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With All My Heart - Part 5

Word Count: 2267

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol use 

A/N: Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. This isn’t really up to my typical standards. My writing is kinda sucking, especially lately. I dunno, guys.  

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With All My Heart Masterlist

“So how do you wanna do this?” Jensen and you were currently sitting in the airport trying to figure out how best to go about bringing your relationship public. He knew you had reservations about it, you’d discussed them at length with him, but you knew it couldn’t stay a secret forever. You didn’t want it to be a secret. He assured you he didn’t have the same swarms of media attention that a lot of celebrities had. He kept his life private, and he’d certainly demonstrated that. He never had paparazzi following him around since you’d been together.

“What are the options?”

“Well, we could just wait until JIB and I could talk about you, bring you out on stage if you’re comfortable.” Jensen said. “Or we could take a picture together, post it and then explain more at the con. Then it’s not a huge surprise.”

“I kinda like option B.” You decided. “Plus, some of the people who follow you have probably seen me in pictures from San Jac’s Facebook and Instagram so maybe that’ll help? I don’t know. I’m so nervous.” You started ringing your hands together, forcing Jensen to grab them and pull them apart.

“It’s gonna be fine, Y/N.” He tried to reassure you, running one hand through your hair. “For every one person who says mean things about you another 10 or more are gonna stick up for you, including me.” You cast your eyes downward, staring at the floor and shifting your feet. “That’s not all that’s bothering you, is it?”

“No.” You whispered. “We’ve only really known each other a few weeks…I just…what if…”

“Stop talking.” Jensen leaned in and kissed you, smiling as he shut you up.

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Thank you so much Tetrodoxin for your AMAZING work, you have a great talent for making characters in general and redheads in particular ;) I do love your Lilu follower both version. Your Filckr is splendid, I don't know how you can catch the dynamic of movement but your pictures are of great quality, its like they were alive. I know good quality character takes time, but I hope you will create more of them. All the best to you, Voice within Sky above :)

Thank you for your encouraging words! Here, have some redheads :3 !

Notice me

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A/N: This was requested by jockarchie. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “a request where the reader’s older brother and archie are best friends and archie’s always seen the reader as a little sister but ever since she joined the vixens, he’s been seeing her differently?”

Archie and your older brother Michael were best friends. They spent practically every day together, which in all honesty you weren’t complaining. You’ve always had a crush on Archie even when you were little but Archie always looked at you like a little sister.

It annoyed you that he only thought of you as a little sister especially when you got older and filled out more and your more prominent features filled out more if you know what I mean.

One day, you were at school and you were hanging with your best girlfriends Veronica and Betty.

“Ugh, Archie still looks at me like I’m his little sister,” I groaned to them while Veronica chuckled.

“That’s because of your brother. He’s not going to look at you any differently unless you make him. It’s easy,” I looked at my best friend as if she was nuts.

“How am I supposed to do that? I’ve already changed my look about a hundred times and still nothing,” I said while Betty and Veronica shared a look.

“Well, you haven’t tried our newest look,” I looked between my two best friends with a confused and curious look.

Betty and Veronica smirked at each other but standing up and each taking a hold of my hand.

“Let’s go,”

“Go, where?” I questioned as I stood up.

“You’ll see,” And with that, they whisked me down the hall.

Time Skip:

I walked out of the locker room with a pair of black booty shorts on with one white stripe down the side. A white and yellow baseball shirt and white knee high socks on with two yellow stripes and white sneakers.

“Is this really going to make him notice me?” I questioned with confusion.

“It’s a step in our plan, now just follow our lead,” Veronica said before she headed over to Cheryl Blossom. “Cheryl, you’re going to let (Y/N) into the Riverdale Vixens,” Cheryl glanced over at me before turning back to Veronica.

“Why would I do that? Plus, she must audition like everyone else,” Veronica rolled her eyes at Cheryl before speaking up.

“Because you owe us and fine, she’ll audition,” Veronica turned to me. “Won’t you?” I nodded my head. “Alright, let’s start,” I got in the middle of the gym and was about to start when I heard the gym doors open and close. I glanced back to see Archie, Michael, and Jughead walking into the gym with surprised looks on their faces.

I looked back at Veronica as she just smirked before nodding her head. “You ready?” I nodded my head while Veronica flicked on the music.

I moved my hips to the beat before starting to do my routine. I watched from the corner of my eye, I saw Archie watching me in awe. I finished my routine as Cheryl scowled at me.

“So?” Veronica questioned.

“Fine. She’s in,” Cheryl snapped at her before walking away.

“Yes!” Veronica and I said in unison as we began to jump and down in excitement.

“(Y/N)! You made the cheerleading team?! That’s amazing!” Michael said as he ran over to me and picked me up in a hug and spun me around. Archie and Jughead began to make their way over to us as Veronica leaned into me.

“Play hard to get,” I nodded my head towards her.

“Hey, (Y/N). You were amazing,” I smirked at him before responding.

“Thanks, Arch,” I said simply. Archie shared a look with Jug before going to speak again. “It was nice talking to you Arch but I have to go get fitted for my new uniform! Kisses!” I said before looping my arms with Veronica and Bettys as we headed for the girl’s locker room.

“Omg, (Y/N)! That was perfect!” Veronica said once we reached the locker room.

“Was it? I wasn’t too harsh, was I?” The girls giggled before shaking their heads.

“Of course not but we need to get you ready for tonight’s game, come on!”

Time Skip:

We were currently in the locker room waiting to be called out.

“Are you nervous?” Betty questioned as she came to stand by me.

“A little,” I said while I tried to cover up the nervous sound in my voice.

“Alright, Riverdale Vixens! Let’s move out!” We began to run out onto the field as I noticed Archie by the doors. I smiled at him before moving out.

We did our cheer and the Riverdale Bulldogs ran out onto the field pumped and ready to play. We moved to the bleachers while we watched the boys play the game.

Once the game was finished and the boys won, we went down to the field to congratulate them.

“Michael! You did great! Congratulations!” I yelled while running towards my brother.

“Thanks (Y/N)! Listen, I think someone wants to talk to you,” Michael said as he pointed behind me to reveal Archie.

“Hey,” Archie said while he approached me.

“Hey,” I replied.

“Listen, you were amazing out there,” Archie said clearly nervous.

“You were too,” I replied with the same amount of nervousness. We stood in awkward silence until Archie broke it.

“I was wondering if you like to go out sometime? Maybe to a movie or something?” I smiled before nodding my head.

“I’d like that. And here after all this time, I thought you just thought of me as a little sister or something,” I said with a giggle.

“Well, I did but seeing you in that uniform… It-” Before Archie could finish I heard a stern voice spoke from behind me.

“Watch what you say, Andrews.” It was Michael. Archie gulped while I giggled.

“Come on Andrews. I’ll buy you a soda at Pop’s,” I said walking out over and looping our arms together.  


GUEST POST: Jessie Lynn McMains on “Letterbomb”

We’re worried about the two of you, all our other friends said. The two of us being me and my then-best friend/roommate, Maggie. We thought our friends were being boring and just not getting it, but oh my God, I’d be worried about the girls we were then, too, if I encountered us now. Our whole situation was weird and sad. Long story short, earlier that year we’d burned half our bridges—some of them because they needed to be burnt, others simply because, hey, the match was already lit—and become this codependent unit of two. We barely left each other’s sides, we barely left our apartment, we were broke and depressed and self-medicating with pills and weed and liquor. I truly, truly do not understand why I romanticize ye olde days so much, because when I look at them objectively I think: My life is better in almost every way than it was back then. Yet I continue to long for the past. But I digress—it was September 2004, me and Maggie vs. the world, and the few friends we hadn’t set ablaze rarely wanted to hang out because they were either worried about us or depressed by our habits. Because a party is no longer fun when it happens every night.

It was a crushingly lonely time. As much as I loved Maggie, it’s impossible to have all your needs for intimacy, connection, and affection fulfilled by one person. All my other Chicago friends thought I was a bummer to be around, my faraway friends were, well, faraway, and my romantic life was a shambles. And the Fireside Bowl—the legendary punk venue of Chicago—shut down; that place was the site of so many of my best memories that losing it felt like I’d lost another old friend. The other thing I remember about that September was the constant staticy noise in my head. I likened it to having a radio antennae connected to my brain that picked up the soundwaves of the city, so not only did I have to listen to the voices that were already in my head—I heard everyone else’s chatter, too. Everything was lonely and hard and cold and loud and I was just fucking exhausted, really.

It was in that bleak landscape that I heard American Idiot. I hadn’t loved a Green Day album since Nimrod. (Warning had a few great tracks, but the album as a whole didn’t thrill me), but I instantly fell in love with American Idiot. And there was one particular track that felt like it was speaking directly to, for, about me–“Letterbomb.” As I said in my piece about “She,” I love the Green Day songs about/from the point of view of girls. They’re so different from the casual misogyny that infects a lot of other pop punk bands’ Songs About Girls (I’m not naming any names, but…) Sure, maybe the girls/women in Green Day’s songs tend to be a bit larger-than-life, a bit idealized, but they’re also rebels and troublemakers, and they have their own distinct emotions. It’s so refreshing! American Idiot features three of them in a row–“She’s A Rebel,” “Extraordinary Girl,” and “Letterbomb.”

“Letterbomb” opens with the unmistakeable vocals of none other than Kathleen Hanna, someone whose words and songs had meant so much to me for nearly as long as Billie Joe’s had. In her sweet-bratty singsong she chanted the exact thing I was feeling: nobody likes you / everyone left you / they’re all out without you / having fun… The song is a poppy punk rock rager, wherein Billie reassured me that as bad as things were, my life wasn’t over (it ain’t over till you’re underground). And then the final verse harkens back to that lonely feeling from the opening. She said, I can’t take this place / I’m leaving it behind / Well she said, I can’t take this town / I’m leaving you tonight. I heard that and I thought–maybe I needed a break from the city that was beating me down. Though I loved Chicago, maybe what I needed more than anything was a change of scenery. And some new friends.

Jessie Lynn McMains is a writer, small press owner, and the 2015-2017 Poet Laureate of Racine, Wisconsin. Recent and forthcoming publications include 10 Poems By Jessie Lynn McMains, an e-chapbook released by Hello America, and What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk, a memoir-in-fragments revolving around punk and her misspent youth, coming from Pioneers Press/Punch Drunk Press later in 2017. She is also a long-time zinester—she published her first zine the year Dookie was released. You can also find her on Tumblr at @rustbeltjessie

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Here in Greece we don't really accept that Patroclus and Achilles were anything more than friends,cousins or at least Platonic lovers. What have you been taught at school?

Interesting! I love the term platonic lovers btw, it’s wonderful.

I had two instances where I learned about Achilles and Patroclus in a school setting. The first was in high school, where we just BARELY talked about them as a pair. All the focus in that class was on Odysseus because we were only really required to know the Iliad as a lead-up to the Odyssey. But ultimately, they were just talked about as best friends.

My second, much more in depth, encounter with them was in college. I took a mythology class and we talked about them briefly and my professor pretty much explicitly stated that they were lovers.

My suspicion is that in high school, their relationship was never even mentioned as potentially homoerotic because, while I was in high school, the legalization of gay marriage was a pretty controversial topic (even living in northern California!) and the school probably had some rules on what instructors were and weren’t allowed to talk about. Whereas I attended a very liberal university where instructors had no such limitations on what they could say or teach. 

Ultimately, my opinion of them as proof that true love exists came from my own exploration of their stories rather than from any educational institution. The movie Troy that was released in 2004 opened the floodgates for me and ever since, I’ve consumed films, books, academic articles, documentaries, wikipedia pages, fanfiction, random material that shows up on google searches, and artwork about them and just decided for myself “…they gay.”

I kinda went off on a tangent there… tl;dr: high school says no-homo, university says they gay.

-not to offend anyone-

So lately i thought a lot about BTS and their apprearance on the BMAs.BTS has always been a Band who received lots of love and attention but as a bts fan since 2013 it makes me kinda sad to see them becoming so  popular.

Of course i wish them all the best but my problem is more the fandom.Back in 2014 when “War of Hormone” got released some people were  like “yay” and then it was over.As a fan who was there right from the beginning you feel kinda betrayed when abrutply everyone WORSHIPS BTS after they released “Fire” and  “Blood,Sweat&Tears”.

My point is that BTS always was my favourite band,they were/are chill guys and i love their work.Their entertainment understood the concept of how to promote a kpop boysgroup.I just feel like loosing them to everyone else who is just here because one direction splitted or whatever may be their reason.To me the whole Fandom “ARMYS” seems pretty fake ( not at least because of the fights on Twitter between armys and directioners).2013 everyone was in the same boot and the atmosphere was just So much more relaxed.

I just want those chill days back when no 13 y/o little “army” got offended when someone expressed his/her opinion on the band.Like can’t we all just stop giving a fuck on everyone else’s buisness and just give our favourite artist the love they deserve?

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1/2 Positive thing of the week again. I was at the concert tonight. I'm at a loss of words to describe how amazing it was. While they were playing the first song Nathan took my hand and pulled me up on stage, I danced with him and hugged him while they were performing!😱and at the meet and greet I told Chyler how much we all love her and how she's making a difference with what she does and she's such a sweetheart and give the best hugs😍

2/2 they’re doing a second show on friday and the most heartwarming thing about it is, that they will donate the money from the tickets to the people that were affected of the tragedy in manchester. They’re such caring and lovely people and I really hope you’ll get to meet them too!

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How amazing are these two?? Seriously. The limit does not exist. 

That’s so awesome though! I’m really glad you had so much fun. To think you went from no tickets, to having tickets, to getting VIP upgrades, to meeting both of them and dancing on stage. Great story, love! Thanks so much for sharing all of this! (still jealous).

My Jensen-Misha photo from jibcon8 this morning. I posted this already from the @fandomnatural account I was livetweeting from but thought I would stick it here too. As soon as I can scan a high res version I will do that too.

Background: All I said was, mostly speaking to Jensen, “Given the events of the finale, could you [JA] just give this guy [MC] a hug?” I added to clarify “Like you just got your best friend back.” I didn’t say anything about expressions or how to stand. I actually had been picturing more just a big ol’ happy smooshy hug w both of them smiling, but what they actually did blew me away. What was interesting was seeing them both silently settle on the pose & expression in almost slow motion, like they were both thinking about it. Jensen kept adjusting his face & head angle. That tragic sad frown appeared kinda like he clicked it on, and he then literally adjusted it twice, like “This frown? This one? No, this one,” and his head also started dropping down, and meanwhile Misha was like slowly tilting his head against Jensen’s (which I also had not asked for) and arranging his face into that incredibly touching mournful/resigned look. Misha kept looking at the camera but in Jensen’s final adjustment he dropped his eyes. (Good lord these guys are pros.)

So every nuance of expression & pose is from Jensen & Misha. I think this is Jensen’s real take on how Dean would look if he got to grab onto Cas again. (and I ended up with this weird certainty in my gut that Jensen had just given me a preview of S13)

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Hey uh.. not to bother you by any means.. but can I get a link to those tips for drawing people crying you did once?? I looked through all the tags and couldn't find it myself, sorry..

Oh, it’s no bother! 

But honestly, I’m not actually too happy with those anymore. They’re pretty old. I still sort of hold the same value when I draw them, but here’s some more updated tips, if that’s alright. 

One of the biggest complaints I got with those tips was that just a single tear is good enough. Well yes and no. Tears are just a helpful tool, and of course not everyone cries the same, so yes, a single tear can be just as impactful, as long as your emotion and context carries the message. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s heavy crying. And this can take many forms. Again, the face has to carry the intensity of the emotion; the tears are just there to emphasize it. More intensity, (for some people) does tend to include more liquids and leaking. 

And of course none of it has to be perfect or even. As I love to touch on, crying is messy and ugly. It brings out the most strained emotions. So none of it has to be symmetrical to get the point across- if anything, it gives it more movement. 

I of course draw in a more cartoony fashion, so if you did want to go on the more realistic end of the spectrum, you can focus on the actual physics of tears and how they act and react on the face. More realistically, they come from the inner eye, and are much smaller. They tend to fall in wayward paths, slowly, but  sperraticly, and in droplets or thin streams. You can also add streak marks and flush up the face, depending on the subject. 

I’m glad you liked my old tips, and I hope these new ones help! 

[ May is BPD ( Borderline Personality Disorder ) awareness month & I wanted to drop this here, for my followers to see.

Why am I posting this, you might ask ? Yes. I HAVE BPD. I’ve had it for at least 10 years in various levels of severity. BPD isn’t the only personality disorder nor mental disorder I have either, & I am not scared to say it.

BPD awareness is close to my heart. I try to make sure I tell to every single person I plan to become a closer friends with that I have this disorder & ask them to try to understand me the best they can. Hell, I sometimes don’t even understand myself… Because of this ( these ) disorders I have always been more or less misunderstood & I have never really “fit the norm” how people should behave. I just… Didn’t understand how emotions work, like many other BPD sufferers. I didn’t know how to voice them out in other way than anger or over-reacting that stems from neglect I had to endure ever since I was a toddler — that is how I learned to survive in the middle of abuse. I am not saying this as an “understand me because I am a special snowflake”, no, everyone should TRY TO UNDERSTAND each other REGARDLESS.

How can you become better at understanding us ? By listening. By asking us questions & not second guess. Educate yourself on the subject if you have a friend, a family member or anyone close to you that suffers from BPD. Or educate yourself even if you don’t, the more knowledge the better.

Now to the stigmas. I am sick & tired of people stigmatizing ANYTHING & I want to debunk these from my personal perspective. Sometimes we do it without even realizing it, stigmatizing… Which we should try our best to break free from.

I am not selfish. I have too many things I need to deal with every day, I might not be the best person to put other people’s needs first as well as someone that isn’t dealing with extreme mood swings that can last from literally 15 SECONDS to couple of hours. I do care about you. I just sometimes don’t have the strength to carry both of our burdens.
I am not manipulative —- I just don’t know how to voice my strong emotions right without sounding hostile or pushy.
I am not an attention seeker. Once again, I just don’t know how to voice my emotions out early enough before I’ve bottled everything up, then everything just explodes because I become so overwhelmed & it seems like I am making the situation a horrible shit storm of drama.
I am not treatment resistant — I thought I was, but my medications are set & suit me. I attend therapy & have been for 1.5 years & it helps. I do not abuse alcohol, drugs or sex, I am actively combating self harm & suicidalness every single day. I will never be cured, but I will be better.
Only thing in this list I can agree with is BPD people being difficult because being difficult is SUBJECTIVE. We as humans don’t have an “one size fits all” base for our tolerance — all of us tolerate certain things to certain extents.

I am not a monster.

Unless you really know me & we have a mutual understanding between each other you have NO RIGHT to stigmatize me or say what kind of a person I am. So many people start to abuse me & tell how horrible person I am because I am behaving in a certain way because I just don’t know better. I don’t know how else to behave. & I know it’s wrong if I behave badly, I am not perfect. But you still have no right to verbally abuse me. Hell, you have no right to do that to ANYONE.

My disorders do not determine me. My disorders are not ME.

These stigmas just make everything worse, for everyone. These stigmas surrounding us make us BPD sufferers AFRAID to admit we have BPD. We are AFRAID to seek for help. We’re AFRAID to even talk about the subject in any way & we keep suffering, feeling alone in this hellhole of a world that might never understand us.

Don’t succumb to the stigma. Don’t be afraid of someone with BPD, some of us suffer in silence & struggle internally, some of us voice our emotions out in a very immature way, we’re not all the same. Imagine someone whose most outer layer of skin has been peeled completely off. You are red & raw, even a soft breeze of wind hurts. Even the smallest touch can make anyone SCREAM from pain. That is what BPD emotions are like. We know how we behave is not right, but we most of the time can’t help it. We learned these ways to behave from trauma — we had to do SOMETHING to survive & now we are stuck with a certain way of behavior, a survival method that might get triggered by even the smallest things. We feel like we are in serious danger & we need to defend ourselves at least somehow. We know how we have learned to survive doesn’t work anymore, some of us are in so much better place than we were before but we just can’t break free without professional help or dedicated self treatment, such as Mindfulness, yoga & meditation.

Not all of our bad behaviors are BPD based, but it’s very likely most of them are. You don’t need to understand us, just at least try to.

We are not perfect. You aren’t perfect either. We all make mistakes, some just more than others. Deep down inside we are just like you. We are human, we are flawed & we feel emotions. We are trying our best to be “normal” & not hurt anyone.

For other BPD sufferers — there is hope. Someone loves you. & you should love yourself, too.

This has been a PSA. Thank you for reading. Thank you for trying to understand. ]

Submitted by @ lord-of-the-dark-realms 


So, I had this thought after reading several stories about humans giving birth and not having eggs.  What if aliens do not have ‘family units’ the same way humans do, but instead raise children in more of a group setting.


Captain H'roll'ah was excited to have hired on not just 1 but 3 humans, all of whom were extremely qualified for space travel.  Even better, they were all from the same clan and so there would be no rivalry or refusal to work together because of old scores to settle.

“Captain! Three humans just came in a have taken over the dining area! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!?” Ensign Khralhen was out of breath and panicked, but his species was notoriously afraid of humans after it became public knowledge how dangerous they were.  Not that his own was much better, but H'roll'ah knew that these humans should be here and it was probably near a meal time for them.  How could such an evolutionary advanced and apated species not figure out a way to avoid needing 3 or meals a day was beyond H'roll'ah.

“It is fine, Ensign Khralhen.  These are likely the Humans that I just signed on to the crew.  They are from the same clan, so they should work at peak efficiency,” the Captain answered, trying to put as much calm and soothing into his voice as possible, “Let us go introduce ourselves and welcome them so that the ‘pack-bonding’ can begin.”


“Greetings, I am Captain H'roll'ah and this is Ensign Khralhen, our cook.”

“Nice ta meetcha! Cook, huh? Guess we best buddy up to you right quick then!” said the male.  He was average height for a human and perhaps a little on the heavy side, but H'roll'ah knew that it was likely muscle not fat.  After all, this human and one of his female companions were security personnel.

“Always thinking with you stomach, Thomas.  How about you buddy up to the Captain, so that we do not get kicked off this boat? Hmm?” said the smaller female, later identified as Samantha or “Sam” for ease.  "Small" being used only in comparison because she did not have the bulk of her clanmates.  She must be the medical officer.  H'roll'ah was worried that she would be distant from her clanmates but her body language suggested extreme comfort and trust, above what H'roll'ah felt for his own clanmates of different castes.  The third human, Laura if the captain remembered correctly, remained silent but was constantly looking around, as if expecting an attack at any moment, not that strange considering all that H'roll'ah had hear about Earth.

“Well then, please tell me what times that the three of you eat, and I will prepare food for you then.  Also, please tell me any dietary restrictions you have so that you do not have any medical incidents,” Khralhen said, realizing that the humans could be bribed with food as easily as a Con'valix could be bribed with fruits.


(3 Months Later)

Captain H'roll'ah was surprised at how well the humans worked together.  He thought that they might exceed standard human operating efficiency by 10%, but regularly they were 20-25% better than the reported average.  They barely needed to vocalize to communicate, and they were able to remember each other’s needs and the needs of the crew extremely well.  Captain H'roll'ah decided to ask them how they did it, and if it was a clan trait, where he could hire more humans of clan “Walker.”

“Thomas clan Walker, do you have a few minutes to talk about personal matters?” The captain asked, assuming that Thomas would, since he was off shift and relaxing in the lounge.

“Sure thing, hoss.  What can I do for you?  And I hope this isn’t about my or Laura’s tattoo’s, because we had to settle a bet on that a few days ago,” Thomas answered easily.  He was a bit flippant for the captain’s taste, but his results were impeccable and the other humans followed his lead, which spoke volumes for the man.  

“I was hoping that you could explain how you and your clanmates have achieved such a high efficiency rate.  You perform well above average, even for clanmates who grew up together.”

“Clanmates? Oh, that’s right! Sam mentioned that your species, and most species on this ship raise their young in a group setting and the kids hatch from eggs, right?”

“That is correct, and please do not remind me that human females carry their young in their bodies like a parasite.  The last time Sam explained that, it was enough to make all of us wonder how humans have managed to reproduce at all.” H'roll'ah still shuddered when he thought of it, and Khralhen wasn’t able to cook for 3 days after Sam had explained human reproduction.

“Fair enough, I think we reproduce more by accident that anything else, but yeah.  Me, Laura, and Sam are not clanmates like you think,” Thomas chuckled and shook his head, “We are siblings.”

“I do not know this word,” H'roll'ah answered uneasily.  In his experience, an unknown term from a human meant that something painful, gross, horrifying, or all 3 was about to be revealed.

“Sam could explain it better, and having Laura here only seems fair…” Thomas trailed off as he reached for his comm.  "Hey, brats (again with the casual disrespect), can you both get up to the lounge? Captain wants to know about siblings.“ H'roll'ah was always surprised that Thomas clan Walker could be disrespectful when asking for others to do something.

“Sure, be right up,” Sam responded.  She was likely a floor up in the medical facilities and wanted to take a break.

“Grrhhrhhgg.” Laura clan Walker had been sleeping, then, and did not want to come.

“Thanks, ladies, you can both explain family better than me.”  Now the captain was worried again because there was a second new word being bandied around.


“So, captain, a family unit for humans is very small compared to yours of Ensign Khralhen’s,” Sam explained, “A family is usually made up of the mother and/or father or a surrogate who has assumed that role and the children.  It usually numbers no more than 4-7 individuals.”

“But…But…how do you grow or develop? And to place all that burden on only one or two adults, how do they do anything else?” spluttered K'roll'ah.  He was shocked to find out that humans in the region called ‘America’ did not have an open community.

“Well, children who share 1 or both parents are called “siblings”, and they develop together.  The adults are called “parents”, and yeah, there is a definite loss of freedom involved.“

“So then, you three are…siblings?” H'roll'ah asked.

“Yes, Thomas is the oldest, and Laura is the youngest, with me in the middle,” answered Sam, “and our father bailed on us after Laura was 3 years old, so Tom became the ‘man of the house’ at 7 years old.”

THAT explained Thomas clan Walker’s attitude! Captain H'roll'ah realized that Thomas clan Walker had been in a command position and not had a commander from a young age!

“So that is why you both follow him? He is the new leader”

“Kind of, he is just the best at leading.  He knows what to do and does it well.” Laura answered, which was rare; she was the most quiet of the three.

“And the reason for your peak efficiency?” Captain H'roll'ah asked, determined to get an answer to his question.

“Well, we have known each other all our lives and spent most of those lives in close proximity to each other.  We just understand each other from the long familiarity and exposure.”

“Ah, the same way a pilot becomes better from being on the same ship, just with a person instead.”

“Exactly! And if you are interested in hiring others we are familiar with, we have some cousins, children of our parents’ siblings, who we know very well and want to get into space.”

“Then I will look them up, thank you for answering my questions." 

Humans were a strange species.  Instead of focusing on a large community, they developed close bonds with only a few people who share familial ties with them.  Captain H'roll'ah did hire the 'cousins’ and they worked out very well.  The human guidebook was updated to notify captains that humans sharing close blood ties have the potential to perform at higher than normal efficiency.  


Now somebody write a story about a captain hiring siblings who hate/cannot stand each other!

It went downhill pretty quickly.

Context: We were fighting a group of goblins, and a goblin boss, with a party of a Dragonborn Fighter, a Dwarf Fighter, a Human Sorcerer, a Wood Elf Druid, and myself as a Dwarf Ranger, all level 1.

Druid: How far away from me?

DM: All the remaining goblins are 10 feet away from your group.

Druid: I run up to the group and cast Thunderwave.

Me: You know you’re going to kill us, right?

Druid: I look back apologetically as I cast the spell.

DM: Ok, everyone roll con saves

All but 2 of the goblins fail, and everyone in the party saves, except for myself.

DM: Roll the damage.

Druid: *rolls 15 on the damage*


*Once it got to the Dragonborn fighter’s turn*

Dragonborn Fighter: Fuck them all, I’m using my cold breath!

DM: Even though you’ll hit the Druid!

Dragonborn Fighter: EVEN BETTER!

One of the goblins failed it’s save, the goblin boss saved.

DM: Druid roll a con save.

Druid: *Nat 2*

Dragonborn Fighter: *rolls 10 for damage*

DM: Fuck… Orruk (the dwarf fighter), please kill this fucker.

Dwarf Fighter: I think it would be best.

Me: I fucking hate you guys.

A little bit later

DM: You find the gem you were sent into the dungeon to search for.

Dragonborn Fighter: I pick up the gem

DM: Roll constitution, as once you pick up the gem, you are hit with sparks of electricity that shoot through you.

Dragonborn Fighter: *makes save* I want to throw this at the Druid

DM: Fine, roll AC, add strength, no proficiency

Dragonborn Fighter: *Rolls 14, hits the Druid*

DM: When the hell did this turn into a PvP session?!

Me: I don’t even know where to begin.

To all the kids who were forced into taking care of your younger siblings, to everyone who had to do the work of mothering far too young, to people who lost huge parts of your own childhood in order to see that the other kids could keep a bit of theirs –

You should never have been put in that position. You deserved a childhood too. And I am so proud of you for doing the best you could in a bad situation. The kids you looked after are lucky that someone in their life cared enough to try to parent them, and on a day where people are thanking their mothers you deserve recognition too.

Thank you for trying so hard and for loving those kids as best you knew how. What you did was incredibly difficult and important work that you should not have had to do. Thank you for trying to give them the childhood you didn’t get to have.

JINX | Taehyung (M)

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Fluff | Crack | Smut | Neighbor!Taehyung | EMT!Taehyung | Enemies → lovers

You’ve had your sights set on Kim Taehyung ever since you’ve moved into the apartment next door to him, the only problem is that your klutz gene makes it difficult to get within three feet of the boy before a freak accident of some sort occurs

word count: 29k+

A/N: first of all i blame @bxebxee for the cumplay that occured in this hot mess, second of all IM SORRY its so long and third taehyung ended up a lot more… toxic than i anticipated so i wanted to warn against that and that i dont condone a lot of his actions/reactions or the toxicity of the relationship but its how his character and OC came out.

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A Lesson in Love (Creative Writing)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,547

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Also, we’re nearing the end of this series. I’d say there’s 4-5 parts left. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - Forever grateful for your editing assistance.

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The sun is out as you walk to your Creative Writing class. It’s a sign that winter is really being left behind, only to be replaced by longer days, warmer weather and an abundance of thriving greenery.

As much of a fan that you are of the freezing season, you’re grateful to see it go. The temperamental radiator in your apartment made your nights especially cold and knowing that you don’t have to depend on that for warmth anymore is a big relief.

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Plo Koon had a lot of great lines in Clone Wars but the best is when he and Ahsoka were surrounded by a bunch of dudes in a bar and the guy with the knives is like “you can’t take us all on Jedi!” and Plo responds with “would you like to try and prove your theory?” which is basically a more sophisticated way of saying “bring it on bitch” and he’s so calm but also sounds slightly ticked off to intimidate them it’s amazing.

“Unpredictable” Langst Fic(trigger warning)

I received a request by a close friend to make this prompt into a Klangst fic, and I can only say that this is the best that I can do. “I’m Sorry” part 3 will be up sometime by tomorrow, probably in the late afternoon. I know you guys want more but unfortunately, I’m still working on it. I’m sorry I swear I’ll get it up soon and I’ll put all my effort into making the story enjoyable. If you guys want to see Klangst I’ll do my best to keep that a part of the fic and if I don’t get it right or don’t live up to your expectations I am so sorry. I’ll try really hard to make you all happy. I swear.


They had no idea how many fighters there would really be.

They had underestimated Lotor’s ability to take lead of the war, while his father was recuperating from the severe beating Voltron had given him.

Overall, Voltron was outnumbered. They were unable to keep up with the multitude of jets, which seemed to be a never ending fleet.

Shiro pushed them to the brink, and finally, they were able to take out enough ships to give them an opening.

Hunk used his bayard to form his shoulder cannon, taking out the energy canons on a majority of the warships, forcing Lotor to pull back his fleet and retreat. 

But not before Blue was shot by a fleeing fighter jet. 

Somehow, the laser cut through Blue, shattering through her cockpit and nailing Lance in the back. Blue lurched forward, feeling Lance’s pain.

The right side of Lance’s torso was burned. The team was so wrapped up in the exhilaration of victory, they didn’t notice Lance choking back pain filled sobs. He suppressed them, and began laughing along with the others, ignoring his own agony. They didn’t need to deal with the knowing he was hurt when they were so happy. He felt blood trickle down his chin, and he knew he had bashed his head against the controls when Blue lurched.

Lance shook his head, feeling just how quickly the pain overcame him. He choked, but swallowed back any form of distress.

“We did it!” Pidge exclaimed excitedly, whooping victoriously along with Hunk’s victory dance.

“Nice job team!” Shiro complemented proudly, smiling as he turned his lion around, flying back towards the castle, and a well earned resting period. Allura smiled proudly at the paladins, her face popping up on the intercoms in front of each paladin.

Lance’s attempts at concealing his pain were in vain. Allura noticed almost immediately.

“Well done paladins! Come quickly so that we may celebrate! I’ll open the hall of lions once you are all directly outsi- Lance?!” Allura’s worried tone sliced through the intercoms and all the paladins’ focuses were on Lance’s screen in a split second.

The paladins all periodically enlarged the screen.

Keith choked.

“Hey guys! W-we did it!” Lance laughed uneasily, trying to cover his wound. But blood was more difficult to conceal, as was the immediate agony of moving, blossoming across his face.

Shit- everyone get back to the castle! Lance- do you think you can make it in time?!” Shiro shouted, terror of losing Lance overcoming him. He had never sweared in front of the others before, and that was enough to send them into a panic. Pidge and Hunk were on the verge of tears, and Keith’s anxiety held him teetering over the edge of oblivion that was his mind.

Lance grinned, but slowly, his eyes shut, and his head fell forward.

Anxiety bloomed in everyone’s chest, and Shiro was that much closer to a panic attack.

“Lance?! ” Shiro all but screamed, leaning forward in his cockpit chair, seemingly trying to reach out to Lance through the screen. Blue started moving, but Lance, seemingly lifeless, did not move an inch on the intercoms.

“The blue lion is piloting itself?!” Pidge exclaimed, confusion and dread evident in their tone. Blue sped towards the Castle.

“Follow Blue! Hurry!” Keith shouted, turning Red around swiftly, immediately flooring it. He flew to the Castle at an alarming speed, with Pidge and Hunk right behind him. Shiro, shaken from the sudden realization Lance might not have made it, was a little slow on catching up with the others. He shook the thoughts away in denial.

He has to make it. He has got to be okay.’ Shiro thought, speeding after the others.

Blue all but smashed through the hangar doors, much to Allura’s shock, and flew directly to her landing point.

Blue landed safely, careful not to shake too much, intending not to hurt Lance any further, and once she had, she turned all her energy towards waking him.

Wake, my Blue paladin. Your teammates need you.’  Blue nudged Lance into consciousness, and he reluctantly complied. He shook his head, attempting to shake away the feelings of agony. Blue supported his attempts by forcing positive emotions into his thought process. 

He felt exceedingly better, and was even capable enough to rise out of his piloting chair, afterwards making his way to the cockpit’s exit.

Keith spun Red into landing position, opened the cockpit, and booked it, running towards Lance as fast as he possibly could.

“Lance?! Lance?!” Keith, Hunk, and Pidge all ran to the Blue Lion, their feet slamming into the cold metal floors of the Castle. Blue’s eyes dimmed, and Keith was on the verge of a mental break down.

“Please be okay, please be okay…” Keith heard Shiro mutter, finally landing Black into the hangar and hopping out quickly. Shiro caught up almost immediately, soon followed by a worried Coran and a panicked Allura.

“Not Lance… Anyone but Lance.” Hunk whispered to himself breathlessly, tears threatening to spill. Keith tried his best to keep his mind from wandering to dark thoughts about Lance’s state.

They skidded to a halt. Blue’s cockpit was opening.

Out stumbled Lance, and Keith tricked himself into feeling relief- until he saw the blood.

There was so much of it.

The crimson substance trickled out of his mouth, down his arm, and there was blood all across his torso. His forehead had blood dripping down the right side of it. His usually soft brown hair was a tangled mess, matted against his head due to all the blood.

Lance?” Keith’s voice cracked.

Lance looked so pale. His knees were shaking. His breathing was uneven. His blue eyes looked so empty. And yet, he still managed to pull off his winning smile without a hitch. Keith’s stomach lurched.

“Yup. In all my wounded, bloody glory.” Lance chuckled, his expression littered with pain.

“We need to get you to the healing pods.” Keith ran forward, and as soon as he got close enough, he lifted Lance into his arms bridal style. Lance’s breathing hitched, but when Keith looked down at him, he smirked.

“Who knew the hotheaded Keith could be such a gentleman?” Lance chuckled, and Keith almost blushed.

“I don’t need a pick up line right now Lance- I need you to keep your eyes open and stay alive.” Keith lifted an eyebrow, lifting one arm slightly. Lance gasped, an agonizing pain shooting through his spine from the faint movement.

Keith stared down at the agony ridden Lance, and finally took a good look at the wound.

His stomach lurched uncomfortably.

Lance had been shot with one of Zarkon’s lasers.

Lance was dying.

Constellation Prompt List

like my space prompt list from forever ago, but constellations

  • Andromeda - You who was kept captive by those who despised your name, you are now free to roam wherever you please amongst the stars
  • Aquarius - You are the one who brings the water to the scorched desert, the flood, the taker and the giver. I am a desert, craving the water you will eventually bring
  • Aries - The protector of the helpless, the lost, and the scared. Deliver me from this place, let your fire drive away my shadows
  • Cancer - My mind yearns for a distraction, for respite, and you offer it to me, no matter for how little of time
  • Capricornus - You have always been a fickle thing, dancing to and from shores of reality and truth, but always willing to dive into the sea of imagination. Let me swim with you, and create a new world of stars
  • Cassiopeia - Despite being chained to a stale life, you live with your head held high and your pride higher. I approach you on bowed knee, offering a key to your chains
  • Corona Borealis - A crown of stars lays across your gentle brow and yet they are so bright that they make you blind to them. You cannot see past the white light, so far and distant to all else, but you see best when you cannot see a thing
  • Cygnus - I caught you once in passing, a summer’s dream. But I felt we were like swans torn apart - and swans hold close the ideal of forever
  • Draco - Even in the coldest of nights, your fiery passion keeps my heart warm
  • Gemini - A conundrum of all, too naive yet too wise, to kind yet too harsh, yet solid in only one thing. Complete in being more than one is the only constant in your ever-changing flux
  • Hydra - Despite your hardships you come back, bigger, stronger and harsher to fight back the thing that took you the first time
  • Leo - An air of nobility and an aura of barely bridled power, you drew me to you like a magnet, like I was waiting for a great disaster upon your arrival but I could not look away. We have a horrible tendency to be fascinated with fantastic tragedy
  • Libra - You always make sure that we are equal in give and in take, in love and in strife. A constant back and forth, like the high and low tides cycling through
  • Pisces - The birthplace of beauty would be no strange place for me to see if I gazed upon your face, your radiance and gentleness like a breath of spring after the harsh winter

This is getting really long so I’ll do more later (yes I know this doesn’t have all of the zodiacs, relax)


This is sorta lame and cheesy, but it’s basically just a fluffy Imagine about Tom being a cute boyfriend and taking care of his drunk girlfriend💗
Author’s Note: This is a oneshot inspired by sorta me? My mom had a party and made a ton of mixed drinks, and because I’m a dumb baby that never drinks, I forgot that vodka literally punches you in a face when you drink too much of it? Anyways, I got drunk and ended up crying to one of my cousins for about 40 minutes about all the reasons why I love Tom? Apparently, I’m even more cheesy and sentimental drunk than I am sober, who knew lol?

She giggled to herself, ankles knocking into each other as she braced herself on the door of her apartment. She was absolutely, completely, and undeniably smashed. Truly, she couldn’t even remember how she’d gotten this way, but then again, she could barely recall her uber ride home.
Her hands kept shaking and she couldn’t find the correct key to fit itself into the doorknob. At this rate, she’d be out all night.
Tom paused the film he was watching and glanced back towards the front door. He was pretty sure that he could hear someone out there, but it was probably just their neighbor’s being noisy. Allowing the film to regain his full attention, he did his best to ignore the strange sounds outside, until he heard something that replicated her giggle.
His eyebrows knitted together in confusion. She was supposed to be at a sleepover with her best friends, not coming home at one in the morning? Tom got up and made his way over to the window by the door. Peeking out, he saw that the giggle outside indeed belonged to her, and she appeared to be struggling hugely with the task of opening the door.
Quickly crossing to help her inside, Tom yanked open the door and barely had time to catch her as she crashed in on top of him.
“Tom!” She yelped excitedly, making no effort to move off of him, instead cuddling further into him, while he laid sprawled across the floor with her lying on his chest. “Do you wanna hear a joke? It’s so dirty and I know how you love dirty things!” She explained innocently, her eyelashes tickling his neck.
Tom chuckled, “Darling, come on up here. We’ve gotta close the door.”
“Okay, I’ll tell you!” She leaned over him, “What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball?”
“You’re absolutely wrecked.” Tom laughed, taking in her mussed up appearance. She still looked good, how could she not? Her skirt was just shorter, her breasts were more exposed than she’d be comfortable with sober, and her eyemakeup was slightly smudged. Her hair tumbled down her back in messy waves and she teetered on her high heels.
If she had come home sober, Tom would’ve dragged her off to bed with him, but alas, she was drunk and needed to be taken care of.
“She gagged!” His girlfriend giggled, finishing up the butt of her joke. “Do you get it?”
Tom burst out laughing and cradled the back of her head as he rolled her onto her side so that he could get up to lock the door. “Yes, baby, I do. Where’d you hear that one?”
She didn’t even seem to have registered what he asked her because, in response, she said, “I don’t think I’d be Cinderella if I was a disney princess. She gags, but not me. I don’t gag, unless you make me.”
“Oh my gosh, you’re going to be so embarrassed in the morning.” Tom said, slipping his hands beneath her arms to pick her up. Helping her down the hallway to their bedroom, he asked, “Darling, how come you’re not with your friends right now?”
She blinked her eyes slowly and licked her lips. “We were all talking, and drinking. So, so, so much drinking. Did you know that vodka is strong? Like, it’s so strong, because, I’m not sure if you can tell, but,” She leaned closer to his chest and pressed herself up onto her tippy toes to whisper in his ear, “I’m kinda drunk right now.”
Turning his head towards her, he decided to play along, “Are you serious? I’d had no clue.”
“Well, yes! Anywho,” She dragged out the last letter of anywho before she tripped over herself again.
Tom caught her and slipped a firmer hand around her waist. “Anywho?” He pressed.
“We were all talking about our boyfriends, and how much we love them, because, I love you so much. And then, we started talking about the stuff we do with our boyfriends.” She paused in the hallway to poke Tom’s chest, “That’s my favorite shirt on you.”
“Darling, I’m not wearing a shirt?” Tom said, cocking his head to the side.
“I know,” She smiled, “That’s why it’s my favorite.” She gestured to Tom’s exposed midriff, “This is all great. Like, you look so good. The best.”
Tom dissolved into laughter and shook his head, “My silly, drunk girl. What are we going to do with you?”
“Well, you see, what I’d like you to do with me is make-out. That’s really why I came home. We started talking about some things,” She cupped her hand around Tom’s ear and whispered, “Sexy time things. And we all agreed that I should come home to you so that we could do the sexy time things. Because, I wanna do them, with you.”
Finally crossing the threshold of their bedroom, Tom placed her gently onto the bed and tried to ignore her last statement. Yes, she was his girlfriend. Yes, she’d just told him that she wanted him, and yes, he obviously wanted her too. But, she was drunk, much too drunk to consent to sex with him.
Tonight, Tom would be a good boyfriend and take care of her, but, in the morning, Tom would be a good boyfriend and he’d give her at least 2 orgasms with 2 advil pills to chase away her headache before breakfast.
“Sweet girl, we can’t right now. You’ve been drinking too much, you’re absolutely wasted.” Tom tried to reason with her.
“No, no I’m not. If I was drunk, could I do this?” She took a deep breath, “‘May I feel said he/ (I’ll squeal said she/ just once said he) It’s fun said she/ (May I touch said he/ How much said she/ A lot said he) Why not said she.”
Tom cut her off, “Sweetheart, nothing you say matters right now, you’re too drunk. Now just let me help you out of that dress.” Shaking his head, Tom laughed as he walked over to her with an oversized sweatshirt of his in his hand. Only she would be able to quote E.E. Cummings completely inebriated.
Kneeling in front of her, Tom lifted one of her feet onto his lap to unbuckled her high heeled shoe. Undoing the clasp and carefully removing the heel, he pressed a tender kiss to the top of her foot.
“You know, I like it a lot better when you’re on your knees for a different reason.” She pouted, sitting up to watch him.
Tom chuckled again as he began to remove her other shoe, “Trust me darling, so do I. Roll over-” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence when she interjected.
“Are you gonna spank me?” She asked, rolling over. Her tiny dress had ridden up even more and Tom had to bite down on his lower lip and clasp his hands together to prevent himself from doing just that.
“You’re making this really difficult.” Tom muttered.
“Then do something about it. I thought bad girls got spankings?” She teased him, eyeing the hardness growing within his pajama bottoms.
“Stop it, I’m trying to take care of you and you’re making it really hard.” Tom groaned.
“I can tell,” She giggled.
“For fucks sake,” Tom rolled his eyes, “I’m going to help you out of the dress, and that’s all the touching I’m going to do tonight. Then, I’m going to take off your makeup, and you’re going to go to sleep.”
“Tom,” She whined, wriggling around on the bed, “I don’t wanna. I want you to do me.”
Tom laughed, “You’re going to die in the morning, oh my gosh. You’re such a child.”
“Ugh!” She whined and flattened out onto the mattress.
Sitting down behind her on the bed, Tom rolled her over and unzipped the back of her dress. He did his best to not look, but the zipper kept getting caught in her hair, and he couldn’t ignore the soft skin of her back. He saw that she’d chosen to wear the pretty, light pink, lace bra that she’d been wearing the first time they’d had sex. Groaning over the memories, he helped her rid her body of the confining fabric of her dress and had slid his sweatshirt over her body.
She turned to lay on her back, “Will you at least kiss me?”
“Yes,” Tom placed a soft kiss on her mouth, “Do you wanna get up to go to the bathroom to take off your makeup, or do you want me to do it for you here?”
“Hmmm, here.” She sat up and stuck her hands inside of the sweatshirt, only to toss her bra off seconds later.
Tom’s eye lingered on her chest as he got up to retrieve her makeup wipes.
“I love youuuuu.” She said, hugging herself to his chest after Tom had successfully cleansed her face of all traces of makeup. “You’re my favorite, even though you refuse to fuck me.”
Tom tucked the duvet under her chin and crawled in behind her. He kissed her temple and curled an arm around her, “I love you too darling.”
He prayed to the high heavens above that she wouldn’t feel his excitement poking her in the back while she drifted off and into dreamland.