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the coolest thing about green day’s discography is the fact that you can literally grow up with them by listening to their albums in order.

a 17 year old singing about crushes and being scared about their future. a 23 year old singing about anxiety and starting a family. a 32 year old singing about their anger and dissatisfaction with the government and world events. a 45 year old singing about overcoming addiction and reflecting on past experiences.

and all this just makes me feel so much….relief. because all my current struggle are only temporary and even though i feel consumed by them right now, one day i’ll grow up and be so happy and look back at all this and realize that it’s all in the past.

@erurink New friendo! Thank you a hundred times over for making this prompt list. It’s magnificent. It’s so painfully eruri, but also versatile enough for every fandom *heart eyes* It took me a few days to work out characterizations (I take canon-verse nerd-ishly seriously) Good luck with your job app! Sorry, this is kind of heavy. Usually, I don’t write angst…

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7. “Who do you think you are?”

[~1k, Canon-verse Angst/Grieving. But also Fluff because, hello, it’s me. Developing Friendships. Post-ACWNR, Pre-canon.]

It had been three months.  

Levi could feel the number rolling around in his head, knocking against his skull, sharp-edged and painful.  It must have cut too deep because when a little girl with a bobbing reddish ponytail darted in front of him, narrowly missing hooves and wheels, he froze.  Someone collided with his back and spat, “Fucking watch it, freak.”  The man smelled cloying, like perfume and rot, when he shoved past Levi and shot his uniform a look more filthy than his stringy hair.  Levi turned on his heel and returned to his quarters without getting any of the supplies he needed from town.

Three months above-ground, three months back in the ground—turned to dirt to fertilize that pretty grass that matched Isabel’s eyes. 

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five things you’ll find in my bag: 

  • my (empty) wallet 
  • chapstick 
  • phone/headphones
  • lil cloth to clean my glasses 
  • pencils and i dont even know WHY

five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • so. many. POSTERS.
  • like 300 pillows im not joking 
  • painted handprints from when my room was a nursery (kinda creepy tbh, it was cute but i want to repaint)
  • several year’s worth of old school supplies in a very messy neat stack
  • BOOKS! i love books

five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • learn a new language (outside of school)
  • learn to swim (it’s embarrassing and im a BABY bc im scared :/)
  • travel to Germany to meet family
  • learn piano/guitar
  • animate something!

five things that make me feel happy:

  • my family <3
  • astro of course
  • getting difficult math problems right 
  • music: making it AND listening to it
  • books books books 

five things I’m currently into:

  • piano tutorials for my fav songs
  • ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ (ive heard only two songs but i love it and need to watch it)
  • the TV show ‘Bones’ 
  • AKMU (they’re seriously so cute i-) 
  • lately, more choral music

five things on my to-do list:

  • learn my music for jazz choir bc im BEHIND
  • get out of my writer’s block asap
  • scholarship and college applications (h elp)
  • drive more, i have my license but i dont drive… like at all
  • get a summer job akskbf i need one 


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pidge who lowkey really wants to go to prom but she doesn’t want to go alone so she decides just to get over it, except then lance, hunk, and keith find out and decide to all be her dates

they split the cost of her ticket and then help her shop for a dress and do her hair and makeup

pidge ends up having three different colored corsages, and not to mention the best prom pictures ever

the boys take turns dancing with her, spinning her around the room and tossing her in the air, and it’s the best night of her life

Once you graduate high school, you see who your real friends are. People change. Someone who you thought was your best friend will cut you off completely. Some of us enter high school with plenty of friends and end with only a few close ones. Others of us enter high school with only a few close friends and end with no friends at all. It’s just how life is. It’s like that sometimes. It sucks but it happens to almost everyone.
—  real friends // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #14

@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.


ennotana week day 1: third year


Moriartys suits requested by @ambientcrystals

Would things have worked out differently for us if we’d met at a time when I was completely and entirely anything but myself? Now I can look back and say that I’ve changed, at least a little bit, but back then… I have no idea what I was working with. There was simply no me to begin with. I looked in the mirror and saw the same smile cut out of every picture but it didn’t mean much of anything. Did I even have thoughts back then? Did the sky have much of a color in those eyes of mine? I don’t even know.
—  🖤

anonymous asked:

In your opinion, what are YOI fandom classic fanfic?

according to @kazliin these are the top ten classic yoi fanfics 😉 better get readin, kids 😉

okay though, if you were looking for some more serious answers? i guess i gotta go with the fics that show up every time @actualyuuri and i go on omegle and ask for fic recs, so that’d be

i’m sure you’ve all read all of these! but if you haven’t, definitely check them out. heed the warnings for some of them (especially tbe and masquerade) but yea, have fun 💖