you will be forever my ultimate bias

So! I hit 1k followers (DAFUQ?!) & I figured, since I’m going to be leaving soon, that I should do a follow forever (because everyone does one at one point or another lmao) These are pretty self explanatory, so let’s just get to it before I die from this sriracha cabbage… 

Honorable Babes ♡

@apollonic {Sophie}

So you know I had to start this out with you, right? You are one of the most kind hearted, humble people I know. You have a diamond heart and I 100% mean this when I say there were some days I didn’t even want to get out of bed and you gave me the inspiration to take on the day. You already know how much you mean to me, even when we don’t talk for weeks or even when I suck at replying, I know I’ll always be somewhere in your heart, and you in mine. Thank you for being such a good friend. Oh, and by the way… your fashion is A1 and you make me feel like a total shrimp in comparison. I love it!

@archistratego {Eliot}

Heyyyy Eliot. ( / ; u;)/ ~♡ So I’ll try not to be a marshmallow for once and actually be serious. You and I have not known each other for long, but you’ve already become someone very important to me. I think we talk every day now? I know this because every day now I get this stupid smile on my face from your beaming optimism even when you yourself are feeling down. You are a knight if I’ve ever seen one, and are more talented than you will ever realize. Please be good to yourself; ily!

@auroremus {Bruna}

Girl.. ewe So you know… I had to get payback for that cuteness you displayed on your FF, right?? Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this cute being for a moment?? Okay. As you said, you and I don’t know eachother well, but you are honestly so fun to talk to. Some of the things you say has me cracking up, and I must say, thank you for putting up with my shitty communication skills. Also, your ambition is something I could only dream of acquiring. 

@dreadwvlf {Tallie}

Ahem.. I just want to say… Jimin is still  the ultimate bias wrecker. DON’T KILL ME!! Taeyang is great, BUT… dat Park Chimchim doe… (~e we)~ You and I hold the record for longest period of time talking about the same thing (…3 months..) OKAY, it might be because I’m retarded when it comes to responding on tumblr BUT, you were one of the first people I started talking to on here, and you love Kpop? Girl. GIRL. You are and forever will be my aegyo queen, and we shall bond over the untimely death of T.O.P’s wonderful hair (because you know they shaved that shit) 

@keries {Sierra}

My love, it goes without saying that you are the most important person to me. It’s kind of crazy. You’ve somehow found a way to enchant me, to pull my cold little heart out of it’s year long hiatus and now it can’t let go. You are perfection to me, and you make up for all my painfully obvious short comings. Every day I feel so lucky to have found you, and while I’m gone, you will be the first thing I think about in the mornings and the last thing I think about before bed. You are my wings as I am your anchor. Thank you for putting up with me. I love you. ♡♡

@opalynch {Ailen}

My little Maebear.. Do I even need to type this?? It’s so obvious that you are so so so so special to me. Like, I can’t even put it into words. I still to this day have no idea how we got talking, but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made on this tragic site. No one can take your place, and you have a permanent spot in my heart. You are so incredibly cute and ugh, such an angel. Where have you been all my life?!

@papakoscheis {Sara}

Sawa! (Okay I know what you’re thinking… can I NOT be a fucking marshmallow for one second?! The answer is.. no.) Okay so confession time. I kind of high-key stalked you for like a week before you followed me. I mean I’m going to act like I NEVER said that, but it’s the truth. Your whole existence is my aesthetic and you are so eclectic and unique, not to mention so damn smart. You’re going to go far in life and I’m going to ride those damn coat tails to victory!!! There’s nothing you can do to stop me! c:<

@tragicpatroclus {Daisy}

Okay… so… confession time again… You were the first person I ever talked to on this (still tragic) site. You are my first friend here! You took my tumblr virginity! I didn’t even get dinner out of the deal but hey, I’m… totally.. fine with that. Dates are overrated anyway.. >_> Seriously though.. where’s my dinner?! You are legitimately the smartest person I’ve met here. I’m not even kidding. You and I can seemingly talk about anything. I love it! Thank you so much for putting up with my shitty schedule and equally shitty social skills (I’m starting to see a trend here) you too have a place in my heart and I know you’ll soar like a wonderful eagle. Or Pegasus. I mean, your choice. c:

@virtuestars {Luna}

Last but not least! Okay so since I’m prone to going on and on and on, I’m going to try to sum this up in a paragraph. YOU ARE AMAZING! You and I met at a very trying time in my life, and talking to you really improved me. We can always procrastinate together and holy shit, I’m so excited for you to be studying abroad! We will totally have to go out and party sometime. I probably have to most in common with you out of anyone on this post and just knowing I can trust you with my thoughts, any of them, makes me feel so secure in our friendship and I hope and pray you feel the same. Love you!

❦ Loriat’s Follow Forever List

Legend: Babes | Mutuals | ⋆Inspos⋆

1 ~ C

@102runway @achielles ⋆@acuite⋆ @admlynch @alyxhathaway11 @apollonic@archistratego  @arrtemiss @arthoesunshine @asteriaria @astoryillnevertell @astrae @astraera  ⋆@astreay@astveria @asweetshame @auroremus @aurorras @banshy @bellatryks @benbornes @bilboh @bleeding-typewriters @bsargent @calliophes@calliophies@casimeres-lair @castielles @chaleurette @chovchang @cruciatuz @cuipid @czeornys

D ~ H

@dawnstvr @dementvr @divinetheta @dravvings @dreadwvlf @dreamthievves @drunklesbian @eclairer-le-ciel @eileenbahar-arts @emblazecl @english-idylls @eorumverba @exyjosten @ettheseus @eumycota @faeheys @fairydusts @featherumbrellas @firetomypride @fixyourwritinghabits @fleurdealcours@fleurrdelacour@fntstory @foxandstardust @frenchpoetry @fscottfitzgerld @game-of-quotes @gansaey @georgiableedscreativity@ginnys@halaltequila @hautescoutures @hayleylkiyoko @hckat @herhmione @herrmione @herxnstairs @histcries @huffelpuff@hynpos

I ~ N

⋆@ibuzoo⋆ ⋆@illuminosity@immobvlus@inkmagician@inksomniac @isabellasharp @jesprefahey@jilys@keries @ketterdvvm @khaleesee @kingscross @kinqstark @kknotted @kvnvki @lefleurette @lhzthepoet @liilyevans @lilyevians @literateure @lleotolstoy @longbottomed @looonyluna @lord-byronn @lostintales @lxcuna @lumosmaxima @lupins @meaningless–poetry @meetmeinadaydream @merflk @metanoiac @minjard @minrd @mjnyard @moody-nature @moongloss@moonrivier @narcsissa @nature-is-gorgeous @nehmesis@neptuneve @njmphadora   @nobunny88 @nubiferum

O ~ T

@ocxnus @oneihroi @okaymacaulay @okayodysseus @opalynch @opheliamayersv @orgaena @orlandcbloom @orros @oscarwiilde @othellos ⋆@oylmpians⋆ @paintedemons ⋆@papakoscheis⋆ @parisfashionhouse @patroiclus @pequicks ⋆@persrephone⋆ @petrichovr @pipedream@pltrch⋆ @poeets ⋆@pohroro⋆ @prcserpina ⋆@priveting⋆ @ptxd ⋆@pushkins⋆ @qiu-jin @quotes @quotethat @reveiling@rcbynn@rhaegals @rogvepilot @royaltea@rykesmeadow@sealands @simplyvibes @siriusblsck @sofhtie @softalina @softdegas@softfeyre@softheartedpoet @softmeliorns @softstained @starspvn ⋆@stormybisexual⋆ @stormxarie @storyexcerpts @suburbanmomjeans @svvackhamer ⋆@swansmonet⋆ @sxofcrows @tcrtarus @tedtonks @thcodorcnott @theclassicsreader @thehound @therepublicofletters @thewinedarksea @thewritershandbook @thewrittenmagic @thoughts-positivity @tidsource @tinselswan @tlnagoldsteln @tragicpatroclus @tranquilist @tresmoreau

U ~ Z

@ulyxxes @umfleur @unwrittenphrases @vanettineros@veinus@velvetcloak @velvetglrl@versaillcs@vesrailles @virtuestars @vivalcli @voldemxrt @voneverec @vvintervveiss @whereicarusfell @williamherxndale @wordsbydominic@written-in-pen@yalitsquad @zoyalina!

Thank you so much to everyone on this list for being my friends, my inspirations, and having such wonderful content for me to oogle at all day! I will miss you all so dearly.  ♥

This is late and messy but I couldn’t not make something for my ultimate bias’ birthday. Happy birthday Kim Jonghyun- sometimes you frustrate me with how selfless and doubtful you are, but I love you so much regardless (and probably because) of that. You’ve come so far and never fail to make me smile. I’m proud of you- forever and always.  

So.. Eric is getting married! for real?!! ..
I just opened my PC on the easter holiday to find out about the news .. I just .. I guess many of us need some time to digest the news ..
so Eric was dating her for three years! so the rumors back then were right!.. but both denied it .. now when the news broke out again with evidence ,photos, Eric confirmed the relationship .. followed by a marriage announcement..  He always said that he’d hide any relationship unless he was taking it to marriage… and he finally is.

I’ve been following Shinhwa since 2004.. it’s a long journey.. & such significant change in Shinhwa is just.. overwhelming! .. like my babies are finally getting married! it’s ..a weird mixed feeling, a proud mother, a worried fan,.. it’s really a bunch of mixed feelings.. but anyway, Eric has been doing a lot for Shinhwa as an awesome leader & member .. He deserves happiness .. & he wanted to be the first to get married so here we go …

But can you girls imagine it?!! our leader is finally having his own family!! & soon having his own kids! Shinhwa Juniors! woah!! ..  Just imaging that Eric is getting married & all the members are around him in suits, but this time Shinhwa aren’t guests in someone’s marriage.. it’s their OWN marriage! .. woah!! waiting to see the funny stuff ShinDorks are gonna do & say on Eric’s wedding :)
p.s., hopefully the MCs now will stop asking that forever annoying question to Shinhwa ..

I really wish him a happy married life .. & I wish the other members will follow in his footsteps soon .. it’s okay for me that they do whatever they want in their private life .. as long as Shinhwa goes on .. Shinhwa is forever. Right, Eric? .. “Even if they’re married.. even if they’ve kids.. Shinhwa will go on”. I need to hear more of this confirmation plz .. & Eric just gave it in his announcement.
“and I promise to work harder with a settled mind for all the love you gave.”
He’s the man of his words. So my heart feels more secure now ..

Congratulations Eric .. you deserve happiness .. but please keep the child in you alive! be forever our kid leader. it’s an amazing virtue * & I hope u getting married doesn’t mean u need to act “mature”! .. just be the way you are.
love you Eric. My ultimate bias who’s been conquering my heart for 13 years is finally getting married. 

I was really worried about YG making the decision to move forward with GD’s comeback given the current situation with TOP, but after listening to all of his songs, I can see why they did it. Sometimes, my friends who are also interested in kpop and follow certain groups wonder why I chose Kwon Jiyong as my ultimate bias, and I think that this album can be my answer. The songs are so honest and well-written. They’re catchy but don’t conform. You can hear that it’s still so unashamedly Ji singing and rapping. I think that a lot of the VIP community feels my similar frustration, especially at times like these, where you want to reach out to your bias member or group and just show them how much you love and support them (be it because they are at a low point and need that extra love or they’ve just accomplished something and you want them to see how proud you are… or both!). It’s hard to sit back and watch the videos and buy the albums or songs, to vote for the songs/albums on the charts and feel like that’s all you can do to show your support. But the outpouring of kind comments I’ve seen on this site for TOP and GD, and the fact that GD has just outcharted ED SHEERAN for no.1 on the U.S. itunes chart shows that this fandom really is a family that’s willing to support each other and the Big Bang members through the worst and best of times. I could not be prouder to call myself a part of this fandom. Stay strong, VIPS. UNTIL WHENEVER 


byun baekhyun | sweetest downfall

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anonymous asked:

I FEEL YOU IN A SPIRITUAL LEVEL--- I'm 5 years in the kpop fandom and the only "merch" i have ever purchased is 3 posters of my first and forever ultimate bias group 2pm and 2 posters of snsd 😖😖😖😖😖😖 broke like 25/8 , 367 days a year

I collect kpop albums but being broke is definitely not helping. Tbh I don’t even know how I managed to buy the albums I already own cause my wallet is always empty. MAY THE MONEY CHOA BLESS US WITH SOME CASH

The courage Bang Yongguk must have gathered to let himself be under the eyes of the masses again even though he still might not be completely fine is just amazing.
I struggle with depression and anxiety myself and seeing Bang Yongguk take on the world like that just to assure everyone that he’s doing his best in making his comeback makes me think that I may also still have a chance on making mine.
This is one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you, Bang Yongguk.

I don’t care what he’s doing, I could stare at him forever. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a scenario where Taeyong gets jealous and him and his gf get into a huge fight but they make up at the end??

Thank you for requesting!!! Yessss more Taeyong my ultimate baby boy (I’m lying I don’t have an ultimate bias I’m too much of a hoe for that)! I hope you request again in the future!! Sorry it took forever, but it’s here now. I’m sorry it wasn’t that angsty, I really tried to make it as angsty as possible, but I don’t think I did a very good job. I don’t know, tell me what you think. I hope you like it, but if you don’t (which I’d understand since I’m not even really all that proud of it myself) I can always redo it. Enjoy fantastic anonnie!! - Maya
Pairing: Taeyong x (female) reader
Genre: angst, fluff

“What do you think of this one?” You asked posing in high waisted shorts and a crop top for your boyfriend. You were going on vacation in two weeks so you decided you needed to do a little shopping. Taeyong insisted on coming with you to help, but for some reason he hasn’t been in the best mood.

“Aren’t those shorts a little too short?” He asked crossing his arms. You looked down and turned around. Before you could respond he spun you back around and stood in front of you. It was as if he was trying to block you from something.

“What’s wrong?”

“Aren’t you revealing a little too much skin?”

“No? It’s not like I’m wearing a bikini Taeyong.”

Taeyong grunted and looked away. It’s not like you’ve never worn anything like this before. It was just a crop top and shorts that stopped at your thigh. You walked back into the changing room and changed back into your clothes. You stepped out, but Taeyong was nowhere to be found.


“Hello there.” A male voice next to you said. You smiled and waved politely to the stranger and then returned to looking around for your boyfriend. The stranger stepped closer to you, invading your space.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing here alone?”

You stepped to the side away from the stranger. Taeyong where are you?  "I’m not alone. My boyfriend is here with me.“

“I don’t see him anywhere.”

“I’m right here.” Taeyong said wrapping his arm around your waist. You sighed in relief. You were afraid something would’ve happened. Yet he felt so tense. You looked up and  and could see the displeasure in his eyes. His grip on your waist tightening.

“Now if you excuse us.” He said pulling you toward the check out line.


He ignored you and looked the other way. Was he really going to act this way? Did you do something wrong? The lady rung up your clothes and Taeyong paid for everything without saying a word. Grabbing your bags, he dragged you out of the store and into the car.


He slammed the car doors shut and started the engine. What has gotten into him? You stared at him incredulously, not understanding why he was acting this way. His grip on the steering wheel was so tight you were afraid he’d break it in half. Indignation radiating from his body as if he was wearing it as cologne. His gaze so intense it could demolish every object in his field of vision. You reached his dorm and you got out of the car to grab your bags. It looks like Taeyong beat you to it and made his way to enter the building. Why was he being so cold?

You walked inside the dorm to find it being completely empty. No sign of the other members anywhere. You looked around and found a note saying they went to a movie and would be back soon. Taeyong set your bags upstairs in his room and came back down to get something out of the kitchen.

“Taeyong,” You called trying to get his attention, but failing. He disregarded your calls for him and grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator. You stood in the doorway of the kitchen so you could see him, “Taeyong. Lee Taeyong I am talking to you!”

“Then what Y/N? What do you want?”

“What I want is to know what’s going on with you. You’ve been in a bad mood since we got to the mall.”

“It’s nothing.” He muttered trying to walk away, but you held him still.

“Don’t lie to me Taeyong.”

“It’s nothing Y/N. Leave it.” He growled shaking off your grip. He sat on the couch and turned the t.v on. You scoffed and crossed your arms. Fine, if he wanted to be like this that’s okay. Two could play at that game. You marched up to him and snatched the remote from his hands to turn the t.v off. He rolled his eyes and got up to go upstairs, but you pulled him back by his wrist.

“What is your problem?”

“I don’t know Y/N, why don’t you go ask all those guys who were staring at you as if you were the last cookie in the cookie jar! Maybe they’d know what my problem is!”

What guys? You didn’t see anyone checking you out. Was he being serious right now? The only one you knew for sure was flirting with you was the one who kept invading your space and asked if you were alone.

“Yet you choose to take it out on me?”

“Well how could I not since it’s your fault.” He accused ripping his wrist out of your grasp. So he was blaming you now?

“How exactly is it my fault?” You asked stepping closer to him.

“Look at what you’re wearing Y/N, do you think men are just going to ignore that? One of them even came up to me saying they wanted to ‘tap that’. So yeah I blame you.”

“Oh okay so I wear a pair of shorts that stop a bit higher than normal and a tank top and all of sudden it’s my fault men are animals and can’t keep their perverted thoughts to themselves?”

“Glad we came to an agreement.” Taeyong said making his way upstairs.

“Don’t walk away from me Lee Taeyong! I’m talking to you!” You yelled after him. You weren’t done with him. How could he possibly blame you for this?

“Well I’m done talking.” He responded walking up to his room.

“You’re being so fucking ridiculous Taeyong!” You exclaimed barging into his room. His figure pacing his room, up and down.

“Ridiculous? Sorry if I don’t like other guys checking out my girlfriend.”

“I don’t understand why you’re so jealous! If you actually trusted me and felt secure in this relationship you wouldn’t feel this way!”

That made him stop in his tracks. He turned towards you and walked closer to where you were. You backed away until you felt your back hit the wall.

“So I don’t trust you now? So I’m having doubts?”

“Glad we came to an agreement.”

Taeyong chuckled darkly and stepped away from you. He sat on the bottom bunk with his head in his hands. Silence fell over the room and the anger you both had was replaced with sadness.

“Tae, if you don’t trust me then I might as well leave now. Why can’t you believe I’m only yours? I give you my all and you act like this.” Your hand reached for the doorknob so you could escort yourself out. Instantly he got up and blocked the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” His voice softer than it was before.

“I’m going home Taeyong.” Your voice weary from all the arguing. You just wanted to go home and lock yourself in your room. The thought of Taeyong not trusting you was killing you inside. You didn’t have the energy for more arguing.

“No you’re not, just please stay here. I trust you Y/N. I trust you with my life, but I don’t trust other people when it comes to you. Is it wrong to want you all to myself? Is it wrong to want to hide you from the world because of how beautiful you are? Is it wrong to feel nervous that one day you’re going to realize you deserve so much more than me and find someone else?”

You stood there with your mouth agape wanting to say something, but not being able to form the words in your mouth. He thinks you’ll leave him?


He grabbed your hand and pulled you over to the bottom bunk bed. His eyes on you while he squeezed your hand.

“I shouldn’t have blamed you because it’s not your fault. I know it’s not your fault and it never will be. No matter what you or other women wear it will never be your fault when men flirt with you. I’m sorry, I just get so jealous and today I couldn’t control it.”

“I’m not going to leave you for someone else, Lee Taeyong, you are stuck with me. Thank you for apologizing, I’m sorry for accusing you of not trusting me. I know you trust me, but baby there’s nothing to get jealous over. You have me and they don’t. That’s not going to change.”

“How did I get so lucky?” He asked pulling you on top of him, eliciting a giggle from you. He pecked your lips and then kissed your forehead.

“Are we okay?”

“We’re okay. Why don’t you go model those outfits again for me. I promise this time I’ll actually enjoy it.”

top 10 biases

i got tagged by @shinwoo-gave-me-simkunghae and @loudunspoken, so thanks! 

[!] warning: my list always changes and it is way much longer than ten but i tried to condense it this time [!]

1) Shin Dongwoo (B1A4) - i don’t think there’s a short explanation on why he will forever be my ultimate bias so if you really want to know why, ask me and i’ll write the longest thing… 

2) Cha Yoonji (I) - she is actually the human embodiment of everything happy in this world. i love her so much and i just want her to keep being my little sunshine 

3) Lu Han - there’s such long history with him, but long story short, he was my first bias in exo (and first bias in general) and then two weeks later, he announced his leave from exo… 

4) Go Ara - she seriously knows how to get into character in her acting. i fell in love with her from reply 1994 (for some unknown reason) and i can’t seem to take it back 

5) Min Dohee - again, i fell in love with her from reply 1994, too, more because her character reminds me of someone i know. she was in tiny g and her personality just makes me so happy 

6) Park Sungjun (Boys Republic) - he’s actually so weird and dorky but he has such a soft heart. his random roasts and comments make me laugh (plus his singing and guitar playing makes me feel calm) 

7) Lee Minhyuk (Block B) - okay, first off, this boy actually needs to chill with his selcas because i really want to live another day. but after i got past the oddly(?) good looks, i found out that he’s even weirder than i imagined and now i can’t go back 

8) Kim Hyunjung (Hoody Kim) - she can shoot me and i would say thank you. hoody’s the princess of aomg, but she’s the queen of my heart and now i realized how stupid that sounds, so i’ll go away 

9) Kim Moonchul (Royal Pirates) - he’s such a soft and his voice has never failed to put me in a good mood. i really miss him and i hope him and the rest of royal pirates are doing okay (even you, james!) 

10) Lee Seunghyun (BIGBANG) - seungri is really something… all of the stupid things he’s done made me realize, “hey, this guy is actually not that bad and i just want him to keep being himself” no matter what he does, he makes me laugh and i just want to say thank you

so if you made it this far, now you know my biases? i mean, i have a more accurate list on my phone but if i were to actually pick my top ten, they would be it.

i’m tagging: @1991shinwoo, @jhyngs, @ifthepenwrites, @shinwhoohoo, and @unofficialvarsity (sorry if any of you did this already!)



Wow. It’s been six years. Congratulations and Thank you. No words could describe how proud and thankful I am for UKISS. You were the very first KPOP group I loved and you will always be my NUMBER ONE forever. For the past six years, a lot of things have happened. There were pain but there were happiness. 

To Alexander Lee Eusebio, Oppa! Thank you for your optimism. I have always admired that of you. “I never chose to leave you guys.” Thank you for never forgetting UKISS and Kiss Mes. And just like always, thank you for the smiles you unselfishly shared with us.

To Shin SooHyun, our dearest leader, it was not easy, right? You must have had a hard time. Thank you for always smiling for us but it’s okay to cry and not be okay. “Tonight, I am willing to die on stage.” Oppa, thank you for being strong and for giving it your all for UKISS and for us, Kiss Mes. Thank you for thinking of us as your sky. I promise to be a sky that will make UKISS shine the brightest. Thank you and let’s keep going.

To Kim Ki Bum, Oppa… I’m sorry for not being able to protect you. When you were having a hard time back in 2010, I’m sorry for doubting you instead of cheering you on. Oppa, I’m sorry. “Losing a friend hurt a lot because that’s when you lose one person who will be there for you.” We will always be your friend who will back you up and we will be there. Thank you for keeping up with the pain and for moving forward. This time and in the future, I will be there to cheer you on. Have strength.

To Lee Ki Seop, our selca King! You have been to countless auditions and you have had a hard time that it made you sad. Oppa, thank you for not giving up and for being cheering us up with your lovely selcas. I wish I could do the same for you. But Oppa, your mom must be really proud, more than we are, of you. “The best thing that happened to me was when I became part of UKISS.” It was also one of the best things that happened to UKISS. Thank you for your strength and undying passion. Oppa, I am really proud of you.

To Kim Kyoung Jae, Eli! Pigeon! Thank you for enduring months of ramen and fighting the loneliness of being away from home. “The memory that made me cry whenever I think about it, is now a memory I can laugh about.” It was difficult to face the world on your own at a very young age but Oppa, I admire your bravery and your determination to achieve your dreams. Thank you, really thank you for showing us the different charms of Eli and introducing to us Kim Kyoung Jae. You are not alone, Oppa. Go towards your dreams and Kiss Mes will be there to support you.

To Kim Jae Seop, AJ! Our Ivy League Oppa! I really admire you. I am always impressed that our Oppa has been accepted to an Ivy League university but more than that, I am proud because although it was not easy, you did it and most importantly, because you always come back to us. “No matter where I am, I am a member of UKISS. That is something that will not change.” Thank you, AJ, for juggling school and being UKISS AJ. You’ll come back, right? I am looking forward to seeing you on stage with UKISS again and I am wishing to hear more of Jae Seop’s music and sound.

To Yeo Hoon Min, our bunny and selca prince, Thank you for showing us the different charms and sides of Hoon. Thank you for being part of UKISS and for showering us with so much love. Thank you for loving Kiss Mes and UKISS and bearing with the ‘hate’ when you began. Thank you for sharing with us the voice of Yeo Hoon Min and your fabulous abs (Hihi). Thank you for working hard always, whether it is acting, or musicals, or simply every day. Thank you for being a great vitamin. “Before we appear on stage, we always assemble up in a circle and scream out, here we go.” Oppa, let’s keep going and going.

To Woo SungHyun, our angel, Kevin Oppa! Did I tell you that you are truly like an angel? Thank you for your kindness and innocence. Thank you for being our dearest Oppa. Thank you for your voice and for not being afraid to cry. Next time, we will cry together because of happiness. Thank you for coming to South Korea, even though it means living away from home. “Everything we do is for our Kiss Mes. And Kiss me to us is like family.” Thank you for being our dearest Kevin and for loving Kiss Mes.

To Lee Jun Young, Junie! I did not easily accept you and I’m sorry for that. I was just not ready. But it must have been more difficult for you. Thank you Jun for working hard for UKISS, for practicing and practicing, Thank you for lowering the average age of UKISS (just kidding). Thank you ruining Kiss Mes bias list (kidding again HAHA but it’s true) But really thank you for joining UKISS despite the risk and the sacrifices you have to endure. “When I first joined UKISS, I was worried that I could be a burden to them.” You are not a burden. You are a great addition to the family.

To Shin Dong Ho, NAPPEUN NAMJA! You are my bias in UKISS, my forever Ultimate. Just thinking that I might not see you perform again breaks my heart. But it was a decision that probably was not easy for you too. I admire you for working your way towards your dreams at a very young age. While I was still unsure of the path to take, you were already on your way. But it must have been hard. Thank you, my DongHo, for being strong and for your sacrifices. You must have been hurt a lot. I’m sorry for not being able to wipe away your pain when you have always cheered me up. That is why, nappeun namja, thank you, really thank you for being part of UKISS and you will always be. Thank you my inspiration and happiness. “When UKISS’ song ranked first, I’m the happiest. The saddest is when our song is outside the top 1000 songs.” I’m sorry for I could not fulfill that dream. Although it may not happen soon, someday, I wish I could see you on stage again and together with you hyungs and Jun, you will stand together and make that dream come true. Thank you and I love you, Shin Dong Ho and whatever it is you want to do, I will be supporting you.

To NH Media, you may not be the best company in this world, but thank you for creating UKISS and for the six years of being their company. Please, don’t you ever ever disband them. And I wish you could take better care of them. But thank you for introducing to us the Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star.

To Kiss Mes, oh my Kiss Mes. I’m so proud of our fandom. It is a fandom that makes me happy that I am part of. Let’s us be always there for our boys and to support them no matter what. Whether you were there in the beginning, the middle or just now, what is important is that we will be there always. Thank you Kiss Mes for a great six years of fandom love.

HAPPY SIX YEARS OF HARD WORK, LOVE AND HAPPINESS! HAPPY SIXTH ANNIVERSARY, UKISS and Kiss Mes! The journey was not easy and there were painful moments we wanted to forget but those made us into who we are and gave us lesson we will always remember. Let’s us create memories together that will wash away all the pain. I love you OT10! And I will be a Kiss Me now and forever. I will be there. Let’s keep going.

Till eternity.


Super Junior is life for me and @@GaemGyu Kyuhyun is the foundation of that life. My SJ journey all started with Kyuhyun’s precious voice and I am heartfully grateful for that. With your temporary absence, I promise, no changing of hearts. It’s you and will always be you. 11 years after your debut, you’ve come so far. I am so proud of what you have become, Kyu. I’m proud to be your fan. You will be my forever favorite singer in the world, my ultimate bias, my baby, my sunshine, my happiness, my love. Happy 11th Anniversary, my Kyuhyunnie 💙 I miss you. I love you. Can’t wait to greet you on your comeback. More years to come bb! Let’s meet again soon together with your SJ hyungs~ See you soon. Take care, be healthy and happy. Waiting Sti11, Kyu 😘😘💙💙

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Sad News.

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. 

I’m doing pretty good myself, it seems, but something in the back of my mind has been bothering me lately… and after a long time of individual thought, pros and cons being listed, outside advice taken, etc., I have finally come to a decision.

As of July 31, 2016, starting at 12PM EST…

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PROJECT 9 YEARS part 2 with Seungri/Lee Seunghyun


I mentioned that Part 2 is going to be all of Seungri from MADE series so, all 7 songs he was in is here, including ‘If You’. I love that song to the core if you guys don’t know already. The sketch for these chibis were done almost a whole month ago to be honest, but never got around to finishing them. When I did finish colouring though, I decided to halt the upload because of the things going around that was more important than my fanart. Plus, we can always wait a bit right? 

The entire process took so long that even the speedpaint video took some time to edit and cut…. total of almost 4 hours! Split into several sessions too since sitting there in front of the computer colouring for that long is a killer~ So what do you guys think? How does it look? I was going to put them into separate pieces like I did part 1 but then… well it all belongs in the same comeback era so I decided to make it as a wallpaper almost. Sorry widescreeners, you’ll have to deal with it, like me~ I’m using this as one of my desktop wallpapers right now kekeke. 

Anyways, I could go on forever just blabbering about but I won’t. Here’s the speedpaint video belong and if you click on the video, you’ll know who did the mashups for the songs I’m using. I’m always fond of mashups and remixes, they’re all just so brilliant and refreshing!

(Please do not edit/take out logo and credit back if shared at other social media sites. Do not use it for any commercial purposes without permission and report anyone who does. Thank you!)


October 24th 2014

Happy Birthday Jung Soo Jung the cutest, prettiest yet coldest and most perfect maknae on this entire planet! I just wanted to say you’ve grown up to be such an amazing, inspiring and talented girl, but most of all the most beautiful girl both inside and out. Since you’re twenty-one now might as well find yourself a boyfriend but it will be hard to steal our ice princess’s heart. You’re not afraid to show people who you are, even though there will be haters out there but just remember that you’ve got us f(x) stan/ Krystalized here to care and support you. Life is tough just like these past months but I assure you that everything is gonna be alright, Jessica loves you so much and so do we, oh don’t forget f(x), SHINee oppas and the SMFAMILY too! Vic umma will make you delicious food just don’t get sick okay? Amber will protect you so stay strong, Luna would still fool around with you and Sulli will buy you the bread from that shop she promised 4 years ago :) Finally thank you for being my ultimate bias, I’ll always stay by your side, forever and always I promise. Saranghae and once again Happy 21st Birthday Princess~ ♡