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Angel in the Darkness (M) pt.2

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Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au 

A/N: Plz read the first part, if you haven't already. This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

“Do you wanna see what happens when you try to trick a demon?”

His dark intimidating eyes are staring directly into yours, making you feel like you’re his prey. His grip on your chin is stern, and you feel as if there is no escape from him. You’re drowning in his musky cologne, which makes you close your eyes in a haze. How were you supposed to get out of this? He literally caught you in a lie, and you could tell by his voice that he wasn’t too happy about it.

His grip on your chin slowly increases in pressure, causing you to panic.

“Y/n……….” he purrs. “I asked you a question, and I’m feeling extremely inpatient.”

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nude wars — preview

pt1 | pt2 preview

pairings: yoongi x reader x jungkook

genre: smut, touches of fluff / frat!yoonkook

description: Okay sure, maybe having a threesome with two best friends from the same frat wasn’t the smartest thing you’d ever done. But hey, when the result was them vying for your attention in the form of scandalous snaps, breathy audio messages, and unspeakable texts, well then the decision definitely wasn’t that bad.

— Or alternatively, your phone getting caught in the middle of Yoongi and Jungkook constantly trying to one-up each other in a war of sexting (and just maybe romantics).

note: so I know pt2 was supposed to come out today, but I’ve been sick for the past week and a half and I actually ended up having to go to the hospital yesterday bc I guess I wasn’t taking it seriously enough. but yeah, I thought I could at least post a tiny snippet ;;

It took all of five minutes into your shift for the post-sexting depression to kick in. The only word you could use to describe today’s atmosphere at work being completely dead. There were barely any customers to keep you occupied, leaving you to watch the time tick by as your only form of entertainment, second by unbearably miserable second burying you deeper into a realm of inescapable boredom.

And this continued on… For five miserable hours, until you finally managed to gain some relief. Your good friend and co-worker, Jimin, finally coming in to start his shift.

“Someone looks like they had a long night. Let me guess, another late night on greek row?” He snickered, making his way behind the counter to join you.

“Haha, very funny, but… Yeah,” You ended up admitting, causing chuckles to fall from both of you.

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World's Best Dad (Part 7)

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Summary: The reader, Dean and Gracie head up to camp and have a fun first day and night together…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 4,700ish

Warnings: language, accidental feels 

A/N: My cheeks hurt from writing this. I hope you all know how much happy suffering I go through writing this series…

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spent a lifetime looking for you

The first time Derek sees him, it’s only about a two-second interaction. Derek’s waiting for the bartender to make his rum and coke, idly scanning the crowd to see if Ransom and Holster have made it here yet. He can see someone approaching him out of the corner of his eye, and then there’s a cute redhead standing next to him. Nursey turns to smile at him.

“Hey,” the guy grins, smile wide and easy. Fuck, he’s cute. “Are you here with anyone?”

“Yeah, I’m waiting for them, now, actually - “ Derek blurts out, like a moron.

“Oh, shit, um, sorry,” the guy stammers, and then he’s hurriedly walking away and Derek wants to catch him to tell him he misunderstood, but the bartender is finally sliding his drink across the bar and Ransom and Holster are suddenly on either side of him and he has to fumble for his wallet while Ransom and Holster jostle and chirp him for his outfit choice.

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People Can Change

Summary: Y/N is a nerd about to graduate from high school. Dean is her best friend’s older brother who is always with Sam. Together the two of them fight like cats and dogs, but is it hatred causing it or is it love?

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore, Bobby Singer, Reader

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Chubby!Reader, Sam Winchester x Jessica Moore

Warnings: NSFW, smut, self doubt about weight, language

Word Count: 4,687

Request: Do you think you could write me a fanfic where its Dean x Reader but they’re both in high school and the reader is this adorable chubby lil nerd and Dean is a bad boy who used to tease her but they both really like each other and it ends up in smut of fluff please and thank you! Love the writing and keep doing’ you!- Anonymous

A/N: This is my submission for @dancingalone21 Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. My quote was “I say we get drunk and shoot crap.” I hope y’all enjoy I loved writing this because I’m a chubby nerd like the reader. Feedback is always welcomed!

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The bell for the end of the day chimed, and all of your classmates started packing their things up. Mr Singer, your teacher yelled out to everyone that they needed to bring their homework in on Monday or they’d receive no credit. As everyone else rushed to get out of the class, you took your time packing your things up before walking to the from of the class.

“Mr. Singer, here’s my homework.” He looked up at you with a smile on his face as he took it from you. “I just figured I would give it to you now.”

“My star pupil, thank Y/N I’ll be sure to get this graded and back to you by Monday.”

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Offbeat (Part Four) - Auston Matthews

A/N: Here you go! Sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy!! :)

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 4,402

Warnings: Language

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]

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Imagine Jeff making himself at home in your house.

I gotta give credit where it’s due and thank @imaginesforanyonex​ for creating ‘Dating Jeff Atkins’ headcanons which spawned this idea :)

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Sweet, sweet Spring Break is the time when you’re meant to sleep in. Plan all day shenanigans with your friends, stay up late and then wake up even later without worrying about school. But unfortunately for you- you have an internal clock that deems it fit to wake you up at eight in the morning, no matter if you had spent all night riding around with friends in Tony’s Mustang before grabbing milkshakes at three in the morning.

Cursing the happily chirping birds as your eyes blink open, you roll over onto your back and kick off your blanket. You groggily get out of bed, smoothing down your bed head as you stumble out into the hall and into the bathroom. But in your current half-asleep state, your brain’s neglected to realize that the bathroom is currently occupied.

You don’t hear the shower running until it’s too late and your eyes widen at the sight of your very naked, very soapy boyfriend.

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Pairing: Reader x Minghao
Genre: angst, an ounce of fluff
Request: “can you write a minghao angst? um an imagine where he has to practice hard bc a comeback is soon and you both barely talk or hang out. and then you go to the dorm to see what’s up or to check up on him and since he’s stressed, he gets frustrated or something and you both get into an argument. idk, but lots of angst and then fluff at the end?”
Word count: 2,009
A/N: Requested by anon. I hope you like it!

You rarely saw Minghao these days. At best, you’d get a few texts, at worst, several days of nothing. At first, you’d been okay with it; long absences were in his job description. It was just part of being an idol. Every so often, the two of you wouldn’t be able to see each other for a while. Usually it was because of tours. He usually made the effort to text you, sending you photo updates and reminding you that he loved you. He often texted you so much that you would sometimes forget that he was away. You could handle that; they made your reunions all the sweeter. Even when he was practicing for long periods of time, unable to see you for a few days, he’d video call you, and you’d fall asleep talking to him. But that had all been in the beginning. It wasn’t quite the same now.

It had been a month of little contact. You knew that he was busy; Seventeen had a big comeback on the agenda, and there was a lot riding on it. You’d been excited about it at first. You’d hear the boys babble on about all the ideas they had, the ones they wanted to explore, how excited they were to meet Carats. It had been cute. Unfortunately, you’d seen the stress begin to wear on them; some more than others. You knew that being an idol wasn’t easy. And you respected that. But there were boundaries, right? A relationship couldn’t survive on minimal contact. And, even worse, was he overworking himself?

You checked the time on your phone. 10:58 PM. You knew that Minghao had a short break at 11 PM. You’d decided then would be the best time to visit. You lingered on the screen for a little longer. It was a photo of you and Minghao, with a dog between you. You remembered the day it was taken. The two of you were visiting a friend’s house, and much to your delight, there’d been a puppy there. Minghao had fallen in love with it immediately; you had about a hundred photos of just him and the dog in your camera roll. You hadn’t seen him smile like that in a while.

That was the last distinct moment you could remember of the two of you being happy together.

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Hunger Games Pt 2. (Damian Wayne x Reader)

Requested: By @seventhbunny

A/N: Now that I’m done with all of the requests I can finally start focusing on my series! ^^

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Part 1 |


After everything that happened back in Gotham, the talons shoved you and Arsenio in a luxurious car. He didn’t say a word to you the entire trip, so you didn’t say anything as well. You didn’t have the energy, all you can think about was how you’re going to survive these coming up weeks, especially without Damian.

You looked out the window but everything was a blur. As soon as the driver started speeding down the highway to Hell, that’s when your tears started spilling out uncontrollably. You cried into your hands, not giving a damn if it bothered Arsenio or the driver.

The driver looked at you through his rearview mirror, feeling the same pang of guilt he feels every year when he has to drive two innocent teens to their death, “It’s alright,” He whispered, “Let it out.”

You sniffed, “Damian…” He’s probably doing whatever he can to get you back even though there’s no possible way.


After the long car ride, you and Arsenio were escorted into a large silver train. You gasped when you stepped inside, it resembles the manor in a way. You gulped when you saw Katheryn sitting on a couch, grinning up at you and Arsenio. How did she arrive before the two of you?

She gestured the both of you to sit across from her. You did what you were told and scurried to the couch. If you want to survive, you might as well follow the rules first. You looked back at Arsenio. He scrutinized the couch, hesitating, but sat down as soon as Kathryn started glaring daggers at him.

Katheryn started talking about the next few days and how the two of you should prepare for the arena. “Your mentor, Oliver Queen, will help you throughout your stay until the first day of the games.”

“Where is he?” Arsenio muttered under his breath but loud enough for Kathryn to hear.

He just wants peace, but we can’t get all the things we want in life, right?” You jumped at the sound of a new voice. You and Arsenio turned around, facing a tall blonde man who entered from another room. He looked awfully familiar. You could tell he feels the same way when he saw you, but he gave you a look to stay quiet.

It all clicked when you recognized his blonde goatee. He was the Green Arrow. Before the Court took over and the Districts were protected by heroes, Damian snuck you into the Batcave to see everyone in the Justice League.

Bruce caught you both or course, but that was still one of the best days of your life.

Something was up and you know it. Oliver should be mentoring Star City’s tributes, not Gotham’s.

Katheryn sighed and got up from the couch, “Train them well, Queen.” She said, leaving through the door Oliver just came through. Oliver sat down, reaching for a bottle of liquor and poured some in a clear cup, “So, any questions, comments, concerns?”

You and Arsenio stayed quiet. Oliver chuckled, “I’m kidding. I know what your concerns are,” He took a swig of liquor. “Alright, so I’m here to teach you two how to win,” He placed the cup down, “Rule numero uno, make people like you.”

Arsenio raised an eyebrow, “What you mean by that?”

Oliver poured more liquor, “What I mean is, in order to win this death sentence, you need to gain sponsors. Those who will help you throughout the games.”

“Those are the people who pay for us, right? For our necessities?” You asked, remembering last years game. Central City’s tributes received a great amount of medicine for their injuries.

Oliver pointed at you, “Exactly.”

“Tch, like I need sponsors,” Arsenio growled, standing up from the couch, “No one wants to help a kid like me anyway. I’m looking for my room.”

“Hey, wait why…” You were going to ask him why he thought that way but he left through the same door Katheryn and Oliver went through.

You sighed and looked back at Oliver, “What the hell are you doing here, shouldn’t you be mentoring Star City’s tributes?” You whispered.

He smirked, “Smart person you are huh?”

You rolled your eyes and fold your arms, “Just please explain everything.”

“Bruce contacted me,” He started, “We have people inside the Court who are going to help us.”

“Help us with what?” You gasped.

He knitted his eyebrows together, “You really don’t know?”

You shook your head. Obviously, you were left in the dark in this sudden change of events. Oliver leaned over the table, making sure his voice was extremely low, “The League is rising. We’re shutting down the Court Of Owls once and for all.”

10 Signs an Introvert Likes you (1/10)

Summary: Bucky wasn’t the type of guy to show his feelings and neither were you the one to notice subtle things, until you come across this video. A guidance that may help you discover rather The Winter Soldier likes you or not. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 982

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Warnings: None, just cursing and FLUFF. 

A/N: So, I found this video here and the idea crossed my mind, it (ALMOST) will be a drabble series, because sometimes I was write too much, sorry not sorry. It won’t have any angst or something like that. Just fluff and comedy. Hope you enjoy! <3 

Masterlist of the Series

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“Oh, please, Natasha. Cut it, already!”

“Y/N, I’m going to punch you in the face, why can’t you just accept that Barnes is totally in love with you?” Hushing her with your hand, you felt your cheeks getting hotter as she cocked her brows at you.

“He’s not, fuckin hell!” Rolling her eyes and continuing to follow you to your room, she hissed, already getting tired of trying to convince you

“You’re so oblivious that it hurts me.”

“He hasn’t shown any signs, Nat.”

“It’s Barnes; he can’t even start a conversation with all of us in the room. What do you expect, huh? That he raise a fucking signpost at dinner, with neon-shining letters saying ‘I’m totally in love with you’?”

“Well, maybe not with neon-shining letters, but–”

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

“So am I, Natasha. Just because I told you that I have a little crush on him, that doesn’t mean you have to join us together, okay? Now, good night.” Closing the door behind you and leaning on it, you couldn’t help but to think ‘what if?’

Yeah, he hadn’t shown anything that indicated that he liked you, but it could happen, right?

Sighing, you prepared yourself to sleep. Slipping in your pajamas, you kept thinking about Bucky and his actions. They weren’t flirty or even a little bit malicious, he wasn’t the kind of person that would normally let people in, and that kept you awake for half an hour.

Huffing in annoyance, you grabbed your laptop and entered Youtube, maybe watching some videos would make you sleepy again.

As if the destiny – and the internet – were laughing at your face, the first video on your recommended had the title: 10 Signs an Introvert Likes you.

Looking around the room to make sure no one saw you clicking the video, you plugged your earphones while mumbling that it was something stupid to do

“Well, it won’t kill anyone…” Inhaling sharply, you pressed play just to hear a sweet voice starting to talk.

The four types of introverts can be – vaguely - described by the traits: “Social”, “thinking”, “anxious” and “restrained”.

Social Introverts: The belief that a social introvert dislikes socialization, is false. Rather, they prefer to socialize in small groups of people they feel compatible with and comfortable around, such as close friends or their family circles. Thus, they are not exactly shy or reserved.

Thinking Introverts: These are people that remain introverts in their thinking process, causing them to be more thoughtful and self-reflective.

Anxious Introverts: Anxious Introverts prefer to be alone because they feel uncomfortable or unsuitable during social gatherings, as they are not confident about their social skills, consequently, they are likely to choose solitude, but sometimes even solitude may not reduce their anxiety.

Restrained Introverts: These are people who take time into everything they do, rather is socializing or springing up an action. They may seem slow, since they think more carefully before they speak or act and are more passive nature, than the active types.”

The video was already able to catch your attention and you couldn’t help but to place Bucky into the Social and Restrained introverts. Remembering all those times he seemed to be with the gears of his brain working to start a generic conversation with anyone outside his small circles of friends – You, Steve and him, basically –. You still couldn’t believe that he let you enter the duet.

So how do you know rather an introvert likes you or not?”

“You use your telepathic powers?” Giggling at your own joke, you listened to what the woman was saying.

One: Making the first move – Generally, introverts don’t make the first move in social contexts. But, if you find that an introvert is actively making an effort to talk to you, or making a gesture to grab your attention, you can bet he/she likes you.

“Sure.” The sarcastic mumble got out as you tried to remember any time Bucky had done that, and for your surprise, he did.

It was your third week in the tower, you weren’t the quiet type of person. You liked to talk, laugh, hug and kiss, however, you would always respect others boundaries and always knew who wanted to talk or not.

Bucky was on the ‘not’ sector, so you would respect his wishes and wouldn’t start a conversation when he didn’t seem to be in his best mood, that was basically, every day; Until one breakfast.

You yawned as you sat on his flesh arm side, pulling a bowl and grabbing your cereal. Obviously, you didn’t expect for him to start a conversation with you, since he never did.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Snapping your eyes at him in surprise, you saw he had a shy smile on his lips and that his cheeks were a little pink. 

“Morning, Bucky.” 

“Huh… Is sunny today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you know, I love sunny days. However, I also like cloudy days, because I can be crawled under my cushions, watching a silly movie while drinking something hot.” His smile widen with you bubbling, he liked that about you, especially at the start, since he wasn’t one to talk, yet. “Do you like sunny days?”

“Huhum, it’s a perfect day to read a book outside.” He moved his hand and shrugged his shoulders, subconsciously grabbing your attention

“Hmm, would you like to read something in the garden, with me?” The moment you finished your sentence and saw him backing down his eyes at the bowl, you regretted, thinking you may had pushed him too much. “I’m sorry, you must have something else to do-”

“I’d love to.” Surprised and satisfied with his answer, the smile popped out of you as you turned your face at your breakfast again.


“He just made a comment and I was the one to babble… Yeah, just a coincidence, that’s all.” 

Or wasn’t?


Read part 1 here 

*not edited*

Warning: Smoking and violence.

You sat in your living room, clutching your phone tightly in your hand as you forced a tight smile on your face at the uninvited (and unwelcome) bartender and his companion, who were sitting right opposite you, a ground table separating you.

“Can I help you?” You finally asked, glancing at the clock. 12:06 AM.

“Yes, please y/n.” You turned around to look at him when you heard his voice. “You’re the only one who can help me.” He said, an unreadable expression on his face. His companion snickered softly before going completely silent again.

You narrowed your eyes. “Are you high?”

At your question, they let out a demonic laugh. One that made you very uncomfortable and sadly, confirmed your suspicion. They were definitely high.

“Of course we’re fucking high y/n. I’m the fucking bartender, what did you expect? I just want you to help me get off this high, you know?” He pouted and rolled his eyes to the back of his head to make some sort of a twisted point.

“I don’t think there is anything I can do to help you.” You said in a clearly displeased tone of voice. “I suggest you-“

“Didn’t you fucking hear me?” he interrupted you. “You’re the only one who can help me y/n! please, huh? Just tonig-“ He started coughing wildly before he could complete what he was going to say.

You frowned at his disorderly conduct. “Okay, just in case you didn’t fucking notice, I don’t work in a rehab.” You shot back.

“Watch your tongue, bitch.”

You were shocked to silence, your mouth slightly open in an effort to say something, only your mind was completely blank as you digested his words. He did not just…

“Excuse me?” You finally scoffed out of disbelief.

“You heard me. Watch your tongue before I choke you with my di-”

“ENOUGH!” You put your hand up, silencing him. It was at that moment you decided you wanted these men out of your house by hook or by crook. You were now vaguely aware of his intention of coming to you- with a friend- and this was getting really dangerous. You took a deep breath and casually put your phone in your pocket. “I think you need some water. Shall I get you some?” You asked him, getting up and walking to the kitchen before he could reply.

“Sure, doll. Get me some water.”

You tuned out their barbaric laugh as you started brainstorming about the possibilities. There was no way you could take on two grown men in a physical fight. Running out of the front door was too risky, they would catch up in no time. The only thing you could do was to try and stall time until help comes.

Until Jungkook comes.

You felt your eyes getting slightly wet with unshed tears as you silently cursed yourself.

If only you had listened to him and stayed the hell away from this guy.

You quickly took out your phone hiding behind the fridge to call Jungkook. Only, when you took it out, there were several missed calls and texts lined up from him already. You opened the latest text.

You let out a silent cry.

You had done just that. You had let these guys in. How stupid could you have been? Panic was slowly taking over your body but you reminded yourself that he was coming. You had to stall them till then, at the very least. You started typing a message to Jungkook to let him know what had happened.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Your hands froze on the screen as you felt him breath right behind your ear.

“I asked you something doll. What the fuck are you doing?” He breathed directly into your ear and you whimpered out of fear. He suddenly stepped away from you, snatching your phone as he began reading the messages in your phone.

“Ahh, it was that brat we bumped into huh? I was wondering where I’d seen that insolent shit before.” He said, grabbing your hair and pulling on it harshly. You let out a painful grunt.

He pulled on your hair and dragged you out of the kitchen and into the living room where his friend was lighting a cigarette. He looked up and raised an eyebrow.

The bartender shrugged.  “The bitch was calling up her boyfriend. She needs to be taught a lesson.”

He dragged you further and released you with a violent push on the sofa. You fell down with a thud, clutching your head in pain.

“You think we are scared of that brat?” The bartender scoffed as he lit up his own cigarette and took in a long drag, looking at you. “He is too full of himself. Who the fuck is he huh? Your boyfriend? Hah! Like that matters to me.” He spat out. “He could glare at me all day and I still wouldn’t give a shit. Let him come here. Let him see me take you right here in front of him.” He breathed out, smiling like a maniac.

Your eyes snapped open to look at him with all the anger you could muster. “Don’t you dare touch me, you fucktard. I swear to god I will cut your dick into fucking pieces if you come near me.” You said, your voice shaking with anger.

Shock passed over his face before fury completely took over and he picked you up by the front of your tee and brought his hand down hard on your cheek. You bit down on your lips to stop yourself from crying out. He let go of your tee, letting you take a step back before he slapped you again. Hard.
You cried out this time, tasting metal. You knew that the side of your mouth was bleeding. You held your cheek as you fell down on your knees, disoriented.

“Shit! Who told you to talk back to me huh? Now look what you’ve done. Poor girl, you’re even bleeding…” He took a step forward but before anyone could process what was happening, a hand came on his neck and pushed him back into the wall.


It was Jungkook. His eyes were red with rage. He was breathing heavily and the muscles of his arms were expanding and contracting as his hand tightened around the man’s neck.

You looked through the corner of your eye as the man’s companion (who hid in the kitchen) took out a kitchen knife and slowly started making his way towards Jungkook.

Oh hell no.

You mustered whatever strength you had and crawled closer to the man, who surprisingly didn’t take any notice of you, and lay flat on your back breathing deeply once and then twice before lifting your leg and kicking him hard in the nuts. His face contorted with pain as he dropped the knife and fell beside you.  You took that moment to take the knife in your hand, turn it around and hit his head hard with the blunt end. The man grunted as the pain hit him and passed out within minutes. You looked up to see Jungkook still choking the bartender  without having moved in inch. You tried to get up but the pain hit you again, with greater intensity this time and you could only croak out a little, “Jungkook..”

As soon as he heard your voice, he let the man go who fell to the ground with a thud, his body limp. 

Jungkook ran to you and took you in his arms as you closed your eyes, your head still disoriented,  but hugged him as close as you could. Within seconds, you could feel your hair getting wet as Jungkook started shaking with sobs, all the while apologising to you.

“He hit you…he hit you. I am so sorry I left you alone y/n…”

Your own tears threatened to spill but you held back and brought your hand up and down his back to soothe him down.

“Thank you for coming to me, Jungkook. Thank you for saving my life.”

Jungkook pulled away, shaking his head. His eyes were red from crying and his hair was sticking to his face from all the sweat and at that moment you thought that he was the most beautiful person you had ever seen.

Before you could open your mouth to say something, your front door burst open and two police officers ran in, one of which you knew very well.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Jeon Jungkook! Did you kill him?” Namjoon bent on one knee as he hurried to check the man’s pulse before he sighed in relief. “Shit, he’s alive.”

Jungkook frowned beside you as he held you closer. “He is?”

You let out a small laugh and slapped his chest lightly before moving out of his arms and getting up. Jungkook got up too as Namjoon came towards you. He looked at you state and gasped.

“He hit you?!” Namjoon asked you incredulously.

You shrugged. “Yeah well, I told him I’d cut off his dick if he came near me so he went all maniac shit on me.”

Namjoon gulped. “Right. What about this one?” He pointed to the companion.

“Oh yeah, that one I actually hit in the nuts.”

Jungkook scoffed as he hugged you from behind, “Serves him right.”

Namjoon chuckled nervously. “Right. I don’t think my help is required anymore. I’ll take these guys to the hospital and then to the station.” He pointed towards you. “You will also come to the hospital right away, y/n.”

You fake saluted him, “Yessir.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes as he turned around to signal his partner to pick the other guy  up. As he bent forward to pick the bartender up , you could see the look in his eyes change. “How dare you fucking hit a woman, you sick bastard? I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.” He said as he picked him up and took him out of your house to his car.

Jungkook held your hand. “Let’s go, Namjoon-hyung will give me us lift to the hospital.”

You nodded. “You can let go of my hand now baby, I’m okay.” You reassured him.

He shook his head as he held on tighter.

“Never again.”

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send me your love guys, im really exhausted. 


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overview: you’re in a secret relationship with Ashton and Calum’s your best friend.


You and Ashton had been dating for a while now and, so far, it was going amazing. You rarely argued and when you did, they were quickly solved with cuddles and kisses. The only negative was the fact that you were keeping it a secret. It was your choice because you didn’t want any hate from jealous fans, and you were pretty sensitive as it was, never being exposed to such hatred.
You had seen how some of them acted, even making hate accounts expressing their undying hate for someone who merely dated someone they liked. It was sad really, knowing that just by being in a relationship with someone well-known could come with so many problems. It made you feel sick.
Ashton, your boyfriend, didn’t want to see you sad. He wanted the best for you so you both decided to stay a secret until you felt you were ready.
One of the perks of dating Ashton, however, was being friends with his friends. Calum especially. You were more close with him than you were with anyone. Sometimes it made Ashton jealous but you just assured him that Calum was just a friend, and that you won’t date him even if you weren’t with him.
You were on your way to an ice cream parlour when you felt your phone vibrate. Someone was spamming your phone which was strange since you had no other friends. When you checked your phone, however, you saw that they were notifications from social media, some insulting and others saying how “cute” you were. Confusion laced in with your facial features. No one knew you so why were they just noticing you now?
With a confused look, you opened up twitter, seeing a mass of tweets directing at you from one specific picture. Calum and yours conversation. Somehow, a fan had leaked their recent texts and there were rumours that you were ‘dating’ which were absolutely absurd. You had to admit though that the messages did look like they were flirting, but it was just the banter you had. It was sort of like your thing and it was the foundation to your friendship, but many fans didn’t see it like that.
None of the boys had noticed because they turned off notifications a while ago, so it was just you. It was only a matter of time before they’d notice. In an attempt to quieten people down and to, somehow, stop Ashton from seeing, you reposted the images. Obviously that did nothing, because people kept spreading them to the point where you didn’t even know what was the original post.
When you arrived home, just like you suspected, Ashton had saw the messages. You didn’t know if he was angry or not but you were hoping it was the latter. “What the fuck is this?” Ashton stated, holding up his phone with a scarily calm look on his face.
“Messages,” Your voice was weak, and you looked so small under his stern gaze. “Between me and Cal.”
“Oh really? Do you mean 'daddy calum’, hmm?” His voice raised slightly. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you and Calum were dating, and so does the whole fucking fandom.” His tone scared you. He wasn’t shouting but he close to it and you were terrified.
“It’s nothing.” You look down in shame. You didn’t think the messages were a problem, but Ashton didn’t seem to agree with you.
“Nothing? Everyone now thinks you’re in a relationship with Calum.” The older man spat in anger. “If we were to come out with our relationship, do you know that you’d get double the amount of hate? People will think you’re using us, and that you’re going to date all of us.”
You didn’t think of that. His words hit you in the face because he was right. People would think you’re leaching onto them all when you really weren’t. You’ve loved Ashton for years and never once have you thought about cheating, especially with Calum.
“You want me to show you who the real daddy is, huh?” Ashton growled while grabbing you roughly by the waist. His words making your body shudder in excitement and lust. The curly haired one pushed you against the wall, pinning your arms above your head.
He ripped your clothes off quickly and then started to undress himself. You noticed his eyes were dark with anger and lust and you knew what was going to happen. The thought made your thighs heat up and your palms sweat. With one swift motion, he turned you around with your arms still above your head, his left hand holding them up while his right one running curls on your bum.
“Hmm your bum would look so pretty pink, don’t you agree?” He whispered hotly in your ear making you nod eagerly. After you had given your consent, you felt a sharp burning feeling on your right cheek and then another shortly after. His long, slender fingers grabbed onto the skin and squeezed, seeing the large handprint on the once pale skin. You practically heard him smirk. “Bend down more, princess. Show daddy what’s his.”
You did as you were told, your cheeks pink (and not just the ones on your face). Ashton groaned quietly and started to stroke himself at the sight. “Just fuck me already, daddy.” You whined.
“You don’t tell me what to do.” He raises his eyebrows but lined himself up, slamming inside your clit hard. He didn’t give you time to adjust as he thrusted in and out hard and fast, grabbing your hips tight enough to leave a bruise but at that moment, you didn’t care.
You let out moans of pleasure and grabbed onto the wall for support. He slapped your butt hard again, adding to the redness. Soon, his thrusts started to become sloppy as you both felt yourself close to your high. The familiar knot in your tummy tightened as you moaned out profanities, feeling yourself hit your high just as Ashton pulled out. A warm liquid splattered onto your back and slide down your red cheeks, soft pants leaving your lips.
“Now who’s your daddy?”

anonymous asked:

Your writing is so good! I always look forward to your Yousana stories as you capture their relationship so well. I have a prompt that I just know you'd write so well if you have time too, no worries if you can't. The prompt is the girls squad & balloon boys hanging out when one of the girls lets slip that Sana has a crush on one of her brother's friends and all the guys try to guess who it is but it's set right after the carrot scene so no one really suspects Yousef that much. Thanks!


Thank you so much for the prompt, I’m sorry for the wait

I don’t know if this is what you had in mind but I really hope you like it!!


Who are you talking to, Sana Bakkoush?”

Sana looked up from her phone startled. Her friends, Noora, Vilde, Chris and Eva, were right in front of her. She shouldn’t have been surprised, she was actually waiting for them but Yousef had sent her yet another meme and she had completely forgotten where she was as soon as their conversation had started.

“Huh? No one” she said trying to hide the smile from her face

“So you were just texting no one and smiling at no one’s texts? Right” Eva said rolling her eyes

“I was just reading a funny tweet, that’s it” Sana said and it would’ve been believable if her phone hadn’t beeped right in that moment.

She looked down at her phone couldn’t help but smile at Yousef’s text, he was telling her something about one kid from his kindergarten. She felt several pair of eyes on her and she realized that if she didn’t want her friends to find out about her crush for Yousef she probably shouldn’t be smiling like an idiot at her phone. She looked up at them and tried to hide the smile but of course it was too late.

“Another funny tweet?” Noora asked

“Okay girls, you know what you have to do” Chris said

All the girls but Sana nodded. Suddenly Noora and Eva started to tickle her and Sana couldn’t help but laugh and bent over herself. Chris took this moment to take her phone again from her. Sana reacted and almost grabbed it again but Chris was faster than her and handed the  phone to Vilde who took a few steps backwards while Noora and Eva held Sana back.

“Yousef? You’re talking to Yousef? As in Elias’ friend Yousef?” Vilde almost squaled.

“Give me my phone back” Sana simply said as she shoved Eva and Noora off. “We were just talking, it’s not a big deal”

“Uh, you’re talking about kids, it sounds like a big deal” Vilde said as she read a part of the conversation before Sana took the phone away from her

“Wait, you like Yousef?” Noora asked

“No” Sana lied

“That’s why you were saying all that stuff about him being immature?” Noora laughed “You wanted him for yourself”

“No. And he’s immature”

“Well, apparently you like immatureness because you were smiling like an idiot while reading his texts” Eva said

“I wasn’t”

The girls answer was a collective glare with some eye rolling.

“Girls, I’m telling you, I don’t like Yousef” Sana said matter-of-factly

“Then I guess you can tell that to him yourself since he’s coming to us right now” Noora said pointing at something behind Sana

She turned around so quickly that her neck almost snapped. She then cursed herself for being so obvious because, of course, there was no one behind her. She faced the girls again only to find them laughing at her.

“Oh my god Sana you’re in loooooove!!” Vilde said excited

“I’m not”

“But tell us, have you talked to him?” Eva asked

“Uh…He taught me how to peel a carrot on Saturday” Sana said scrunching her nose.

“Did he put his arms around you like in Ghost?” Chris asked

“No. He just peeled a carrot and showed me how to do it…”

“And??? What happened next?” Vilde asked eagerly

“He told me he wanted to have 12 kids”

“12 kids?????” Eva almost yelled

“Yeah…and then Elias came and told him to stop flirting with me and they both left”

“Oh my god Elias, always so inappropriate” Noora said rolling her eyes

“It’s fine” Sana said shrugging

And now you’re texting each other” Chris said more as an statement than as a question

“Yeah, about bus stuff mainly…he…uh…he said that he’d sell his kidneys to get me the money for the bus”

As she said the last word she received a collective “aww” from the girls

“You so like each other!!” Vilde squealed hugging Sana excited

“We’re just talking” Sana said rolling her eyes but smiling to herself

“Well, we need to something about that, we need to hang out, all of us” Eva suggested

“Huh? No”

“Yes, we will, you just leave it to me, I’ll talk to Elias”

“Vilde, nei”



But of course Vilde wouldn’t listen to her. She texted Elias and convinced them to meet up to watch a movie all together. Elias had been a little bit skeptical at first but Vilde had told him that Sana really wanted to spend time all together, which of course was a lie.

So now they were all at the Bakkoush’s living room just talking about random things after giving up on finding a film that everyone would like.

“So tell us, do you guys have any siblings?” Vilde asked the boys

The girls were sitting on a couch while the boys sat in the one opposite to them.

“I don’t” Elias joked making Sana roll her eyes

“But you do” Vilde said a little confused

“Vilde, he’s teasing you” Noora explained

“Oh…that’s not nice”

“I’m sorry Vilde and yeah Mutta has an older sister” Elias said

“And do you get along with her?” Chris asked

“Yeah…but I don’t hang out with her much” Mutta explained looking at the floor

“And why is that Mutta? Please, explain” Adam teased him

“Just because…” Mutta shrugged

“Because…” Adam insisted

The girls looked at each other frowning, they were not understanding what was going on.

“Okay, if you don’t explain it, I will. Mutta had a huge crush on one of his sister’s friends but she rejected him” Adam said laughing

“But I don’t anymore!” Mutta quickly explained

“Oh! How cute you had a crush on your sibling’s friend just like you Sana!” Eva blurted out

“EVA!!” Sana yelled at her widening her eyes, she had not just said what Sana had heard

Eva covered her mouth with her hand and closed her eyes knowing that she had screwed it up.

“Wait…you have a crush on one of them, Sana?” Elias asked smirking

“Don’t listen to Eva, she’s drunk” Sana said the first thing that came to her mind

“Hey! I’m not drunk, I haven’t drunk anything today, what are you talking about?” Eva defended herself

“Sana…the secret is kind of out now…”

“Vilde!! Shut up” Sana said exasperated

“You do have a crush on one of them! Who is it?” Elias asked

Sana couldn’t help but look at Yousef who was looking back at her with a cryptic expression. He didn’t look happy but he didn’t look sad or angry either. It was kind of a mixture between those feelings. It was as if he was intrigued, hopeful yet cautious all at once.

“Guys, I think it’s pretty clear that it’s me” Adam said

“Huh?” Sana frowned at him

“I mean, I’m the one who talks more to Sana” Adam explained “Plus, I’m the funniest one”

“What are you talking about? You’re a kid, Sana would like a more mature guy, like me” Mikael argued

“Mature? You? Have you seen your baby face?” Adam asked

“Do you have a problem with my baby face?”

“You know I don’t” Adam said winking an eye at him making Mikael roll his eyes

“Guys, guys, stop fighting, we all know that I’m the one Sana has a crush on. I’m the sweetest of all of us” Mutta intervened

“That’s bullshit” Both Mikael and Adam said and a verbal fight over who was the better choice for Sana started between the three of them

“Are you seriously competing over who Sana likes?” Noora asked shaking her head

“Of course we are!” Adam said as if it was obvious

“Sana is awesome” Mutta added

“She’s the cool Bakkoush” Mikael finished

“Hey!!” Elias said offended “What about me?”

“You’re alright…I guess” Adam said shrugging

“What about you, Yousef? Are you going to join this competition too?” Eva asked raising an eyebrow at him

“Me?…Uh…” Yousef stuttered

“Don’t you think that Sana is awesome?” Chris insisted

“Girls, stop” Sana warned them in a low voice

“Of course she’s awesome” Yousef said honestly, his eyes meeting Sana’s

She felt her heart beating fast in her chest and she had to look away or she would start to blush.

“I can’t believe that you have a crush on one of my friends and you didn’t tell me…you told them” Elias said pointing at the girls “and you didn’t tell your brother?”

“Oh she didn’t tell us, we caught her smiling like a dork while texting him” Vilde said

“Vilde!!!!” Sana yelled as she stood up


“Texting? Okay who of you is texting my sister, show me your phones now!” Elias told the guys

Adam, Mikael and Mutta started to explain to Elias that they weren’t texting Sana while Yousef, he just looked at her, his mouth slightly opened as realization came to his mind. Sana’s eyes found his and she knew that he knew and she didn’t want to see his reaction.

“I’m out of here” Sana said as she turned around, she needed to escape, she couldn’t deal with this embarrassment, not in front of Yousef.

Just as she took a few steps towards the door her phone beeped with a new text. She stopped dead on her tracks and grabbed her phone with shaking hands.

Yousef Acar: Is it me?

Yousef Acar: Because if it’s me

Yousef Acar: I like you too

She turned around in shock, her mouth opened, her eyes widened. Yousef was looking right at her, his phone in his hands and a smile on his face. The rest of the boys were still arguing and the girls were definitely staring at Sana but she didn’t care about any of that. All she cared about was that boy that was looking right at her, that boy that she liked and who apparently liked her back.



“Guys, guys!!” Mikael interrupted the fight that Elias, Adam, Mutta and him kept having “Wait a moment. If I’m not texting Sana, Adam is not texting Sana and Mutta is not texting Sana…then…”

“Yousef!” Elias said pointing at him.

The boys looked at Yousef who was still looking at Sana and then they looked at her who was, of course, still looking at Yousef as she stood a few meters from them.

“Yousef is the one you like, Sana?” Elias asked not getting any answer from his sister “I mean I guess that if it has to be anyone, it should be Yousef, he’s the most respectful guy I know”

“And he’s pretty funny so he’d make Sana smile” Adam agreed

“And I guess he’s good looking, probably the most handsome of us all” Mikael added

“Oh god THEY’RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!” Mutta exclaimed excited

Yousef Acar: Do you want to get out of here?

Sana Bakkoush: Yes please

She looked up from her phone just in time to see him smiling and standing up. She turned around and led the way to the kitchen with him right next to her as both of them heard the boys calling them.


“WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” Mikael asked




This is it!!!

I really hope you’ve liked it

I was going to end it in the moment after Yousef texted Sana but then I decided to add a little bit more with the Balloon Squad realizing and shipping yousana because why not? hahah so it’s like a bonus

Thank you so much for reading and I really hope you’ve liked it!♥

Feel Again

Characters: Y/N Sanders (reader), Misha Collins, Benjamin Sanders (OMC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles,

Pairing: Benjamin x Reader, Misha x Reader

Warnings: Cheating (not Misha), it is flangst nothing too bad.      

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Gold

Thanks to the amazinly sweet and talented @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me

This life had been all you had ever dreamed about since you were a small child. You had always wanted to be a singer. You wanted to perform in big stadiums with an band behind you and people screaming your name. You had loved watching your idols at the Grammys wearing pretty dresses on TV and dreamed of being there yourself one day. This was your life now. Designers was begging you to wear their products, like some sort of walking commercial. You did it because it was required , not because you enjoyed it. Not anymore atleast.

Everyone around you seemed to want something from you. They never seemed interested in getting to know the girl behind the facade. They never seemed like they really cared about you. They only wanted what your name could get them. You had thought Benjamin had been different, but at it turned out your judgement wasn’t what it used to be. When you had found him in bed with his assistant, all he talked about when you were throwing his clothes out of your shared house, was how this was going to look to the public. He didn’t tell you that he loved or that he had made a mistake. He only cared about losing the star power having you on his arm had provided and what that loss would mean to his career.

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Unexpected (Part 3)

The breakup between you and Yoongi takes it’s toll on you.

Warnings: Angst, mild references to smutty things.

Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus)

You were on the subway going home when you got his message that he couldn’t be with you anymore.  It had been only moments earlier that he held you in a tight embrace and told you not to worry.  You knew it would take time and a lot of work for the two of you to get to a comfortable place again, and you were prepared to do what you needed to make things right. Yoongi had plenty of faults, but he never lied.  So you believed him when he told you that you guys would work things out, that he wanted to be in this relationship as much as you did. 

When you got his message, it felt like your heart stopped beating.  If you had known that things would change so quickly, you would never have left his side that morning. You got off the subway at the next stop and immediately started calling Yoongi, leaving him desperate voicemails asking that he call you.  You sent him texts telling him he needed to explain himself, that you didn’t understand what possibly could have changed in the 20 minutes since you last saw him. 

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I Am You, You Are Me || Soulmate!Soonyoung || Oneshot

Originally posted by visual-17

GENRE: fluff, soulmate!au, non-famous, convenience stores, college kids

WORDS: 3413

BLURB: Are ugly sweaters a trend nowadays?

A/N: Obviously heavily inspired by Zico’s song of the same name. Have been wanting to finish this for FOREVER, and finally! It’s also my first gender-neutrel fic so please go easy on me. Hope you guys like :)

“Hyung! Could you get me some ramen from the convenience store?”

“Why can’t you get it yourself?”

Chan swivelled in his chair to face the older boy, pouting slightly. “I’m studying! And it’s cold outside. These finals are really important, you know this! What if I catch a cold out there?”

A loud sigh came from the couch where Soonyoung was laying on. “Then eat the ramen we have! Mingyu just went grocery shopping yesterday.”

“But I want my favourite…” The younger boy was petulant and Soonyoung found himself sighing again, sitting up to face his favourite dongsaeng. The kid looked exhausted – what he needed was sleep, not ramen – but one look at that pout and Soonyoung was slowly standing up, though not without a bit of groaning and feigned reluctance.

“You’re lucky I love you kid,” Soonyoung muttered, searching for a sweater and his keys. Chan’s lips quirked up into a grin. “Thanks hyung. You’re the best.”

“Yeah yeah.” Soonyoung wandered into his room and grabbed the first thing off the floor, pulling it over his head. When he walked out Chan was scrunching his nose at him.


“You’re wearing that?” the younger boy asked with disdain.

“What? It’s comfy!”

“It’s ugly.”

“It’s late. No one’s going to look at what I’m wearing.”


“Do you want your ramen or not?” Soonyoung threatened. Chan just shrugged, turning back to his work. “Do whatever you want hyung. I’m just saying you never know when you’ll bump into your soulmate and I doubt you want to be caught in that ugly sweater.”

Soonyoung just rolled his eyes and left the dorm. Instantly, a cold whip of air hit him. Ugly or not, he’d rather be warm in the thick sweater than freeze to death trying to make a good impression, soulmate be damned.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I sent the ask you wanted some clarification on. Yes, more like the first one you said. Like yoosung and MC are on a date and bump into zen. Zen and MC talk and yoosung would get jealous cause he thinks MC might like zen more. But if you like second more, I want to see your story more than my request! Is that okay?

So… to explain, I didn’t get this Idea at first, so I understood that the scenario was about one RFA member seeing another one on a date with someone random and feeling jealous because they don’t have anyone, so they vent to MC and she comforts them, which makes them process their feelings for each other. Since you’re ok with seeing this, honey, that’s what I’m gonna do! :D

Hope you like it ^^

RFA “jealous” of another member going on a date



  • It was all over gossip news: Jumin Han was seeing someone.
  •  Ugh… why does this get so much attention? Jumin isn’t famous! At least he shouldn’t be…
  • And… ugh…  how come even this emotionless robot can have someone while a guy so passionate like Zen is still single?
  • He told you all of that when he went to your place that night. H just felt like venting to one of the most reliable people in his life right now.
  • And of course, the beers he brought along played a huge part on him getting all emotional and admitting his jealous of Jumin’s love life.
  • “Zen, I’m going to be very honest with you…” okay “…I think you’re being overdramatic.” CRACK FACE! He did not see that coming…
  • Seeing him obviously hurt by your harsh words, you promptly run to explain yourself. “I mean… you know Jumin is probably trying to set a business deal, right? And even if he wasn’t, it would probably be someone his father insisted on him to meet, and since he is polite, he wouldn’t say no. We all know Jumin isn’t interested in dating.”
  • “Which only makes things more unfair. Ugh… the jerk doesn’t even want to date, but he at least has the opportunity…” “So… are you saying you’re envying a guy who’s basically on a date by force because he won’t go against his family’s willing? I’m sorry, Zen, this… this doesn’t seem like something you would want for yourself.”
  • “Why is that?” he asks curiously. “Because… you’re a rebel, Zen. Going on a date would be a great publicity stunt for you, but you would never date someone you don’t like, right? You… play against the rules, because you know the rules don’t make sense, and that is… that is pretty cool.” Both of you are surprised by your eloquence.
  • Zen stayed up late at night thinking about what you said. He always thought his rebelliousness could be a flaw, but you don’t think so…  you appreciate not only his beauty, but also this side of him.
  • And he always wanted someone to love his bad and good features. Is this someone… you?



  • It wasn’t a prank, Seven was really seeing someone.
  • He was happy for his friend, of course! But… uhm… Seven was a little odd, wasn’t he? Out of all RFA members, Yoosung was pretty sure the ginger will be the last to ever start dating.
  • But now that he is, the less likely to get someone is… himself. He’s not good looking like Zen, wealth like Jumin or committed like Jaehee, so… he’s pretty sure he’ll die alone.
  • That’s what he told you when you went to his place to play LOLOL and chill.
  • And, bless you heart, you were doing your best to take him seriously because you knew all his insecurities, but…
  • “Yoosung, you can’t be serious right now!” you held back a little chuckle when he pouted. Oh… poor thing, don’t be so mean on him.
  • “Let me explain, you know Seven is probably in one of his undercover missions, right? He’s always telling us about his imaginary girlfriend living in the binary world or something like this. I don’t… I don’t think Seven is interested in… leaving his imaginary girlfriend and dating someone for real.”
  • “Ahh, why wouldn’t he be, MC? He’s a little crazy, but probably is fun, he’s smart and rich, he would date someone if he really wants to… while me, on the other hand, really wants to date, but will never be able to.
  • “Oh my God! So dramatic!” you chuckle softly, then get serious and  place your hand on top of his. “Yoosung, if you want to date, you’ll date. And you know why? Because you’re a really nice, cute, sweet guy, who has more passion and fire inside than you think, so you’ll get anything you want one day. Whether is a girlfriend or your dream job, or… I don’t know, whatever makes you happy, because you’ll find a way to fight for it, you always do.”
  • He was blushing so hard. Not only because of your encouraging words, but also because of your hand holding his like that.
  • The only thing he wants right now is for you to never stop holding his hand.


  • Well, she knew this day was coming… Zen was dating his co-star.
  • This would boost his career so much, so she was happy for him as his fan. But as his friend, she was jealous, not of the woman for being with him, she was jealous that Zen was seeing someone and she wasn’t. Period.
  • She was used to it and pretty conformed she was never going to meet someone, but… this fact just hit her when she heard about Zen.
  • She shyly told you that when you were helping her to decorate the cafe she just bought.
  • “How do you know you’ll never meet someone?” you asked with a serious tone. “I mean… can you see the future or something?” oh, your tone was a little harsh, but judging from your smirk, you weren’t being mean to her.
  •  “Well, I don’t. But Zen…” “Zen… has nothing to do with this, okay? We don’t even know if this is some kind of publicity stunt his manager pulled it off. You see what I’m trying to say? We don’t even know what’s happening in the present, let alone what will happen in the future, Jaehee.”
  • “It could be, but… MC, let’s face it. What are the chances for someone like me?” “What do you mean ‘someone like you’? Someone smart, sweet and passionate? Someone so amazing that is taking new steps in her life but is still carrying some fears she had when she was an assistant? Someone who will overcome these fears because she already overcame so much with her strength? I know nothing about statistics, but I think someone’s chances are pretty high.”
  • Then you do this adorable playful expression, even though what you said was so serious and honest, she… felt like she couldn’t stop looking at you.
  • And then she couldn’t stop thinking about it, even after you left. She was starting to get more confident thanks to you, but now, she should be careful not to feel smug, your words were just too much flattering, somehow.
  • Getting all smug, can you believe? Well, maybe you can, since you’re the one who made her feel like that. Smug, powerful, happy…
  •  What’s with you and the things you say that make her feel this happy?


  • So… Assistant Kang is seeing someone, huh?
  • Well, he doesn’t really care as long as she doesn’t stop being productive and doing her job properly, but…
  • Somehow he thought Jaehee and him were alike in this way. Too busy to date, too little interested in the people that surround them and… this feeling that they would never meet someone able to give them what they need and want, but… this last part is only about him, apparently.
  • He told you this when the two of you met for a brunch in order to discus next RFA party.
  • But the conversation took this personal course, somehow. It always does when you’re around. But that doesn’t bother him, much on the contraire.
  • “I’m sorry, I’m not even sure if I got this right, Jumin, but… what exactly is concerning you here?” oh… he wasn’t expecting to be questioned like this, mainly because he didn’t know the exact answer.
  • “I… I don’t really know, MC.” “Oh… that’s good, actually. It’s good to not have all the answers, Jumin, it shows that you still have something to learn. You learned that you and Jaehee aren’t as alike as you thought, and now you’re learning to think about your own loneliness.”
  • “But people are always telling me it’s not good to be lonely, MC. Even Assistant Kang seems to agree on this.” “Well, I can’t be the judge on when loneliness is good and when it isn’t, and neither can you, but… you’re so smart and so much more sensitive than you think, Jumin. I think you will learn pretty fast on how to deal with this and how to overcome your loneliness when you’re ready, you know? And I… I’ll be here if you ever get too lost and need help, okay?”
  • You’re probably the first person who tells him he’s sensitive, and coming from you, it doesn’t sound that absurd. Nothing that comes from you sound wrong or bad. Never.
  • And when he’s with you, he never feels lonely. Why could that be?


  • Yoosung isn’t a forever alone anymore. Kudos on that, boy!
  •  It was about time, huh? Yeah, boy deserves it, he… really does, he’s sweet, he’s nice, he will probably be super devoted to his girlfriend, he… genuinely deserves to be happy.
  • If only he was more like Yoosung, he would deserve happiness too. But he is this depressed complicated guy, so… no girlfriend and no happiness for him.
  • He opened up to you, but immediately regretted when you showed up at his house to get the HBC he promised you.
  •  Because he hated how he couldn’t control his deepest emotions just with you casually asking him “Hey, what’s up?” He’s having an existential crisis again, that’s what is up.  
  • “Yeah, you’re right, you’re nothing like Yoosung at all.” Well, yeah… he just told you that.
  •  “I mean, he’s not even here and look how much he’s making you think about your own life. You never thought you would wonder so much about the paths of your life, did you?”
  • “Thanks to Yoosung? No, I didn’t, but I’m not really wondering anything, I’m just… stating something that is obvious. I will never be happy like him, MC.”
  • “Well, yeah, not like him. Because like I said, you’re different people. And… the fact that you’re different from him doesn’t make him better than you, Saeyoung. You’re different people, you deserve a different kind of happiness. And don’t try to tell me you don’t, you’re such a good person who’s been through a lot, and you’re sweet too, and so caring, look how glad you are for your friend finding someone! Actually, maybe you two have something in common, you’re both sweet and caring, and… you both deserve so much happiness. I… I’m not trying to be selfish here, but it makes me sad you don’t see how great you are.”
  • Well, the last thing he wants is seeing you sad because of him. He cares so much about you, he… cares, he’s really caring, you’re right. So… maybe you’re right about everything else?
  • Maybe you are, since he’s pretty sure he already found his happiness… with you.
The One With The ‘No P.D.A’ Rule

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: The morning after Alec dumps you, Jace’s only intention is to offer you a shoulder to cry on but things go a little further than expected when he realizes he’s still into you.

A/N: hi, this is my favourite piece of writing in a long time so i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i did writing it!
(also, who has watched smallville because i just started and i’m hooked!)

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“Hey,” Jace sighs, sitting on the edge of your bed, “You have to get up.”

“I can’t,” you groan from underneath your sheets, “Go away.”

“Y/N,” he sighs, “I know what happened.”

You pop your head out and stare at him with furrowed brows, “I can’t believe Alec told you.”

“I’m his parabatai.”

“Cool,” you grumble, pulling the sheets back over your head. Jace yanks them away, leaning down and hovering over you, “You smell horrible. At least take a shower.”

You shove him backwards by his chest as you sit up, “You’re a fucking asshole.”

“You can’t just mope around in bed forever,” he scoffs.

“I wasn’t moping – and fuck you – he broke up with me last night, cut me some slack.”

“I’m doing this for your own good,” he says, leading you toward the bathroom by your shoulders.

You hunch over the sink, looking at your reflection in distaste – smudged mascara and raccoon eyes did not look good on you.

“It’ll get better,” he says, leaning in the doorway.

“Right,” you say sarcastically, “It won’t be awkward at all seeing him every day and going on missions together.”

Jace shrugs, “It wasn’t awkward for us.”

“We dated when we were 16,” you scoff, “That doesn’t count.”

“Hey, I was in love with you. It broke my heart when you started dating Alec.”

You frown, “Sorry. I didn’t know.”

“The point is,” he says, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder, “It gets better.” You rest your hands on his, staring at the reflection of the two of you.

“You weren’t really in love with me, were you?” you ask after a long silence. Jace simply walks past you and turns the shower on and then signals for you to hop in.

“Jace?” you raise a brow.

“Later,” he smiles, “First let’s get you smelling… less like whisky and puke.”

“Answer the question!” you laugh. Jace pushes you backwards into the shower and pulls the door shut.

“JACE!” you yell as your clothes become drenched in the cold water, “JACE ITS COLD!”

“It’ll get better!” he smirks.

“HA HA,” you say sarcastically, wiping the water off your face, “LET ME OUT!”

Jace chuckles, letting his head hang back but when he straightens up to look at you, you’re looking at the floor, your shoulders shaking.

“Shit,” he mumbles, “Hey, I’m sorry – it was just a joke,” he says, pulling the door open and tilting your chin up with his finger.

You poke your tongue out at him and grab a fistful of his shirt, yanking him under the water with you, “SUCKER!”

“I hate you,” Jace grumbles, sliding a hand down his face and chuckling.

“No, you love me,” you smirk, “You admitted it!”

“That’s not what I said,” he mumbles, glaring at you.

“It so is, you were totally in love with m-“ you begin to say, quickly hushed as Jace presses you against the wall and kisses you, his hands tangled in your wet hair.

“Jace,” you mumble against his lips, pushing against his chest. He pulls away with wide eyes and stumbles backwards into the glass door.

“I –I-“ he stammers. You push the door open behind him, pushing him backwards back into your room and then pulling the door shut.

“Y/N?!” he says, knocking against the door.

“I – I have to shower!” you yell, turning the pressure up so the sound of the water is too loud for him to call out over.

“Alec,” Jace chuckles nervously, scurrying past Alec in a hurry, “I’d love to talk but I have a – uh, thing.”

Alec walks in front of Jace, blocking his path, “What’s up with you? You’ve been avoiding me all week since I told you I dumped y/n. Are you mad at me?”

“Wha- noooo,” Jace shakes his head and blows a raspberry, “I could never be mad at you man. You know why? Because we’re parabatai. We forgive each other no matter what,” he says with wide eyes.

Alec furrows his brows together, “Okay? Well, that’s a relief then,” he lowers his voice, “How is she?”

“I don’t know, she hasn’t talked to me all week since it happened-“ he swallows hard, “And by ‘it’ I mean you dumping her.”

Alec narrows his eyes, “Are you feeling okay?”

“Stop grilling me okay,” Jace frowns, pushing past him, “What’s with the third degree? I didn’t do anything wrong – you dumped her!” he huffs, sitting down on the couch.

“I know?” Alec furrows his brows together, standing over Jace, “What’s going on with you?”

Jace pinches the bridge of his nose, “I kissed her,” he sighs.

Alec’s jaw clenches, “You what?”

Jace looks up at Alec with an apologetic expression but by then Alec already has him up by his collar and pinned against the wall.

“You kissed her a few hours after we broke up?!” he yells.

Jace slumps and stops trying to get free, “You dated her a few months after she and I broke up!”

“You were sixteen!” Alec scoffs in disbelief.

“SO?! I LOVED HER?” he yells back, “I – I love her,” he sighs. Alec lets go of him and runs his fingers through his hair, “Did she kiss you back?”

“No, she slammed the door in my face,” Jace sinks to the floor, resting his arms on his knees,

Alec smirks slightly, “Good. You’re an asshole,” he huffs, “I can’t believe you kissed her.”

“Well, you’re the one who dumped her!”

Alec sighs after a long pause, “So you love her, huh?”

“I guess,” Jace mumbles, “I mean, the minute you two started dating I just stopped thinking about it but seeing her all sad and shit it just – it did something to me, I don’t know. Everything just fell into place and then next thing I know I’m kissing her,” he buries his face in his hands, “She must hate me. She gets dumped and is looking for some comfort from her best friend-“

“Izzy is her best friend,” Alec interjects.

“And then I just kiss her!” he groans and then hangs it head back, knocking it against the wall and then grimacing.

“Well, as much as it pains me to say this – if she had kissed you back the two of you would have had my blessing,” he shrugs, “But it sounds to me like you kind of blew it,” Alec holds a hand out and pulls Jace up when he takes it, “At least try fix it.”

“So you don’t hate me?” Jace asks nervously.

“No but I’m not particularly fond of your either,” he sighs, “If things do work out just stay out of my sight for a week. Both of you. No kissing or any of that shit, okay?”

With that he gives Jace a sympathetic pat on the back and walks away and just as he does, you round the corner.

“Alec,” you give him a faltering smile. He looks over his shoulder at Jace and then back at you and then let’s out a long sigh, “I’m sorry about this,” he says, picking you up and slinging you over his shoulder. He grabs Jace by the arm and drags you both down the hall, putting you down once he’s got the two of you in the storage closet.

“Have fun talking things out,” he smiles, pulling the door shut and locking it.

“ALEC!” you yell, slamming your fists against the door, “ALEC THIS ISN’T FUNNY! LET ME OUT!”

“Y/N…” Jace mumbles, raising his voice when you continue to slam your shoulder into the door, “Y/N!”

He pulls you back by your shoulders and turns you to face him, “He’ll be back soon.”

“Not soon enough,” you sigh, leaning against the door with your eyes shut.

“Is it really that bad to be in a room with me?” he frowns.

“What do you think?”

“I think we should talk about what happened in your bathroom the other day,” he says, stepping closer to you.


“Or nothing. Y/N, I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable or – I don’t know, if you thought I was taking advantage of you. That wasn’t my intention. I just – I hated seeing you so hurt and I  - I just wanted to make you feel better.”

“By kissing me?” you raise a brow.

“Yeah- I mean, no – I don’t know,” he sighs, “Would it be crazy if I still had feelings for you?”

You inhale sharply, “Well, do you?”

“Kind of,” he sighs, “Yes.”

“So you didn’t just kiss me to get in my pants?” you cross your arms over your chest, “Because that would make me mad – you risking our friendship just to try get in my pants!”

“No! God, no, y/n I want to be with you,” he takes your hand in his, “I want to be able to kiss you and hold your hand and make you laugh, I mean, if you’ll give me a chance.”

You think about it for a moment, staring at your hand in his, “Jace-“

“I promise I won’t kiss you under freezing cold water ever again if you say yes.”

You smirk, “I don’t know, that was a pretty amazing kiss.”

“Right?” he grins, “So does that mean you’ll go out with me?”

“Fine,” you roll your eyes, “Only because you with puppy eyes makes me feel very unsettled,” you laugh, “Now can you get this door open.”

Jace nods and then kicks it down.

You slip your hand into his as you walk out and he stiffens, “Actually…” he sighs, pulling his hand away, “We can’t do that.”

“Hold hands?”

“No, uh – PDA.”

“Why?” you narrow your eyes.

“Because Alec will kick my ass – he was already mad enough when I told him I kissed you.”


Jace nods guiltily.

“Did he hit you?”

“No,” he sighs in relief.

“That’s too bad,” you laugh.

“HEY!” he frowns, nudging you playfully.

REQUESTED - Blind date

Request:  Can I get an valentine’s day Bucky x Reader, pls? It can even be a drabble maybe some fluff or sexual tension? u choose <3  - Anon

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader 

Word Count: 2,159

Warning: FLUFF!, Sexual tension, Cursing, make out session. 

(A/N): Ok, I’m working my way through the requests, I’m really trying and some of the requests are AMAZING AND I’M SO EXCITED TO WRITE THEM AAAAAAAAAAAA! Btw, I’m so sorry for having taken this long, but to be honest, I write the requests on the day I receive them, my big problem is to FINISH THEM. And I’m not even kidding. 


Originally posted by minmiin1d

“C’mon, Y/N! It’s just a little game! What is the problem with that? You’re single, all the people that will participate are single, maybe you could finally found love and as a bonus, you won’t have to pass the Valentine’s day alone… Again.” You narrowed your eyes at Natasha’s sadistic smirk

“And how is exactly this ‘little game’? The last time I trusted you on a blind date, I ended with Brad, the jerk from the Intelligence. He couldn’t stop talking how he is soooo fucking smart. The whole fucking night, Natasha.” She chuckled and shrugged her shoulders, biting her lower lip and shaking the box she had in hands

“This time, destiny will chose.” Nat gave you a cheeky wink and you sighed, rolling your eyes and sliding your hand inside the box to get a fucking piece of paper

Table four, at seven” Reading it out loud and frowning your brows, you curiously looked at Natasha, she smiled excited and you thought that that was weird, even for her. “You know who took the same paper, don’t you?”

“Maybe. You’ll love the company, I’m sure of it. Wear black.” She waved her hand and quickly ran from you, making you roll your eyes again and look around the corridor, trying to remember exactly what you was going to do before Natasha start to follow you around, shaking the fucking box around you.

A frustrated groan slipped out of you when the reminder of the task popped into your mind, you couldn’t control the disgusted hiss:

Fucking smart Brad.

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Late Night Working*

WARNING: Imagine might contain mature material so read with your own risk! No need to come say to me that I didn’t warned you

Posted on Instagram: 9th of March, 2017


Y/N’s POV:

It was Friday and everyone started leave beside me. I sat patiently behind my desk because I knew that if I stood up there, my boss would run there in 5 seconds with a high pile of new papers to sign.

It had been that since the day one. Every Friday overtime working. I was always the last who left that building. He didn’t let me go before those works would be done which he gave to me and I didn’t have enough strenght to fight back. It could mean in the worst option to getting fired and that was the last thing I wanted.

I had given up days ago already because I knew that I couldn’t ever sneak away without that he would notice that. It felt like he would have put some cameras in my office where he saw when I finished my works and then appears with new ones.

I had searched all painting and even plant pots but I have found nothing but I still had a strong feeling of that he stalked me. It wasn’t normal at all. If he didn’t have cameras, then he must have something of skills to sense people.

I had ever believed on things like that. They felt stupid but now I had started to think about that those things might be possible. But whatever, he was doing, freaked me out.

So I just sat there in my office and looked how minutes passed. When I moved my hand over my bag, I heard how the door opened and my boss walked in with two folders.

“I know that it’s Friday but could you please check out these before you leave, I should post them tonight at the latest” he mumbled. Yeah, a nice notice but why those words are like an air for me nowadays. Why they sound so familiar, I thought and rolled my eyes.

“Ms. Y/L/N! When you have finished your work, we should really talk about few things” I heard my boss say to me and then I realized that I might have slipped out of thoughts from my head. My thoughts weren’t just thoughts anymore when someone heard them. I blushed so hard.

I sat back behind my desk and started go through the papers. It took maybe 20 minutes before I was ready and took the paper pile on my arms, which had got a half lower than what it was when my boss brought it to me.

I knocked the door of my boss office polutely and heard his low voice told me come in. “Everything ready?” he asked and I nodded before I put the pile on gis table. “Yes, sir. Everything is ready and now I’d be ready to talk with you like you wanted”

I tried cover my earlier acting with professional side of me. “Good, please sit down, Ms. Y/L/N” he told and nodded over the chair in front of him. A long silence landed between us before he took his gaze of the newspaper which he had read.

“So Y/N, you have been working here a while now. How have you fit in so far?” he started familiarly. “Fine, I mean people here have been really kind and helpful” I smiled to him. “And I have really enjoyed working here” I added still. He nodded back and smiled.

“That’s great to hear, Ms. Y/L/N..” he mumbled and put the paper pile a side from his table. He fixed his eyeglasses and looked me. “.. because it has been great for me too to follow how hard you’re working. We have been looking for long-time workers like you, and finally we found one”

His words made me feel proud. “And if you promise to not tell anyone, you’re also pleasure to eyes” he said quieter. I blushed and didn’t know what to say. I looked down and bit my lip.

“It start be late, sir. I should be going home. There’s my parents coming to my place to eat a dinner later” I told to him and tried give him a hint to let me go. Air between us had started get more tensed after every minute I spent there in his office.

“What time are they coming?” I asked and I looked the clock on my wrist. “6pm” I mumbled. It was 3:45pm now. “Well then there’s still so a lot of time left” he smiled. So that maybe meant that he wanted still continue our conversation.

I tried hide my frustration with fake smile and sat back down on the chair. “You’re right, and actually I have everything ready in my fridge so I have to just put them in the oven before they come” He just nodded softly.

His eyes never left me, and after couple minutes it started already freak me out. “Sooo… ” I tried start the conversation again but nothing smart came out of my mouth. “Y/N, listen to me. Have you ever dreamed about being a boss of a big company?”

His sudden question make me full of energy again. “Well, who wouldn’t. I mean that might be everyone’s dream when they start work somewhere, being higher than others one day” I chuckled. “Not really, Ms. Y/L/N” he grinned and made me blush and mumble that ‘oh’ back.

I had embarrassed myself once again in front of him. “But it’s glad to hear that you have thought about that option and that you have big enough dreams to reach” he continued and stood up from his chair.

He walked other side of his table, behind me and let his hands land over my shoulders which made me shiver. “I have always liked that feature in my workers, ambition” his words danced in my ears like little raindrops which land on some hard surface.

“But do you know, what other feature I appreciate on them?” he asked and made me shook my head. “Obedience” he whispered and now his mouth was just maybe millimeters away from me, I could tell even I didn’t look behind myself. I couldn’t do it.

My breath quiver when I breathed out. He chuckled and stepped further of me. “I should go.. ” I said. I couldn’t be around him any second anymore or I couldn’t probably contain myself. My hormones rushed inside me like a crazy and I didn’t like that feeling. It was wrong to feel that way, but my body didn’t seemly care about that fact.

“It had taken just 10 minutes, Ms. Y/L/N” Mr. Bieber said and nodded over the clock which laid on the wall. “I know but I just remember that I have to go to buy a few things still to our lunch” I lied and tried stand up from the chair but he pushed me back gently.

“No, I can drive you there so it won’t take so long then” he told and moved stand in front of me. “Now, where we were… oh yeah, I was telling you about those features” he grinned. He seemly enjoyed that position more than he probably should have.

He was teasing me slowly with his words, or then it was just my head which gave new meanings to those innocent sounding sentences. Or was he doing that all on purpose? No, he couldn’t do that, I thought. On that moment, I woke up from my thoughts when I heard my boss talk again.

“What are you thinking about? You look like so absent. Is something wrong?” he asked with worried tone. Yeah, actually yes. I was sitting in my boss’ office and I didn’t know, why he asked me there in the end, and my mind was racing too wild right now that even the record of speed of light would soon get beaten.

However, those things stood just inside my head and I just shook my head for him. “I’m fine, sir” His left hand moved under my chin and he made me look at him straight on his deep brown eyes. “Is that so? I think that you’re lying to me right now, Ms. Y/L/N”

I couldn’t anything to myself that this setting somehow turned me on. I had always find attraction over dominant men. I smirked lightly to him even that wasn’t part of my first plan. He raised his eyebrows asking.

“Would you like to tell me now what was really on your mind?” “Those things might not be sober in this surroundings or time” I said quietly back. “Well, work time is already over and you’re actually free now so I don’t find any reason to not tell about them. We’re just normal people when we’re off the work” he said calmly.

He was totally right. We weren’t on the work anymore. I had stood here because of my own want. There were no chains over my shoulders to keep me in this place, it was my own want.

I looked him while he still waits for my answer. “I just thought about that, do you do all these things on purpose when I’m around? I mean keep me overtime here so you could see me more and so on, because it feels like that at least” He smirked to my question, it was enough for me already as answer. Seemly my all suspects had been right.

Justin’s POV:

“I already knew that you’re a really smart young woman but I didn’t know that you would be this smart” I chuckled to Y/N. “Damn, seemly you caught me, but my purpose wasn’t bad just know that… I just-” I mumbled and scratched back of my neck while I tried find right words.

“I just- like I said, you have also other sides which I admire on you. I could nothing to myself. I didn-” I couldn’t finish my words before she said back: “It’s okay” She stood up from her chair and I stepped further from her.

Maybe this was the good time to let her leave finally, I thought, but for my surprise she sat over my big table. “Since we’re not at work anymore, it’s maybe safe to say now, that you haven’t been the only who has enjoyed that little game of yours” I turned around and looked her a bit confused.

“What?” she giggled and moved her hand over my chest. “Nothing… I just-” I mumbled and followed how her hand started move against my toned chest. It felt good to be honest. “Didn’t expected that, huh? Well it felt weird for me too first but well here we’re now” she giggled.

Her giggles were maybe the favorite sound of hers for me so far, but I had a feeling that one sound would sound even better to me. She moaning my name in that little office and over that big table of mine. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted so far.

I moved closer to her so our lips were just few centimeters away each other’s. “I’m glad that you told that to me, Ms. Y/L/N” I mumbled and peaked her lips softly. She looked so uncertain in front of me now, and somehow it turned me on even more. However, I could tell that she wait for more and I was ready to give her that.

I stepped closer to her and pressed my lips against hers. My hand moved behind her back and started search the zipper to her dress. After a moment searching I found it and pulled it down. She giggled between the kiss when my cool fingers ran down her bare back. I smiled back and pushed her dress off her shoulders.

“This is so wrong” she whispered but didn’t show a move to stopping. She opened my tie and dropped it on the floor, before she started open my white shirt. I took off my black jacket and put it over the back of the closest chair. When she was ready with my shirt I pulled it off too.

Y/N jumped off the table. Just on that moment I realized how beautiful she actually looked there. Of course, I had noticed that earlier too but on this lighting, she looked like a goddess.

She let her dress fall on her feet before she stepped off it. Her lips touched my bare chest and it sent chills all over my body. I cursed myself lowly when I noticed how she moved millimeter by millimeter lower against my body. Kiss by kiss she reached my crotch and a big smirk spread on her lips.

I had to pinch myself so I would be sure that I wasn’t dreaming. When I looked down again, she was still there. I wasn’t dreaming, I thought. Y/N opened slowly my belt and the zipper of my jeans before she pulled my jeans on my knees.

“Someone is a bit excited” she bit her lip when she looked at me. “You don’t even know how long I have dreamed about this” I slipped out of my mouth. She chuckled and grabbed my boxers gently. A light moan slipped out of my mouth without thinking.

“Stop teasing, Y/N” I hissed but she didn’t show any move to fasten her moves. “Patience” she whispered before she pulled my boxers fully off. I had closed my eyes before that. I wanted feel it all, but for my surprise her touch was gone after that. I opened my eyes but didn’t see her anywhere.

Damn, she seemly tricked me and bad, I thought and shook my head. There I was now standing middle off my office, my jeans and boxers on my knees with a boner. I was ready to leave but then I heard a cough behind my table.

I turned around and noticed Y/N, who was sitting on my chair smirking just her lingerie on. “Did you already think that I left?” she asked. I chuckled and walked over her. “No, I was just thinking what should I do with you, but sadly I don’t have anything of those things with me which I would need” I told her. She raised her eyebrows and turned the chair, so we were now facing each other.

“Sad” she mumbled and played with the gold chain which hang on my neck. “It would have been interesting to see what you would have been ready to do to me but I try manage” she acted hurt but I knew that she wasn’t ready to leave yet.

We switched places so I was sitting on the chair now. “Take those off” I nodded the rest of her clothes. She nodded and opened her bra and threw when on the floor next to her other clothes. After a few second followed her panties. “What’s next, sir?” she bit her lip.

I liked that way, she still kept that 'sir’ in the game. It gave this moment more tension and a little taste of danger. “Come here” I told her come stand in front of me. “There’s an hour and half left, is that enough to you?” I mumbled and looked the clock on the wall. She nodded quickly and I pulled her even closer to me.

“I can drive you home after that because I’m pretty sure that you can’t walk there by yourself after we have finished” I smirked. She moaned softly back and looked me in the eyes. “You ready?” I asked and she nodded back quickly.

She sat on my lap slowly and let out louder whimper when I filled her. She started move slowly on my lap up and down, increasing her speed. My hands moved on her hips and I helped her move faster. “Yes, just like that” I groaned low to her and gave a kiss to her which last more than I expected.

“Why didn’t we do that sooner… damn you, I wouldn’t have mind at all if you come to my office without those papers once and just lay me on that little table of mine… ” she talked to me breathless. Her dirty talks turned on me even more if it was even possible.

“Well, like you said earlier. This is in the end wrong, we shouldn’t do this… but I have always liked too much breaking rules” I chuckled and pushed her off me without warning.

However, I didn’t give her time to complain against my sudden action, but I pushed her against my table and pushed myself back inside her. Her moans filled the whole room and I prayed the god in my mind that everyone else would have left the building already, or we would be in big trouble.

“Justin, please” she cried out and looked me over her shoulder. “Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you” I mumbled to her ear and slapped her ass gently. I couldn’t just stop myself doing that anymore. Her ass was like a magnet which beg the other half, my hand. “Let me cum” she whispered.

I fastened my pace and pulled her hands behind her back. “Not yet” I murmed and let my eyes close. “Not yet, Y/N. I know you can take it still” I half mumbled myself to her. She let out frustrated groan but obeyed me still.

I continued pounding her still a couple minutes before I gave her a permission to come, and let’s say that she like really came. She squirted all over my table but I didn’t care about the mess. I was some kind of proud of that mess.

I pulled myself off her and kissed her cheek before I took a couple tissues from the drawer of my table. I handed one for her and took another to myself. “It’s 5:30pm, we should probably leave if you don’t wanna be late from your lunch” I mumbled and she looked me before she nodded.

We dressed up and I helped her out of the building to my car. I drove her home like I promised. The car ride was silent but when I stopped the car in front of her house, she opened her mouth.

“Thank you” she mumbled and kissed my cheek. “I had… fun” she blushed. “Maybe we should do that again sometime then” I grinned and it made her blush even more. “I think that we can avoid that” she said before she stepped out of the car.

I stood there still inside my car and followed how she walked in front of the door of her house and opened it. The light hit against her again just perfect. She looked beautiful. I got still a quick smile from her before she stepped inside her home. I smiled back. I couldn’t wait to see her on Monday again.