you will always fight not to drown

for all my trans and nb followers, especially the kids and those who may still be in the closet, please don’t let what trump said today make you ashamed or afraid to be who you are. you are NOT a burden, you are IMPORTANT and you MATTER. i’m so sorry that there are people who can’t see that. i’m not going to lie to you and say this isn’t what trans people face on the daily, i’m not gonna tell you that our lives are all rainbows and flowers bc they aren’t AT ALL. but we are capable of having rich and happy lives, despite pieces of shit like that orange circus peanut.

you matter. you always have, please let my voice drown out all the bad ones. please. you matter.

and for all my cis followers, fight for us. we are fighting for ourselves trust me we are, but be an ally to us and fight too. don’t speak over us, don’t overshadow us, but stand with us please. know the struggles we face, and stand with us to help change that. be our ally.

based on this suggestions blog.  warning:  these are pretty dark/angry  &  could be triggering to some people.  please be cautious before proceeding!!

‘  all i want in my life is for my friends to be able to touch me suddenly  &  me to not flinch away without meaning to.  when will this stop affecting me?  ’
‘  all i want is to be soft  &  gentle,  but i’m made out of steel  &  anger.  maybe in another life,  i guess.  ’
‘  beauty is in the eye of the beholder,  so choose to see beauty in everything.  ’
‘  burning it all to the ground  &  force them to start again.  they made you lose everything.  now return the favor.  ’
‘  do i ever even cross your mind or do i do all the thinking of us on my own?  ’
‘  do you trust me enough?  do you trust me at all?  ’
‘  don’t you dare abandon me.  ’
‘  even after all you have done,  i will always want you fighting on my side.  ’
‘  every time i see you smile i fall in love with your brightness all over again.  ’
‘  everyone i have ever loved is long gone.  i sing to the sky alone.  ’
‘  everyone i touch gets hurt,  but i can’t stop.  i touch  &  i touch  &  i touch  &  people get hurt.  why can’t i ever stop?  ’
‘  everyone says i used to be a hero,  but i can still taste the blood in my mouth  &  still feel bruises blooming because of my fists  &  my eyes are still stretched wide  &  terrified.  ’
‘  everything i love has been taken from me.  what do i have left to fight for?  ’
‘  fall in love with someone that makes you feel strong.  ’
‘  friends are more important than any material object will ever be.  ’
‘  i am aching to hold you  &  keep you safe,  to be pressed against you so that nothing can harm you.  ’
‘  i am divine  &  you will bow before me.  ’
‘  i am fucking divine.  ’
‘  i am in control  &  i listen to no one.  ’
‘  i am not a good person.  don’t pretend i am.  ’
‘  i am not accustomed to love.  this is a learning experience.  ’
‘  i am not worth saving  &  i am not worth redemption.  let me stay in the dark.  ’
‘  i am so tired all the time,  all i want to do is rest.  ’
‘  i am too tired to deal with any of this.  ’
‘  i bow to no man.  ’
‘  i broke into sharp pieces when i broke  &  i expect someone else to hurt their hands on my edges just to put me back together.  i’m sorry.  ’
‘  i can give you your wings back  &  i can show you to fly once more,  if you only believe in me.  ’
‘  i cannot be saved.  ’
‘  i can’t ask for help because if i ask for help it hurts people.  i can bear this weight on my own.  i have to.  ’
‘  i could taste the lies in your mouth every time i kissed you,  but i loved you too much to notice.  ’
‘  i crave affection in the simplest way.  ’
‘  i deserve to hurt.  i deserve to bleed.  ’
‘  i didn’t ask for any of this so don’t you dare blame this on me.  ’
‘  i don’t care if you say my name like it’s poison or like it’s a prayer,  as long as it leaves your lips.  ’
‘  i don’t fight for you anymore.  ’
‘  i don’t want to let go of you.  not now,  not ever.  ’
‘  i don’t want to talk about it.  i don’t want to remember.  i don’t want to heal.  all i want is for it to go away.  ’
‘  i don’t want you to touch me.  please don’t touch me,  just go away.  ’
‘  i feel anger deeper than my bones.  i feel anger in my very soul.  ’
‘  i feel nothing at all,  except for when i feel everything all at once.  ’
‘  i have fallen  &  though i may miss the sky,  i belong here now.  ’
‘  i have fallen from a height your mind cannot even imagine.  ’
‘  i have no home anymore.  ’
‘  i remember collapsing in the flames with a sword in my hand  &  then i remember nothing.  ’
‘  i see beauty in everything,  but especially in you.  ’
‘  i should never have fallen in love with you.  ’
‘  i thought for a long time that i was so terrible no one would look at me.  now i know it’s because i shine so bright they are forced to look away.  ’
‘  i was so caught up in the feeling that i forgot how to breathe.  ’
‘  i will never amount to anything.  i am a failure in the worst type of way.  ’
‘  i will tell myself that the burn of my loneliness in my chest completes me  &  maybe someday it will be true.  ’
‘  if that’s what a hero is i’m glad i’m not one anymore.  ’
‘  if you ask me to,  i will set the whole world on fire,  my dear.  it’s all for you.  ’
‘  is it my fault?  it’s my fault.  it’s always my fault.  ’
‘  it’s not murder if they deserved it,  right?  ’
‘  i’m drowning in emotions that don’t belong to me,  choking on anger  &  suffocating on sadness.  ’
‘  i’m in love with everything that hurts me.  ’
‘  i’m okay.  i’m alright.  this is all in my mind.  ’
‘  i’m ready to give up everything i’ve ever had if it means someone will love me.  ’
‘  i’m so cold  &  i can’t stop shaking.  i am not who you think i am.  ’
‘  i’m so tired all the time  &  i just want to be awake again.  ’
‘  i’m tired of fighting against the pain of being forgotten.  i just want someone to remember me.  ’
‘  i’m tired of fighting everything in my life.  just make it stop.  ’
‘  i’m too tired to care.  blow up,  get angry at me.  i’m sure someday i’ll realize i deserved it.  ’
‘  jealousy burns within me.  ’
‘  just let me go in peace for once in my damn life.  ’
‘  loneliness is a disease  &  it leaves me empty  &  hollow,  like sound goes through my body  &  bounces back.  ’
‘  made of starlight  &  sunshine,  i shine brighter than they all know.  ’
‘  my anger is righteous  &  my actions are pure.  ’
‘  my chest aches  &  my lungs burn.  this sickness comes from the inside.  ’
‘  my chest hurts  &  all i need is some comfort  &  understanding.  ’
‘  my chest hurts  &  i ache to go back to the sky.  ’
‘  my shoulders are aching where wings used to be  &  all i want is for them to stop hurting.  ’
‘  pull me apart  &  piece me together in your own way.  make me perfect.  ’
‘  righteous fury throws through my veins  &  if you touch the people i love i will destroy you.  ’
‘  rise up.  you can’t keep being small when you were made for so much more.  ’
‘  say my name like it’s the only one that’s ever been on your tongue.  ’
‘  so much blood has been spilled in my name.  time to make you believe it was in yours.  ’
‘  so you’ll worry about me when i fall silent,  but not when i scream  &  plead for help?  fuck off.  ’
‘  sometimes people have to get hurt for me to get what i want.  ’
‘  stay away from my fucking friends.  stay the fuck away or so help me i will destroy you.  ’
‘  stop treating me like i’m an idiot.  you aren’t better than me in any way  &  you better remember that.  ’
‘  the bitter taste of regret is ever present on my tongue.  ’
‘  the world is spinning far too fast for me to stay on it.  ’
‘  to love them is my divine right.  ’
‘  voices whisper from the shadows  &  they fill my mind with thoughts of you.  ’
‘  what did i to wrong to be so unloved?  ’
‘  what is the point of power if i’m not supposed to use it?  ’
‘  who the fuck do you think you are?  ’
‘  why can’t i ever fucking stop crying?  ’
‘  with a new year comes new tests  &  triumphs.  let’s try to make the most out of it.  ’
‘  would it really kill you to be honest for once?  ’
‘  yes,  i remember my wings breaking  &  being destroyed.  i was powerless to stop it.  ’
‘  you are not required to love your parents,  or to even like them.  ’
‘  you can’t hate me more than i hate myself,  but you are more than welcome to try.  ’
‘  you may say you love me,  but you love only a part of me.  i am too complex for you to ever love my entire being.  ’
‘  you never fucking cared about me.  don’t fucking lie about it.  not to me.  ’
‘  you remind me of mint.  fresh,  sharp,  kind of cold,  but in a nice way.  i always knew there was a reason mint was my favorite.  ’
‘  you shine light in even the darkest parts of me.  you are my sun.  ’
‘  you should fear me,  but you don’t.  i will be eternally puzzled,  yet grateful.  ’
‘  you touch me  &  my skin burns  &  it burns for you,  always you.  ’

The Signs

Fiery and fiercely passionate, she wears a steel armor and her horns always aim ready for battle. Forever taking charge and continuously looking for dynamic and competition. Driven by avidity and born a fearless leader, she bares a pure and almost childlike soul; untainted & unafraid.

Uncompromisingly stubborn with a strong willed character, great perseverance and determination. She has a hot and fiery temper, and will unleash it when pushed to her limits. Even so, she loves anything that excites her senses. Controlled by inner serenity and a powerful sense of stability, she is & always will be a force to be reckoned with.

Recognized by her contradictory nature, her mind is always alternating between logic and absurdity. She’s a combination of high intelligence, wit, and eloquence. Forever battling mystical forces of left and right; she’ll mirror your best and worst parts and show you things you never knew you needed to see.

She is the tide, the gentle glow of the moon, the waves crashing on the shore. She feels everything deeply, even though she doesn’t like to show it. Her shell may be hard and at times unbreakable but it is forever guarding her tender soul. Surely it is harder to break something soft rather than rigid. You touch her and she is far more real than anything you have ever felt before. Cosmic particles of moon dust line her veins. For she is like the moon, you’ll see her with a new face every day.

You can usually pick her out from a crowd – she’s the one with the loudest laugh, the brightest smile, and the most confident strut of them all. Her hair is a mane made of gold, and her skin glows like a sunset. She is an alpha, a lioness, a leader and a warrior. She may appear soft like a daydream, but she has a never ending inferno burning inside her.

She personifies innocence, purity and justice. Her earthly nature makes her exceedingly clever and analytical. All that is beautiful to her erupts in subtle, though magnificent spectacle. She’s a maiden & belongs to the pristine; always striving to bring order out of chaos.

Her charming personality is praiseworthy, her voice melodious, her heart just. To truly understand her, you must understand the riddle of the scales; forever balancing thoughts and emotions. She is a flower with hidden thorns & without her, life simply wouldn’t be as fair.

It’s all in her penetrating stare. Dark and calculating, her eyes are foreboding yet hypnotic. Powerful, passionate and intuitive. She wears strength and darkness equally well; half goddess, half hell. Nevertheless, she is divine, and in her eyes is where your soul is revealed.

She’s a restless wanderer; always hunting for new ideas and experiences. Her arrow symbolizes her desire for direction and a higher purpose. She’s the maven of adventure, the learned healer whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between heaven and earth.

Her determination is admirable, her self-containment powerful. She’s concrete, ambitious and in charge. Always leading loyally and achieving relentlessly. No mountain is high enough for her to climb, and her love is as stable as the earth.

She’s a mad scientist in her lab, inventing and creating night and day. Her rapid influx of thoughts and subsequent surprising actions make her unpredictable and rebellious. Anarchy is her specialty. Forever fighting valiantly for the soul of the world, she pours forth her wisdom and equilibrates your mind. She is dazzling and terrifying; those words are not as removed from one another as you may think. Always seeing a thin line between genius and insanity. She lives in the future and who she is comes in waves.

Ethereal, and deeply mysterious.
Her mind swims at a depth most would drown in. She’s always floating in opposite directions, this represents her soul’s duality. She is the ultimate enchantress & her heart is an ocean of emotion; always dreaming of realms that only she may enter.

!CREDITS! to the incredibly gorgeous Aquarius model:  Setareh Hosseini

A photo shoot like this is absolutely on my bucket list now!

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Another list: favorite moments from the show in fanart form???

Ooooooh boy, I think I get what you’re looking for, and all I can say here is bless @criticalrolesource​ for their amazing backlog. Limited myself to only canon events.

Links rather than reposts, obviously. Go send the artists some love! In more-or-less chronological order because WHY NOT

[cw for blood and violence in many of these]

Vex and Keyleth discover Clarota.

Zahra deals the final blow on Rimefang.

The prank war between Grog and Vax intensifies.

Percy meets Victor the black powder merchant.

Vax and Keyleth give Trinket a makeover.

Vax hangs with the Briarwoods.

Vex’s double nat-20s on her rescue.

Vox Moochina.

The Sun TreeLIMBO-style art of the same scene.  [hanging cw]

Keyleth works to revive the Sun Tree

It took three spells to open an unlocked door.

Pike battles the undead of Whitestone.

The Briarwood arc: a good time.

Grog is turned against Vax in battle.

“Take the mask off.”

Cassandra’s family.


Delilah mourns.

Scanlan blocks an attack from a mind-controlled Grog.

Vax looks for his belt.

Percy nobles it up.

The twins in the wake of the attack on Emon.

Party conflict over the skull.

Chasing off looters at Gilmore’s shop.

Finding Gilmore.

Pike fails an intimidation check.

The return of Zahra and Kashaw.

Zahra gives Vex a very special arrow after her close call.

The wolf is not impressed.

Conversations with the Raven Queen.

Grog vs. the sphinx.

Percy confronts Craven Edge.

Pike and Grog before the fight with Kevdak.

A terrible cliffhanger.


Bickering over boots.

Amelia and Vax.

Kerrek and Keyleth.

It’s always a good sign when your employer has you drown yourself in blood.

The Raven Queen: chill but simultaneously creepy as fuck.

Guess who’s back?

Gilmore squishes a dude.

Hey check out them wings.

Vex reacts to the wing thing.

Enter the Feywild.

Feywild shenanigans.

Garmelie has advice.

Vex and her little sister.

Vex confronts Sondur.

Percy and Keyleth mock Sondur to help Vex feel better.

Fallin out of a tree.

The Cerulean Palace.

Dropping from the airship.

“I forgive you.”

Keyleth and Percy in the aftermath.

The woods.

Cenokir is delighted.

Zahra buys the party time.

Antigrav bridge of undead.

ᴊᴀᴄᴋ sᴘᴀʀʀᴏᴡ sᴇɴᴛᴇɴᴄᴇ sᴛᴀʀᴛᴇʀs ;;

  • ❝ I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly stupid. ❞
  • ❝ Nobody move! I dropped me brain! ❞ 
  • ❝ The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand? ❞ 
  • ❝ You need to find yourself a girl, mate. ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ve got a jar of dirt! ❞ 
  • ❝ Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again. ❞ 
  • ❝ If you were waiting for the opportune moment… that was it. ❞ 
  • ❝ Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. ❞ 
  • ❝ Savvy? ❞ 
  • ❝ My spirit will live on. ❞ 
  • ❝ Why is the rum always gone? ❞ 
  • ❝ Why fight when you can negotiate? ❞ 
  • ❝ If you choose to lock your heart away, you’ll lose it for certain. ❞ 
  • ❝ This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught ___ ❞ 
  • ❝ My tremendous intuitive sense of the female creature informs me that you are in trouble. ❞ 
  • ❝ I regret nothing, ever. ❞ 
  • ❝ You’ve stolen me and I’m here to take myself back. ❞ 
  • ❝ Did no one come to save me just because they missed me? ❞ 
  • ❝ Close your eyes and pretend it’s all a bad dream. That’s how I get by. ❞ 
  • ❝ For instance, I can let you drown. ❞ 
  • ❝ You’re the ones in need of rescuing and I’m not sure if I’m in the mood. ❞ 
  • ❝ I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by. ❞ 
  • ❝ You may kill me, but you might never insult me. ❞ 
  • ❝ Hide the rum! ❞ 
  • ❝ Shoo. ❞ 
  • ❝ Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. I know I’m crazy, therefore I’m not crazy. Isn’t that crazy? ❞ 
  • ❝ Cruel is a matter of perspective. ❞ 
  • ❝ The world’s still the same. There’s just less in it. ❞ 
Girl don't be proud, it's OK you're in love

For context, this happens a handful of campaigns after this one: My character has met the love interest in question for several more times and there is some clear romantic tension in between them. But there are a lot of reasons that make the whole thing complicated for them both. Here’s how the ship finally sailed. In this campaign we’re investigating a political marriage involving the LI (he’s very unhappy about it) and after exchanging a lot of concerning information about the bride-to-be, talking about the good old days and very carefully trying to avoid talking about ~feelings~, my character is alone with her LI, struggling to keep quiet as to not make things even more awkward and difficult than they are)

GM: “As you walk across the stone wall, you see vines and dark purple flowers growing alongside it. [LI] picks one and holds it out to you” (in character) “In our society, these flowers symbolize fate and its guidance. I have spent most of my life fighting and somehow every time I knew I was about to fight my most important or fateful battle yet… You were there. You’ve always been there, right by my side, even now. It feels like I have had an angel watching over me.”

Me(off-character): “….Yeah. I think I have to roll willpower here or things will get messy.”

GM: “Sure.” *picks up his own dice* “He will counter with a charisma roll, though. Remember how drop-dead gorgeous he is?”

I prepare to drown in a typhoon’s worth of delicious drama as I roll. And fail.

Me: “…Fuck it. [My character] stares at the flower for two seconds, then grabs [LI] by the collar and shoves him against the wall, kissing him chaotically.”

Cue whistling and cheering from the rest of the players.

Me: “You landed a critical hit in my weak point: battle couples.”

Oh, and the wedding? Yeah, the bride turned out to be a demon so my character killed her at the altar. Felt pretty good about it. 

You have to look back at all those bad words, bad metaphors, everything started wrong, and then see how it came into being, the slow progress of it, because you’re always fighting to find out what it was you want to say. You’ve got to go deeper and deeper each time. You wonder why you didn’t drown at the time–deeper and deeper.
—  Anne Sexton, on the writing process from an interview with Patricia Marx featured in No Evil Star
it hurts until it doesn’t pt. 1

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Angst, smut

Word Count: 5.5k

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye

part 1 part 2

You could feel your phone start to vibrate deep in the pocket of your coat as you fumbled with your keys and trying to balance your grocery bags in your hands. “Fuck.” You mumbled as the sounds of a bag ripping echoes through the hallway. By the time you managed to save your bananas and unlock your front door your phone had stopped.

The game of phone tag had been going on since Yoongi left for his work trip the week before and you hoped that when you called him back that he would still be on the other line. But your heart sank when the line kept ringing, only to have him pick up at the last second.

“Hey babe.” He said flatly. The syllables running off his tongue as if his thoughts were on autopilot.

You sank down in your chair, preparing for another conversation where neither of you actually say how you’re really feeling. Speaking in empty words to continue to pretend that things were still going strong between the two of you. “How is the album coming along?” You asked as you always do when Yoongi is away for work.

Yoongi sighed through the line and you could almost see him running his fingers through his messy hair, “The album is done. I’m just wrapping up the last of the mixing. I’m catching a flight home tomorrow”

Even through all the awkwardness your heart still skipped a beat at the mention of the word home. “Do you want me to pick you up?” You asked, trying to mask the hopefulness in your voice.

He paused, and you held your breath hoping that maybe he would have changed his mind, “No, it’s okay. My flight won’t be getting in until late and I don’t want you to have to take the train by yourself. I’ll just catch a cab home”

You couldn’t remember the last time he let you pick him up from the airport. You remembered how your heart used to race when he would text you that he landed. Even if Yoongi was only gone for a few days seeing him come down the escalators was enough to send your heart into a tailspin, “Oh, okay. Will you let me know when you’ve boarded and when you get in? Just to make sure you’re safe”

Yoongi’s yawn echoed through the phone, “I will. But I should get back to work. I love you”

“I love you too” were the only words that escaped your lips before the line on the other end went dead.

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You have to look back at all those bad words, bad metaphors, everything started wrong, and then see how it came into being, the slow progress of it, because you’re always fighting to find out what it was you want to say. You’ve got to go deeper and deeper each time. You wonder why you didn’t drown at the time–deeper and deeper.
—  Anne Sexton, Interview for No Evil Star
soft apologies│a.i

for mine and @calumsbicth‘s valentine blurb night

credit to the original owner of the gif

Requested: yes

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Warning: smut (oh shit), swearing.

Description: When Ashton forgets about Valentine’s Date he has with Y/N, thoughts and emotions immediately start running through her mind. 

The clinging sound of your heels filled the kitchen as you prepared the last things for the night. Candles, home-made meal, flowers, everything was perfect. You always hated Valentine’s because you never had anyone to celebrate it with. Your last couple of relationships would always end right before the 14th, so it was not even weird that you were looking that much forward to the night. It all seemed like a movie. You had bought new lingerie, made him food like you were some kind of mum - even though you had to call Calum to get him to help you. Nothing could go wrong.

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Boyfriend Wonho

A/N: this wasnt supposed to be this long but whatevs also wrote this on mobile will sort out the formatting later. some smut in there just to warn you

  • is too good for this world, too pure
  • LOVES you
  • Like would give anything for you
    Honestly thinks hes the luckiest person in the world for having you and is always sure to remind you of that all the time
  • Big soft baby with a heart of gold so you gotta take care of him and make sure hes always happy
  • Its that thing where he is so big and physically intimidating but is actually made of rainbows and sunshine
  • Where you are tiny and not intimidating in the least and ready the fight e v e r y o n e
  • And you will. You would fight any and everyone for shin hoseok you dont care anyone hurts your soft boyfriend they better be ready catch these hands
  • Hoseok knows too so everytime you gettin ready to throw hands he will pick you up throw you over his shoulder and leave while apologising to whoever you were tryna fight
  • That being said, you turn into goo around him
  • Its hard not to really because like have you seen his smile?????
  • Everytime he smiles at you or you make him laugh your heart grows three sizes and your life expectancy is lengthened by 3 years
  • Hoseok an actual angel tho omg
  • Willing to do anything for you his bby
  • Cries at the sad parts in movies
  • Like that sad part in Up made him bawl so hard that you had to ban him from watching disney/pixar movies
  • Mostly bc seeing him cry made u cry
  • You guys are on the couch watching a kids movie and ugly crying against each other
  • Its a Mess™
  • Feeds you all the time
  • Hes a big dude and hes thick af so boy has gotta eat so hes always suggesting going out to eat for date ideas lmao
  • If u try and tell him youre on a diet he will refuse and practically spoon feed you no diets are acceptable with hoseok around
  • Doesnt matter what you look like he doesnt care he just wants you to be happy and healthy
  • That being said if u rly did want to diet to get healthy and fit will make sure you do it properly with a nutritionist and planned balances meals and going to the gym and eating good food
  • Bc he’ll be damned if hes gonna watch u suffer and starve through shutty juice cleanses and no carb diets like no honey
  • is 1000000% supportive of you no matter what
  • Will try his best to support you in absolutely everything
  • Hug Machine™
  • Always down for hugs and kisses basically all the pda he does not care he just rly loves you
  • Tends to pull you onto his lap and wrap his arms around you
  • Probs doesnt even realise its pda hes so casual and liberal with physical affection that sometimes you go the whole day feeling wrong for some reason if wonho doesnt give u some type of lovin
  • Speaking of some type of lovin
  • So goddamn giving that it sometimes makes u feel bad if u dont return the favor
  • Like if he knows u had a bad day will just super casually eat u out til ur shaking and trying to push him away bc its too much
  • Doesnt let you return the favor either bc ur upset even if hes got a raging hard on will just be like ‘shhhhh no its fine drink some water i will make u food now’
  • And ur like hoseok what about u??????
  • He just laughs and walks away
  • Feel like sex will be playful
  • If its not super intimate and romantic then hes probs trying to make u laugh
  • Not all that adventurous just wants to please you and make you cum
  • Gets whiny and flustered when you tease him
  • Most likely to watch you in awe when you do suck him off
  • Honestly just super comfortable about sex tho hes chill about it
  • Its nice to do but not essential to your relationship like he’d be cool if you were asexual or hypersexual its no big deal to him
  • Also lowkey the jealous type
  • Not the angry/assertive jealous type more like sees someone tryna put the moves on u will slink over and throw himself all over like heeeeeyyyyyy my lovely girlfriend whom i love most in the world bc we are def dating and im your faithful boyfriend
  • Youre just standing like laughing bc this guy was pissing you off tbh and you were to slap someone and then he comes along like this wrapping you up in his huge arms being ridiculous
  • You love it tho
  • Gets giggly and blushy when you kiss him
  • Loves it when you backhug him tho he will unwrap your arms to pull you around and hug you properly
  • Always knowing how hes feeling bc he wears his emotions on his sleeve so be prepared for that
  • But him being so emotional makes you comfortable about expressing yours since he wont ever judge you about it even if you had a nervous breakdown about it
  • Wont push you for it either he will wait for you to open yourself up and is ready to open his big arms to you when you need it
  • Hes an actual literal teddy bear bc he loves cuddling dont try and fight me on this hoseok looooooooves cuddling
  • His favourite part of the day is bring close like that to you
  • Any cuddle position is a good cuddle position
  • You know that one photo where hes asleep on minhyuk on that couch where his head and arms are resting on minhyuks back and hes got one leg thrown over his
  • Thats what i imagine sleeping with hoseok is like hes always pressed up close to you
  • Sometimes slightly suffocating bc of his large size but tbh you would die happily like that
  • Has some big ass clothes for you to drown in too
  • I imagine his shirts and hoodies to be hella big which means you could wear them and have maximum comfort
  • Does not mind at all if you steal his clothes highkey loves it and has a folder on his phone dedicated to pictures of you wearing his clothes
  • Actually has a number of folders dedicated to you most of his camera roll is you
  • Gets whiny when the members tease him about you he will get all blushy and tell them to stop teasing him
  • Exactly no one listens and does it more
  • So youre like lmao ur just jealous and straight up make out with hoseok on the spot
  • Which will make him flustered and embarrassed but also get smug when the members are yelling at you guys to get a room
  • No one in this world deserves him like honest to god he is the the best person on this cruel earth

The god of war,
But not always the violent kind.
The god of fighting,
He doesn’t care what you battle,
Just keep fighting,
Never give in.

He smiles at teens,
Suffering, struggling, drowning.
He smiles at them
Because they are fighting.
Any battle is worthy
Of the god of war.

“Smile,” he says.
“Show them your strength.”
His eyes burn as he laughs.
“Smile,” he says.
“You win if you survive.
You survive if you never stop fighting.”

The god of war,
Only sometimes the violent kind.
The god of fighting
Finds his temples
In boxing rings
Where everything goes.

Ares represents life,
Because to live is to fight.
To live is to battle
Every second of every day,
Just to breathe,
Just to keep going.

—  Not every war is bloody. Not every war ends
BTS Reaction | having your first big fight with them

Kim Seokjin 

“I really hate arguing with someone, that I actually love, do you know that?” He said while looking into your eyes. You sat down on the couch a few meters away from him. “Of course I know.” He went a few steppes forward, “And you also know how much I love and need you?” You nodded in response. Jin sat down besides you and laid his hand on your leg, gently stroking with his thumb. “Let’s forget about. I don’t want to see you sad ever again.”

Min Yoongi

You wanted to leave but he held onto your wrist to stop you. “Please don’t let this turn into something it’s not“, He begged. “I’m sorry, I just need some time off now.” He released his grip and let go of you. You just throw over your jacket and slipped into your sneakers and went outside to the park to get your mind free. Is was your first big argument with Yoongi and you felt terrible. You didn’t want to be any more minute away from him so you decided to turn back but he wasn’t at the apartment anymore, but he left a note. “Meet me at the Studio”. Of course he would drown himself in work if he’s sad, that was always his way. So you went to his Studio, knocking at the door and then entered. It was already pretty late at night and he looked exhausted. He turned his chair around to face you and reached for your hand. “I’m sorry for what I said. You know that I love you more than anyone else could.“ He said while gently stroking over the back of your hand. “I know I don’t want to fight either.”

Kim Namjoon

“It’s nonsense. We should stop.” He said finally after a while of silence. You two fought for the pretty much the last hour and at this point didn’t even know why you started his argument in the first place. You sat side by side on the couch but not facing each other. You nervously scratched your hand. “The thought of breaking up with you scares me, Namjoon.” He turned around surprised by your sudden confession. “Don’t say something like that, we won’t break up because of some silly fight like that.” He tried to comfort you and pulled you into a hug. You cuddled yourself into his shoulder and rested your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He whispered into your ear: “Don’t ever think of that again, can you promise me that, baby?”

Jung Hoseok

“We have got through so much worse than this before. What’s so different this time that you can’t ignore it?” You asked him with a shaking voice. He quickly looked away, incapable of looking into your eyes. “Just say something, Hobi. You can’t just let this stay like that, without saying anything.” You demanded. He took a deep breath and rubbed his neck. “Maybe I should let you some time alone, that you can think about it.” You wanted to leave but he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind and pulled you close to him. “No don’t go. I’m sorry. Please don’t leave”, he whispered and you could feel his hands tremble slightly. Was he so afraid that you might leave him? You turned around and put his head between your hands. “I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

Park Jimin

You got shocked over his aggressive tone. You’ve never seen him like that before and it scared you. Tears started rolling down your cheeks so you covered your face with your hands. Jimin stood with his back towards you and turned around as he noticed. “Oh no, honey don’t cry. I’m sorry, It wasn’t my intention to get that loud. I’m so sorry.” He hugged you tightly and stroked the back of your head to make you feel safe again. The thought of you being scared of him made him so sad, that he started crying too and wouldn’t let go of you for a while.

Jeon Jungkook

As soon as he saw your tears he did completely forget what this fight was about and run over to you. He wiped away your tears and wrapped his arms around you, without saying anything – because he clearly didn’t know what to say. Until you calmed again he just hold you and didn’t keep his hands off you for the rest of the day, trying to show you how much he was sorry for causing you to cry. “I’m so sorry that this fight turned out like that, baby.”

Kim Taehyung

“Is this really worth it?” You asked him honestly, as you were tired of fighting. You weren’t fighting often but his time it was awful. He looked at you with wide eyes – did you really just say that? “Do you want to quit?” He said with a low voice. You sat down and covered your face with your hands, whispering: “Of course not.” Taehyung kneed down in front of you and pushed your hands to the side. “I love you more than anything in this world. We’ll get over this, ok?” He gave you a comforting smile and then wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him. “Everything will be ok. You can count on me.”

I always remember, even when I want to forget, even when you make me forget, even when I smile and tell you that I have. It’s always there, at the back of my mind, at the pit of my stomach, in the lump of my throat.
“Still awake?”
“Hmm? Yeah. I couldn’t…I mean- I- I’m fine.”
She nestles closer. And I close my eyes.
Just let me hide, just a little while longer, in the crook of your neck, with the solid weight of your chin on top of my head; underneath the fairy lights, behind a locked door, cloaked in the safety of the night.
Let the stars and the moon deceive me, let the covers and the bed and you, with our tangled legs deceive me.
That come morning, I won’t have to collect my strewn clothes and walk out the door, pretending I can’t feel your fingertips on my waist from the night before. That come morning, I will have to wash out your taste and your smell and you from me. That we’ll laugh and tell stories and smile before your parents and go back to being what we were, what we…should be and lose what we are.
That come morning, I will wake up in a city where I can’t hold you, can’t keep you…can’t love you. A city whose voices will drown out our pleas, and beat our love until it is broken. Broken like shattered glass that can’t be fixed. Broken like me before I found you.
But for now, I can pretend that maybe… every night is ours. And the morning never has to come.
But I always remember.

You’re kissing me gently
The way I like it
And all I can think is,
“You’re so lovely,
And you’re so mine.”

I know a lot of things are just meant to be temporary.
Distance sometimes kills a long-time love
No matter how hard you fight it
And “I miss you” sometimes loses its meaning
No matter how much you try to mean it
But why should it matter, how long our love lasts?
With you, I always get lost in time.
We could be together for an eternity
And I still wouldn’t have enough.

You look at me inquisitively and smile.
I can’t help but smile back
Because my heart feels warm whenever you’re around
Like it’s a fountain of sunlight that’s spilling over the edges,
Drowning everyone in proximity with a loving light.

You smile
And I melt into sunlight.
Oh god, you’re lovely
And oh god, you’re mine.

—  A dedication to the light of my life

anonymous asked:

Hello!! Thank you so much for your hard work!! I'm really grateful for having someone so nice help us like this ❤️ I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but would you mind making a list of good things to tweet/comment on idols posts? I always see so much hate I just want to drown my babies in soft comments T^T I'm really sorry for being a bother and it's completely understandable and okay if you don't have the time to do this or don't want to! I admire you anyways keep doing your thing!

오빠[들] 너무/정말 [잘생겼어요 / 귀여워요 /예뻐요 / 멋있다] - oppa[s] is so/really [handome/cute/pretty/cool]
힘내세요 - have strength
항상 응원할게요 - I will always cheer you on
조심히 다녀와요/잘다녀와요 - go and come back safely
(오늘도) 수고하셨습니다/수고많으셨습니다/고생하셨습니다/고생많으셨어요  - (today) thank you for your hard work/effort
(오늘도/내일도) 파이팅! / 파이팅하세요! - (today/tomorrow) fighting!
힘내세요 - cheer up/keep strength
오늘도 행복한 하루 되세요 - have a good day
감기 조심하세요 - be careful of the cold
옷을 따뜻하게 입으세요 - dress warmly
푹 쉬어요/많이 쉬어요 - get some rest/get a lot of rest
보고 싶어요 - I miss you / 보고 싶었어요 - missed you
고마워요/감사합니다 - thank you
사랑해요/사랑합니다 - I love you

voiceless #2

This ending won the poll:

Hanahaki Disease GOOD ending - Lance has feelings for Keef. However, he can’t say anything because his voice is gone. But everything turns out fine and Lance’s voice is back :)

here’s part 1

And here is part 2! whoops it’s a lot longer and langstier than i originally intended

WARNING: yup there’s still LOTS of langst even if the ending is good, best prepare yourself

“Shut up, you stupid boy. I ought to get rid of your whiny voice.” Lotor snapped before grinning with realization. “Perhaps I should.”

Lance’s eyes widened. No, he can’t do that, it’s all I have, it’s all I have from Earth, it’s all I am, I’m useless if I’m voiceless, please, no, anything but that-

But Lance couldn’t say anything. He couldn’t talk, god, he couldn’t breathe, he was choking. He couldn’t do this to Lance, he couldn’t take his voice away. Lance desperately grasped at his throat with his sweaty, chained, hands. No, no, no, no… 

“Foolish human, I haven’t even done anything. You really are pathetic,” Lotor spat, looking down at Lance’s trembling, crumpled form as if Lance was nothing more than a pesky piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe.

“N-no-” Lance’s breathing was labored and forced. “-don’t, please-” Lance’s voice cracked, and it sounded so broken and weak.

“Reduced to begging at my feet?” Lotor cackled, voice shrill and unforgiving. “How fun this will be. Tell me, little paladin, all of your secrets.”

Lotor was approaching, looming over Lance, and he couldn’t do anything. He was helpless to whatever sick thing Lotor had in plan for him.

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Dear Nafs,
Today I sat cross-legged across from my Madrassa teacher and as she held my palms in hers, she introduced me to you.
I am sorry it took me so long to recognize you.

Dear Nafs, 
You are the embodiment of my desires and the mirror of my heart. Please be good to me. I’ll take us to Jannah.

Dear Nafs,
I saw a boy today. Why can’t I focus on my homework instead of his eyes?

Dear Nafs,
It’s hard not to listen to music. It’s even harder when your friends don’t understand.

Dear Nafs,
I saw him again and my heart stopped.
I should’ve looked away but my eyes wouldn’t let me.

Dear Nafs, 
Last month you convinced me to leave out my sunnah prayers which seemed fine until I realized the last time I prayed Fajr was three days ago

Dear Nafs,
Hassan completes me. He understands me.

Dear Nafs,
I am paralyzed by my sins. By what my eyes saw and by what my fingers typed on that keyboard.
I cannot go back to God.

Dear Nafs,
You said it was one time.
You promised.
Why do we keep falling into the same trap over and over again?

Dear Nafs,
I was lying in bed, drowning in music and the ocean of helplessness. 
My mother called from the stairs, “It’s time for Maghrib, go pray.” I only rolled over and changed the playlist

Dear Nafs,
I haven’t made Whudu in 17 days.
I don’t know why i keep track.

Dear Nafs, 
There is an emptiness growing inside of me. I think I am what would be called depressed.

Dear Nafs,
You’re not fighting on my side, are you?

Dear Nafs,
Please. Don’t destroy me.

Dear Nafs,
This is it.
I can’t take it anymore.

Dear Nafs,
They always said the most important part about winning a fight is distinguishing between the enemy and ally. I guess I’ve been losing since day one.

Dear Nafs,
I know this is not how you begin a usual declaration of war, but this is not a usual battle.

13 Reasons Why Boys at the Beach

okay: So I spent the day at the beach, figured I would share this with you all. Please enjoy 💕 Warnings: little sexual, little swearing

•totally covers him and you in sunscreen constantly because he doesn’t wanna bitch or listen to you bitch about burns
•complains about you dragging him there
•ends up having fun
•loves staring at you while you tan and then pretending he wasn’t
•will not participate in sports but will join you in the ocean
•jumping on his back and him dunking you two under

•constantly playing football with all the boys
•him being too distracted by you tanning to pay attention to the game
•play fighting with the boys
•play fighting with you
•y'all rolling around together in the sand
•you wrapping your legs around him in the ocean for wet kisses (no pun intended)
•him constantly trying to hold your hand while laying out
•always getting slightly burned because he keeps forgetting to put sunscreen on (too distracted by you obvi)

•holding the frisbee above your head so you can’t reach
•totally kicks ass in beach volleyball
•will bet who can go farther out into the ocean
•almost drowns a couple of times
•lays out with you
•def untied your top “on accident”
•"sorry! Sorry! It won’t happen again!”
•"you said that three times ago!“

•gets too competitive in the boys beach football game
•constantly has sand in his eyes
•lays out with you as well
•"Monty if you keep your hand on my ass then I won’t tan there”
•"your point? I mean then people will know you’re mine"
•most def gets burned cause he refuses to put on sunscreen
•will also undo bathing suit tops if tempted

•everytime he comes out of the water it looks like he’s in slow motion
•his wet hair always falling in his face
•tosses you into the cold water
•more then once
•always trying to detangle your hair from your sunglasses
•tans with you peacefully
•you have I keep waking him up cause he’ll fall asleep and burn his back

•sunscreen queen
•gets hit in the face with the football
•always thinks the water is too cold
•but loves watching you play in it
•having to do some convincing for him to get his shirt off in public
•def had the coolest bathing suit
•also has all the beach hacks

•tans and tans and tans
•doesn’t burn
•rubs sunscreen on you
•plays with you in the ocean for hours
•def drives you there in the sexy mustang
•loves seeing you with beach hair
•the first one there and the last one to leave

you’re five
and you’re running around making mud pies in your backyard
with your best friend Jesus
and your mother reads you story after story before bed
Jesus cuddles up next to you with his arms behind his head
and you don’t know the feeling of sadness or loneliness
so that smile stretching wide is genuine instead

you’re 25
and you’re running around working 40 hours a week
travel time plus the hour you eat plus chores plus bills plus
you’re exhausted
and your mother is only a phone call away but
she’s busy and you’re busy and you haven’t spoken in a week
and sadness and loneliness are no longer knocking on your door
they’ve clawed their way into your skin and manifest themselves inside you
they’re a part of you
and it’s dark
and the thoughts in your head won’t leave
and you scream
and you cry
and you forget
you forget about your friend
your best friend
from when you were five
and you’re 

but He’s still there
He always was
He was simply waiting
for you to meet Him halfway

but now you’re falling and He’s worried

and you’re worried

you think you’re done
you’re drowning in sadness and loneliness
and anxiety
and depression
and PTSD
but you’ve still got one good fight left in you

so you land on your knees

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