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when will 30-year-olds stop positioning themselves as wise community elders in a transparent bid to frame their preexisting personal biases as the Only Historically Correct Opinions while attacking anyone with an even slightly different perspective as an ignorant, ungrateful child, even if that person is in actual fact older than said 30-year-old

Possible ways to spin the wreckage (1)

It would be brilliant if we could see Robert spiral out of control after Aaron leaves him, post-reveal. Like have him completely fall apart. I know this is something a lot of people in the fandom want as well.

Robert hasn’t fully dealt with his issues. The abuse he suffered from his dad, his fear of abandonment, his slightly homicidal tendencies (teehee).

I want to see him suffer because ultimately that could be what brings them back.

I want to see him bawling as tells Victoria and Diane how Jack really treated him.

It would also be amazing to see Aaron be the one rescuing Robert for a change. It’s something he’s so capable of. Being a pillar of strength, rather than the boy in constant turmoil and anguish.

I’m picturing an emotional breakdown scene. Robert fully clothed sobbing in pain on the bathroom floor. Aaron comes in and puts him under the shower. Their both fully clothed, sitting in the tub. Aaron is holding on to Robert in front of him, arms around his waist, whispering it’s going to be ok. Their both silently crying. (Partly inspired from the lovely robron fan fic - Don’t you let me go by Wolkej25).

I mean this fandom deserves a Robron shower scene!!! It’s also probably the only way they can do it without breaking the watershed rules.

Thank you!!! 400 Followers!!!!

*Gushes* I kinda can’t believe it, only a few weeks ago I was celebrating 200 and now – I can’t keep up :D I’m so glad this FFXV community is still growing and full of lots of fun ideas and creative fans!!

And to show my appreciation, I’d like to hold another vote! Like last time, I’d like to do both art and a little ficlet, but the characters and situations are flexible!  Vote in the comments or reblog, here are the general options (but please feel free to add your suggestions, too!)

1. Prompto + bottom!Gladio, woohoo!

2. Yakuza Ignis + Noct (from my Yakuza AU fic

3, Older Ignis + Older Shirtless Gladio, a la these screenshots posted by @crossedquills

The vote runs for the next 24 hours, so until noon on Thursday 3/30 (EST) or midnight here in Japan :D – Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!! *heart heart*


True story. I hardly ever play Widow (usually too busy filling in tanks and healers) but occasionally I try her out. Wanting to brush up on different skills, y’know. And if you ever play Widow, you’ll know that you became the one to blame the moment things go wrong. Or even before that, a lot of the time. 

Then his happened and my heart of stone melted.

That video of the guy with his kids interrupting his interview but instead

General Organa : *discussing war and important issues to council via space Skype*

Toddler Ben : * dances in, wielding a toy saber* R2 rolls in behind him

Han : frantically bursts in, attempting to wrangle his unruly toddler and oblivious droid