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Sorry if you have explained this earlier, and I just haven't noticed. But I've been wondering if you are writing stories about your OCs, drawing comics (I think I remember you saying that you don't draw comics but maybe I'm wrong?) or just making their stories inside your head. In any case, it's cool! Your characters and their stories do sound very interesting (as far as I've managed to see) It'd be nice to hear more about them. I kneel before you and your art! You are a huge inspiration for me.

The “i don’t draw comics” its for the Ninjago fandom cuz i don’t want waste all that work in fan art. All the story its in my head but for some reason i never start writing the thing and days passes and i still with nothing. This year started in the worst way so i don’t even have motivation to sit and draw/write proper stuff. For the moment i’m just reading some books.

Sterek Ficrecs...

In Some Way, I’m There With You by TroubleIWant [M | 6196 | (temporary) MCD, Angst with a Happy Ending]

Scott slows to a jog as he sees Derek upright and moving, but Stiles keeps running hard. He slides to his knees on the dirt and moss next to Derek and grabs at his shirt.

“Der?” he asks, over-loud and panicky. He’s oblivious to the gore around them, even though he’s kneeling in it. His hands flutter over Derek’s shoulder where the bite is already healing, patting his chest and face like touch is the only thing that will assure him Derek’s truly in one piece. “Derek, are you okay? Talk to me, say something, please.”

Derek’s not sure what to do with all this unexpected attention, and fights the urge to brush the probing hands away. He’s taken worse in fights before, which Stiles must know. Though, he supposes, they’re something different to each other now.

OR – After years of assuming Stiles would never want more than his friendship, Derek is pleasantly surprised to be drawn into an intense relationship with him. Being with Stiles is good, great even. But then why, exactly, does it feel like they’re more distant than ever?

Panthera Leo by msbugz (kpumsy) [WIP | 33160 | 24/? | lion!Stiles | BAMF!Stiles | Drama Form]

Derek thought he’d seen it all but off course, when it came to Stiles, the rules always seemed to bend or stretch or find new ways to confuse everyone.

[Or the one where Stiles gets turned and immediately goes into a full shift… and refuses to let anyone but Derek touch him]

The Circus at the End of the World by mikkimouse [E | 91049 ]

Three hundred years ago, the world ended not with a bang or a whimper, but with magic.

Since then, magic has been outlawed, and the world has clawed its way back to some kind of stability, with people and shifters alike divided between living within the walled safety of the Havens, or the small, less protected outposts dotting the frontier.

Derek Hale and his sisters, Laura and Cora, are the proprietors of Hale’s Circus of Magic, Monsters, and Mystical Wonders, known colloquially as the Circus at the End of the World. They and their ragtag pack ride the rails between the outposts and the Havens, performing for those who can pay (and some who can’t). Their circus is a small haven in and of itself, a place of safety for those who have nowhere else to go.

It’s a quiet life…until Stiles Stilinski joins the crew.

The circus has something Stiles needs—a ticket into the Haven of Santa Francesca. His father has been abducted, and Stiles is determined to get him back no matter what he has to do.

But Stiles has another secret, one that puts him and every member of the circus in danger. And if he’s not careful, it could get them all killed.

We’ll Weather the Storm by hazelNuts [sterek| T | 2569 | 1/1 | 2015-04-21][High school, Camping, thunderstorm]

anonymous asked,“Punks can get scared of thunder storms too”

When Derek and Stiles get paired up for a school trip, Derek thinks it’s going to be disaster. Because Stiles is mouthy and smart and gorgeous, and that’s exactly Derek’s type.

Room to Breathe, Part 1 and 2 - by SixSpades

Sterek comics, Magic!Stiles

Derek Hale’s Possible Heart by MellytheHun [T | 4301]

An anon sent me a sterek prompt for Laura teasing Derek and Stiles joining in, then somehow sharing their feelings for each other in the mess of things.

A Wolf’s Ribbon by Dexterous_Sinistrous [E | 36091 | Royalty]

Derek had been coached on how to approach the child heir apparent while hundreds of eyes watched him. He kept his eyes focused on the cradle, leaning over the edge as best he could to see the baby everyone had been talking about.

Stiles smiled when he saw Derek, kicking his legs out as he reached a hand up for him. He cooed at Derek, his fingers grabbing at the older boy in an attempt to touch him, all to no avail. He gurgled out a laugh when Derek reached a hand down into the cradle, snatching hold of his fingers as best he could.

Derek offered a small smile in response, allowing Stiles to playfully tug on his hand.

The two children made an adorable sight before the Court and their parents. That was the moment Queen Talia and King John decided to arrange their marriage. Every second was planned out without the voiced concern of the children.

Heroes By Night by charlesdk [sterek| T | 16,782 | 1/1 | 5 Jul 2016][Superheroes AU]

The street was full of people going to work, as Derek headed for the entrance of the Whittemore building. He wasn’t paying attention to the people around him, despite being a nightly crime fighter. That was his night job. During the day, he didn’t do it.

Not unless he had a bad feeling. Like now.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he felt a pair of eyes on him, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up as a chill ran down his spine. He ignored the man bumping into him and calling him something rude, and instead zoned in on the feeling.

A tight grip around his bag and the coffee cup, he turned his head and looked over his shoulder.

OR Derek is a superhero. So is Stiles. Neither of them know this about each other though.

A Wrinkle in Time by LoveActually_rps [G | 2894 | De aged Derek]

“But Deaton, how do we change him back?”

“I don’t know, Scott.”

“Does this potion contain wolfs bane?”

“A little.”

“What?! But he's… he is… ” Stiles watched as Scott struggled for the correct word, totally freaking out, and gestured at the twitching blanket in Cora’s hold. “… so small,” Scott murmured after a beat.

Stiles let out a heavy sigh. He strained his neck to get a better look at him, his lips curving a little when the two tiny hands peeked out from the edge of the blanket and tried to grab a gleaming stud on Cora’s dress.

“Aha, d’you like it, baby bro?” Cora cooed at the baby, rounding her painted lips for unnecessary cuteness, as if that would work. He might be a baby, but in there, somewhere, he was still Derek Hale for god’s sake.

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  • Loki: kneel before me, puny huma-
  • All of tumblr: *falls to the floor*
  • Loki: ...well,that was
  • Loki: wha-
  • All of tumblr: look you can see the pain in his eyes even now!
  • Loki: look here, i am trying to control your lives,you insolent little-
  • All of tumblr: jkyigkgkgkgg loki fjckcidsndj
Slave Starters!

“Your opinion doesn’t matter to me.”

“I don’t care what you want.”

“I can do whatever I want to you.”

“I didn’t give you permission to speak.” 

“You’re not allowed outside of this house.”

“You won’t wear clothes in this house.” 

“You disobeyed me, you’re getting ten lashes.” 

“Don’t you dare talk back to me!” 

“Who taught you how to read and write?”

“You are nothing but a slave, you’re just an idiot.” 

“Kneel before me.” 

“You won’t eat until I give it to you.” 

“Your face is going to be bruised tomorrow. Will you disrespect me again?”

“Get down on your hands and knees.” 

“Don’t look your master in the eyes.” 

“I’ll lock you outside in this freezing weather if you complain again.”

“You’re not very pretty for a pet, are you?” 

“What are all these scars?”

“Pet, tell me who did this to you.” 

“Open your mouth. If you do it well, I’ll let you sleep in the bed.” 

                                                ( feel free to change pronouns as you like! )

  • A day will come when the stories of the victims will be told too.
  • All my enemies will one day kneel and ask for my forgiveness.
  • Before you find faults in me, turn around and face your own!
  • Death is calling my name.
  • Do not send me away, I would rather die!
  • Do whatever you want but you can’t turn my children against me.
  • Everyone has a story but your story is a legend.
  • Even if all women in the world came together and shouted they still couldn’t overcome my whispers.
  • Even when you die, your shadow will always be here.
  • I feel like everyone is waiting to catch me making a mistake.
  • If he dies I will die too.
  • If he says a single word I will have his head cut off.
  • Ignoring your demons will only make them stronger.
  • I’m ready for war.
  • I never got better and I could never forget.
  • Is there anything more beautiful than music?
  • I swear that I will come back from the war alive and well.
  • My place is here, next to you.
  • No one will see my suffering.
  • One day there’ll be nobody left by your side.
  • So that is why you killed them all.
  • The world will change and start my era.
  • The world is ruled by men but men are ruled by women.
  • There is no salvation for me.
  • They don’t see how weak I am when I’m with you.
  • We will always be together — never apart. 
  • When did I become a true example of what I always feared?
  • Would you like me to count how many favours you owe me?
  • You are losing everyone who loves you one by one.
  • Your happiness is my happiness.
  • You will burn in hell!

“I thought about you tonight
Haven’t done that in a while
I realized I missed your taste
Your touch, your sound, your smile

Your eyes feel like coming home
I’ve spent so long living alone
I crave the way you fit in my arms
I’ve all but forgotten your smell

I’m reaching but I’m weak
I’m kneeling but I’m strong
I miss the the way you looked at me
Before it all went wrong

I’ll blame myself
I’ll blame you too
We’re both at fault for this one

We rushed to fast
We flew too far
We shot it before it had begun

I don’t cry when your on my mind
At least not the way I used to
But I still cry sometimes
When I’m in the mood

Would you love me the way I am?
The person I’ve become?
Smoking, drinking, can’t stop thinking
I’m really quite the mess

You crossed my mind at 1 am
Sat on a couch that isn’t mine
Drunk and high and choked back sin
But shit, I didn’t die

—  “Crossed My Mind” -N. Mason

Daenerys x Reader

Requested by @ravuswolf

“We need someone to make an alliance with her.” Sansa pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“Why me and not Jon?” You sighed and she chuckled.

“Because you wanted to cross the seas and Jon never has.” When the two of you glanced at Jon he shrugged and span his goblet in his hand.

“She is right though, we need someone to make an alliance with her and it will be easier to do face to face, we can spare some money for you and you’ll have to stay until you’ve secured her favour.” Jon waited for you to nod, all be it reluctantly.

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The Legend of the Eclipse

“Okaa, let’s watch the eclipse later!” Little Yuuri said excitedly, tackling his mother in a hug as he got home from ice-skating with Yuuko. She laughed and kneeled to Yuuri’s height, brushing away the hair from his face with a smile. 

“Of course, we would! But do you know why there are eclipses?” “No, can you tell me?” Yuuri asked excitedly as he was seated by her mother before getting seated herself. “Sure. This is my favorite story, so listen carefully okay?” She poked Yuuri’s nose making him giggle. 

“It all started with the King of Night and the King of Day.”

“The King of Day is said to be very charming. He has enraptured hearts of both women and men, though they wouldn’t admit, all over the world. People from here and there loved him dearly, and anyone who would meet him is considered very fortunate.”

On that day it was now Viktor Nikiforov’s turn to drive the sun chariot to the sky, and to say that he was happy and excited was an understatement. He is more than willing to drive the sun chariot than listen to the daily arguments that commence in the sun realm, even if it means leaving his little cloud dog, Makkachin.

As he drive the sun chariot he begin to take in the view of the so-called civilization, seeing the humans that are already awake and working while some still resting their minds and bodies. He never understood why Yurio hated them, for he knew that humans only fight back when you fight them. He smiled down on the humans once again, feeling peaceful at that moment.

“The King bears a kind heart and a pure soul, and he loved the human race without caring how we are different and weaker beings compared to him. He would warm up the whole world with the sun’s warmth, make flowers bloom under his touch, and crops grow under his will. In return, humans praised him and honored him for his blessings.”

He drove the sun chariot from east to west, gliding his hand over the flowers as the other hand hold the reins. The flowers would immediately respond to such power, and as he looked behind him he saw the beauty of nature he has created. He continued to keep the pace of his fire horses steady, as he watch the humans.

To Viktor, humans were a lot more carefree than celestial gods like him. Granted, they do work and have a few problems here and there, but celestial gods were obviously busier since they control how the days go by every time. In watching them Viktor felt at peace, smiling at a kid with her dog playing in the grass and chasing a butterfly.

“When it’s the moon chariot’s time to appear, the King of Day would drive the sun chariot back to the sun realm, and Dusk would darken the sky slowly until the moon chariot has taken its place in the sky. On that day the King was particularly free of any problem, so he watched the moon chariot take its place in the sky. That’s when he saw the King of Night.”

Fortunately, as Viktor got back Yakov reported that there is no need for the King’s presence in the council meeting for now, so he was able to go to his room and play with Makkachin. As he was cuddling the dog he noticed how the dark sky is now littered with little diamonds called stars, so he put down Makkachin and went to the balcony. Viktor saw how wonderful the sky was at night, and why he haven’t noticed that before.

He was able to spot the moon chariot, and even from afar he got a good look at the young man who was driving it. Without intending it to, his heart suddenly skipped a beat as he stare, only to realize that the man is the King of Night, Yuuri Katsuki.

“The King of Night was not popular, but he was known for being incredibly shy and intrapersonal. Though he was extremely glorious for his power to make the stars come out and shine with him in the dark sky, he never had the self-esteem to accept it. It was rumored that he looked up to the King of Day as an inspiration to do his best, which was then discovered to be true.”

Yuuri Katsuki looked down at the now quiet town. He loved being alone, but sometimes even the loneliness could bother him with certain thoughts. I wonder if Viktor would ever notice me, Yuuri thought, propping his chin on his arms as he watch over the town.

It has always been like this: Yuuri would think about Viktor, he zones out, then later on he’ll snap out of it just to realize that it’s already time for him to drive back the moon chariot to the moon realm. Only this time, he wasn’t aware of Viktor’s stare.

“The King of Night is said to have black hair and brown eyes, as opposed to the King of Day’s platinum hair and blue eyes. His skin took on a dark shade of blue, while the other’s is tanned, respectively. They were opposites, both in appearance and nature, yet bloomed a love between both kings that no one could’ve ever thought.”

Viktor loves how Yuuri’s hair shines in the stars’ light, and how his eyes seem to sparkle a lot as they take in the wonderful lights of both nature and man-made structures. He saw how peaceful the King of Night looked, and even if they were opposites in more ways than one Viktor found himself enthralled by the other.

Yuuri, on the other hand, wondered if he’ll ever see all these lights with the King of Day. The distance between them is humongous; even larger than the distance between Russia and Japan, but Yuuri wasn’t one to give up on a dream. Expect the unexpected, right? It wouldn’t hurt to want for more, Yuuri thought.

“Unfortunately for the King of Night, he failed to drive the moon chariot back to the moon realm, which is why we sometimes see the moon in the morning sky. Because of this the King of Night had a fateful meeting with the King of Day, and ever since this meeting they have been drawn to each other more than they already are.”

“Oh no, it’s already morning! It’s out of schedule!” Yuuri exclaimed in panic, which doubled the task of grabbing the reins of his cloudy horses and getting them to run. Before he could properly hold the reins he heard someone say “Well this is unexpected.” He suddenly stiffened, turning around to see the one and only Viktor Nikiforov, the King of Day.

Am I dreaming? Yuuri asked himself.

“O-oh! The King of Day, Viktor Nikiforov! Pardon me, I lost track of time and-” “It’s fine, and you can call me Viktor. No need for titles,” Viktor said with a smile, taking into consideration Yuuri’s apparent shame and embarassment. “Yuuri Katsuki, right? Mind if I call you Yuuri?” Yuuri was still in a daze, but he willed himself to get himself together.

“I don’t mind, uh, Viktor,” he said with shyness, a light pink tainting his cheeks. Then his eyes widened. “Oh no! I need to go now! I’m really sorry, have a good day!” Yuuri exclaimed as he grab the reins properly and drive the chariot back to the moon realm, with Viktor watching him go with a small smile.

Believe me Yuuri, I am indeed having a good day, Viktor thought.

“Since then the King of Day cannot go a single day without thinking of the King of Night. He know he shouldn’t think of him that way, seeing how homophobic anybody can get, but if we’re going to be honest it’s the distance that’s stopping him from doing anything. Somehow the whole situation let the reckless side of the King of Day, so he found himself thinking of ways to court the King of Night.“

Viktor knew that there is a chance of being shamed and being told to go away if he didn’t stop himself from falling for another man, but Viktor simply didn’t care. He wasn’t sure if what he’s feeling could be called love, but he knew he was deeply attracted by the King of Night. Ever since he saw Yuuri Katsuki dance with Dusk, Phichit Chulanont, in the sky realm in a celebratory feast, he knew that the other already succeeded in making him want for more.

How can I show him a part of how I feel? Viktor asked himself as he watch the world a few days after meeting Yuuri once again. Maybe I can learn a trick or two from the humans, Viktor thought to himself as he watch a young couple.

The guy picked a flower from the ground, which annoyed Viktor at first, and then gave it to the girl. Viktor observed how the girl blushed and assumingly thanked the guy, kissing him for a quite a time that it became uncomfortable to watch. “That’s how you do it, huh?” Viktor muttered, ideas floating around his mind.

“After watching a young man give his lover a flower, the King of Day thought it would be perfect to show his affection for the King of Night. He did give him a flower every night, but it was no ordinary flower. It would bloom under the light of the moon, and he would leave a patch of it blooming just for Yuuri and the moon chariot.”

As Yuuri take his turn to take the moon chariot to the sky, he can’t stop thinking about Viktor. The King of Day, his idol and his inspiration, has caught him in an embarassing moment but managed to calm him down. The kindness of the King drove Yuuri crazy and overwhelmed him, making him think that for once, he was a lucky man.

As he watch the world sleep something was different. Yuuri didn’t know if he was seeing things, but was the night brighter? He tried to locate where the brightness is coming from, until he saw approximately 5 flowers blooming under his light. He gasped, trying to give a little more brightness, and as a result the flowers stood more and its petals spread wider. “W-what? How? Who…?” Yuuri trailed off, Viktor’s smile entering his mind.

For once, it was like Yuuri forgot how to breathe.

“Everyday the King of Day would add more flowers all over the world just for the King of Night, and every time the latter would see it he would blush and whisper a ‘thank you’ in the night sky. It went on for quite some time, until it was time again for another council meeting in the sky realm.”

“I’m going to see him again, Makkachin,” Viktor whispered to his dog after preparing for the occasion, and a loud bark was heard from the dog. Viktor laughed. “You stupid dog! You haven’t even met Yuuri, haven’t you?” Viktor exclaimed as he laugh, Makkachin barking once again before cuddling into his master. “Your Highness, we must go now,” his advisor, Yakov, said after opening the door, and Makkachin barked happily and ran out the door as his master take his time to get out of the room.

The council meeting was quite short, and they were given time to make small talk with other celestial beings. Viktor has his eyes on a certain celestial god though, and as soon as they were given the time for themselves he immediately made his way towards Yuuri Katsuki. That is, after Yuri Plisetsky made fun of him for it.

“Nice meeting you again, Yuuri,” Viktor said, making Yuuri turn around in shock. “H-ey Viktor!” Yuuri greeted, before clearing his throat and laughing. “I was wondering when you’re coming over here,” he added, making Viktor smile.

“So maybe we could talk outside?” Viktor asked casually, putting Yuuri in awe. How could he be so laidback when Yuuri was stumbling over his words? He guess that’s Viktor for you. “Of course,” Yuuri replied, until he heard a bark that startled him. “I hope you like dogs,” Viktor said with a sheepish smile, and the cloud dog emerged from behind Viktor and pawed at Yuuri making him almost fall over. “Makkachin, right?” Yuuri asked and Viktor nodded. “Shall we?” Viktor said, and they made their way outside.

“As they talk outside about the flowers, they soon found the other growing on them. What they weren’t aware of is how they unconsciously were giving off power, making their sun and moon aura collide along with the essence of clouds that the cloud dog has. As the King of Day ask the King of Night to a dance the whole world then saw a view they never expected to see.”

“So, Viktor, about the flowers…” “Do you like it?” Viktor inquired, a small smile on his face that made Yuuri blush. “Y-yeah, of course. What is the intention behind all of this, though?” Yuuri asked for confirmation, scared that he was just assuming things. “I think you know already, but if I must say it out loud then so shall be it.” Viktor then held Yuuri’s hands in his and looked him straight in the eye.

“I’m afraid I have fallen for you, Yuuri Katsuki. Though we are different and far from one another my feelings for you cannot be controlled, and I truly hope you feel the same way,” Viktor said in a low voice which showed how serious he is, which comforted Yuuri in a way. “I feel the same way, Viktor. Believe me, I do.” Viktor smiled and caressed Yuuri’s cheek with his thumb, making Yuuri blush.

“So, shall we dance?” Viktor asked, guiding Yuuri’s hands onto his shoulders as he put his on Yuuri’s waist. Makkachin barked happily, running around them as they dance to a beat only they can hear, not aware of how Viktor’s aura surround Yuuri’s to give humans a wonderful view.

“The King of Day’s aura seemed to embrace the King of Night’s aura, and the humans saw a view they never would’ve expected to see. The sun’s halo surrounded the moon’s darkness as if protecting it, and all they can do is stare at awe as they dance away. A few wisps of cloud can be seen around the view which came from the cloud dog, which also added to the beauty of the event. Ever since then humans would see it every year, in the middle of the council meeting, whenever both kings would simply dance in their own little bubble. Soon enough, they decided to call it an eclipse.”

“And that’s the legend of the solar eclipse.”

“Well, I can see why that’s your mother’s favorite legend,” Viktor commented as Makkachin barked happily on his lap. Yuuri smiled at him in agreement. “Also, I remember that my mom told me that the reason why there are lunar eclipses is because the King of Day would give off power to the King of Night whenever they can’t see each other, so that the King of Night would not feel lonely when the other wasn’t there.” Viktor smiled, putting Makkachin down on the floor.

“I really like this story, Yuuri. It sort of reminds me of us though.” “I thought I was the only one thinking that,” Yuuri chuckled, but then his chuckles died down as Viktor stand up and hold his hand out to Yuuri. 

“Viktor, what are you doing?” Viktor chuckled. “Let’s pretend I am the King of Day, and you are the King of Night. So, I would like to ask my king to a dance?” Yuuri rolled his eyes but took Viktor’s hand to hoist himself up, holding onto Viktor’s shoulder as Viktor hold Yuuri’s waist. “You’re such a goof.” “You still love me though,” Viktor teased back as they sway back and forth. 

“Unfortunately,” Yuuri teased, making Viktor pout as he laugh. They continued to dance to a rhythm they can only understand, twirling each other and sneaking kisses in between as Makkachin bark happily and run around, occasionally pawing at them until they had to stop to give the dog attention.

They didn’t need to be celestial gods to shine bright as they dance. Their love was shining through the walls of the apartment they’re in bright enough to be with the stars.

Two gold rings glittered in the sunlight as they stay in the comforts of each other’s love.

Lame ending. I KNOW.

It’s finally done! This is based on @beanpots Day and Night AU and I find it absolutely adorable like d’aww. Hope you guys like this!

I’m curious though, what do you call the part where Yuuri is thinking about Viktor while driving the moon chariot? Daydreaming? Or just dreaming? I need to know even though I feel so stupid.

Thanks for the reading and please follow for more future fics! (Shameless promoting)

Edit: If anyone was wondering, this legend is made up so don’t search it up or believe it lmfao

By the Fire

For the anon who requested Spencer Reid with 18 and 55 “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” “You did all of this for me?”

“My feet are about to fall off.” you whined, huddling into Spencer’s back, tugging slightly on his jacket like the motion might make the key turn in the lock quicker. “I call first shower!” Spencer laughed and you both fell into his apartment, the warm air smacking you in the face.

“Boots off, leave in the shoe bin.” He reminded you, brushing some of the snow from his hair before kneeling to unlace his boots. You laughed and leaned on the wall, kicking your soaked shoes off and into the bin he kept by the front door. You stood beside Spencer who was still struggling with his laces and smirked, running your fingers through your own hair, shaking your head and letting the snow fall from you to his exposed neck. Spencer yelped and almost toppled over, playfully swatting at your legs. “Go shower!”

“Fine! But I’m using all the hot water!” You grinned hanging your coat on a hook before skidding down the hallway to Spencer’s bedroom and his bathroom. Jumping into the shower and letting the hot water warm your freezing body. You took your time in the shower before hopping out and drying quickly. You tug through Spencer’s drawers finding a sweatshirt and a pair of extra pajamas bottoms you kept at his place.

You went to grab the comforter off the bed, planning on bringing it into the sitting room for extra warmth but the bed was bare. You frowned. That was odd, Spencer did laundry on Tuesday that was his thing. Today was Saturday.

“Spencer?” You called, shuffling down his hallway and back into the sitting room, “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” You froze in the entrance to the other room, mouth hanging open slightly.

“(Y/N)! That was a fast shower!” Spencer yelped standing up from his position on the ground, cheeks going slightly rosy, “I uh- it’s not.. Ready?” You shook your head coming forward and looking around in awe.

“Spence?” You whispered. While you were in the shower Spencer had started a small fire in the gas fireplace in the sitting room. He’d pulled all the blankets from his bed and even the extra ones from the closet into the middle of the floor making a large nest. The pillows were all stacked against the sofa making somewhere for you to lean on. He had the old record player that usually sat in the bottom of his closet out along with a stack of records that could easily have three inches of dust on them. There was a bottle of wine and a few empty glasses and Spencer was knelt in the middle of it all fiddling with the record player.

“(Y/N)?” He asked sounding worried, “Are you okay?” You laughed, nodding and coming around the sofa to really take it all in.

“You did all of this for me?” You asked, sitting down amongst the mess of blankets and putting Spencer’s hands from the machine to hold in your own.

“Of course.” Spencer grinned, squeezing your hands, “But I can’t get this stupid player to work. Last time I turned it on was probably years ago, and it still worked then, but I don’t know what the problem is, and I can’t find the directions.” You leaned over and cut him off with a quick kiss.

“Shush, Spence. It’s fine, it’s so much more then fine. It’s absolutely wonderful, and romantic, and lovely.” You grinned, rubbing your thumb over his cheekbone. He grinned back at you and leaned in for another kiss.

“Sure?” He asked and you couldn’t help but laugh again.

“I’m sure. We can play music off my phone or something.” You promised, “Because as long as it’s us, it’s great. I love you.”

“I love you too.” You smiled and leaned in for one more long kiss before pulling back and ruffling Spencer’s hair.

“Now, open that bottle of wine.” Spencer chuckled and did what you asked and you grabbed your phone pulling up your music folder and hitting shuffle. You cuddled up by the fire for the rest of the night and talked and cuddled and stayed warm against the storm outside.

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So you know Mercy's christmas voice line is "your guardian angel". Well when i was playing her i ran into the enemy genji mids a match i was all alone thought i was gonna die but they didn't attack me so i couldn't resist and said the line. The genji then came super close, kneeled down before me and said "thank you" and then we just were like that for good few ten seconds. And they didn't hurt me for the rest of the match. Enemy Genjis like that warm my heart i have to admit

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Oh maaaan, you lucky person!

I want so badly to have an interaction like this, aaaahhh ♡

Kneel Before Me (Part 1/?) (Loki x reader)

Request: Could you do a Loki/avenger reader multi or oneshot where they end up falling for each other during the Battle of New York but nobody knows it and when Thor muzzles him and prepares to leave for Asgard, all they can do is exchange a look with each other and she’s heart broken because she thinks she’ll never see him again? Thank you :)

“It is the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation.”

Steve was about to jump from the rear of the plane, but you grabbed his arm before he could let go of the fuselage, nodding out towards the god who had stunned the large group into silence.  “You’re no match for him, Captain.”

“Thanks, ma’am.  That boost of confidence was all I needed.” He pulled his arm away and dropped to the ground below; Natasha held position, waiting for you to follow.

“Give him hell,” she smirked, waiting for your feet to touch solid ground before pulling the aircraft higher and behind you, it’s guns drawn at the ready.

“The last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everyone else, we ended up disagreeing.”

“The soldier,” Loki panted, “the man out of time.”  He stood fully and looked from Steve to you, a dark but mischievous glimmer in his eyes, “and a woman misguided, I believe.”  He took a few slow steps towards you, his hand reached out but not coming close enough for contact.  “You belong at my side.  I can see your true heart, and it’s not here.”

You were shaken slightly by his attention, but you held your ground, standing next to the new guy covered in stars and spandex, immediately feeling vulnerable against his powers. Even with Natasha in the jet overhead, you knew this wouldn’t end well.  Steve took a step closer and pushed himself between you and the Asgardian, now filling the god with a new anger and pushing the Captain to his knees.

“Kneel before me!”

As the fight began, Steve faltered only slightly, surprisingly holding is own against your better judgment that he was no match.  You stood silently and unwavering from a vantage point near the jet, waiting until Steve needed your assistance.  When he was finally held to the ground and unable to retaliate, you leapt forward to engage Loki, but his hand raised slowly and ominously, wordlessly commanding you to stop.  

“And what, my dear, are we to do with you?”  He continued to hold Steve down, but his entire focus was on you.  “Do you want me to release him?” he asked, his head turning back to look at your new teammate, “or is he just going to be in our way?  We can’t have that, now can we?”

Without a chance to reply, you jumped slightly when Loki was shot back with a hard crash to the ground, Iron Man now towering over him and quickly joined by Steve to keep him there.  “Make your move, Reindeer Games.”


After a minor altercation with another Asgardian that levelled a descent chunk of forest, you were back on the hellicarrier, waiting to watch as Director Fury secured Loki in his cell.  Every screen around the table was alight with his face; it drew you in somehow, and all you wanted was to talk to him yourself.

“It’s an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me.”

“Built for something a lot stronger than you.”

As you looked at the people around the table with you, you never felt more out of place.  Doctor Banner was enthralled with what Loki was saying, tipping back and forth slightly as he listened.  Steve looked like he was only barely interested, as if his mind were somewhere else completely.  Natasha eagerly waited for Loki to say anything at all about Clint, and the new guy, Thor, was looking away with his chin thoughtfully rested in his hand. With so many people wrapped up in their own agendas, it was crazy for Fury to think that this could ever be a team.

“He kinda grows on you, doesn’t he?” the doctor chuckled as the screens darkened.  You felt his eyes shift to you, as if he knew that your mind was elsewhere; that it was in the belly of the ship, calling you to go to the man who had your complete interest.  “(Y/N)?  You still with us?”

“Hmm?” you startled, lifting your head in surprise to look at him.  Your gaze just as quickly dropped to the floor again as you stood to excuse yourself, standing abruptly and tipping the chair slightly off its center. You stood so quickly that you didn’t have a chance to see Tony Stark right next to you.

“No hard feelings, Point Break, you’ve got a mean swing,” he joked to Thor, but grabbed you when you ran firmly into him.  “Woah, sweetheart, what’s the rush?  Don’t let me scare you off.”

“Sorry…um, excuse me,” you mumbled, not even paying attention to who you had run into.  You were on a mission of your own; to find out why you couldn’t get Loki out of your mind, and if it were somehow by his own doing.  Not knowing if it was you or his manipulations that had you so enthralled.

“Where’s she going? Did something happen during the apprehension?” Coulson asked, looking immediately to Steve.  He leaned back in his chair and sighed, not knowing you really at all to gauge your actions, but knowing enough to see that you weren’t okay.

“I think he got in her head. But she seems pretty determined to get him out.”


When your hand touched the cold panel next to the heavy steel door, you paused, unsure of what you were even doing.  Why was it so important to talk to him?  Just turn around and walk away, forget it, you thought, but even you couldn’t convince yourself.  As if moving under their own direction, your fingers danced across the security panel, entering your code to open the door.  You stood motionless for a moment when you saw him; he looked smaller now, in a cage like an animal, though anything but helpless. He still carried himself with purpose and power, but he was in no way capable of either.

“I had hoped you would come,” he said quietly, moving to rest his hand on the glass and lean towards you.  “You’ve filled my mind and I am unable to escape the thoughts of you that are driving me mad.”

You had to tell your feet to move, command your legs to push you forward.  His voice was different; it was calmer, softer, and almost genuine. But this was Loki, known to be dangerous and courting war with the Earth; you needed to handle this with care.

“I’ve done nothing,” you replied in a flat tone, “it would seem that it’s you who’s misguided.”  

A wide grin crossed his lips, growing to a smile with an anger behind it that was poorly masked.  “You have heart, I like that.  It’s been some time since I’ve enjoyed such a challenge.”

“I’m not here for your enjoyment.”

“We shall see, (Y/N). We most definitely shall see, very soon, I think.”

Finally fully inside the holding room, you grabbed a chair and pulled it up next to the glass, watching him move to the far side to sit and watch you in return.  You had to force yourself to hold eye contact with him, your mind screaming for you to look away, but you wouldn’t let him think you to be weak or that you would concede to him.  The longer you sat this way, the more you became strangely comfortable in his presence.

“You were born for more, (Y/N).  You were born to be royalty.  Why can you not see that?”

“Because the only thing remotely close to royalty around here is Stark, and if he hears me say that I’ll never live it down,” you groaned, looking around the room to figure out if the cameras were active and if he might actually be watching.  “I’m not really the ruling-from-on-high sort. You can dress me up but I can’t play the part, Loki.”

“I like the way you say my name,” he whispered, standing to walk towards you.  You stood as he neared, a sense of anxiety washing over you. He was in the strongest cell ever made, strong enough to contain the Hulk, and you were nervous.  “I would like to hear it again.”

“I should…go…” your voice faded, but your feet didn’t move and your gaze never left his.

“Say it again.”

“Loki…I don’t think I should be here.”  You finally willed yourself to turn away and towards the door, determined to not look back, but as you reached the door, his voice beckoned to you one more time.

“(Y/N), a battle is about to begin.  Nothing can stop that.”  He pushed himself as close to the glass as he could, both of his hands pressed against it as if he could feel you through it.  “Though I mean to rule, I would sacrifice myself to protect you.  I will not see you hurt because of my own actions.”

Taking the opportunity to use the moment, to use his emotions as a gamble, you walked to him and pressed your hands against his.  He closed his eyes and smiled slightly, content at the action even if he couldn’t touch you.  “Then stop it, Loki.  Stop it now.”

“There is no stopping it. There is only the war.”  He pulled his hands down and turned away, his head lowered slightly.  A few moments passed before he turned back, his expression sad and his face looking almost human now.  “Will you be at my side?”

You opened your mouth to reply, not even knowing what words were about to be spoken, when the ship jolted violently and alarms began to sound.  You were knocked to the ground by the force, slowly standing again as the ship steadied.  In the distance, though not as distant as you would like, you heard the Hulk’s growl and ran for the door.

“No!  (Y/N) do not go out there!  They will kill you.  And it will be by my command.”

“Then so be it,” you replied, quickly leaving his sight, a pain growing in your chest at the sound of him screaming your name as the door shut behind you.

Part 2

yes you can ignore this post if you want since i’m sure it’s already been discussed at length (i’m just slow i know i’m sorry xD) but i jusssst need to talk about one small thing from the premiere for my own satisfaction don’t mind me ahem

ok, so, all the while Daryl was shown kneeling before Negan, we were given seven flashes/flashbacks of what was going through Daryl’s mind/scenes tptb wanted to reiterate as having a significance for him, y/y? y

              and four of those seven flashes for Daryl belonged to Carol :)

                                                right. yes. okay.

           but can we just take a minute to review those four please yes good

                               The Cherokee Rose scene was shown

                   during which Daryl offered Carol “strength and hope” 

they also chose to include the flash where Daryl finds Carol alive in the tombs and carries her to safety

thereby illustrating the sheer importance of him finding that hope at this point  again (given how much it had affected him thinking he’d lost her) 

then we saw the No Sanctuary hug that was a culmination of just how much Daryl fucking neeeeeeeds her and his hope was restored once more

                        but but thennnn there was this scene you guys ……….

where it not only exhibited how much their bond had grown between seasons and how much closer they had become but also went and highlighted the very real unresolved. sexual. fucking. tension. between them. complete with touching, awkwardness, eye-contact, twitches, gulps and sexual innuendos 

so um, yeah I just have one question; why was THIS one of Daryl’s flashes??

Not that they aren’t all important and significant and fucking gorgeous in different ways and I love the ones that were included but the bus scene too… where we were first given a glimpse of Daryl AND Carol recognizing the tension that had come up in a moment they shared …… uh yeah I like it a lot ;)

                                    ok cof that’s all i wanted to say :))

Mini Mob Psycho fic

Reigen fidgeted on the seat of the throne. His left foot tapped out a rhythm against the lush purple carpet at his feet and his right hand kept time against his knee.

“So,” he said, “you’re telling me that you want the royal treasury to reimburse you for the pies that were stolen from your windowsill?” Reigen asked.

“Yes!” the man kneeling on the ground barked up at Reigen. “It was a ghost what did it- the ghost of the Royal family what laid claim to this land before- they’re angry, and that’s why they’re lurking around this land, see!” He took to his feet and stomped up the stairs to the throne before the guards held him back. “The ex-Prince of House Black Vinegar’s all that is left, and you know he can talk to the spirits. He’s cursed us, from the shadows somewhere! It’s your fault!”

“Hardly,” Reigen muttered under his breath. He stood up before he was tempted to roll his eyes, and made sure his voice was ready to project with a quick disruption of the phlegm in his throat. “Bring this man a latch for his windows,” he said.

“A- huh?” The next installment of the man’s saga of complaints died in his throat and a look of confusion took over his ugly face.

“Sir?” The nearest guard asked.

“I said to get this man a latch for his windows, and someone responsible to lock them shut for you, should you be inclined to forget.” Reigen folded his robe over himself more tightly and crossed his arms. “If there really is a ghost, it’ll come in through the locked shutters and take your next pie. If it’s just a pesky neighbor, well.” He whirled around and strode to the curtains by the throne. “It’s your fault for not keeping a closer eye on your pies. Dismissed.” Reigen waved the man away from over his shoulder with a flourish of his hand.

The man, realizing his audience was over, cursed and was forcibly lead out the door with the help of the castle guards.

Reigen peeked over his shoulder as the doors closed, and then looked back at the curtains. “They’re gone now,” he said. “That was the last one for the day.”

Mageprince Shigeo, dressed modestly in all black, peeked out from behind the purple curtain. “I’m sorry I caused so much trouble for everyone. It was an accident that I took over Black Vinegar’s seat–”

Reigen planted his hand in Shigeo’s hair. “Don’t worry about it. This is easy stuff- it’s what an advisor’s for! That guy just wanted to cause a stir.”

“An advisor?” The second child from Shadow Mountain, the prince’s little brother, Ritsu, stepped out from behind the other curtain. “I didn’t know you had changed careers from court jester.”

Mageprince Shigeo fidgeted. “Oh, actually, Master Reigen was a bard.” He peeked up at the man in question from beneath his dark hood. “But Master can also use a little bit of magic, and–”

Reigen coughed. “That’s just a title. The point is, I know more about this place than the two of you combined! Right?”

Ritsu crossed his arms. “Not enough to know that the throne is not the place for you. That’s where my brother should be sitting.” He lifted his chin. “With all due respect to your noble position.”

“It’s alright,” Shigeo said, stepping towards his brother. “I asked Master Reigen to act in my stead and teach me how to use my power- I don’t know how to rule a kingdom.” He took in the throne and the size of the hall around them. “I’m not like you, Ritsu. I’m not good at leading people. You should be the crown prince instead of me.”

“No!” Ritsu countered. “You’ll be fine, you know? It’s like how you learned to use magic and I couldn’t. Besides, you’re the oldest.” He smiled and reached for his brother’s hand. Then, he glowered at Reigen. “I won’t let anybody get in your way, so don’t worry so much.”

At that, Reigen clapped his hands together. “Sure! Right. Of course. But who is hungry? You can’t run a kingdom on an empty stomach!”


With heavy steps Lucina wanders.

Why, oh gods, why did this happen again?

Her foot gets stuck on a crack in  the floor and she loses her footing, falling onto the ground.

Why did I lose everything again?

Her attempts at getting up come to a stop after a few tries as her body is too worn-out.

It’s as horrible as the first time…

Her head hangs down but snaps back up as soon as she hears the sound of footsteps.

No, wait…

Coming towards her is a painfully familiar figure.
If she had the strength, she’d run away from it.
Far, far away.

“What do we have here?”

The figure kneels before Lucina, smiling.

“Where have you been? I missed you, you know?”


“Oh? But it’s not a lie. After all, one part of me love you dearly, my dear Lucina. And, if I’m not wrong-”

The figure’s hands start cradling Lucina’s face.

“-you love that part as well, right?”

The previously eerie smile turns into a twisted smirk.

This time, it’s even worse.

I had this sitting around my art folder since January, so I decided to finally finish it. It’s another alternate time line or something, idk.

Kneel Before Me (Part 4-final) (Loki/Thor x reader)

Part 3

“You’re crazy.”

“That may be true, but it’s all I’ve got, Nick.  Let me have it.”

Fury studied your face for a few minutes, gauging your emotions and if you were compromised by the situation growing more tenuous by the minute.  Loki was on his way, and would arrive any moment according to Thor, so decisions had to be made.  “What makes you think that you can control it?  What are you going to do?”

“I am of Jotunheim, so I suppose I’ll make it up as I go,” you said with a smirk, turning to look at Thor who gave you nothing but a look of disapproval.  He was completely against allowing Loki anywhere near you, much less allowing you to run to meet him.  You had worked out somewhat of a plan, but with limited time to solidify it, all you could do now was to forge ahead and hope for the best.

“Thor,” Nick sighed, turning to the god, “are you taking responsibility for this?  You’ll be there?”

“I don’t need a babysitter!” you exclaimed, slamming your hand down on the table in front of you. The floor shook beneath it and the walls rattled, much to Fury’s surprise, but not to yours or Thor’s.  Seeing the shocked look in his eye, you calmed yourself and maintained your composure for your director.  “Sorry, sir.  We’ve been working on that.”

“We’ve unlocked potential within (Y/N),” Thor announced.  “Heimdall has given us much insight on her abilities and how she can use them to her advantage, though I still do not agree.”

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, trying to center yourself rather than allowing your frustration to get the best of you.  With a slow exhale, you opened them again, looking at Nick cautiously, though your voice was deep and ominous now.  “Nick, we’re running out of time.  Give it to me.”

Nick looked at you and then to Thor, shaking his head when he realized that he had no argument that would stop you from getting what you wanted from him.  You didn’t want to leave with Loki, and he didn’t want you to go either, but seeing no other way, he left the room for several minutes only to return with the only thing you could think of to stop Loki’s plan.  He extended the scepter to you with hesitation, but when Thor moved to stand behind you, he released it into your grasp. As your fingers wrapped around the ornate handle, the blue stone began to glow.

“Whoa,” you shuddered with a whisper, your eyes widening at the sensation that flowed through you.  “I get it now.”

“Get what?” Nick asked with a slight tremble in his voice, taking a step closer to you with his hand resting over his weapon.  He was suddenly fearful of you.

“I’ve never felt so powerful.  I can’t let him get his hands on this again.”


You sat in your room, waiting as patiently as possible.  Loki would find you easily enough; you didn’t need to be in an open area or announce where you were.  Thor had left you alone, though he was within feet of you in an adjoining room on the other side of the wall.  Loki would know he was there as well, but there was nothing you could do to stop that. After only minutes of waiting, he appeared.

“Hello, my darling.”


“You were alerted to my arrival,” he said.  It wasn’t a question, and you knew that he was aware of his brother’s proximity.  “That’s of no concern.  However, I’ve come to you with a remarkable opportunity.  Just as I said, you were meant to rule at my side, and I am here now so that our future together can be realized.”  He took a seat next to you and took your hand in his, bringing it to his lips.  The sensation sent a chill down your spine.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again.  It was quite a shock when Thor told me that you were coming back.”  You pulled your hand away but he quickly took it again, this time clasping both hands around it to hold it securely on his lap.  “A small part of me missed you.”

“Only a small part?”

“The small part that likes sarcastic and egomaniacal gods, yes.”

A smile grew across his lips, but it wasn’t warm or welcoming at all, but more of an obligatory motion to cater to the moment.  “That’s a very specific part.  But was there nothing more?  There’s a connection between us, (Y/N).  Surely you know that.”

“I know what I’ve been told, yes.”  You pulled your hand from his and stood over him, doing your best to maintain your presence and not give into your own nerves.  “You don’t care about me, Loki.  You certainly don’t love me.  You’re here only to fulfill the prophecy, and I know that, so please let’s dispense with this whole act, okay?”  Taking a few steps back, you positioned yourself between him and the closet that held the scepter, being careful to not lose your ability to grab it at a moment’s notice.  “There’s no throne.  There’s no version of this where you come out on top.”

“If you know of your true heritage,” he paused, standing and taking long strides towards you, “then you know that you are born to follow me.  You are born to follow as my queen, and nothing can stop that.”

“That’s not a choice that I’ll make, Loki.  Fate be damned.”  With each word you inched closer and closer to the door that would produce the scepter, waiting for the right moment.  “You can’t force me to go with you, but I can certainly keep you here with me.”

“Darling, even you cannot stop me.”

You turned and grabbed the scepter, quickly looking back and holding it towards the Asgardian defensively. Over Loki’s shoulder, you spotted Thor standing in the doorway, ready to assist you if necessary.  The look on Loki’s face was a mix of surprise, fear and desire; it was a desire to hold the scepter again, and to feel that power wash over him as it had done before.

“Kneel before me,” you said, trying to sound confident.

“What?” he whispered.

“I said, kneel!” you pressed, pushing the end of scepter into his chest and watching the stone begin to emanate its blue glow.  As it touched him you could see the glow spread through his chest, up his neck, across his face and into his eyes as they turned a bright blue that matched the stone.  His expression almost immediately calmed and he looked at complete peace with following your command.

“Yes, my lady.”

Thor moved in behind him and waited, watching you wield an almost uncontrollable power over his brother, waiting for you to finish the plan.  “(Y/N)?”

“I’m not going with you, Loki,” you said in an unsure voice, losing the authority in it that you had only a moment ago.  “I will not lead at your side, now or ever.”

“Yes, my lady.”

You were taken aback by the power you had so easily stripped from him, noticing the softness in his features as he looked at you, hanging on your every word to direct him.  It was almost childlike in his eagerness to do your bidding and to make you pleased with his efforts.  “Do not return for me.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, my lady.”

“Thor,” you whispered, “take it from me.  Before I refuse to release it.”


“So let me get this straight,” Tony said with his arms crossed and an inquisitive expression, “you’re supposed to be one of the greatest rulers of all the realms?  And you turned that down?  Wow,” he sighed, “anything you do on Earth is just gonna pale in comparison to that, don’t you think?”

“Helpful, Tony.  You really know how to make a girl feel better, you know that?”

Steve walked towards you and handed you a beer from the bar at the new Avengers tower, taking a seat next to you.  He watched and waited for you to remove the cap, but he grabbed it from your hands only seconds later to do it for you.  “Don’t listen to Tony, (Y/N).  I think we might have something for you here, if you’re up for it.  I mean, it’s no Asgard or Jotunheim, but it’s not too shabby,” he chuckled, waving his hand around the room.

“Not too shabby?  Not too shabby?” Tony gasped, clutching his chest.  “This tower is state-of-the-art, I’ll have you know.  Top of the line.”

“Anyway,” the Captain continued, “I thought you might want in on our next mission.  It would seem that somewhere between your hands and a transfer to a secure SHIELD lab, the scepter has gone missing.  We thought maybe you had some skill in helping us find it.”

“I can give it a try, sure.” You grabbed the tablet from Steve’s hand and looked over the plans, opening the map to see where your first travels with the Avengers would take you, but you didn’t recognize the area.  “Where the hell is Sokovia?”

Are You Trying to Make Me Hate You?

Right there, she lays out my insecurities on the floor, kneels before them and plant kisses on each of them.

Then she turns to me with a gentle smile on her lips and says,

“Now that I have started to love the parts that you loathe most, will you let me love all of you?”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #91 // “I’m all yours.”

But really.

Where did this little random, mostly non-existent ship come from and why am I suddenly such total trash for it and am now constantly headcanoning all manner of things about them like how they bicker constantly and how she threatens to loose an arrow in his arse if he doesn’t follow his queen’s commands properly and how he just smiles and notes that she seems to be rather preoccupied with his arse these days and how he winks when he kneels before her now just to see the blush stain her cheeks and how they race each other across the glen and of course she beats him because you wish you could keep up with Angus and me and he tries to act huffy as she crows over her victory but then traps her up against Angus’ flank and shuts her up with his lips and how she turns to him for advice and counsel on clan matters and trusts in him and finds confidence and bravery during tough times from his unwavering loyalty and support and then eventually maybe there is a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire involved that leads to a brood of curly-headed hobbit babies running around the highlands WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?

Mr. Lester

summary: ‘He’s tall, sweet, great with kids, and he can sing. What’s better than that?’ Dan’s son is in choir, and his teacher is a lot more than he was expecting. 
genre: Fluff
word count: 2.8k
TW: swearing, mentions of death (teeny tiny) 
excerpt: ‘Hey, Dan. Like I said before, you’re probably sick of seeing notes being sent home, but I hope you’ll like this one XD. 0345 527 586, Call me <3 -Mr. Lester’
AO3 link 

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