you will complete all the love triangles!


Hi! So I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to make a Legacy challenge! After an hour or so of deciding what it should be I decided on a Legacy based on TV shows! It is known as the Netflix Legacy! If there are any flaws in the challenge, let me know and I will edit them.


- Can start on any lot but with the standard legacy amount of money (1800)

- Don’t have to stay on the lot you start with

- Mods are allowed 

- Money cheats are not allowed

- Contact me if you have any issues!

Generation 1: Girlboss

“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.”

- Must be YA
- Must have 3 jobs before buying a retail lot (Never beyond Level 2)
- Must only sell things bought/stolen from other places/stores
- Must be Noncommital and Kleptomaniac
- Must master Mischief Skill
- Have 2-3 Kids
- Must get married

Generation 2: Riverdale

Begins when a teenager (all of them)

If Betty Cooper:

“Something is seriously wrong with me”

- Compulsory Traits: Geek and Hot Headed (Dark Betty)
- Upon turning teen, must have a poor relationship with mother
- Complete Critic career (Choose any career if you dont have City Living)
- Must reach at least level 5 writing while teen
- Has two kids

If Archie Andrews:

“I was born alone. I’ll die alone. I’ll sing alone. I’ll be okay.”

- Complete Fitness Aspiration
- Parents must Divorce/Separate
- Live with Dad and have a poor relationship with mother
- Master Singing Skill (Can only start this skill when done with Fitness)

- Adopt one child

If Jughead Jones:

“Sardonic humor is just my way of relating to the world.”

- Father must be a criminal
- Must have Loner trait
- Must be in a club with father’s friends and don’t get along with them (SSS)
- Write a masterpiece (About Jason Blossom)
- Either Complete Criminal or Writer career (KEEP IN MIND JANE THE VIRGIN GEN REQUIRES MAX WRITING)
- Have 4 Kids

If Veronica Lodge:

“Maybe I’m that reckoning”

- Parents lose half their money upon this gen starting
- Parents seperate until this sim is a YA
- Must live in a different neighbourhood to first gen
- Master Logic Skill
- Complete Business career

Generation 3: Young and Hungry

“Charm and sexiness just keep oozing out of me!”

- Starts when YA
- Favourite parent dies when teen
- Compulsory Traits: Foodie, Outgoing
- Own a restaurant and visit it at least once per sim week
- Have the restaurant be 5 stars by the time sim is an Elder
- Master Cooking Skill
- Master Gourmet Cooking Skill
- Have an on and off boyfriend until you get married as Elders
- Have at least 2 kids

Generation 4: Stranger Things
    (Playing as Eleven)


- Starts when Child
- Have four close friends as a child
- Move in with a police officer until teen
- Lose all contact with family until YA
- Master Wellness Skill (For the powers)
- Marry one of the four close friends
- Have a near-death experience (Be eaten by a cowplant once? Be creative)
- Complete Friend-Of-The-World aspiration

- Adopt a child-in-need (really poor, criminal parents…)

Generation 5: Jane the Virgin

“Life is full of tough moments, you have to fight for what you want”

- Starts when Young Adult
- Compulsory Traits: Bookworm, Family Oriented
- No Woohoo until marriage (Duh!)
- Have a child without woohoo (Wishing Well, Abduction)
- Master Writing Skill
- Complete Writing Aspiration
- Have a love triangle of some form
- Live with your mother and grandmother
- Have one more child (Two in total)

Generation 6: How I Met Your Mother

If Robin:

“Its one thing to want something, it’s another to be told you can’t have it”

- Starts when Teen
- Compulsory Traits: Hates Children, Dog Lover
- Reach Level 5 Singing Skill before becoming a YA
- Have 4 really close friends
- Master Social Media Career
- Have 3 Dogs
- Complete Serial Romantic Aspiration
- Never have kids of your own
- When an Adult, either:
         - Adopt and be a single parent
         - Marry someone with one child (the heir)

If Lily:

“Yes, I’m lovable, pretty and wise, but is it enough?”

- Starts when Teen
- Compulsory Traits: Art Lover
- Meet future husband/wife when a teen
- Master Painting Skill
- Do a civil service job until Adult
- When Adult, Master Art Critic/Painting Career
- Master Parenting Skill (Charisma if no Parenthood)
- Complete Painting Aspiration
- Have 3 Children

Generation 7: Switched at Birth

If Bay:

“I want to be the person you raised me to be but I’m also the person I was born to be”

- Starts when Baby/Teen
- Get switched with a baby from a different household (of your choice)
- Don’t find out until a teen
- Reach level 5 Painting skill
- Reach level 5 Guitar Skill
- Complete Renaissance Sim aspiration
- When he/she finds out about being switched, start to rebel (date, get a piercing etc)
- Have two children
- Child is taken by a cult leader

If Daphne:

“Never thought I’d be the kind of girl who’s caught up in some outsider label of who’s cool”

- Starts when Baby/Teen
- Get switched with a baby from a different household (of your choice)
- Don’t find out until a teen
- Compulsory Traits: Family Oriented
- Have a negative trait that’ll make it harder to play as her
- Move in with biological parents when teen
- Master Fitness Skill
- Complete Fitness Aspiration
- Have two cats (Why not?)
- Have three children
- Child is taken by a cult leader

Generation 8: Unbreakable - Kimmy Schmidt

“If this is your idea of a joke, then you belong in a Woody Allen film because I’m not laughing.”

- Compulsory Traits: Childish, Goofball
- Starts when a Child

- Live underground with 3 strangers until YA
- When a YA, move to a dumpy apartment with a slobby roommate
- Befriend a rich woman and your landlord
- Have at least 5 jobs before becoming an Astronaut
- Reach Level 10 in Rocket Science
- Reach Level 10 in Logic
- Go to Sixam

Generation 9: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

"Do you ever want to punch yourself in the face for liking someone a lot?”

- Compulsory Traits: Lazy, Romantic
- Complete the Detective Career
- Master Mischief Skill
- Kill your mother’s abducter (No one can see this happen)
- Fall in love with your co-worker
- Become best-friends with a co-worker
- Have your best-friend nearly die or die
- Have 5 kids

Generation 10: Victorious

“I am not your missing link”

- Starts when a Teen
- Compulsory Traits: Outgoing, Music Lover
- Have all your siblings fall in love before you
- Max Singing Skill before Adult
- Max Piano Skill
- Complete Entertainer-Musician Career
- Have a taboo love
- Have 2 kids (if you want to continue)

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anonymous asked:

the gay kiss in svtfoe is like 1 sec long i wish you guys would stop gaslighting people with this being good rep when the entire second season is given over to a completely unnecessary supposedly heterosexual love triangle, because they won't ever canonize marco as a girl. like seriously. pretending this is great rep has consequences, it alienates fans and it tells disney and other corporations they can throw us scraps and that they don't need to try to get our pink dollars. Stop.


First of all, I can do whatever I want. Second of all, I can do whatever I want. And third, I can do whatever I want.

Okay? Glad we established that. With that out of the way, I’m gonna be very clear with people like you who keep telling me and other people like what we should want, need and demand. 

Star has done a lot in terms of destroying gender roles and other stereotypes and taboos for kids and young people out there. Its characters are not flat and they have their own personalities, their own lives and agency, which don’t conform to gender norms as they have been force-fed to us by society. Breaking this kind of stereotypes is gonna be so liberating for so many kids. For example:

  • You don’t have to be girly to be a girl (Janna is into a lot of creepy and icky stuff usually considered boyish, just to mention someone)
  • Being feminine doesn’t define your gender (Marco, and I’m gonna get back to you on this)
  • Having trouble managing your anger does not make you a bad person (Tom. who is working so hard to keep it under control and improve because he wants to be better)
  • You can have a bunch of mixed, apparently contradicting traits, and that doesn’t make you less worthy of the gender you identify with (Star is very girly and likes cute stuff but still kicks ass and loves every second of it)
  • Boys can be affectionate with other boys (if we assume, based on what we know at the moment, that Marco identifies as a boy, and again, I’ll get back to you on that), and that’s okay (Marco and Tom, even though I still think the whole Friendenemies episode was very homoerotic)

Originally posted by mettatonexox

I’m really grateful for this new wave of cartoons (such as Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls or Steven Universe). Different shows are exploring different themes from different angles, and that doesn’t mean that one is necessarily above the other. Star may not be exploring queerness in full (like Steven Universe does, for example), more like touching upon its surface, but it is still playing a role in its normalisation.

Never did I say that the infamous 1-second gay kiss was good rep. For me to call it rep, I would need it to feature at least characters whose names we know. But you know what? I’m okay with it being something in the background and I don’t consider it gaslighting, because as far as I know, the show did not make a big deal out of it, they did not announce “Hey! We are giving you guys gay rep! Look at all the diversity we’re including!”. I actually heard nothing from the show-runners. It was the media that blew up and made a huge deal out of it because of some stupid parents’ reaction. The whole thing was a nice detail that acknowledged the existence of gay people and made an effort to normalise queerness by showing them doing something as mundane as going to a concert with their partners. Period.

And on that note, I want to add that yes, more than this is desirable and it’s okay (it’s very important, actually!) to ask for proper representation. But we can’t close our eyes to the stuff that’s already come our way just because it’s not as much as we wanted it to be. Things take time. Society is still coming to terms with LGBT+ people, and rushing them is only gonna make them clam up and reject any notion of it. Hell, parents wanted to take Star out of Disney XD because they were outraged by a 1-sec cartoon gay kiss! Even though I’m tired of waiting, I see that Disney is treading on thin ice with its more conservative audience and has to carefully plan its every step. And they are still making progress. Slowly, but surely.

We got Beauty and the Beast with gay LeFou (even though I still think it should have been the clock and the candelabra), despite the foreseeable boicot from many people. I’m not saying “we’re good, we can stop demanding stuff from show-runners and movie directors”, I’m saying, “let’s appreciate the progress we’re making while aiming for more”. We’ve come a long way since Disney’s massive no-homo when High School Musical gave a girlfriend to Ryan, literally the gayest man alive in the Disney Universe.

And about the “unnecessary heterosexual love triangle”: I dunno, anon, I’m a storyteller and I saw it coming for a long time. The show built up to that point. It’s not like they pulled it out of their asses. Would I have wanted it to be a love square featuring Tom? Why yes, absolutely, but oh well. It still makes sense in the story they’re telling and it’s integrated in the plot. It would have been weird if Marco, who had been crushing on Jackie since Day 1, had just moved on from her without thinking twice.

Originally posted by cosmicstimmer

Now, about Trans!Marco: I’m gonna be very honest with how I view it, and I’ll also let you know that I’m transgender myself (non-binary pal here, hey, how are ya), as well as a transgender rights activist and lecturer, so I know what I’m talking about. I have nothing against the Trans!Marco fannon, obviously. I think some seed has been planted in the show and as of now, people can make of it what they will. I’d be thrilled and on board if there were any confirmation from TPTB. But I’m not taking it as anymore than that for now, and I’ll entertain both Trans!Marco and Cis!Marco notions. Why?

Yes, Marco has been shown as Princess Marco several times already, pronouns have been changed to feminine and nobody has questioned Marco’s new status during those times. However, Marco hasn’t expressed a particular preference for being treated as a girl (true, no preference for masculine treatment has been expressed either, so we’re kind of in a neutral zone I guess?). I mean, you see Marco wearing dresses and a wig with no complain, as well as being treated as a girl, but after that episode is over, you don’t really see Marco displaying any signs of discomfort with gender identity or pronouns or disphoria or gender expression or anything like that. Actually, the character’s development continues as it was before that happened (anybody else remembers that episode where Marco lives on a different dimension for 16 years and embraces every masculinity trope under the sun?). 

Originally posted by soyalexnajera

Now I’m not saying you have to meet a bunch of requirements to be trans (I’m no trans gatekeeper), but these are the kind of things that usually give it away when we’re talking about someone else’s experience, since we are not inside their head. 

Yes, Marco does possess some traits traditionally associated with femininity (like spending hours getting ready for the date with Jackie), but they’re vague enough that they could mean something or nothing at all (like I said, the show does a lot to destroy gender roles). I feel like I can’t really call it for sure based on that. With how indifferent Marco seems to be to different pronouns, I’d actually say that there’s higher chances this character falls somewhere in the non-binary spectrum, rather than identifying as a girl. This is, of course, my personal opinion, and I might be wrong. But it goes to show that the hinting done in the show has been so subtle for now that it could go either way, and so, I fail to see why we should get angry that Marco isn’t being treated as a girl at the moment.

Just my two cents.


The episode didn’t refute Jonsa, not at all. 

Jon called Sansa “sister”, so what? It honestly feels like D&D are desperatly trying to remind us of their “official” relationship status. If anything else, I take this as a sign for Jonsa still having a chance. 

They gave each other long meaningful glances. I know we were all rooting for angsty weirwood kiss 2k17, but hey, don’t be too sad. We’ll get our kiss once the truth comes out.

JON FUCKING WENT FOR LITTLEFINGERS LIVE THERE. Sorry, not sorry but brothers don’t completely lose their shit, when someone says they “love their sister”. That was angry, jealous, protective husband mode. “If you touch her, I’ll kill you” has as much romantic undertones as “I’ll never let him touch you again.” Remember how excited we were about that? There are stilling going for the not so subtle love-triangle here. 

Look at his face, look at it!

Originally posted by ladyarianne

I’m calling it, Littlefinger is onto Jonsa. He’s just as suspicious as we are. He’s seeing the same signs as we do. LOOK AT LITTLEFINGERS FACE: “What the hell did just happen? What’s going on with those two ?

Originally posted by fairytaleasoldastime

“That reminded me of something… this has happened to me before.” 

Originally posted by emperor-of-kings

Originally posted by fuckyeahbaelish

“WHAT THE FUCK ?!?!?!” He just realized ~something~. 

Don’t be upset about the episode not full-on being jonsa-fanfiction, be happy about all the angsty jonsa-hints we got. We won’t get much more jonsa-interaction in season 7, that’s sadly true. But seaon 8 will belong to us. 


Suga fanfic recommendations

To be continued! 

Why I ship Jonsa - Three reasons that cement the ship for me (even after season 7)

Season 7 of Game of Thrones really tested our mettle when it comes to shipping Jon and Sansa. As previously outlined here shipping these two (or any couple on Game of Thrones) was never my intention. I also usually don’t ship characters if I don’t feel that they are endgame in some way or another. So, with season 7 and boatbang I had to find an answer to the question: Am I delusional in shipping Jon/Sansa? And, for the first time in any fandom, I also had to find an answer to the question whether I wanted to continue shipping a couple that might just not be endgame.

So, for the past fortnight, I mulled this question in my head: What are the reasons for me shipping Jon/Sansa and do these hold up to closer scrutiny?

Undoubtedly there are many good reasons to ship these two – in both the books and on the TV show. Still, a lot of these are up to interpretation. For me, it came down to three reasons, from three quite different sources, that sealed the deal for me. That showed me that I am not seeing what I want to see but that Jonsa will indeed be endgame or at least a possibility that cannot be discarded easily (I cannot speak in absolutes because I am not George R.R. Martin or D&D so any fan meta can always only be a speculation).

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anonymous asked:

hey!! I'm a HUGE sucker for super well written (and long) bughead fan fictions. It feels like I'm running out, any suggestions?

PAIN IN MY BUTT! (not you - tumblr!) I had a list of like 10 fics all sorted for you and then with a twitch of the keyboard - lost them all. *sigh* Take Two.

I am a huge sucker for long and well written fics too. And since I don’t know what you’ve already read - and I can’t assume that you are the one Buggie in the fandom who has not read @sylwrites​ - or Wicked Games - or Bizarre Love Triangle. Since I don’t know - I’m going to give a list of just a few of my favourite long and completed stories - some of which you may have read. Sorry in advance. This list is by no means complete or exclusive (truthfully I’m trying to keep it a little short) and I’m mentally having to decide what constitutes LONG - because there are super long one-shots too - and well written is really up for interpretation - I read a lot of fics and not all of them are “well written” - but usually most are enjoyable none-the-less. So here you are:

First. @sylwrites​. I’m assuming you don’t need the summaries.

Nextly - here are some random and long and completed stories.

Wicked Games by @charlesbbass​ 17/17 total words  74,072

Chiaroscuro by @formergirlwonder​ 14/14 total words  68,339

What Happened To Us? by @fxyeahriverdale​ 14/14 total words  62,756

Bizarre Love Triangle by @ficmuse​ 26/26 total words  60,020

Something to Tell You by @findingbetty​ 20/20 total words  54,740

tales of an endless heart (series) by @lessoleilscouchants​ total words  90,568

Coop de Grâce by @justcourbeau​ 10/10 total words  17,135

you shook me (all night long) by @sopaloma​ 3/3 total words  16,428

Camp Sweetwater by @wordsonpages1​ 1/1 total words  13,779

Where The Wild Roses Grow by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend​ 1/1 total words  12,185   

The Beast Within (series) by @cooperjones2020 total words  17,699

And of course, the two longest completed fics on Ao3 are both written by @lazydaizies​​ - and both are really fun reads. 

Things You’d Never Know Without Fanfics...

(WARNING: Strongly advise you not to read/comment/reply if you’re easily offended as this is full of heavy sarcasm. If you do not get sarcasm, DO NOT READ.)

(Updated: 7/27/17… starts at #36)

1. Eyes are not called eyes. They are orbs. And usually the color of chocolate.

2. A woman will begin experiencing pregnancy symptoms less than 24 hours after sex. In some cases, there will even be a small bump.

3. It doesn’t matter if you’re a minor, you can still miss 12 days of school without any repercussions.

4. All female protagonists must have ridiculously complicated names or names that generally are associated with boys because they’re “not like all the other girls”.

5. Love triangles are completely original ideas.

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Food For Thought #1: Voltron and it’s Incredibly Subtle Love Triangles

(Now, I know most of my followers are fans of My Hero Academia, but keep in mind that I’m a multi-fanbase blog so I’ll be doing my best to cater to any other fanbases that I’m currently involved with. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m making this post exclusively for any of my Voltron followers or followers that just want headcanons. Anyone can enjoy posts such as these, and maybe it could actually inspire you to watch the series I talk about if it interests you. This is simply a ‘Food for Thought’ post, which means I’ll be making posts that might get some to thinking. Of course, my thoughts might have plot holes and such, and I know not everyone is going to agree with them, but I’ve been wanting to do ‘Food for Thought’ posts for a while, and Voltron is the way to start! I hope you guys enjoy!)

After season 3, it’s really safe to assume that Voltron Legendary Defenders is an incredibly complex show and has gained a massive following despite it being mostly geared towards children. Not only does it have a deep story to tell, but the characters are also incredibly well balanced and likeable (though there are several we don’t know much about, Voltron has now become known to go back into certain topics later), and each episode will leave you at the edge of your seat. When you finish the seasons, they just leave you wanting more and the wait for the next season quite honestly sucks, but it’s always worth the wait in the end.

Yet despite all these good qualities of the show, the main topic that most but not all seem to be concerned about, are the relationships. Platonic, friendly, and most importantly: romantic.

I’ve taken the time to go back and watch a few episodes. In all season 1 through 3, mainly to keep myself hyped for the upcoming 4th season which is in 15 days. Along the way, I kind of noticed something, and I had to take a step back and make sure I wasn’t making some kind of big stretch. But now that I think about it, it does make a little sense. Of course, you can consider this me putting on ‘shipping goggles’ and turning everything into a ship, but I’m really thinking about this on a logical and theoretical perspective instead of some shipping fangirl who just wants two boys to kiss on screen. So without much further ado, lets get to the main love triangle that has been incredibly subtle throughout Voltron thus far.

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What’s In Store For The Get Down Part 2?

Read under the ‘Keep Reading’ or on NerdyPOC’s Medium

The Get Down is set in the South Bronx in New York and revolves around these teens who change the city through their music, dance and graffiti. It gained popularity on Tumblr and Twitter after many had pointed out how a show full of diversity and incredible storytelling was being sidelined for shows that did not break the status quo. Many feared last year that due to the ratings not being as high as some of the other Netflix hits such as ‘Stranger Things’ that we wouldn’t get more episodes but that fear was dispelled when we got a trailer for Part 2 last week.

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You’re on your first date with Sebastian when the waiter suddenly brings you your favorite drink which you never asked for. The waiter tells you it was sent by a man. You look around to find Adrien there, your ex-fiancé, who looks proud of his action. In complete awkwardness, you have to explain it all to Sebastian, who’s looking very displeased. To make things worse, you know your ex like the back of your hand so you’re certain that he’ll try to make you come home with him.

Directors/Writers: “Ok Sarah, for the season finale, we are going to have you insinuate and give the vibe to the viewers that there is something brewing between Jackson and Maggie romantically. I mean, what will offer better drama and angst than your character in a love triangle with Jackson and Maggie?! It’s awesome, right?!?!”

In Sarah’s mind: “Ok, this storyline is completely and utterly stupid! How can I convey my disgust on-screen without actually conveying to the writers and directors that this idea is COMPLETELY ridiculous?!?”

Originally posted by whatabigpairofgifs

Credit to: @apskepner for the gifs! :)

Isn't it a little weird that Isabella was NEVER mentioned in this episode?

I thought she would have been mentioned at least once, since Ed and Oswald were on the topic of betrayal. But not once did Ed mention how Oswald killed her or how him being alive means he never got justice for her death. Ever. In fact, Isabella has not been mentioned since Ed killed Oswald. When Ed was having hallucinations of Oswald, never mentioned Isabella, locked up together and pissed that the other is even breathing, never brings her up. Why? Why have we not heard Isabellas name in mere months?? I know that a lot people are starting to loose hope that Isabella was anything other than a lame love triangle device, but the fact that Ed has not mentioned her/ or that we haven’t heard her name at all since Ed “killed” Oswald actually gives me hope. The Gotham crew wants you to forget about Isabella. They want you to think she was just some Kristen look alike and that wasn’t going to happen if Ed was mentioning her every two seconds. So when they want to bring her back, they have the dramatic “Oh shit Isabella! I completely forgot about her!!” Affect.

To get this out of the way: My thoughts on Stranger Things season 2 (spoilers!!!!)

1. Max is great, I loved her.

2. Nancy is still a great character and does not need a love triangle to keep her in the story.

3. Steve being the ‘babysitter’ to the kids is amazing and he loves them. I love his dynamic with the kids.

4. Johnathan is my heart. I love that boy.

5. The Byers family + Hopper are my favorite characters.

6. The father, daughter dynamic with Eleven and Hopper was all I could hope for and I completely adored it.

7. Does anyone else besides me appreciate Jim Hopper dancing to 'You don’t mess around with Jim’? (Also he has a Supertramp album!)

8. I don’t particularly like Mileven so that was a slight issue for me this season.

9. Max and Lucas are great!! Adorable.

10. Dustin is doing his best and I love him.

11. Nancy and Johnathan’s dynamic is great.

12. Will deserves nothing but happiness and his dynamic with his brother is the best and I love them.

13. Shoot, gotta add the Nancy and Dustin dance at the end cause that was beautiful and I was dying.

This is probably the last you’ll see me blog about Stranger Things on here! It’s currently taken over my entire dash though!

Friday Fic Recs: There’s an AU of that? List

Dynasty by Valerie Vancollie and Rebecca Thomson (300k, complete)

Hit in the leg by a stormtrooper’s blaster bolt, Luke falls in the Death Star hanger bay and is unable to escape on the Falcon along with Han and Leia. During the subsequent interrogation, his true heritage is revealed and Vader instantly takes him to Coruscant, determined to reclaim the son the Jedi stole from him. But the glory of the Imperial capital belies its true nature, where politics and power are everything and anything is fair game in the never ending game to reach the top. Not lying, not betrayal, assassination, sabotage, blackmail, nor seduction.

As he commences his Sith training, Luke must also learn the rules and etiquette of the Imperial Court if he is to survive as most of his enemies fight their battles with words and political maneuverings rather than military force. Yet, even as he struggles to gain his place within the Empire, Luke learns that his best friend has joined the Alliance…

Imperial Luke is a rare thing. This is a fic I had never thought of existing before I read this but after I found it there was no going back. This fic is executed so well I have read this fic so many times because it is so interesting. I love political intrigue, personally. It is so fascinating to read for me. If that’s not your thing, this might not be for you. 

Family Principals by @themostawesomeroxburryblack (54k words, complete) 

Luke didn’t want to meet the dark side users who owned the swamp he crashed into. The Addams are happy to host the (unbeknownst to Luke) son of their friend Darth Vader until he arrives to collect his rebellious son.

Luke meets the Addams family and they really like him. Luke is very confused at this situation he finds himself in. It is really great if you like the Addams family or Luke & Vader relationships, this is a fic you will adore. 

Fives Saves the Galaxy by ilyena_sylph, and Merfilly (25k words, complete)

Fives is on mission, right behind his General, when the Force decides he’ll do for it’s little trick. Poor vod finds himself out of time, with a nightmare having happened to everyone he knew.

Fives travel to the future, meets his general’s son and saves everyone. I love time travel fics and Fives is one of my favorites from TCW. This is a really great version of the time travel to save everyone trope. 

Plot Twist by @anakinskydala (ObiAniDala, 10k words, complete)

The supposed love triangle between Mr. Skywalker, Ms. Amidala, and Mr. Kenobi is all their students (and even their fellow teachers) can talk about. The only thing is, no one at Coruscant High School can figure out exactly which of them are together.

All the fluff and giggles found here! Featuring Twitter Wars, Bets, and trolling trio. I cannot stop laughing when I read this fic. It is everything you need in your life when you need nothing to hurt. *SIDE EYES PTCANNON*. 

The Prince and the Farmboy by QuinnthePrincess (LukeHan, 99k words, wip)

When Luke’s widowed mother marries her old friend Rush Clovis and brings him and his children to live at her estate, Luke thinks his wish for a family has finally come true. Unfortunately things don’t turn out quite the way he had expected; now everyday is a struggle just to survive his awful step family. But when a daring mission to rescue his droid leads to a chance encounter with the handsome prince of another planet, Luke’s life takes a turn for the complicated. All he has to do now is keep his newly formed relationship a secret from his step family, while keeping his true identity hidden from a rather unusually roguish prince.

This amazing fic is an Ever After AU, which is an 80s remake of cinderella that is not for kids. It is one of my all-time favorite movies. I did not know I needed this until I found it and now I regularly scream at the author when they update. You don’t really need to know about Ever After in order to enjoy this butttttt it was like amazing knowing what the reference material was. I adore fic to death like I sometime squee when I get an update.

Reliance by @zany-the-nerd  (46k words, complete - sequel wip)

What started out as simply answering a distress signal quickly spirals into something much greater for Luke Skywalker. When hit with a strange energy wave, Luke finds himself in the body of his eight year old self stuck with Darth Vader, who has also had a bit of de-aging himself. Now Luke and Vader must work together to find out who is responsible while trying to remain low key. (Shameless father/son relationship)

I love fics the focus on Luke and Vader’s relationship (Yes that will also be a FFR theme). But this one deserves to be in the That’s an AU theme as well. 8-year-old Luke stuck working together with Darth Dad. Luke is so cute and gets into just as much trouble as his adult self. Darth Dad W O R R I E S and cannot handle the rebellion and trouble of tiny Luke. Totally worth a read.

Tatooinian Sunset by Deja Know I Been Lookin For Vu (64k words, complete-sequel complete)

Faced with an agonizing choice, the Jedi Kenobi decides to protect baby Leia and leave baby Luke to be raised by Tusken Raiders…The lives of the twins are thus forever changed.

Luke is raised by the Tuskans but is found by Vader. This is another one that complete surprised me but I was so glad I had found it. I love the way the Tuskan culture is written and the ensuing culture differences/clashes the occur. It is nothing else I’ve read in the Fandom. 

You Shall Become (Me) by @letslipthehounds  (AniDala, 24k words, complete)

The Guardian of the Sith Temple doesn’t particularly care for the new breed of Sith, for all that they’ve been around for 1,000 years. But they’re the only Sith the Guardian knows about. Until one day…

Alternately, “How to accidentally join the Sith without really trying.”

The alternate summary is very accurate and this fic is amazing. It features an old sith lord that is very much an old many screaming “get off my lawn” to Dooku. It is really hilarious but also really well written. I love the idea of someone accidentally becoming a sith it just so ridiculous but that is something that would totally happen in star wars lets be real.

for all you bitches coming for Aja trying to call her out for copying Naomi you obviously haven’t been following Aja. Y’all trying to compare that nose contour ok let’s compare. Aja always does that little triangle on the tip of her nose and Naomi doesn’t. Also Aja does the colorful hair and Naomi doesn’t. Their performance styles, completely different like have you watched Aja preform?? She fucking murders it. I love Naomi but the shade lately ???? And you mother fuckers try to come for Aja acting like she has nothing to offer or whatever, but she’s out there being amazing, I mean she’s 23 and has her own haus like what ?? that’s fucking amazing. And she is honestly so genuine, go watch her facebook live streams she has like a 100. So stop. comparing. queens. And stop trying to come for Aja she is far too talented for this bullshit. WERK.

Honestly- I don’t think shes read the book? She did a signing, yeah- but that doesn’t mean shes read it- otherwise she would be knowledgeable on why her HC is complete and utter BS in the making.

Which part of ‘NO ONE LIKES LOVE TRIANGLES’ does no one get? She can try all she likes- but fans know those scenes wont them fighting over Mal- they were fighting cause they were on different sides/teams- they were fighting cause it was A PIRATE FIGHT AND HARRY JUST WANTED TO MURDER SOMEONE- STOP MAKING EVERY SCENE ABOUT MARRY PEOPLE.

Also, uh….I highly doubt Harry dated Mal at 10….seriously, I dated someone at 10 and let me tell you: those don’t work out in the long one- they childish and sometimes just end in friendship. But Mal never had a boyfriend, never fell in love prior to Ben, and therefore, this is just utter BS.

Pretty sure his ass would have been forced to walk the plank by Harriet as a favour for Uma.

the train of lost souls ; teaser  {jungkook | hoseok | reader}

“The moment you step inside the train, you are given two options.

You can choose to live, to be given a second and a last chance in life, in exchange for your memories and your previous existence. You can choose to be alive again, but it can only be an entirely new life. Everyone you’ve ever crossed paths with would forget your name. All the pain and the love you knew, all the ups and downs that made you hurt and made you smile — all of it, completely gone.

Or you can choose to move on, to give your life away while keeping your memories until the end of time. To step out of the world of the living and to embrace a new kind of loneliness, but with the warmth of your past always safe between your cold hands.

You are dead, but it’s up to you to do something about it.

The choice is solely yours.”

seriously though you can say what you want about the Frozen arc, but remember when Elsa and Hook hung out and talked about Emma and worried about Emma and were there for Emma and helped her accept herself and were just #TeamEmma all the way

and also developed a friendship of their own which was a bit snarky and a bit teamwork-y and a bit technophobic and completely devoid of jealousies or hints of love triangles or other silliness and therefore rather awesome

Frozen Hook aka Team Emma aka please sir I would like some more

I’ve seen some anti-Maikø metas lately and I’ve noticed a trend when it comes to the counterarguments. Regardless of the content provided by the OP, many disagreements seem to center around one rather… childish comment:

“You only dislike Maiko because Mai gets in the way of Zutara being canon.” 

Let’s get one thing straight - for the majority of Zutara shippers, myself included, Maikø is a heavily disliked ship because of how Zuko is treated in the relationship. Yes, many anti-Maikø metas involve Zutara to an extent, but we really couldn’t care less about Zutara when it comes to how we feel about Maikø. 

The only way in which Katara even remotely relates to the general abhorrence for Maikø is that she stands as a direct contrast to what is a very unhealthy, disrespectful, and abusive relationship. 

To get right down to it, much of the discourse surrounding Maikø stems from that one scene on that one boat in that one episode…. Yeah, you all know which one I’m talking about.  

I’m not going to rehash it anymore. Some think it’s a joke and some would contend that Mai’s deliberately shutting Zuko down after he opens up to her. Either way you look at it- it goes to show how little they understand each other. Mai, who later in the series and the comics, hounds Zuko about not being emotionally available, doesn’t understand, in that moment, that Zuko was trying to be open with her. And Zuko doesn’t grasp that Mai’s expressed concern, in that moment, has nothing to do with whatever is going on in his head and everything to do with “Are you cold.”  

However, it’s a bit ridiculous, in my opinion, that with his supposed girlfriend, Zuko can’t delve into his feelings whenever and wherever he feels like it. In my opinion, acting as his girlfriend, Mai should’ve immediately prompted him to keep talking, to keep sharing, to tell her what he needed to feel better. But that’s beside my point…. because I realized something. 

Mai and Zuko really, really don’t understand each other at all. They barely know each other. 

Don’t get on me like, Oh, but they knew each other since they were kids. They are childhood sweethearts. No, just… no. Let’s discuss, shall we? 

Whatever connection they had as kids fizzled when Zuko left. In fact, I highly doubt either thought much about the other, as evidenced by Ty Lee mentioning Zuko in a passing and Mai sort of blushing. Furthermore, Mai and Zuko had such little interaction following the fall of Ba Sing Se, that Azula had to manipulate the pair into rekindling something. 

So you have this new couple, this very immature relationship, this barely there romance, standing on the deck of the ship trying to figure itself out. How do they fit together? How do they connect? How do they tick? Mai asks a simple question. Zuko opens up. Mai becomes uncomfortable - after all, she barely knows the guy - and she resorts to her aloof nature. Zuko doesn’t take it well. 

It’s got a lack of understanding written all over it. Whatever. There’s time for them to grow, right? There’s still potential here, right? 


Beyond the lack of understanding, there’s a complete lack of respect. Shortly after Mai and Zuko are reunited during Azula’s orchestrated date, they run into Jin. You know, because Byrke just love to fuck things up with a love triangle and romantic drama. Now, Jin doesn’t know who Zuko is. She’s operating under the assumption that Zuko is still Lee and the new couple plays along with this. Mai tells Jin that she throws daggers for the circus and offers to demonstrate. 

So… while there are a thousand different ways for Mai to show off her talent with sharp, scary objects, she chooses a way in which she deliberately insults her new boyfriend. 

Why is there a fish on his head, Mai? She just put a fish… on the the head of the crown Prince. Okay. Sure. That’s not treason. 

It seems that Mai was seeking her revenge for the flaming apple on her head all those years ago… but she seems to have forgotten that Azula put that apple on her head. And Azula set the apple on fire. So right off the bat, there’s this bubbling irritation expressed by Mai towards Zuko for something Zuko didn’t even do. 

Yes, Zuko knocked it and her into a fountain, but he was genuinely concerned for her. Who’s concerned in the image above? That’s right- Jin. Zuko just looks like he’s scared (probably because he barely knows her and doesn’t really trust her).

But Mai…. well, Mai’s expression is one of utter contempt. 

And her misunderstandings with and disrespect towards Zuko continue to perpetrate the relationship, rearing their ugly heads again when Mai is frustrated with Zuko for being frustrated about the war meeting. 

This is another scene I’ve hashed out previously, so I’ll just make a quick point and leave it at that. Mai does approach Zuko out of concern. She doesn’t want him to be sad or hurting, but she completely fails in her task. 

Why does she fail? You may ask. 

Well, let’s look at some of the words she uses: dumb, who cares, you shouldn’t [care], think about how things went at the last meeting you went to.

The “dumb” probably could’ve slid under the rug had she immediately moved on to her real attempts to make him feel better (i.e. rides in the palanquin, fruit tarts, etc). However, when Zuko doesn’t have the reaction she wants to her first statement, her belittling language only intensifies. By the end, she is telling an abuse victim to think about his abuse… because that’s healthy.

Either they really don’t get each other (in an unhealthy kind of way) or Mai doesn’t care about him all that much. You can take it however you want, but the facts are simple:

Zuko and Mai don’t work well together. They lack the ability to give the other what the other needs. Zuko can’t be as emotionally available as Mai wants him to be. Mai can’t be as accepting and understanding as Zuko needs her to be. 

It escalates to a point of where Zuko is degraded and Mai feels betrayed. Because she doesn’t get him. And he doesn’t know how to relate his feelings to her.

Of course, for Zuko, it always seemed as though Mai had conditions as to when and where she wanted to hear about his feelings. She certainly didn’t want to hear about it on their trip back home and when he left to help save the Fire Nation/world, she really didn’t want to hear about it. 

Alas, the cycle of misunderstanding, disrespect, and degradation at it’s fucking finest. (see below)

Now, I know Mai’s quasi “redemption” scene follows this… in which Mai saves Zuko from a very likely death, but this doesn’t absolve the relationship of its issues nor does it turn over a new leaf for either of them. 

Wait, what?! You might screech say.

In the final moments of A:TLA and throughout the comics, we see the same level of misunderstanding, contempt, and discontent between the pair. Again and again. They continue in this pattern of not getting each other. Mai still feels like Zuko isn’t open with her and Zuko still doesn’t feel safe being open with her. Mai is still frustrated with him. Zuko is still made to feel small and belittled around her. Mai lies to Zuko. Zuko lies to Mai. And so on, and so on, and so on. 

The unhealthy cycle starts all over… with one threat and one jab to the chest.