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Can I give a huge shout out to 5H, cause the effort they put in yesterday is not only physically, but mainly mentally. C stans getting brave by criticizing them. Going from five to four is not easy at all. Ofc C is not being affected on performances because she's releasing music arranged only for herself. She moves on, but LAND are the ones who need to carry on with the emotional struggle. No matter if the bad blood is real or not, getting used to not having one of your sisters around, imagine.

me too anon. you could say they were very tired but still tried to give us their best, it’s sad people hate on them for ”using” camila’s voice, they will sing songs made for 4 soon and i hope they show their potential to those who doubt them.

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Hey uh.. not to bother you by any means.. but can I get a link to those tips for drawing people crying you did once?? I looked through all the tags and couldn't find it myself, sorry..

Oh, it’s no bother! 

But honestly, I’m not actually too happy with those anymore. They’re pretty old. I still sort of hold the same value when I draw them, but here’s some more updated tips, if that’s alright. 

One of the biggest complaints I got with those tips was that just a single tear is good enough. Well yes and no. Tears are just a helpful tool, and of course not everyone cries the same, so yes, a single tear can be just as impactful, as long as your emotion and context carries the message. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s heavy crying. And this can take many forms. Again, the face has to carry the intensity of the emotion; the tears are just there to emphasize it. More intensity, (for some people) does tend to include more liquids and leaking. 

And of course none of it has to be perfect or even. As I love to touch on, crying is messy and ugly. It brings out the most strained emotions. So none of it has to be symmetrical to get the point across- if anything, it gives it more movement. 

I of course draw in a more cartoony fashion, so if you did want to go on the more realistic end of the spectrum, you can focus on the actual physics of tears and how act and react on the face. More realistically, they come from the inner eye, and are much smaller. They tend to fall in wayward paths, slowly, but  sperraticly, and in droplets or thin streams. You can also add streak marks and flush up the face, depending on the subject. 

I’m glad you liked my old tips, and I hope these new ones help! 


The Lords × Major Arcana | Second Part

I. The Magician wills with bolts of fire
XII. Hanged Man bows to heaven’s laws
V. Hierophant
blesses the narrow ways
XVIII. The Moon
warns of the dangerous sea
VIII. Strength of faith shuts savage jaws
XIV. Temperance blends and finds true worth

Safe and Sound

Credence Barebone x reader
Prompt : you are a healer and after the subway incident, Newt brings Credence for you to heal him
Words : 940
Notes : i’m planning to make a second part to it but just if you guys want more, so give me your opinions about it. Hope you like it!

Part 2  Part 3

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You were looking through your potions and noting everything properly and correctly for when it would be needed. You were very good at making potions but you were best on the ones about healing because that’s what you were.

Since you studied in Hogwarts, you were very good at magical that involved healing or softening pain. Besides of that, you actually liked to do that so you worked to get your skills better so you could help people.

After living sometime in England, you decided to change a little bit and headed to New York. You loved the differences that had between the countries and you loved to learn about each singularity about it.

You got out of your minds when you heard the bell of your door ring. You opened it and looked to Newt Scamander with a dark-haired boy being helped and held by him. You properly understood that the boy was needing healing help and lead Newt to let the boy on the couch.

You didn’t study with Newt because you were years younger than him but you have met him when a magical creature started to make your home as his as well. You didn’t mind having the bowtruckle living with you but you didn’t know how to deal with him, so you asked people about someone who did. And that one was, obviously, Newt.

When he got that to see the creature, he instantly fell in love with it. You could see how he loved his animals and were happy to see that the little one would be with someone with an amazing heart. After that you two became friends. When you knew about some magical creature that was needing help or in danger, you would tell him about it, and when he needed healing help, he would come to you. Of course, you have told him you went to America but you still were surprised about seeing him in your front door.

“It has been a long time, Newt.” You said giving him a hug which made him instantly blush.

“Yeah. It has been.” He looked to the boy and then to you. “I need you to help him, Y/N.” You instantly headed to the boy and started to look to his wounds.

“What happened to him?” The boy wasn’t conscious but he was groaning in pain.

“He has an obscurus, he had to suppress magic because he lived with one of that crazy second salemer and she hit him, a lot.” Newt passed his fingers on his eyes, an attitude to hide his tears. “He got out of control and the MACUSA tried to kill him… but he is still alive.”

“How?” The man with green eyes moved his head to express that he didn’t know. “I’ll do my best to help him, I promise.”

“I know you will. You’re the best on this.” You smiled to him. “I have to go to see my babies and tomorrow I come back to see how he is.” You laughed.

“You still call the animals as babies?” He gave a shy smirk while going to the door.

“The mummy has to care about his babies.” You two laughed and then he was gone.

You looked the hurt boy and felt bad for him. He had a horrible life and was almost killed by the people who were supposed to help him. You felt so angry about some laws and behaviors the MACUSA had.

You cleaned his wounds which made him gasp unconsciously and made your heart ache. You hated to see people in pain. You did your best to clean it and put your best medicine you had there. You also used some potions on the worse ones to heal better, and give it one special to try to wake him up. You did all you could think about but it would still wait sometime to this boy be better. And by what you heard, it would still take a longer time to heal his heart and soul.

After two hours, the boy started to wake up. He looked confused to where he were and surprised to see you. The first thought on his mind was that you were the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Then he started to wonder why and where he was.

“W-where am I?” The boy asked in a very and quite voice.

“Hi! My name’s Y/N. My friend Newt brought you here because you were hurt and I’m a healer. I tried to heal you the best I could but some of your wounds will take a time to heal it.” He nodded silently. “Do you remember something?”

“I… I remember I was in the subway and then Mr. Graves was there… And Mrs. Goldstein too and her friend Newt … And then some wizards… tried to kill me?” Some tears were already falling of his eyes.

“Hey! Don’t cry, please” You hugged him as gentle as possible. He shuddered to your touch, not accustomed to it but slowly and shyly hugged you back. “I’m so sorry about it, some wizards are bad and do bad things too… I’m so sorry, mister..?” You looked to him with question in your eyes.

“Credence. My name’s Credence.” He said quietly, like he was embarrassed of who he was.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Credence.” You smiled gently to him and he shyly smiled back. “I promise I’ll make the best I can to help you and I swear you are safe and sound here.”

And there was the start of something new, for both of you.


“Pretty quickly, Kate and I were like, Oh, you’re for me and I’m for you. We’re for each other. Very quickly we were both comfortable being our best and worst selves in front of each other. SNL’s so intense and the hours are so long that you get to know people really well. But I would say even beyond that, we just know each other like sisters. Really.” - Aidy Bryant


Kate McKinnon A to Z → Aidy Bryant

“Pretty quickly, Kate and I were like, Oh, you’re for me and I’m for you. We’re for each other. Very quickly we were both comfortable being our best and worst selves in front of each other. SNL’s so intense and the hours are so long that you get to know people really well. But I would say even beyond that, we just know each other like sisters. Really.” - Aidy Bryant

You wouldn’t know it now, but these two had a slightly rocky start almost a year ago~


I saw a question that someone asked a friend artist.. and I just have to say.

Don’t put yourselves down because you think “skilled, better artists” wont speak to you because you think your art isn’t good enough. Talent doesn’t make the artist decide on who they should communicate with! Personality does! We all know you try your very best, heck we were all there once too!!

Artists talents come in many different shapes and forms; if you try your very hardest and don’t give up that’s all that should really matter. We all appreciate you for your effort, don’t give up! Soon enough you’ll have someone looking to you the same way you look up to that particular artist.


There is a bit of a tough love that I’ve had to learn myself. You can’t entirely depend on someone else to help you with your art, you have to be pleased with it yourself. Sad to say but you won’t appreciate your art as much, because not everyone would like it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Just don’t give up! Keep trying until you get it just right. Everyone draws/creates differently. Being fully depending on others opinions can grow tiresome and hurt overtime. If you really need it, ask someone you trust. (The outcome of their help should be more fulfilling.) People you ask should give helpful criticism, but don’t be upset if they correct it, after all you did ask for it. They aren’t putting you down (even if it comes off that way) they are or should be giving you helpful hints on how to adjust your art/creations if you are struggling to do it alone. You have to find your talent yourself, that is what makes you unique. Never be afraid to ask for help, someone out there will be willing to give you a hand.

Don’t give up.
Believe in yourself.
I believe in you, you can do it, you are all aspiring artists looking to find where you fit in with the world.~

WTH France?

I just have to say, while I am extremely proud of Yuzuru, Nathan, and Shoma–and ALL of the other skaters who were at the GPF–

SHAME ON FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

These athletes worked HARD to both get to compete and especially to win this competition and all I have seen is far from the level of respect should have been! When the six top male skaters in the world have the kind of issues they had this weekend, it’s time to look at the venue and not the dedication or ability of the athletes.

Melting/off ice

Video relay and camera problems


Disco Podiums

NO FLAGS!?!?! WHAT!?!?!

THOSE were the BEST flowers you could find?

It was all very laughable–and I am already hoping there will be reconsideration for allowing this to be hosted at this venue/city ever again.

THIS post explains a lot of the issues I think:

Yule Ball Disaster

I promised an update so here it is plus I decided to make this a two part imagine 😚  Hope you enjoy! 

Can I get an imagine where the reader is a pureblood slytherin and her and Draco have been flirting nonstop which lead her to believe he would ask her to the Yule Ball only to find out the night before the dance he asked someone else. So she convinces Harry to go together since they can’t go with who they wanted in the hopes of making them jealous, which it does. And lots of fluff please!! Thank you!! -Anonymous

The Great Hall was filled in a louder state of chatter as this year was the year of the Triwizard Tournament. Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beuxbatons students filled the hall as their voices filled the atmosphere. You didn’t mind the noise. You were in your own little conversations with your slytherin housemates; specifically Draco Malfoy. 

You and Draco were the best of friends. A very strong Flirtationship as you would call it. More than a friendship, Less than a relationship. It made people think you were already together. Although you wished it was something more than just a flirtation. You were just too much of  coward to admit your feelings. 

You sat next to each other, as usual, your shoulders were pressed against the other. It wasn’t because the whole slytherin table was occupied, it was because you have gotten used to sitting together so close.  

“Father actually considered sending me to Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts, you know. He knows the headmaster, you see. Well, you know his opinion of Dumbledore — the man’s such a Mudblood-lover — and Durmstrang doesn’t admit that sort of riffraff” Draco stated, looking between you and his friends as he continued “But Mother didn’t like the idea of me going to school so far away. Father says Durmstrang takes a far more sensible line than Hogwarts about the Dark Arts. Durmstrang students actually learn them, not just the defense rubbish we do”

“Funny how my mother considered me transferring as well” You laughed, earning a smile from him “Beuxbatons is what you were destined for!” You attempted to copy your mother’s words causing your small group to erupt in fits of laughter and chortles. 

“Why’d you stay here?” Draco asked. 

“You really think I’m going to leave you here with these blokes?” You smiled, lightly pushing his shoulder with yours “I don’t want you to suffer”

“You’re the only reason I stayed too” He said, looking into your eyes. Your eyes gazed at his for a moment before turning away, quickly hiding the smile you had. 

“Could you two just get together already?” Blaise spoke, cutting the tension.

“You know that can’t happen, Zabini” You said, smirking at the dark skinned boy. 

“Why not?” Draco interjected. He was acting strange but you couldn’t quite put your finger on why. 

“We’re too perfect for each other, dear” You smiled, amused “The universe might explode at the madness of our relationship’s very existence” 

Just then Draco was about to retort until a paper rose had fallen onto your hand. Draco looked at you in a weird mix of expressions. You eyed it suspiciously before slowly unfolding the perfectly made rose. 

“Ms. (Y/N) Howell, would you care to join me in tomorrow’s Yule Ball?” 

You looked behind you to see one of the durmstrang boys staring at you with a smile. He was very good looking but Draco was hotter in your opinion. You would have said yes but you had an intuition that Draco would be the one to take you. Maybe he was just waiting for the right time to ask? You gave the buff boy a grin before turning back around. You saw Draco glare at the boy in your peripheral vision. He was always like that when you were around other boys.

“Another one?” Crabbe said in disbelief “How many more are you going to get until they give up, Howell?” 

“When they realize she’s already going with Draco” Goyle commented, looking between the durmstang boy and Draco. 

“I’m going with Pansy” Draco said, blankly.

The air got caught  in your throat as you processed what he just said. 

This surprised you and the others. You thought he hated Pansy. He made it very clear that he did every time she would pass by to get him away from you. Draco would always decline saying you and him had things to do. When you two were alone he would always complain about her saying that you were the only girl he needed in his life— besides his mother of course. 

How this boy made your heart flutter in more ways than one.  

“Pansy?” Your voice squeaked. You cursed yourself for for being so embarrassing. Draco shrugged like it was no big deal. Well you couldn’t blame him. You were too stupid to think he would ask you. You excused yourself before standing up. Your friends gave you looks of worry and confusion but you brushed them off. 

Where you were going? You honestly did not know. All of this is confusing. 

You left the Great Hall making your way towards the courtyard. Some fresh air should help you calm down. Why did Draco have to make you feel like this? Of course he wasn’t intending to. He just……Ugh! Stupid Feelings. Stupid Ball. Stupid Girl. You groaned in frustration, wanting to rip out the roots of your hair with your hands. You found yourself sitting on one of the benches. By this time everyone would be in the Great Hall, leaving the courtyard empty well except for you. 

“You alright, (Y/N)?” 

You easily recognized the voice belonging to the Chosen One himself, Harry Potter. Why he was speaking to you?  You had no clue but somehow his presence made you feel slightly better. Why is this happening?

“I’m fine” You whispered, staring at your shoes. You couldn’t just tell him that you were upset that Draco wasn’t taking you to the ball. That would be mad.

“I could tell you’re not” He said, sitting next to you on the bench.You gave him a light smile before answering “Everything’s just peachy” 

Oh how much Draco would kill you right now. Being around Potter and speaking to him.

Then it struck you. An incredibly idiotic plan. Idiotic enough to make it brilliant. 

“Harry?” You spoke up, getting scar head’s full attention. If you could get him to go to the ball with you, you could make Draco jealous. You’ve seen the way Harry looks at Cho; pretty obvious that he likes her so he’ll also get a chance of making her jealous as well.

Now you fully understood why the sorting hat placed you in Slytherin.

“Do you want to go to the Yule Ball with me?” 

Comfort - Stiles Stilinski

this is just a comfort fic bc im not feelin my best :( it includes the tea and long sweaters aesthetic :)

warnings: floofa


A yellow sweater hugged your body as you sat down at the lunch table with a book. Lydia, Malia, and Scott were already there.

Today, you weren’t feeling your very best, so you quietly sat rather than chirping your usual greeting. It was uncomfortable and Scott could sense that, so when Stiles arrived, he stood and dragged Stiles away - despite his multiple protests.

You refused to eat and gave your extras to Liam, who didn’t bring lunch money and forgot about breakfast. After you pushed your tray to him, he thanked you profusely and dug in to the disgusting but good enough cafeteria food.

Stiles and Scott were now in the hall, and you grew more distant. “Stiles, Y/N’s uncomfortable - I don’t know what to do.” Scott explained, “I can take her to the library.” Stiles shrugged, the alpha pat the boy on the back and walked off.

They returned to the noisy cafeteria, immediately spotting your table.

“Hey Y/N! Wanna go with me to the library?” Stiles cheered, you perked up and accepted his request. You took your book and understandably heavy backpack.

You both arrived at the library. The sent of used books and fresh pages hit you, and you became a little happier.

He led you to an aisle, and the both of you sat and leaned against the still bookcase.

There you both talked, he asked about your feelings and you gave an answer. You both sat and talked about happy things until the bell rung.

Mission success.


161214 Japan Bangtan’s Tweet

#防弾少年団 JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.3 ~君に届く~ 今回ファンミーティング旅の終点、 大阪‼︎ めっちゃ最高やねんA.R.M.Yのみなさんにも楽しい時間でしたか?また明日も楽しみにしててや〜 #防弾少年団 #BTS #君に届く

#防弾少年団 JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.3 ~From me to you~ The final destination for our fanmeeting, Osaka!! A.R.M.Y who were the very* best, did you also have a fun time? We look forward to seeing you tomorrow too~ #防弾少年団 #BTS #Frommetoyou

*They use めっちゃ, the Kansai (Osaka) dialect for “very” 

Trans © fypjm
Please take out with full credit  

Birthday Surprise

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(In honor of Dean’s 38th birthday, here is a drabble! Enjoy!)

You knew Dean hated celebrating his birthday, but you couldn’t help yourself. This year you had a very special surprise for him and you were trying your best to keep it a secret until today.

Your feet padded against the floor, making your way to your and Dean’s shared room, a small birthday cake from a nearby grocery store in hand. The old rock music vibrating the floor as you got closer. Dean thought it was just going to be a normal day as he told you not to do anything, but you couldn’t just let his birthday slide.

As you walked in, you saw Dean sprawled across the bed air drumming to “Pour Some Sugar on Me” - typical.

You turned the music off and sat on the bed and just smiled. “I told you I couldn’t resist your birthday.”

Dean had a hard look on his face, but it softened once he saw the cake in your hand. “Is this for me?” He laughed, taking a look at it to see what it said.

Happy birthday, daddy! It said in blue icing.

He smirked and looked up at you, “I didn’t know you wanted to call me daddy, (Y/N), but you certainly can.”

You laughed and shook your head. “Not that kind of daddy, you dork.”

Dean didn’t understand what you meant until you handed him a pregnancy test that you had took close to a month ago. He had thought something was up with you, but he didn’t think you were pregnant.

“Is this real? (Y/N), this better not be some sick joke.” Dean thought you were just messing around but from the big smile on your face he knew right away that you were telling the truth.

You sat the cake beside you and hugged him tightly, tears falling from both your and his eyes. “Surprise, Dean. You’re gonna be a daddy.”

Dean pulled away to give you a long and passionate kiss. “Best birthday present I’ve had by far, sweetheart.”

Even though he hated his birthday, Dean couldn’t be more thankful for what you have just surprised him with. He had wanted a family for a long time, but always thought it was too dangerous to bring a child into this life the two of you had. But now that you were pregnant and excited about it, Dean could not be happier.

On the Road


Originally posted by daryl-dixon-is-life

REQUEST: Reader x Team Family; where it’s before Alexandria but after the Prison and Terminus and everyone is together but the reader isn’t with them and they finally find her walking down a road singing. Can it also be Carl x Reader slightly?

A/N: Omgash, my first request! And i’ve got to say this message made me super happy, so please send in your request! Remember, it has to be about the shows and anime i listed, and if not inform me of it and i’ll try my best.

:Also, i hope this was what you were looking for? I tried my very best and had a very good time writing this.

It had been such a long time. Carl’s feet hurt and he was exhausted, but he was so happy that everyone was back together and that they had escaped the cannibal hell they’d been forced upon.

He held Judith closely to himself. Relieved and overjoyed that she wasn’t dead like he and his father had thought. After Carol found them, after Terminus which felt like forever go but was really only the day before, they had ventured off. Carl wasn’t sure where they were going, he figured that they would try to find Beth. He missed her. She was the only one close enough to his age, or at least someone he could speak to and it wasn’t hard being he only young one again.

Carl looked over to his father, his beard had grown out massively and you could barely see his own face. It was hard to believe, that even after years of this apocalypse he still couldn’t come accustomed to the sight of unruly, unkept people.

“Would you like me to hold her?” Maggie’s voice echoed beside Carl. Making him turn his head, he smiled small like before shaking his head. 

“I’m good.” Carl mumbled, not quite wanting to let her go yet. He’d been holding her constantly all day, rejoicing in knowing she was alive.

Maggie smiled before taking her place next to Glenn. Carl watched as he smiled at her before wrapping his arm around her chest. Moments like these, made Carl realize that they were really all a huge family.

It was quiet, that’s why Carl could hear the soft and faint singing. It seemed almost like a christmas jingle… Jingle bells? He thought he must have been going crazy and decided to ignore the singing. Hallucinating such a thing he figured, since they hadn’t had a proper meal or water in a few days.

He thought he was hallucinating until he heard the click of his father’s gun and the figure of someone ahead.

You were frustrated. Frustrated with yourself. Upset and alone, and one thing that had always made you feel more relaxed was singing. But when you thought of singing, you’d realized it’d been so hard since you’d listened to music you could remember any.

You shivered in the slight coldness. Looking up, you realized it was colder than it normally was. Which reminded you, christmas. It’d been your favourite holiday as a child, only standing as a fifteen year old, you remembered christmas being your favourite time of the year.

So, with a soft hum you began humming Jingle bells. Until it turned to a full out singing session with yourself as you felt soft tears slip past your eyes. You didn’t normally be so loud, knowing that in this world it was dangerous. But after what you’d just been through, you didn’t truly care.

The blood stained you clothing and hands and you held your gun by your side with shaky hands.

You had been so absorbed in your singing, you didn’t hear the footsteps behind you. You didn’t notice anyone was near you until you felt the barrel of a gun against the back of your head. You wanted to scream in frustration at the pure unluckiness you had.

“Raise your hands, drop your gun.” A deep voice echoed, and without questioning you obeyed. Dropping your gun with a loud clutter, slightly glad to have the piece of monstrosity out of your hand.

“Turn around.” A different voice said, lighter and more kidish. With anticipation, you turned around only to be face with a much larger group than you’d expected. You wondered if you’d been singing that loud if you hadn’t been able to hear even one of them.

Allowing your eyes to scan over the mass size of the group. You realized they had a boy, your age or slightly younger who was carrying a baby. A large quantity of adults who stared at you apprehensively. They all had you at gun point, truthfully what did they think a skinny fifteen year old could do?

“Listen…” You started.

“Why in the world would you sing so loud?” The boy asked, interrupting you. The man who held a gun to your head turned to glare at him, and you figured he was his father by the way the boy coward slightly.

“I-umm. I zoned out.” You mumbled, embarrassed to be caught doing something so reckless. “Listen, I don’t want any trouble. I’ll be on my way.” You took a step back before the man holding the gun to your head, clicked it.

“Dad, I… I don’t think she’s bad.” The boy spoke up. Ah, seems you were right. “Let’s ask her the three questions.”

“Three questions?” You asked confused.

Rick sighed impatiently before turning back to you. “How many walkers have you killed?”

Baffled, you shook your head. “W-What?”

“Just answer the question.” The boy ordered.”

Looking to him, he gave you a soft look and you hesitantly nodded. “Umm… lots. I’m not sure how many.”

The man seemed to accept the answer. “How many people have you killed?”

Instantly you looked down at the blood splattered on your shirt and felt tears blooming again. Fumbling with your words, you stared directly at the gun. “Two.”


“Listen.. I don’t know y-” The man stepped forward, his group following him. You stared fearfully at his gun. “I… i had to. They were… trying to hurt me.”

He seemed to understand your words and with a sudden change, he lowered his gun. Everyone else following him. The boy smiled at you, nodding to himself. You stared baffled at this group before the man extended his hand. 

“Welcome. I’m Rick.”

Hope you enjoyed! I had to make it a little angst because that’s who I am! Hope you didn’t mind.

Also I wasn’t sure who to tag, since the request was anonymous. So hope you see this!


This started out as one of those shitty panel redraws that I always do when I have an art block but it turned out MUCH better than planned. Now I want to finish painting it. 

Thanks to Shuggazoom’s climate being tropical, the Hyperforce’s suits were not at all equipped to deal with a sudden climate change, so they had to abandon them in favor of good ol’ fashioned winter wear. At least, that’s my excuse for drawing them all in cute hats and scarves. :D