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Slytherin Princess

Request from anon: please can you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are like the king and queen of Slytherin or whatever and they’re like the coolest couple ever and one day someone crosses her path and she makes sure he pays for it

Thanks for requesting anon! I’m sorry if this is really bad, I wrote this in one sitting :/


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You had been dating Draco for a good two years - you were both in sixth year and had structured a pretty notorious reputation; everyone always referred to the two of you as the ‘King and Queen of Slytherin’. Ever since people had found out about the two of you, they noticed how perfectly you fit together - Draco was a respectable, almost despotic character yet you were oddly kind, though everyone warned “Get on the wrong side of Y/N Y/L/N and you’re dead meat.” You knew how to defend yourself, having come from a similar family as Draco, it came naturally to the two of you. 

You were surprisingly clever (one of the top in your year, actually) and you were proud of it. If you didn’t put those extra hours in at the library, you probably wouldn’t have passed your O.W.L.S; it came as a shock to your parents when you were placed in Slytherin (your mother was a Ravenclaw and so was your father) yet you supposed your house destined who you were meant to be. You were a Slytherin and you were proud of it. 

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Hi!! You bring happiness to this corner of this thirsty girls world! I was hoping, if the requests are open, can you pretty please do a hc or something of some sort of facesitting with Newt/Daddy!Newt? 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Glad I could bring some happiness! ❤️


-Newt would be more than happy to allow this. Even if you’re on top, he’s still in complete control.
-He mainly manages to get you once you’re out of the shower, wrapped in nothing but your towel.
-It’s a sight he can’t possibly ignore. He’d reach for your hand while you walked passed him on the bed, smiling up at you.
-“You look lovely as ever, darling.”
-“Newt, you say that every time I’m naked.”
-The wizard just laughs it off, pulling you on top of him, so you can straddle his waist.
-“What are you up to now, Scamander?”
-He bites his lip, eyeing you up and down, as slowly removing your towel. It slides down your body, and he lets his hands roam everywhere.
-By the time he’s done exploring you’re a panting mess, shivering above him as he grips your hips and hoists you up.
-“Fancy a bit more, love?” He smirks, settling your body over his face as he looks on with desire as your legs spread above him.
-Newt takes it all in, noting the way your clit swells, and reddens with arousal. His mouth is practically watering at the sight.
-He caresses your thighs, eyes staring up at you as he lifts his head up and licks softly at your clit. Enough to make you moan, but still torturous enough to make you beg.
-“Newt, no teasing…” You sigh out, gripping the sheets behind his head as he continues to suck and lick around your entrance.
-He chuckles softly, almost nuzzling your womanhood as he pleasures you.
-“I’m having fun taking my time, my darling.” He spanks your ass, gripping one cheek harder as he pulls you down on his mouth.
-The feeing is overwhelming, and you sway your hips back and forth creating a pace that sets all your nerves on fire.
-Newt’s groaning into you, his mouth and face almost buried under your heat. His hands explore your body, pawing at your chest and pinching your nipples. The electricity from the pleasure runs down your spine, making you arch and pull away from his lips.
-He roughly brings you back down, green eyes glaring up and sending a warning not to move again. Though, you were tempted to see how he’d punish you if you did.
-When you cum, Newt laps every part of you up. Enjoying the way your juices cling to his cheeks and lips.

Hope you likeddddd. That was dirrrrtty~

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(I chose this gif because…reasons.)


STEP ONE: NAME IT AFTER SOMEONE YOU LOVE. or someone that loves you. whichever you’re better at driving away. this will make it both easier and harder to empathize with the creature in your bed but you can’t get rid of something that you can’t name. you can’t heal from something that you won’t vocalize. write it down once you’ve decided. realize that it won’t reach out of the page and strangle you. exhale.

STEP TWO: SAY THE NAME OUT LOUD WITHOUT CRINGING. this will hurt. your vocal cords will tighten with stress. your shoulders will meet your ears and enjoy the conversation so much that they’ll stay there, frozen, until your back pleads with them to come home. come home. now say it again. say it until it feels less like a wound and more like a loaded gun. the safety’s off, is this what you want? is this what you need?

STEP THREE: SCREAM. cry. buy dollar store wine glasses just to throw them on the floor. do what you need to because this is where you’ll begin to come to terms with the pent up anger this animal’s been obscuring. you were so busy looking at the blue, all of that sad ocean skin, that you forgot to point your finger towards the enemy. sometimes you need to look in the broken shards of what’s shattered and remind yourself that you’re the victim and this is not your fault. you can’t be blamed for the ugliness of your healing process when the thing you’re healing from is this persistent and invasive and completely uninvited. your recovery will never be more disgusting than the necessity it was born from.

STEP FOUR: STUDY THE ELEPHANT. sketch it, if you’re able. look at the curve of its trunk and the size of its feet and touch the tail once it doesn’t hurt your eyes to see, to understand. stroke the ears. kiss the head. your most intimate relationship will always be with the things that have hurt you. it’s the only sensation that’s yours, exclusively. you need to remember what the warning signs were before you turn the lights out, though. so pack a box with that knowledge and shove it in the closet. you won’t need it tomorrow. not until next winter, at least.

STEP FIVE: LET IT GO. you may read this and think, “if I could just let it go, it would’ve left by now.” and maybe that’s true. but maybe you have to rebreak bones so that they heal properly and maybe it has to get worse before it gets better. because at this point the elephant is begging to be released into the wild with the rest of the elephants. that’s right, the rest of them. because everybody has an elephant or two taking up space in their garage even if they don’t talk about it. but this isn’t about them, it never will be. this is about you and what you’ve had to live with. the thing you’ve spent so much time licking the cuts from. so, don’t bother to watch it leave. let it go. let it go.
let it go.

—  HOW-TO…, 13/30, Caitlin Conlon
Off Limits - Arthur Shelby

Request: I know requests are closed but I’ll forget if I don’t send it in now.. a girl shows up shortly after grace leaves & she says shed like to take the open post at the garrison- but there hasn’t even been an advertisement yet… so they find out grace sent her there to help escape an abusive relationship (she believes the shelbys will keep her safe regardless of what she has done) Arthur ends up falling for her despite tommy saying the shelbys no longer fuck with barmaids(bad for business). - @Ifoundmyhappythought

Request: for working with the shelbys and handling a lot of the money and you are trying to work but arthur tries to distract the reader? Fluffy?

Off Limits - Arthur Shelby

It had hardly been a week without a barmaid when you came in, asking for Harry and telling him that you had heard he was in need of help. He asked where you heard from but you were vague in what information you chose to give out and what information you kept to yourself. Still he needed the help and he didn’t see any harm in allowing you to work there.

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3, 8 and 14 for Obi-Wan please? I love your drabbles! :D

Thank you! I’m glad you like them! Hopefully you like this one as well :)

Obi Wan +  “I left for five minutes. How did you find trouble so quickly?” +  “You’re incredibly persistent, I’ll give you that.” +  “By all means, antagonize the angry beast. See where that gets you.”

Staring out at the brush where your blaster laid, internally scolding yourself for having lost your grip on it. What had started as a seamless mission soon became a festering frustration for you. Flaring your nostrils you suddenly heard Obi Wan from behind you.

“Watch after our things (Y/N). We will need to be on the move before sun down.”

You nodded, “Of course.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a moment.”

Still staring forward you heard the slight crunching of leaves as Obi Wan walked off into the deep jungle like surroundings. He had told you not to worry about it, just to leave it. It’s just a blaster (Y/N), he had said. You however were not so easily disuadded or distracted. The blaster was by far the best you had owned in years. 

With a deep breath you slowly closed your eyes for a moment, attempting to center yourself. If it worked for Obi Wan and Anakin, it could surely do you some good. Force sensitive or not. Finally feeling confident in your abilities you jumped into the air and gripped onto the branch closest to your reach. With a firm grip you hoisted yourself up. Carefully shimmying down the branch you made your way towards your blaster.

Unfortunately for you, just beneath the branch and sitting in front of the brush where your blaster laid was a sleeping Jakobeast. Though they weren’t inherently dangerous, you were certainly warned against antagonizing them. 

Slowly you tried to creep your way further down the branch when suddenly you slipped. With your heart practically flying out of your chest from surprise you tightly gripped onto the branch as you now dangled from it. To only worsen your luck, a piece of the branch had fallen and hit the creature below you in the head. With a grunt and a growl it awoke.

Feeling your heart begin to pound furiously against your chest as the beast looked up to you, you began attempting to pull yourself up. As you did Obi Wan returned, instantly rushing to see what you were up to.

“I left for five minutes. How did you find trouble so quickly?”

You grunted in your efforts to hold onto the branch, attempting to give him a smug shrug of your shoulders.

“I need my blaster, but this tree apparently had other plans.”

Obi Wan shook his head faintly as he pointed to you with somewhat of a smirk.

“You’re incredibly persistent, I’ll give you that.”

Seeing the beast try to lunge up towards you, likely seeing you as a threat, you quickly kicked one of its horns as it groaned in response. Obi Wan rolled his eyes.

“By all means, antagonize the angry beast. See where that gets you.”

You scowled at him for a moment before you finally supported yourself on the branch.

“Don’t nag me, I’ve got this.”

Obi Wan smirked as he held up his hand with a sudden swoosh passing your ears. Looking over to him you noticed your blaster now in his grip.


Ajax/Wade Imagine - “Don’t Look At Her”

Request – Could I request an ajax x reader imagine or one shot in which the reader is wades sister and after the fire, wade presumes she’s dead but Ajax rescued her from the fire in the mutant factory and took care of her and is now super protective of her. Like If you look at her I’ll snap your neck kind of protective of her.

Warnings – some violence

Spoilers – yes, for deadpool

This isn’t what you had pictured when a stone faced man had approached you with a black business card, telling you he could free you from your terrible life. You weren’t sure what you had pictured, but it definitely wasn’t Ajax bringing you a cup of tea as you lay in bed. Your brother, Wade, definitely hadn’t received the same treatment. You smiled as you took the mug from Ajax’s hands.

“Thank you.” You said, taking a tentative sip of the hot beverage as he sat beside you.

“How are you feeling today?” He asked, a look of concern on his face.

“It’s been weeks Ajax, I feel much better. Fine in fact.” You replied, smiling at him. A frown quickly came over your face as you thought of your brother. “Wade.” You mumbled, looking down.

“I’m sorry.” Ajax said, knowing he could never tell you the truth.

“Are you sure he’s dead?” You asked, and he nodded. You placed the mug down on the bedside table and swung your legs out of the bed. Ajax moved so that you could stand up, and handed you a pile of clothes.

“I bought you some clothes, for when you were better.” He said, and you smiled gratefully, thanking him as you took them. You stood awkwardly facing each other for a few moments, before Ajax realised. “Right, I’ll leave you to get dressed.” He said, leaving the room. When you were dressed you left too, finding him sitting at the table in the kitchen.

“I want to find Wade.” You said. Ajax went to say something, but you cut him off. “Or at least find out what happened to him. Please.” Ajax sighed, before nodding.

“Okay, but don’t get your hopes up.” You nodded as you both walked outside towards his car. He drove you to the sight of the ‘mutant factory’ and you wrapped your arms around yourself as you remembered your experience there and the fire. The car came to a stop and you climbed out, quickly walking over to the rubble on the ground. Ajax fell into step beside you, hands in his jacket pockets as he kicked pieces of burnt wood around. You looked walked around the destroyed factory, becoming increasingly dismayed as you saw no sign of life, never mind your brother. You didn’t know if he had mutated. You didn’t even know if you had mutated, having received a head injury in the fire, though suffered no burns. You turned to Ajax, arms crossed as you sighed.

“Maybe we should just leave, or we could - ” You were cut off by Ajax pushing you behind him. You frowned, turning to shout at him, when you saw another person.

“You.” The man hissed, before lunging towards Ajax, with hands like claws. You gasped, and the man turned to you, distracted for just long enough for Ajax to punch him in the gut. The man fell to his knees, and glanced up at you.

“Don’t look at her.” Ajax growled, kicking the man back on the ground. “Turn around.” He said to you as he pulled a gun out of his jacket. You quickly obliged, squeezing your eyes shut as you heard a gunshot. After a few seconds you opened your eyes, seeing another figure a few yards away. You were about to warn Ajax when you stopped yourself, feeling as though you recognised the person.

“Wade.” You whispered under your breath, moving to approach the man, but he turned, quickly running away. You looked at Ajax but he didn’t seem to have noticed the man. You shrugged to yourself as Ajax ushered you back to his car, a hand placed at you lower back as he looked around for any signs of threat. You couldn’t get the thought of Wade out of your head though, and you wondered whether you should tell Ajax about the other figure you had seen.

(Should I continue this?)

- K

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Could you do a head cannon with all the host where y/n is clumsy? Sorry if it didn't make sense, I'm very awkward

 Thank you for the request!! It made perfect sense love~ Don’t worry about being awkward tho, I’m super awkward as well.


~ He’d freak out every time you fell

~ There would be actual tears

~ He’d just about wrap you in bubble wrap to ensure your safety

~ You twisted your ankle once when you tripped. and this boy almost got you a wheelchair. Eventually Kyoya managed to convince him it was overkill, and you had never liked Kyoya more

~ He’d always try to catch you, but he’d usually end up falling with you and now you’d both be on the floor with you laughing and him freaking out

~ He’d think it was king of cute in a way, because it kind of made him feel like you needed him


~ *exasperated sigh*

~ “Again (y/n)?”

~ He’d act like you falling was so inconvenient to him, but he’d be worried

~ If you ever get injured because of your clumsiness, expect a stern lecture as he patched you up

~ He would constantly tease you that you were helping keep his medical skills sharp

~ He’d also think it was adorable, in an “annoying and inconvenient” way

~ He’d always be worried about you though

~ He’d be constantly warning you where there were ledges and uneven ground


~ Expect laughter every time you fall down

~ He’d help you up every time though after he was done laughing

~ He’d pretend like it only entertained him, but he’d be internally freaking out every time.

~ One time he tripped you because he thought it was be funny, but you actually started bleeding and he felt so bad he almost cried

~ He’s just a wreck whenever you fall, because it is funny, so he does laugh when you fall, but once he helps you up he freaks out making sure you’re okay

~ if you ever get hurt when you fall, he takes you straight to the nearest medical professional no matter how bad it is

~ You call him Tamaki the Second whenever he does this because you think it’s dramatic

~ It’s just because he cares though


~ Unlike his brother, he only laughs after he knows you’re okay

~ However, like Tamaki, he freaks when you fall

~ If he’s ever the cause of your falling he apologizes so much. He feels so bad, it’s kind of adorable

~ He tries to catch you every time you fall, and mostly he succeeds

~ Whenever he fails though, he screams like someone just got murdered. Experts are still unsure as to why

~ He thinks it’s adorable when you almost fall, but catch yourself.

~ Your official nickname is Klutz


~ He’d be constantly worried about you, always watching to make sure you weren’t falling over anything

~ In all honestly he’d probably get to the point where he would just resort to carrying you everywhere

~ Legit, always. Watching.

~ Whenever you fell, you wouldn’t hit the ground, he’d always be there to catch you.

~ If you did fall, he would probably beat himself up just a bit. He never wants you to get hurt.

~ God forbid if you actually got injured. He wouldn’t let you walk on your own for a week.

~ Just in general, he’d be kind of overprotective, but it’s just cuz he’s a worrier.


~ He yells every time you fall, without fall

~ He manages to grab your arm every time you fall, but it doesn’t always help

~ If you get hurt, expect tears. 

~ He can sometimes even manage to guilt Kyoya into patching you up with his tears.

~ He does think it’s cute though, that you fall often (as long as it’s a small, little fall)

~ He’s always dragging you around, trying to make sure you don’t trip over uneven ground, but sometimes he gets excited and pulls too hard and you fall anyways

Magnetic Chapter 11: Waking Up

Dean Winchester x Reader

1000 Words

Chapter Summary: Waking up in Dean’s arms, you hope things won’t be too awkward between the two of you.

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Feeling more refreshed than you had in years, you slowly woke up, letting yourself adjust to the fact that there was sun shining through the windows, and a warm body was still pressed tightly against your own. Stretching slightly, you felt a pair of arms tighten their hold on you, and that’s when it finally clicked in your brain that you weren’t alone on the bed. Opening your eyes, you found myself staring at the smooth and freckled expanse of Dean’s neck, the stubble coloring it lightly. He mumbled in his sleep, his arm loosening slightly from around your waist, where his hand was splayed on the bare skin your shirt exposed.

“And you’re still going to tell me nothing happened between the two of you.” Sam’s voice sounded from the other bed. Turning carefully in Dean’s arms, it took you a couple of seconds until you were facing Sam, who was sitting on the edge of his bed, a huge knowing smile on his face.

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How to Become a Witch in Five Easy Steps

Let’s be real up front here: if you want to be a witch, you’ve read a dozen of these how-to’s, and you’ll read a dozen more. This way certainly isn’t the only way, and I’m not even convinced it’s the best way, but it’s a way. It’s drawn from how I started out, with improvements from experience and these modern times. 

To be upfront, here: I read a lot of beginner posts on tumblr, and though they all have interesting and valid approaches, they’re generally a lot easier than what I’ve written here. They’re certainly much faster. The dive-right-in angle is very popular these days, but it’s not the tack I’ve taken. 

This is going to take some time, but I think you’ll be better for it. The crooked path is winding and treacherous: this is less of a map, and more of fifth-hand description of terrain no man alive has ever seen.

This is a long read, so check after the jump. 

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RFA members reaction when they saw MC for the first time


Zen: Even though you were just supposed to come to cheer him up (and to help that fuckin trust fund kid), Zen was blown away by you as soon as he opened the door. You definitely cheered him up- Jesus Christ, did you cheered him up! The way your eyes crinkled when you smiled, the way you looked at him, that soft scent when the wind blew through your hair - it was all gripping at his heart tighter and tighter. He was always someone who admired the beauty of women, but there was something about you that made him more excited than he’d ever been before. You broke his train of thought, pulled him into a trance, left him mystified and breathless. It was so distracting, and a bit frustrating, and completely overwhelming, all at once. 

Yoosung: You’d already agreed to be his before he actually laid eyes on you- for real, and in person. The experience immediately lit a fire inside his gut. You were the person he had fought for, the person he almost died for. You were the light in his darkness, the hope beyond the endless despair of Rika’s death. You were bright like Rika, but you were so much more. You pulled him in. You made him feel lighter than air. At once, he knew that all of his decisions were worth it. All the pain, and the worry, and the fears, they were all worth it. That’s why as soon as he finished his speech on that stage, his feet found their way straight to you to claim your lips and finally seal the promise he’d made to you.

Jaehee: It didn’t surprise her, really. After all of your support and kindness, she knew you would be radiant and full of love and positivity. Still, though, you managed to floor her with how beautiful your smile was. Happiness gushed out of her at the sight of you, and she wrung her hands in anticipation, not sure how she was going to keep her feelings contained in front of all these people. She could barely move herself to speak to you, and when she did, she fell in love with the way your eyes seemed to take in every word she said so carefully. It was then that she knew you would say yes to her proposition to be her partner, but her heart dared to hope for more, because she couldn’t imagine a life without you. 

Jumin: As soon as you walked into his door, a spark ignited in his heart. He had never felt such an immense rush of emotion sweep through him before. His shock and confusion were difficult to contain, but they left him yearning for more. He needed to know. He needed to know the feeling of your lips, the smell of your skin, he needed to be sure that it was all real. It was difficult to contain himself in front of you. You were so fascinating, so singularly powerful. You challenged everything he thought he knew about himself, and he relished in the feeling. You were change. You were hope. You were something completely new. And he needed you to be his. 

707: It was unfortunate that the first time he laid eyes on you was also the first time he had seen his brother since he’d left him. He heard your voice before he saw you- you cried out his name and the desperation in your voice broke him a little. That voice which played in his head, moved through his fingers, chased his thoughts - he couldn’t bear the sound of it in pain. And then when his golden eyes landed on your soft face, he felt like melting. There was an instant connection in your locked eyes, and all the wonder of magic of it seemed so fragile when it was wrapped in the danger claiming you. Affection, awe, and adoration were overshadowed by immediate fear, horror, and dread. All of the beauty that meeting you should have been was tinged by the sour realization that you could be gone at any moment, and he knew then that he had to protect you no matter what. 

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more femkamui x nishiki please !!! thank you!

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Being the man for beauty sleep that he was, Nishiki tended to retire earlier than most, including you. On normal days you thought it funny, especially in spring and summer where the sun was still peeking over the mountains.

But it was the brutal autumn nights like this one that you learned to appreciate his early-to-bed ritual. Unlike everyone else in the camp who had to suffer through the freezing cold, you had an advantage; a personal Nishiki bed-warmer.

“Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold…!” Nishiki could hear you mumbling as you hurried up to their bedroom, your husband smirking at the sound. He nestled further into the cozy sheets, completely content while you rushed to salvage your body heat.

“A little chilly tonight, isn’t it?” He mused when the door burst open, blatantly mocking your frozen form. He didn’t have to open his eyes to know you were glaring at him, but it amused him none the less.

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Long time no see,
did you feel anything when you broke me?

It’s been two years since we graduated
and four since you last kissed me and meant it
but somehow I am still the one
carrying pieces of who you used to be with me.

You dug your claws in the space
where my ribs meet, grasping for my heart
still beating and when you withdrew-
suddenly and without warning as though
we were never anything- you left your nails,
blood slick in my skin. I feel them when I
try and breathe deeply or love
like anything more than a soft breeze.
I used to be a hurricane,
how did you manage to stop me?

Maybe you are a mountain, strong and sturdy,
unmoving, unfeeling, unflinching
as I crashed into you and you never bothered
to wrap your arms around me,
I was unheld, unloved, uncared for,
un-everything a relationship is supposed to be.
Are you proud of yourself?
My heart rattles around in my chest,
a heartbreaking melody I have learned the words to
but, still, I don’t love right.

That’s what you did to me.

Long time no see,
I wish it could have been longer
but Fate has always been fickle
when trying to decide what we are meant to be.

—  almost conversations with an ex || O.L.
Tease (Yoongi/Suga Smut)

Sorry this took so long oh my gosh!! I was working on my new blog ‘x’ so I didn’t have much time…I was also babysitting so I couldn’t find any time to write, I hope you enjoy my shitty writing anyway. ~Admin Moon

You crawled out of Yoongi’s arms, stumbling out of bed. Naturally, when you’re this groggy, you don’t pay attention to most things. So when you slipped on the first shirt you saw, you didn’t even notice it was Yoongi’s. 

You walked into your kitchen, legs bare, rubbing the sleep away from your eyes. You sat down on the couch, wondering what you could have for breakfast. Once you had settled on a decision, you rose from the furniture, your legs carrying you to the fridge.

You took the things you needed and smiled to yourself, humming a tune. Yoongi hobbled in, taking a seat at the kitchen island, observing you. 

“Good morning, I’m making breakfast. I hope you’re hungry!” You smiled, oblivious to the intense stare down you were getting. He was practically eye-fucking you.

You brought your attention back to the food, resuming your humming, only this time, you began to move your hips slightly to the tune. Yoongi’s stare was heavy now and you could feel his eyes on you. You brushed it off, placing the food onto plates.

You passed Yoongi a plate, sitting down with him after placing your own plate down. He gave an appreciative nod and started to eat his food. A hum escaped his lips and he mumbled a ‘This is great.’

You both finished your meal, Yoongi offered to help clear the plates but you kindly denied his help. You placed them into the sink, retrieving a sponge and some washing up liquid. 

You hummed a different tune, this one more sensual, causing your hips to move slower as they resumed their earlier actions.

 It didn’t take long to wash the plates, there were only two after all. As you were turning around, you bumped into a chest. “Sorry Yoongi, I didn’t see you.”

“Oh but I saw you.” He whispers harshly. You swallowed the growing lump in your throat, anxious. “Show me those dance moves again.” He inquired.  

“No, Yoongi I-” You broke off, not knowing how to answer. You suddenly turned shy, looking away from Yoongi’s eyes. 

He accepted your comment, but you weren’t getting away with your actions.

“You know, (Y/N) actions have consequences.” He said in a matter-of-fact voice. You simply nodded, slightly confused as to what was going on. His mouth inched closer to yours and you were practically shaking.

“I don’t understand.” You mumbled. Yoongi simply smirked, “I’ll have to punish you, sweetheart.” 

A strangled gasp escaped your lips, surprised that Yoongi had hauled you over his shoulder, carrying you back to your shared bedroom.

 He gently placed you on the bed and crumpled sheets, in a completely different manner than the one he had when he was carrying you. Your heart swelled at that, knowing he still cares about your comfort even in moments like these.

He slips his shirt off, throwing it somewhere behind him. He stalked closer to you, finally kneeling on the bed, straddling your hips to entrap you. His fingers danced at the hem-line of your own shirt, slipping under it to take it off.

His movements were sharp, precise. He chucked your shirt behind him, mimicking the action he had used for his own shirt. Yoongi smiled to himself at the fact that your legs were bare, no fabric covering them but your panties. As for your bra, you weren’t wearing one.

“You’re such a tease.” He hissed, leaning down, letting his lips attack your neck. A breathy moan made it’s way out of your throat, embarassing you. This only encouraged Yoongi to continue. He shuffled off of you, settling between your thighs. 

He made sure to keep eye contact while slipping your panties off. And the discovery he had made when he found out you were so wet for him made him chuckle. You wanted to cover yourself but you knew Yoongi wouldn’t allow it.

Your fingers gripped the sheets, whereas his traced the outline of your core. Little pants from you made him impatient, him eager for his own release. 

Yoongi dipped his head down, slipping his tongue out to give you a taste, you shuddered in pleasure.

“Fuck, Yoongi!” You groaned, wanting more.

He didn’t reply, only began to suck on your clit. Your moans were getting louder and you thought you wouldn’t be able to take any more, but he decided for you. You could.

He slipped his pointer finger and middle finger into you, pumping them at a fast pace. You arched your back, cold air whipping against your nipples, hardening them. You felt a familiar tightening in your core and you choked out a warning to Yoongi. Just when you though you were going to cum, he slipped his fingers out, making you whine in disappointment.

He put his fingers in his mouth, sucking on them, licking you off. Just the sight itself was erotic enough to make you needier. 

“That was your punishment, baby.” He smirked and you wanted to wipe that smug smile off his face.

You sat up, pulling Yoongi closer by his belt. You undid it, and proceeded to unzip his jeans, yanking down his underwear with his jeans. You licked your lips at the sight, he was hard and ready for you, turning you on even more.

You wanted to return the favour, to taste him, but Yoongi shook his head. “Next time, I need you now.” He promised, growling menacingly.

He gently pushed you down onto the bed, pumping himself a few times, letting his eyes flutter shut for a few seconds. He placed himself at your entrance and you braced yourself, excitement taking over. 

Yoongi pushed himself into you, a groan leaving his perfectly shaped lips that still glistened with your arousal. He let you adjust to his size before picking up speed in his thrusts.

Each one hit your spot, making you cry out. Yoongi grabbed your hips, slamming you down on his dick causing you to see stars. Your moans and groans were louder.

Finally, he hit a spot that made your toes curl and your eyes slam shut, you mewled as you orgasmed, jerking slightly. Yoongi found his own release after yours, pulling out and cumming on your chest. He collapsed next you, panting. 

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” He asked, he was always a caring guy, not only after sex. You shook your head ‘no’ and he got up to get something to clean you up with.

He returned with a towel, dabbing you clean. He placed a sweet kiss on your lips, then your jaw, finding himself some clothes to put on right after. He grabbed a shirt for you, with some panties handing them to you unashamedly.

You thanked him, slipping on the clothing, stifling a yawn.

“Come on, let’s nap,” Yoongi offered, “You look tired anyway.” He added.

“Good idea.” You agreed, plopping down and closing your eyes.


A Nori Fanfic

This is based on an imagine found here:

You opened your bag and automatically sighed.  Yet again, it had been filled with silver trinkets and baubles.

“Nori,” You sighs and look at the dwarf.  "I understand that you have a thieving habit to attend to, but must you put it in my bag?“

The dwarf blushed furiously.  "Sorry Y/N, you are just…the least unassuming out of all of us.  It seems like a good hiding spot.”

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Sontaran photoshoot (The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky)

Screencaps taken from the Doctor Who Confidential episode, “Send in the Clones” - (as seen on the photographer’s camera during the photoshoot)

The screencaps from the camera were already a bit blurry - I can’t wait to see what Tumblr’s new resizing scheme is going to do to them…

anonymous asked:

Got7 reaction to their gf trying to take off a hoodie they borrowed from the boys but her shirt ends up lifting w the hoodie and she accidentally flashes them

Thank you for your request! I’m having serious feels after the fan meet, so here’s a little more torture for myself. Ha! <3

Mark: You would probably earn yourself a little chuckle from him as nonchalantly reaches forward and helps you pull down the shirt underneath to cover you back up without making a big deal out of the situation.  His taunting smile wouldn’t disappear for some time, but it’s only because he’s amused at your embarrassment.  He finds every dern thing you do to be cute, and this would be no exception.

Originally posted by slightkpopobsession88

JB: Definitely no overreaction on his part.  He’ll be super cool about it and possibly help you get the hoodie off and your other shirt back down more quickly, but he’s not going to be too affected with the situation.  He’s able to act mature enough ~ even if in internal perv is activated.  If the other members were around, though… you can guarantee pointed glares, warning anyone to make a comment or even think about not erasing that image from their mind.

Originally posted by imjbun

Jackson: A loud squeal followed by the cheekiest smirk you have ever seen.  He’d try to play it off all innocently, but that’s just an epic fail.  There may or may not be a teasing ‘perv’ smile.  All in all, he’d have a fun time giving you all sorts of problems about this.  If the other members were around, his reaction would ensure that everyone witnesses your misfortune.  Jerk.

Originally posted by hoseoker

Jinyoung: This is another one that would give you mild teasing about it while helping you cover yourself up.  If you happen to return some sass, he’ll shut up real quick.  He’s usually respectful, but he can’t help but to give you a little grief from time to time.  Still, he does not want to be thought of as a ‘pervy pirate’.  He would also suggest zip-up hoodies from then on to avoid repeated incidents in the future - especially if other members are around.  Jinyoung will be the very first to defend your honor.

Originally posted by the-princejinyoung

Youngjae: Like Jackson, this will be another one with a very exaggerated reaction.  He may not be as loud vocally, but his expressions are more than enough.  Could his eyes get any wider?  This poor boy may very well have a heart attack on the spot.  If the others members are around to witness, he’d probably pull that shirt back down so fast that he’d become a blur in the process.  If ya’ll are alone, this poor guy very well may have a mild panic attack as he tries to figure out just how he’s supposed to react to the situation.  Please be careful not to kill our dear Sunshine.

Originally posted by ithadtobeyouforever

BamBam: Grease galore.  Like, I’m pretty sure he’s oozing with grease at this point and it would be best for everyone to simply ignore his comments and leave him alone to think about what he’s done.  Put this child in time out!  Seriously though, you can expect that smirk.  You know which one I’m talking about.  He wouldn’t even need to make a comment to make you feel dirty.  Ugh.  Someone put a leash on him already. BUT if the others are around and they dare to say anything… Yikes.

Originally posted by isabelle-c-r

Yugyeom: Maaaaaaaaaajor blushes.  He’d give a little giggle and bite his lip out of shyness.  Still, he’s gentlemanly enough to help you cover yourself back up and save you from further embarrassment to showing things you did not mean to show.  I don’t really think his reaction would be any different whether his hyungs were around or not.  He’s surprisingly mature enough not to make a big deal out of the situation.  Good job Baby Yug.  I’m proud of you!

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Guardian Angel || Isaac Lahey

Guardian Angel

Warnings - none

Requested - no

A/N ~ Well hi there :). What you are about to read ladies and gentlemen, is my first new imagine which I am very excited for and I hope you like :D.

Y/N - your name

Y/E/C - your eye colour


Part 1





“No Y/n” Scott interrupted with a tone that indicated that no more arguing was to be done. With Scott being the alpha and you being very much human you couldn’t really do much but sit around whilst everyone had their own special skill, even Stiles. You guys had decided to take on the alpha packed put them down…well put them down to your abilities. You had been arguing with Isaac for the past 15 minutes on whether you should be able to come and help.

Truthfully, you just wanted to be there to be with Isaac and protect him in any way you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself knowing you could’ve been there and done something, anything. He was the closest to you from the pack, almost like a best friend. Even though you wouldn’t admit it to yourself, everyone else around you found it absolutely clear as a freaking crystal that you felt pretty deeply for the Lahey boy.

Ever since you had arrived to Beacon Hills, your whole life had been flipped upside down like a switch. In someways good and someways bad. The greatest pleasure had been meeting Isaac and being introduced to a group of people that are too loyal and damn awesome for their own good. But that’s what drew you in, their love and friendship for each other was one you had longed for all your life and to, now, be a part of this family makes you feel as if you’re part of something special. Isaac, on the other hand, has made you experience every emotion there is out there and has marked every part of you with this incredible, extraordinary life he belongs in. You had slowly and utterly let him hold precious section in your heart that you didn’t want to remove over the course of time that you knew him. He makes you feel important.

But right now you wanted to stab him.

“Wh-Scott please, I have to, I can’t stay and not-“ You could sense him moving closer to you until he reached your side and spinning your shoulder around to face him. You tried to ignore the buzzing feeling where his fingers lay, but honestly it was very hard. Your eyes met with those cerulean blue eyes that held worry and a stern protective facial expression that you grew to love.

“Y/N, I can’t let you go please understand. You need to stay. I, If you go I won’t be able to protect and if anything happened to you while I’m not with you I- Y/n I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.” Isaac shut his eyes as he said the last bit as if he was imagining the circumstances. A look of pain stretched across his face but was replaces with a stern look. “You’re not going, end of.” With that he left the kitchen you were all gathered in.


The walls of the abandoned bank were collapsing, the sounds of people being thrown on the floor became more distinct. Your head perked up, hoping what was going through your head wasn’t the actual case. Please let him be ok. You quietly shuffles across the maze that seemed to be this bank, trying to find your way to him. Stiles, Lydia and Allison trailed behind you, reluctantly, but they understood why you had to do this. They knew, even though you hadn’t admitted it to yourself anyways. And they were pretty stupid to let you go, even though they were warned by Scott.

Well, technically you escaped in your car and they followed.

The sounds were getting much louder. You guys had been smart enough to at least bring some form of protection. Allison had carried her crossbow and Stiles being Stiles carried a baseball bat. It was pretty clear you had relied on Allison. You rounded a corner and was instantly greeted by a body being thrown, landing at your feet. The body looked up at you guys with a scowl and a confused expression. Not the happiest at the moment.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” He said with a growl. Not the happiest ever.

“Heey, sourwolf.” Derek glared at Stiles, who you’re pretty sure backed up. Derek looked battered. There was a bruise forming on his left jaw and a cut on the side of his forehead, which would heal in a matter of minutes. Derek being Derek, his t’shirt was pretty much ripped to shreds, meaning he was pretty much shirtless. Safe to say he won’t be going to Stiles for any clothing. You and Lydia helped him up. I mean a thank you would be nice, you thought. There was a large broken escalator in the middle of the giant hall. You could see Deaton from the corner of your eye running towards you, but with no Isaac or Scott.

“What are you guys doing here?!”

“Yeah, you didn’t exactly answer that.” This time it was your turn to glare at the broody sourwolf.

“Where’s Isaac?” As soon as those words left your mouth two bodies were thrown from the top of the escalator and landed a few feet away from you guys. Your heart nearly dropped when you saw Isaac battered, bruised and struggling to get to his feet. You screamed his name and ran towards him not giving a damn about anything else around you. Scott was not far, with Allison kneeling over him. You reached Isaac, almost straddling him, trying to hold him in your arms as if you’d lose him. You pulled out a large shard of glass that was stuck in his shoulder and throwing it next to you, hearing him hiss as soon as it was out. Even though he looked like someone had beat the absolute crap out of him and he would soon heal, you couldn’t help but feel the urge to protect or heal. It was like a pulling force.

“Y/N?! What are you doing here? You can’t be here!” If you got asked that question one last time, you’re sure at leat someone else would be seriously hurt tonight. Your hand automatically reached to touch the new cut on his cheek, feeling him flinch but slowly relax. You felt a burst of adrenaline, or energy you couldn’t quite make it out and the cut almost immediately healed, but way faster than it normally would for the werewolf. You retracted your hand away and brushed it off thinking it was just Isaac’s werewolf nature.

“Y/n?” Isaac asked again, this time his hand reaching up to wipe the tear you were unaware was running down your cheek. His hand felt warm even though they had been through hell over the few hours.

“I had to be here. I couldn’t leave you, I don’t know why. I just- I couldn’t bear the thought of you being beat up or  hurt. I had to know you were ok, Isaac -“ You had tears streaming down your face now, how, you had no idea. You’re normally strong and didn’t cry at anything, but seeing Isaac hurt did something to you - and not in a good way.

“Y/N!” You looked down with a confused expression to see why Isaac had suddenly shouted your name. You were just about to take back what you said as you thought he didn’t feel the same way (it would’ve been nice at least, and saved you the embarrassment). However, when you faced him, his eyes weren’t on yours, yet on something behind you. You turned to see what caused him to suddenly grip his hands on your wait and struggle to back away. Ennis was running, quite quickly in that fact, towards you both, your heart was beating insanely fast. You were sure you were reeking of fear and you were sure Isaac and any werewolf around you could sense it. But you were also sure you could sense it around Isaac too if that was even possible. Ennis was nearing quickly, you could feel the adrenaline slowly build up in your body. Both you and Isaac tried your best to back away but Isaac was too injured. You heard yelling from your friends and you were sure Allison shot an arrow protecting Scott, but you couldn’t do anything and that hurt you.

Before you could let your min wander off again, Ennis was by your side in a second leaving you no time at all do anything. There was nothing you could do but helplessly throw your arms above you and Isaac in a protective manner and yell,

“NO!” With that, adrenaline rushed through your body, along with a burst of power and energy that ignited every nerve in your body. You could almost feel as if it radiated off your body. The feeling was indescribable, all you could think was that you had to guard and protect Isaac. Your eyes were closed as an automatic reflex, you became breathless waiting for the impact that never came. Then you realised that everything fell silent. The only sounds that were heard was the ragged breathing scattered around the damaged bank. You flicked your eyes open but something was different. You looked down to see Isaac staring at you with a look of complete shock and you were confused as to why. You turned back around to see why Ennis hadn’t attacked and you suddenly understood the look on Isaac’s face. Instead of where Ennis should’ve been, right in front of you, was a shield of some sort, almost electric but not. The shield acted as a perimeter around you and Isaac like a protection. You could see the supposed attacker all the way across the hall laying unconscious as if he’d been blown away by the shield. Your hand extended to touch the the somewhat force field allowing your index finger to graze it, just for the force field to instantly retract from covering you and Isaac. What the hell was going on? You turned back to look at Isaac who was still staring at you the same as when you opened your eyes. You looked around to see the rest of your friends staring at you the same way. What the hell was going on?

“Y/n”Isaac gasped out. You turned to ask him your never ending question but your eyes caught on the shard of glass you took out of him not too long ago. What you saw, however, was beyond what you expected. Staring back at you someone with the same face, but with eyes that were not yours. Your ordinary Y/E/C eyes were replaced with an incandescent pair of silver irises, almost identical to a quartz crystal. You blinked thinking, or hoping, you were in a very realistic dream but nothing changed. You were breathless. You couldn’t stop staring at the reflection on the glass, you couldn’t believe it but reality kicked in. You had to leave. You didn’t know what the hell was going on and you were sure no one else in the sad excuse of a bank hall knew either. You looked around and found that everyone’s eyes were still on you with the same expression as before, except for Deaton who had a puzzling expression on his face as if he was trying to figure something out. Though you noticed Ennis and the alpha pack had left from the scene, most probably to take care of Ennis and not want to deal with what was happening right about now.

You had to get out of there as soon as possible before anything else happened that you couldn’t explain. You still had no idea how the hell your eyes magically shifted into the colour of two glowing moons, how the hell a freaking force field appeared at your side when you needed it most and how the hell it blew Ennis all the way across the room. But all you wanted to do right now was leave and figure out what in the world was happening to you, before anyone asks any questions you didn’t know the answer to. You tried not to make eye contact with the boy next to you, as you didn’t want to see the fearful expression you assumes he was wearing. You didn’t want him to think bad of you (which was pretty much what you were fearful of yourself) and you didn’t want to carry on with these terrible thoughts surrounding your mind.

Therefore you stood up abruptly and ran out of the hall, not missing the call of your name from Scott. You tried to navigate your way out of the bank using your memory of when you and the others had come in from. You left and found your car sprawled across the open parking lot (you weren’t exactly thinking of your perfect parking whilst you were in a life or death situation) and got in. You sat in there for a good 5 minutes trying to make sense of the perplexing situation, trying to rack your brain for some sort of answer but couldn’t find one. Did you create that shield? It was too much to handle, your brain had frozen but you just wanted answers. You started the car, pulled out of the parking lot and drove your way home to find some answers.


Sooo…what did you think?! Yes, no, should i give up? Probably. But for that one fan that does read this, let me know if you want a Part 2. I may or ma not be willing to write one ;) x

Fun fact : I love Isaac probably more than I love marshmallows…I think ;)

deuces x

Imagine Klaus inviting you to New Orleans because he misses you, only to find out you were already there to see him.

Your phone started ringing. Looking at the number, you recognized it as Klaus’s.


“Hello, y/n,” you heard Klaus’s voice, a voice that you had missed, say.

“And what did I do to deserve a call from the Big Bad Hybrid?”

“I put on some music and thought of you.” You listened closer and could hear some big band jazz playing in the background.

“You were lucky to live through the 20′s,” you told Klaus as flopped down on his couch and placed your head on his lap.

“Why do you say that, Love?” 

“Jazz! I mean the roaring 20′s! It seems like so much fun.”

“Yes, the 20′s were quite a time to be alive. Although the best place for jazz is New Orleans.” You rolled your eyes. Klaus always seemed to be talking about New Orleans. Klaus, seeing you roll your eyes, pinched your side causing you to squeal. “I would take you,” he confessed.

“If I came, would you teach me how to dance some of the dances from the 20′s?” you questioned.

“Of course, Sweetheart.”

You smiled at the memory.

“I see.”

“Come to New Orleans,” Klaus said after a moment of silence.

“Why would I do that,” you teased.

“I miss you. Come to New Orleans, and let me show you the city. You would love it here.”

“I’ll have to think about it,” you told him. “Hey, Klaus, I have to go. There is someone really important to me that I need to go see.” Klaus sighed, but said his goodbyes and hung up. You watched him across the bar as he stared at his phone with longing. With a smile, you got up and walked towards him from behind.

“I’m not in a very friendly mood at the moment,” Klaus warned once you were close enough to him.

“And here I though you had missed me,” you said. Klaus spun around with wide eyes.

“Y/n?” You rushed towards him to wrap him in a hug.

“I was coming to surprise you, so imagine my surprise when you call me and ask me to come down here.” Klaus smiled and pulled you in for a kiss.

“I’m glad you did.” Returning Klaus’s smile, you grabbed his hand and pulled him onto his feet.

“Now, I believe you owe me a dance.”