’ll text you I promise.”

“Don’t you dare han-“

You end the call before she is able to finish her demand. You lay in your bed for a few more minutes before deciding to actually go downstairs. As you make your way to the door, your phone vibrates, and you look down to see a text from Kat.

Kit Kat 🍫: Details bitch. I mean it.

You only shake your head slightly before going downstairs to see how the first day of pre-school was as eventful for your sister.  

Part Three 

Ghost! au | Park Woojin (2)

part 2 is finally here~
part 1

(this is so short btw i am having major writers block)

  • its been a couple of days since your buddy woojin decided to pop in and say, “hey youre not going to accomplish your dream bc youre gonna die soon lmao have fun w that”
  • it wasnt an unpleasant couple of days
  • just a bit worrisome
  • every second you were thinking, “is this the thing that made me die?”
  • it sucked actually
  • you were constantly sweating and anxious of everything around you
  • “what does dying feel like?” you ask the ghost that was laying casually beside you on your bed
  • he was eating all of your gummy snacks while laughing at the television before he looks over at you
  • woojin shrugs, “you know when youre about to go to sleep and then you jolt awake, it’s like that”
  • okay?????
  • that didnt sound too bad
  • thanks ghost buddy
  • you got closer and closer to woojin as the days went on because you know
  • he was basically the angel that god sent down for you
  • the two of you would go to the movies, showing him all of the major movies of the time
  • he was in awe at the production value and costs
  • he died in ‘81 so he was easily amused
  • it was quite comical actually
  • he would walk around with and oversized Hawaiian shirt and skinny jeans with ripped holes in them with some white retro looking nikes
  • everyday you found urself falling more and more for him
  • it was absurd
  • he was a ghost
  • but the more you thought about it
  • it wasnt completely absurd
  • you were going to be a ghost soon too
  • your heart would pound viciously when you saw him fixing his hair in the bathroom
  • you would blush like a mad man when he looked at you and smiled
  • it sucked
  • bc who knows? maybe when you died god wouldnt let you and woojin interact anymore
  • you just hope thats not the case

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Questions for Our Pro-Abortion Friends.

What shall we call the unborn in the womb?

If the entity is a living thing, is it not a life? If your person began as a single cell, how can that fertilized egg be something other than a human being? Isn’t it more accurate to say you were an embryo than that you simply came from one?

So when does a human being have a right to life?

Shall we say size matters? Is the unborn child too small to deserve our protection? Are big people more valuable than little people? Are men more human than woman? Do offensive linemen have more rights than jockeys? Is the life in the womb of no account because you can’t hold him in our arms, or put him in your hands, or only see her on a screen?

Shall we make intellectual development and mental capacity the measure of our worth? Are three year-old children less valuable than thirteen year-olds? Is the unborn child less than fully human because he cannot speak or count or be self-aware? Does the cooing infant in the crib have to smile or shake your hand or recite the alphabet before she deserves another day? If an expression of basic mental acuity is necessary to be a full-fledged member of the human community, what shall we do with the comatose, the very old, or the fifty year-old mom with Alzheimer’s? And what about all of us who sleep?

Shall we deny the unborn child’s right to life because of where he lives? Can environment give us value or take it away? Are we worth less inside than outside? Can we be justly killed when we swim under water? Does where we are determine who we are? Does the eight inch journey down the birth canal make us human? Does this change of scenery turn “it’s” into persons? Is love a condition of location?

Shall we reserve human dignity only for those humans who are not dependent on others? Do we deserve to live only when we can live on our own? Is the four-month old fetus less than human because she needs her mom for life? Is the four-month old infant less than human when she still needs her mom for life? What if you depend on dialysis or insulin or a breathing apparatus? Is value a product of fully-functioning vitality? Is independence a prerequisite for human identity? Are we worth only what we can think, accomplish, and do on our own?

If the unborn life is human life, what can justify snuffing it out? Would it be right to take the life of your child on his first birthday because he came to you through sad and tragic circumstances? Would you push an 18 month old into traffic because she makes our life difficult? Does a three year-old deserve to die because we think we deserve a choice?

What do you deserve now? What are your rights as a human person? Did you have those same rights five years ago? What about before you could drive? Or when you used training wheels? Were you less than fully human when you played in the sandbox? When you wore a bib? When you nursed at your mother’s breast? When your dad cut your cord? When you tumbled in that watery mess and kicked against that funny wall? When your heart pounded on the monitor for the first time? When you grew your first fingernails? When you grew your first cells?

What shall we call the child in the womb? A fetus? A mystery? A mistake? A wedge issue? What if science and Scripture and common sense would have us call it a person? What if the unborn child, the messy infant, the wobbly toddler, the rambunctious teenager, the college freshman, the blushing bride, the first-time mother, the working woman, the proud grammy, and the demented old friend differ not in kind but only in degree? Where in the progression does our humanity begin and end? Where does life become valuable? When are we worth something? When do human rights become our rights? What if Dr. Seuss was right and a person’s a person no matter how small?

Why celebrate the right to kill what you once were? Why deny the rights of the little one who is what you are?

- Kevin DeYoung

The question is, what all do you want to accomplish in your life? I’m not asking about where you want to go to college or about your career. I’m asking if you want to read as many books as you can in your life. Or do you want to see as many places as you can before you die. I want to know how many foods you want to try and if you ever worry about all of the movies you’ll never get the chance to see.

anonymous asked:

I have one player in my group who consistently rolls very high. At first I thought it was their dice but even with various die rollers online they typically get the same results. I don't want to punish them for having good luck, but at the same time when its so consistent it kind of starts to feel game-warping. Its hard to create a decent challenge and keep everyone involved with one player who succeeds on pretty much everything. Any advice on what to do?

That is a tough question. You could always have them become cursed or maybe they pick up an item that gets stuck to them. This is a good opportunity to add more to the adventure as well. You would have to determine exactly what type of handicap they would get from this.

1. you could make it so they have to roll twice and keep the lower number. I wouldn’t make this happen every time they roll though. you could roll a die when they roll and that could determine whether they could keep their first roll or not. 

2. You could also just make it so every 3 or so times they roll, they have to roll again 

3. you could make an item or curse that only activates during certain activities like skill checks so it makes it a little harder to accomplish those tasks. 

4. talk to your player for suggestions on how this can be solved.

Make sure to talk to your player before you decide to implement one of these. It’s not their fault they are rolling well but it also takes away a lot of the fun from playing too. Some of the most interesting things that happen in D&D comes from players missing attacks and skill checks. 

anonymous asked:

HEEEY! HEEY! HEY! Give me attention! 😣 Could you please do Modern AU+Mafia AU! Madara, Itachi, Sasuke, and Fugaku headcanons to their Wife/Husband getting kidnapped for ransom(that's the word for money if I'm correct)? Please and thank you! - Punpkin

Joy: this mafia au is literally one of the best things ever I love it to death


  • In a mafia AU I feel like Madara would probably be the big boss. The head honcho. Don Madara Uchiha (that has a nice ring to it). And he’ll be FURIOUS that someone’s trying to use you against him. Like how dare you? It’s pretty impressive that they got to you in the first place, considering Madara’s devoted a ton of guards and security to protecting you. But fun time’s over, time to get serious. And Madara very serious about your kidnappers.
  • When he first hears about the ransom he’s gonna be pretty angry. Might hit his desk or throw something, but he calms down pretty quick. He has to, otherwise he might put you in danger. So he takes a few deep breaths and starts rattling off orders. He sends several people to investigate how and why you were kidnapped (he needs to rule out a possible mole in his ranks), and he’ll have another squad of people trying to find you without making it obvious. Lastly, Madara himself will handle negotiations with your  kidnappers and buy time for his subordinates to investigate. He haggles with them, delaying and arguing as much as he can. He demands evidence that you’re there and that you’re safe before even thinking of paying the ransom.
  • Of course, Madara’s endgame is to have his own people sniff out the kidnappers and carry out a rescue mission. He sure as hell is not going to reward the kidnappers with either his money or his compliance, and he sure as hell isn’t going to let them keep you. As soon as his lieutenants have located where they’re keeping you, Madara’s kicking the door down, guns blazing. If he has to he’ll gun down the kidnappers where they stand, but he’d like to take them in for some…extra interrogation.
  • If he captures the kidnappers, then he definitely keeps them locked up for a while, extracting every last bit of information from them. Their contacts, their methods, everything. And once he’s done with them, Madara might inflict some additional punishment. No one gets away with taking you.
  • Speaking of which, Madara gets extra protective once you’re back. He leads a dangerous life, and the last thing he wants is for you, his lovely spouse, to get caught up in everything. So he doubles–no, triples your bodyguards and stations more of his subordinates in and around the Uchiha mansion. He makes you get apps on your phone that can alert him in case something happens, and he gives you jewelry and clothes that have buttons linked to alarms in his office. He might get borderline yandere a bit; if he had his way, you’d even have a chip in case you’re kidnapped again. All for you, darling~ Just in case.


  • Itachi would be a lot less hellbent on revenge than Madara, I think. His number one priority is to get you back safely, and if that means paying the ransom then he’ll do it.
  • He betrays no visible distress when he’s told that you’ve been kidnapped, but someone who knows him well can notice the way he taps his fingers against the nearest surface, how he chews on his bottom lip, and furrows his brow, deep in thought. Itachi takes a few minutes to think and then directs his subordinates to thoroughly investigate your abduction. One of his lieutenants communicates with your kidnappers, listening to their demands and talking them into lower and lower prices for your release. Itachi listens on the side, drumming his fingers against a mug. If the investigation comes up empty then he’ll still have a way to get you back.
  • As soon as the investigators return, Itachi’s going to take action. Normally he’d wait for more information to filter in or at least confirm every relevant detail, but he absolutely cannot wait when it comes to you. If he can, he’ll send a rescue squad, but if your kidnappers can’t be taken down with brute force or you’re in serious danger, he won’t hesitate to pay and keep you safe.
  • He’s so relieved when he finally lays eyes on you again, and he’s quite clingy for a while after too. He always has a hand holding on to you, and if you two have to be apart he’s going to call you every twenty minutes to make sure you’re alright. God forbid you leave your phone in a different room, lest he freak out and send at least eight panicked aides rushing to your rooms.
  • When Itachi eventually gets his hands on your kidnappers (he doesn’t rest until he’s got them) it seems like a demon’s fury awakens in him. He refuses to tell you what happened in that room for a long, long time, but you remember finding a stained suit in the garbage a few days afterwards.


  • Sasuke is not going to take the news well, tbh. He shouts at his subordinates to get out of his office and holds his head in his hands, remembering all the people he’s lost in his life so far. He doesn’t want to lose you too. He can’t. He won’t. *dramatic music*
  • Sasuke calls his second-in-command and rattles off his order: locate you at any cost. He has no intention of losing you, and he can deal with how you were abducted once you’re safe. Right now, finding you is all that matters.
  • Despite his family’s protests, Sasuke will join his subordinates on the street. You’re his shining light in a life full of darkness—why should his safety matter more than yours?
  • When a member of his family inevitably confines Sasuke to his room, he paces, unable to keep still. He reads and rereads the report of your kidnapping, trying to squeeze new information from words he’s already read a thousand times. He calls everyone he can, demanding progress reports one after the other. One of his most trusted lieutenants handles negotiations with your kidnappers, but they have to bar the door so Sasuke won’t get in. No one wants to be in the same room as him in case things go badly.
  • Sasuke’s subordinates probably track you down and bring you back, capturing your kidnappers in the process. By now, Sasuke has probably ordered someone to just pay the ransom and get you back—he needs to have you with him. His stoic face evaporates when you rush into his room, and he leaps up, throwing his arms around you. He’s never this affectionate unless he has some other purpose, but this time he’s not trying to accomplish a goal. He was genuinely afraid for your safety. But now he finally has you back! Finally back. Finally.
  • Sasuke’s vengeance is terrifying to think of. His fury seems to seep from his very being, and your kidnappers die slow, painful deaths. Sasuke shows no mercy to anyone who stands in his way, and especially not to anyone who threatens you, consequences be damned.


  • Fugaku’s probably the most likely out of the four to pay your ransom if it guarantees your safe release. He’d weigh all his options carefully, taking every possibility into consideration before making a decision. He cares about you and wants to keep you safe, but he also needs to think about the mafia’s future
  • He demands a report’s worth of organized information about your kidnapping as soon as he hears about it. The best way to get you back safely is to be prepared, and to be prepared means knowing exactly what happened and what to prepare for. He immediately eliminates any loose ends that can be used against him, cutting them off with ruthless efficiency. Then he sets about bringing you back.
  • Fugaku has his subordinates search every nook, cranny, contact, and corner for information about your whereabouts. He pulls out all the mafia’s contacts and informants and sets all his information handlers to high alert. He also assigns a team to find out everything they can about your kidnappers, sifting for any information he can use against them. If they just want money, then he can simply pay them off and get you back without risking violence and his subordinates’ lives. If your abductors want more than money, well, they’ll get it.
  • To him, this is like a game of chess. A very stressful, very dangerous game of chess with you as the endgame, but once he has all his pieces in place Fugaku swoops in with calculated precision and rescues you. One squad surrounds the perimeter while another captures your kidnappers, and you’re escorted back to the Uchiha mansion in a limousine with twenty armed guards.
  • Fugaku dismisses his aides and assistants when you’re brought to his office, and he pulls you close. Even if he hides his emotions, he still cares about you dearly, and he is so relieved that you’re safe. He heaps extra protection on you and teaches you how to defend yourself, devoting hours of time to train you in various martial arts and weapons. After all, prevention is the best preparation.
  • Unlike the others, Fugaku won’t torture your kidnappers. He makes sure they’re dealt with as quickly as possible so he can go back to the dojo and teach you. After all, why waste his time with this trash when you’re waiting? He has better things to do with you.

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Psstt this idea just come into me. How about instead of a group of charity, RFA is a pack of werewolves?? Can u please make it a fic?? *slips hourglasses

*looks around before taking the offered hourglasses*

I know how there are so many old requests on our inbox (I’m looking at which ones I have the inspiration for and can finish right away apart from the ones I’m currently working on), but this was just too hard to resist! This will be broken down in several parts, so please stay tuned!

Wolf pack AU

[Chapter II]

Chapter I : The attack

A couple of your friends had warned you beforehand that he was a notorious playboy, and not to get involved with him. But no, you were convinced that Finley — your recent ex — would change for you, so you went ahead and started dating him. Your first date was going smoothly, until a woman who looked to be in her late twenties walked up to your table and slapped him. Said female claimed to be pregnant with his child, and was making a scene in the middle of the restaurant. “I can explain,“ he started, but you simply stood up, kicked him in the nads, and walked away.

If you had only listened to your friends’ warnings, you wouldn’t be walking alone home, broken hearted and cold, in the middle of the night. You could have taken a taxi, but you were stubborn and figured that the early spring air would cool you off and let you think. However, it completely escaped your mind that you were wearing a thin dress, and your cardigan wasn’t thick enough to keep you warm. To top it all off, you forgot that the forecast warned about unexpected rain showers in the evening, and it started to rain fifteen minutes after you left. You hastily ran to the nearest dry place you could get to, and ended up in one of the empty cottages at a nearby park.

Well, you thought it was empty, until you heard faint crying from somewhere behind you. You turned to see who it was, but it was quite dark, and all you could see was a hooded, hunched over figure. Normally, people would think it suspicious and quietly leave, but you were always different, and so you gave in to your curiosity and approached them.

“Are you okay?“

The figure turned, revealing a handsome guy with white hair dyed pink at the tips and pretty mint green eyes, despite it being a little red and puffy from crying. “H-help me,“ he states in between sniffles.

You had the sneaking suspicion that this might be a tactic to rob you or whatever, but you just had to ask, “H-how should I help you?“

However, nothing prepared you when his eyes turned blood red and his canines turned to fangs.

“I need your blood,“ he says, and attacks. You managed to avoid him, but you suddenly couldn’t find your way to the exit. He lunged again and you tried to avoid him, but he pulled your hair and jerked you close to him. You struggled to get free, but his tight grip on your waist kept you from escaping. His eyes revert back for a second and he blurts out “I’m sorry,“ before he exposes your neck and bites you in the jugular.

The stab of pain kept you still for a while, and your vision dimmed due to the rapid blood loss, but you were determined to survive. There were a lot of things you wanted to accomplish before you turned thirty, and imagining your parents’ reaction to your sudden death kept you from fainting. So you gathered what little strength you had, and kneed him enough for him to push you away and crumple into a heap on the floor.

You then used whatever was left of your energy, and ran as far as your feet could take you. The puncture marks were pretty big and blood was still flowing out of it. The adrenaline rush from earlier had started to die down, and your legs were becoming uncooperative. Your head was becoming heavy, and you slipped and fell down on a puddle.

I don’t want to die like this. Move MC, move, dammit!!!

The rain was pouring heavily now, and you were lying in a mix of muddy rainwater and your own blood, desperately trying to get up despite your limbs getting cold and unresponsive. You turn your head in time to see a stranger approaching you. Not caring whether the stranger was friend or foe, you reiterate the same words that put you in your current situation.

“Help… me“

A single tear drop rolls down your cheek as you closed your eyes and the world faded into darkness.

i know that death stares at you from around the corner, he has been waiting for you. your letters will never make it home, you misplaced your heart along the side of the same street you used to play on. somewhere along your smile, you forgot how to live. and that’s perfectly normal, a snake has to shed its skin, a bird will lose its feathers, the sky will have a new painting by tomorrow, a car will be replaced some day, the technology we use today will be old news by next month, the people we love won’t always be present, but they’ll always belong in our hearts, that’s the thing about people. we shed our negative emotions to avoid flooded streets inside of empty hearts, we lose our feathers and claim that we can no longer fly, it’s still fun to try, we can look at the ground as we pass on by, or we can look at the many faces who really don’t care if we’re having a bad day or a really good one, that’s where real friends come in. you’re a good friend of mine and death is on your mind, when was the last time you felt alright? i’m just as hard on myself as you are, so i get it. life isn’t perfect and nothing ever goes as planned, but isn’t that the best thing about it? i think life would be kind of dull without its misfortunes to be honest. i wouldn’t have met all of these great people if it wasn’t for a bad break up, we change and change and change and change. we lose and lose and lose. we fall and fall and fall. but you know what? if you fall nine hundred and ninety nine times, get back up a thousand times more. it’s okay to be in pain. it’s okay to be hurting. it’s okay to look at your life and think i haven’t accomplished much. why waste a life and rinse yourself in the silence? quiet days are okay, but it’s the loud days that really test us. tell your thoughts that you want to be better for yourself. who’s going to love you more than yourself? no one. we came into this world alone and we’ll die alone, you know that quote just isn’t true. we came from two people and two people before that and two people before that and two people before that. it’s just a ruthless cycle of you’re here, it’s your turn to figure it out. the world isn’t as simple anymore, it’s very complex. and with complexity comes cluttered minds and crowd hearts. although you’re not at peace with yourself now, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never be. i’m not the wisest or the sharpest or the smartest, but you still insist that i choose life. and that’s the hardest choice we’ll ever have to make. deciding to stop everything and just let go or to give tomorrow another chance. if words can change us in subtle ways, then action speaks for itself. maybe this little written text post won’t change a thing, maybe it’s everything. you didn’t go through with it yet, and you’re alive. that just makes me smile, that makes me want to choose life. don’t you?


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Donald Pierce x Reader


Request: Yes

Summary: You and Donald are both keeping a secret from each other

The gentle touch on your bare skin woke you up. Lazily, you opened your eyes meeting with a bright light that was coming from your window. Turning around from the light your head hit in the hard chest next to you. You heard him chuckle and you smack his shoulder.

˝That hurts˝ You whined, looking at his bright blue eyes. He pressed his lips to your forehead and you smiled sneaking your hands around his waist.

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