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transboyvax  asked:

do you have any movie recs for rejected princesses (or just good biopics about women)?

I haven’t watched many of these (I’ve been a little busy!), but some movies that came out recently, at least to English-speaking audiences:

  • Battle for Sevastopol (on Amazon Prime in the US) tells the story of Ukrainian sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko.
  • Juana Ines (on Netflix in the US) is a miniseries telling the story of Mexican nun Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz.
  • Suffragette came out last year and told the story of the UK suffrage movement from an invented character’s POV. Meryl Streep cameos as Emmeline Pankhurst. (I give it a B, I wanted it to be much more uncompromising than it was)
  • I really liked Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (in theaters?), although it’s an odd duck of a movie. It certainly doesn’t get as weird and uncomfortable as the actual history involved, opting instead to be kind of a… an advocacy movie for polyamory? From a filmmaking perspective, they basically take a Lifetime movie and constantly turn it on its head, going left when you’d expect them to go right, but it still felt kind of like a Lifetime movie in the end. It’s much more about the two women than Marston himself.

Those are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. Anyone want to chime in with suggestions?

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anonymous asked:

Now Nick, you talking about how kurogane becoming "game" for fai means he needs to go along with Fai running away from, well, whatever he's running away from. So I just wondered, where does your current ideas lie around Fai leaving and running, Ashura, Chii, and that whole can of worms?

I’m still not entirely sure what the situation is around all that. And by “entirely sure”, I mean I have less than 0% of an idea of what the heck is going on in Fai’s homeworld and backstory. 


At the very least, by process of elimination, it’s probably safe to say that they’re not a kingdom of vampires, because otherwise Fai wouldn’t be dying. 

Chii herself isn’t a threat, from what a remember, but a magical being created by Fai, so SHE’S PROBABLY COOL RIGHT?

But definitely running from Ashura. 

Possibly also his conscience. And the consequences of his actions. And a pile of dead bodies. 

But other than that it’s a complete mystery.


I really liked this idea and couldn’t just walk by!

Also, a little add: he starts solving himself not only when he’s in a deep though, but also when he’s in a stress situation or nervous
Sometimes he stresses/thinks so hard that he’s head detaches from his body (it’s actually always separated from body, but he’s just always covering his “neck” with a collar)

Also he’s eyes start to change colors when he doesn’t know how to feel and the more he gets nervous the brighter he’s eyes glow

It’s pretty hard fot him to hide his emotions and feelings
That’s why he’s a bad gambler :’D (never let him gamble, he will lose automatically)

Unstable House Rules
  • Infinity minus infinity is whatever you had before infinity
  • Infinity doubled is 2infinity and is twice as much as infinity
  • If you, for example, have infinite life and lose a non-infinite amount of that life, you still have infinite life (so if you have 20 life, gain infinite life, lose 2 life, then lose infinite life, you go back to 20 life, not 18 life)

【 out of character。】Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate. Enjoy the food, take up the excuse to stuff your face full of whatever desserts you desire. If you’re a traveler, stay safe on the roads as they’re sure to be chaotic. If you’re like me, and are going to be out shopping this weekend, be mindful of your surroundings and be careful. There’s no need to lose your common sense but for whatever reason there are people that do, so yeah —avoid those morons. 


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