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Yandere Us Pap and Mf bros? Possibly containing some nsfw?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

TW: Violence



  • He knows.
  • He knows everything.
  • So don’t even think about trying to escape. You’re not going to get very far anyway so why don’t you stay nice and tight in your comfy little cell like the good datefriend you are. 
  • Will rip your legs off if he has to prevent escape. 
  • He’s emotionless. He claims that he loves you and that you make him happy, but you’ve never seen him without that lazy, blank expression and a cigarette in his mouth. 
    • Even when you make him mad enough to punish you, he always looks so at peace. 
  • Killed his brother a long time ago so he wouldn’t interfere. Stretch claimed that he was doing Blue a favor, because if Blue ever caught him doing this to you, he wouldn’t just kill his brother, no, he would torture him too. 
  • Don’t worry about your family missing you. Trust him, they stopped missing you a long, long time ago. 



  • It’s a slow and gradual progress. 
  • You don’t even realize that your friends and family has stopped talking to you 
  • You don’t realize that you never leave his home anymore. 
    • Scar already gives you everything that you need, why would you need to go outside? 
  • He pampers you like hell, giving you everything that you could ever possibly want. 
  • But then you notice how lonely you are. You have toys, diamonds, weapons, entertainment, but also have no worries either, no one to talk to. 
  • Scar is mostly at work so there’s no deep meaning conversations. 
  • There’s no one to talk to because your old connections won’t pick up the phone. 
  • You try to open the door, but it’s locked. Oh god it’s locked. 
  • What the hell have you gotten yourself into. 

Under the cut because it contains themes of sexual violence. Mobile link

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You know! What always kills me is that had we seen Isak from an outside POV during the beginning of S3 you would have thought he was just this moody grumpy player who's kind of a jerk BUT HE'S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT and Even's seen that moody grumpy boy since the first day of school but he STILL crushed on him from afar anyway and made the effort to get to know him, I'm cryinggg

Yes! It’s amazing how important POV is in understanding a character. Even, I think, has seen quite a few sides of Isak. He saw him the first day of school, right? He most likely has seen him not only with the boys but alone, maybe fighting the locker, dropping some coins in the cafeteria and grumpily mumbling to himself after, on a bus even? Listening to music and bopping his head to the beat while his curls bounced under a beanie and honestly, how couldn’t have Even been mesmerized and feel the need to get closer?

It actually kills me when we don’t talk, it kills me when you ignore me, it kills me when you’re busy with your life.
Sometimes I still get these urges to contact you.
It feels like pure desperation…  Like my skin is crawling and my eyes are burning and I just want you back in my life so badly….
And I don’t know why? Where these sudden urges come from?
Why do I still do this, even after all this time?!
It’s like I'm getting out, I'm almost clear…. and then suddenly I feel like I would do absolutely anything just to have you back in my life again.
Even for a single moment…. Just to see you, talk to you - ANYTHING!
It’s like I don’t WANT to be out, I still want to be in love with you because in my mind, loving you equates to happiness and I just want that back… just for one second.
But I have to remind myself it’s not healthy. 
Loving you is not like it used to be - it's not real anymore.
It’s not happy, it’s not positive…. and it’s gone and I can’t go back.
All I can do is put the phone down, blink back the tears … and keep moving forward.
—  Ranata Suzuki
I wonder if you ever felt like I abandoned you….  
If you ever thought I should have fought for you…

The truth of it is I never left.  
I’m still here.  
And I do fight for you - every single day.   
Not to win you…. not to trap you or cage you…  
But for your happiness.

I wage war on myself day in and day out for you.  
Tearing strips off myself, swallowing hatred and tears….  
So if you hate me because I abandoned you…. don’t worry…  
….. I hate myself for it too…
—  Ranata Suzuki

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Katie, if you don't mind, can you please give us some totally random and ridiculous headcanons about Shiro? please? :3c

I can’t believe Shiro is in Dream Daddy: a Dad Dating Simulator™

  • Pre-Kerberos, one of Shiro’s goals in life was to flex and have the sleeves of his shirt fall off. Matt and Keith have like, so many blackmail videos of Shiro grunting in front of a mirror like a caveman. Sadly, he never did quite manage it before his big mission.
    • Post-Kerberos, Shiro is definitely able to flex his sleeves off, but he unfortunately doesn’t have any clothes to do so in :( Another tragedy to add to the list known as his life.
  • Shiro thought Keith was 11 for like three years (they first met when Keith was 13)
  • As a kid, Shiro went back and forth between living with his grandmother or his two dads.
    • His grandmother is the one who taught him how to fly and instilled his love for it.
  • His Thing is putting glow-in-the-dark stars everywhere, and he and Lance bond over it. But they also get into massive arguments about how the stars should be arranged (they love different constellations)
  • He can chop onions without crying
  • Shiro: (doing regular push-ups in the training room)
    Shiro: (hears footsteps approaching the door)
    Shiro: (switches to doing one-armed push-ups right before the door opens) oh, hey
    Person: Wow, that’s amazing!
    Shiro: Oh, this? It’s nothing. Whatever it takes to beat Zarkon, you know?
  • He looks calm during horror movies but in reality, his fight-or-flight instincts are so triggered that he’s basically frozen in place. Watching the TV with a serene smile.
  • Shiro loves yelling at contestants whenever he watches cooking shows and everyone else is like ‘… you can’t even cook, lmao’
  • Finals week always killed Shiro lmao
    • Shiro: (stumbles out of the classroom wearing his uniform top and sweatpants)
    • Matt: Sooooooo how’d it go?
    • Shiro: (with bloodshot eyes) stupid science bitch couldn’t even make I more smarter
  • Shiro is a hula hoop GOD

Space. The final frontier. Final because it wants to kill us. Sometimes we forget that. Start taking it all for granted. The suits, the ships, the little bubbles of safety…as they protect us from the void. But the void is always waiting. So, how does space kill you? I’m glad you asked. The main problem is pressure. There isn’t any. So don’t hold your breath, or your lungs will explode. Blood vessels rupture. Exposed areas swell. Fun fact! The boiling temperature of water is much lower in a vacuum, which means that your sweat and your saliva will boil as will the fluid around your eyes. You won’t notice any of this because 15 seconds in, you’ve passed out as oxygen bubbles formed in your blood. And 90 seconds in, you’re dead.    o x y g e n