you will be in texas

C: I just discovered that there is a black owned cafe in my area! Mind you, I live the land of racist, stuck up, holier-than-thou pale people – whites in Texas if you catch my drift. I’m honestly so happy and proud! The place gets good business, the food is bomb, and service is very friendly. I love it when we establish our own things and prosper in areas where we are told we are not wanted. I can only pray that more black businesses begin to pop up around me!🙏🏽

I sent one of my ravens to watch over a friend of mine in Texas. On his way back the raven stopped in Dallas. He must’ve  gotten into bad company because when he returned he had picked up smoking, cussin’ in Spanish, listening to death metal, and drinking Lone Star beer. Even worse he turned into a Dallas Cowboys fan.

He pulled a knife on me when I took his smokes away. What have you done Texas? He used to be such a good raven! Now he is a raven delinquent. 

So today I went to see Beauty and the Beast, and when we got out we had to stay in the movie theater because a tornado had touched down 7 miles away from our home (thankfully we were about 20 min away from our home in the other direction) but we still had baseball sized hail, some of our gutters got bent in a lil, my car got windshield damage (in a perfect circle too it was incredible), and some of our house ornaments got messed up.

Fuck you Texas, and your weather.

anonymous asked:

Do you believe in the death penalty?

No. I think it’s a broken system that does not necessarily serve the interest of justice. Some studies show that up to 4.1 percent of death row inmates are innocent of the crime they were convicted of, and there’s honestly no way to know for sure how many innocent people have already been executed. The death penalty also disproportionately affects people of color, and people who can’t afford the type of defense that is necessary to fight a death row case. Some of the crimes that people are executed for are not the big, crazy mass murders that people associate with the death penalty. One person could receive life in prison with the possibility of parole, while another person who committed a similar crime will receive the death penalty because the laws are different in their state. In Texas, you can receive the death penalty simply because you were present while a capital murder occurred, even if you didn’t lay a finger on the victim

All that being said, I’m not overly or automatically sympathetic to those who have committed capital crimes. I think if a person is guilty of a capital crime, they should spend the rest of their life in prison, which is a horrible fate and punishment.

Lucas + Maya = Lucaya

You could see the flirtiness between them in the pilot episode.  It was Maya who spotted Lucas first. It was Maya who talked to him first.

She actually kind of foreshadowed their whole relationship as it’s played out in s1, 2 and 3 just from the first episode alone.  This dialogue represents a lot of what’s happened to them.

1. Started out really innocent and friendly

2. Then as you go along they become closer, both in a figurative sense (with helping each other out) and in a literal sense (with the touchy-feely smiley). They begin to form a friendship, a closer bond based on mutual trust, respect and loyalty.  All while being nice to each other, making each other laugh, and helping each other when needed.  

Of course these GIFs aren’t in episodic order (like the last one above is from Girl Meets Money) – but I simply am using them to make a point that throughout midseason 1 to midseason 2 you see Maya and Lucas’ friendship grow, which in turn, brings them closer together because they understand each other more.

3. An interesting thing happens in season 2 though, especially in the episode Girl Meets Yearbook.  Not only does Riley go through trying to change herself, but in order to bring her back, Maya tries to be like her.  This is the only instance where you physically see everyone (minus Lucas) change. The emotional changes happen later, much like age development for any person does. But anyhow, back to GMY.

See, even in the beginning of the episode Lucas and Maya seem very flirty/friendly.

Then you’ve got Riley who morphed into someone darker. But the most interesting thing she says is this:

She of course says this as she herself is becoming someone else. Just remember that.

4. Another interesting thing happens when Maya tries to get Riley back. When Maya walks into the classroom, Lucas is the first to notice her different demeanor and appearance.

Things continue as they talk:

He’s not saying “no!” to Maya, he’s saying “no!” to the fact that she changed herself.

See, he knows it’s Maya.

Again, not rejecting Maya; but he’s rejecting the fact that she’s different than her usual self. See, in that last one, he looks back again in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Maya had changed.

I mean, he even said to Riley when she first walked in: “Is this a New York thing or, I don’t unders[tand]–” and then was cut off by Maya walking in. His tone was casual with Riley, but when Maya came in he became more concerned.  Just saying. But moving onto some of the smartest things Lucas Friar ever said…they came from Girl Meets Yearbook, obviously.

He was the only person that defended Maya.

And let’s not forget this:

See, then after that you’ve got littler moments that show how closely they pay attention to each other and their facial expressions say it all honestly.

5. Then There’s Girl Meets Creativity where we got this moment (which continues to show they care deeply about each other):

You also should note that this episode talks about Maya’s art. As in, it’s something that Maya loves.  As in, Maya is not Riley and Maya does not like the same things as Riley.

(The above GIF was just to add comedic timing and to prove the point I made).

6. Girl Meets Texas was a huge moment. This is the episode where you found out that Maya likes Lucas. Not only that, but she’s liked him for a long time and she stepped back so that Riley could have him.  If that’s true, then we’re talking alllll the way back into Season 1, because that’s when Riley first got Lucas. So Maya stepped back for a whole year *cough cough: not just two episodes like Riley did*

Texas also gave us the campfire scene. Where Lucas almost kisses Maya. Also where Riley revealed Maya’s feelings (which btw, Maya never did to Riley when she crushed on Lucas) for Lucas.

PS: How gorgeous is that last one though? :’)

7. Girl Meets The New Year - when Lucas walks in, the first person he goes to is Maya. When Maya walks out, Lucas is the first she goes to on the roof. Plus there’s this cute lil moment:

But what’s important about GMTNY is (at least in my opinion) the looks they gave each other, as well as the obvious tension that was felt b/t them during the couples game.

Exhibit A:

To which Maya replies: “Oh come on, Huckleberry, it’s just a game.” Well, that is until she gets her question, and then proceeds to do the same thing as Lucas.

Also note the closeness and proximity. Plus the looks they give each other, like they understand why the other did what they did now.

Exhibit B:

“Well, it’s one minute to midnight, and I’m glad you’re standing here.” -Maya

“Wow, that kind of makes up for everything.” -Lucas

I mean, seriously. How could you not think that those two have some sort of connection? LOOK. AT. THEIR. FACES.

Especially look at their faces after Farkle announced that Riley still loved Lucas:

Look at how they 1) have matching expressions   2) which means they’re both forlorn / sad / confused by what the hell just happened

And they look at each other to see how the other person is feeling. They care so much about each other to do that. I mean, Lucas could have easily just ran off with Riley and Maya could have just fell to pieces but they didn’t. They stayed  t o g e t h e r.

8. You’ve got the cuteness in Girl Meets STEM (lab partners!)

9. Season 3 moments

defensive boyfriend at 12 o’clock

total couple

can’t forget the shirt grab, it’s a signature move

he knows who she is.

he was the only one who actually said something helpful to her when she was trying to find herself.

**meanwhile you have riley who says:

*to which Maya replies:

“My voice is still my voice Riley. You’re going to have to show me a lot more than clothes and hair before I believe that it isn’t.”

Aaaaaaand now back to lovely Lucas Friar:

look at how happy he is to have maya back.

boyfriend of the year award

son in law award



10. Girl Meets Ski Lodge (aka: the best for last)

and she’s back.

hey, boing is not an issue. he’s a fantasy and you don’t go out with a fantasy.

Important to notice that Maya felt the need to justify herself to Lucas. And how she says you don’t go out with a fantasy (Josh), which implies that she would go out with Lucas (a reality).

Lucas was (only) mad because Maya could have gotten herself killed, which echoes Maya’s sentiments about Lucas riding the bull, where he could’ve gotten hurt. He doesn’t mind the tangling they do (”I also like it when Maya “hahurrs” me and calls me a Huckleberry 50 times a day” - Lucas Friar) but that’s not what he likes about her….as in about Maya as a person. See. Deeply caring.  He knows her better than she does.

Another parallel I noticed is that we never know why Maya doesn’t answer Lucas’ question (of why she poured a smoothie on his head) here.  Just like we never hear his answer to the question of why he lets Maya pick on him.

You can’t hurt me, can you?

He doesn’t mean to. Plus, his delayed reaction could have possibly been to her boldness of saying “it’s me” - when she was talking about who made his heart go ‘clippity clop.’ And then of course when he said he didn’t want to hurt her, she was reminded of what Josh told her. Not what she felt. But what he told her.

And then you have Lucas: He was just doing as he was told. Not what he felt. But what he was told:

“Huckleberry, if you care about me at all: Go find Riley, and tell her you love her.” - Maya to Lucas in GMSL

“Thank you.”

“What’re friends for.”

I still don’t buy it by her face at the end.

 I’ll leave you with this:

If Maya was supposedly Riley the whole time, then how could Riley feel threatened by the fact that she liked Lucas. Why would Riley have given them (aka: Lucas and Maya) a chance (to go out on a date) when in True Maya, Riley accuses Maya of ‘becoming her’ and says she’s going to take Lucas from her.  Why would Texas have even happened if they were supposedly the ‘same person?’ Why would Riley have told Lucas that Maya likes him if Maya was supposed to be Riley. And why would they continue to have more moments per episode than Riley and Lucas have had all seasons long if Maya was supposed to be just like Riley?

The answer?

Because Maya was herself. The whole time.  And Lucas knew knows that. He knows who Maya is because Maya was always herself.  And Lucas likes her for that.  And Maya liked likes him because Maya liked likes him. That’s all.

“You think they like each other?”

“I do.”

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