you were warned though

Slytherin Princess

Request from anon: please can you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are like the king and queen of Slytherin or whatever and they’re like the coolest couple ever and one day someone crosses her path and she makes sure he pays for it

Thanks for requesting anon! I’m sorry if this is really bad, I wrote this in one sitting :/


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You had been dating Draco for a good two years - you were both in sixth year and had structured a pretty notorious reputation; everyone always referred to the two of you as the ‘King and Queen of Slytherin’. Ever since people had found out about the two of you, they noticed how perfectly you fit together - Draco was a respectable, almost despotic character yet you were oddly kind, though everyone warned “Get on the wrong side of Y/N Y/L/N and you’re dead meat.” You knew how to defend yourself, having come from a similar family as Draco, it came naturally to the two of you. 

You were surprisingly clever (one of the top in your year, actually) and you were proud of it. If you didn’t put those extra hours in at the library, you probably wouldn’t have passed your O.W.L.S; it came as a shock to your parents when you were placed in Slytherin (your mother was a Ravenclaw and so was your father) yet you supposed your house destined who you were meant to be. You were a Slytherin and you were proud of it. 

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Legion of Doom Len gets his hands on the Flash. Barry tries to appeal to a man that doesn't know him to remember a relationship that hasn't happened yet.

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Senior Year In Queens Would Include...

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

If you don’t understand some references in this part, read the first three parts in the series.

- Michelle is PISSED that you didn’t talk to her all summer. In your defense… you were busy. 

- Stark Internship was going good, although you were always worried about seeing Peter there too. He never even showed up, so you assumed he wasn’t an intern anymore and you could relax-


- It’s okay though cuz you hide behind a trash can.

- It’s not okay because they walked past the trashcan and saw you. 

-*Fifty Shades of “FUUUUUUCKK”, starring you*

-Mr. Stark was 100% confused at why his star prodigy was hiding behind a trash can. 

- “Why-”

- “I dON’t knOW wHy?

- But nooooo, Mr. Stark couldn’t walk away. 

- “Hey Peter, isn’t this the girl you were obsessing over-”


- Mr. Stark leans in and whispers something to Peter and he turns even redder. You didn’t know what he said… BUT I’M THE NARRATOR AND I KNOW SO FUCK IT I’LL TELL YOU.

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Hi!! You bring happiness to this corner of this thirsty girls world! I was hoping, if the requests are open, can you pretty please do a hc or something of some sort of facesitting with Newt/Daddy!Newt? 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Glad I could bring some happiness! ❤️


-Newt would be more than happy to allow this. Even if you’re on top, he’s still in complete control.
-He mainly manages to get you once you’re out of the shower, wrapped in nothing but your towel.
-It’s a sight he can’t possibly ignore. He’d reach for your hand while you walked passed him on the bed, smiling up at you.
-“You look lovely as ever, darling.”
-“Newt, you say that every time I’m naked.”
-The wizard just laughs it off, pulling you on top of him, so you can straddle his waist.
-“What are you up to now, Scamander?”
-He bites his lip, eyeing you up and down, as slowly removing your towel. It slides down your body, and he lets his hands roam everywhere.
-By the time he’s done exploring you’re a panting mess, shivering above him as he grips your hips and hoists you up.
-“Fancy a bit more, love?” He smirks, settling your body over his face as he looks on with desire as your legs spread above him.
-Newt takes it all in, noting the way your clit swells, and reddens with arousal. His mouth is practically watering at the sight.
-He caresses your thighs, eyes staring up at you as he lifts his head up and licks softly at your clit. Enough to make you moan, but still torturous enough to make you beg.
-“Newt, no teasing…” You sigh out, gripping the sheets behind his head as he continues to suck and lick around your entrance.
-He chuckles softly, almost nuzzling your womanhood as he pleasures you.
-“I’m having fun taking my time, my darling.” He spanks your ass, gripping one cheek harder as he pulls you down on his mouth.
-The feeing is overwhelming, and you sway your hips back and forth creating a pace that sets all your nerves on fire.
-Newt’s groaning into you, his mouth and face almost buried under your heat. His hands explore your body, pawing at your chest and pinching your nipples. The electricity from the pleasure runs down your spine, making you arch and pull away from his lips.
-He roughly brings you back down, green eyes glaring up and sending a warning not to move again. Though, you were tempted to see how he’d punish you if you did.
-When you cum, Newt laps every part of you up. Enjoying the way your juices cling to his cheeks and lips.

Hope you likeddddd. That was dirrrrtty~

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(I chose this gif because…reasons.)

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My friend literally brought a "potion" to school that causes pain. I was like yeah right until i tried it and bam everything is awful and your nose is bleeding

You were warned though

Movie Night Pt. 6.5

Baby Edition

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 861

Warnings: Fluff, just cute fluffiness.

A/N: This is just a little prelude to the final part in Movie Night! Part 7 will be the end my friends!

You can read Movie Night on my Masterlist

You stopped in the middle of the hallway and put the laundry basket down. Placing your hand on your back, you blew out a long breath.

“Um, excuse me,” Steve said as he walked toward you. “I don’t think you are supposed to be carrying that sweetheart.”

Smiling at him, you pointed at the basket full of baby clothes. “Care to help then?” He hefted the basket and motioned for you to lead the way. “Don’t tell Bucky. This can just be our little secret.”

He laughed in a short burst, quirking his eyebrow at you, “I should tell him.” He was silent for a moment, making you turn your head to look at him. “He wouldn’t be very happy to know that you were disobeying your bed rest order though.”

You shot him a warning look before opening the door to the nursery. Every time you walked inside this room, you got excited.

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STEP ONE: NAME IT AFTER SOMEONE YOU LOVE. or someone that loves you. whichever you’re better at driving away. this will make it both easier and harder to empathize with the creature in your bed but you can’t get rid of something that you can’t name. you can’t heal from something that you won’t vocalize. write it down once you’ve decided. realize that it won’t reach out of the page and strangle you. exhale.

STEP TWO: SAY THE NAME OUT LOUD WITHOUT CRINGING. this will hurt. your vocal cords will tighten with stress. your shoulders will meet your ears and enjoy the conversation so much that they’ll stay there, frozen, until your back pleads with them to come home. come home. now say it again. say it until it feels less like a wound and more like a loaded gun. the safety’s off, is this what you want? is this what you need?

STEP THREE: SCREAM. cry. buy dollar store wine glasses just to throw them on the floor. do what you need to because this is where you’ll begin to come to terms with the pent up anger this animal’s been obscuring. you were so busy looking at the blue, all of that sad ocean skin, that you forgot to point your finger towards the enemy. sometimes you need to look in the broken shards of what’s shattered and remind yourself that you’re the victim and this is not your fault. you can’t be blamed for the ugliness of your healing process when the thing you’re healing from is this persistent and invasive and completely uninvited. your recovery will never be more disgusting than the necessity it was born from.

STEP FOUR: STUDY THE ELEPHANT. sketch it, if you’re able. look at the curve of its trunk and the size of its feet and touch the tail once it doesn’t hurt your eyes to see, to understand. stroke the ears. kiss the head. your most intimate relationship will always be with the things that have hurt you. it’s the only sensation that’s yours, exclusively. you need to remember what the warning signs were before you turn the lights out, though. so pack a box with that knowledge and shove it in the closet. you won’t need it tomorrow. not until next winter, at least.

STEP FIVE: LET IT GO. you may read this and think, “if I could just let it go, it would’ve left by now.” and maybe that’s true. but maybe you have to rebreak bones so that they heal properly and maybe it has to get worse before it gets better. because at this point the elephant is begging to be released into the wild with the rest of the elephants. that’s right, the rest of them. because everybody has an elephant or two taking up space in their garage even if they don’t talk about it. but this isn’t about them, it never will be. this is about you and what you’ve had to live with. the thing you’ve spent so much time licking the cuts from. so, don’t bother to watch it leave. let it go. let it go.
let it go.

—  HOW-TO…, 13/30, Caitlin Conlon
Side Chick

A/N: I got the inspo to write this from another writer because their work is fucking outstanding.

Summary: You and Shawn sleep with each other, thus leaving you to be the side chick. He begins to lay out rules and bosses you around.

“Hey are you going to that party later”, you asked Shawn while walking into the recording studio.

“Um…yeah”, he kept his head down, “Walk a bit further away, you know how this goes”, he lectured.

You let out a light groan while rolling your eyes, “Are you going later”, you asked lowly.

He nodded, “Yeah, with Erica so you can’t be there”, he bossed.

This came as a shock to you. Was he telling you that you couldn’t go somewhere because his girlfriend was going to be there? Was he trying to boss you around? You tried not to let it phase you.

“Sure, whatever”, you said sarcastically, but he didn’t seem to catch on.

“Thank you”, he sighed, “Um…I’ll text you or something.”

“Uh huh”, you replied before going your separate ways.

Yes, you slept with Shawn behind his girlfriend’s back. Yes, you felt bad. No, you haven’t met the girl and thank goodness you haven’t, you’d hate yourself even more than you did because of it. And since when did he boss you around? You understood and were used to the basic rules of being a side chick:

Rule 1: Never make contact with the girl.

Rule 2: If you do, never let it be while her boyfriend’s there.

Rule 3: Lay low in familiar places.

Rule 4: Don’t let anyone catch you.

Rule 5 (a special one): This task may be harder if you’re dating an international singer-songwriter that is a household name.

How long had this been going on? About a year now. Did you like it? You liked the obvious part, everything else was a definite no.

“Hey Y/N”, Hunter Scott smiled at you as you went to leave the studio.

“Oh hey Hunter”, you waved while walking beside him.

“You going to that party later”, he asked nervously.

“Um…”, you thought about it. Was Shawn going to be pissed? Yes. Did you care? Not particularly. “Yeah, I think so. How about you?”

“Yeah”, his smile got wider due to your answer, “I have to go but…save me a dance?”

You giggled lightly, “Of course.”

Music blasted through the whole entire house as you smiled to yourself. You hadn’t been to a party in awhile as you’ve found better things to do, with Shawn. You missed it and it felt good to be back.

“Y/N”, a friend of yours, Jillian, shouted, “The party queen has returned back.”

“Yup”, you smiled as she handed you a drink.

“Can you still handle this stuff”, she teased as people laughed.

“Of course”, you nudged her before downing the drink while people cheered you on, “Eat it bitch”, you joked before dropping the cup on the ground and venturing further into the party.

You looked around and your eyes landed on Shawn dancing with Erica. You tried not to let your jealous side come out, but it did and you wanted nothing more than to fight fire with fire. Speaking of, that’s when you saw a bored Hunter in the corner.

“Hey there”, you smiled while leaning against the wall next to him.

He immediately perked up, got off the wall, and used his arm to lean against it with you caged inside, “Finally, I was waiting for the Queen of Parties to arrive”, he smirked.

You chuckled, “Well now that she’s here, what shall we do”, you trailed off while trying to revert your eyes from Shawn laughing with Erica.

“I mean…”, he smirked down at you.

Just then Shawn looked up and you were the first thing he saw. His eyes went wide at the sight of you. You took this as the opportunity to lean in and smash your lips onto Hunter’s.

“Well this is good too”, he smiled against your lips while deepening the kiss.

You tried to focus on him but you kept opening your eyes to look at a jaw dropped Shawn. You winked before finally closing both of your eyes.

You finally pulled away to be face to face with Hunter who was in awe. You smiled at his reaction, “It’s a party”, you shrugged as he laughed.

“Well that was…amazing”, he grinned as you eyed Shawn who now had his hands all over Erica.

“Ooh what’s out here”, you grabbed Hunter’s hand while dragging him to the backyard, “A pool. The Queen of Parties approves”, you joked.

Hunter chuckled, “Perfect.”

You leaned down and took your shoes off before rolling up your skinny jeans and dipping your feet in, “Join me Hunter”, you giggled.

“Of course my Queen”, he followed your actions, “Hey”, he called.

“Huh–”, you were met with a splash of water and a smirking Hunter, “You ass”, you joked before splashing him back.

“Shit”, he yelped before splashing you back.

You were in a fit of giggles and were honestly having a great time. But all good things must come to and end.

“Oh sorry, are we interrupting something”, Shawn said with his arm around Erica.

Both you and Hunter turned your heads. Before Hunter could respond you spoke, “Not at all….Shawn is it?” If he wanted you to stay your distance then why not go above and beyond by pretending to not know him at all?

He sent you a slight glare, “Oh Y/N! I didn’t recognize you at first, you know what age does to people”, he shrugged.

You scoffed at that, “You should know what that’s like. You have a child’s voice but your…I don’t know 19?”

“I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Erica”, Erica held her hand out to yours.

You looked at it for a few seconds before shaking it, “Y/N….and this is Hunter.”

“Hi”, Hunter shook her hand, “Hey Shawn”, he gave him a slight wave before his attention returned to you.

“Hunter”, Shawn’s jaw clenched as Erica took a seat on the pavement by the pool and Shawn followed, “Y/N, I thought you weren’t coming to the party?”

You shrugged, “People can change their minds, much like I’m doing right now”, you referred to your little affair.

“So you guys do know each other”, Erica asked.

Shawn looked down at me with a slight look of disgust but I responded quicker, “Sadly.”

“Good friends”, Erica asked again, acting like a clingy girlfriend.

“I guess you could say that. Pretty close, in fact”, you piped.

“Y/N”, Shawn warned lightly.

“Yes”, you looked up as though he were asking you a question.

He sent you another glare, “Brian was looking for you. He said he found that song you both talked about. I’ll show you where he is”, he lied while standing up.

You stood up, “I’ll be right back”, you told Hunter before following Shawn inside the house, up the stairs, and into an empty room.

“What the fuck is wrong with you”, Shawn asked as soon as he closed the door.

“What the fuck is wrong with you”, you yelled back.

“There are rules to being a side chick you know”, he exclaimed.

“Sure, but before any of those, there are rules to being a boyfriend. Rule 1, don’t ever cheat”, you pressed your pointer finger against his chest in an accusing way.

“Don’t play that card because, for all I know, Hunter should know who you are before you both get into anything. Whatever you two are”, he trailed off, but still angry.

“No he shouldn’t because I feel really bad Shawn, I have remorse”, you shouted.

“Well I think he should”, he said while walking out of the room.

“Go do that Shawn. While you’re doing that, I guess I’ll tell Erica about you”, you grabbed his arm, “I mean at least I’m not with Hunter, at least I’m not in an almost two-year relationship with him.”

BTS reaction: s/o seeing them perform live for the first time

Kim Seokjin / Jin

He told you. He freaking told you to prepare yourself but you thought he was joking around. It’s not as if you didn’t know he could be sexy, it’s just that it isn’t a facet of him you see often and even though you were warned you were most definitely not prepare for that. The lip touching, the constant glances towards your section, the way he licked his lips; all because he knew you were watching. 

Kim Namjoon / Rap Moster

He was so excited. Namjoon tried to act all seductive on stage by giving suggestive looks and winks, his voice was extra husky knowing you were listening to him rap; but at the end of his song he found you on the crowd and he couldn’t help the joy he felt, which was when his act fell. The biggest smile took over his face. He was so happy even the mic picked his giggles; they were heard all over the stadium.

Jung Hoseok / J-Hope

You already knew he was a fantastic dancer and rapper, what you were not prepared was how cool he looked, he soothed style. He knew you were watching which was why his raps were pronounced more forcefully and the body rolls. Those damn body rolls nearly gave you a heart attack on more than one occasion.  

Park Jimin

Jimin was so confident knowing you were watching. He was so unlike the boy who had shared those gentle moments of hand-holding and small kisses with you. The way he ran his hands through his hair reminded you of the way you had done it during different and more private  circumstances. You were accustomed to lying on top of him and knew he had a fantastic body but looking him shirtless while he performed you could barely contain yourself from running up the stage.  

Min Yoongi / Suga

He was so excited for you to go see him and even if he didn’t explicitly say it you knew it from the way his eyes were looking around the stadium trying to find you not very subtly, mind you. Once he saw you looking right back at him, he gave you The Smirk TM. From that moment on his dance moves were more marked and his raps louder. He wanted to be the only one you noticed.

Kim Taehyung / V

He was so happy you were going to see him perform he would not shut up about it and would tell everyone on the crew. During the concert he was a mystery; he acted all sexy and seductive one second and super cute and silly the next. As on most things Taehyung you couldn’t tell what was going on inside his head but would still encourage him which was why when he looked at you, you made funny faces at him to try to make him laugh. During his performance you caugh him smiling your way on more than one occation.

Jeon Jungkook

Like Jimin, Kookie was so different from the person you knew off stage. He was not the shy, silly bean you had come to know. Before performing he found where you were going to sit in order to tease you while he was on stage. He often smirked your way and made each move on the choreographies very prominent because he knew how flustered you got. The first time he looked at you directly he winked at you.

Worth While

PAIRING: reader x daenerys targayen 


REQUESTED:  Anon request! =   hi lovely!! unsure if requests are open so if not feel free to ignore this! could you write something about daenerys having a “girlfriend” (or whatever u would call it back then lol) and her gf going with jon and jorah etc. to retrieve a white walker and while they’re away she talks to jon and is like “yeah u might think ur subtle but i see the way you look at her, she’s mine so back off” lmao?? i love u x

PROMPT: it was no secret that jon was staring at dany’s good heart while giving her lingering looks and speaking to her in private. she’s completely oblivious to it but you aren’t and it was time you made it clear to him that she was yours. 

WARNINGS: mentions of sexual themes and activites. 

North of the Wall was completely engulfed in snow. The winds were increasing in strength, picking up dry snow off the ground. It mixed in with flurries coming from the sky, surrounding the group of fools. They trekked through the harsh weather until they finished their quest of catching one White Walker.

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3, 8 and 14 for Obi-Wan please? I love your drabbles! :D

Thank you! I’m glad you like them! Hopefully you like this one as well :)

Obi Wan +  “I left for five minutes. How did you find trouble so quickly?” +  “You’re incredibly persistent, I’ll give you that.” +  “By all means, antagonize the angry beast. See where that gets you.”

Staring out at the brush where your blaster laid, internally scolding yourself for having lost your grip on it. What had started as a seamless mission soon became a festering frustration for you. Flaring your nostrils you suddenly heard Obi Wan from behind you.

“Watch after our things (Y/N). We will need to be on the move before sun down.”

You nodded, “Of course.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a moment.”

Still staring forward you heard the slight crunching of leaves as Obi Wan walked off into the deep jungle like surroundings. He had told you not to worry about it, just to leave it. It’s just a blaster (Y/N), he had said. You however were not so easily disuadded or distracted. The blaster was by far the best you had owned in years. 

With a deep breath you slowly closed your eyes for a moment, attempting to center yourself. If it worked for Obi Wan and Anakin, it could surely do you some good. Force sensitive or not. Finally feeling confident in your abilities you jumped into the air and gripped onto the branch closest to your reach. With a firm grip you hoisted yourself up. Carefully shimmying down the branch you made your way towards your blaster.

Unfortunately for you, just beneath the branch and sitting in front of the brush where your blaster laid was a sleeping Jakobeast. Though they weren’t inherently dangerous, you were certainly warned against antagonizing them. 

Slowly you tried to creep your way further down the branch when suddenly you slipped. With your heart practically flying out of your chest from surprise you tightly gripped onto the branch as you now dangled from it. To only worsen your luck, a piece of the branch had fallen and hit the creature below you in the head. With a grunt and a growl it awoke.

Feeling your heart begin to pound furiously against your chest as the beast looked up to you, you began attempting to pull yourself up. As you did Obi Wan returned, instantly rushing to see what you were up to.

“I left for five minutes. How did you find trouble so quickly?”

You grunted in your efforts to hold onto the branch, attempting to give him a smug shrug of your shoulders.

“I need my blaster, but this tree apparently had other plans.”

Obi Wan shook his head faintly as he pointed to you with somewhat of a smirk.

“You’re incredibly persistent, I’ll give you that.”

Seeing the beast try to lunge up towards you, likely seeing you as a threat, you quickly kicked one of its horns as it groaned in response. Obi Wan rolled his eyes.

“By all means, antagonize the angry beast. See where that gets you.”

You scowled at him for a moment before you finally supported yourself on the branch.

“Don’t nag me, I’ve got this.”

Obi Wan smirked as he held up his hand with a sudden swoosh passing your ears. Looking over to him you noticed your blaster now in his grip.


Ajax/Wade Imagine - “Don’t Look At Her”

Request – Could I request an ajax x reader imagine or one shot in which the reader is wades sister and after the fire, wade presumes she’s dead but Ajax rescued her from the fire in the mutant factory and took care of her and is now super protective of her. Like If you look at her I’ll snap your neck kind of protective of her.

Warnings – some violence

Spoilers – yes, for deadpool

This isn’t what you had pictured when a stone faced man had approached you with a black business card, telling you he could free you from your terrible life. You weren’t sure what you had pictured, but it definitely wasn’t Ajax bringing you a cup of tea as you lay in bed. Your brother, Wade, definitely hadn’t received the same treatment. You smiled as you took the mug from Ajax’s hands.

“Thank you.” You said, taking a tentative sip of the hot beverage as he sat beside you.

“How are you feeling today?” He asked, a look of concern on his face.

“It’s been weeks Ajax, I feel much better. Fine in fact.” You replied, smiling at him. A frown quickly came over your face as you thought of your brother. “Wade.” You mumbled, looking down.

“I’m sorry.” Ajax said, knowing he could never tell you the truth.

“Are you sure he’s dead?” You asked, and he nodded. You placed the mug down on the bedside table and swung your legs out of the bed. Ajax moved so that you could stand up, and handed you a pile of clothes.

“I bought you some clothes, for when you were better.” He said, and you smiled gratefully, thanking him as you took them. You stood awkwardly facing each other for a few moments, before Ajax realised. “Right, I’ll leave you to get dressed.” He said, leaving the room. When you were dressed you left too, finding him sitting at the table in the kitchen.

“I want to find Wade.” You said. Ajax went to say something, but you cut him off. “Or at least find out what happened to him. Please.” Ajax sighed, before nodding.

“Okay, but don’t get your hopes up.” You nodded as you both walked outside towards his car. He drove you to the sight of the ‘mutant factory’ and you wrapped your arms around yourself as you remembered your experience there and the fire. The car came to a stop and you climbed out, quickly walking over to the rubble on the ground. Ajax fell into step beside you, hands in his jacket pockets as he kicked pieces of burnt wood around. You looked walked around the destroyed factory, becoming increasingly dismayed as you saw no sign of life, never mind your brother. You didn’t know if he had mutated. You didn’t even know if you had mutated, having received a head injury in the fire, though suffered no burns. You turned to Ajax, arms crossed as you sighed.

“Maybe we should just leave, or we could - ” You were cut off by Ajax pushing you behind him. You frowned, turning to shout at him, when you saw another person.

“You.” The man hissed, before lunging towards Ajax, with hands like claws. You gasped, and the man turned to you, distracted for just long enough for Ajax to punch him in the gut. The man fell to his knees, and glanced up at you.

“Don’t look at her.” Ajax growled, kicking the man back on the ground. “Turn around.” He said to you as he pulled a gun out of his jacket. You quickly obliged, squeezing your eyes shut as you heard a gunshot. After a few seconds you opened your eyes, seeing another figure a few yards away. You were about to warn Ajax when you stopped yourself, feeling as though you recognised the person.

“Wade.” You whispered under your breath, moving to approach the man, but he turned, quickly running away. You looked at Ajax but he didn’t seem to have noticed the man. You shrugged to yourself as Ajax ushered you back to his car, a hand placed at you lower back as he looked around for any signs of threat. You couldn’t get the thought of Wade out of your head though, and you wondered whether you should tell Ajax about the other figure you had seen.

(Should I continue this?)

- K

Off Limits - Arthur Shelby

Request: I know requests are closed but I’ll forget if I don’t send it in now.. a girl shows up shortly after grace leaves & she says shed like to take the open post at the garrison- but there hasn’t even been an advertisement yet… so they find out grace sent her there to help escape an abusive relationship (she believes the shelbys will keep her safe regardless of what she has done) Arthur ends up falling for her despite tommy saying the shelbys no longer fuck with barmaids(bad for business). - @Ifoundmyhappythought

Request: for working with the shelbys and handling a lot of the money and you are trying to work but arthur tries to distract the reader? Fluffy?

Off Limits - Arthur Shelby

It had hardly been a week without a barmaid when you came in, asking for Harry and telling him that you had heard he was in need of help. He asked where you heard from but you were vague in what information you chose to give out and what information you kept to yourself. Still he needed the help and he didn’t see any harm in allowing you to work there.

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The Complex Personality of Lee Taemin

I originally published this story on Asianfanfics, but I thought I would post it on here too, so please enjoy.

Status: [M]

Characters: Taemin, You

Word Count: 7807

It was already getting dark outside, the sunset illuminating the sky in a nice shade of red, and the only time you left your bed today, was when you went to the bathroom and fed your dog, that was now going for a walk with your boyfriend. You were actually not the lazy type of person, but today it just felt right to lounge around the house and since your boyfriend had no plans to do anything either, the two of you decided to simply lay in bed all day.

“Stupid dog,” you thought while staring at the empty spot beside you, the heavy scent of your boyfriend’s cologne still lingering there. You heaved a sigh and sleepily rolled to the edge of the bed until you gracefully landed on the floor, collapsing like a house of cards. You sat there for a while, contemplating what was going to be your next strategic move, when all of a sudden your stomach started to rumble, startling yourself. You had to laugh about your own stupidity as you slipped on one of your boyfriend’s T-shirts that was lying around on the floor, and headed to the kitchen with only one goal in mind — the pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer. You knew this wasn’t the best idea you could’ve come up with, since this was your boyfriend’s ice cream and he had already told you a thousand times that he would kill you if you dared to look at it for even a second, but you really couldn’t have cared less right now. You took the Holy Grail out of the freezer, placed it on the counter, got a big spoon, and with a mischievous grin you ripped off the little sticky note on top of the pint that said, “ONLY FOR TAEMIN!!!” You carefully opened the lid, your mouth watering in expectation, only to be greeted by a completely empty pint of ice cream. “Is this spoiled brat to goddamn stupid to throw away empty wraps,” you thought to yourself, bitterly disappointed, “how should I know when to stock up again, huh!?”

“And what exactly are you trying to do here, young lady?”

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a head cannon with all the host where y/n is clumsy? Sorry if it didn't make sense, I'm very awkward

 Thank you for the request!! It made perfect sense love~ Don’t worry about being awkward tho, I’m super awkward as well.


~ He’d freak out every time you fell

~ There would be actual tears

~ He’d just about wrap you in bubble wrap to ensure your safety

~ You twisted your ankle once when you tripped. and this boy almost got you a wheelchair. Eventually Kyoya managed to convince him it was overkill, and you had never liked Kyoya more

~ He’d always try to catch you, but he’d usually end up falling with you and now you’d both be on the floor with you laughing and him freaking out

~ He’d think it was king of cute in a way, because it kind of made him feel like you needed him


~ *exasperated sigh*

~ “Again (y/n)?”

~ He’d act like you falling was so inconvenient to him, but he’d be worried

~ If you ever get injured because of your clumsiness, expect a stern lecture as he patched you up

~ He would constantly tease you that you were helping keep his medical skills sharp

~ He’d also think it was adorable, in an “annoying and inconvenient” way

~ He’d always be worried about you though

~ He’d be constantly warning you where there were ledges and uneven ground


~ Expect laughter every time you fall down

~ He’d help you up every time though after he was done laughing

~ He’d pretend like it only entertained him, but he’d be internally freaking out every time.

~ One time he tripped you because he thought it was be funny, but you actually started bleeding and he felt so bad he almost cried

~ He’s just a wreck whenever you fall, because it is funny, so he does laugh when you fall, but once he helps you up he freaks out making sure you’re okay

~ if you ever get hurt when you fall, he takes you straight to the nearest medical professional no matter how bad it is

~ You call him Tamaki the Second whenever he does this because you think it’s dramatic

~ It’s just because he cares though


~ Unlike his brother, he only laughs after he knows you’re okay

~ However, like Tamaki, he freaks when you fall

~ If he’s ever the cause of your falling he apologizes so much. He feels so bad, it’s kind of adorable

~ He tries to catch you every time you fall, and mostly he succeeds

~ Whenever he fails though, he screams like someone just got murdered. Experts are still unsure as to why

~ He thinks it’s adorable when you almost fall, but catch yourself.

~ Your official nickname is Klutz


~ He’d be constantly worried about you, always watching to make sure you weren’t falling over anything

~ In all honestly he’d probably get to the point where he would just resort to carrying you everywhere

~ Legit, always. Watching.

~ Whenever you fell, you wouldn’t hit the ground, he’d always be there to catch you.

~ If you did fall, he would probably beat himself up just a bit. He never wants you to get hurt.

~ God forbid if you actually got injured. He wouldn’t let you walk on your own for a week.

~ Just in general, he’d be kind of overprotective, but it’s just cuz he’s a worrier.


~ He yells every time you fall, without fall

~ He manages to grab your arm every time you fall, but it doesn’t always help

~ If you get hurt, expect tears. 

~ He can sometimes even manage to guilt Kyoya into patching you up with his tears.

~ He does think it’s cute though, that you fall often (as long as it’s a small, little fall)

~ He’s always dragging you around, trying to make sure you don’t trip over uneven ground, but sometimes he gets excited and pulls too hard and you fall anyways

Magnetic Chapter 11: Waking Up

Dean Winchester x Reader

1000 Words

Chapter Summary: Waking up in Dean’s arms, you hope things won’t be too awkward between the two of you.

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Feeling more refreshed than you had in years, you slowly woke up, letting yourself adjust to the fact that there was sun shining through the windows, and a warm body was still pressed tightly against your own. Stretching slightly, you felt a pair of arms tighten their hold on you, and that’s when it finally clicked in your brain that you weren’t alone on the bed. Opening your eyes, you found myself staring at the smooth and freckled expanse of Dean’s neck, the stubble coloring it lightly. He mumbled in his sleep, his arm loosening slightly from around your waist, where his hand was splayed on the bare skin your shirt exposed.

“And you’re still going to tell me nothing happened between the two of you.” Sam’s voice sounded from the other bed. Turning carefully in Dean’s arms, it took you a couple of seconds until you were facing Sam, who was sitting on the edge of his bed, a huge knowing smile on his face.

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Harry Styles Tarzan AU (Y/N) is the daughter of an explorer who has taken it upon himself to explore the jungles of the African Congo. (Y/N) joins her father seeking an escape from her everyday life and the wonderful adventures that the Congo had to offer. They explored the beautiful jungles, came face to face with the most wonderful wildlife, and met the amazing people of the African tribes that called the Congo home. Her life became routine, until one day she stumbled across the jungle’s greatest secret. 

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 could you do a blurb or imagine thing where luke gets mildly hurt on stage and you’re one of the tour managers or part of the crew but you also have a huge crush on him?  

When your Dad had gotten hired on as a crew member for 5SOS, you never expected to be his assistant. He somehow had pulled it off for you to be with him always, however, so you were always travelling with him. It was always fun, being able to be at concerts and go places that you had never been before. 
You were able to interact with 5SOS, of course, though you were warned to keep your distance when they were incredibly busy. All of them were sweet, but you definitely found yourself feeling closer to Luke. Within a few months, you had found that you definitely had a crush on Luke, but you kept it to yourself, as you knew it wouldn’t sit well with your father. 
When 5SOS were onstage one night, you stood side-stage watching them perform. It always amazed you to see their enthusiasm and passion, no matter the circumstance. They were always so happy to be performing, the joy evident on their faces, and the fans’ faces as well. And they always seemed to have decent luck when it came to staying safe onstage. 
But one night, after a rain before one of their shows in an outdoor venue, there was a slight mishap. Water had evidently gotten onstage, and though it was cleaned up, a small puddle of water remained close to the very front of the stage. 
Nearing the end of the show, you watched as Luke walked to the front of the stage, a smile on your face at the smile on his. But when he took one more step forward, his foot slid out from under him, and he fell. You laughed at first, because they were all clumsy, but the laughter and smile faded when he didn’t immediately stand back up. He sat, his guitar across his lap, clutching his left shoulder as the other boys stopped playing. You turned from the stage, shouting for your dad and the other members of the crew backstage. 
They all came running as Luke tried to stand up, succeeding but grimacing as he walked toward the side of the stage. Calum shouted at him as he walked off, but Luke didn’t respond. 
“Are you okay?” Was the first thing that flew out of your mouth. His right hand still clutched his left shoulder, and he gave you a weak smile. 
“There’s something wrong with my left shoulder..” He said, just as your Dad and several others surrounded him. They walked Luke back to the dressing room, the on-site medic coming in almost immediately. 
“Did you try to catch yourself as you fell, Luke?” Your Dad questioned, and Luke nodded. The on-site medic looked at your father and the other crew members as he asked Luke to do a series of movements. 
“Your shoulder is definitely dislocated.” The medic proclaimed, saying instructions to the crew members in the room.
“We need to go ahead and put your shoulder back in place, so that it won’t get worse.” The medic said to Luke, who nodded nervously. Several of the crew members had to hurry back to the stage, including your father, but he told you to stay in case you were needed. The medic turned to you, waving you over and speaking lowly into your ear. 
“I need you to keep Luke focused on anything else but what is about to happen. This is definitely not going to be pleasant for any of us.” He explained, and you nodded. You sat down on Luke’s right side, starting to talk to him as the medic and one of the crew members got ready. You could see the panic in Luke’s face, knowing what was coming. 
“Luke, I need you to look me in the eyes. Focus on my face, nothing else, okay?” You stated, a slight nervousness to your voice as you spoke. He nodded, his eyes meeting yours as the medic popped his shoulder back into place. 
“SHIT.” Luke shouted, his right hand reaching out to grab something… Which just so happened to be your hand. 
“Okay, it’s done. You do need to get that checked out by a doctor, so we’ll get that taken care of soon.” The medic stated, walking out of the room to make arrangements. 
“Thank you.” You heard Luke say, your heart fluttering as he looked at you. 
“The least I could do..” You responded, a blush creeping up on to your cheeks as Calum, Michael, and Ashton all rushed into the room, the show clearly over.

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How to Become a Witch in Five Easy Steps

Let’s be real up front here: if you want to be a witch, you’ve read a dozen of these how-to’s, and you’ll read a dozen more. This way certainly isn’t the only way, and I’m not even convinced it’s the best way, but it’s a way. It’s drawn from how I started out, with improvements from experience and these modern times. 

To be upfront, here: I read a lot of beginner posts on tumblr, and though they all have interesting and valid approaches, they’re generally a lot easier than what I’ve written here. They’re certainly much faster. The dive-right-in angle is very popular these days, but it’s not the tack I’ve taken. 

This is going to take some time, but I think you’ll be better for it. The crooked path is winding and treacherous: this is less of a map, and more of fifth-hand description of terrain no man alive has ever seen.

This is a long read, so check after the jump. 

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