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On a side note, “It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls, has also caused another Hartwin AU idea in my mind. Where Harry was driving back from work only for a body to come crashing down and land on the hood of his car, and thus that’s where he meets Eggsy for the first time. That’s it. That’s the story.


I said that I wouldn’t elaborate on this, but then another idea came to mind where it reversed the idea. Instead of Eggsy being the one to drop on Harry’s car, it will be Harry on Eggsy instead.

Leading to events in where Kingsman agents keep dropping in on an unsuspecting civilian!Eggsy, who in turn keeps dragging them back to his house to mend and take care of them. He doesn’t quite understand /why/ this keeps happening to him, nor why this Galahad bloke keeps being a repeated offender (I will not be surprised if Eggsy at one point finds him in a dumpster XD), but Eggsy keeps bringing them all back home to the point in where it becomes a norm.

He’s not even surprised anymore when he stumbles upon an injured Roxy, the first female agent he encounters. He has now accepted his fate as random care taker to these people in suites that keep appearing out of no where. At least it keeps his life busy and his mind away from Dean.

Que in protective!Kingsman once that story comes out.

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I know this is troublesome, but i was wondering if I could have a hug pretty please *Blushes and looks at them with my blue eyes*....i've had a shitty day.

Azusa: Yes…

Kanato: NO! TEDDY AND I, WILL HUG HER! *pulls out a knife*

OI! NO FIGHTIN’ IN MY BLOODY HOUSE! I just got the carpets cleaned.

Kanato: C'mere, Admin. I want to talk to you.

Shit! *hides behind Reiji* Do something about your brother!

Reiji: Kanato behave!

Kanato: *hisses*

Reiji: Don’t hiss at me!

Kanato: *sets Laito’s pants on fire, smiling*

Laito: *asleep and moans* Oh, bit– *wake up screaming* WHAT SWEET HELL IS THIS?!

Ruki, hug the– *See Shin hugging you* never mind…

Shin: This is my toy! *kisses your forehead*

She wants a hug, not a life long commitment. *Shin starts chasing Admin with those rubber chicken in his hand* WHAT THE HELL, MAN?!

Shin: Get back here, I need to talk to you!!

Subaru: *blushes and hugs you* It might of been a shitty day, but it’ll be better tomorrow.

Carla: You deserve a hug, for this idiocy you’ve just seen. *hugs you*

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That "bad OC" blog you linked to is super mean spirited and nasty, and the whole attitude around it is also mean. I know it's not exactly a great read when that type of character exists, but USUALLY it is someone younger writing the thing, who has a crush on the characters, and they are just exploring that. I personally think that's okay, and you shouldn't persecute them for that feeling or for producing shitty work. You shouldn't be angry someone was a bad writer...

… Putting it shortly, I’ve been one of the people on that blog, I’ve seen it, and I’ve laughed at it. I’ve created many, many god-awful OCs in the past when, yes, I was young and had a crush on the character and wanted to be overpowered and cool. I’ve created OCs with a perfect body and personality when I had a severely negative body image, and yeah, it helped. I get why people create those OCs.

I’m not angry that some twelve year old kid is a bad writer. I don’t give a damn about grammar, spelling and punctuation, as long as the content is acceptable.

Don’t presume me to be someone who is intolerant of bad writing. I fully support the development of writing talents through exploration, but when someone asks me what a bad OC looks like, I’ll point them to that blog. Read through a few posts on that blog - I know it looks bad at first sight due to the rather snarky undertones, but the reality is that they’re giving people advice. I would type up more, but I get the feeling that people aren’t going to agree with me on this one. Just… Try looking at it from an objective point of view, rather than an emotional one.

edit: I should say that I do understand where you’re coming from anon, and I know that some people are more easily hurt by these things. I’ve been accused of being rather apathetic in the past, and it might be the case that this comes across when discussing this issue. Apologies if I appear cold here, but I believe I am justified in my opinion.

If I’m being completely honest, my worst fear is dating someone for a long time and thinking they might be the one and then hearing them say, “What was up with the first guy to discover milk? What a pervert.” It’s frightening just to think of it.

ok can i just say if you’re sending nudes and you’re underage please stop. i understand if you’re in a relationship and want to send pictures of yourself, but you need to be careful of who you trust. sending nudes if you’re legal won’t be that big of a deal, but if you’re still a minor, please don’t do it, it is considered child pornography and you can get in serious trouble if your pictures are leaked. someone i know who is only 15 has had their nudes and pictures posted on a child pornography website all because of the fact that the guy she sent them to shared it with everyone he knew. please, think before you send