you were the most adorable child

BTS REACTION to S/O talking to stomach while pregnant


He just walked through the door, feeling as the smell of food covered the whole entire room. He smiled to himself, walking to the kitchen. He couldn’t wait to see you, but what made everything even better was the fact that you were standing there, a spoon in one hand, while the other rested on your stomach as you started to talk about your day. He loved teasing you, although. Even when he found it absolutely perfect. This was one of those times.

“So, we’re talking to unborn babies now?”

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He was exhausted. He had finished his time on producing new music for the comeback. More like exhausting himself to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore. But he felt as if it was all worth it the moment he saw you. You were laying on the bed, eyes closed, while rubbing your stomach, humming softly to your stomach. He was mesmerized by the sigh, knowing this was what he was going to come home to from now on. You were his home.

He kissed your forehead and stomach, making you jolt in surprise, before seeing his gummy smile shining in your direction.

“Were you good for Mommy?” He stared at your stomach as you laughed silently. These were the moments he knew he lived for.

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He lost his damn phone again. He was searching for it everywhere, his hands shaking as he was desperate to find it. You were just walking out the shower, wondering what was wrong. You shook your head, talking to your unborn child, saying how clumsy and forgetful he could be sometimes. You laughed to yourself, before you felt arms wrap around you from behind. You squeaked softly, stopping mid-sentence.

“Are you talking about me behind my back.. To our unborn child?” He flipped you around to already see you laughing.

He found it to be the most adorable thing, even if your were saying how clumsy he was.

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He was practicing his new choreo, leaving you to just sit there and watch. You were transfixed on him, and on the way he moved. You couldn’t help yourself from talking to your child, saying how lucky you and your child were to have such a man like him. You meant every word you said, rubbing your stomach with a soft smile. The music wasn’t as loud as it usually was, but you didn’t think it was loud enough for him to hear your discussion. His eyes snapped towards you the second the music stopped, giving you a sweaty smile.

“I love you, you know that, right?”

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FluffFluffFluff! You were setting up decorations for a ‘Welcome Home’ Party for him. You didn’t expect him to show up so early, so you talked to your unborn child with excitement. He stood in the doorway, watching and listening as you talked to your stomach, smiling gleefully and talking about how much you missed him. About how much you couldn’t wait to see him. His heart clenched in the best way possible, unable to contain his happiness anymore. He rushed up towards you, hugging you as you jumped out of surprise, screaming.

“Ah! I’m so happy to see you, Jagi!” “I’ve missed you so much too,” he kissed you as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

You were the one person he swore to be with forever. He found his forever in you.

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He was so happy to be able to see you again after practice, even though he saw you just this morning. He was very passionate about you, and you knew that. He walked through the door, only hearing the faint sound of humming. He got curious as his ears perked at the sound, his smile never leaving once. You were folding laundry, humming a quiet song to your stomach, sometimes even explaining the lyrics. He watched you silently for a few seconds, before saying his hello’s. He smiled at you, kissing your forehead.

“You’re too cute for my own good..”

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The members had just left your shared house, and he was in a giddy mood already as it was. You were cleaning up the dishes, smiling to yourself as you talked to your stomach. You talked about the boys, your day, how much you couldn’t wait for your child to be born, how much you loved Jungkook.. It was as if this moment came from a fairytale. And he loved it. He listened to everything, leaning his head against the wall as he admired you. He didn’t want to ruin the moment, he found you so perfect. Once you finished, that’s when he showed his presence.

“I don’t think I can get any luckier than now, Y/N..”

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Harry Potter Creature Themed Asks

Acromantula: Worst fear/phobia?

Ashwinder: Have you ever had a really bad burn? Where?

Basilisk: What experiences have you had with snakes?

Billywig: Would you rather be able to levitate or be consistently giddy?

Blast-Ended Skrewt: What creatures would you breed in order to make a brand new hybrid?

Bowtruckle: Do you have attachment issues?

Bundimun: On a scale of 1 to Bundimun infestation, how clean is your room?

Centaur: How connected to nature are you?

Chimaera: Would you rather have lions head or a dragons tail?

Clabbert: How good are you at sensing a bad situation coming?

Demiguise: How wise are you?

Diricawl: If you could teleport to anywhere in the world where would it be?

Doxy: Have you ever been mistaken for anyone?

Dragon: What is something you horde?

Erkling: What is your favorite dark fairytale?

Erumpent: How would you attract a mate?

Fairy: What’s one physical feature you take really good care of?

Fire crab: If you had a gem encrusted shell what would it look like?

Flitterby: What’s a tune you always find yourself humming?

Flobberworm: Have you ever felt as useless as a flobberworm?

Fwooper: Have you ever sung so much that your friends/family have threatened to kill you?

Ghoul: Is there something you do that really annoys people?

Giant Squid: Favorite Hogwarts creature?

Glumbumble: What’s something that makes you really melancholy?

Golden Snidget: Google “Ancient Sports Facts” and tell us the one you find most interesting,

Graphorn: If you were one of the last mating humans in existence who would you want as your mate?

Griffin: If you could chose a creature as a guardian, which one would it be?

Grindylow: What’s something about the ocean that scares you?

Hippogriff: Who is someone you have the upmost respect for?

Horklump: Do you like mushrooms?

Jarvey: What is your favorite comeback?

Jobberknoll: What would be the last thing you say before you die?

Kelpie: If you could take any form what would it be?

Knarl: How touchy about food are you?

Kneazle: What do you think about cats?

Leprechaun: How Irish are you?

Mackled Malaclaw: What’s the most unlucky thing that’s ever happened to you?

Manticore: If you could chose one of your body parts, when touched, to cause instant death, what body part would it be?

Merpeople: On a scale of “Out of Water to In Water”, how good is your singing?

Moke: Would you rather shrink at will or grow at will?

Mooncalf: How adorable are you?

Murtlap: Are you a biter?

Niffler: What’s your favorite shiny thing?

Occamy: Were you a fussy child?

Phoenix: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Pixie: Do you like play tricks on people?

Pogrebin: Have you ever been followed by someone before?

Porlock: Have you ever been horseback riding before?

Pygmy Puff: What is the cutest animal in your opinion?

Re'em: If you could have super strength for one hour what would you do with it?

Runespoor: Are you a planner, a dreamer, or a critic?

Shrake: Do you enjoy fishing?

Sphinx: What one question would you want answered most in the world?

Streeler: Would you, given the choice, make your skin change color every hour?

Swooping Evil: In what way are you often misunderstood?

Tebo: If you could make yourself invisible, what would you do?

Thestral: Whose death has shaken you most in the last year?

Three-Headed Dog: What’s something you guard with your life?

Troll: What’s one really stupid thing you’ve done?

Thunderbird: What’s your favorite type of weather?

Unicorn: Are you a virgin?

Werewolf: Is there something about your life or yourself that you can’t control?

“Titus likes you...too much” - Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

I know I said I wouldn’t write anything until Friday or Saturday, but I just realized this story was done and for some reason I didn’t post it so why not post it now right ? So here we go. Specially written for @loverandomness2. Some fluffy love for the youngest Wayne boy. I’m sorry if you didn’t want an older!Damian and if that’s not what you wanted at all but…yeah, hope you’ll like it

PS : there’s a little surprise for @epickimmie somewhere in this fic. Hope it is ok that I did this.
PPS : Also, this story kinda became some sort of sequel to another story I wrote with Damian, which is here : The First time is serious business

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It was early in the morning when Damian finally came home. Came back to you. 

It had been a few years since his father retired and Damian inherited the Batman’s cowl. Most nights, he was out fighting crimes in Gotham, though, since his dad’s younger years, G-city was way safer, and it often happened that Damian came home early, or sometimes, didn’t go out at all (besides, he still had the help of his brothers, and they took turn to watch over the city…so really, you often had times with him, even if he was also quite busy during the day, as he became Wayne Inc’s CEO as well). It didn’t mean that there wasn’t any work ever though, like tonight, a new guy who called himself the “Joker’s son” was menacing the streets, and Damian was exhausted as he finally came home…But really, more often than not, the city was now calm. 

Bruce was beyond happy about that, as he sacrificed his own life so others wouldn’t have to. Sometimes, when you went over to Wayne’s Manor (you and Damian moved in a penthouse in the heart of Gotham quite a while ago), you felt a bit sad for your father-in-law…But nowadays, seeing his sons happy sufficed to make him happier than ever since his parents’ death. 

None of his children still lived in the Manor, but, now that they were all grown up and understood some of the difficult choices he had to take (it took Jason a little more than his brothers to get it), they all “forgave” him for any mistakes he might have done while trying the best he could to raise them, and often visited him and Alfred. 

Besides, since a little while, a certain Selina Kyle finally decided to move in with him so, Damian’s father wasn’t lonely, and that was great. He could finally live his life, after all those years, after sacrificing his youth and health…Finally, he was at peace (or almost, as sometimes, he couldn’t stay away from the bat-computer and such).  

As Damian came in your bedroom, shoulders hunched with fatigue, rubbing his face softly, you couldn’t help but be happy at the mere sight of him. You guys all came such a long way since you first met him…You were barely ten years old when you first encountered the youngest boy in the Wayne family, and so much had changed since those times. 

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In which H longs to be selfish


angst, fluff


Any parts after this are linked at the bottom :)

When Anne gave Harry a ring on a Sunday morning in March, asking whether he was awfully busy one weekend the following month, him being the humble mumma’s boy he was, said he could likely rearrange some things for her and the gathering she had planned back in Holmes Chapel.

Although, he was in two minds since he was raised to act both warmly and professionally in character by none other than Anne herself and didn’t want to screw anyone over by moving, for instance, that informal dinner-come-meeting with a new company he and Jeff were looking in to.

However when Anne elaborated further as to what the event would entail – a relatively intimate reunion of sorts at his childhood home, with old school chums of his and Gem’s, with the parents that Anne got on well with alongside family friends both old and new – Harry couldn’t help but wonder about one person in particular who’s attendance was likely up in the air.

She probably won’t be there, he thought to himself. But it didn’t take long for him to pick up the phone and cancel the damn dinner.

Enveloped by his mother’s arms and the scent of sandalwood and home cooking, Harry allowed himself a content smile. He was now just Harry. Harry the son. Harry the brother. Harry the neighbour. Harry the friend. Harry from Chemistry class. Harry the man pining after a woman he didn’t stand a chance with.

After being hit by the initial flood of honorary relatives and the like, half-filled glass of red wine in hand, Harry was free to roam around in search of the few people he had yet to greet. When he had come full circle and reentered the living room, the first thing he saw caused him to stop dead in his tracks, at a standstill in the doorway as a stunned expression found his face.

He didn’t think she’d be there. That didn’t mean he hadn’t hoped.

She was stood a little ways off, back against the fireplace with a glass of wine that was mostly untouched by her full, smiling lips. Harry concluded that it was due to being caught up in so many conversations that she had yet to catch a break. Like now, those sumptuous lips were far too preoccupied moving in eloquent patterns in synch with her speech that her drink was entirely discarded. His thoughts briefly wandered to what those lips would look like if they were busing doing…something else, but was quick to reprimand himself for thinking that of someone whom he respected so much.

If Harry had been thinking clearly he would know that it was more than likely that she would come. But he had hoped for her presence a little too much and seemed to be more so convincing himself that she wouldn’t be there as opposed to actually believing it, like he was subconsciously bracing himself for the slim chance she really wouldn’t turn up.

The crowd around her was far larger than any that he had encountered himself today, since the initial awe had worn off for the people he was currently surrounded by from when he first made it big with the band. This made him smile, since he knew very well that the next one of these he attended would be after he released his solo work and people would flock to him once again.

But she was a real gem. No wonder all eyes and attention were on her, since Harry wasn’t the only one to fly in from another country for the occasion. She had managed to land herself a mighty impressive scholarship to a uni abroad, and following her graduation it seemed she was only moving on to bigger and better things. His chest simultaneously swelled with pride and ached at the thought of her moving on to better people too. But he wan’t allowed to have these thoughts for a number of reasons, one being that she was never his to begin with.

Harry liked to consider himself a fairly selfless man, but he yearned - painfully so - to be selfish with her.

“Oh sweetheart,” The level, motherly voice of Anne Twist broke Harry away from his longing thoughts as her hand was placed on his pink cotton clad shoulder, “I wish you wouldn’t do this to yourself. You’re both adults now, by this time I’m sure that time you could-”

“No, mum,” Harry cut her off with a quiet murmur, “I can’t.” He said to his polished Gucci boots.

Anne sighed, in two minds over her son’s situation. She knew that to some degree he was right in his reservations, but how could anyone ignore years of such tenacious love?

When her eyes finally found his from across the room all of a sudden Harry seemed to go a little lightheaded. Her natural reaction was to smile that glowing smile bright enough to melt Harry’s insides, though her beam shortly became laced with a nostalgic sadness. The same sadness that had often been the devil to keep Harry up at night, urging him to have one more drink in order to forget and inducing an all too familiar ache in his chest.

Due to his drowsiness, it took a while for Harry to take note of y/n excusing herself from the hoard of people and her figure quickly approaching him.

“Hello Harry.” She breathed.

“Hullo, love.” He replied, wondering if it was even acceptable to call her  ‘Love’.

There was a brief pause which was enough for Harry to panic that she was going to say something like “well it was nice to see you again” and then leave him before he’d even said more than two words to her.

Instead, she made to end the formalities between the two of you, thinking it downright silly for a pair that had once been so comfortable together to act like strangers.

It practically knocked the wind out of him when she hugged him. Though he quickly fell back in to the pattern of her embraces that had become second nature.

Her entire arms wound around his waist in order to come in contact with as much of his skin as possible. From doing this they had both discovered her penchant for settling her hands on his love handles, usually squeezing them or caressing them or tracing over them or something of the sort. Sometimes he joked and said things like “Trying t’ feel me up love?” or “Copping a feel there moppet?” to which she either hummed in response or gave a defiant pinch to the aforementioned skin.

The first time she had ‘felt him up’ by sort of massaging the skin emerging from his pants - which sounded far more peculiar when you worded it like that - Harry had felt erotic tingles more powerful than any sexual act he would experience from such an innocent gesture.

He’d proper moaned, but tried to cover it up by saying “Wha’ was that for then love? Hmm?” His voice was low with strained pleasure and he’d tried to come off as teasing, but regardless of what he sounded like, she began to pull back her hands. He’d immediately corrected any doubtful thoughts by softly grasping her hands with immense sureness and returning them to where they had previously rested. Her face had been buried in his neck but he could feel her smirk and he struggled not to cry out in ecstasy when she lured goosebumps on to his skin once again.

He always placed one hand firmly on her back, fingers spread wide like a shield which he sometimes rubbed up and down her spine in reassurance or had each finger work out those knots she got from stress. The other hand always lovingly followed the curve of her neck to the nape and, depending on the type of hug required, either remained there or went the whole way round so that his hand rested on her shoulder and her neck was nestled in the bend between his upper and lower arm.

“Missed you.” y/n murmured, voice muffled by his neck, her hot breath sending shivers coursing through his entire body. She was wearing heels today, and that factor usually determined if her head would nestle in his neck or on his chest. He preferred the former, more intimate of the two and often tried to bend down going in to the hug in order to secure her head there.

He swore he saw stars at her last statement and replied wholeheartedly. “Fuck, my angel, missed yeh so much.”

He said it breathlessly, and for once he didn’t debate if it was okay for him to say that (had he asked himself ten minutes earlier it would have been a vehement no). Because her cold nose was rubbing against the prominent vein in his neck, the one part of your body that had yet to adjust to the temperature of the household, and fuck if he didn’t want to treasure this moment forever, and her along with it.

“Staying in Cheshire for a bit. Mum n’ Dad are on holiday and your mum said I could stay here. Wanted to make sure you were okay with it.” She said all of this from the warmth of his neck, the one cheek that was squashed altering the clarity of her words but he heard her perfectly.

His eyes widened in excitement that she was asking him about staying in a home that he no longer really lived in just because she still cared about his opinion.

“O’ course love. Always want yeh around.”

“Hmm, wouldn’t be the same if I was staying here without all the people who mean the most to me. Be a bit silly really.” She hummed like a satisfied cat and at her words Harry felt like he might have a cardiac arrest.

“Yeh always were a silly one.” He recalled, noting that she had yet to remove herself from his arms and prayed she wasn’t about to.

“S’ why you always called me goose.” She chuckled.

His heart squeezed further that she had remembered.

Anne had always called Harry a silly goose as a child, usually it was whenever he did something adorably naïve or childish. And he seemed to have pertained a knack for repeating words or phrases he particularly enjoyed, sometimes not even fully understanding the meaning, which is what inspired him to call her ‘goose’. Being so young, he’d unknowingly discarded the first word, opting to call her only by the second, and with age the use of the word changed.

As youngsters he’d sporadically point at you and proclaim you “Goose!” with a gurgling giggle. Then as children he became more playful with it, saying it in the appropriate context, like when you wore horribly mismatched socks and he’d jokingly chide you by shaking his head and saying you were “such a Goose” though his trademark grin gave his lack of seriousness away.

Then when they’d become teenagers, he’d gotten a little cocky and used it solely as a pet name, oftentimes smirking at the fact that no one else knew what had coined their little title when he teased her after she made mistakes or got embarrassed. When she’d fallen over a protruding tree root once during a walk in the woods with Harry and their respective families, still wearing her school skirt mind you, Harry had just chuckled and offered her his hand whilst saying “If yeh wanted t’ flash me yeh underwear love yeh could’ve just asked.”

It was late, or early if you were being smart about it, and Gemma had just banished Harry from interacting with any of the stragglers that had yet to be politely dismissed because of his incessant, though unintentional, knack to draw people to him, which was the exact opposite of what he should’ve been doing.

Anne busied herself in the kitchen, sending the dishwasher in to overdrive with all the glasses and plates she’d stocked it with. When Harry entered the room, he noticed that she’d left a few odd pieces of cutlery and crockery by the sink to clean by hand.

He smiled, Anne was a strong, independent woman and had been all his life and, from what he’d heard, all of hers as well. Despite having a dishwasher he knew she enjoyed doing some of the cleaning for herself, partly because she’d never shed the need to do things for herself every once in a while and partly just for something therapeutic to keep her occupied.

Anne would never admit that to anyone else though, and would simply say that she was merely doing the dishes that had been left since the dishwasher was too full. Though Harry knew full well that this was the second round the dishwasher had done tonight, the activity brought his mum happiness and was a little idiosyncrasy of hers that he appreciated the few times that he could.

Y/n was the first person to tell him about that word, it was one of her favourites. It was when they were sixteen, and Harry took her out to eat at her favourite place, which was a forty minute drive and he wasn’t old enough to properly get his license but he couldn’t care less. That was what she did to him, she always had and always will have him voluntarily wrapped around her finger and she never even knew it. She never asked for anything extravagant but he was always on his knees ready to exceed expectations.

“Bloody fuckin’ hell,” Harry muttered the same words he had all those years ago “she literally drove me to commit a proper crime and she didn’t even ask me to.”

But he didn’t care, and he’d do it all over again if it meant getting to experience the happiness radiating from her the whole journey home, which, in fact, hadn’t been long enough.

Harry peered sombrely down at his glass, memories of that night staining his memory like the wine, and glanced longingly at the stairs leading to the woman he loved.

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BTS racting to their s/o being irritated with them, but they find them too cute.


You were frustrated with Jin, simply because he never took you serious. You crossed your arms, rolling your eyes. 

“You’re too cute, I cannot” he squealed, pulling you close to him. 

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Suga would stare at you with a smirk. 

“You irk the shit out of me, like what the fuck yoongi” you said. He smiled at you cheekily. He saw you as a stubborn little child in his eyes. Too adorable to take serious.

“I get what you’re saying, but you look really cute right now.” he teased

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Hobi continued teasing you playfully, even though you were irritated. He thought it was the cutest thing ever, so he tried keeping you mad.

“Hobi shut upppp” you groaned. He continued teasing you, smiling the entire time

“You’re so cute. I love you” he said cheekily, causing you to smile. 

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He had accidentally broken one of your favorite palettes, which was your most expensive. The natasha denona sunset palette. It was $129, and you worked extra hours to be able to splurge on it. You didn’t like depending on Namjoon for anything, it was simply an independence thing. While he felt guilty, he found you really cute.

“I cant believe you broke it. you knew how hard I worked for this.. Why were you touching my makeup babe..” you groaned, cleaning up the mess and trashing it.

You were pouting, and he made you look up at him.

“I’ll buy you a new one.. 12 if you want.. I’m sorry.. but by the way you look so cute right now” he said, causing you to smile. 

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Irritated wasn’t the word. You were forced to go to a family reunion with your boyfriend and his friends. Though you were happy that they were coming, you had gotten into an argument with your parents about going. It was a formal event, so you were stuffed into a dress, and irritated. You trotted down the steps, in your dress. You walked over to your boyfriend, an attitude evident on your face.

“you okay?” Jimin asked. He looked fine as fuck, dressed in his best attire hoping to impress the rest of your family.

“I don’t wanna talk about it” you said. Though you were irritated, he though you looked fine as fuck, and couldn’t wait to get you in his hotel room. 

“hey..” he whispered. you looked up, becoming more irritated

“what?” you asked coolly. 

“you look amazing..” he whispered. Your icy demeanor seemed to melt immediately. 

“Thank you baby..” you whispered, giving him a kiss.

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“Tae what are you buying!” you telled. While you didn’t control his finances, because he was an idol and could do what he wanted, he still liked you to keep him on check, so he wouldn’t go overboard on unnecessary shit. 

“It was cute. I had to jagi.” he said, giving you puppy eyes. You sighed, becoming increasingly frustrated.

“Baby you need to watch what you spend” you groaned. He wasn’t listening to what you said, simply because he found you so cute. 

“okay baby.” he said, ending the argument with a kiss. 

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While you loved Jungkook with everything in you, he constantly made fun of your height. He did it on the wrong day, when you were irritated. 

“kookie it isn’t funny. Can you just grab it off the shelf please” you huffed. He held his stomach, trying to hold back his laughter. He found you the cutest thign eveer because of the height difference, and when you were upset it made you a million times cuter in his eyes. 

“I’ll get it, I love you, you’re so cute” he teased, softly kissing you. 

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Headcanons for the paladins reactions when their S/o gets hit with some kind of magic and they suddenly become 6?

this is long but you guys deserve it because I’ve been very inactive and busy, but I actually really liked writing this so thank you for the request!!

•ok so it was basically a surprise attack???
•like you all landed on a new planet (Osnora) to go speak with civilians and ask if the Galra had arrived
•the species that resided there were known as Zoagantu! a strangely tall species with large glowing eyes. Which, predominantly, look human like. The only skin color that was strange was the dark blue of the leader.
•and you, Shiro and Hunk were to check out the North part of the village
•you all scared the absolute crap out of their leader, Mayama
•who was some abnormally tall man who in fear, landed to his knees and slammed his hands into the ground, blue wispy magic exploded into a huge wave and just crashed into all of you
•turns out, the leader wasn’t even scared at all. apparently a long time ago his village was given a fortune, that if a visitor were hit with magic, they’d turn into a child, thus being the rightful ruler of that village in the future
•the man stood, pumped his fists and cheered
•shiro “UHM???? NO ? NOT GOOD?”
•you stared at your hands in literal disgust because,,,why?
•you all went back to the castle, along with the leader who spoke with Allura and Coran while staring you down from afar, “wth”
•you were literally grumpy the entire time, but you kind of liked the affection you were getting
•even keith audibly ‘aw’d at you
•GIGGLING from both you and Shiro
•Shiro literally had you on a leash because despite having the same brain/thoughts, you had the equivalent impulse control as a 6 year old
•the leader eventually explained that it should wear off soon, and also, the only way you could’ve turned into a child is if you were of the Zoagantu descent. (Oooo)
•you weren’t fully though, only half, but Humans have more Dominant genes than those on Osnora
•you literally only ate goo the whole time and Hunk hand fed you, you even had to shout at him that you were 6, not 2
•"is this why you said that dumb thread the needle joke" “pidge, shhhhshshh”
•eventually you turned back and about a week later, shiro left that Garrison phone of pidges on the table and you looked at it
•the photos man,,,,the ffffffphotos
•fun fact: he was barely around you when you had become 6,, because every time he saw you it made him think about having a kid with you some day and he’ll get blushy and nervous
•you eventually bring it up, like ‘hey why were you ignoring me at the time’ and he blurts it out
•you cry tears of joy tho

•you and Lance were inside of a Galra Ship
•he went ahead to see if the area was clear
•someone, unknown, had grabbed you by the back of the neck and you knocked out immediately
•he came back and there you were
•a ffffujckn 6 year old child
•he had to wrap you up in the fabric of your suit (similar to alluras)
•he ran back straight away, shouting at them that something happened but not really saying what it was
•every body was panicking
•allura “Keith, go wait at the entrance and back then up just incase”
•gets down there and wow, lance, holding a CHILD in his arms
•keith just ??????????? hahuh?
•turns out it would take a really long time
•but you still needed to do missions, you NEEDED to or you’d throw tantrums
•you got to climb through small spaces to get info or let the team in a locked room
•you did so once, didn’t realize a soldier was there
•the last thing they saw? You in the form of 6 year old child scream before you knocked them out
•Lance would literally come in right after and treat you like you were his child, like omg r u alright?
•pidge would high5 you just saying….
•eventually they landed on a planet filled with people who actually KNOW altean magic
•while allura is admiring one when fixing you, you eventually turn back to your normal age…..eventually…in time
•everyday you aged a year, so you had to wait awhile until you were back to normal and let’s just say it was basically like Coran going back in time in age
•Lance was so glad to have you back but would force you to take pictures every day until you were back to normal
•every other day since you grew, they’d have to get new clothing.
•you and lance would go to a space mall or two and get clothing
•you actually skipped getting clothes half the time and would go do some dumb things, arcades, Space Comics

•Allura decided it would be a good idea to test something out of hers
•did not explain what it did, as it was a surprise
•you volunteered to help as well, knowing very well that it would be used on you
•it was actually supposed to make you younger
•coran shut the lights, and everyone stood still
•a big FLASH of pink light came up, and it showed Allura pointing a cube toward you
•Hunk GASPED and yelled like literally wth just happened
•lights, camera, toddler
•there you were, little tiny you just chilling on the floor
•you weren’t necessarily six years old, although the haircut you had and the outfit you were was one you wore at the age of 6
•you were only 3
•you had on blue overalls, and a yellow+white striped shirt under it
•Shiro started crying
•Hunk ran to you and picked you up and was honestly speechless
•asked Allura if they could keep you like that for a while, but sadly it could only be 2 hours
•within the two hours everyone was playing with you
•you liked Keith way more than anyone else and
hunk was so upset I’m chrhdnn
•by the time you were changed back (it’s automatic), Lance had found a way to print the photos they took of you. Hunk and Allura were making clothes, Keith had you on his shoulders, Pidge was inventing toys for you. Coran was making “#1 Uncle” coffee mugs
•Shiro was just beyond happy
•Lance still put up the photos, Coran still gave you the mugs, Pidge saved the toys for another day
•Keith almost died, was not expecting you to turn back and his knees gave out and yeah
•Shiro actually lol’d
•Hunk and Allura groaned and threw everything, all that hard work, what were they even thinking
•he was glad to have you back tho and hugged you, asked why you liked Keith better and you giggled
•he eventually asked Lance if he had any copies of those photos, took them as his own and hid them in his pockets

•basically Keith has no impulse control whatsoever
•kinda dumb, but he ran into an army, scoped out the area and such, and saw Haggar who ALSO saw him, and immediately said no.
•didn’t realize Haggar was trying to hit him when he was running out but you did
•you basically get smacked all the way into Keith, who immediately grabs you and drags you away and to safety
•you don’t turn right away, but you fall into a 2 day coma
•the night before you woke up, Keith had gone to check on you (twas late) and basically fainted because
•"uh? why is there a child"
•at first he wasn’t really sure what was going on so he slowly went closer and realized, based off old photos he saw in your house once, that this was you
•immediately ran off and got allura + coran
•Keith, Pidge, and Coran would stay inside until you awoke while the other searched far and wide for anything to cure you
•when you woke up you fell right onto Pidge who SCREAMED and almost threw you
•you screamed as well, and Keith “Motherly Instincts” Kogane, picked you up and held you on his hip the whole time until the others came back
•eventually they explained that they’d need to kidnap someone
•Pidge had no problem because it could help you and they could ask the Galran if they know anything about her bro/dad
•keith was ecstatic because I doubt you’d want to stay 6 years old
•was the one to threaten the Galran enough to scare the absolute crap out of them
•luckily, although the Galran didn’t know much magic, they knew of someone who did. they searched and eventually found them
•basically an old commander of druids who turned against the galra. Half Altean and once worked beside Haggar
•they turned you back and Keith actually CRIED
•teases you whenever he can tho bcos you are probably the most adorable child ever

•Pidge was inventing something….to say the least
•you weren’t the only one affected though
•basically Pidge said they’d be right back, and to both you AND hunk, to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING
•you did
•it did not end well
•hunk reached over and while the two of you chuckled, he poked it and you guys knocked out
•Shiro had, walked in right as it happened, was affected as well
•a large burst of magic sent you all flying
•Hunk was a 1 year old, you were 6, and Shiro was 16 years old
•Shiro immediately woke up and grabbed the both of you, running off
•the age change you all went through had changed your appearances. Hunk had short curly black hair, your hair was…whatever haircut you had at the time
•you had fjjfkfkdk CHALK DYE in your hair
•Shiro had like, 4 piercings on each ear
•Lance was terrified
•Shiro burst into the kitchen where everyone was catching up and didn’t even have to say anything
•just stood there with you on his hip and Hunk held against chest like “what happened”
•pidge came in “WHA THE FJUCKDK”
•turns out, whatever that new ore Pidge had found was NOT meant to be doused with Quintessence
•laughed at Hunk and Shiro but cried when they saw you
•held you the whole time and actually sobbed because,,, oh my gosh bb.,,,why
•you were the last one to turn back, and Pidge was glad because now they could slap Hunk
•once you turned back Pidge hugged your knees the entire time
•"forgive me please I’ll literally do anything I’ll eat fire please I love you"
•you remembered everything, unlike Hunk who had shart himself a couple times
•made fun of Shiro strange 16 year old phase and laughed so hard your stomach hurt, Pidge joined in
•promised to you they would never use anything new+unknown unless they know EVERYTHING about it /it’s history
•that promise was broken when it happened again
•that time you turned 29

Babysitting Together {BTS Scenario’s}


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When your best friend called you to ask if you could babysit her three-year-old daughter, you immediately said yes. When your boyfriend called to ask if you could hang out five minutes later, you decided he could just come with. 

The toddler in question was a handful. You knew how to handle her, as you’d known her her entire life, but you were glad to have some help.
Jin spent most of his time trying to make the young girl laugh. You watched with amusement as he played peek-a-boo with her. The child was almost crying because she was laughing so hard and honestly, it was the most adorable thing you had ever seen.
You had to put her to bed because she would not calm down when Jin was around. When you finally made sure she was comfortable, you walked back to your boyfriend, who was lying on the couch.
“I could get used to this, Jagi. Could you?”


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Yoongi called you in a panic. He was stuck babysitting a child he did not know how to handle, and he was pretty sick of it. 

After laughing at him over the phone for a good amount of time, you packed some stuff and drove over to the house he was babysitting at.
You walked in on your boyfriend laying on the floor, empty eyes looking at the ceiling, and a small child sitting on his stomach, bouncing up and down.
When he heard the door shut, he stood up quickly, causing the child to tumble off of him and land on the floor.
The little boy started to cry immediately and you rushed over, glaring at your boyfriend in the process.
After you took care of the boy and laid him in his bed, Yoongi and you just laid on the couch for the rest of the night.
Yoongi looked at the back of your head resting against his shoulder. “Man, children are terrible.”
You chuckled. “Not if you know how to handle them.”
He just smiled and kissed your shoulder.


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You and your boyfriend, Hoseok, had agreed to babysit your niece for the evening. You were pretty tired from work this day, but Hoseok had had the day off, and he was full of energy.

The evening consisted of you making dinner for the three of you while Hoseok and your niece were endlessly running around the house, screaming and yelling and laughing.
When dinner was ready, you all sat around the small round table and talked about small things.
You could tell that both Hoseok and your niece were starting to get tired, but neither of them was ready to admit it.
After dinner, the two kept messing around a bit, but when Hoseok started to chase after the young girl, causing her to find shelter in your arms, it only took minutes for her to fall asleep.
You decided to put her to bed, which obviously wasn’t a struggle, and walked back to the living room. You found your boyfriend fast asleep on the couch, one arm wrapped around a pillow.
You smiled and lay down beside him. You were really happy that your boyfriend went along with your family so greatly. You couldn’t wait for the day he’d actually be a part of it.

Rap Monster

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Namjoon called you from his sister’s house. He had agreed to babysit her little son but was already regretting the decision. The toddler, quote, was ‘destroying the house and my will to live, with it’. It looked like you were going to have to cancel your plans to sit in a bath for the evening and pay a visit to your boyfriend.

Namjoon opened the door more disheveled than you’d ever seen him and you had to stifle your laughter. His hair was sticking out like a mad scientist’s and his clothes were obviously tugged on too many times to count. He looked completely exhausted.
The house looked no better. Magazines were spread over the entire floor, there was a puddle of what seemed to be lemonade on the floor, and the pillows that belonged on the couch were nowhere to be seen. In the middle of the chaos sat a tiny human being, smiling like he was having the time of his life.
At this point, you couldn’t contain your laughter at the insane scene in front of you and you had to hold on to the doorpost to keep from falling to the floor.
Namjoon was awkwardly standing behind you, obviously too embarrassed to say anything.
When you calmed down a bit, you turned around and gave him a quick peck on the lips.
“Let’s get this mess cleaned up, shall we?”


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You and your boyfriend were enjoying a nice evening on the couch together when your best friend called you in a panic. Her babysitter had canceled last minute and she was supposed to be in a meeting in half an hour.

Of course, you told her she could just drop the girl off at your house. You and Jimin would keep her entertained until the meeting was over and she would be picked up again.
Sure enough, your friend showed up at your door minutes later, thanking you over and over again before leaving.
Jimin and you spent the evening watching movies while the small girl was cuddled up between you. The movies were mostly Disney, and neither of you minded. At one point during Cinderella, you heard soft snores coming out of the girl’s mouth and you both awed out loud.
When you looked up from the toddler you saw Jimin staring at you. He leaned in and kissed you softly.
“I love this,” he whispered, “and I could get used to this.”


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Taehyung had agreed to come babysit with you the second you asked him. It was no secret he loved children and you could use some company other than your older brother’s three-year-old son. 

As expected, your nephew was completely fascinated by your boyfriend, and your boyfriend by him.
You felt like the luckiest girl in the world while playing games with Tae and your nephew. He was just so.. sweet with the little boy, and it was obvious that he already loved the boy, despite just having met him.
Your nephew insisted that Taehyung would bring him to bed and tuck him in. You didn’t mind and just waited for your boyfriend’s return on the couch.
Taehyung walked into the living room with the biggest smile on his face. He felt as though he had been enchanted by the little kid. He had always known he wanted kids, but after spending the evening with you and a child, he was even surer.
The moment he saw you on the couch, he couldn’t contain himself and walked over, bending over you before kissing you gently. His hand cupped your face as you shifted slightly, making it easier for him to lean over your small figure. The kiss was sweet and gentle and the both of you made no move to deepen it, it was just right for the moment.
“Y/N,” Tae murmured against your lips, “I love you so much.”
You’d heard him say the words before but they still made your insides chutter.
“I love you, too, Tae. So, so much.”


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It was Jungkook’s first time babysitting, and to say he was nervous was an understatement. The fact that the child he’d be babysitting didn’t know him at all didn’t help the matter. It seemed only logical to him to call you. Of course, you decided to help your boyfriend out and show him some of the tricks you’d learned in your years of experience with babysitting.

You arrived a bit late, half an hour or so, and the scene you saw when you walked through the door surprised you.
Jungkook was laying on the couch with the toddler in his arms. Both were sound asleep.
The sight was the most adorable thing you’d ever seen and you couldn’t help but take some photos.
After you’d taken at least forty pictures, you decided to make some dinner for when the two would wake up.
When they didn’t you walked over to the couch and kissed Jungkooks forehead lightly. He stirred a bit, and you giggled.
“Looks like you didn’t need much help, after all.” You smiled at him.
He looked up at you and kissed your lips gently.
“Maybe not, but I’m still glad you came.”

baby- an imagine

a/n: im gay and i want to get married and have a baby and this is a writing piece about it. also try to reblog cos that helps stuff get shared n stuff. im also new so if you wanna follow hmu

“We always, we always, we always have a story,” you heard, your wife’s voice lulling the crying infant to sleep, and almost, almost succeeding. Leaning on the doorframe, your silhouette all that she can see, for light spilled in behind you. Your little girl was crying, and keep their new adoptive mothers up all night and somehow find a way to not have it even irritate them.

You come behind her, kissing her bare shoulder that’s poked out from her tank top, and her smile is genuine. You both haven’t slept in hours, both because of the crying and also because your daughter was a sight, and you were in awe of how gorgeous she was, her little breaths and her little sighs and her button nose- you can’t believe she’s yours.

She’s got tufts of brown hair, puffs over her head and her skin was soft and the warm brown you knew you’d love to see for the rest of your life. She’s lovely. She’s breathtaking. She’s the most beautiful thing you’d ever considered yourself tove. She’s yours.

A lot of people, (assholes) say that she’s not, that you didn’t make her so she’s not, and the thing is- you get it. She’s not made up of your DNA. She’s someone else’s, in that regard. She didn’t grow in your tummy.

But she’s yours, she became yours when you touched her tiny finger and she trusted you completely, relied on you for everything, trusted you to be her shepherd through life. She had big eyes that were brown and soft and sweet and you could swear they looked just like your wife.

You’re young to be adopting- only in your mid 20’s- and you hadn’t been looking for a baby at the moment. Your wife volunteered at a planned parenthood on the weekends, and she’d known a high schooler who’d gotten pregnant and was planning to put the child in the foster system.

And the love of your life, coming home frenzied on a Sunday, saying that she knows it’s crazy but you have a room and you have love and you’re married and you’d talked about kids and-

And you looked her in the eyes, you looked at the woman you would dedicate your life to in a second, that you did dedicate it to her, and she looked at you, eyes blown and you knew that fuck it, you wanted kids, you had a home, you had a wife, and this could be the time.

That leads you to here, where your daughter was finally falling asleep in your wife’s arms, and her voice is still the lovely thing that made you fall in love with her in the first place. She looks lovely, her hair falling over her cheeks and the streetlights pouring in the light on the woman you adore, and her looking at the bundle of joy in her arms like she was the most precious thing in the world.

Three girls in the home, you thought, a smile playing on your lips.

She laughed, kissing you, and you smile into it, and it’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous that you’re kissing your wife with your daughter near.

3 years ago, if someone told you that you’d be sitting here, with a gorgeous, breathtaking woman holding a child you raise together, you’d have thought they were lying. Another one of those  people promising that shit gets better to make you feel better.  

But you’re sitting in here, with a little bundle in her crib, a ring on your finger, and lips tingling and her arms around you, eyes droopy from lack of sleep.

“I love you,” she smiles, lips against your cheek, fingers twining with yours. She says it like she doesn’t expect you to say anything back. She says it like it’s a fundamental truth to her, like the most beautiful and true thing in her life is to love you, and your heart swells because loving her is the thing she loves most in the world. Loving her is the thing you feel honored to do.

She looks stunning, even with her eyes tired and her fingers trembling with nerves of the momentousness of having a baby to raise.

You didn’t say yes to having her because it made sense on paper. You didn’t say yes because you had a home. You didn’t say yes because she wanted to, or because you thought that’s what married people do.

You said yes because when you looked at your wife, you saw what you always do.

You saw the girl you would dedicate your whole life to, the woman you wanted to build the world to make her smile, and you saw the only person you wanted to share the most incredible quest you’ll ever do. You couldn’t think of anyone you’d rather have a family with.

And here you were, the three of you, her humming under her breath to keep her baby asleep, and you were one.

A family.

Your family.

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k Rae I'm too shy to say this personally but I saw you're taking requests.... I really wanna see how you would write toddler Kakashi and Sakumo. doing anything. On another note: this sounds like a Tumblr Compliment™ but you're seriously my favorite author and 100% my tumblr crush <3

Alright first: *crooks finger* Don’t be shy. I’ve got a lot of love to give and certainly some of it can be yours for the low, low price of saying hello!

Second: Daaaaaaamn yes I have to write this, good shit, 10/10

Third: *blushes uncontrollably* ^___^


Sometimes it almost frightened Sakumo just how fast his child was growing. Folk remarked to him all the time how smart his little boy was, how independent and advanced for his age. Kakashi had been called a genius and a prodigy and the hope of his generation. 

To Sakumo, he was simply ‘my son’. It was a wonder that people seemed to forget that so easily. 

There were other times, however, when it was very clear that Kakashi was still naught but a small child watching the world through eyes full of wonder. When he stared up at his father with reverence and adoration in his expression, cooing and clapping as the older man let white chakra dance across his knuckles, he looked less like a blooming genius and more like a nearly-two-year-old toddler. Those were the moments that Sakumo treasured the most.


Moments like these, when Kakashi stuck out his foot and pointed imperiously at his laces like a tiny emperor demanding to be tended to. Sakumo grinned. 

“Would you like me to tie your laces for you, Pup?” he asked, bending down and reaching for the bitty little foot being offered to him. Kakashi scowled and shook his finger. 

“Uh-uh!” he denied. “Ah!” He pointed again with an insistence noise. 

“Use your words, Kakashi. I don’t know what it is you want.” 


Sakumo blinked at the foot in his hand, barely bigger than his scarred palm, then back up at his son. Sharp gray eyes watched him over top of the cute green scarf he’d given his boy as a birthday present. It hadn’t been taken off since and it made his chest feel warm every time he saw it.  

“You want me to teach you how to tie your shoes?” Kakashi nodded, his imperious expression falling away in favor of a big smile. “Oh. Alright then. Why don’t you sit over here then?”

“Sit!” Kakashi took his foot back and hopped closer, sitting on the stool next to the front door which never got used.

“Okay, I’ll show you once and then I’ll talk you through it yourself, okay?” Sakumo waited for his son to nod before taking the loose red laces in his hands. “The first thing you do is make sure they’re pulled nice and tight. Then you make puppy ears in each string and tie them together in a knot. Do you remember how to make a knot?” Kakashi nodded, eyes trained avidly on what was happening before him. “Good. Now we sing the song. Over, under, around, and through! Meet Mr. Puppy Dog, pull and through!

Kakashi clapped and giggled in delight, crowing, “Puppy! Puppy!”

“Your turn, Pup!”

Kakashi’s tiny hands were reaching for the strings before Sakumo had finished speaking, picking them up eagerly and trying to make his fingers dance the way his father’s had so easily. He struggled to form small loops on either side, wiggling them back and forth like flapping ears, then looked up at Sakumo with an expectant expression.

“Sing, Tōsan!” he demanded. Sakumo laughed and obliged.

Over, under, around, and through! Meet Mr. Puppy Dog, pull and through!”

The older man watched in amazement as his son completed a clumsy knot on his first try, pulling the loops tight as he finished then fluttering both feet in the air and throwing his hands up above his head.


“Yay!” Sakumo clapped his hands in celebration. “You did good Pup! And on your first try, too!”

He opened his arms in invitation and Kakashi launched himself inside his embrace, snuggling up to his chest the way he never did if there were other people there watching.

Yes, his son was sometimes so smart that it was scary. He might be a genius and learn faster than any other child his age outside of the Nara clan. He might even be just a little too perceptive for someone who until now hadn’t even known how to tie his own shoelaces.

But he was also only two years old. He was oddly articulate and yet still preferred to speak one word at a time. He giggled and cuddled and sometimes slept with his thumb stuck between his teeth. No matter what anybody else called him he would always be first, and foremost, Sakumo’s little boy.


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Calum’s hand hesitated when it reached out for yours. His nervousness was cute and to make him feel better you grabbed his hand in return. It was only the third date and according to Calum, the appropriate time for you two to hold hands. His hands were clammy and a bit sweaty. You didn’t mind it thought knowing it was just from his nervousness. Calum couldn’t stop the grin from spreading about his face as he realized your hands fit together perfectly.


Calloused hands, thin and tattooed fingers. You had studied these hands for a year now. Fingertips tracing over the palm of his hand and memorizing were each line began and stopped. Calum had put a lot of strain on his hands. Indents on his fingers from the strings of his bass guitar. Whenever you were together, you had made it a mission to lotion his hands and massage them. Calum never mind when you would do this. Secretly liking the fact that you had an obsession with his hands. 


The hands were much tinier compared to Calum’s. Soft to touch and little as can be. He had seen babies before, but he had never seen them this small. So tiny that he was scared to hold him. The infant’s tiny hand could only wrap around Calum’s pinky finger. It had to be the most adorable thing he’s ever witnessed. Looking up at you with a look of excitement and wondering if you were seeing what he saw. You didn’t expect him to take so well to your nephew. Calum cooing at the child and admiring the tiny hands and feet. He loved it. 


Your hands were always so cold. It didn’t matter what the weather was your hands would always be freezing. Calum found it unusual how your whole body could be warm yet your hands would still be cold. This quirk about you never stopped him from holding your hands. He took comfort in the fact that only he could warm you up. Calum was your heater and you found it amusing how he would jump in shock each time you placed your cold hands on a part of his warm skin.


It was times like these that made Calum happy. Both your hands just gently playing with one another’s. Being able to touch never meant anything until Calum met you. He liked touching you, both sensually and playfully. You made him admire the little things in life and appreciate being able to experience so much. Hands were something he didn’t really account for yet he used them every single day and Calum was grateful to have his hands and hold yours at the same time.   

Unconcealed: Part 2

Unconcealed: Part 2

Word count: 7.3k

Genre: smut, angst

There will be and epilogue to this. Hope you enjoy, it does get a little angsty. I almost cried while writing one part, haha. 

(Gif not mine)

Part one

You and Taehyung had been secretly seeing each other for three months now. He would sneak into your apartment some nights and stay over, sometimes you’d go to his house and sneak in. Although Taehyung didn’t like the fact that you two were sneaking around but he had such strong feelings for you he did whatever you wanted with no second thought. He knew it was to hide from your roommate but he also thought this had something to do with the fact that you hadn’t been in a relationship since Will. He didn’t want to bring it up. He knew he should but he was so head over heels for you he didn’t want to ruin anything.

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Imagine mornings with Chris.

A/N: Hey hey, I told you there was no break. I hope you’re excited to read Chapter 5, ‘cause I’m really excited for y'all to read it! 😁 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, 'Little Ways Away’, 'She Said Yes’, and 'Miss Graduate’ - Masterlist)

Birds chirped outside the bedroom window as the sun rose over the horizon, arousing Chris from his sleep. He lifted his head and looked at the clock hanging on the wall, groaning when he realized it was only 6:03AM. His head fell back on his pillow and he turned towards you. Just as he was about to succumb to sleep again, he caught your pretty face in his sight and he decided he’d much rather watch you sleep. He tucked his hand under his face and smiled at the memory of how last night was spent. There was pizza by the fireplace while the two of you discussed and planned wedding details, and after- well, dessert, sweet kisses, and then some. It came as no surprise that things between the two of you when it came to romance and bedroom activities had doubled since you started planning the wedding; the post-engagement glow that had been put on the back burner had resurfaced now that the wedding was actually happening. Man, oh man, were things between you and Chris better than ever.

Chris reached his hand forward and gently pushed your hair out of your face, whispering softly, “not long now, Y/N.” He leaned forward and gently kissed your forehead before settling back in his original position, admiring his future bride with a great deal of satisfaction.

You woke shortly after he did due to his soft whispering and tender actions, you peeked at him and bit back your smile when you saw him smiling at you. “I know you’re my fiancé and you love me, but it doesn’t make waking up to your staring any less creepy.” You teased and he chuckled, turning onto his back with his head still facing you. “What time is it?” You asked mid yawn, stretching out your limbs.

“Time to get started on our day, I suppose.” He rested one hand on his chest and he yawned when he saw you yawn again. “Didn’t you say we’ve got wedding cakes to taste today?” He quizzed and you sighed, noising confirmation. “What’s with the sigh?” He chuckled. “We’re going to four of the best bakeries in Los Angeles to eat cake, all kinds of cake. If you ask me, I think it’s going to be a very yummy day.”

“I know it is,” you sighed again as you sat up. You remembered how excited you were when you told Chris about the cake tasting plans, you stomach practically growled when you saw the email responses from each bakery. But for some unknown reason, you weren’t excited now. In fact, just thinking about tasting cake- any kind of cake- made you feel like hurling. “But- I don’t know, Chris,” you turned back to him and he sat up, looking concerned. “I feel weird, I’m just-” you licked your dry lips. “I don’t really feel like cake.”

“That’s okay,” his hand rubbed your back soothingly. “You don’t have to eat much, just a bite of each.” As soon as he suggested that, you felt yourself make a face. Your mouth became dry and your cheeks and jaw sore, like it was preparing you to puke. “That is- um,” he chuckled then pursed his lips together at your expression. “That is not a face you want to see before you taste cakes.” Every time he said the word 'cake’, you felt your stomach churn. “Do you want me to call the bakeries and postpone the cake tasting?”

“Please stop saying the word 'cake’,” you begged as you were starting to feel a little lightheaded just thinking about what your day was going to be like. “And no, because we can’t postpone. We have so much to do and so little time, we can’t afford to lose this meeting. It’s already the middle of July, Chris, and we haven’t even gotten quarter of the way through the list. You haven’t even sorted out your wedding party, you’ve just got Scott and Sebastian so far.”

“To be fair, neither have you.” He pointed out then winced at your deadpan expression. “What? I’m just saying you’ve only got Ava as your maid of honor, so technically- I’m ahead by one person.” You grabbed your pillow and whacked him with it, making him laugh and yourself smile. “Relax, we’ve got plenty of time. On the bright side, our band is sorted already.” Your smile widened as you shook your head. That was such a tactic, every time you looked like you were about to flip out he’d remind you that, “Ed Sheeran is coming to sing for us” knowing very well it’d calm you.

“In my defense, I don’t have a lot of girl friends. I’ve got Ava, and Corrie- who’s living in Japan. She said she’ll attend the wedding, but she can’t be apart of the bridal party 'cause work has got her pretty tied up. Then there’s my brother’s ex-girlfriend, Isabelle, who I should have known better than to grow close with. It’s not like I can invite her to the wedding, do we want a huge cat fight between his ex and his current?” You asked then answered yourself, “no, we do not.” You ran a hand through your hair, wishing you could just have Ava and not a whole party. “Do you think Carly and Shanna would be apart of my bridal party if I asked?”

“Of course, baby. They love you and they’d be more than happy to be your bridesmaids.” He smiled when you smiled. “I’ll even let you have Tara if you want, I don’t need to get her to be a grooms-woman. I think she’d have a much better time with you ladies.” You smiled, kissing his cheek. “So relax, okay?” He took your hand and squeezed it. “Bridal party or not, we’re still going to get married. And if things get too chaotic, we do what Jim and Pam did in The Office. Okay?”

“Okay,” you giggled.

“Okay,” he chuckled and pulled his hand away, climbing out of bed. “I’m going to go get cleaned up first so I can sort Dodger’s breakfast out while you do your thing, then we can head out for the day.  I think we can skip breakfast considering you look like you can barely handle a bite of cake.” You nodded in agreement as he headed for the ensuite. “Okay then,” he glanced back at you, smiling. “We’ve got our game plan, now let’s hustle.”

“I can’t do anything until you finish up in there,” you reminded him, laying back down.

“I know, but don’t fall asleep,” he teasingly warned before he closed the ensuite door behind him.

The second the shower started running, he started singing. You smiled, letting your eyelids close. But before you could let yourself drift off, Dodger came barreling in and pounced on you. “Dodger!” You laughed when he licked your face. “Oh my God, stop!” You squirmed under him, laughing hysterically as he continued to attack your face with kisses. “Oh bud,” you ran a hand over his head, smiling when he stopped to look at you with a tilted head. “Aren’t you a romantic? Giving me kisses so early in the morning.”

Dodger barked in your face, causing you to flinch then laugh. He settled in front of you and gently rested his head on your belly. You smiled and stroked his fur, from his head to his tail. He was a handsome one, that boy, and such a sweet and protective fella; much like Chris. You sat up and leaned forward, kissing the top of his head. Chris came out of the steamy bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, smiling when he saw you and Dodger.

“Forgot my underwear,” he told you then was about to walk over to scratch Dodger’s head when Dodger lifted his head and growled at him. “Whoa, bud,” he stopped in his tracks and held up his hands in surrender. “What’s with him?” He asked you and you shrugged with furrowed brows, kissing Dodger’s head as he settled his head back on your belly. “I see how it is, a pretty girl comes into our lives and you turn on me?” You laughed, playing with Dodger’s ears. “Fine, be that way. Don’t come to me when you want to go on a run, she won’t take you running.”

“I can take him walking,” you defended your distaste of running. “Can’t I, bud?” You cooed in Dodger’s face and he licked your cheek. “Don’t be jealous, babe.” You teased Chris when he squinted at the both of you evilly. “You know we’ve got love in our hearts for you, slightly deeper down.” You laughed when he rolled his eyes, walking back into the ensuite and closing the door behind him. “He’s such a baby,” you whispered into Dodger’s ear, giggling. “I am so glad I’ve got you, I wouldn’t know how to handle him on my own.”

Dodger nudged his nose into your hand and you smiled, scratching his head. You loved Dodger as much as you loved Chris, sometimes more than you loved Chris because he’d never do anything to annoy or piss you off. Chris knew this and he used Dodger to his advantage when he got into fights with you, tying notes to Dodger’s collar and sending him to find you. It was pretty cute and you always cracked after seeing Dodger’s adorable face. But then again, it didn’t take long for you to crack at Chris’ adorable face either. You were weak when it came to those two, just like Chris was weak when it came to the two of you.

It would be interesting to see what would happen when the time came for the two of you to become parents. You always saw yourself as the bad cop to Chris’ good cop when you wrote, you both agreed he’d be a pushover when your first child came along. Be it a little man or a little princess- he’d waited too long for a child to be strict with him or her. You’d most likely have to be the one to do the disciplining, though knowing your soft heart- you wouldn’t be able to be the strict and authoritative parent you’d imagined yourself to be. But that was a long way down the road, not something either of you had to worry about now. Now, the only child you had to worry about was your fiancé because even Dodger was more mature than Chris. Chris, who was once again walking out of the steamy bathroom with just a towel, because he’d realized the pair of underwear he’d taken was yours and not his.

“Nice hair,” you commented, trying not to laugh at Chris’ wet and deliberately spiked up hair; the kind of hairstyle you’d do to a two year old when you gave them a bath. He winked and reentered the bathroom, closing the door behind him again. “So much more mature,” you chuckled into Dodger’s fur when you gave him another kiss.

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Part 2

Babysitters - Simon

Warnings: None 

 Words: 1.4k 

 Requested: You and Simon are baby sitting and at first he’s a bit reluctant to go because babies are messy but when he gets there he has a good time and the baby is the cutest thing and he sees you being really motherly and he realises is what he wants in his future is eventually seeing you with your kids and then he gets really clingy and cuddles you and the baby a lot and then when yous are home he’s still clingy and you ask why and he explains and it’s just cute and cuddly with lots of kisses, ily & ty



 "Do I have to come" Simon moaned as you dragged him to the car 

 "Yes, I told them you were going to help me so therefore you are" Your friend had asked you if you could babysit her child, Rosie for a couple of hours while they go to dinner with their parents, so obviously you agreed and decided to drag Simon along 

 "I’m not good with kids" he moaned as your started up the car 

 "You’ll be fine" you laughed shaking your head at his behavior and pulling off of the drive and making your way to your friends house
 Arriving there you knocked on the door being greeted with your friend, Jess 

 "Y/N I’m so glad you could do this" she spoke as she let you and Simon in the door “Mike and Rosie are in there” she pointed to the door that brought you to the living room 

 "Hey, we are gonna head off now" Mike spoke standing up and greeting you and Simon “we will be back at around 10 don’t hesitate to call us if something is wrong” and with that they left
 You walked over to Rosie and picked her up, her clinging onto you as you walked over to Simon 

 "Are you not gonna say hello?“ You laughed looking up at him 

 "I don’t know how to speak to a child” he responded with an awkward look on his face and Rosie stared him down 

 "Simon she’s 3 she’s not a danger she will speak back to you" you laughed once more setting her back down on the floor as Simon sat on the sofa She walked over to him and smiled, standing front of him 

 "Hi" she giggled before attempting to climb the sofa and sit next to him, failing making Simon laugh and pick her up placing her next to him
“I’m Rosie” she spoke giggling again sticking her hand out to shake his
“what’s your name?”

“I’m Simon” he spoke laughing and shaking her hand 

 "I like your hair, it’s funny" she giggled again when he pulled a fake hurt expression 

 "That was rude" he spoke laughing, putting a hand on his chest to pretended to be offended 

 "I’m sorry" she said and leaned over to wrap her arms around his neck and hug him making Simon look up at you and his lips curve up into a small smile whilst he hugged her back 

 "Right so you want to watch a movie" you said, laughing at Rosie’s attachment to Simon as she nodded still clinging onto him 

 "What shall we watch?“ Simon asked her as she sat next to him and grabbed onto his arm 

 "MOANA” she shouted in Simons ear causing you to giggle 

 "Go and put your Pyjamas on while we get it ready" you said as she let go of Simon and giggled her way out of the room 

 "I think she likes you" you spoke laughing whilst setting up the film 

 "She’s cute" he replied standing up and wrapping his arms around you from behind, you leaning back into him closing your eyes after you set the film up

 "Still dreading this?“ You asked giggling

 "I mean it’s not as bad as I thought” he said laughing to himself 

 "I told you she’s 3, she wouldn’t harm you" you wiggled out of his grip after that and sat on the sofa, him sitting next to you and wrapping his arms around you “She’s gonna wanna sit next to you when she comes back” you cuddled your head into his neck 

 "You can live without touching me for a few hours" he laughed
 You laughed as Rosie came back into the room and jumped in between the two of you 

 "Ready?“ You spoke as you made room for her in between you 

 "Yes” she giggled cuddling back into Simon making a smile appear on his face and the film started You spent most of the time in silence apart from laughs that happened and Rosie singing to every song showing that she had watched it many times before
 About halfway through you noticed a silence in the room and looked down to see both Rosie and Simon asleep cuddled into each other, your phone began vibrating so you paused the film and left the room 

 "Jess" you said as you answered the phone 

 "Hey I was just calling up to check how things are going" she spoke through the phone making you laugh slightly 

 "Well we are watching a film and they’ve both fallen asleep" she laughed at your words 

 "We will be back soon" she laughed again and you said your goodbyes and hung up going back into the living room
You took a picture before waking Simon up 

 "Si" you whispered sitting on the arm of the chair and shaking him slightly trying not to wake Rosie 

 "Hmm?“ He murmured rubbing his eyes and looking at you 

 "You both feel asleep, Jess and Mike will be back soon so I think we should put her to bed” you whispered once more, running your hand through his hair causing a lazy smile to appear on his face
 He stood up carefully with Rosie in his arms and began to walk up stairs with her, you following behind as he walked into her room and placed her in her bed as her eyes opened slightly 

 "Are you leaving?“ She asked looking up between you and Simon 

 "Soon, mommy and daddy are on there way home they will be back soon” you spoke sitting on one side of her bed as Simon sat on the other 

 "Oh okay" she frowned slightly 

 "We will come back and visit you soon" you spoke again making a smile grow on her face 

 "Both of you?“ She asked excitedly 

 "Yes” Simon replied laughing at how excited she was
 "now go to sleep otherwise mommy and daddy will tell us off" He finished by tucking her in and and stroking a hand through her hair 

 "Night Rosie" you both said getting a 

 "Night" back from her as you both left her room and made your way back into the living room sitting on the sofa again 

 "That was ridiculous cute" you spoke as you cuddled into Simon 

 "What was?“ He asked, running a hand down your arm 

 "You with Rosie” you replied making him smile and place a kiss on your head

 "I don’t Know what I was so worried about" he laughed 

 "Neither do i" you replied back turning around to place a short kiss on his lips before hearing the front door open and close and two voices appear in front of you 

 "Thank you so much for having her" Mike said looking between the both of you  

“It wasn’t a bother, we enjoyed it” Simon replied before pulling you to stand up with him 

 "We’ve got to get going now" you spoke up smiling to the both of them before you all said your goodbyes and you and Simon headed out the door towards your car, Simon didn’t say much on the way home other than humming to a song that was playing on the radio or simply just sending you a smile 
Once you got back to The Sidemen house you went up to his room and both of you got into bed once you were ready 

 "You okay?“ You asked cuddling into him again 

 "Yeah I’ve just been thinking” he replied pulling you closer to him  


 "About us, you, our future" 

 "What’s put you in the mood to do that then?“ 

 "Well seeing you with Rosie today really opened my eyes, she is adorable and It made me think about how I want to have a child with the right person when I’m ready and I feel like that person is you” he spoke, turning you so you were facing him a smile growing on your face as he spoke 

 "You see a future with me?“ You asked, your smile uncontrollable 

 "I couldn’t see a future without you, after seeing you today with Rosie i knew that you were the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, who I wanted to mother my children and most of all who I am in love with” he spoke again leaning forward to kiss you softly 

 "Knowing you see and feel that way about me makes my heart just flutter" you said making him laugh abit
 "But I couldn’t imagine mine without you either, I love you Simon" 

 "I love you too baby" he spoke closing his eyes and kissing you again before you both drifted off to sleep

try again {part v}


i. ii. iii. iv.

word count: 1,293

I await Shawn’s arrival and eventually my impatience got the best of me. An hour had passed with no word from him and I grew nervous. He never left the house for this long without telling me. I decided to call him to see what was going on. I dialed his number and waited for an answer.

“Hey baby, what’s up?” Shawn’s chirpy voice finally answered after ringing four times. I could hear the faint strumming of a guitar in the background. I figured he was probably at the studio after hearing the guitar, but was still curious anyways.

“Where are you?” I asked, a little worried.

“Oh, shit. I forgot to tell you. I wrote a song and I wanted to come to the studio to record it as soon as I wrote it. I’m so sorry.” He apologized.

“It’s alright, I was just worried.”

“How was your doctor’s appointment?” Shawn asked me. His interest in everything I did was something else I loved about Shawn. Even if it was just a simple doctor’s appointment, Shawn wanted to know how it was. Except this appointment wasn’t a simple or a normal one, but Shawn didn’t know otherwise.

“It was good, I’ll tell you more when you get home.” I promised. We continued talking about our day so far. Shawn was finally on his way home by the end of our phone call. I was getting so excited about telling him and then I realized I hadn’t even thought out how I was going to do it.

Do I just tell him, blurt it out? ‘Hey love, we’re having a baby!’ Or do I need to do something extremely sweet and surprise him? 'You know, Father’s Day is coming up, I think we should go out and celebrate.’ Shawn would probably say, 'Why would we celebrate Father’s Day?’ And I would respond with ‘Because you’re going to be a father.’ No, that’s too cheesy. But what do I need to do?

By the time I heard Shawn pull up, I had decided how I was going to tell him. I took in a long, deep breath and prepared myself. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was preparing myself for. Shawn would be excited no matter how I broke the news to him. There was no way I could screw this up. Shawn walked in the door looking stressed and I knew that would cause my plan to work even better. He gently set his guitar down in the foyer then walked to the kitchen. He sighed softly while running his fingers through his thick, curly hair. He really needed a haircut. The long hair wasn’t much of a dad look.

“What’s wrong?” I asked when he sat down on one of the stools.

“When I got to the studio the song didn’t sound as good as I thought it did so we had to do some tweaking. Nothing major.” He admitted. I looked at him from across the kitchen while he clenched his jaw and looked down at the marble counter top. He looked exhausted from his day’s work. He said he had left right after I did and he just now got home. He spent a whopping six hours working on a song and recording it.

“Want a drink?” I said. His answer was yes so I started pouring him a drink. I walked towards Shawn with his drink in my hand and not one for myself, for obvious reasons. I sat it down in front of Shawn and rubbed his back lovingly. I felt every ridge of his muscular back and in my mind, admired it.

“Are you not going to drink anything? Not even some wine?” Shawn asked. I shook my head while scrunching my nose up out of disgust. He probably thought I was sick, I rarely ever turn down wine.

“I can’t.” I told him. I waited for him to catch on and could barely hide a smile that was forming on my lips.

“What do you mean you can’t? Don’t you mean you don’t want to?”

“No, I can’t drink.” I told him once again. The fact that he was tired was probably why he hadn’t figured it out yet. I wanted to just blurt it out. ‘I’m pregnant, you idiot! Why haven’t you caught on yet?’

“Why not?” He now looked confused and had his hand resting on my waist, rubbing slowly. Shawn rubbing my hips and my waist would be something that was rare once he I told him the news. He would always be caressing my stomach from now on and I was sure of it. I pecked his lips quickly a few times, tasting the faint, undeniable flavor of liquor. I prepared myself to tell Shawn the best news I would ever tell him. I smiled while inhaling then exhaling deeply.

“I’m pregnant.” I breathed out against his lips. I closed my eyes and waited for his reaction while my forehead rested against Shawn’s. I waited for Shawn to smile, to hug me just a little too tight, and kiss me.

“You’re pregnant? You’re really pregnant?” Shawn inquired, looking happier than a child on Christmas morning. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me in a hug.

“I’m really pregnant, Shawn.” I told him. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me sweetly. His lips pressed against mine over and over again. During multiple kisses, our teeth hit one another’s because we couldn’t control the smile we were both wearing.

“I love you.” Shawn kept repeating in between kisses. After pulling away from my lips, he lowered himself down and knelt in front of me. “And I love you just as much.” He said while kissing my stomach softly just once.

“I love you too.” I spoke. This was really happening. Shawn and I were finally having a baby after so many years of wanting one. We were finally starting a family.

“So what about names?” Shawn asked excitedly while we were laying in bed later that night. I chuckled lightly and rolled over to face Shawn. His arm was slung over my waist as soon as I was facing him.

“Babe, we don’t even know the gender yet. Don’t you think it’s a little too early for names?” I stroked his cheek with my thumb while staring into his huge caramel colored eyes, a trait I hoped our baby would inherit. To be quite honest, I hoped our baby looked just like Shawn. A mini Shawn would be the most adorable child on earth.

“It’s never too early for names.” Shawn scoffed jokingly. “If it’s a girl, I like Addison. Addison Mendes.”

“I like Addison too.” I agreed. Shawn already seemed more creative with names than I was. We would probably change our mind on names dozens of times though.

“And we could call her Addie for short.” Shawn smiled and I smiled too. We were both so exuberantly happy about being parents.

“What about for a boy?” I asked. Shawn thought hard about it.

“I like Oliver, and we could call him Ollie?” Shawn said. Shawn and I both looked at each other for a moment before making facial expressions that showed we didn’t like it. “Okay, babe.” Shawn laughed while kissing my forehead.

“When is your first doctor’s appointment?” Shawn asked. I told him the time of the appointment I had scheduled earlier today. “I’ll be there.”

“But won’t you have a show? Or a photoshoot, something?” I wondered.

“I do, but you and our baby are more important.” The baby was only the size of a little bean and Shawn was already an amazing father. I absolutely could not wait to raise this child with him.

Lipstick stains | Wonho (2)

Genre: fluff

Synopsis: Blond hair and pouty lips pulled into an insanely attractive smile but the first thing you notice on his face are lipstick stains.

Author’s note: finally~ sorry for such a long wait.

It has become a routine for you and your best friend to meet up every Sunday morning for breakfast or brunch. It began when you were children. It initially started off as study date together but now it has become almost like a tradition. So you are here at a newly opened cafe near your studio. Sipping your latte in disappointment. Not too long ago, your best friend texted you saying that she couldn’t make it because her boss has called her into work extra hours as a punishment for leaving early from work on Friday. A sigh left your lips as you scroll mindlessly on phone with a bored expression. If you would’ve known that your friend was going ditch you today, you would’ve bought your sketchbook or a novel to read. Since this cafe opened not so long ago near your studio, you come here very often. The unique interior caught your attention and your love the desserts they serve. You’d spend your mornings here just relaxing before going to your studio.

Another sigh left your lips as your eyes shift to your untouched slice raspberry cheesecake then back to your phone. You want to tell your best friend about Hoseok. She sounded so excited when you had told her about how you had a little adventure after you left the bar. Ugh. You hate her boss!


You were reading an article on your phone when the chair across from you scrapes against the floor, causing you to jolt and break your focus. Startled, you look up. Wide eyes and mouth agape as blond hair and handsome face with an attractive smile came into view. “Wonho!” you stare at him surprised as he chuckles at your reaction and waves at you. You weren’t expecting to see him here.

“What are you doing here?” you ask, keeping your phone aside and leaning forward. You tried to stop a smile from dancing on your lips.

“This means my gut feeling is right!” Hoseok ignores your question and smirks at you. You lean back into your chair and narrow your eyes suspiciously at him “Too soon. I think you’re stalking me” you tried to smirk back but it just turned into a smile. You’d be lying if you said you said you aren’t happy to see him. He ran his fingers through his blond hair. They look so soft and fluffy. “Or maybe it’s just destiny that brought us together” He winks at you. You pull a face at his cheesy line and shook your head.

You let your eyes scan Hoseok. His blond hair looks prettier and brighter in the daylight.  You can see his face a lot clearer now under the bright light. Hoseok is very handsome. Or more like drop dead gorgeous. You have seen tons of handsome men but Hoseok beats them all. He’s stunning. His warm coffee brown eyes set on you and his pouty pink lips pulled into a beautiful smile. This attire is different from before. White formal shirt and black pants replaced with a casual black oversized hoodie and denim jeans.

“Are you here alone?” Hoseok asks, his resting his pretty face on his sweater paws that were tugged under his chin. “I was supposed to be here with a friend but not anymore,” You tell him. He could see the disappointment that flashed on your face for a brief moment.

“Rubbish” Hoseok snorts and you look at him confused. Did he just snort at you?  “I’m here” He adds with a wide grin and then wiggles his eyebrows at you, his hand gesturing his glorious presence. You roll your eyes and shook your head “You’re not my friend” you say but Hoseok ignores you again. He leans forward scoops a spoonful of your raspberry cheesecake and shoves it in his mouth. Chewing on it blissfully, Hoseok points the spoon at you and gives you a shit eating grin “I am now” and you couldn’t help but laugh.

You met Hoseok so often you began thinking he was actually following you. Turns out the manager of the cafe, Kihyun is Hoseok’s friend and he also works near your studio. Coïncidence. You also began to learn about Hoseok. Shin Hoseok is 23-year-old gym trainer in the morning and works as a host in the nights. He used to be roommates with Kihyun but now he lives in alone in his apartment.

The other things you learnt about Hoseok is that he’s vanilla. He’s not what he looks like. Shin Hoseok is a 5-year-old stuck in a man’s body. The smallest things get him excited and giddy like a child. He cries about almost everything, He cries when he talks about his family and friend and cries every time you mention your mother who passed away when you were 14. Hoseok is kind and caring. He’s the sweetest and the most adorable person you’ve ever met. He loves his friends and family a with all his heart, seeing them upset makes him upset too and he’ll do anything to make them happy. You always have to double take to see whether this is the same flirty Hoseok who took you home that night.

When Hoseok is not being a grown man in a bunny suit, he fucks around. In all literal sense. He walks into your studio covered in bruises and smelling like different women every morning. He doesn’t remember the name of half of the girls he has slept with. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve walked into him making out with some random girl at the bar and you have to drag his ass home because he’s drunk out of his mind. You guessed this is the Wonho side of him.

When you asked him why he works at the host club when being a gym trainer pays him well, he has said that he enjoys making women happy. You didn’t ask him anything after that and he didn’t look like he wants to answer any more questions about it. Shin Hoseok is also a kind of man that does not believe in relationships and commitments. He says he likes to be free and doesn’t want to be tied down.

Another thing you have learnt is that he treats you differently. He calls you his closest friend and around you, he can be himself without worrying about being called over sensitive. You never understood why anyone would want to call him any of that because you love spending time with him no matter what he does. He makes you happy and brings the best out of you. He’s an amazing person and you know you can rely on him. Something you don’t usually do.

“So how your daddy dearest search for a suitor going?” Hoseok asks. He was currently devouring the fruits in the fruit basket you always keep in your studio. You looked up from your sketchbook and grinned “Horrible” you replied.

Hoseok guides you to get rid of the assholes your father sets you up with, without making it look as though you rejected them. Recently he told you to take your blind date to the nightclub. The next day you found your blind date sleeping naked next to the handsome bartendender from the club. He told you it was love at first sight and now you have become his friend that helped him find the love of his life. It was such an entertainment for you. Hoseok has become your life saviour.

“When is your father going to stop?” He pops a grape into his mouth and leans forward to take a peek of what you’re drawing. His lips pull into a wide grin. You’re drawing him. You sigh and then went back to your sketchbook “Hard to tell. Probably if I date a guy he absolutely despises” you said matter-a-factly as you watch Hoseok pop another grape into his mouth chewed it happily. You make a mental note to keep more grapes in your fruit basket. “Then why don’t you do that?” He looks at you as if you are stupid. “Where will I find such a guy?” you snatch the grape from between his fingers and pop it into your mouth. Hoseok pouts and narrows his eye at you “Tell me what kind of guy he hates and I’ll help you look for him” He offers.

You licked your lower lip and leaned back into your chair. This idea might actually work. Biting onto the back your pencil, you watched the blond rampage through your fruit basket for more grapes but gives up and decides to eat a banana. The ends of your lips curve into a dangerous smirk. An idea popped into your mind.



You snatch the banana from his hand and toss it into the bin close by. You don’t mind when he’s eating (which is all the time) but he pays only half attention to anything around him when he is. Pulling your chair close to him “My father hates you!” you announce cheerfully. Grinning do wide your cheeks would tear. Hoseok frowns “Wow. thanks” he looks longingly at his half eaten banana lying in the trash can.

You roll your eyes and grab the ends of your chair, sliding towards Hoseok who is looking at you deadpanned. Cupping his face in small palms, you look into his eye “My father hates you. If you pretend to be my boyfriend for awhile. Dad will be so annoyed that he’ll forbid me from dating anyone and eventually stop his search!” Wide smile and eyes twinkling with delight, you wait for his reply. Hoseok just looks at you as if you grew another head right in front of his eyes. “No. You’re crazy” He pulls away from your grasp.

“But it’s a brilliant idea!” You whine.

“No. It’s a very bad idea and I’m not going go through with it” He answers firmly wearing as he moves to the other side of the sofa. You cross your arms over your chest and pout at him “Why not?”

Hoseok lets out a sigh and presses the bridge of his nose with two fingers “Because my friend Minhyuk did the same thing with his girlfriend and now he’s stuck in his huge mess with her family. I don’t want to be a part of that kind of a mess” He points an accusing finger at you “So no. I’m not going to pretend you be you boyfriend” Hoseok adds and pulls the large fruit basket over his lap.

You stomp your legs on the ground and flare your arms “But Hoseok!” You whined again trying your best to throw a small tantrum. But you ended up looking like a monkey. You bit your lower lip angry when Hoseok just ignores you and resumes his rampage through the fruit basket, mumbling something about keeping more strawberries. Head tilting back you slide down your chair. You’ll just have to find a new way of stopping your father’s stupid venture.

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Dan's Diss Track #2 » Dan Howell X Pregnant Reader

Pairing / Dan x Pregnant! Reader

Request / No, send some ig

Warnings / pregnancy warnings ? No swears :0 omg wow / Warnings

P.O.V / Yours

He caresses your cheek, his curls out of control yet always in that he right place. His grin to match his dimples. One hand lowers itself onto your stomach. You’re pregnant, carrying, invincible.

Five months along, dating for seven. He’s brave while you are not. The aches and pains bearable, the actual birth would not be. Until then you could rejoice in happiness.

The three of you - three as in Phil, Daniel and yourself - moved for this reason only. Bigger space that was much more safer for the little one. Of course that was two months after initially becoming pregnant.

The pregnancy hormones were actually refreshing. Dan enjoyed them to. He’d go to make a sassy remark every so often with every craving you had but he had grown accustomed to it. A few small mood swings but otherwise overall great. Somewhere along the lines though something had changed.

“Y/n can you please try to contain yourself!” Dan was annoyed. Four in morning and you had gotten up for your sixth time already; waking him up each time. The third trimester - the one where most could not find sleep. Not only that, but the mood swings came around.

“I can’t help it Dan! Last time I checked you aren’t the one continuously maintaining yourself and another life form!” You were both enraged now, he more so than you. He rolled his eyes before heading for the couch. You sat alone. The eery feeling of being alone was frustrating. You headed for Phil’s room. He welcomed you, gave you a hug even, before you both shared the same bed in comfort.

This happened two months ago. Now, you both still angered at one another. Dan slept at a friends house, you made it your routine to sleep in Phil’s bed let alone his room. Dan would be there during the day only to give a small ‘bye’ before he left for his friends place. You cried the nights away, you found it let you sleep better especially with a clear mind.

A small pain and you were up. Phil’s sheets wet and potentially ruined. You grabbed ahold of him, shaking him awake. He jolted upwards shouting ‘I didn’t want to!’. You didn’t question it, you were in too much pain anyways. He quickly took hold of the situation, grabbing a coat and his phone, he guided you to an uber that had taken surprisingly only five minutes.

On the way to the hospital you clung so forcefully to Phil’s arm that he nearly dropped his phone that had Dan on the other end. Dan was already in an uber while you guys had arrived at the hospital. Phil tipped the gal and called for an escort inside. A young man came from inside the hospital with a wheelchair, you definitely couldn’t walk.

Before Dan had gotten there, a older guy had patched up Phil’s slightly bruised arm and commented, “First kid? I know the pain.” Phil didn’t decline he was just thankful Dan had rushed in with arms in good condition.

You had walked around a bit when Dan came around. You had to be dilated at 8 or more to begin pushing. He nodded at you before sitting in a chair.

“Daniel James Howell, at a time like this how could you be sitting in a chair while i’m painfully about to squeeze a watermelon out of my lemon sized h-” He stood up and began massaging your shoulders. “That’s what I thought!” You couldn’t help this, everything was breezy so far except labour. Oh you despised it, not as much as actually giving birth.

Your screams were clear and just about terrifying for any other soon to be mothers in the maternal care section.

Finally after about fifteen outbursts from you and two hours, Mason Adrian Howell was born at four twenty in the morning. Dan was smiling, you, not so much. You were crying from happiness and exhaustion. Dan was holding him with every intention of keeping him.

“So…,” Dan spoke, “We good? Or do I have to roast myself twice with a sick diss track?” His joke was enough to make you forgive him and love him even more.

Then, as though on cue, Phil entered. His hand patched up and the target; the fragile newborn that was softly resting in the hands of Dan. “Um Phil, don’t break him!” Dan carefully transferred Mason onto Phil.

“He’s adorable! Has a lot of Dan in him to,” You laughed, mostly because of the drugs you were given and the thought of another sassy Dan being around.

“So, what did you name him?” Phil was excited, probably hoping he was bestowed upon as the godfather. “Mason Adrian Howell,” you spoke right before Dan had the chance obvious that he wanted to tell his best mate the name. Phil handed the baby to you, this being the first time holding him. With eyes like caramel and hair like cinnamon, this was your child. Of course most of your traits apparently were recessive - Dan traits took over basically -.

“We still sleeping in the same bed?” Dan announced a little hint of guilt in his voice. Me and Phil just stared at each other blankly and laughed - quietly of course - If he was anything like his father we would not like to be woken.

“Am I missing something?”

So, this was written at 3 and 4 in the morning. Don’t judge me here it just happened. Didn’t go back on it to check any errors so whoops! Idk father dan sounds cute, can someone make a masterlist of just dan during pregnancies or him finding out. SOMETHING TO DO WITH BABIES WIT HIM AND SEND ME IT PLZ!!! I was gonna get guidance for this but imma only do that for the buttercreams…

Before My Eyes (Bucky x Reader)

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Words: 1,929

Warnings: None

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“I’m so excited I think I might pee.”

“You think you’re going to pee because you drank all that sweet tea in less than ten minutes.”

“But I’m so sweet because of all the sweetness in my sweet tea, don’t you see my sweetheart?” You threw your body back against the passenger seat of Bucky’s car. You had your legs pulled up to your chest as you turned to look over at Bucky with a silly smile covering your face.

“Are you sweet though, are you really?” Bucky teased, taking his eyes away from the highway for only a second to look at you with a smirk.

“I am too sweet! I’m the sweetest gal in this whole wide universe.” You crossed your arms around your legs and shivered. You didn’t know why Bucky always kept the car so cold, you were wearing track shorts and a band tee.

“The universe is a very large place, doll.” Bucky rested one hand on the steering wheel and moved his spare arm to rest of the armrest lazily.

“I know.” The grin could be heard through your tone of voice. You waited only a couple of seconds before chipping up again. “Thank you for the concert tickets, by the way. I don’t know how I’ll beat your birthday present now.”  

“You’ve wanted to see Ed Sheeran for a while now, at least now you’ll finally shut up about it.” You punched his arm lightly, knowing it wouldn’t hurt him either way. “I’m kidding, god you’re touchy.”

It was true, for the past few years all you’ve talked about is wanting to go see Ed Sheeran in concert. You had been to plenty of concerts before, but you had never seen him despite him being one of your top favorite artists. On your birthday Bucky surprised you with two tickets to his Divide Tour, and after the long wait you were finally going to his concert tonight.

“I love this song!” You got distracted from your previous conversation when Nancy Mulligan came on, you were playing your Spotify playlist dedicated to Ed on the way to the city the concert was being held at.

Bucky had barely opened the door to the hotel room before you were flying underneath his arm and skipping in the room at a fast speed. You dropped your suitcase by the bathroom door and instantly kicked off your shoes, leaving you in just your emoji socks.

By the time Bucky got fully into the room, with the door shut behind him, you were already standing on top of the queen sized bed like you owned the place. You had your hands on your hips as a silly grin plastered over your makeup free face. Bucky only grinned in return as he dropped his duffel next to yours, and mocked your stance.

“I’m so excited!” You jumped up and down on the bed several times. “I’m gonna breath the same air as him, can you believe it?! Ed’s my favorite person in the whole wide world, besides you of course, and honestly Ed Sheeran understands women more than women understand women.”

You kept rambling on and on, jumping on the bed like a young child with a grin covering your pretty features. Bucky watched in awe at how adorable you looked. Your hair was messy and your face was clear of makeup, although Bucky thought you looked like the most gorgeous girl with or without it. Your smile made his heart stop beating and your carefree actions made him fall even more in love with you.

Even though you weren’t his girl.

Bucky was your best friend, and he had been for a few years now. You were your complete and utter self around him. He had seen you at your worst and he had seen you at your best, yet loved you all the same. It’s like you didn’t even notice how much he loved you, nor did you notice every action you did made his breath get caught in his throat.

He had watched you fall in love, and he watched your heart break in half. He listened to your rants and never once complained. He went to family events that you honestly didn’t want to attend just to keep you company, he even pretended to be your boyfriend on several different occasions to get the judgmental sides of your family to shut up.

He once washed your hair when you were sick while you wore one of his shirts, he shaved your legs when you were too lazy and painted your nails when you were down. He knew to play with your hair at the end of a long day because it made you feel at ease, he knew you didn’t like milk in your cereal and hated food that looked remotely burnt.

He knew you were afraid of heights and the dark, so he reached for things up high and bought you a nightlight. He ran his fingers up and down your arm when you felt overwhelmed by anxiety to calm you down.

Everyone else saw that the best thing for you was standing right before your eyes, but you didn’t notice. You were too lost in your own little world to realize who you had with you all along.

Bucky snapped out of his daze when you hopped down from the bed and went straight for your suitcase, flipping it open and digging out everything you needed to get ready for the concert that was only in four hours.

“I’m going to get dolled up.” You called out over your shoulder before skipping excitedly towards the bathroom. He nodded in response, clearing his head to be back into reality.

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Happy Mother's Day

“Dean, hurry up! We’re gonna be late!”

You loved that man but you didn’t understand why it took him 45 minutes to do his hair. It was literally 2 inches long.

As you looked around the living room making sure you had everything you needed to spend the day over at Mary and John’s you spotted the gift bag that had ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ written on it. Knowing Dean would probably walk right out the front door and forget it you sat it beside your bag.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist. I’m ready.” Dean said as he was walking down the stairs rolling up the sleeves on his red flannel.

“Finally. I put your mothers gift by my bag so we wouldn’t forget to grab it. I think we have everything else we need already in the car.”

“Alrighty then. Let’s get this show on road!”

Rolling your eyes at him you grabbed your bag and Mary’s present as you walked out the door.
Thirty minutes later you were pulling up to their house. As you were walking up the sidewalk you seen Sam and Jess’s car parked in the driveway.

“I’m glad someone was here on time.” You say hoping that Dean was close enough to hear you.

“Maybe Sam wasn’t as lucky as I was last night.” Winking at you as he walked past you to open the door.

“This is true” you say matter-of-factly.

“We’re here” Dean announced just as Mary came around the corner.

“Happy Mother’s Day mom” Dean told his mother as he gave her a hug and quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you sweetie.” She said as she moved from Dean to you. “Hi Y/N, How are you sweetheart?”
“I’m fine Mrs. Winchester-”

“How many times have I got to tell you it’s Mary. Come on in.”

Following Mary through the house she leads you to the dining room where you see Sam and John sitting down at the table.

“Hey Dad. Hey Sam.” Dean said walking past them and to the fridge to grab a beer.

“Hey guys!” You say as Sam pulls you into a hug.

“Hey Y/N, Did you guys get lost?” Sam says jokingly.

“Ha, Why don’t you ask Dean why we were late?”
Just as you had hoped everyone looked right over at Dean.

“Sam wants to know why were late. Do you want to tell 'em or should I?”

“There’s nothing to tell.” He says nonchalantly before taking a long drink of his beer.

“Oh so you spending 45 minutes on your hair is just normal?”

“Wait so that’s why you were late?!” Sam said shock and laughter lacing his words.

“Now thay my work here is done I’m going to go see if your mom needs help in the kitchen.”

“Hey Mary I was wondering if you needed any help getting lunch ready?”

“Oh well John’s going to start the burgers soon and I think everything else has already been fixed and put in the fridge until it’s time to eat. So I think it’s all been taken care of.”

“Well in that case I have something I want to give to you. It’s a little mothers day present from me.”
Reaching down in your purse you pulled out a small box with ribbon around it.

“Honey you didn’t have to get me anything.” She says while she took the ribbon off and opened the box.

“Oh my god!” She said once she seen what was inside. “Are you pregnant?!”

“Yes! But Dean doesn’t know yet. I thought you’d like to be the one who tells him.”

“I’d love to tell him, but are you sure uou don’t want to?”

“I just want to there when you tell him.”
Just then Jess came into th kitchen.

“What is going on in here? I heard Mary holler and ”

“Y/N’s pregnant! But no one else knows so we gotts keep it hush hush for a little bit.”

“Oh my gosh Y/N congratulations!” Jess says while hugging you.

“Thanks. I’m so excited for Mary to tell Dean. He’s going to be so happy.”
A few minutes later you, Jess and Mary joined the guys outside.

“Ah there they are.” John chuckled from behind the grill.

“You just missed an awesome story.” John chuckled from behind the grill.

“I don’t think I wanna know.” Mary said while walking over to check her husbands cooking.

“That’s probably for the best.” Dean said as you sat down beside him at the picnic table.

“Everything is ready except fir the burgers. So when those get done we can eat.” Mary mentioned as she sat down across from you.

Looking uo you seen Mary mouth the words “I’m going to do it soon” and you instantly gor nervous. You knew Dean wanted to be a dad even if he hadn’t said so. You seen the way he would look at little kids when you would pass by them in the supermarket or when you would see them playing with their food at a restaurant. The thought of that being one of your and Dean’s kids brought a smile to your face.

“So mom what’s it like having an entire day dedicated to you?” Sam asked

“Well it’s not just dedicated to me, but to every mother. Whether she is expecting, already has children, or has passed on.”

She answered Sam, looking casually at you when she said 'expecting’. You hoped no one else noticed and if they did you hoped that they wouldn’t think anything of it.

“Which reminds me, someone here has a very important announcement to make. But being the amazing daughter-in-law she is, decided to let me do the honours as a wonderful mother’s day present to me.”

She paused long enough to look around at everyone and then finally said, “John, were gonna be grandparents. Dean and Y/N are having a baby!” She practically jumped off the bench with excitement.

Dean looked over at you with a shocked expression on his face.“ You’re pregnant?!”

You were a little taken aback by his reaction. You thought he would be happy about this.“Y-yeah, I found out about two weeks ago and thought that it would make a nice mothers day present for your mom.”

While you were talking you noticed the expression on Dean’s face never changed. Soon he began running his fingers through his hair and you knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Hey do you wanna go talk inside?”

Without even taking a second thought he said yes and was halfway to the house before you had even gotten up.

“Dean you know you’re going to be an amazing dad, right?”

“How can you be so sure? You say all the time how I’m a silly man child.”

“Yes you can be a silly man child, but when you aren’t being adorably goofy you are the sweetest, most caring, selfless person I know and I’m so glad you are the father of my child.”

“I am pretty adorable.” He says with a cute smirk on his face. “I can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad.”

“How do you think I felt when I found out? I took maybe four at home pregnancy tests and went to two different doctors. I still had a hard time believeing it!”

“You know as soon as we walk out there we are going be attacked with hugs right?” Dean said tilting his chin towards the backyard.

“Yeah, but were having a baby.” Wrapping your arms around his neck and pulled your self close to him.

“We sure are.” He replied before wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing you.

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SDR2 boys parenting headcanons pleeeease?

Your wish is my command

SDR2 Boys Parenting Headcanons

Hajime Hinata

  • He’s very calm
  • He will help his S/O if they’re ever worried about any of the process
  • He doesn’t get overwhelmed
  • If he does panic he just tackles it rationally and makes sure the child is okay
  • He will be more of a parent who tries to help their toddler learn then play with them
  • He likes to go out with his children a lot
  • Family days out are a must
  • He tends to support the child and his S/O through it all
  • Making sure that both of them are okay
  • He does love to just sit and cuddle with his S/O and child
  • And during the early days he will do a lot of night feeds, and often likes for the baby to sleep on his chest

Kazuichi Soda

  • He wants to be the coolest dad
  • He’s gunna be showing off to his child a lot
  • It’s adorable to see him making so much effort
  • He will carry the child a lot
  • As they get older he will carry them on his shoulders a lot
  • He likes to play mostly
  • Will join in on imaginary adventures
  • And he’ll take the child everywhere with him
  • Will tell them about the world
  • Show them all these things in the areas around them
  • Often persuades his S/O to go on ‘educational walks’ with them
  • And fam time is his most important thing
  • Doing everything together, being together, learning together
  • He tends to just stop now and again and thank his blessings for his S/O and their child

Nagito Komaeda

  • He’s pretty nervous
  • He doesn’t think he has what it takes to be a good parent
  • So while he doesn’t want to worry his S/O with his concerns, he does get anxious a lot
  • He ends up googling a lot of things
  • He does a lot of night feeds or getting up in the night for the child so he can ease his own anxieties
  • But he feels best when you work as a team to make sure everything’s okay
  • His favourite thing to do is to read to his child
  • Just to calm himself and the child
  • He’ll stroke their hair until they fall asleep
  • And put a lot of effort into the voices of the characters
  • And will probably read to the end of most books after the child’s gone to sleep
  • At which point you come in and cuddle him, coaxing him to go to bed himself

Nekomaru Nidai

  • “Can I train it?”
  • Nidai no
  • He’s the king of games
  • He will find all sorts of toys and board games for the child
  • And sit and play with them
  • He’ll drag you into the games too
  • All of you will be playing
  • He loves to watch family films together
  • With you in his arm and the child between you
  • He’ll split his kisses between the both of you
  • And when they start school and learning he will be the kind of motivation
  • He wants them to do their best!
  • But he’ll never pressure them, just help them whenever they need it

Gundham Tanaka

  • Animals are a breeze to look after
  • He knows their needs
  • But a child
  • W h y  i s  e v e r y t h i n g  h a r d e r
  • He thought he’d be a pro
  • But oh no
  • He doesn’t understand
  • So he just
  • Learns from you
  • He needs to watch every detail
  • He makes notes
  • But what he learns is that the child likes to play with animal toys
  • So he helps educate them about animals
  • And then when the child is old enough he’ll bring some domestic animals to them

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • He was going to get others to work for him
  • But he realises quickly he wanted to raise them himself
  • The way you and him were a team when it came to caring for the child was something he couldn’t live without
  • He never wants to be apart from either of you
  • He makes sure any workloads around the child are split equally between the two of you
  • He’s generally smitten most of the time
  • He adores both of you so much
  • There’s barely a time he hasn’t got a smile on his face
  • He wants to spoil the child but knows it’s not wise
  • So he has to have you remind him when he’s being too much
  • But whenever you’re exhausted from the child care he’s there at your side
  • He’ll make sure the child is okay but then ultimately you are

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter)

  • He reads about parenthood a lot online
  • He wants to be super prepared
  • Most of the time he watches and learns from you
  • So he will do tasks like making dinner, cleaning etc. until he’s comfortable he’ll be okay with the child
  • He likes to tell them stories
  • And play in imaginary scenarios with the child
  • He wants you to play too
  • And instead of telling bedtime stories from books he makes up his own
  • He will be amazing once he knows what he’s doing
  • Will make sure every need of the child’s is met
  • And of course take care of you too
  • He will probably pamper you both
  • Until he’s exhausted
  • And then you have to force him to take a break

Teruteru Hanamura

  • He’s going to bring the child to the kitchen a lot
  • And tell them about his cooking
  • And how one day they’ll be his apprentice if they’re interested
  • If not he’ll just talk to them mindlessly when cooking
  • So their first word will probably be some ingredient
  • And then you’ll just look at him with disbelief while he’s very smug
  • He’ll make sure they have the best food for their nutritional needs of their age
  • But don’t worry he’s going to be taking care of you too
  • He won’t hesitate to do night feeds or comfort them when they’re having a nightmare
  • But if you want to he’ll make sure not to stop you
  • If anything he will come with you
  • He doesn’t want to get rest when you aren’t
  • He’ll insist you take care of yourself too
  • And if not he’s going to tease you and persuade you to look after number 1 too