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in your anti kylo ren post you said we ""steal"" finn's personality and give it to kylo as though stealing the personality of a liar and a coward would actually be worth our time :)

the only thing that’s gonna get me through ‘til next week’s ep is seeing you guys gif hot af hardy to your hearts’ content. the shirtsleeves the glasses the JUMPER. thank u in advance, gif-makers :D

Oh so I got a surprise phone check earlier which is always fun. (thank god for my paranoia) But my mother discovered I’ve been drawing on my phone. She doesn’t approve of that do she deleted it. It’s all gone. Current projects, finished ones, they’re all gone.

No more art for awhile amigos. ¯\_(-__-)_/¯

help me procrastinate….by doing…something.  I dunno.

OKAY so my bff (have been for about 2 years) is a super mega huge Demi Lovato fan, part of the reason we became friends was bc we are both such huge fangirls. Well I never mentioned Larry at first bc I wasn’t sure how she would take it and like Larry is a huge part of my life and if she came through and said she thought it was fake or whatever, our friendship would basically be over bc girl byeeeeeeeeee, but one day, ill never forget, she asked me “Who is Larry Stylinson?” and I mean guys if you could see the fucking horror on my face you would had just thought someone told me Haylor was a thing again jfc! So then I asked her  “Why?” and she responded saying (Disclaimer she used to have a fan account, but forgot her login. So she uses one of her friends account who she met online, that is mainly Demi, just to stay updated instead of making a whole new one) “Well the friend who’s account that I’m using is following a lot of these accounts. And I think I get the idea, but like what does it all really mean?” So basically I think it’s now or never. I give her all of the receipts, pictures, youtube videos, songs, I mean everything, because I was like she is about to believe today! And by the end she was just kind of like wow okay, like yea I can definitely see it all being true, but she was never like oh hell yea. Which I was like okay she is a Demi stan so it’s cool and long as she didn’t call me a fucking loon ya know? Well these texts are literally from like 10 min ago AND LOOK HOW FAR SHE HAS COME!!! She is full blown a Larry shipper now and I actually could not be more proud! She will even send me One Direction stuff that she sees and same with me and Demi stuff, but all I’m saying is if an out side person who only knew a little about the band, but now a full blown believer. Like God is good. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Thoughts on YOI winning the “Best Animation”Award

Animation is about creating an illusion of movement by quickly playing multiple successive pictures together, and in this way, bringing a story to life.

Clearly, the Yuri!!! on ICE artwork during some of the latter skate scenes was not the quality we’d expect from a “best animation”-nominated show, but the attention to detail and actual animation during most of the scenes was quite evident? The YOI staff hired multiple choreographers and ice skating professionals so that they could get even the smallest details like sound, color, and positioning right. 

Here’s an example of the attention to detail, as shown by not only the leg movement but also the ice movement:

Handpicking and comparing sub-par YOI screencaps to the best screencaps from another show is honestly quite unfair, as animation is not about a single picture. It is about playing multiple slightly-varied successive images quickly to create an appearance of movement. 

To better argue my point, just looking at the following picture is not equivalent to evaluating YOI’s animation.

Even looking at this screenshot, which is clearly nicer than the prior one, is not a sufficient method of evaluating YOI’s animation

The following gif, however, is an example of animation:

It follows the term’s literal and common definition.

Let’s be clear. I’m not saying that YOI should have won the “best animation” category, as plenty of other nominees could have arguably taken its spot. I’m simply asking people to look at the show’s animation as a whole, rather than at a few screenshots taken on their phones.


True story. I hardly ever play Widow (usually too busy filling in tanks and healers) but occasionally I try her out. Wanting to brush up on different skills, y’know. And if you ever play Widow, you’ll know that you became the one to blame the moment things go wrong. Or even before that, a lot of the time. 

Then his happened and my heart of stone melted.


“You lead me to strange places, Hawke.”
“I’ll take you to stranger places than this, just watch!”

Emily: “So, Winston. Lena was telling me she used to not be able take off her chronal accelerator, in the old days.”

Winston: “Ah-ha-ha, yes. How embarrassing; those older models were so shoddy. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to perfect a localized temporal stabilization field over a wide enough area that would allow-”

Emily: *grabs his arm* “THANK YOU.”


Unknown: WTF how do you deal with her??

RFA: We don’t, she deals with you

do you ever get the urge when you see the string and then his flustered face and then his–