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Have you ever listened to Tally Hall?? I always picture your art when I listen to "&"

yeah my fav songs (I listened to so far) are & and Ruler of Everything c: (can I ask why it reminds you of my art? out of curiosity lol that seems pretty specific)

“Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memory and there you will always be.”

Goodbyes are the painful starter of a conversation, but we all go through with them. Goodbyes are for the better or for the worst. This series is a way of saying goodbye; some will be happy, and some will be heartbreaking but Teen Wolf will forever be in my heart.

Dates may changed, if they they a two week break.

Goodbye, Stiles Stilinski (coming 30/07/17)

Goodbye, Scott McCall (coming 6/08/17)

Goodbye, Lydia Martin (coming 13/08/17)

Goodbye, Malia Tate (coming 20/08/17)

Goodbye, Liam Dunbar (coming 27/08/17)

Goodbye, Theo Raeken (coming 3/09/17)

Goodbye, Derek Hale

Goodbye, Isaac Lahey

Goodbye, Allison Argent

Goodbye, Beacon Hills

“So, this is goodbye.”

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hi i hope you're still doing these? im a 24 male i rlly like sports like tennis and basketball!! my favorite color is purple~ and people have described me as being slender with long legs, so basically im tall haha! i love hanging out with my friends, always joking around with them. driving is smth im good at too, so if you ever need someone to drive you around im ur guy. i also rlly like video games but i usually play stuff like mario kart and animal crossing haha

OH HEY SAME FAV COLOR!! but honestly ive been looking at this ask for 5 mins bc ur like ??? the IDEAL ????

playlist souffle

I was tagged by @dawllick. Thank you!

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag 10 additional victims.

  1. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse
  2. Pseudologia Fantastica by Foster the People
  3. Clash by Caravan Palace (it’s my fav band!)
  4. Umbral Ultimatum from Homestuck
  5. Retrograde by James Blake
  6. Do Ya Thing by Gorillaz
  7. Do You Remem8er Me? from Homestuck
  8. D.A.N.C.E. by Justice
  9. Pay No Mind by Madeon feat. Passion Pit
  10. Bombs For Throwing at You from Portal 2
  11. No Money Down Low Monthly Payments by Nero’s Day at Disneyland
  12. Human Leather Shoes For Crocodile Dandies by Caravan Palace
  13. Gold Pilot from Homestuck (i love this one to death)
  14. Catchatronic by Pogo
  15. Arms Outstretched by Griffin McElroy
  16. Upside Down & Inside Out by OK Go (please watch the music video if you haven’t yet!)
  17. The Wolf by SIAMES (nice animation!)
  18. Houdini by Foster the People
  19. United States of Pop 2014 by DJ Earworm
  20. Fuchsia Ruler from Homestuck

There are so many Homestuck songs here, lmao, they’re all very good tho :P

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I knew this day would come. You got it!

  • fav character: Jade was always my #1. However, I can’t claim I didn’t have 300 favorites. Jake, John, Jane, Lil Hal, Sollux, Kanaya, Vriska, Feferi, Tavros, Nepeta, Aranea, Latula, Mituna, Porrim, Cronus, Kankri, Calliope, Diamonds Droog, PM, WQ, BQ, Sawtooth, Squarewave, and ARquiusprite were also among my favorites.
  • least favourite character: who
  • otp: My shipping wall on my main for this was so long I physically couldn’t load it half the time. (That being said, I guess my mains were DaveJohn, DirkJake, JaneRoxy, Jadekat, Rosemary, BroDad, Les8ifins, GamTav, AraSolEriFef… Oh boy, if I keep going, I’ll never stop. I multishipped a whole lot, too.)
  • brotp: See the above answer. (But also, RoxyCallie, JaneCallie, JadeCallie, both versions of Meowrails, Solkat, Scourge Sisters, Team Charge, and Kurtuna… These were even more numerous than my romantic ships.)
  • notp: Da/vekat, Stride/rcest, Mee/nVris… Uhh… There were a few of these, but I don’t remember them all now. Da/vekat was the biggest notp.

–Mod Mercy

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you've probably gotten this question before but what are your fav hyungkyun moments ?

HYUNG!!!KYUN!!!!!!!!! thank u ilu i never get to talk about them on here;; ok so basically every single time they’re together im like wow?? real friendship, real bfs;; legit hyungwon is always clinging on changkyun… it’s really the cutest.. his arms are ALWAYS around changkyun like relax hyungwon we kno u love him :// and like when the roles switched when hyungwon was the one sitting on changkyun and ck was holding onto him…. omg…// just end my life. also this is recent but in ep one of mx ray season 2 when hyungwon grabs changkyun’s ass and slides his hands down his thigh l m a o bruh i almost has a cardiac arrest,,, and during that episode too when they were laughing and just leaned on each others shoulder??? wtf?? honestly.. i love they,, also their height diff isSO CUTE and they’re so close it’s rlly hurting my heart… and im going to drop some of my fave hyungkyun pics under the cut!!! 

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i would like to know the following: fav color, birthday, fave number, and fave kind of outfit to weae/what you usually wear. This Is Important

red n brown!! pinks always nice too n my borth is on dec 3rd..outfit below

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Are you talking about what they did in the show?

Mostly it was about Stavos fandom which seems to have scattered to the ends of the planet.  Although I know that the crackfic/modern AUs I adore are not fan favs, like anything relating to canon.  I do appreciate all the support from those of you who enjoy my blog and fanfic.  Without you I probably wouldn’t post anything creative at all.  Know that your comments, requests, and asks are always welcome here.  Love you guys!!


A single mother has a backbone made of STEEL, and a heart of GOLD.

the best parts of the raven boys (featuring me crying)

- adam and ronan literally dragging each other on moving dollys behind the bmw like what nerds

- “if it had a social security number, ronan had fought with it”

- noah told them like 400 times that he was dead why was this news

- ronan being so extra about picking fights with declan. school? sure. monmouth? hell yea. nino’s parking lot? let’s fuckin go!!!

- the first thing blue ever sees ronan do is run into the light hanging above the booth at nino’s #clumsygay™

- ronan’s number on the nino’s bathroom stall door (honestly what the fuck)

- president cell phone

- gansey describing his friends as “the sulky one” and “the smudgy one”

- take a shot every time blue or adam call gansey condescending 

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top 50 otps of all time ☆ #42. Ryan Atwood & Marissa Cooper

“I’m sorry for all the craziness.” “I wouldn’t have done it any differently.” 

Rip Clubpenguin

Idk with clubpeguin shutting today i thought I share some memories of this fuckn site

  • I remember the day I made it. I was at my grandma’s house and I was ten and i started off with a 1 month membership
  • All the kids at recess would fight over the computers to play it and everyone in my school always went to ‘Tundra’ to play
  • The site crashing when Rockhopper came and everyone fighting to get on his ship that was hell
  • The surfing game was my fav and i was so mad when I found out they made survival for paid members
  • That fuckin flood once and I think an avalanche. I just remember a lot of events happening once 
  • Halloween was always my fav event 
  • Im looking through a book in the game and god, all those events (the earthquake, fairs, fitness games in ‘08 
  • When you could get belts in the dojo and Sensei was hard to beat
  • I shit you not once when I was with a friend we followed two penguins back to an igloo and hid quite well (they didn’t know we where there) and they started to have like fake sex. Like serious we watched these kids (they had to be kids cause of how they typed) having their penguins take off their clothes and fake having it and my friend then did a “hehe” AND THE TWO OTHER PEGUINS RAN GOD THAT WAS SOMETHING
  •  I stopped playing around the start of HS but holy hell clubpenguin was my childhood and I remember just having so much fun and playing it all the damn time

(add more memories if you want but these are some of mine)