you were the rhythm that was bringing us to life

What Love Means to Me

Hi everyone! So this is my first fanfic I’ve written about Taylor and Joe. Hopefully it’s not that bad and I hope you enjoy it!

It was quiet night here in London, the only sounds were the slight hum of the heater, and the light rain outside. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. Joe and I were snuggled up together, his arms around my chest, while my head was up against his chest. London had become my home base more recently. I’ve always loved it here, but I really never had time to spend over here. I had Joe, and I had nothing but time on my hands. We were both head over heals for each other and almost never left each other’s side. I truly felt like he was the greatest and most epic love of my life. I started thinking and i started thinking about how much I missed my mom. I tried not to think about it knowing it would only make me upset. So as I tried to get my mom out of my mind I thought about our conversations about Joe and about love. We often talked about deeper meanings of love. I didn’t even see that there was any deeper meaning until Joe.
I thought more about it, and realized love had become such a beautiful and meaningful thing to me over the years. In my eyes, there are many different types of love. Love can be family or friend type thing. My fans mean so much to me and it can fan love type of thing, or loving a certain place or food. And lastly, love for a significant other. In my eyes they all mean so much to me. By there are times I find myself thinking about some of them more than the others. I tend to find myself thinking about the deeper meaning of love, especially love for a significant other. I began to wonder about Joe. Had he thought about what love means? Did he see a deeper meaning in it? What did our love mean to him?  All these questions and no answers.

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