you who came from the stars gif


The greatest power that I possess is stopping time. I stopped time uncountably during times that you aren’t even aware of. And I said this… I love you, Cheon Song Yi. Because if I told you while time was flowing by, I felt that everything would flow away and disappear. So I told you while time was stopped. I love you, Cheon Song Yi… I love you.”

-The last gif was me after the latest episodes of My Love From Another Star. What can I say? There is a first time for everything. 


So you′re saying that I don′t have common sense or manner right now. No manners. No brains. Botox. Your brain probably doesn′t have any wrinkles because you got botox - that′s what you′re saying. Even though I only ate one apple and half a cabbage today because I′m dieting, but I′m so full because I fed off all the cursing from people. But I really didn′t know I would keep on eating until night, and especially because I was singing. Am I not allowed to sing? Even when I was cursed at all day? Then how do I relieve all of my stress? All I had all day was an apple and half a cabbage…