you were the most naive baby


Q: Who’s the most innocent/naive? (That doesn’t know a lot about girls >.<)
A: Jimin

Q: Namjoon oppa, the tallest in BTS! Please answer this objectively. Suga vs Jimin, recently, who’s more of a baby?
A: Jimin

Q: When your hand was injured, what was the most frustrating? And who took care of you the most? You can’t get hurt from now on.
A: Jimin

Q: Who do you think is the cutest?
A: Jimin

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I dont dislike Sansa because she wanted to marry a prince and have babies, i dislike Sansa because she didn't understand Stark values - if Bran and Arya (both younger) understood, why couldnt she? She betrayed her father in AGoT (book) to Cersei

“She didn’t understand stark values” lmao

You mean Sansa understood the values she was taught. She understood it all, she understood everything her mother taught her. She understood Stark values AND the values about what a young woman should be. When “stark values” (lol what are those really besides starks stick together and honor) conflict with the other values she was taught she had to make a choice about which to abide by. Those choices were influenced by what she was taught was most important. As a young woman Sansa was taught that what was most important was doing your duty as a daughter, a wife, and a mother. Sansa’s only crime was being a naive young girl who was taught to want the king and babies and that you are to be loyal to your betrothed/husband/men no matter what. Arya had a freedom as a young woman that Sansa never had. She had to be who she was because it was required of her. The only reason Arya got to be who she was is because Sansa was there as the eldest daughter to fulfill the role she had. The only crime Sansa made was trusting people she didn’t know couldn’t be trusted. Sansa gets blamed for Ned’s death as if Ned wasn’t a dumbass who told Ceresi he knew her secret and as if Littlefinger wouldn’t have betrayed Ned regardless of what Sansa said or did. No one blames Ned for trusting the biggest snake in Kings Landing but Sansa is so horrid for believing the Lannisters.

Like I said just say you hate Sansa because she’s a woman and keep it moving. I honestly don’t care about your bullshit justifications tbh. Also who are you cuz you must follow me on twitter considering I didn’t post about this on here hmmmm…

Also….the person responsible for the resurgence is House stark, the house who’s values she allegedly doesn’t understand is SANSA. Sansa wanted to fight for her home when Jon wanted to do nothing and while Arya was across the sea in bravos trying to forget her name. Sansa is the one who did what needed to be done to get her home back, she led the charge to restore her family back to winterfel. Those stark banners are back on walls of winterfel because of SANSA. Not because of bran or arya or Jon, but enjoy hating her because a long time ago she was a naive young woman who actually behaved like one.

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A/N: @keya168, @legolasothranduilion, you both requested more of this Imagine, so here we go ;) Hope you like it. I’ll probably write a second part. 

“Fuck him.” You let out a shaky laugh and looked down at the suitcase you just finished to pack. Tears rolled down your cheek. “Fuck J. and his stupid bitch. We don’t need him.” Grabbing your luggage, you left your small flat, leaving your old life behind.

The streets were cold and wet as you walked at a good pace to your car, but faltered when you saw the Joker leaning against it, grinning maniacally at you. 

“You’re leaving?” He asked, pounting playfully. “Without saying goodbye to your J.?”

For a second you thought about running away, leaving your suitcase, hoping he wouldn’t shoot you in the back. But you knew him too well, he wouldn’t just kill you. He’d torture you first. Luckily you weren’t afraid of him anymore. He had done many horrible things to you in the past. “Yes, and now, move! I’m done with you and your crap.”

He straightened himself, his jaw tense and lips pressed into a thin line. The Joker was not amused by your big mouth. “Come home, baby. Let us talk about our little misunderstanding.” His voice sounded so deep, so seductive, however, you knew it would end up with him screaming at you, insulting you, and after you had cried, he’d offer make-up sex. And because you were a naive, stupid girl, you would forgive him. Like always. 

But not tonight. 

“Go fuck your whore.” You yelled, pointing a finger at him. “I can forgive you many things, J., but there’s one thing! One thing I hate the most and it’s being an unfaithful son of a bitch!” You opened the car trunk and threw the suitcase in, slamming the trunk with a loud bang shut. “I have forgiven you everything! You manipulated me, hurt me, made me torture innocent people and murder their families because you thought it would teach ‘em a lesson!” You closed your eyes and took a long breath. You were a wreck, a stressed out wreck who needed to think about the future and most importantly about the baby. “I can’t do this anymore.” 

He grabbed your chin, looking into your eyes, and hissing out: “You’ll regret leaving me, gorgeous.” You trembled under his painful touch. “You will always belong to to me and into this life. You can’t live without the rush, the chaos we have caused together.”

“Don’t think so. Not after you brought that stupid whore into your life.” You muttered angrily. “Either you let me go, or kill me. But there is no way I’ll stay with you, J. .”

He backed you against the car, leaning down to yell out his threatening words. “Then leave! Go! Run! But remember my words, [Y/N]! One day, you will miss all the fun we’d had, and when the day comes, and the day will come, when you decide to return to me, I’ll make you suffer.” 

His words hit you hard. He let you go, basically… it was unlike the Joker you had known for the past few years. You nodded slowly, confused, and thought about his words. Over and over again, they rang inside your mind until he finally moved away. 

The infamous Joker turned around and walked away. 

He left you with just a slightly bruised chin.

It left you speechless.  

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Cute Kisses

Zayn: For Zayn, it’s when he comes up from behind you and wraps his arms around your waist. He can nuzzle his cheek against yours and he loves when you press back into him, your hands covering his where they linked on your tummy. He lets his lips glide up your shoulder and to your neck where they rest and he smiles, the brush of his lips tickling your skin. “Good morning.” he says, his scruff making your skin tingle in the most delicious way. “Hi, handsome.” you respond, tilting your face and offering your lips up for a kiss. He greeted you the same way each morning, and he held you with the same tenderness. “Sleep well?” You asked, handing him a mug of tea. He grinned and pulled you into his lap, his lips touching yours. “I dreamt of you, all my dreams were sweet.” For Zayn, this was the best way to start his day. The love of his life in his arms, and his lips on your skin.

Liam: It’s slight brush of his lips over your knuckles. Liam might be a monster in the bedroom, but outside of it he is as polished and as elegant as a gentleman out to be. “You look nice,” he says, sitting on the couch next to you. You thought you looked awful, face tired and pale from a long day but to Liam it was your heart that he always saw when he looked at you. He grabbed your hand and pressed his lips to your knuckles, winking as he did it. Your cheeks flushed just as he knew they would. This was his special kiss, reserved to tell you how much he adored you-no matter how you looked. “You need glasses,” you teased, poking him in the ribs. He laughed and pulled you to his chest, lips touching the pad of each finger. “Maybe you need to know that I always think you beautiful, and you’ll still be just as beautiful when we’re 90 and covered in wrinkles,” he kissed your left ring finger and gave you a squeeze.

Louis: Louis isn’t gentle about anything, ever. He’s loud and crazy, but somehow you bring out a tenderness in him he never knew he had. So when he’s feeling especially soft, he’ll press his lips in the space between your brows. It’s not exactly your forehead, but it gets the job done. He didn’t think he’d ever have something he could treasure, but you were the gem, the pearl he’d been looking his whole life for. “Hello, my darling,” he grins, lips pressing to that special spot. “Hi, Lou,” you snuggle into his arms and he pulls you closer, the missing puzzle piece finally sliding into place. In the briefest of touches, Louis reaffirms all the passion and love he holds for you that he can never explain and the things you made him feel had always been unexplainable, so he tried to convey it however he could. Words didn’t justify, gifts didn’t mean anything. But when his lips touched your skin you smiled, knowing that everything he felt went into them.

Harry: It might be sensual, but it’s still sweet when he presses his lips to the pulse at your wrist. That little pulse directly coordinated to the heart beat in your chest and damn, Harry loved to send it fluttering. Some times all it was was just a kiss, a brief pressure of his lips to that porcelain skin. “Harry,” you breathed, watching him drag his teeth over that sensitive area, your body covering in chills. He knew what he did, he wasn’t naive. “Shh, save that for later baby,” he winked, green eyes dark and mysterious. His kisses could be meant for sweetness or adoration but they could also mean sex, promise and seduction. “You’re bad,” you admonish, leaning into his side. He dropped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer. Harry was the most arousing combo of both. But as soon as his mouth neared any area of your skin, he smiled knowing that both of you were hopeless when it came to the other.

Niall: For Niall, it’s your temple. You knew so much about everything and to be honest, he was a little bit in awe of you and what you knew. And it wasn’t like he wasn’t smart, he was. But you were creative and witty and that’s what won him over, your with and humor and your vivacity. And he loved hat you shared all your dreams with him, he fell in love with that clever little mind of yours. “Come cuddle with me,” he demanded from his spot in bed, the white comforter pulled up to his eyes. “So bossy,” you teased, crawling up next to him. “Did you have a good day?” He asked softly, pressing his lips to your temple a few times. You smiled automatically, just as he knew you would. He loved worshipping you in small, soft kisses. Your face, your arms, hands, back, lips. He just loved the feel of your skin under his mouth. “It’s much better now,” you assured him, fingers toying with his hair. “That’s my girl,” he smiled, pressing his lips to yours.

Jet Lag- Part 2

A/N: Sorry for the wait, but alas! Part two is here! Please read part one if you haven’t already or reread it to refresh your memory! Based on this pic/blurb. This has the weirdest beginning of anything I’ve ever written lol. Hope y’all enjoy. Story will continue if response is good.

AU: On tour w/ Best Friend! Luke
Words: 1.3k



Follow the penis is not really a game you thought you’d ever play. Follow the leader? Sure. Played it all the time when you were a kid. But follow the penis? Never. Yet here you are, trailing after the distant sound of three dorks yelling about genitalia—all because you left Luke on the bus and wandered off to explore the venue. Within minutes, you managed to get yourself lost in all the back ways and alleys of the foreign amphitheater. The only way back is to find the rest of the band. Their voices are growing louder as you grow closer to the stage, successfully navigating to a very excited Michael giving it his all.

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[These Are The Lies || Jungkook Scenario]

Ohoho I bet you guys weren’t expecting this. I’ve been writing for my fics a lot lately so I decided to do a drabble. After all drabbles are supposed to be half the content on my blog. Anyways I hope you guys like this angst scenario with Jungkook! Also Jiyeon was a random name I decided to use for the other girl.

Note: These Are The Lies - Please listen to this song from The Cab while you read the scenario, it’s what the scenario is based off and really sets the mood (I also put the lyrics in the drabble too).


I don’t love you, I don’t need you, I don’t ever want to see you again.

You had always thought that you and Jungkook fit together like the last pieces of a puzzle, completing the picture that was your relationship. You loved him, and you had been foolish enough to believe he had ever loved you back. The late night talks, the kisses, the gifts; it had all been for show. Somehow, in the back of your mind you had always thought you weren’t good enough. Turns out you had been horribly right, and you wished more than anything that you had been wrong.

“[Y/N] wait I can explain!” Jungkook scrambled after you, struggling to button up his now wrinkled shirt.

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