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The Gnome who is a Dwarf

Dude who kidnapped us: Look, all I know is that I have to collect and deliver the necromancer with the dinosaur, the witch with the panda, the elven rogue, and the gnome magus.

Gnome: I’m not a gnome! I’m a dwarf!!

Everyone else: wait, what?! I swear you said you were a gnome!

Gnome: oh wait shoot I am. I forgot. Can I, um, roll for bluff? *rolls 19+8 bluff*

GM: Okay he’s pretty darn confused and he thinks you’re a dwarf and he has the wrong guy. He’s not totally convinced cause you look like a gnome but he believes you so much he doesn’t trust himself




Also I love the fact that

1)      Syaoran is both ready and immediately willing to break the law to get the feather

2)      And like. LIBRARY laws.

3)      From SYAORAN.

4)      And Mokona actually goes through the effort of explain the deception to Sakura JUST IN CASE SHE DIDN’T GET IT. And I don’t know if this means Sakura is just so pure she wouldn’t realise it was a lie (which is true) or Mokona is just ridiculously proud of Syaoran for succumbing to her brand of chaos (which is also true).

5)      Also is that Kaede?

Tease || Jughead Jones x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request: So I know you put everything on hold and I am so sorry about your grandma, I totally understand because I’m going through the exact same thing, I will keep you in my thoughts ❤️. I was just wondering if I could request something before I forget the idea 😂 so could you do an Imagine with reader X jughead where they are at pops with the gang and he keeps getting frisky with her under the table like thigh touching and stuff? Or something to that extent! Thank you so much!!

Warnings: Frisky Jughead

Word Count:

Originally posted by young-owlet

“(Y/N), are you gonna join us at Pop’s tonight?“ Veronica startled you as she linked her arm with yours suddenly.

“Oh yeah. I finished my paper last night so I’m free to hang out finally,“ she smiled at you while you walked out of the school in step. You two were walking to the car out front that was waiting for her.

“Good because Jughead has been annoying us with all the doom and gloom about everything and you’re the only one who gets him to shut up about it for a little bit,“ a soft chuckle left your lips as you got into the sleek black car.

“Where to, Miss Veronica?“ the driver said while he started to pull out of the school’s parking lot.

“Take us to Pop’s please,“ Veronica smiled quickly at you before turning her attention to responding the the text she got. You didn’t mind though. You enjoyed the silence that filled the car on the way to Pop’s. It was peaceful, “And here we are,” you jumped a little when you softly fell forward while the car slowed to a stop. You got out and walked to quickly link your arm with Veronica’s again before walking in and seeing the rest of the gang there in the booth.

“Oh, (Y/N), you’ve been released from your cage?”Archie laughed while you rolled your eyes and slid in the booth next to your boyfriend, Jughead. It felt right for you to be there. Betty and Veronica sharing knowing looks to one another, Archie finding a chair to pull up to the edge of the table being his usual cheeky self, and you and Jughead leaning gently on each other as laughs fell into the open air.

“Babe, did you finish your paper or are you taking a break?“ Archie, Betty, and Veronica were talking about the next football game and Archie’s music so Jughead took this opportunity to talk to you.

“I finished it last night,“ you went to sip your vanilla milkshake when Jughead almost made you choke by placing his hand fairly high up on the inside of your thigh. He completely avoided that one area though.

“(Y/N), are you okay?“ Betty’s voice was laced with concern from your very sudden coughing fit.

“Yeah, the milkshake went down the wrong pipe, that’s all,“ you got the rest of your coughing out while glaring at Jughead, who stared at you with an innocent smile. You couldn’t help but be thankful for wearing jeans that day though because as the night continued, both yours and Jughead’s frustration with each other grew. He kept teasing you under the table and leaning to kiss the side of your head while whispering some raunchy stuff into your ear but his advances weren’t gonna make too much progress with your jeans on.

“You tired, Jug?“ you smirked at him knowing full well that he wasn’t at all tired.

“A little bit why? You ready to get some sleep, baby?“ luckily for you two, the conversation was normal so the friends you were spending time with didn’t suspect anything. Of course, that could also be because they couldn’t see Jughead’s hand teasing you and squeezing your thigh tightly.

“Yeah,“ he patted your thigh as a signal to get up. The rest of your friends knew you two were going to up and leave after quick goodbyes like usual but they hand no idea about anything to follow your leave.

“When we get back, those jeans better be on the floor,” Jughead’s words were harsh in your ear as a teasing giggle left your lips.

I hope you like it! And thank you for saying that you’ll keep my grandma in your thoughts! I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts as well


OTP Idea #853

Before A and B knew each other, they saw each other around but never talked. Person A wants to talk to B but doesn’t know what to say. Person A always just assumed B was right-handed, so when they finally notice B is left-handed they decide that’s a perfect ice breaker and say, “Wait, since when were you left-handed?!” and B just kinda gives them this sideways glance and responds with, “Since I could hold a pencil?”

Bonus point if B still teases A for that.
(“Hey B? Where’s the remote?
“Wait, since when did we have a remote?!”
“I hate you so much, you know that right?”
“Love you too babe!”)

cred to @drowninginallthefeels

Actions & Motives (Isaac Lahey)

Originally posted by houseofimagines

Request:  Could you do an Isaac imagine where they are best friends and she comes to his room really late and night and demands to do something fun and he ends of kissing her a smut if you write it otherwise fluff 😊

A/N: This is terrible, i apologize. First time writing smut.

This is where you normally ended up when you were bored. Knocking on Isaac’s window and waiting impatiently. “Do you only come out at night?” He opened the window with his hair sticking in different directions, his eyes were squinting due to the brightness of the moon. He moved aside so you could step in before you fell off. 

“I’m guessing you’re not here because of an emergency,” he raised his brow at you while standing with his folded arms. “This is an emergency” you pouted. “Is everything alright?” He spoke, concern coating his voice. “I’m bored” he face palmed and shook his head. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he sighed deeply. “Y/N, I’m going to bed” he walked past you and laid down on his bed while his back was facing you. You stood up and walked to his side and crouched down so that you came face to face with him. 

“Isaac” you whispered, tracing a line up his neck and to his jawline. “Hmm” he groaned. 

“Isaac” his name came out in a sing song voice. He slowly opened his eyes and guilt filled you up; he was really tired. 

He sat up and patted the empty space next to him. You jumped over him and laid down. “Where’s all this energy coming from?” He chuckled and laid next to you. “Talk to me” you smiled at him. “You’re beautiful like this” he stroked your cheek, but the comment threw you completely off guard. “Isaac?” He smiled and breathed a laugh. “Do you like my name that much? You do say it a lot” you blushed deeply at his comment and you were pretty certain that he could hear the beating of your heart. 

He leaned in slowly and his soft pillowy lips met yours. You were in shock, enough for you to jolt back. “Are you alright?” He panicked, searching for an answer on your face. “You kissed me” you touched your lips. “Well, no shit obvious ostrich” he leaned in to place another kiss on your lips but this time you stopped him. “What’re you doing?” You furrowed your eyebrows.

 "I’m trying to keep you entertained" he spoke in a low, husky voice and flipped you over so that he was on top of you. “Please stop talking,” he said when you opened your mouth to speak. “Unless you’re going to say my name again” he kissed you deeply this time, hesitation and skepticism were nowhere to be found.

 Isaac pressed himself against you, his hands lying flat on your back as he brought you closer. You felt the dampness in your panties as Isaac found the sweet spot on your collarbone. 

“Oh, Isaac” you moaned as you tangled your fingers in his curls. His lips left your neck and came back to yours. “Do you still want me to stop?” he questioned, however, he was genuine this time. He was concerned. “Don’t stop” you sighed, reconnecting your lips with his.

 He tilted his head to the side, creating a better access to your mouth. He tugged on the hem of your shirt, pulling it upwards until it was lying on the floor somewhere in the room. His large hands stroked your sides lovingly as he kissed the top of your breasts. His hands went behind your back to unclasp your bra, then slid the straps down your shoulder.

 "Gorgeous,“ he whispered against your ear. 

"So. Fucking. Gorgeous” once he made sure he had kissed every inch of your upper body, Isaac lifted up his shirt and threw it away.

 Your fingertips traced the outline of his muscles, which caused him to stare at you lovingly. “I need you, Isaac” you whispered, almost inaudibly. “I’m all yours” Isaac dragged you panties along with your shorts down your legs. You lifted your leg and pulled down his pajama pants with your toe, whilst biting your bottom lip. 

“You drive me crazy when you do that” his hot breath fanned over your glistening folds, causing your hips to buck. Desperate for friction. “Patience” he left butterfly kisses on your thighs. “Isaaac” you whimpered and put your hands on his shoulders so you can pull him up. He chuckled as he aligned himself with your entrance. His lips met yours, passionately. 

He eased himself inside you and waited for you to accustom yourself to his size. His hips started off thrusting slowly. “Oh, baby you’re so tight” you moaned at his rasp voice. “Fuck” you gasped as he picked up the pace. You wrapped your legs around his waist while your hips met his pace. “Isaac, I’m close” He circled your clit with his thumb. 

“You feel so good, Y/N” he growled against your ear. His hips were relentlessly going deeper as you felt  a familiar knot twist in your stomach, causing your walls to clench around him. “Isaac, I’m gonna-” your breathing was distressed.

 "I know baby, let go. I’ve got you, fuck. I’m coming too" he buried his face in your neck, as you moaned. Your nails dug on his back as you came, him following close behind. He groaned, biting your neck. His breathing was ragged, as was yours, as he collapsed next to you. 

Isaac pulled you close, wrapping his arms around you. 

“I love you” you widened your eyes at the sudden confession, but slowly softened as you met his lips for a warm and loving kiss. 

“I love you too” you spoke as your eyelids drooped with exhaustion. “So now you’re tired” he chuckled and you giggled, snuggling closer into his chest.

Peeta, you said at the interview you’d had a crush on me forever. When did forever start?

Oh, let’s see. I guess the first day of school. We were five. You had on a red plaid dress and your hair…it was in two braids instead of one. My father pointed you out when we were waiting to line up.“

Your father? Why?”

He said, ‘See that little girl? I wanted to marry her mother, but she ran off with a coal miner.’“

What? You’re making that up!”

No, true story. And I said, ‘A coal miner? Why did she want a coal miner if she could’ve had you?’ And he said, 'Because when he sings…even the birds stop to listen.” 
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Loving Someone | Jeong Hoseok

Paring: Jeong Hoseok + Reader

Genre: fluff super nasty fluff.

Word count: 399

author’s note: hehehe. im a softie?

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

There are a million ways to say I love you to a certain someone. That certain someone doesn’t have to be your significant other, it can be your parents, your friend, anyone. But it’s that simple thing you do that makes Hoseok’s heart beat and him to fall in love with you more and more.

Hoseok unlocked the door to your shared apartment, careful to not make any noise just in case you were asleep. He took off his shoes, unfortunately being loud was in his blood, one of his shoes ended up flying and making a loud thud when it hit the floor. He flinched at the sound and sighed.

Hoseok noticed that you were asleep on the couch. You probably stayed up again waiting for him to come home. He looked at your hair covered face.

“Cute,” He thought and realized that you were wearing his favorite sweatshirt.

He looked at the kitchen to see food on the table. He felt guilty for not coming home immediately. But, he knew that you knew that their comeback was near and he had to work extra hard on the choreography so he can help each member with the steps.

He stood there, looking at you. That’s when he realized how lucky he is. You were willing to stay beside him even with his busy schedule.

You opened your eyes, “Hobi?” You said to him, sleep in your voice.

He smiled softly. “Hey baby, why are you on the couch?” He asked leaning down to kiss your forehead.

I was waiting for you, what time is it?”

“It’s two am. Baby, you know you didn’t have to wait for me. Come on, let’s go to bed, the couch is uncomfortable.” He said tucking the loose strands of your hair behind your ear before picking you up bridal style.

You yawned, and he swore his heart almost exploded. Your doe-like eyes filled with adoration when you looked at him.

“I love you,”

His heart exploded. He’ll never get tired of hearing that word, especially coming from you.

He rubbed his nose against yours.

“I love you more,”

“You better eat the food I cooked for you I almost burned down the whole entire apartment making that,”

He laughed and kissed you on the lips.

“Of course baby, I love everything you cook.”

anonymous asked:

One time I was serving a table of 3 old people (2 women and 1 man) all probably in their late 60's- early 70's. The 2 women got up and went to the restaurant. I went to their table to refill their water and the old man had his legs spread apart, looked me up and down, and said "do you workout?" And I said "HA no" and I was so thrown off I was like "uhhhh why?" (Regretting it immediately) and he said "oh you just have.... nice calves" I wanted to quit.

Wait you were serving two people at a restaurant but then they got up and went to the restaurant I’m a little lost i think there was a lapse in your commentary

Quarters (G.Laf x Reader)


request: ᶠᴵᴿˢᵀ off so happy I get to request something!! Can I request a cute one where Lafeyette and Reader are soulmates, and. They meet at the movie theatre Laf saying ‘I think I sit beside you.’

word count: 848 words

After months and months of waiting you were finally going to see your favorite book adapted into a movie. You ordered tickets online for opening night and you could not contain your excitement and now you finally get to see it!

Unfortunately, you were so excited that you arrived at the theater way way earlier than your friend and before they could let you into the theater, but you didn’t mind too much since you could waste time in the arcade until she arrived.

As you were about to put in a quarter for a racing game, a man tapped your shoulder and pointed to the seat next to yours, silently asking if he could play with you.

You blushed and nodded, shocked at how handsome the man was with his dark complexion and beautiful brown eyes. You couldn’t decipher if you were or weren’t disappointed that he didn’t speak as you glanced down at your arm which read “I think I sit beside you.”

It would’ve worked out perfectly for this scenario if he said those words and next thing you know you’re riding of into the sunset with a handsome stranger. But you shook that thought out of your mind because most likely he wasn’t your soulmate, but you not knowing allowed you to dream a little.

But enough talk about dreaming, soulmate or not, you were determined to kick this guy’s ass in this racing game. The game started up and you slammed on the gas pedal. Time went on and you noticed the guy playing against you wasn’t that bad. And normally, you were very good and would almost always beat your friends, but this time you were slightly distracted by your competitor’s good looks.

You were coming to the final stretch and you were in first with the handsome stranger in close second. You grinned and pushed harder against the fake gas pedal in excitement as you were about to win. You were about to cross the finish line when the man used an accelerator boost and zoomed right past you, taking the gold and leaving you in the dust.

You gaped at the screen and then back at the stranger, “You cheated! How could you do this to me?!”

You moaned and covered your eyes as you slumped down the chair. You noticed the man was silent and you peeked between your fingers to see him gaping at you. He was about to say something when you heard your name being called.

“(Y/N)!” Your friend yelled at you as she stuffed some popcorn in her mouth.  "C'mon the movie is about to start!“

You jumped out of your seat and jogged over to her. You glanced over your shoulder to see the man still in the racing game chair, staring at you. You giggled and gave him a small wave before entering the theater.

Since it was opening night, the two of you had assigned seats. You marveled as you noticed the theater had reclining chairs.

"C1, C2, C3, C4…aha! C5 and C6!” Your friend exclaimed. “Which seat do you want? 5 or 6?”

You narrowed your eyes and glanced at both seats, somehow knowing this was a big decision, “I’ll take 6.”

You plopped down in your seat and shoved some popcorn into your mouth. Soon, you saw more and more people filing into the theater. You were half hoping the cute guy from earlier would come in, but you knew it would be a long shot.

After a little while, almost all the seats were filled with the exception of some in the front row and the one next to yours. You shrugged it off as the lights dimmed that signaled that the movie was about to start. You scooted to the edge of your chair as you awaited the beginning, staring at the huge screen. The opening scene started and you nearly squealed but you felt a tap on your left shoulder.

You sighed, annoyed, and turned to see who disturbed you. You froze as you saw it was the gorgeous stranger from earlier. He was gripping his icee nervously in his hand as he looked down at you.

“I-I think I sit beside you.”

Your eyes went wide and you tensed up. You glanced down and your marking before looking back at him. He smiled sheepishly and angled his arm so you could see his marking.

You cheated! How could you do this to me?!

Your face resembled a tomato after your read it over and over again and you stared at him as he slowly sat down next to you.

“We can talk later about this and in all honestly I totally didn’t expect those words to be said how it was, but I’m glad how it turned out and well uh,” You noticed he had a French accent as he rambled and you nearly swooned in your seat, totally oblivious as the movie going on. He then reached into his pocket to grab something.

“Round two on me?” He asked as he held up two quarters.

Out of All the Stars

GIF Credit to: ygo-gx

Pairing: Moo Myung/Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon) X Reader

Genre: angst & fluff

Word Count: 3,666 (omg idk how i feel about this number)

Request: A scenario with Sun Woo, where the reader likes him and is always around him and trying to get his attention, but he only ever pays attention to Ah Ro (He basically friendzoned the reader) so when she gives up and stops trying to get close to him, like she doesn’t walk with him or says hi, he realizes what he did and goes to the reader? - anonymous

Seeing a group of young men in uniforms crossing the bridge, you squinted your eyes for sight of the one person you were waiting for all morning. He was someone special to you, and ever since the formation of Hwarang, you didn’t meet him as often as you liked. Although he wasn’t with you most of the time, you thought of him at least once every single day.

It was only after most of the elites walked passed you that you finally spotted that person behind. With your hands waving excitedly up in the air, you called his name, “Sun Woo! Sun Woo! Over here!”

When he heard your voice, Sun Woo looked over in your direction and grinned, waving back at you. Your heart melted. He looked so handsome. It reminded you of the first time you found him at Okta. Your friends had invited you to hear Ah Ro’s storytelling, and you agreed to tag along. For some reason, a fight broke out, and Sun Woo appeared, getting in between to stop the fight. Watching him made your heart beat a little faster. Curious about who he was, you asked around, and no one knew at the time. They’ve never seen him until that night. Later, some of your friends told you that Sun Woo was actually Ah Ro’s brother, but you were quite skeptical. Something about their relationship didn’t make sense to you.

You met Sun Woo a few times afterwards at Ah Ro’s home when your mother would have you go around Seorabeol to run errands, including getting medicine from Ah Ro’s place. As soon as you found out that Sun Woo stayed there, you usually stuck around for a little longer than you needed to in order to talk to him. You wanted to get to know him more and because of the extra time, the both of you grew closer, becoming great friends.

Before he was admitted to become a Hwarang, the days that he was still home, there were times when the two of you would go on walks together in the early morning, right when the sun would peek out from the horizon. It was your favorite thing to look forward to, and maybe Sun Woo found it easy to trust you. You weren’t sure yourself. Surprisingly, one of those days, Sun Woo confessed that he wasn’t Ah Ro’s brother at all.

He thought he was going to have to keep it a secret from everyone for as long as he lived. You were the first friend that he made after Ah Ro’s real brother was killed, and Sun Woo didn’t have the heart to keep that secret from you. Even Ah Ro herself didn’t know that, so now you had to keep that secret for as long as you lived.

“Are you going to wait for me every time I come back to Seorabeol, (Y/N)?” Sun Woo asked with a smile as he approached you.

“I want to be the first face you see after staying in the Hwarang House,” you said. “How long are you staying in the village this time before going back?”

Sun Woo thought about it and raised up the number of fingers. “Three days.”

Three days, you thought. You had three days to spend with Sun Woo before he had to return to the Hwarang House. “Are you hungry? I didn’t eat yet. We should go eat together!”

“Thank goodness. I’m starving,” Sun Woo groaned, patting his stomach. He glanced behind him before looking back at you. “I’m sure Ah Ro is hungry, too. She’s a little slow, but she’ll be here soon. The three of us can go get lunch.”

You blinked, registering his words a second late before you accidentally blurted out, “What?”

As much as you liked Ah Ro, you weren’t sure how to answer since you had actually planned for only you and Sun Woo to go to the nearby restaurant. Still, you knew that there would be a chance that Sun Woo wouldn’t agree to go with you if Ah Ro wasn’t with him. He usually stuck around her like glue. Instead of refusing like you secretly wanted, you mustered the most animated smile you could manage. “Oh. Yeah! Sure. The three of us can go.”

I think I’m going to have indigestion, you thought to yourself as you watched the scene in front of you unfold. Sun Woo continued to place side dishes into Ah Ro’s rice bowl, encouraging her to eat a lot. You didn’t know which was worst - if Sun Woo was or wasn’t related to Ah Ro. As a brother or a lover, he still cared for Ah Ro a lot. You couldn’t help but feel like an outsider between them. Glancing down at Sun Woo’s bowl, you found that his was still full. He was too busy trying to feed Ah Ro, that he wasn’t even eating himself.

With your pair of chopsticks, you picked up some meat and piled them onto Sun Woo’s rice. “Eat,” you said, before looking away from the two and poking your own bowl.

“Yeah, Sun Woo. I can feed myself,” Ah Ro assured. “You need to eat, too. Stop letting (Y/N) take care of you like a baby.”

“(Y/N) isn’t like a mom taking care of a baby.” Sun Woo hummed in thought and then snapped his fingers, pointing at you with a mischievous smile. “She’s more of a servant taking care of a king?”

“King, my-” You grabbed your spoon and used the back of it to hit Sun Woo’s head. He let out a yelp, rubbing the same spot the spoon landed. Ah Ro burst into laughter.

“Serves you right,” you and Ah Ro teased in unison.

“Wow, (Y/N). I was going to introduce you to some of my friends at Okta later tonight, but you can forget it,” Sun Woo murmured.

“I’m not interested in any of your friends, Sun Woo,” you said, rolling your eyes. “I barely even go to Okta. Besides, I have to help my mother with some sewing. If anything, if there is time at night, I’ll stop by Sutabaksu for tea.”

“Oh? We should go for tea together, (Y/N),” Ah Ro said.

Sun Woo was taken aback. “Wait, Ah Ro. Weren’t you going to do some storytelling at Okta? That’s the only reason I had agreed to go to Okta with Soo Ho and Yeo Wool in the first place.”

Of course it was.

“Well, I don’t know… I think I’d rather have tea…”

You shared a nervous laugh. You knew that if Ah Ro joined you, Sun Woo would follow. As much as you would’ve liked to see Sun Woo again, the feeling of you sitting around while he and Ah Ro were together made you a little uncomfortable. “Actually, it’s not a sure thing. My mother will be needing a lot of help, so I might not even go.”

Sun Woo knocked Ah Ro on the head lightly with his knuckles. “If you don’t want to Okta, you and I can go to Sutabaksu together then.”

You definitely weren’t feeling hungry anymore.

“What about Soo Ho and Yeo Wool?”

Quickly, you stood up from the table, causing the other two to look up at you, confused. You smiled uneasily. “Sorry. I still have to head to the market to pick up some things before heading home. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?”

You started to reach for your small coin pouch to pay when Sun Woo stopped you by reaching for your hand. When he touched you, you felt your whole face start to heat. “Don’t worry, (Y/N). You can go ahead. I got it.”

“Thank you,” you mumbled, shyly.

Sun Woo smiled. “And we shall meet tomorrow, correct? Early in the morning?”

“Of course.” You nodded your head. Waving goodbye to Sun Woo and Ah Ro, you hurried out of the restaurant, catching a breath.

When evening came, you were already sitting in the middle of the room with your mother, various fabrics laid around the two of you. You started on a new attire when you looked over at your mom who was working at a very experienced pace. “Oooh, Mother. That hanbok is looking very pretty. I’m sure a lot of maidens around here will like it,” you praised.

“It’s for you, dear,” your mother answered. She stopped working the needle and looked over at you with a warm smile. “Did you go see the boy you like again today?”

You let out a laugh. “Mother…”

“What? It’s not like you were talking about him a million times and every time the Hwarangs come back to the village,” she teased.

“Yes, I did see him. Just for a little bit.”

“If you like him, you should let him know.”

You push the fabrics aside and spread your body out on the floor, head on top of your mother’s lap. With a sigh, you replied, “I’m with him every chance I get. I deliver what seems to be the most obvious clues. How is it that he never figures any of them out? He may have affection for another lady.”

Your mother brushed the stray hairs in front of your face back. “Unless he says so himself that there is another in his heart, I think it is wrong for my beautiful daughter to give up. You just never know when it comes to love.”

“I don’t know about love, but I just know that I really really really have feelings for him.”

“You mother has a suggestion. How about when you go on your morning walk with the fine young man tomorrow, you wear this hanbok? Also, that hairpiece that you really like? You’ll look even more beautiful.”

“Am I not beautiful now, Mother?” you whined, feigning hurt.

With a lighthearted laugh, your mother softly slapped your arm, gesturing you to sit up straight and get back to work. Your heart jumped with joy, ready for the next morning with you and just Sun Woo.

Rising even earlier than usual, you put on the soft light blue hanbok that your mother had laid out last night. The dress fit you perfectly. You gathered the top half of your hair and turned it into a bun, sticking your favorite floral hairpin to secure. With your mother still sleeping soundly, you quietly ambled out to the door and slid the door closed behind you.

The sun wasn’t out until a short time later, so the morning air around you was quite chilly. You sat out on the large low table outside of your home, waiting for Sun Woo to come by like he always did. Where should we walk to today? The lake nearby the castle? Maybe we could walk to Dayiseo to shop afterwards?

“Where is he?” you asked moments later when Sun Woo had still yet to show up at his usual time. “Don’t tell me he is still asleep…”

You looked across your view. The dark blue sky was slowly being replaced with a lighter blue, and the slight yellow-orange of the sun was starting to poke out. Deciding not to wait any longer, you stood up and headed for Ah Ro’s home.

By the time you arrived, the half of the sun was visible. You noticed that no one was outside. Just then, the door opened, and Ah Ro’s father stepped out. “Oh, (Y/N),” the physician greeted, a little surprised. “You’ve come to pick up medicine early today?”

You shook your head politely. “Oh no, Ah Ro’s father. I actually came for Sun Woo… Is he here?”

“Ah, Sun Woo. No, Sun Woo isn’t here. He and Ah Ro just went to the market to get some things for dinner later tonight. They might come back soon, so you can wait for them if you’d like.”

“That’s fine, sir. I actually have somewhere to go, too. I thought Sun Woo would be here, so I wanted to talk to him first. But I’ll just come back some time later. Thank you.”

Instead of going on a morning walk with Sun Woo as you planned, you ended up walking by yourself. You couldn’t help but be mad at Sun Woo. If he didn’t want to go with you, he could’ve just said so. That was way better than you having to going to him yourself and finding out he was with Ah Ro. Even with your bad mood, you tried to enjoy your walk. The birds in the trees chirped on your way to the lake. You looked out to see the sun reflected onto the still water. That helped calm you down.

“i bet if I jumped into the lake, he still would have eyes only for Ah Ro,” you said to no one in particular.

“True. I only have only eyes for Ah Ro.”

Not expecting an answer back, you jumped at the voice that replied to you. Once you saw the familiar face, you placed a hand on your heart and became mad again. “Hey! You scared me! Why would you do that?! Crazy!”

“Crazy?” Ji Dwi chuckled, amused. “I’m not the one talking to myself.”

“Not funny.”

Ji Dwi shrugged, taking place right next to you, sharing you view of the pretty lake. “Are you really thinking of jumping?”

“Then I’d really be crazy,” you said, rolling your eyes.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with Sun Woo right now?” Ji Dwi asked. You shot him a look, and it was like a light bulb lit above his head. “Oh… I see.” He nudged your arm. “See, this is why you shouldn't have abandoned me and been all over him. You’re basically doing to me what he’s doing to you.”

“What? Do you like me?” you deadpanned.

“Oh, shivers just went up my spine!” Ji Dwi exclaimed as he rubbed his arms. “You can’t just go around saying things like that. I like you as a friend and you will ever only be a companion to me, (Y/N).”

“Likewise, friend,” you said. “See, when you refer to me as a friend, I have no feelings towards you. When Sun Woo does it…”

You sighed and let out a frustrated noise. Ji Dwi stood and laughed at your actions. “Okay. From today onward, I am going to ignore Sun Woo. I have put in all this effort just to be called a friend, so I am done.”


“I don’t know!” you admitted. “But I’m going to put in as much effort to avoiding him at all costs. No more morning walks or anything like that.” Without saying a word of goodbye to Ji Dwi, you marched on, starting the day determinedly by yourself.

Instead of returning home for breakfast with your mother, you decided to go to the restaurant for your meal. You knew if Sun Woo remembered his meeting with you, he would be either waiting for you at your place or at the lake. Or still with Ah Ro. Either way, you didn’t want to see him.

Most of the day, you were out in the village, entering and leaving of stores. Dayiseo was really popular, so you always stopped in there. You were looking at the newly made hairpins when a familiar voice entered the store. You froze before looking near the entrance. Sun Woo! You hurried and returned the hairpin where it belonged. With your heart thumping in your chest, shocked, you rushed out of the store in hopes he didn’t see you.

“(Y/N)?” Sun Woo said when he spotted a figure that looked just like you dart out of Dayiseo. He tilted his head, unsure whether it was you or not. If it was, why were you running away instead of saying hello like you always did? Must not be her, Sun Woo thought. He was about to forget about it all until he remembered something else that he forgot. His eyes widened. “Oh no.”

You were able to avoid Sun Woo for the rest of the day. You stayed home. He did come by, but thankfully, your mother told him that you were out with some friends the whole day. Maybe it was better that you didn’t stick around Sun Woo and Ah Ro. That would mean you wouldn’t hurt your own feelings. Were you though? Were you protecting your heart by trying to cut ties? How did you know it wasn’t going to hurt you more?

Since you figured you wouldn’t go on morning walks any longer, you decided to sleep in a little longer. Only, your mother ended waking you up anyway. “(Y/N), it is rude if you let him stay outside to wait for you. Either you talk to him or send him home.”

“Can’t you do it, Mother?”

“I’m sure he deserves to at least hear it from you. Dear. He’s returning to the Hwarang House tomorrow. The things that need to be taken care of today…. they need to be taken care of today so wake up.”

You let out a tired groan, rolling out of your mattress.

“Go home,” you said with a frown as soon as you stepped outside.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N)! I really am. I didn’t mean to forget about yesterday. Can we please talk somewhere else?” Sun Woo asked desperately.

“Mother,” you turned around and called. “It’s not working! He’s not leaving!”

“(Y/N), please.”

“You’re not sorry. How could you be sorry when you forgot to meet with me so that you could spend time with your Ah Ro?”

“It wasn’t even like that. Her father asked for some things at the market, and I thought it was a lot. I wanted to give her a hand or else she’d be carrying heavy bags by herself. I thought you’d understand and at least forgive me for that little thing, (Y/N).”

“Well, I don’t, Sun Woo! Because I have always let all those little things go. You know who wakes up every morning just to be with you? I do. You know who takes you home from Okta whenever you get drunk? I do. Because Ah Ro was always still telling her stories. You know who waits for you every time you comeback from the Hwarang House? I do. You know who gives you attention whenever Ah Ro doesn’t? I do.”

You bit your bottom lip back, what you usually do to stop tears. Sun Woo watched you silently.

“You know what you did whenever I invite you to go somewhere with me? Go to Ah Ro. Okta? You drink for Ah Ro. Dayiseo? You buy things for Ah Ro.”

You blinked the first few tears away, looking away from Sun Woo.

“I know. I know you never asked me to do any of the things I do, Sun Woo. The reason why I do it is because I like you.” You took a breath before exhaling, shakily, “I like you, fool. But you probably do the things for Ah Ro because you have affection for her. So, please… please let me know if you have feelings for her so that I know to stop mine for you.”

Wiping you tears away, you turned around, embarrassed to have him see you crying.

“Please go home, Sun Woo…”

When you heard the footsteps behind you move farther and farther from your home, you couldn’t help but break into a sob. Your mother opened up the door and walked over to you. She wrapped her arms around you and pet your hair. “Oh, (Y/N). My beautiful daughter.”

The way stars twinkled in the night sky always left people in awe. There were millions and millions of them lighting up, flickering as if they were sending some kind of message. As you laid outside on the large low table in front of your home, you continued to watch the stars. “Make sure you come inside soon before you catch a cold, (Y/N),” your mother said from inside.

“Yes, Mother.”

You began to sit up when you found someone standing in front of your home’s entrance. Sun Woo slowly walked towards you, closing the space between you two. “Can I sit?” he asked.

You nodded your head, and he took the seat next to you. You looked at him. “Why are you here?”

“To apologize. I realized I really didn’t apologize earlier, and I wanted to do it before tomorrow… I’m sorry, (Y/N). Ah Ro… I have no feelings for her. I mean, I do, but it’s not the way you think. I don’t know how to explain it. I care for her a lot, and it feels like I have to take care of her a lot. Ever since her real brother… I feel like I owe him at least that. He can’t be there for her, so I should.”

“How do you know that you’re just not making that as an excuse because you actually like her?” you asked, still unable to make eye contact with him.

“Because after you yelled at me and made me go home, I spent that time thinking. I guess that helped because I figured some things out.”

“Like what?”

Sun Woo hands reached out hesitantly at first, but then he gathered courage and held one of your hands. He smiled.

“My heart went towards someone. It told me, ‘no one but her.’ Even when she’s not the nice to look at when she’s crying, it can’t be anyone but her.“

He placed his other hand on top of yours. Not only was your hand warm, but you were so sure your face was once again.

“I know I messed up, but please let me make it up to you, (Y/N). I leave tomorrow, but when I come back, I’ll treat you better than a queen.”

You glanced up at the sky, watching the stars twinkle.

With a smile, you replied, “I’ll be waiting for you near the bridge, as always.”

Cheesy Things

Originally posted by hitoritabi

character: kim donghyun (brand new music)

genre: pure fluff dude

word count: 542

summary: donghyun writes you a song 

requested: yes

*i love donghyun so much it is kinda bad lmao

“Hey, can you come here for a second?” You hear Donghyun call from the other side of the room. Currently, you were chilling in the Brand New Music studio, waiting for Donghyun to get done with his practice so you guys could go on a date.

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I LOVE how I can’t see half my feed bc it’s “sensitive content”, even though when I made this account, I put I was 20… Honestly Tumblr is just turning into Youtube w/ the whole age-limit thing & idk why, but all my other tumblrs (my personal & CC Finds) both work perfectly fine w/ age limits, I can turn them off/on, but this blog I cannot & it’s kinda shitty bc I can’t see my friends posts or anyone else I follow and tbh I might go on a little hiatus bc it’s just annoying & I tried contacting Tumblr Support and they basically were like “well we can’t fix it, you just gotta wait until your account confirms you’re 18 years of age” + they kept making make a Yahoo account that would link to my Gmail, just to be able to sign in and yeah…. I guess I’ll post a little bit tonight & then go on hiatus until Tumblr gets this figured out (if they ever do…) sO if you wanna follow my personal you can???? it’s @delicatefear & i haven’t used it very much buT i guess imma have to! Alright, see y’all on the flip side :~)