you will all love it

i hope that one day we aren’t sad. i hope that all of us get out of the bad spaces we’re in and end up happy with life. i hope that someday, near or far, we end up loving ourselves like we’ve only ever dreamed we could. i hope we end up living the way that people are supposed to live. i hope we are content. i hope we are safe. 

I Can’t Love You Back

Summary: You try to make sense of lingering feelings for Jensen, even as you find your own happiness without him. Third part to Two-Prompt One-Shot #43 and Heart Won’t Lie
Pairing: Jensen x Reader (more implied in this installment)
Word Count: 1400
Warnings: None, I think?
Challenge: @wayward-oneshots 300 Follower Challenge! Brook, I’m so sorry this is so late. My prompt was Easton Corbin’s I Can’t Love You Back

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Almost 2 years ago I created this tumblr because I discovered the use of Custom Content. I never imagined I would be recoloring cc, telling stories and making some life long friends! I am in utter shock and my heart is exploding. I want to thank everyone who is following for liking, reblogging and chatting with me ❤️ Words can’t express how happy this tumblr has made me. Thank you, THANK YOU! Now I have to think of an awesome gift to give to you all xD

Special shout out to my girls for always being there for me! @myfireheartt, @selaronosims, @this-nerdy-sim, @lizillasimming, @simmingbee, @iheartdinosx3 and @coliswonderland


Sara aka Cali ❤️

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