you will always be my favorite (after loki)

TITLE: To calm a god


AUTHOR: Nachelle

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the only person who can always, always calm Loki down when he is irate to the point that no one else dares approach him.




“Y/n?” A careful knock was heard from your bedroom door. You finish washing your hands in the wash room and walk over to it.

“Yes?” You put your ear against it. The maiden shuffles on the other side before continuing.

“Ma-” She stops and sighs, as if she is to ask you a great favor. “Master Loki was just seen rushing through the palace in rage. I-I think your services are needed.” You nod, forgetting she can’t see you, and smooth out your dress.

Outside the door stands Aria, her eyes worried, possibly for Loki’s rage. Her blue and brown dress has been wrinkled by today’s labor, and strands of blonde hair had sprung loose from her braided crown. You nod to her.

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Welcome to Midgard

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Welcome to Midgard

Older Brother Thor and Loki Imagine

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Imagine Thor and Loki being your older, over-protective brothers

Notes: I didn’t know how to do the last name since I imagine depending on gender it’s Odinson or Odindaughter but for simplicity’s sake I put Odinson. Also this was a cute request, I’ve always imagined the brothers would be over protective if they had another sibling!

Warning(s): Minor swearing from Clint.

Many people on Midgard talked about the mighty Thor and his conniving brother, Loki, but not many knew about one of their younger siblings, (y/n) Odinson. When you finally reached Midgard to visit your brothers Tony nearly had a heart attack. Actually, the whole team save for Thor and Loki almost had a heart attack.

“Be calm friends! It is just our sibling, (y/n)! They’re coming for a visit since school is out for a few months. I thought I told you, did I not?” Thor asked, curious.

“No, you oaf, you didn’t.” Loki simply sighed and snapped his book shut. He was halfway to the elevator before he raised an eyebrow at the team, “Well? Are you all not coming?”

“Um…Is this little sibling anything like you?” Clint asked, waving an arrow around as he cleaned it. Loki merely scoffed and rolled his eyes before turning back to the elevator where Thor waited

“Whatever you do, bird man, don’t even think of befriending them.” The team followed suit, curious, while Clint bristled.

“Thor! Loki!” You laughed, running to the older men once they stepped out of the elevator. Loki caught you in the middle of a hug, a happy sigh escaping his pale lips. The usually grumpy sorcerer looked more at peace now, with his sibling safe in his arms.

“Hello there little one. I’m happy you could visit. Do you like the view?” He asked, gesturing to the open skyline. You nodded against his chest, looking out at it’s vastness.

“It’s quite bigger since the last time I was here. Hello Thor!! Father sends his regards to you two, by the way.” You hummed looking up at your eldest brother before switching from Loki’s arms to his. The hug you two shared looked bone crushing to the Avengers in the background.

“Hey do they have daddy issues too?” Clint asked, snickering at the glare it received from Loki.

“No, arrow head, (y/n) does not. They are actually father’s second favorite, after Thor.” He said bitterly. You blew you your cheeks and punched Loki in his arm, playfully,

“Are you sure? Father’s always complaining about how he would love your advice with the counsel. Apparently they have grown more annoying with time. I would love to give him some but I’m too young and school takes up too much of my time.” You huffed.

Thor laughed and gently ruffled your hair. “I’m sure he would love your advice, little warrior. Now, these are my friends, the mighty Avengers! I’m sure you’ve heard of them in Loki’s letters to you, have you not?”

“Oh yes, I have. He talked about Iron Man, and Captain America, Black Widow, the Hulk, although he doesn’t like to get near him to often, and I think he referred to the last one as arrow head?” You muttered, trying to think. Clint let out a huff of anger while Loki snickered under his breath.

“Hawkeye. It’s Hawkeye! Arrow head is just the dumb ass nickname Frosty over here keeps calling me! Look kid, whatever he’s told you about me is probably wrong.” Clint said, stepping forward to poke Loki in the ribs with an arrow. This earned him another trying glare from the once-Asgardian man as the arrow magically snapped. No words were exchanged from them but you could sense the tensions between them.

You blinked as Thor laughed nervously and began to herd you towards the elevator. “Perhaps we should continue our conversation downstairs in the common rooms, that way we can give (y/n) some food, perhaps the prized pizza you Midgardians love so much!” This spurred some arguments in the elevator between the brothers about whether or not the greasy food was good for you to eat. Steve laughed softly in the corner as you frowned and bickered with the two of them to stop.


“So, (y/n), what’s it like living with Golden Prince and Frosty The Grumpman?” Tony asked. The team had eventually ordered pizza and you were trying it for the first time. Loki ate a salad, proclaiming at least he wouldn’t become fat and unbecoming.

You blinked, assuming he meant your brothers, and said, “Well it’s actually pretty nice. When we aren’t bickering, I mean. They’re both pretty over-protective sometimes, though. Thor often likes to teach me how to fight and Loki likes to teach me magic. I’m actually fairly good in both, I’m training to be sort of a battlefield sorcerer like Loki, but with more warrior principles involved.”

“Has he ever played tricks on you?” Natasha asked. Clint perked up and payed attention, seeing as he was the main receiver of Loki’s mischief.

“Oh certainly! But eventually we came to an understanding and do most mischief together. We’ve prank Thor a lot, and Sif and the Warriors Three. They’re nice but can be jerks to Loki sometimes, so.”

“Great! Great! Now he has a goddamn partner!” Clint shouted. Loki snickered.

“You said they were overprotective. How so, (y/n)?” Bruce asked, speaking up for the first time since you arrived. You smiled and laughed, “Well Thor doesn’t let me go hunting or fight in the sparring area very often, says I’m not old enough and I’ll get hurt. I think that’s stupid though, because he used to fight there all the time when he was younger than me. Loki doesn’t let me do too many intricate spells and he also likes to keep an eye on who I’m friends with, says I’ll hurt myself if I’m not careful.”

“Yes, you will. Don’t befriend arrow head, he’s not very nice.” Loki sniffed. Clint flipped him off and you laughed. It was truly great to be with your brothers once more.

Imagine Loki teaching you how to use seidr and make illusions. You get so good at it that you start making illusions on the feature you aren’t fond of, your eye color. Your brown eyes turn into the shade of sapphires.

You walk around the palace and people begin to call your eyes beautiful and so vibrant, compared to your old “boring brown”, as others use to say.  You show Loki the illusion you casted and he’s outraged at what you did saying that magic isn’t suppose to change who you are . Loki and yourself get into a full blown argument until you can’t take it anymore and leave the palace in a huff.

You arrive home and see that Loki has left you a gift on your bed. Its a hand mirror with a note that reads, “your eyes we’re always my favorite feature ”. You look into the mirror and smile at your blue eyes, but after a minute, your smile fades and realize this isn’t you, looking into the mirror is like looking at a stranger. Frustrated you throw the mirror.

Loki appears from behind you and removes the illusion you casted and your eyes go back to brown. Loki picks up the discarded mirror and shows you. When you look into the mirror a real smile appears on your face and Loki has only one thing to say.