you were the most adorable child

A small side story about Andreas Wellinger in Klingenthal: Andi and Michi Hayböck were giving autographs at the same time. They also had printed, pre-signed cards with them in case someone wanted one. So prepare for the cutest thing ever: Michi asked Andi to hold his cards for a second because he needed to sort his skis. Meanwhile Andi took a card for himself before he gave them back. What a true fanboy. When Michi noticed that, he smiled like a child. If that isn’t the most pure and wonderful thing you’ve ever heard, then idk what is.

True Love

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Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 1,303
Warnings: Swearing
Challenge: @wayward-oneshots 300 follower challenge
Prompt: True Love- Pink

Rubbing your temples, you were trying so hard not to scream. You were in the middle of some petty argument with your boyfriend, and it was like talking to a child. “Dean!” You finally snapped. “Stop!” He stared at you, wide eyed. “My God.” You breathed. “You’re getting on my last damn nerve. I love you, but holy shit, man.” Looking up at him, you caved. “Sometimes I swear you do this on purpose…” There was a small smile on your face.

“Do what?” He asked, looking far too adorable.

You got up and cupped his cheeks. “Push every last button until you go from the most obnoxious man I have ever met…to this.” You pecked his lips. “Someone that makes life not totally suck.”

Dean grinned. “I love you, too, sweetheart.”

Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say
Sometimes I wanna slap you in your whole face
There’s no one quite like you
You push all my buttons down
I know life would suck without you

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The Key To Happiness

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‘To think that something was in there, sealed off in the safety of its                                                                             mother’s womb was baffling to Jungkook.’   

Featuring: Jungkook (bts)
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 1,602


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Preference: Baby’s First Steps (Villains)

Fandom: Gotham

Character: Oswald

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Pairing: James Madison x Reader

Words: 1431

Warnings: Death, Childbirth, Battle mentions


Ruling a kingdom was a hard job, but when you had your husband, the king, by your side, everything was great. Most of the people loved, adored, and supported you. Except for one group in the south part of your kingdom.

The Rebels.

There wasn’t any other name for them, they were just The Rebels. They hated the way that you ran the country. They wanted complete control over the entire kingdom, to rule it the way that they saw fit, mainly with torture and scare tactics.

They had been moving closer for a while, sending death threats. Your husband, James, had been taking care of those for now as you were with child. He didn’t want any extra stress on you and the baby.

He was probably working on that right now, sending letters to the neighboring kingdom, which was ruled by his good friend Thomas Jefferson.

Even though he had taken the responsibility onto himself, you couldn’t help but worry. The rebel forces were growing stronger making their way closer to your castle. You didn’t want any trouble for the kingdom and your family. You wanted your baby to grow up in a safe environment.

Rolling around in your bed you decided that sleeping right now was useless. The discomfort of being with child and the worry in your heart was a bad combination that lead to no sleep. What you needed right now was James.

You walked out of your chambers, nodding at the guards that were standing watch near your doors. Walking to his office you gripped your robe tighter around your body, having the feeling that there was something off.

When you opened the door, candlelight was streaming for every part of the room, creating a warm and comforting feeling. You saw your husband sitting at his desk, his pen scratching on the parchment of his latest letter.

“James?” you called softly from the doorway.

He looked up, quickly putting down his pen and walking over to you.

“My Queen why are you still up? You should be resting my dear,” he scolded you softly, leading you over to the couch.

“I’m sorry. I just have the feeling that something is off. I can’t sleep and my heart is full of worry,” you admitted to him, laying your head on his chest. He kissed your forehead, pulling you closer to him. After a moment he spoke.

“I know that you are worried my darling, but for the sake of our child you must rest. I promise that I am doing everything in my power to protect the two of you.”

You sighed and hugged him tighter.

“Will you at least tell me what Thomas has been saying?”

“He’s trying to smuggle some of his men here, but the rebels are making it harder than we thought. We have a few people here that will be able to smuggle you and the baby out if need be. Then you will go join Thomas and wait until I send for you to come back when it is safe.”

Your head shot up and you protested.

“James no we can’t leave you and you can’t leave us! I need you to be with me! You can’t stay here if that happens it would be too dangerous!”

James pulled you tightly into his chest cradling you there. A few stray tears started to fall from your eyes.

“Darling I don’t want us to be separated. I am only going to use this as a last resort to keep you safe. If you are safe then our people will have hope as well. Don’t be afraid. I will protect you with my life.”


A few months went by with little incident. You were nearing your due date and you couldn’t be happier.

You couldn’t sleep right now, your little child was to active. You didn’t mind though, you weren’t tired.

James was lying asleep next to you, soft snores coming out of his mouth. You giggled.

All of the sudden there was a commotion from the hallway, and James’ eyes shot open. A few guards burst into the room and James tore out of bed. They spoke quickly before leaving, James barricading the door behind them. He started running around the room, gathering your belongings.

You sat frozen on the bed. You didn’t know what to do.

James pulled you from the bed, helping you get dressed. He was talking quickly saying something about how he promised that he would protect you and that there would be someone coming to take you to Thomas. You were too frightened to say anything, you just wrapped your arms around your stomach.

The door burst open all of the sudden a few rebels pouring into your room. James quickly pushed you into the closet and locked it.

You could hear him fighting, fighting for you and your child. There was so much commotion going on now that you couldn’t tell what was happening.

The noises died down, the room becoming silent. You slowly opened the door peeking out into the room. There was destruction and blood everywhere.

You saw James lying on the middle of the floor. You burst out of the closet running over to him and falling to his side. He opened his eyes to look at you.

“Oh my sweet Y/N I’m so glad that you are safe,” he groaned. He was bleeding.

“James?” you choked out, tears falling from your eyes.  

“I’m sorry my Queen I don’t think that I’m going to make it. Promise me that you will keep our child safe. You need to get out of here, run my darling please run as fast as you can,” he told you with tears falling out of his eyes. He tried to push you towards the door, but he was too weak.

You started sobbing.

“James no! You can’t die, you have to meet the baby! You promised that you would be there with us you can’t d- oh my god!” you cried, huching over your stomach. Your water just broke.

Your baby was coming.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” James asked, shaking you.

“My water… the baby’s coming!” you shrieked. James started to call for help. A few remaining guards came rushing into the room.

“Take the Queen out of here. You must save her and the baby. She’s gone into labor, get her somewhere safe. Don’t worry about me, just take care of her,” he told them. They had sorrowful looks on their faces, but complied with their orders.

One of the guards picked you up and started to carry you away. You tried to fight, but you were already in too much pain.

“James! James! Please take me back!” you started screaming down the hallway.

“I love you Y/N!” you heard him cry from your bedroom.

“I love you too!” you shouted as loud as you could.

They carried you out of the castle and past all of the wreckage, taking you out of the city and towards safety. They grabbed you a doctor and you ended up giving birth on the road.

You had a son.

“Name him James, after his father.”


“Your Majesty! Mr. Jefferson!”

Thomas looked up from his work, looking at three guards. Three guards that were instructed to go help his friend James and his wife. Thomas lept up and went over to them.

“My King, I’m so sorry. King James is dead.”

It took Thomas a minute to process this. His best friends was dead.

Thomas knew that he had to take care of James’ family. He had promised that he would.

“Where is the Queen?”

The three guards looked at each other sadly.

One of them came forward, holding a small white bundle.

“She had gone into labor during the battle. He gave birth to a healthy son on the way here. She named him James after his father, and then she passed on to be with her husband. She was too weak to survive the trip. I’m sorry.”

Thomas walked forward and took the child from the guards.

“You’re dismissed.”

The three guards left the room quietly, and Thomas went to go sit at his desk.

He looked at the small boy sleeping peacefully in his arms. He looked so much like his father.

“James, I promised your father that I would do everything in my power to protect you and I intend to keep that promise. I will raise you as if you were my own.” Thomas looked out the window.

“I promise James. I promise.”

The Meaning of Haste

Three years ago today, my youngest daughter was born. While the births of all three of my children were important days in my life, the birth of our third child was the most memorable. There are two reasons for this.

  1. She was our only child born at home (which we planned)
  2. The only people present for her birth were my wife and me (which we did not plan)

This experience is really important to me, so I wanted to share it here. But I’m also aware that not everyone is comfortable reading about childbirth experiences (which I will describe in detail) so if you’re one of those people, feel free to look at the adorable baby photo and then keep scrolling. 

If you’re still interested in hearing the story, then read on!! I’ll begin the tale with a game of Magic… 

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BTS Reaction to seeing s/o playing with their child

This was requested by @swaglordyoongi. Hope you enjoy!!

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He would just stop and smile at you appreciating the family he has and when you finally noticed him standing there he would join in

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This would be one of the rare moments where he actually shows how much he loves this on the outside. He would find this absolutely adorable and would most likely take pictures

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He wouldn’t hesitate to jump in and join whatever you were doing

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^^the way he enters


He would just smile and quietly appreciate what he has and wonder what life would be like without you (absolutely horrible he would decide)

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He would get really happy and when you noticed him watching get flustered at the fact that he was caught

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He wouldn’t hesitate to join in on whatever game you were playing

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Would want to join in but feel like he has to be the “manly, masculine” father type so would just watch quietly from a distance

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Just look at this for a minute or two. Just look at all of the details. How Tom smiles at her with such fondness. How he lightly hugs her as though scared to scare or break her. How he lightly grabs her hand as though she were a princess. How he bends over as though to protect her from the cold wind. Things like this, are what makes you think about how he would treat his own child, a little girl none the less. How much he would purely adore her with every fiber of his being, treat her like the most important princess in all the nine realms. These moments, these amazing moments, are what draw us to him, are what make us adore him so much, are what make us want to love him so fiercely. These types of things are what makes him such a beautiful human being and such a wonderful man.


Hello friends~ if you were not aware today is @ew-astro ‘s birthday! Send her your birthday wishes!!!



1. She is the sweetest person I’ve ever met, you could like trip her and she would probably still love you.

2. She is the most wild person ever, the most aggressive form of platonic love ever like I was lowkey taken aback when we first started talking because of how often she would say “I love you”

3. She is soooo adorable and cute, the innocent child you should all aspire to be

4. She’s so caring, she can’t take care of herself at all but if you even sneeze she will fly to your house with a blanket and soup. 

5. She is so smart and helpful, I’d be failing math without her.

6. Even though she is super busy she always takes time to talk to you

7. She’s hilarious without even trying to be

8. She’s so friendly and would love talking to u (be her friend)

9. She’s so talented!!!! have you read her fics yet?

10. She’s so sweet and loves kpop groups with all her heart.

11. She’s so hardworking and amazing, if I lived her life I would be ded

12. She just called me “the bomb diggity”

13. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been friends she will love u just as much as her life-long friends

14. She has her friends as her lock screens

15, She is so encouraging, the “mom” friend that cheers you on no matter what

16. Even though this list is terrible she will probably like it anyway

17. She’s put up with me for all this time so that deserves a round of applause in itself.

F: Fortuitous- We’re all fortunate to have her in our lives

A: Adorable- Do I need to elaborate?

T: Talented- Once again, do i need to elaborate?

U: Upbeat- Fatuma is so positive and happy all the time

M: Magnificent- mwah

A: Astute- bc ur so smart and amazing

Ok so here’s the last part, my letter to u:

Dear Fatuma,

So right now we’re talking on the phone and ur kind of distracting me but that’s ok because I love talking to you. I remember how awkward I was when I first asked you for your skype so we could talk and I remember the first time we called each other, we were so awkward it was hilarious. I remember you would laugh about how nervous I was to start school and how you got all “I told you so” when I said it was fine. I remember the first time I messaged you, we talked for the night and then you had to go. I didn’t hear from you for weeks after that and i just figured you didn’t want to talk. But then I tagged you in something and you replied in the tags and I was like !!! I don’t remember exactly when we started talking again I think it was some time in the summer? I remember in July you tagged me in an audio post and I listened to all of it in an airport bc my flight was delayed for three hours. Oh! I remember the first time i saw a picture of you! I got so excited I was smiling and I was just like!!! she’s real!! It took us like no time at all to become super close and I’m still so happy we’re so close. You’ve been with me everyday since we became friends and i thank you for that. You’re there when I’m bored, when I need to vent when I need to get scolded bc I’m problematic..You’re always there. I really hope that I get to see you in July so we can finally be together irl, I’ll cry my eyes out when you have to leave but it’ll still be worth it. Thank you so much for being my friend bc who knows what everything would be like without you here. This is so lame and it honestly sounds like i’m confessing to u right now but still, I just want to let you know that I love you so so so much and hope you have the best birthday ever.

love always, Angel

(I love this gif it’s so adorable😫)

Erik lehnsherr dad head-cannons!:

•Erik used to talk to your bump and kiss it goodnight

•Erik helped you through the pregnancy, got you whatever you wanted when you needed it

•When you gave birth to yours and Erik’s child he was so proud of the both of you

•Erik cherished your child the most as you were the only relationship where he truly loved the mother

•Erik likes to multitask with your child so when he/she is eating he uses his power to feed him/her with the spoon whilst he does another thing

•Erik can’t help but buy a new toy every time he sees one he thinks would be good for your child

•Erik likes to help him/her draw and likes to play with the toys he had bought her/him

•Erik likes to play outside with your son/daughter and so he built a park in your back garden

•Erik reads bed time stories to your son/daughter

• he carries him/her to bed every time she/he falls asleep somewhere other than her/his bed

•as soon as your son/daughter was old enough, Erik helped him/her control their powers

•Erik likes to show off how beautiful your baby is and shows him/her off around the mansion (especially to Charles)

•whenever your son/daughter has a bad dream Erik goes and lies in their bed until they fall asleep but by that time he falls asleep too

•you get to watch both your babies sleeping and cuddling together

•Erik does anything for your child and doesn’t let anything ever happen to them

(Let me know if you want a fic from this, I just thought head cannons would be better?)

Just Go Get It

dolphinsarecuteandstuff: Hello! If you’re feeling up to it can you please write me a Leo Valdez thingie where you’re a child of Athena and you have a major crush on him but you’re nervous so you pray to your mom for help and she’s basically like “go for it” so you do and ahh this was going to be quick but nope Thank you friend.

Warnings: none

Your name: submit What is this?

   (just click on the box and read it from my blog to use this)


Him. He was the one racing in your mind, 24/7, all day long. His wonderful head of curls, and witty comments he would make no matter who tried to face him. The adorable little smirk that formed on his face, and the laughter that could just make you melt. But, gods, what were you supposed to do about it? Whoever thought that a child of Athena, most wise and headstrong goddess of all, who produced children that should lead warriors into battle, and defeat malevolent enemies who dare insult our gods, could fall head over heels for a smart mouthed kid with a knack for building things. But here you were, staring at him from across the pavilion, oblivious to anything else. 

“Gods, Y/N, you should just go talk to him, its not like he would ever turn you down.” You turned to see Wren looking at you, with a bit of annoyance in her eyes. 

“That’s like all you do now, you know? Stare at the valdez kid? All day long,” She states, stretching out the syllables. 

“Well, thank you for the observation, Wren, but I will not go talk to “the valdez kid,” you say, putting up air quotes with your fingers. “Thank you very much.” 

“Fine, your choice,” she says standing up. “But, you have to do it sooner or later, I really don’t need my best friend dying of a broken heart.”


So, in that situation, you did what every normal teenage girl does.

You talked to your mom. 

But, no, sadly you did not qualify as a completely normal girl, because instead of talking to your mom about boys, while eating ice cream and watching romantic comedies, You went to altar, and prayed to her. 

“Umm, Mom? Well, um, you see I need some help. Some boy help. Yes, I do like a boy and I might be just a little too nervous to go, you know, hold a conversation with him for longer then about 2 words. I was just wondering if you could help me just a bit, with like some advice, or a confidence boost, or a handy book, like, how to know if someone like you, the demigod edition. Yeah, Mom, that would be pretty nice. So thanks, and I’ll talk to you later. 

And then you got up, and walked back to your cabin, and hoped that your mom actually heard your cry of help.


You were in a dark room, with not a single opening to show light. 

“Hello,” you shouted, not sure if you were alone or not, starting to wonder if this was going to be a bad nightmare. 

“Relax, my child,” said a person you could not see, but voice was certainly known to you. 

“Mom,” you stated, “You heard my prayer.” 

“Well of course, you seemed in must distress about this silly boy you seem to love. Well, my daughter, sometimes we must wait and see what comes to us, and sometimes we must just go take it. I think you understand what I’m saying to you. Act on your thoughts and intelligence, and go after this boy if you love him so dearly. It is the wisest thing to do.” 

“Thank you Mother. For everything you have told me.”

 “No problem dear, now wake up.” 


You shot up in bed, seeing your cabin already half empty, with the heavy sleepers like you just waking up. You put on your bright Camp half-blood shirt and jeans, ready and confident for what would come next. 

You walked out of the cabin, and casually walked to a more quiet area of the meadows and forest, where you knew that Leo liked to spend his mornings, from the extensive amount of stalking you did. 

There you see him from a distance, fiddling with a piece of metal and a screwdriver. You pulled out the book you brought with you, and sat down quietly so he couldn’t see you. 

“You know, you can sit next to me if you want.” You heard his voice say, and flinched when you realized he saw you. 

“Y/N,” you say, sitting down next to him. 

“Oh, I know you, you’re the girl who has sword class with me.”

 You remembered the class, and the fact that he usually didn’t show up. “Yeah, I wasn’t a huge fan of that class,’’ He says, laughing at the confused face you made. You talked for a bit longer, until you finally got the courage to ask. 

“Hey, Leo, you want to, you know, like hang out sometime,’’ you finally ask, taping the back of your leg nervously. 

He gives you that smile, that smile that could melt a hundred hearts, and says, “Yes.


“Baobei, can we please watch a movie or do something since we can’t go out?” your boyfriend, Luhan, asks. He was such a child at heart, he absolutely adored cuddling up next to you on the couch. The two of you’ve been dating for close to a year & a half. It was hard with his busy schedule, but he always made time for you. He’s never made you feel like you’re anything but the most important thing in the world to him. You were so happy.

“Fine, could we order in then?” you reply. There was no occasion, it was just a regular thing for Luhan & you to be out and about. It was thundering & lightning really harshly, definitely not a condition to be walking around. “Is studio ghibli alright? and let me know what you’d like to eat.” You went to change into some comfortable clothing. The usual, your boyfriend’s shirt that fit you so well & a pair of pajama shorts. You could hear Luhan ordering what you asked him to. The sound of his voice flowing sweetly into your ears made you fall deeper in love with him. A while after the food arrived, the two of you began watching the movie you agreed on. He was laying lightly on your chest. You could tell he was trying not to completely let his weight “squash” you as he would say. He treated you with such care & felt like you were so delicate. He was snuggling so closely to you, occasionally looking up at you and giving you kisses. His lips tasted so sweetly. You’ve always questioned how you could ever end up with someone as amazing as him.

The two of you someone ended up switching positions. You now were snuggling up into his chest & he was caressing your shoulders. He softly kissed your forehead, while holding one of your hands & lightly rubbing his thumb over your hand. You felt at ease in the comfort of his arms. His body gave off a warmth that made you feel just at home. The movie was slowly still playing but you could tell the plot was dying off. You looked up into Luhan’s beautiful brown eyes & planted a kiss onto his lips. He smiled at you. You sat up from him & positioned yourself onto his lap facing his way. “Baby, we’re watching a movie?” he says confused. You don’t reply, instead you wrap your arms around his neck blocking his view to the television. He looks into your eyes, giving you a confused look. “Y/N, don’t you want to conti-”

You shut him up instantly by crashing your lips onto his. Cupping his jaw & neck pulling him closer into you. He was gently holding your waist, sooner to be grabbing your ass. You lightly bucked your hips around his area causing him to moan. The tension began to rise between you two. Both of your tongues softly touched & your lips were no where near being tiresome. You could hear his breath getting heavier. You felt him harden under you. He bit your lower lip from arousal. He picked you up & you wrapped your legs around his torso. He set you down onto your feet carefully & held your arms above your head. His lips attacked yours. His kisses got sloppier & his breathing got heavier. He moved onto your jawline & neck, leaving wet kisses & dark marks all throughout. You both knew you’d be covering up your neck for a while. He was caressing your waist with the other hand. He let your hands go & led you into the bedroom. You want him so badly, even though it would be your first time & he knew that. The two of you automatically began again. He cupped your face as your arms wrapped around his neck, standing on your tippy toes. Both of your lips were eager for each others. “Baobei,-” “are you,” “sure?-” “Please tell me-” “if you want me-” “to stop.” He said between kisses. “I promise lu, I will.” you reply, all you could think about was him. “Are you sure you’re ready? I don’t want to pressure you baby.” he said firmly. “I am, I want it to be with you.” you answered. He smiled at you, admiring your beautiful face.

You began kissing again, as he helped you out of your clothing. He turned you around, giving your neck & shoulders soft kisses. You felt your eyes close, the kisses felt as heaven would be imagined. Luhan unhooked your bra, soon leaving you in just your panties. He lifted up his shirt shortly after baring you. He lightly placed you onto the bed & began kissing every single inch of you. His lips began at yours & slowly traveled down your now marked up neck. His skin was soft to the touch against yours. His warmth made you comfortable, you felt so secure. His hands held you & he began kissing your breasts. His lips worked their way around your nipples, causing them to erect leaving you moaning. His lips left wetness around your breasts. You felt your back slightly arch from him. His kisses traveled down your stomach, getting closer to your panties. He made eye contact with you for your consent. You nodded. He slipped off your panties slowly, leaving you completely naked on the bed. You could feel yourself so wet, just for him. He started off with a simple flat tongue lick all throughout you. You moaned a bit, making him eager to stimulate you more with pleasure. His tongue swiveled & applied just the right amount of pressure onto your clit. Feeling his lips press against you. You felt yourself grabbing his hair trying to reflex away from how amazing it felt. You got even more wetter and began breathing heavier. He slid in a finger, and then another. He began slowly curving his fingers inside you reaching for your pleasure spots as your back began to arch. Your moans began growing louder & louder with each curving movement his fingers made. He backed off, allowing his hand to take over. He kept curving his fingers faster, causing you to moan his name. He used his thumb & circled over your clit. Your legs tried suppressing the pleasure by closing together but he made sure to refrain them. He looked into your eyes, which were rolling back as he could tell how pleasurable this was for you. “Lu..ha…i’m-” The words barely escaped your mouth as he interrupted them with kisses. “Not yet, baby. Just wait.” You nodded, but you were so close. He removed his hand from you. Taking his pants off, you were eager for his hardening. He soon came back over to meet up with your eyes & asked for the last time, “Are you ready?” You nodded eagerly.

He got on top of you, holding himself up with one hand. He slowly slid inside you, very slowly. A few tears slid down your cheeks from the pain causing your nails dug into his back. You shifted over, trying your best to not allow the temporary pain get to you. “Kitten shh, its okay I’m here don’t cry. It’ll be gone soon, I’m right here baby.” he said reassuringly. You nodded, trying to calm your body down. The pain was soon gone, he began going faster. You felt his throbbing cock hit your spots each time, leaving you moaning his name. He moaned loudly, as he closed his eyes from pleasure. “Fuuck-” he let out. You began bucking your hips, you were getting close again. “Lu-” “Han” you let out in between breaths. “I’m going to c-” You couldn’t contain yourself. You felt your body tense up. You were so close. “I know baby, me too. Hold on for me.” You tried to suppress the pleasure, but it was difficult as his member hit every spot inside you. “Luhan please” you begged for every inch of him. You felt your inside tense up as he slowly slid in & out to finish off the orgasm. He came all over you unapologetically. He lightly collapsed onto you, holding himself to not hurt you. You held him close to you. “I love you, y/n. So much.” You smiled, you knew you loved him. “I love you so much, Lu. I do.” He sat up, and cupped your face. He planted a kiss on your lips. “Are you okay?” he asked concerned. You closed your eyes and nodded. He smiled relieved. He kissed your forehead before the two of you headed to sleep.

i have multiple problems with dirty laundry, but one thing that really stuck out like a sore thumb is how the author clearly did not talk to ANY autistic people, at all

it doesnt matter if sophia is younger than most characters, you need to talk to someone who actually has autism to write the character accurately

its pretty clear that the author googled “symptoms of autism” and then picked what they wanted to put in, because even though i can talk to strangers when its 10000000% necessary, if i (an autistic person) were in a situation where i HAD to talk to people, family or not, i would most likely talk to my closest family members instead of a cousin ive known for 8 years, let alone a cousin ive just met.

i guess what im trying to say is dirty laundry doesnt show autism: it shows a cute version of a nd for nt people that they can turn into something an adorable child does, which you know, is a huge fucking problem autistic people have to deal with, you know, being treated like children, you know that really abelist thing that people with autisim have to deal with, i wanna make this clear

dirty laundry is a terrible representation of what autisim really is

A Messi fan's thoughts on the Ronaldo movie

So I saw the Ronaldo movie. I liked it–I certainly don’t mind watching any movies about football or footballers. I’m just mostly confused as to why he made it.

What I didn’t like: His agent seems smarmy. Most agents are though so that’s not surprising. Also I feel bad for his brother since they brought up his past addiction problems. And I feel bad that his mother deals with stress. But… I genuinely found it hard to feel sorry for her when they kept bringing up the fact that she didn’t want Cristiano to be born. It just seems to me that’s a terrible thing to tell your child–you were unwanted. And they use the term unwanted in the movie too.

What I did like: The parts with Cristiano Jr. are adorable as one would expect them to be. That kid is a cutie. You don’t learn anything about his mother, not that I expected to and it’s not anyone’s business anyway. Kudos to Ronaldo for staying silent on that for so long btw haha. What’s important is that Ronaldo says he will tell his son when he’s grown.

The Ballon d'Or: The focus seems to be the Ballon d'Or. And how important it is. Which is interesting since recently he has said he doesn’t care if Messi wins.

Messi: And that brings us to Messi. You’ve all seen the clip now of Messi talking to Cristiano Jr. at the Ballon d'Or ceremony last year. It’s nice.

More Messi: And actually, the whole movie is nice to Messi. It shows him winning the Ballon d'Or over and over, shows clips of him beating defenders, shows him signing autographs… Ronaldo says that his relationship with Messi has never been better–that Messi asked after his family, asked about his injury from the World Cup.

Messi v Ronaldo: And honestly, it would have been very easy for Ronaldo’s camp to try to smear Messi. But they didn’t. At all. Even as Ronaldo is home, after being kicked out of the World Cup, they intersperse that with clips of Messi playing against Germany in the final. In the end, the voice says that Germany won, but Messi took home another trophy–the golden ball. It would have been so easy to throw in some of the criticism that Messi received for getting that award.

World Cup 2014: Speaking of the World Cup. I almost feel like a large part of this movie is an apology to Portugal for them not doing well. Cristiano was hurt and he played anyway. And he did it, because, as most players do, he loves his country. Portugal, get over it.

But in the end, I’m still confused as to why they made this. The Ballon d'Or, the World Cup, Messi… It’s all interesting, but I’m left thinking that after all these important games and important titles and trophies, Ronaldo is very lonely even with all of his money. And it’s honestly a little sad.


Just finished watching Boruto The Movie for the first time and I can’t tell you about all the feelings I’m feeling. I think by the end you really realize that this series is over. And that is heartbreaking. I grew up with Naruto and it was Kishimoto Sensei that got me into manga and anime. It wasn’t a perfect movie (many characters were missing and I wish there were more Sasuke and Sarada scenes. Hell, even sasusaku scenes but otherwise it would’ve dragged on too much). I thought the development was good and there were many funny scenes. That being said, I really liked this movie and will most likely purchase it when it is released on DVD. I thought it was really adorable how Sasuke’s child, Sarada, wants to become hokage (and in Gaiden you see that Sarada develops a sort of special uncle-niece relationship with Naruto), and that Boruto, Naruto’s child, wants to become the right hand man to the hokage, like Sasuke is now for Naruto…and he already calls Sasuke “uncle”. It is so sweet because after everything Sasuke and Naruto have gone through together their bond is truly one you cannot break - it is even passed on to the next generation. And ultimately that’s what Naruto is all about: bonds.

It sounds silly but idk if I’m gonna find another series that I love as much as Naruto. There is so much nostalgia there. But either way, I am just so happy that a series like Naruto even exists. It was a fun ride the whole way through, super emotional at times may I add, but wahhhhhhh what do I do now that it’s all over??

okay but let’s say you and luke both worked at disney, him being a ride attendant and you being a waitress, and let’s say after each shift luke always goes to the diner you work at because one, you make a mean stack of pancakes and two because you are the prettiest most adorable thing he’s seen after coming out of high school, and even though you always get the crappy rude customers you always keep a smile on your face because ever since you were a child you had loved disney and even tho you didn’t get a job to be one of the characters and you’re a waitress you still love every aspect of it all because it’s freaking disney for pete’s sake then luke one day finally gets the courage to ask you out after multiple long nights of him helping you close up and months of getting to know each other and of course you say yes, because it’s he’s literally the sweetest thing ever and you have this big smile n your face which makes luke have the biggest dorkiest smile bc he caused that.

this was for featuringluke and quiffedluke‘s disney!5sos blurb night! I hope y’all like it and thank you!