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Yandere head cannons for Bulkhead and Wheel Jack? Either them tag teaming or pitting against each other in secret to get their affections love.

Let’s go with tag teaming, because best friends should learn to share, right? ;)

  • Bulkhead by himself is not nearly as bad, but it’s Wheeljack who really brings out the worst in him.
  • Wheeljack is the first to recognize that they both have feelings for the same human, and rather than try to ruin their friendship over it, he’s suggests the idea of trying to pursue you together.  Bulkhead is a little wary at first, but he eventually agrees.
  • Now that Wheeljack doesn’t have to worry about stepping on any toes, he’s free to openly flirt with you, often acting as a wingman for Bulkhead who usually can’t form two complete sentences when it comes to this sort of thing.
  • The sudden change catches you completely off guard.  You had no idea either of them had any interest in you, much less both of them!  It’s a bit strange at first but nonetheless flattering.
  • With Wheeljack’s help, Bulkhead slowly becomes more confident about flirting with you, especially once he knows you’re receptive.
  • They are both your overprotective boyfriends, and they’ll wreck anybody who lays a hand on you.
  • As much as he might prefer otherwise, Wheeljack takes things slow with you, not wanting to scare you off or make you uncomfortable.  It’s not an easy feat though.  Whenever his urges start reach a boiling point, he slips off to the Jackhammer for some much needed alone time.
  • Wheeljack also ropes Bulkhead into doing things such as tapping your phone frequency or secretly following you home, always using the same excuse that it’s for your own safety.  Eventually Bulkhead just stops questioning the ethics of what they’re doing, knowing that keeping you safe is more important than his own scruples.   
  • They don’t normally get jealous.  When it happens it’s usually due to Bulkhead’s insecurities about himself.  He might pout for awhile or make a fool of himself trying to get your attention back, but that’s about it.  Wheeljack is more subtle.  He keeps it all in until he finds an opportunity to get the perpetrator alone.  After that (surprisingly) they don’t seem interested in talking to you anymore. 
  • They are very found of physical affection, Bulkhead especially.  It’s not uncommon to find you sandwiched between them as you all sit down for an Earth flick.
  • They only time either of them come off as just a bit overbearing is when it comes to your protection during a mission.  They’ll forbid you from leaving the base unless it’s an emergency.  And don’t think about trying to fire up a ground bridge either, because Wheeljack has no qualms about locking you in the Jackhammer if you try anything…


I honestly don’t know what to say, this is such a big deal for me!

A huge, gigantic thanks to all my followers who have stuck with me for these great few months! I want to give an extra special thanks and shout out to a few people:

@geekyowlet You were my first true friend on tumblr, and are an amazing, inspirational artist! Thank you for being so kind and loving towards me.

@straightforparsp You are one of my closest friends on this site and you’re a blast to be with, and also an amazing artist! Thank you for sticking with me, I know I can be annoying haha.

@baintastic I love you so much???? Like wow you have always been so amazingly kind to me and you’ve helped me through so many tough times. Thank you so, so much for that!

@bothepunx & @thestarryeyedsailor (happy (late) anniversary you guys!!!!) YOU ABSOLUTE POWER COUPLE. Y’all are like the most accepting and kind people I’ve met in a while. So happy to be talking with you guys!

@chergio14 I don’t talk to you too much, but when I do it’s always a joy! Thanks for talking to me, I hope we can become closer.

And finally, @puffli love you so much. <3

Thank you all so much!!!!

Thank You
슈퍼 주니어 (Super Junior)
Thank You


This blog has been running since around January, and 7 months in we have achieved so much! From one person running the blog to now four! 

We really appreciate every single one of you and giving us words of encouragement when we had little issues.

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We hope you continue to support us in the future and give us much love. We would also like to just welcome ROSE again! She is our latest admin and we are really happy to have her on the team soooooo we will smoother you with our weirdness 


love kyu, illi, M. and Rose

Non-Human Prompt Meme

Send me an emoji and a character!

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🐠 - mermaid
🌹 - fairy
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🌊 - sea monster
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🐣 - phoenix
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I take off my expensive wired bra and throw it in the laundry bin, pouting at the sweat marks on it.

I wipe away the sweat under my breasts and finally take a shower after having spent the whole day in temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius.

I check if there’s any redness under them, ready to use baby talc cream if that’s the case.

I put on a loose, wireless sports bra and choose which one of my other three wired bras I’ll wear the next day before I throw it to the laundry bin by the end of it.

I hope they’ll last long enough because they’re difficult to find in styles you like.   

(I remember having wanted a cute Hellο Κιtty bra when I was a teenager, but they never had one in D cup)  

I hope the wires won’t break through the fabric and scratch my skin like that one time.

I lie down on my bed, trying to find a position that won’t make me sweat during the hοt summer night even with the sports bra.

And I think, look, some people got it worse, I’m only wearing like, D cup bras?

But I can’t help muttering to myself,

“Big bοοbs are so overappreciated.”

Apparently Tumblr is in the process of rolling out a feature that allows users to see when the people they have been messaging were last online.

Please know that I will never expect you to drop everything to answer my messages.

Please know that I understand you might only have come to Tumblr to decompress, not to talk.

Please know that I understand you have a RL that is stressful and you don’t always have the energy to respond.

Please never feel pressured into answering me just because you were “online”.

And @staff , please provide us with an opt-out solution for this.

I adore Homecoming so much and he’s such a pure good boy. Go and watch the movie. It’s amazing! I loved it from beginning to end. (2Redbubble