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Our Promise - Loki x Reader

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Summary: As teenagers, Loki and (Y/N) agreed that if they were not to be married by 35, they’d marry each other. Loki then sabotage every relationship (Y/N) had until her 35th birthday, only to be force to tell her upon that very special day.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word count: 2.9K

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A/N: wooooooooo !! This one actually hit me hard ((AND I WROTE IT)), but when I read it I picture Loki from the first Thor because he just seems so much more emotion and BOY is this story a RIDE

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One Direction Grammy Submissions

Up All Night through Made in the AM. 

Just in case anyone thinks the reason One Direction didn’t get nominated is because they weren’t submitted. They were. But we have no real evidence to suggest there was a campaign for them to be nominated or win. 


  • One Direction (2013 Grammys)


  • Up All Night (2013 Grammys)
  • Take Me Home (2014 Grammys)
  • Midnight Memories (2015 Grammys)
  • FOUR (2016 Grammys)
  • Made in the AM (2017 Grammys)


  • What Makes You Beautiful (2013 Grammys)
  • Best Song Ever (2014 Grammys)
  • Kiss You (2014 Grammys)
  • Rock Me (2014 Grammys)
  • Story of My Life (2015 Grammys)
  • Drag Me Down (2016 Grammys)
  • Perfect (2017 Grammys)


  • What Makes You Beautiful (2013 Grammys)
  • Best Song Ever (2014 Grammys)
  • Kiss You (2014 Grammys)
  • Rock Me (2014 Grammys)
  • Story of My Life (2015 Grammys)
  • Drag Me Down (2016 Grammys)
  • Perfect (2017 Grammys)


  • What Makes You Beautiful (2013 Grammys)
  • Best Song Ever (2014 Grammys)
  • Kiss You (2014 Grammys)
  • Rock Me (2014 Grammys)
  • Story of My Life (2015 Grammys)
  • Drag Me Down (2016 Grammys)
  • Perfect (2017 Grammys)


  • Up All Night (2013 Grammys)
  • Take Me Home (2014 Grammys)
  • Midnight Memories (2015 Grammys)
  • FOUR (2016 Grammys)
  • Made in the AM (2017 Grammys)


  • Story of My Life (2015 Grammys)
  • Perfect (2017 Grammys)

*The historical record here is shockingly bad. If anyone has a resource that actually has everything listed and there’s a mistake, let me know. I didn’t see Best Music Video submitted every year but I find that hard to believe.

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Poly headcanons with Damian and Jon x reader

I know I did the fic already but there was a lot of stuff I couldn’t include so I’m SO GLAD you sent this in when you did.

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  • It’s basically like being in a relationship with a super-powered hyperactive puppy and a trained ferocious cat assassin. But the contrast is great because it often means there’s a lot of aspects to your trio.
  • Dates planned by Damian are usually planned down to the TT, and involve a lot of money and time. Dinner dates booked in secluded party rooms, rose petals, candles, suits and ties and dresses, completely rented aquariums, fondue or dance lessons. They’re all full-bloodedly romantic and filled with everything you would expect from that side of Damian, and they’re usually for the days when you’re all feeling a little cruddy and need some class. To make these more intimate Damian will often just take one of you, but will make it up to the other later with a date of your choice.
  • Jon’s dates are often very homely and are more hands-on. You spent a weekend at the Kent family Farm, hefting hay bales onto the back of Clark’s truck, washing the pigs, feeding the animals, riding horses, and around the Harvest, he’ll have you guys come up and help out too. The best time you think you’d ever had was where Jon’s pumpkins were successful that year, so the three of your carved them together and ended up throwing the seeds and guts at each other. After Damian sprayed Jon directly in the face with a hose, you broke down crying from how hard you were laughing, and then Jon getting the pumpkin pieces down the back of Damian’s shirt, you all mutually decided that Jon planned dates from that moment on.
  • But, considering how it’s not exactly common for one of you to get jealous, you’ve all agreed on some ground rules;
  • 1. No going out with a partner without the third person’s knowledge. And if they don’t seem/feel okay with this, then change the day of the date or include the third.
  • 2. Always wait for the third person before starting anything, like eating at a meal, (making out), or anything else that might involve this rule.
  • 3. Communication is key. If something is wrong, it is DIRE that it is discussed between everyone.
  • You often reference these rules in conversation (”Remember rule number three, Dams”), and the system works incredibly well.
  • In regards to Jon’s family, everything is wonderful. When Jon finally brought it up with his parents they were hesitant (mainly because of Damian, if we’re being honest), but after watching the three of you interact it was clear that it was beneficial for all of you, so Lois and Clark instantly gave their blessing. Grandma Martha made you a pie with three different flavors in it and confessed that before she was with Clark’s father Jonathan Kent, she’d been in a poly relationship and understood how everything worked.”If you have any questions, please come to me, dears.
  • Kon was all for it. You remember him saying,”Jon’s so stuffed full of love I knew that it wouldn’t be able to fit in one person.
  • Kara smiled and told us “congratulations”, and when Jon asked why she wasn’t fazed, she shrugged. Apparently, relationships with more than two people were incredibly common on Krypton, to the point where it was almost 50/50 for each side in the population.”And y’know, If I’m being honest, I’m a little jealous. I always hoped when I was little that there would be more than just one person who loved me romantically.
  • Most of the time Damian takes the lead and you and Jon follow in stride. The only reason you do this is so he can’t hear you whispering about how sexy he is behind his back.
  • Damian: [runs his fingers through his hair] [does like 1,000 push-ups shirtless] [smirks absentmindedly, probably while thinking about something dirty]
  • Y/N and Jon: [trying not to stutter, failing] wha-what a drEAM BOAT
  • Damian’s family was only a little different in reaction. Alfred gave his advice and was the reason why you set up the ground rules and was really supportive. Bruce, y’know, being Bruce, didn’t really acknowledge it but didn’t seem opposed to it either. Dick was FULL HEARTEDLY all in, and even hugged you and Jon after he told you he’d kill you both if you broke Damian’s heart. 
  • Jason, being the “outcast” of the family, was rarely around and thus didn’t learn of your status until you casually dropped the “two boyfriends” line. He just gave you a thumbs up??? what does this mean?? Tim basically did the same thing, but Cass and Steph tried to throw you a party. It failed only because Damian thought the “surprise” was an attack and chucked an electric Batarang that started the tablecloth on fire. The same thing happens at the Wedding Reception.

Prompt: You knew walking home alone was a mistake. Now you’re cornered and there’s no escape, or is there?

Pairing: Mike x Reader

Warnings: Troy and James.

A/N: So i’ve started watching Stranger Things again since season two comes out within a week, and I am literally so excited. And watching it again made me realize how much I love Mike Wheeler, so because of that, this happened. Oh! This also takes place before Will’s disappearance.


You were a quiet kid. You didn’t really like to put yourself out there, mainly because of your fear of judgement. You did have friends though, and honestly you wouldn’t trade them for anything. Dustin, Lucas, Will and Mike were the best friends you’d ever had, and it didn’t even matter to you that they were all boys. All the girls your age judged you for your different tastes.

You weren’t one for skirts or dresses, you didn’t really like the things girls your age liked. You’d rather spend your evening playing Dungeons and Dragons than chatting up whatever the girls your age did. That is why you spent most of your time with Mike, Dustin, Will and Lucas. It’s also why you got teased relentlessly.

It’s also how you found yourself cornered by James and Troy, your very own annual bullies, after school.

You’d known walking home alone was a mistake, but you hadn’t wanted to bother the boys because you distinctly remembered them saying they weren’t going to meet up after school. And you didn’t want to be a hassle. But now you seriously regretted that decision as the two boys before you stepped threateningly closer.

You felt extremely small in that moment, back pressed up against the schools wall in panic as the leered at you. 

“Oh look, it’s the freak.” Troy spat, narrowing his eyes dangerously at you as you remained silent. You were quiet, which meant you weren’t really good at standing up for yourself. While the girls in your grade teased you for being too boy like, James and Troy went after you because you were an easy target. If caught alone they could spit whatever insult they’d want at you, shove you to the ground, hit you and you wouldn’t do anything.

“Where’s the whole freak show, huh?” James asked, only further making it sink in that you were alone. “Seems you’re all alone, Y/N. No ones coming to help you.”

Yet again you said nothing, only closed your eyes in shame and tried to push back the tears that threatened to spill. You looked around yourself for any chance of escape or maybe a teacher that would walk by, but it was after school; the teacher’s only break from kids and every student rushed home the second the bell rang. And not only that, but they had you completed cornered; with the both of them there’s no way you’d be able to run away fast enough.

“You do know you’re weird right?” James asked yet another question, as Troy picked up his hand to flick you harshly in the forward. 

“Do you even know how to speak?” Troy spat, and the two of them step even closer to you. You felt your breath grow frantic, and you felt panic welling within you as they closed in on you. “Hey!” Troy suddenly raised his voice, making you jump as he pushed your head harshly into the wall behind you. “Stop ignoring me. Where’s frog-face? You two are always together.”

“D-Don’t call Mike that.” You whispered, hating when they insulted your friends. It stung when they called you a name or pushed you around, but you hated when they spoke ill of your friends; especially Mike. Those boys had never done anything to deserve such cruel treatment. “Y-You’re just j-jealous.”

Troy laughed as if you’d said the most odd thing in the world as James elbowed him in enjoyment. You didn’t regret defending your friend but you knew you’d pay for that comment.

“So. She can speak.”

Troy raised his hand, smacking it into your shoulder harshly making you groan out slightly in pain. “You got a crush on Mike?” He asked, pressing his hand further into your shoulder as James shot out his foot to kick at your feet. Suddenly you were tumbling to the ground, your butt hitting the concrete beneath you harshly. “Aweh, freaks got a little crush of frog-face.”

You hugged yourself as they harshly kicked at you, closing your eyes tightly in terror. Every kick stung and every insult felt like you’d been shot.

Then you felt someone in front of you, and opening your eyes you saw Troy. Taking a single digit, he placed it against your forehead and pushed on it. “Well listen, you freak, Mike ain’t coming. I bet he hates you as much as everyone else does.”

James laughed obnoxiously, “definitely!” And then he paused, as if shocked by your stricken expression; “oh, you don’t know…? You don’t know that the entire school, including your idiot friends, hate you?”

You bit your lip, feeling your eyes shine with unshed tears as they laughed loudly into your face. You’re sure it would’ve continued, but both James and Troy’s laughter stopped abruptly when a voice called out; “you sure about that?”

Your eyes snapped open in shock, and looking past both Troy and James you found Mike.

“Looks like we were wrong, James.” Troy spoke up, straightening and stepping away from you to take a step near Mike. “Frog-face really does care.”

“Seems they’re made for each other.”

“Just leave her alone, Troy.” Mike sighed, tilting his head in annoyance. “Y/N’s done nothing to you.”

“She’s fun to tease.” Troy shrugged, “the freak doesn’t know how to speak.”

Mike only rolled his eyes and suddenly he was walking forward; you sat up straighter yourself, unsure of what he was going to do. He ended up trying to walk right between Troy and James but they both grabbed ahold of him, effectively stopping him. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Y/N, get up!” Mike called, looking at you as he struggled against the grip holding him back. “Just go, i’ve got this.” You felt your heart spike, your hands falling beside you as you found yourself unsure of what to do. Though before you could make a decision, Mike surprisingly lifted his right arm, bashing his elbow directly into James’s chin and knocking him back.

There was a split second of shock before Troy recovered and shoved Mike back harshly. You flinched when James came back and kicked at Mike’s feet, making him fall to the ground harshly and smack the back of his head against the concrete. Your eyes widened in surprise as he groaned out in pain, and your gaze immediately flew to the others boys as they laughed, as if knocking a boy to the ground was something to be proud of and moved forward to do something more.

Looking beside you in panic, you grabbed the nearest thing to you, which happened to be a rock and flung it towards the two boys. It smacked Troy in the back of the head, and he stumbled back in surprise. “What the fuck!” You wasted no time in scrambling up, using their surprise to your advantage and aggressively shoving past them.

“Mike!” You called, grabbing his hand. “We gotta go, come on!” You yanked him up from the ground, running away from the two advancing on you. “Your bike?”

“This way!”

It didn’t take long for the two of you to reach Mike’s bike, and right when he jumped on, you situated yourself behind him. Glancing behind you as Mike begun peddling, you smirked slightly as Troy and James stopped in defeat and wrapped your arms around Mike’s waist for support. Though Mike didn’t stop peddling until you reached his house, and you two didn’t breathe out in relief until you were in his basement. 

Panting slightly, you turned to look at Mike. “You okay?” You asked softly, making your way over to him. Mike stared at you with wonder as you made your way behind him, and pushed his hair out of the way to glance at where he’d hit it his head. Reaching forward, you touched the wound as Mike hissed in pain and frowned at the blood that latched onto your fingers. “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s okay.” Mike shrugged, turning around to smile at you; that same sweet smile that you loved and grasped the same hand in support. Mike paused but you watched his eyes stay focused on your forehead, and you flushed in embarrassment. “Is something…?”

“No.” Mike instantly denied. “No it’s not that-” Reaching his own hand forward, he brushed a strand of hair away that had fallen into your face in the midst of everything and his fingertips softly touched the red mark Troy had placed on your forehead. “What were you doing alone? Why didn’t you tell anyone that you needed a walk home?”

You looked away in shame; “I didn’t wanna be a bother.”

Mike’s face fell in surprise and he frowned. “You could never be a bother Y/N… Never to me-… or anyone! Anyone! We don’t mind and it’s okay if you need help or- or anything! And you’re not a freak at all-” You interrupted the boys nervous ramble by leaning forward and pressing a gentle kiss against his cheek. He paused in shock, staring at you with wide eyes as you leaned back with red cheeks.

“Thank you Mike.”

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Hey, could you do a fic where Frank finds Karen asleep at her laptop or something and so he puts her to bed, thanks c:

This ended up being influenced by the second trailer so it’s more TP setting than not; hope that’s okay!!

With her chin precariously leaning against the edge of her palm, her other hand’s already fallen to press against the laptop haphazardly. An endless string of G’s roll out on the otherwise blank text document taking up the screen and he doesn’t need to push back her fan of hair to confirm that she’s fast asleep. Micro continues tapping away unperturbed at his desk a couple feet away.

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Hello! So, asks are open for a bit? Hope i wasn't too late to the party... If it's still open how about (general fluffy) headcanons on MC with werewolf! RFA (+ Minor trio if you do them)? If the asks are closed the you can ignore this. Thank you :3

A/N: aaaa they were open when you sent it love, no worries ^^ I will do my best here, im sorry if its short!! but i didnt wanna get repetitive or anything!! and i dont know too much about werewolves /heck pls i really hope its okay im Anxiety™/ ^^;



               -Honestly? I can see it

               -But instead of some big, bad, scary werewolf he?? Was like a giant puppy??

               -‘Cause it doesn’t change his personality too much in all honesty. Maybe this is why he’s such a puppy in person as well?

               -You have to watch him though, because he likes to run around and takes off after things like squirrels. Really likes to go (where it’s safe) and play around with you. Fetch? You betcha.

               -Seriously is not scary. Not at all. He can try, but nope. He even has puppy dog eyes. Weren’t werewolves supposed to be scary??


               -The /best/ looking werewolf

               -Like you’ve seen those dog shows?? How they’re gorgeous dogs?? If there was a Werewolf Edition™, he would win.

               -His red eyes can actually be really scary in werewolf form, so you try not to upset him. Most of the time though, he tries to give you “The Beast” eyes. It doesn’t work. It does, however, make you giggle every time and that’s good enough for him

               -He has The Prettiest™ white fur and he needs you to take care of it for him. Brush, shampoo, anything to keep up with it. He’ll even let you braid or put bows in his fur, so long as you take them out. They looked pretty spaced out when he’s in wolf form but once he’s back to human form the amount of clips and things actually hurts his head

               -Wolf howls and makes all /sorts/ of wolf innuendos at you while in human form because he knows he can control himself well enough to do so


               -Werewolves can be energetic and really determined but she just wants to sleep

               -With all the shit she puts up with all day and going through the transformation she just wants to cRAWL INTO BED

               -So she does. You’re in it too? Too bad. Large wolf cuddles for you. ‘Cause uh, she wants to sleep too.

               -Sometimes she’s awake enough and will feel bad so she curls up like a normal dog at the foot of the bed but honestly feels much better laying up with you

               -Seriously though it’s her favourite thing? Whether in her wolf form or not? Cuddling? Cuddle her, MC, please. She’s always a sweetheart? How is this even possible?


               -The Proper One™

               -Honestly, just as classy in wolf form as he is in human form

               -Hear me out, he also has this dominant way he presents himself. Like, he’s the alpha. Any dogs within a certain amount of miles /know/ it. They can feel it. They can feel it when he’s just human form as well. There’s just that aura around him

               -But not with you. He’s a big softy. At first you were really concerned for Elizabeth but she just rubs on him? That is the one canine-like being that she will ever enjoy. He still demands the high quality of meats to eat in this form too. He has tried at one point to use utensils in this form too, he gets frustrated. Also likes if you put a tie on him. Why aren’t any of these werewolves scary wtf did you watch the right horror movies MC?

               -10/10 will fight Zen in this form you gotta watch out


               -The type to return to human form and just walk around for hours after, in the nude

               -Tries to scare you every time. You can’t count how many times he’s been dramatic in his change or how many times he’s tackled you, growling, pretending like he’s going to bite

               -Honestly you’ve learned to just lightly tap him on the nose with a newspaper and he turns into another giant puppy. Please don’t get him and Yoosung together. They’ll wreck the house.

               -Always wants to play wrestle with you. Always. But sometimes he miscalculates the fact that he is a lot stronger than you. If he hurts you even in /the slightest/ way, he’ll take off outside (obviously making sure you aren’t seriously injured first) and won’t come back until he changes back. Then he’s all apologies, practically begging you to forgive him, constantly kissing all over your face

               -On his calmer days, he likes to try and sit on your lap. Has that 'big dog’ syndrome where he thinks he’s a lap dog and refuses to acknowledge that he clearly does not fit


               -Skiddish!!! I’m talking for the longest time he would physically sprint away from you and you’d find him hours later attempting to hide under the bed and it being a disaster.

               -I’m sure after a while he’d warm up to you and just quietly follow you around

               -I’m talking, you’re cooking in the kitchen? He’s there silently begging. You’re on the couch? He’s against your hip just like a normal dog. What is /wrong/ with all of these werewolves. Might as well have been puppies, amiright?

               -No but really he is 10/10 willing to protect you. Knock at the door? Growling scary enough you have to tell the person that you were watching a scary movie.

               -Belly rubs!!!!!! Will roll around like /the biggest/ idiot, knocking everything over in the process and sheepishly apologizing later on for not being able to help clean it


               -He tries to constantly growl at you and bare his teeth, trying to be intimidating so you’ll leave him alone because 1. he feels vulnerable and awkward and 2. what if he hurts you without meaning to?

               -Though you’re always hanging yourself all over him because he’s “cute” and he just learned to get used to it

               -Seriously he really likes head pats and behind the ear scratches and will crawl into your lap like his brother would until you give him that sort of attention. Fuzzy blankets somewhere? He’s curled up on one. He also likes to sit outside and just howl, it’s like screaming at the void, but in dog form

               -Honestly will sleep most of the time unless he’s trying to be alpha male and “protect” you from Saeyoung

               -Saeyoung just playfully tackles and sits on him though that poor baby he tries so hard


               -The Most Intimidating One™

               -Would rather be alone because? It’s a sensitive time okay, he can get really grumpy

               -I’m talking growling, fangs showing, maybe even some of that like… gross angry drool but he’s extremely grateful when you clean it up off the floor because? Ew that’s gross. Does not want.

               -He will let you sit with him outside, though. If he’s sitting outside, it’s a calm time for him, and you’re more than welcome to sit too. Maybe even pet his head a little bit. BUT ONLY A LITTLE BIT. NO MORE.

               -I feel like he would get really embarrassed if he changed back in front of you? Like BAM HERE’S ME NAKED, and I think as much as he plays it off like he’s cool with it, inside he’s like, “did MC /really/ just see… everything?”


So Long, Farewell

For @ferosa

Angst I guess? Basically Dany’s farewell to Dragonstone. 

Yes, yes, I know, it’s been a bit, school’s been killing me, but I’m trying. I don’t work at all this week so I should have time to catch up. 

Jon never thought he’d ever miss the cold and drafty castle on an even colder and draftier island, but now that the time had come to say goodbye he was beginning to think he might.

The morning light was gray and cold as he stuffed the last few pieces of clothing into his traveling trunk. A few of Dragonstone’s servants, both men and women with hard faces and stringy hair who were devoted to the Targaryen queen, had offered to pack instead but he’d declined; he wanted to pack for himself. It gave him an excuse to be alone for a while, an excuse to think things over. He didn’t know if he’d ever come back here, if he’d ever come back to Dragonstone again. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to, now that there were only two dragons soaring around the palace towers when there should have been three. It felt tainted by the memory of what he’d done.

He hadn’t seen the Queen in days now. Their paths never seemed to cross and he expected that it was intentional. He didn’t blame her either. He still had nightmares about being in the cold beyond the Wall, seeing Viserion fall from the sky again and again with blood trailing from his wings. He could only imagine how much worse it would be for her. Some nights he thought he heard someone crying, caught on the wind and whisked away, but he could never be sure that it was her. He always hoped that it wasn’t.

There was a knock on his door and Davos barely waited for him to call him inside before he stepped in. “Are you ready? Cersei will be expecting us.”

He tried to smile, but there was no humor in it. “Of course.” And then it would be off to Winterfell, north to whatever fate awaited him there.

The Targaryen flag ship stood resplendant in red silks, waiting quietly at harbor, its sails flashing in the dim light of early morning. The sail was painted with the three headed dragon; it was a ship befitting the Dragon Queen. The Stark flag ship looked slightly more dishevelled, but Jon supposed it wouldn’t matter; he would divide his time between the two ships. They sailed for White Harbor, and they would sail together.

Missandei rushed to meet him as soon as he reached the dock. “Have you seen Queen Daenerys?”

“Not this morning, no.”

“Hm. I’m surprised.” They’d taken to breaking their fasts together on the castle bulwarks, sipping cups of tea and watching the city of King’s Landing slowly come alive. “We have to get going.”

“Is she with the dragons?”

“They haven’t returned from their hunt yet. She’s not waiting for them-I already checked. I suppose I’ll look in her solar again-”

“I’m passing that way myself. It’s no trouble. I can check-”

For a moment he thought that Missandei would dismiss him, say that he had overstepped his boundaries as a foreign dignitary. But there was a small smile on her face when she nodded and said. “All right. But do keep in mind, Lord Snow, we’re trying to leave quickly.” She brushed past him to oversee the packing of the ships; perhaps she was looking for the Unsullied commander. Jon had yet to learn his name, but the two seemed very close-in a number of ways.

For the last few days the castle had been filled with a bustling, restless excitement-but now the hallways were empty, traveling valises packed and food stored. Old, tattered tapestries hung on the walls and a new coat of dust had already begun to gather on the floors. It wouldn’t be long before the castle fell into disrepair again. He wondered who she would keep as the castellan of Dragonstone; it had always been a Targaryen castle and he assumed she would keep it that way.

His boots echoed as he passed the empty solar; a glass of wine sat in the center of the table, but it was empty. He looked for the usual signs that Daenerys had gone about her work-stands of ink arranged messily, old books open to fading pages. But everything had been packed away, and the room looked oddly formal.

He remembered a night when he’d come to see her, soon after they’d returned from Eastwatch. He’d wanted to ask her about the arrangements for the transportation of the Dragonglass, only to find that she’d fallen asleep at her desk. He knew that she slept less than she should but there had been something almost intimate about the moment; her braids had come undone and her head was pillowed on her arms. He’d wanted to tell someone but he didn’t want to wake her up; in the end he’d compromised on carrying her back to her room, afraid all the while that he was going to get yelled at (probably by the queen herself, when she woke up). But she’d slept through it all blissfully unaware-and when he set her down on her bed she’d simply curled farther into herself and slept some more.

It occurred to him to check her bedroom next. For a moment he wavered, simply because there was something about it that seemed too intimately personal..but he knocked anyway. There was a long moment of silence and then, just when he thought he’d guessed wrong and was going to walk away, he heard her say “Come in.”

The docks were still swarming with men, Jon knew, but from the master bedroom it all seemed very far away. He could barely hear them; the walls were a thick stone and muffled their voices. There was a desk in one corner, facing the window, but most of the room was dominated by a large bed draped in black and red blankets. Daenerys sat on the side of the bed, a breeze lifting the hair from her forehead, hands fisted in the bedclothes. She barely looked up when he stepped through the doorway, barely acknowledged he was there at all. “It’s time to go.”

For a few minutes she didn’t say anything, so he didn’t either. “My mother gave birth in this very bed, two-and-twenty years ago. A storm raged around her, her entire family dead except for her second son. And her only daughter. I thought that coming home, coming…here, I would feel something. It’s silly, I know, but the Targaryens lived here for time out of mind. It’s ours. And at first, I didn’t. All I wanted to do was leave, to keep things moving…but now that it’s time…”

“It’s strange,” he replied, closing the distance between them in a few quick steps. Something had changed in the long nights they’d spent on the boat back to Dragonstone, and he no longer felt uncomfortable around her. Or maybe he hadn’t felt that way in a while. “It’s started to feel like home. I felt the same way, when I returned to Winterfell. I’d lived there my whole life, but it never felt like my home.”

“Home.” She shook her head slightly, laughed mirthlessly. “It’s a strange word.” She didn’t look at him. “I wish we could stay longer.”

“You’ll like Winterfell. You’ll meet my sisters. You’ll like them.”

“I doubt they’ll be pleased with you for handing the North over to a foreign invader.”

“They’ll realize that it was necessary. And then they’ll get to know you.”

She still seemed a million miles away. “Sometimes I forget my brother’s face. It seems wrong. I knew him for more than half my life. Sometimes he was a good brother, but more often than that he was a torment. But I forget his laugh, or his smile, or the boy he used to be-the boy who grew up without his mother.”

He knew, instinctively, that he was seeing a part of the Dragon Queen that hardly anyone ever saw and he would have to proceed carefully because any misstep could send her back into her shell. “Family can be complicated and strange.”

“Best not to make sense of them.” She sighed. “Have they started to sail yet?”

“They’re waiting for the royal flag ship.”

She closed her eyes, tapping her fingers on the wood of the headboard-and when she opened her eyes again they looked remarkably clearer. “Will you walk with me?” She stood, straightening her dress, head cocked to one side almost tentatively.

“Of course.”

The hallways were so quiet. Jon didn’t know where everyone was-probably out in the harbor, but the castle seemed echoing and empty without all of the people crammed into it at every hour of the day: ministers and advisors and Unsullied and hangerson. The history of the castle pressed down upon him more and more with every step-this was where the great dragon kings and dragonlords had lived for centuries before the Targaryens had ever thought of crossing the sea. How had Stannis been able to live here for so many years, if he felt even half as much an outsider as Jon did now? If he closed his eyes he could imagine he heard the rumble of a dragon’s roar or the beat of a dragon’s wings, see a blonde haired girl chase a blonde haired boy down a hallway until they both collapsed into a heap laughing, a baby’s cries in the air-a dying mother holding her baby in her arms, whispering to her to be strong and good and brave…and then her face morphed into someone else’s, a woman with dark hair and a face that was constantly shifting so he could never quite tell what it looked like.

“I’ve grown up with the dead.” Her voice broke the silence, and she pulled open a set of carved double doors. They opened onto her strategy room, the Painted Table looking up at them from out of the darkness. She placed the dragon and the wolf in the North, in the miniscule fortress of Winterfell.

The room where he had told her about the wights. The room where he had wanted to make love to her, more times than he cared to count. The room where they had discussed the mission that would change everything forever.

Her lips were moving but no sound was coming out. He would have thought she was praying, if she was one to pray. But she didn’t believe in any gods; only herself. There was something wonderful about that, and something terribly sad.

He knew they had to go but he gave her time to say goodbye.

Eventually they left the war room and went to her solar instead. It had been a close and cluttered room at one point, stocked with tapestries and scrolls and books that looked so old they could disintegrate in his hands, but now the most important had been packed away and there was a disused and forgotten air to the whole place. She ran her hand over the desk, over the drawer with a false bottom where she always kept a bottle of Meereenese wine, silently speaking again. Broken sunlight painted her hair in light.

Onto the library, where Jon had spent most of his time in those early days when he hadn’t been quite sure whether or not she intended to kill him. Half of the books were in Valyrian and he couldn’t read them, but there had been a few copies of old tomes that he’d thought had been lost forever. He’d traveled a different Westeros, where there were kings in the north and dragons in the skies. A sitting room, Tyrion’s solar, the grand dining room with its vaulting ceilings, a room still entirely covered in carvings of dragons. A room of jewels brighter than sunlight, brighter than Rhaegar’s rubies on the Trident and twice as valuable.

A silver crown, barely more than a tiara, studded with diamonds and what looked like dragon scales. Queen she might be, but he had yet to see her wear such ostentatious ornamentation. She held it for a moment, turning it over and over so it sparkled in the dim light of the torches, the glittering rubies and deep blue sapphires. Then she put it back on its shelf and looked away, moving on.

The top of the castle ramparts, with a clear view of the boats gathered below. He wondered if she’d stood on this very balcony and watched the boats of the Northmen come in.

Would he have seen her if he’d just looked up?

She sighed, as the wind tore at her tightly wound braids. “I suppose we should go, shouldn’t we?”

“They’ll wait for you anyway.”

She still wouldn’t look at him. “Do you think we’ll ever come back?” We. Not I. It was a silly thing to think about, especially now, but he couldn’t help it. It felt like there was a contingency plan in place, like there could be a life after all of this.

“We’ll try.” That was the best they could do, wasn’t it? The best anyone could do.

She didn’t say anything else but she took a step closer to him, cape whipping in the wind. She rested her hand on top of his, just for a moment, her touch light as the wings of a butterfly.

Even as the rest of the world moved on around them, he felt remarkably still. Like the only thing that really mattered, that could really change everything, was this moment-right now.

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bucket list

                                      read the rest of the collab here

pairings: reader x yoongi

word count: 5959

genre: slight smut and the rest is just fluff.

“Why are you so surprised to see a purple tree? Have you really been that isolated all your life?”

“No, Yoongi. There’s a difference between growing up in the heart of the city and being isolated,” You roll your eyes, turning from the window to look at him. Of course you’ve seen coloured trees before, but they were all on Google Images, so seeing them in person was much more surreal than you’d expected.

“Okay sure. You know I only agreed to go on this road trip with you not only because you begged me to but also because you’re too curious for your own being, and that worries me– ” You cut him off, “If you care about me that much, just call yourself my best friend, Yoongi. It takes up less energy and you know it’s true.” You say, grinning as you look over at him.

“I’m not your best friend, Y/N.” His voice is playful when he says this, but it has an edge. It’s saying I’m not your best friend. I’m something more than that.

“Sure you are, why else would you be going on a road trip with me, and help me complete this bucket list?”

Yoongi seems to give up at this point, because he doesn’t say anything else. So you look down at the little notebook in your lap. The page you’re on has ‘See an actual coloured tree’ scrawled at the top of the page in your hand writing. You twirl the pen in between your fingers before writing underneath the title Coloured trees are the prettiest things in the world (so far). You gotta go out again to see more of this beauty. His eyes draw down to meet your sentence, “Do you have to be this enthusiastic?”

You twist your lips to the side before looking out of the car. It’s still late in the morning and you and Yoongi have been driving for at least one and a half hours now, but to say you’re stunned at the beauty of the world from what you’ve seen would be a great understatement.

The car is filled with some songs in Yoongi’s playlist. Most are those soft songs, the ones that are perfect when sung in the shower while the others are fast raps, which you find amusing witnessing Yoongi rap along with them, and doing impressively well. But apart from the songs, there’s the rev of the engine and silence in between the two of you.

Yoongi breaks the silence once again, “So what other things are on your bucket list?”

You open the book once again, flipping to a random page somewhere near the end. You read the title on the left side first ‘Give someone roadhead’. Upon reading that, your face burns up in a matter of seconds and you slam the book shut as you look at the road ahead of you, wide-eyed.

You can feel Yoongi side-eyeing you curiously, the look of embarrassment on your face is enough for him to let out a laugh followed by, “What? Was it that bad? C’mon, it’s a bucket list. You obviously want to do it so just tell me.”

You turn your head and glare at him, as if he deep down knew what bullshit you’d written on that page, “No. I’ll tell you another one.” You say as you open up to another page, far from the last page. You end up landing on a fairly decent one, ‘Visit a waterfall.’

“Are there any waterfalls nearby?”

“There’s one about an hour and a half away. You wanna go?”

“Well we don’t have a set destination, do we? So why not.” You shut the book again and look out onto the surroundings around you. The area’s large, so much space and covered in grass greener than you’d ever see. The trees are a sight as well. As Yoongi drives down further, the colour of each tree mixes and blends in together. Purple, green and orange.

“Why don’t you just take a photo. It’ll last longer. Use it as your lock screen or something and tell people what an amazing friend I am for taking you on this road trip and giving you the opportunity to take a photo of a coloured tree.” Yoongi says and a smug smile crawls onto your lips when you realise he must’ve been looking at you. But you roll your eyes and ignore the last sentence before you pull your phone out and snap photo of a tree from the side window.

“Perfect.” You smile as you look down at your phone.

And then the car drive is silent once again, except this time, you’re humming along with the tune of the familiar song playing, sipping from the cool bottle of water until you reach about the halfway mark of the bottle. Then the worst of the worst happens, your bladder screams as the water sits there, doing whatever the hell water does for you to need to pee this bad.

No being able to find the proper words for it, you stay quiet and slowly fidget in your seat. By now, the plastic water is tucked in between your thighs, squeezing the bottle tightly because any amount of pressure would be enough to mask the one in your bladder.

Of course, Yoongi notices it. A man who’s completely used to stillness around him would sense the tiniest twitch from metres away. His reaction, however, fueled your frustration even more. The car slowed down to–you look behind the steering wheel–10 km/h and you noticed the pursed lips and side glances coming from him.

“Yoongi. I swear to God, if you’re doing this on purpose I will kick you once we get out of the car.” You threaten, your fists tightening around the hem of your shirt.

“But Y/N,” He feigns an innocent look, “We’re practically in the middle of nowhere. The closest peeing point would probably be the waterfall.” He sounds so fake. Fake enough for a tear of frustration to roll down your cheek and your lips turn into a scowl and you glare at the road in front of the car.

“Unless… You want to do it on the trees over there?” Yoongi suggests, the light voice hasn’t changed and that makes you even more frustrated. You’re sure if you put ‘Empty your bladder on a tree’ in your bucket list, you’d have no problem in accepting his suggestion. But you didn’t, and you have a reputation to uphold.

But you really needed to pee.

So with a small mumble of something sounding like I hate you, I can’t believe you’re my friend. You release a deep breath and turn to him, “Fine. Pull over. But I swear if you say one word regarding this after I’m done, I will make your life miserable, Min Yoongi. Take my word on that.” You hiss.

And Yoongi only chuckles in reply before he nods, “Okay, I promise I won’t. You can trust me.” He says, a toothed smile on his features and a scowl on yours. He pulls the car over to the side and you immediately unbuckle your seatbelt, grab a few tissues from the tissue box sitting in between the two of you before opening the coor door and running behind a tree.

Thankfully, the area was so secluded there hadn’t been any other cars in sight in the past hour or so. So with the privacy you’re now given, you empty your bladder.

A minute later, you return to the car. You open the door and slip into the passenger seat, avoiding eye contact with Yoongi, who seemed to be looking at you with amusement clear on his face.

“Shut up and drive.” You grumble underneath your breath. Another second of silence follows so you shove your stubbornness down your throat and look over at him, but the thing your eyes land on first is the little blue notebook in his hand.

“You didn’t.”

“I did. It’s not a diary or anything, Y/N. And I just wanted to see what else you wanted do.”

You let out a defeated sigh.

“So did you read all of it?”

“Just a few.” You hoped that ‘Just a few’ didn’t include the roadhead one, but, of course, luck hates you. You already knew that. “Including the roadhead one.”

You clench your eyes shut in embarrassment, hoping that the world would swallow you up.

“Yeah, and?” You finally question, but he grows silent. Almost as if he’s wondering how to word it correctly.

Here’s the thing though. You wrote this bucket list half-drunk, and being the lightweight that you are, half drunk is still fairly drunk for you, and the thought of giving head to someone while they were driving excited you. For some reason, of course. You’re totally half against it now that you’re sober.

Half against it because it seemed like Yoongi would have to be the one you’d be giving head to. If it were someone else you would definitely say no and avoid that person for the rest of your life. The relationship between you and Yoongi can only be described as one step below lovers and one step above best friends. It’s that tiny stool you’re both standing on where you aren’t together but you’ve both claimed each other.

It’s messy, but you want to keep it that way.

“If you want me to, y’know, I can,” You speak his thoughts, “And you don’t have to give anything back.” You’re about to add It’s just part of this bucket list experience, but saying that would make everything go wrong in so many levels, so you keep it unsaid.

You turn your head to face him and his head twitches to the side and his eyes are moving between you and the road, “You sure you don’t want anything back?” He asks, not clarifies. Two completely different things.

“Well– Yeah. I’m sure.” You press out, pressing your hands down on your knees to stop them from shaking.

You study his features because he’s silent again, try to work out what his next answer is going to be. Because in all honestly the furthest sexual move you have dgone with each other was a brief makeout session a year or so ago at a friend’s birthday party.

It was quick and both of you promised nothing like that would happen again. But the promises that came from both of you were stupid lies, because after that day, you’ve both wanted to finish what you’d started. Some promises are made to be broken, huh.

Yoongi hesitates for a few seconds before he replies again, “Okay then.” He says as he turns his head to look at you properly.

The side of your lip twitches up into an awkward smile. It feels so awkward but any wider and you would’ve looked straight off the bat weird.

“You need to get hard first.” You comment as you help him unbutton and unzip his jeans before pulling it down, making sure to leave his boxers in.

“What makes you think I can get hard by myself?” He asks and there’s a hint of smugness in his voice and that smile of his. Your nose twitches in annoyance before you let out a deep sigh.

“Okay fine, just don’t crash the car. Not to be cocky or anything but I blow people pretty well.” You say as you unbuckle your seatbelt and lean over the gears till your mouth is right on top of Yoongi’s cock.

“I have self-control, Y/N. Don’t question me.” He tsks and your response is a harsh blow on through his boxers., making his hips jump slightly.

You rest your hand on his thigh as you continue with his hard-on, the free one holding his cock up before you enclose your mouth around the tip. A deep sigh emits from Yoongi’s lips as he looks down at you for a second before looking back on the road. You continue lightly sucking on the tip before you switch and places small pecks down his shaft.

Soon enough, you feel him slowly grow in your hands, so you lift your head up and use both hands to pull his boxers down his legs so they pile on top of his jeans. His erection immediately springs free, standing up straight in interest. You eye it slowly, it’s longer than you thought it to be but that’s the last thing on your mind as you watch a drop of precum dripping from his slit.

“Stop staring, Y/N. It’s weird.” Yoongi mumbles and your face heats up in embarrassment.

“Okay sorry, but I was just thinking, can I try something on you?” You ask and Yoongi looks down at you in curiosity.


“I read somewhere that if you hum while something goes down your throat, you won’t gag.”

He’s silent for a few seconds, “Be my guest. But what are you reading to find something like that?”

Your eyes widen in surprise and instead of replying to him, you wrap your lips around his cock and sink down on him until the tip is at the back of your mouth. You hear him hiss on top of you as he lifts hips up slightly to push more of him into your mouth, but your hand grips his hips to hold him down.

“Fuck, Y/N. Go deeper.” Yoongi begs and you notice a slight crack in his voice, if that didn’t make your gut explode a little bit. You hum in appreciation lowering your head down at the same time, and wow. It actually does work.

His cock passes through your gag reflex smoothly and within seconds, your nose is hitting the skin on his hips. His reaction to this makes pleasure rip throughout your body. A loud moan erupts from his moan as he moves a hand to the back of your head to keep it in place. You swallow down the saliva building up in yourhis mouth, making your throat to tighten around him.

“Y/N. Oh God, that feels so good.” Yoongi growls, making you moan at the praise. He moves his hand down, stroking your hair along the way, before you lift your head back up, a soft pant falling from your lips. You lightly kiss the tip, your lips catching the salty pre-cum from his slitp, before wrapping your lips around him again. You’re about to lower your head when Yoongi asks with a shaky breath, “Can I fuck into your mouth?”.

You nod and release your grip from his hips, lowering your head down to match the perfect angle before his hips buck up and hit the back of your throat, making you gag slightly. You notice the car slowing down as his hips follow a suitable pattern in withdrawing and rutting from and up your mouth.

“I bet you look so pretty right now, Y/N. Fuck.” He sighs as he looks down at you, the car coming to a complete stop because he can feel his orgasm catching up to him. You can feel this too, the way his thrusts lose its pattern and the way he’s thrusting up faster as he attempts to catch his high.

“I’m gonna cum now, shit.” Yoongi groans and true to his promise, you feel his warm seed spurt from his cock. You swallow it down and hum at the feeling of the warm liquid slidinge down your throat. His shudders at your swallow from slight oversensitivity and lifts your head up.

You return to your seat properly and buckle your seatbelt back, your face still flushed because holy fuck, you just blew your best friend. Your thighs rub together in frustration at the feeling if the wetness in your panties, but the friction didn’t help and made your lower region more uncomfortable than it already was. But you made a promise, so you’re gonna have to suffer the consequence.

“Here.” Yoongi says. You turn to see his pants back on and his hand holding a tissue for you. You grab it and wipe at the side of your mouth, “Thanks.” You smile, dumping the tissue into an empty plastic bag sitting on the floor.

You grab the little notebook next to the bag as Yoongi begins driving again. With shaky fingers, you turn to the page to write down whatever the hell you had to write to prove you’d done it.

“Are you gonna write something for it?” Yoongi asks as his gaze snaps to your stilled hand the book before returning to the road.

“Yeah, but I don’t know what to write. Maybe I’ll just write what you thought about it. So how was it for you?” You ask with a wide smile.

“It was great, if I have to be honest.” He hesitates before replying smoothly, any added tension wouldn’t be necessary. You nod along and scrawl down his exact words before flipping through the pages.

“Great, so that’s done.” You say just as you land on a page that catches your attention. “Are we doing anything else?” Yoongi asks and you send a smirk in reply, “Yup we definitely are. Help me look for the tallest tree you can find.”

“You’re gonna climb one?” He questions and you shake your head,

“No, Yoongi. We’re gonna climb one.” You say, exaggerating on the we’re.

Yoongi sighs mumbles ‘Fine’ in reply, you smile widely and even let out a small squeal because climbing a tree is the last thing Yoongi would do, you knew that. And you were all for the ‘once in a lifetime experience’ thing. He knew that too, which was the only reason he agreed. That and something else. The something else being shown on that tiny little smile on his lips at the feeling of your excited aura. It’s great.

The surroundings are covered with more different species of trees and with both your’s and Yoongi’s eyes focusing on searching for the perfect tree, around 10 minutes passed before you find a tree tall enough with plenty of thick branches and bumps that are large enough for a steady footing.

Yoongi pulls over in front of it and you both stand at the base. “So do you wanna go first?” You ask, nudging his arm.

You watch as his mouth twists into a grimace, “Nah, you go. Just so I’ll know what not to do.”

“Hah, you’re just scared. Admit it.” You laugh but you step forward nonetheless. You grab the tree and place your foot on a bump before heaving yourself up, quickly resting your other foot on another bump. You look over your shoulder to see Yoongi smiling widely with his thumbs pointing up at you. You smile and roll your eyes before asking him, “Which branch do I go to?”

“The third one.” Yoongi replies immediately. You look up and find the third branch, your eyes widening at how high it was from the ground.

“Yoongi, no! That’s so high and there aren’t as manymuch bpumps to go up there.”

“What? Are you scared?”

“That I’ll fall and break every single bone in my body? Yes!”

“Relax, I’ll catch you if you do. Just climb it and I’ll climb it too.”

You huff before looking back up and continue climbing the tree. You make it all the way to the second branch before your foot slips from the smaller bump you were having second thoughts on resting your foot on. Luckily, you’re grabbing the second branch so you hang from it, your eyes clench shut as you try to return your feet back on the tree, but of course, to no avail.

However, as promised, Yoongi is standing below you and his voice calls out to you to reassure you he’s there. “You’re not that high off the ground, Y/N. If you let go, I can catch you.” He says, his voice so utterly calm like it usually is, you nod in reply, “Okay.”

So you let go and you swear that was super cheesy and movie-cliche but your life is much more important. But you let go and Yoongi actually catches you. Not that you’re surprised or anything because you aren’t. Yoongi was the type who seemed like he wouldn’t keep true to his word when in reality that’s all he’s ever done in his life. It’s not the most comfortable catch, his arms are wrapped around your waist and yours are wrapped around his neck, that part wasn’t uncomfortable, it was your legs being wrapped around your waist. Having fallen a few metres, his hold was pretty tight, but any looser and you would’ve slipped straight through his hands.

But what surprised you was why he didn’t let go of you until you had to reassure him for the 5th time that you were fine and that he could put you down. When he does, he looks down at you with a small smile on his face, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“It really wasn’t. So it’s your turn now.” You say, a sweet smile playing on your lips as you push him to the tree.

“Only to the second branch?”

“Only to the second branch.”

So he/Yoongi climbs the tree, mimicking the steps you took until he gets to the second branch. He places his feet on two large bumps and successfully sits on the tree.

Your mouth widens in shock, seconds ago he didn’t want to climb the tree and here he is, acting like climbing trees was one of the easiest thing he’d done in his entire life. “Psh show off.” You mumble under your breath. Looking back up at him, you notice how ethereal he looks. His attention is? at the world around him as he takes in the view.

You pick your phone up from the ground and with the right amount of focus, your phone captures Yoongi looking off to the side while the lime green leaves creates the perfect background behind him.

“You look great, okay. You can come down now.” You say, giving him the thumbs up. He smiles and swiftly climbs down to the first branch–which is only a metre away from the ground– and jumps down before he makes his way beside you.

“Did you enjoy that?” You ask and Yoongi nods in reply, “I did. You gotta send me that photo later.

“I will, don’t worry. So the waterfall next?” You ask.

“Yup, the waterfall next.” Yoongi assures before you both make your way back to the car.

You climb into the passenger seat and Yoongi climbs into the driver’s seat before he starts the car and drives off down the road.

Grabbing the notebook once again, you flip the page to the ‘tree climbing’ one and write a small sentence. It’s lazy, only saying ‘maybe try again next time one a shorter tree.

After around half an hour of you convincing Yoongi to change the songs to your playlist and you singing out the lyrics, both you and Yoongi begin to grow hungry.

Yoongi’s the first one to say this because you’re finishing off the last lyric of the current song that’d come up.

“Okay Y/N. That’s enough. Are you hungry? Because I am. What did you make for lunch?”

You roll your eyes as you take a swig from your drink bottle. You screw the lid back on and grab one of the three bags from the backseat. “I am, thanks for reminding me, I made my infamous spaghetti. Your favourite.” You promise, looking over at him with a knowing smile.

“Do you want white sauce or red?” You ask him. Inside the bag, you’d neatly backed in a large container of penne pasta and two medium containers with the two different sauces you’d previously mentioned, some sandwiches you’d made for dinner as well as some cutleries and two plates.

“Either. I don’t mind.” He shrugs, “Do you wanna eat here or at the waterfall? It’s about 25 minutes away from here.”

“We’ll eat here. Can’t be swimming on a full stomach, can we?” You tease, patting his stomach gently.

Yoongi chuckles in reply before pulling over to the side of the road. He puts the car on park checking the time on the dashboard, 1:24 PM.

“So we should get there just past 2? How’s that sound?” He suggests as you distribute the pasta between the two plates.

“That sounds great.” You nod with a smile as you hand him the plate. “Enjoy.”

The two of you spend the next 15 minutes sharing jokes and having more than one plate of the pasta you’d made–and Yoongi continuously begging you to teach him how to cook but you denying because ‘You always end up burning something even when I’m right beside you’. He eventually gives up begging when you promise you’ll make anything for him whenever he asked.

So after lunch, you grab both of your empty plates and place them in the rubbish bag and the bag with the now-empty containers back in its place on the backseat while Yoongi drives off back down the road. He also begs you to change the songs back to his playlist and you end up choosing the playlist both of you made (because what friendship doesn’t have a collaborative playlist) to which Yoongi agrees on. And then half an hour later, the waterfall comes into view. If it wasn’t the most beautiful sight you’d ever seen, save for the purple trees before, you don’t think anything would beat it.

Yoongi parks the car on the side of the road and gets out first. He makes his way over to the boot where both of your bags–holding spare clothes and other necessities– are and grabs them both. You meet up with him just as he’s walking to your side. “There’s only one tree large enough to hide ourselves so do you wanna go get changed first?” He offers.

You nod and smile in reply, “Of course, look at you being the nice man you are.” You tease.

Yoongi rolls his eyes with a light chuckle, “Yeah sure. Here.” He says before handing you your bag. You take the handle and thank him before walking behind the tree. Once you’ve changed into your bathing suit and step out from the tree, expecting to see Yoongi. But of course he’s nowhere to be found. You figure he’d lost patience and searched for another tree to change behind so you make your way down to the waterfall.

The splashes get louder the closer you get and the rainbow at the base of the waterfall become more vivid until you find yourself standing by the side. You admire the waterfall as you drop your bag behind you, preparing yourself to jump into the lake when a figure emerges from the waterfall.

“Took you long enough, I was freezing in there.” The voice speaks and you freeze for a split second but it doesn’t take you long to figure out that it was Yoongi.

You let out a huff as you kick some water at him, “What the hell, Yoongi. Don’t do that.”

He laughs in reply as he wipes the water from his face and you stare down at him in annoyance.

“What are you waiting for?” He asks as he looks up at you. Although it takes a few seconds for his to actually meet yours. “Jump in.”

You roll your eyes before walking into the water. Once you’re neck deep in the water, you body begins to get used to the cold, but your chin still shakes as you jump in your spot.

Yoongi is by your side as mimics your action, “You warm enough yet? You’ll lose all your energy if your jumps are that powerful.”

“Shut up, Yoongi. You can’t say anything you’ve been in here longer than I have.”

“Yeah yeah, okay that should be enough, come into the waterfall with me.” He says as he rests his hand on your shoulders, leading you into the waterfall. The water falls on top of you roughly but as soon as you reach the other side, there’s a deep cave with the blue water lighting up the walls.

“It’s nice right?”

“Yeah, really nice.” You agree and look around.

“Thanks for taking me out on this road trip, Yoongi. Really.”

The smile he gives you in response is so genuine you feel the happiness just from looking at it, “No problem, I’m glad you asked. Now let’s enjoy the highlight of today.”

So the two of you spend the rest of the day in the water. It’s one of those moments where you’re enjoying yourself so much time passes by quicker than you think. Both you and Yoongi changed into your dry clothes before deciding to climb to the top of the waterfall, where a large patch of grass covered the surface, and eat your sandwiches while watch the sunset.

All of this being as platonic as it gets, of course.

The sky has remained cloudless right now as it had the entire day, so the effects of the sunset caused the sky to be coloured in a bright orange colour. As you look over at Yoongi, the light hits his face perfectly and creates a surreal glow which only makes him look more pure than he already did.

You look away from him and pick the little notebook up from beside you. You’d written your comment for the waterfall–and not to be secretive or anything– but you won’t let anyone who has eyes and can breathe, ever read as long as you’re alive. Because you may or not have commented about the many times Yoongi’s hand touched your back or shoulders or exposed skin. And the feeling of his body millimetres away from yours– you can’t let yourself get carried away like that anymore.

“What else is on that list?” Yoongi asks, his voice snapping you out of your thoughts.

“So many more, but we only have time to do two more.” Three including the one you have folded up and tucked into the small folder slip at the back.

“Okay and what are they?”

“What do you think? Watch the sunset and also look at the stars. There’s gonna be no artificial light so it’ll be so much cooler.”

“You’ve done your share of research haven’t you.”

“Pssh, yeah of course. You should’ve expected that from me.” You roll your eyes.

“Okay well you can cross one more off because the sun’s setting now.” He says, turning from you and looking straight ahead. You follow his action and watch as the sun slowly dips behind the trees.

A few minutes later and the sun has disappeared. But you’re too caught up in the fact that Yoongi’s hand is right next to yours, his pinky brushing against yours so lightly, it’s technically not there but the touch is so electrifying you feel it everywhere in your body.

“Y/N. Stop daydreaming, it’s gone. You can write your thingy on it.” He says, thankfully, using his other hand to wave in front of your face.

“Oh right, here. You can write it.” You say as you hand him the notebook and the pen. Both your hands that are touching each other stay and you think it’s purely a coincident.

Yoongi looks down at the notebook before looking back up at you, “Okay. But you can’t read it until tomorrow. Promise?”


He gives you a look, “Promise.” So he lifts his hand up, making you bite back a frown, and takes the notebook from you. He turns around for safe measures and goes on to scrabble whatever he’s writing down. A minute later, probably longer because you rushed through the numbers quickly, he turns back around with the book closed in his hand before he gives it back to you.

“Ready to go to our motel now?”


You get up and pack up your mess before you both make your way to the car and put the bags in the boot.

From there, another two hour drive and you’ve reached the motel. After checking in and putting your belongings inside, you both drive down the road for another half an hour until you’re sure that the only thing in your surroundings are trees and whatever wildlife lurks there.

Yoongi parks the car and you both walk to the hood of the car, lying down on it as you both look up at the stars. It really was beautiful. More so than you originally thought, a sight like that will permanently be etched in your mind.

“So what did you think of today?” Yoongi asks, starting up a conversation to cover up the silence that surrounds you.

“Hectic, but the best hectic.”

“That’s good. I wholeheartedly agree.” He replies with a small smile and you tilt your head to the side to steal a glance at him, but when you do, he’s looking at you.

If that doesn’t make your heart race.

His eyes held pure happiness and it had your inside feeling shaky for obvious reasons.

“I’ve been thinking.” He says again, “Everyone’s been commenting about us.”

“I know.” You sigh, “But dating is complicated.”

“You say that like it’s a negative thing.”

“It sorta is.”

“Well, you’re complicated too.”

“How am I complicated?” You whine, slapping his arm lightly.

Yoongi ignores you, “But then again, so am I.”

“Where are you going with this?” It takes you a few seconds to realise what he’s saying, but you need the confirmation.

“Well mathematically speaking, since you said complicated is being negative. Two negatives make a positive. And I’m positive I want us to be official.”

“Yoongi. Oh my God.” You facepalm.

“I’m kidding.” He draws on.

“You are?” You ask, disappointment settles inside your gut and he sees this and that’s not what he meant because he’s frantically shaking his head.

“No, that’s not what I meant. I mean I’m kidding, I’ll ask you properly now.” Yoongi says, before he stutters over his words, because he has no idea how to say this.

You, however, find this situation to be too funny. So before you can stop yourself, you burst into a fit of laughter as Yoongi stares at you in confusion.

“I’m sorry, no it’s just that you’re so unbelievably hopeless. Hopeless in the best way possible, of course.”

“Right, but you like that, yeah?”

“Yeah, I love it.”

Yoongi stayed silent for a few seconds and you’re begin to grow worried that you said something wrong, but Yoongi smiles in reply.

“Shut up, you’re cute.”

“Did you mean that in a cheesy way? Because if you are, then you’re the cu-”

His lips slots themselves in between yours, the warmness and softness causing you to gasp in surprise before your lips follow along with the movement of his own. The kiss is gentle but thrilling enough to cause goosebumps to rise along your skin.

“Yoongi.” You mumble.

“Mhm, shh enjoy this with me.” Yoongi replies after pulling back from the kiss. His fingers loop in between yours before he turns to lie on his back and you find yourself mimicking his actions.

So the day ended perfectly with you completing everything you wanted in your bucket list, the final one, written in a tiny handwriting at the corner of the page on the last page.


‘yeah the sunset was nice but your face is brighter. and more beautiful. besides i only get to see the sunset once everyday. but i can see your your face whenever i want, any day and any time and i think that’s so much better.’

a dumb hl drabble for @victoryjacket​, based somewhat on real events. it’s shitty and took me way too long to write 900 words but oh well enjoy a valentines day thing during halloween season

Louis loves Valentine’s Day, he really does. He loves going to school and coming home with tonnes of sweets and stupidly cute notes from his classmates. Granted, he has to bring stuff for everyone else, too, but it’s okay, because he doesn’t have to buy it. His mum buys loads for him and the girls, so he ends up taking most of it. He spends most of the day before scribbling his notes, personalizing them all with doodles and stickers.

Thanks for being my partner for the Mark Twain project. You are really nice, he writes for Bethany Thomas.

I love your class a lot and I like learning about music because you are so good at it and I have a lot of fun, he writes for his teacher, Miss Elliot.

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jenniferjuni-per  asked:

Rebelcaptain + 12 please 😊

Anything for you dear :) 

Rain beats down on their heads, though not quite as heavy as the last time they were here. Cassian watches intently as Jyn picks her way through the rocky path ahead. Her footing never waivers, even on the slippery ground.

He had tried to keep her from this mission, but both she and the council had insisted. Intel had told them that the Empire was rebuilding the base on Eadu, and with their prior experience of the planet, the two of them were selected for reconnaissance.

They work silently, checking the perimeter before setting up in the spot they both wordlessly agree gives them the best vantage.

“I can take the first shift,” she tells him once they’re all set up. The rain has cleared, and he watches the last few droplets slide down her face.

“I don’t mind,” Cassian responds, reaching for the gear.

“You flew us here, Cassian. I got plenty of rest on the way in,” Jyn insists.

“Alright deal,” Cassian tells her, hands up in defeat. He tosses his bag down as a pillow, and leans against a rock. He’s had worse makeshift beds.

“And Cassian?”

“Yeah, Jyn?”

“I’m fine,” she gives him a look. “I won’t pretend it’s easy being back here, but I can handle it.”

“I know you can, Jyn,” he says, meeting her gaze and seeing the determination set in the green depths. Something in his own eyes makes her continue.

“I keep picturing it. Those last moments with him. They weren’t exactly what I imagined after so many years,” she says softly.

“What would you have said to him, if you could?” he asks her, staring now out at the base ahead of them instead of at her.

“I’m not sure,” she answers truthfully. “I thought about it a lot after he left, and then again after he died. I missed him, but I was angry. I’m not sure which of those would have won out in the end.”

She shakes her head, and unclenches the fists she had unconsciously curled her hands into.

“I guess I’ll never know,” she says with a shrug.

“I’m sorry that you never had the chance,” Cassian tells her softly. “I’m sorry this rebellion took your family away.”  

The words have an unexpected effect on her. She nods her head solemnly at first, but then a small smile forms at her lips.

“Enough talking, Captain, get some sleep,” she mutters at him. “You’re using up your sleep shift.”

“Goodnight Jyn,” he murmurs back to her, letting his eyes close and his breath steady out. Minutes later, just as he’s slipping into sleep, he hears her speak again.

“You’re my family now.” she whispers into the silence. He hears the words clearly, but makes an effort not to respond. Instead he lets them melt into the silence, the way she had intended. He understands her smile now. This fight may have taken one family - but it gave her one too. It gave her Bodhi and Chirrut and Baze and even K-2. It gave her him.

It gave them each other.


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 66 gifs of the beautiful Pepi Sonuga as Tangey Turner from Famous In Love Season 1 Episode 2. Sonuga  is famous for her roles as Lacey Emery in Ash vs Evil Dead and as Sally Benton in The Fosters .Ethnically, Sonuga is of African (Nigerian((9ja represent)) descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq (look this was definitely not the best clip so it’s not the best gifs). Any repeats were completely unintentional or to lighten the gif. I made all of these gifs and honestly you can use them in anyway but if you add them to a crackship or gif hunt or anything of the sort please give me credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. FLASHING TW. Thank you! 3/?

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This is the first plague year I’ve been apart of where 90% of the skins aren’t shitty or unpleasing to look at.

I get Plague’s theme is gross but you want an “attractive gross” so people want to get your skins. And this year, somehow the community got that.

Maybe it’s because the Admins were forced to comb through shitty entries which left them no choice to choose from some of the best. Do I think they are all great? No. But it’s defiantly an improvement of selection compared to last year.


Undertale Au

Papyrus Pov

I should have known what they were when I saw the dust on there hands. I looked at them as if they were a child that needed love and nurturing to be taught right from wrong. I looked at them as a friend. A partner in which I can trust to have my back. I blinded myself to their evil, to their darkness that laid bare in front of me. I ignored all the signs that was there and….I… I failed you. I ignored you… the one who truly has my best interest at heart. The one person to who would have done anything for me. Who HAS done everything for me. Who trusted my jugement and never truly questioned me. You my beloved brother who I took advantage of. Who I always call lazy and unhelpful but was truly tried and troubled. I’m so sorry my brother. I have truly failed you. I should have known , should have listen. Oh my, brother now it is to late to apologize, to late to earn your forgiveness for my mistakes, but yet I still craved it. I crave your love , your forgiveness, your gentil touch in which you would hold me telling me everything is okay. Oh brother, I so wish to follow you to be with you every step , but I cannot. I must earn that right to rest and be with you and so I will. I will do what must be done. I well destroy them and bring the world a new. Believe me now when I say the end has come and a new era has begun. There well be……


Hi underneath is undertale Au were Papyrus is the only one left from the underground. He was saved by sans and the human spares him. When the human almost left the underground they again meet up with papyrus who with out MERCY kills them taking their soul and the other seven and absorbed them. Becoming a 10ft tall super God. But he did not leave the underground intell seven years later when he learned how to use his powers and blend in without people knowing what he is. He has a plan in which he will look and act like a human and slowly take over there world without even realising it. He pretty much ends up being king of the monster and human worlds. But their more of course but telling you everything won’t be much fun would it ? Hope you liked this. Thank you for your time.~ starling

Viridescent Chapter Seven: Encounter

Summary: As a child, Izuku decided it would be better if he were Quirkless than to have a power that scared everyone. Now a teenager and looking to enter U.A, he finds himself as the protege of All Might and a student of the best heroes in the nation- but there’s no running from a part of you, and he’s learning the hard way that you have to accept all of yourself to be a real hero.

Having finished their homework for the night, Izuku and Katsuki were hanging out at Katsuki’s home and spending the last hour or so before Izuku had to go home playing games on a PlayStation 2. They were currently playing Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, trying to win on “Through the Fire and Flames” set to moderate difficulty. Neither of them had ever beaten this song on hard mode, god-tier that it was.

“Goddammit,” Katsuki swore as he missed a note. He recovered quickly, but this song was utterly unforgiving if you really got off-track.

Izuku was biting his lip, trying to focus. The four and a half minutes or so they spent on this song brought with it as much intensity as one of their training sessions at U.A. They barely took a moment to breathe.

When it was all said and done, the two teens flopped onto the couch behind them with near-simultaneous groans. Izuku set his guitar aside while Katsuki just chucked his onto the floor.

“I’m over this fucking thing for the night,” he growled, shaking his left hand to work the sore muscles out.

“I second that,” Izuku leaned his head on the back of the couch with a sigh. It always felt good to beat “Through the Fire and Flames”, but good god it took a lot out of you, especially after a hard day at high school.

“I’m going home,” he decided after glancing at the clock. He only had like ten minutes before he had to leave anyways and he was getting tired.

Katsuki grunted. “Whatever. See ya.”

“Yup,” Izuku replied, walking to the kitchen table to grab his backpack. Katsuki’s mother was there, sipping on a cup of coffee while she scrolled through something on her phone.

She looked up as he came by to pick up his stuff. “Going home?”

“Yes, ma'am. Thanks for having me over.”

“Need a ride?”

“It’s okay. I want to burn off some more energy before I get home.”

“Suit yourself,” she shrugged. “Night, Izuku.”

“Goodnight, Bakumom.”

Yes, he called her that. Only Katsuki thought it was weird. No, he did not care.

Izuku left the Bakugo’s house and made straight for his own family’s apartment. It was only like a ten minute walk, but it gave him time to reflect on stuff.

The last two days had been crazy at school. The majority of the class had continued the robot-battling exercises that started yesterday during today’s lesson as well. Ochako and Fumikage had joined him and All Might for a training session to get their Quirks checked out for control issues. All Might had confirmed that Ochako’s issue with her Quirk causing her nausea was due to her needing more practice with it. She would just have to build herself up until she could either suppress the nausea or hold it off for a longer amount of time.

Fumikage was something else. Cementoss had created a “dark isolation room” with his Quirk for All Might to see what was going on with the teen’s control problem, so Izuku hadn’t actually seen what happened inside, but whatever it was made the building tremor multiple times. That went on for about thirty seconds until what seemed like an artillery shell impact stopped the prior tremors cold. When Cementoss retracted the room of concrete, Fumikage was nearly unconscious and All Might had a nasty looking bruise forming on his arm. The Pro Hero didn’t look all that exerted, though he seemed rather impressed by what he’d seen.

Dark Shadow became timid once he was exposed to light, but Izuku could’ve sworn he heard the shadowy creature mutter something like “I didn’t get to show off” after the event. What the hell even had happened in there?

All Might had told Fumikage, once he recovered from whatever he’d endured within the dark room, that he would need lessons to control his Quirk like Izuku did, but he was okay to perform in daytime operations with the rest of class. That didn’t seem to surprise Fumikage, although he seemed more than a little stunned by what had gone down in the dark room. When Izuku and Ochako asked him later, all he said was this:

“He stopped Dark Shadow with one shot,” Fumikage muttered in a sort of awed daze.

Izuku didn’t use his full body flare during the sessions with Ochako and Fumikage. He managed to get the flames going on his hands and feet, but there was no way in hell he was going to go for the full-on flare with them around. He was still trying to get comfortable using it with All Might, and he trusted the Pro more than pretty much anyone.

Regulating One for All was getting better. Izuku hadn’t broken any bones during these training sessions, but he didn’t quite feel like he was fully adapted to the low power setting yet. The few times he tried targeting a non-human object, like a cement target made by Cementoss, he could feel his power fluctuate and it took a while to get it back under control. All Might had told him that targeting a person and a non-living object would be different from a mental standpoint, but he hadn’t thought it would be this hard.

Practice, practice, practice. That was all he could do for now, until he got used to the low power setting.

Izuku was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t watch where he was going and startled when a small shape ran into him. He nearly stumbled, but kept his footing, eyes going wide when the child who ran into him fell back with a gasp.

“I-I’m sorry!” He yelped, kneeling immediately to check if they were okay. “Did I hurt you?”

The child- a little girl- stared up at him with wide, red eyes, her face covered in sweat while she panted for breath. She couldn’t have been older than six or seven, with long, choppy white hair and a small horn on the right side of her forehead. She was wearing a short-sleeve dress with no footwear, but what really caught Izuku off-guard were the bandages covering her arms and legs.

She initially cringed away from him, but froze when he lay his hand gently on her shoulder. Her wide eyes were uncertain as she opened her mouth to answer him.

“Eri, there you are! Jeez, stop running, will ya?”

Izuku looked up from the child expecting to see a parent, so he was stunned when he found himself looking at a tall, muscular man in a black suit, wearing a dark red, beak-shaped mask over his face. He couldn’t see the man’s face at all, so the only way he was able to tell the individual was male was by his voice and body.

The man’s hand clenched a little, as though he were irritated and trying to stop himself from making a fist. “Who’re you? Actually never mind, I don’t care. Sorry if my daughter bumped into you, but we gotta get going now. Come on, Eri!”

“O-oh! It was my fault she fell! I’m sorry!” Izuku started to help her stand up. “Here, let me…”

Eri said something under her breath that he couldn’t catch. “Say again?”

One of her little hands clenched the fabric of his shirt and Izuku was suddenly aware that she was shaking. Her voice was hoarse and he could hear the tremor in every word she spoke.

“He’s not my daddy.”

The raw terror in her voice sent a chill up his spine, but Izuku forced down any visible reactions he might have had. If the man- no, kidnapper- figured out that Izuku knew what was going on, there was no telling what he would do. Worst case scenario, he would go on the attack. His mind started to race, running calculations and scenarios through every cell his brain had to spare.

Contact the police? No, too slow to respond given the situation. It wasn’t like he could talk to them, either. They might assume his call was a prank or something. Not worth the risk.

Pick up Eri and run? Too risky. He didn’t know if this guy was armed or what his Quirk was. He needed more data to make that plan work.

Fight the villain? Even riskier. In addition to the formerly mentioned unknown factors, Izuku had no idea if this guy would care about damaging the houses around them. He didn’t want to get innocent people involved in this and it would put Eri in further danger. He also didn’t have a hero license yet, so a head-on attack would be illegal. He could only fight back in self-defense.

Try to get in touch with one of his emergency contacts and stall for time? Chancy at best, given that he didn’t know where exactly his contacts were and he would have to stall for time. The odds were it would take several minutes at the very least, but it was the best option he had at the moment. That would be his starting point.

There was no other choice. He’d have to pick the situation apart as it went on and adapt from there.

“Were you guys playing t-tag or something?” Izuku asked the villain, trying to keep his voice normal. He made a show of looking around and behind the guy. “Is someone else chasing you?”

It was just luck on Izuku’s part that the villain reflexively followed his gaze to look over his shoulder. “Nah, it’s just us. But she ran a bit too far away from the motel we’re staying at.”

“Gotcha,” Izuku slowly helped Eri up onto her feet, letting her remain close to him. The way she was attached to his torso would make it harder for the villain to spot his left arm hiding behind him, taking his phone out of his back pocket and dialing the second emergency contact on his phone right after his mother. “H-hey, I think she got hurt f-falling earlier. We should take her to a d-doctor to see if she’s okay.”

The man cocked his head back towards Izuku and Eri. “No need, my boss is a doctor. He’ll fix her up.”

Eri whimpered and squeezed Izuku’s shirt tighter. She knew the doctor, Izuku realized, and he probably wasn’t a good person. The way she reacted made him suspicious that this wasn’t just a kidnapping- it might be a retrieval. The villain seemed familiar with Eri and she knew the doctor he was talking about. He wondered if that was why she was covered in bandages.

They’d hurt her and she’d tried to escape. Now one of them had caught up to her and Izuku had no intention of letting them take her back. He mentally added in the possibility that there were other villains around looking for her. The guy mentioned a boss, so he probably wasn’t the only crony around here.

“Eri, c'mon we gotta go,” the villain ordered.

Izuku looked up at the man, trying to make eye contact, but it was impossible with his mask. “I-I think she’s a little spooked. How about I walk back to the motel with you guys? To make up for me causing her to fall.”

“No,” Izuku could hear the edge to his voice this time. The villain was getting impatient. “Boss doesn’t like strangers popping up outta nowhere. Eri, get over here, now.”

She stilled for a moment and then let Izuku go, spinning around to go to the man. It caught him so off-guard that she would actually move towards the kidnapper that Izuku acted without thinking and pulled her back to him, holding her protectively. Eri gasped, looking at Izuku with horrified eyes.

He froze, staring at the villain.

The villain went utterly silent for several seconds. His head cocked to the side a little. “Hey…you were just a little annoying a moment ago, but now you’re getting on my nerves…”

He’d fucked up. Oh, he’d fucked up bad.

The man’s hand clenched again and Izuku saw a spark of flame rush along his fingers. “I’m only going to ask you this once since you were so polite earlier. Give her back to me and I’ll forget about you.”

A flame Quirk. The villain had a flame Quirk. Izuku ran that information through his calculations. His chances of successfully fighting off the villain or retreating from him with Eri had just greatly increased. He just had to stall for as long as possible.

Izuku felt the rush of blood through his veins, the same as it had when he tried to save Katsuki and Ochako before. “I don’t feel comfortable just letting her leave with you. I’d rather we go to the hospital.”

“Wrong answer,” the villain snarled. He held up both arms, letting flame blaze over his limbs until they were both burning up to his shoulder. “Boss ain’t gonna like this, but he’ll like it less if I don’t bring Eri back!”

Izuku got a shock when the villain launched a fireball straight at them, regardless of Eri being in the way. He barely had time to get both arms around her and jump away before the flames rushed over the street.

“What are you doing?!” He gasped, shocked by the villain’s total disregard for the girl. “You could’ve killed her!”

“Like I care!” The villain gathered up some of his flames in his right hand and threw another fireball, which Izuku dodged again. “Even if I fuck her up, the boss can just fix her again!”

So the villain didn’t give a damn whether he hit Eri or not. That shifted the odds out of Izuku’s favor somewhat, but he could still work with this. The guy was chucking fireballs all over the street. Izuku could take advantage of this.

He landed with Eri still in his arms and faced an oncoming fireball head-on. One of his hands whipped up, becoming enveloped in emerald flame and drew the outside source of fire to him. Izuku’s flames consumed the villain’s and transmuted them in a matter of second, giving him more fire to work with.

The villain appeared to be dumbfounded for a moment. Izuku took the chance to stuff his phone back in his pocket, but it was only a split-second later that the villain lost his cool completely.

“What the hell’s up with that!? I’m gonna roast you!”

He started throwing fireballs with even greater speed. They were smaller than before, but it wouldn’t be possible to dodge them all. That was fine with him.

Izuku used the flames he’d already converted and directed them to form a shield between him and the villain. Each fireball that struck the wall of emerald was greedily devoured and converted into Izuku’s flames, giving him an ever-growing barrier to protect himself and Eri with.

Eri had her face buried in his shoulder, crying hysterically in fear. Izuku spared a moment to try and calm her. “It’s okay! I’ll protect you!”

“Will you just die already?!”

Izuku’s face whipped up, spotting the villain as he jumped high in the air. The man put both arms together to form a fireball the size of a small car and then hurled it at them. Izuku immediately directed his flames to intercept the massive conflagration and render it harmless.

This guy really isn’t holding back! How long until he ends up hitting a house?!

He suddenly saw a blur of motion to his right and his eyes widened in shock. The villain had landed while he’d been busy with the fireball and flanked them with surprising speed. He whipped out a knife from the inside of his suit and stabbed at Izuku. The teen desperately tried to shoot his flames at the villain, but he’d spotted the attack too late.

I won’t make it!


The word was definitely one a villain would use given the situation, so it surprised Izuku even more when an explosion blew the masked criminal away from them. He yelped as a mess of spiky blonde hair landed in the spot the villain had been in just a moment before, scowling and looking exceptionally annoyed. “K-Katsuki!”

“Hey! Don’t start a street fight without me, Deku!” Katsuki snapped at him. He was wearing a pair of dark basketball shorts and a black tank-top. “And pick your timing better! I’m tired, you asshat!”

“I’m sorry,” Izuku answered quickly, directing his attention back to the villain. The man shook himself, recovering from the explosion quickly.

Katsuki sneered at the beaked criminal. “Who’s the rooster?”

“He’s a kidnapper,” Izuku replied, tightening his grip around Eri, who was still buried in his shoulder. “And he’s after this girl. I think she got away from him and now he’s trying to get her back to his boss.”

“That so?” Katsuki cracked his knuckles, a maniacal grin forming on his face. “Then the sentence is death.”

“I already called for backup,” Izuku told him quietly. “We just have to stall. His Quirk lets him throw fireballs, but he’s also got that knife. We should keep our distance and fight defensively. I can negate his fire if you can keep him away. Also, I don’t know if he’s got friends around here. We gotta watch our backs.”

“Jeez, how fast did you come up with that, you nerd? Works for me, though,” the blonde teen let a few small explosions pop off in his palms to warm himself up. “Let’s kill his ass!”

The villain was fully raging now and charged them with both arms aflame. “I’m gonna turn the two of you into a pile of ashes!”

Izuku thrust his hand towards the charging villain, directing a stream of green fire at him. The villain dodged to the side and rushed in close. He was a lot faster than he looked.

Katsuki was there in an instant, both hands held out towards the villain’s face as the man closed in. “Stun Grenade!”

A burst of light and sound erupted towards the villain, setting off a bunch of car alarms and making the man howl in pain. So his mask didn’t filter bright light and noise that well. Izuku seized the opportunity to channel the stream of fire after the villain, but the man’s reflexes were fast enough that he avoided them and backed off.

“You little fuckers are pissing me off so much!” The villain screamed, lifting both hands up again. Izuku blanched as the man created a fireball that was way beyond any other before it. In a matter of seconds, it was nearly the size of a house.

If that went off, it wouldn’t be just them in the line of fire anymore. Izuku stood up in a flash. He had to flare up completely if he was going to stop the attack. He gripped Eri tightly and opened his mouth, about to tell Katsuki to take her so he could make full use of his Quirk, but it was at that moment his backup arrived.


Faster than they could blink, an object not unlike a meteor slammed into the villain from behind, pulverizing him into the ground and blowing the huge fireball into cinders. The impact created a crater in the street and nearly made Izuku trip, though he yelped and stumbled from the shock of it.

Izuku and Katsuki stared at the cloud of debris as it settled and a large, muscular shadow stood up within it. The first thing they saw was a shock of blonde hair and a huge grin. “It’s alright now, boys! For I am here!”

“All Might!?” Katsuki gaped in disbelief. “How the hell- why are you here?!”

“I was doing some work nearby and spotted a couple of fireballs flying around,” All Might laughed, hands on his hips. His foot was keeping the now unconscious villain pinned to the ground. “What are the odds you would be here? Sheesh, it seems like every time I see you two outside of school, you’re fighting some villain. Slow it down some for this old man, will you?”

His eyes glinted at Izuku and the boy quietly sighed in relief. All Might had gotten his emergency call and come running. He’d given Izuku that number solely for emergencies, telling him under no circumstances was he to call it otherwise.

“You’re fine to shut your flames down, young Izuku,” All Might told him, glancing down at the villain. “He’s in no shape to fight anymore.”

“R-right,” Izuku stammered, willing the emerald flames still flowing around them to dissipate and die out. The second they were gone, he smiled at All Might. “Thanks for saving us.”

“Of course! But if I might be so curious,” the Symbol of Peace lifted the villain up by the collar with one hand and studied his now-broken mask. “Why did you need saving in the first place?”

Izuku told everything he knew to All Might, all the while holding Eri close to him. She was staring at All Might with even wider eyes than before, as though she couldn’t believe the villain had been crushed so easily.

All Might scratched his chin. “I see…in that case, let’s first get this little one to a hospital to make sure she’s not hurt and to ensure you two are alright. After that, I’ll get you boys home, but expect an interview with the police investigators tomorrow or the day after. They’ll need your testimony to charge this guy.”

Katsuki shoved his hands into his pockets. He looked irritated again. “Ugh, I didn’t even get to kill this guy.”

All Might sweat-dropped, looking to Izuku for some sort of explanation to that statement. The teen laughed nervously. “He’s mad that he didn’t get to beat the guy up.”

“Ah. It’s fortunate you didn’t, though. The fact that you could have been injured aside, neither of you are officially qualified for hero work yet,” All Might said.

“I know that,” Katsuki huffed. “It’s still annoying, though.”

“I understand. Come now, let’s get you all to the hospital. And you should probably call your parents on the way to tell them you’re alright.”

All Might called up a friend of his from the police and got them all transferred to the hospital in less than an hour while another escort took the villain to a prison. Once they got to the hospital, Izuku and Katsuki made it through the doctor’s examinations in record time. Neither of them had been hurt in the fight, so they were deemed fine after just fifteen minutes.

But Eri was a completely different matter.

She absolutely refused to let go of Izuku and as soon as one of the doctors picked up a needle to take a small blood sample, she started sobbing until they put it away. The poor girl was utterly traumatized and it took Izuku’s reassurances and the better part of two hours for them to get even simple things like her weight, height, and blood pressure.

When Izuku finally convinced her to let him remove her bandages, his face went pale. Dotting her arm along the inside of her elbow were a number of scars that looked an awful lot like insertion wounds from a needle. Someone had been either injecting something into her or taking something out for a long time.

After seeing them, the doctors decided that extending the amount of time she was exposed to the environment in the hospital would only stress her further and be a negative influence on her health. They did a quick check for infections, then gave Izuku a few alcohol wipes to clean any open wounds (Eri would not let them touch her) and some fresh bandages.

Izuku walked Eri to the hospital lobby, where All Might was waiting along with Izuku’s mother, Inko. Katsuki had already been taken home by his parents.

Inko rushed towards her son and swept him up into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay! I know you said you were alright, but I was so worried!”

Izuku hugged her back with his right arm- Eri was still clinging to his left. “I’m sorry I scared you.”

“I know,” she sighed, letting him go and sniffling. Inko wiped away her tears with a handkerchief and looked at the frightened child holding onto Izuku. “And who is this?”

“This is Eri,” Izuku replied, offering the girl a small smile. “Eri, this is my mom, Inko.”

“H-hi,” the girl managed a small squeak, but remained attached to Izuku’s side.

Inko smiled at the child gently. “Hello, Eri. I’m happy to meet you.”

All Might finished talking to the doctor in charge of Eri’s examination, nodding as the man turned and left to tend to his other patients. The Symbol of Peace looked from Eri to Izuku. “Well, she’s clear to leave. They don’t think it’s wise to keep her here since it stresses her out so badly.”

“But where do we take her?” Izuku asked with a frown. “I mean…we don’t even know who her parents are.”

“It’s a problem,” All Might admitted. “But if your mother agrees to it, I was thinking she could spend a night at your home. She’s obviously more comfortable with you than anyone else right now. I can take her to U.A if we need to, but I think it’s best if she’s with someone she trusts for tonight. She’s been through a lot.”

Izuku looked at his mother. “Mom?”

“I don’t mind,” Inko replied, smiling again. “Of course she can spend the night.”

All Might nodded. “Bring her up to U.A tomorrow and we’ll figure out where to go from there. More than likely, the police will find a foster home to take custody of her for a short while until her parents can be located.”

“Okay,” Izuku knelt down so he was eye-level with Eri and smiled at her. “Does that sound good, Eri? We’ll have a sleepover tonight at my house.”

Eri didn’t have even the foggiest idea of what a sleepover was, but she didn’t really care as long as she got to stay with this boy. She had never felt safe with another person in her entire life. His hands were so gentle and kind and just…protective. The feeling was completely alien to her, but she never wanted it to go away. So she gave him a shy smile and dipped her head. “Okay.”

Fortunately, there was still a supermarket open with just ten minutes left before closing time, so after Inko picked up Izuku and Eri from the hospital, she drove them out there to find some clothes for the girl. The white dress she wore was dirty from her running through the streets and small burn marks after the battle. Seeing as it was more or less ruined and she didn’t have any other clothes, Inko decided that she needed to buy some more for the little girl.

The hurried inside to grab some pajamas and a few simple outfits for Eri and got out in record time. Once that was out of the way, Inko took them straight back to the apartment.

“I’ll get a bath going for Eri,” Inko told them as she removed her shoes by the door and set her purse down on the counter. “Izuku, would you mind heating up dinner? It’s in a container in the fridge.”

“I will,” he replied. Eri was still holding his hand, looking around the apartment with her large, red eyes. Izuku looked down at her. “Are you hungry?”

Eri nodded shyly at him. “A-a little…”

Her tummy rumbled loudly, causing the girl to squeak and blush. She looked away from Izuku out of embarrassment, but he only smiled gently. “Me too. C'mon, let’s get something to eat.”


Inko had made pork cutlets and rice for dinner, which Izuku extracted from the fridge and moved to a plate so it could be heated up in the microwave. As it warmed up, the delicious scent of the meal started to fill the room and Izuku realized with amusement that Eri was staring at the microwave with her adorable button nose twitching while she drooled from the smell.

As soon as it was warmed up, he divided their dinner evenly onto two plates and got Eri situated in a chair beside him at the table. The girl’s eyes started to sparkle as she gaped openly at the delicious food laying before her, but she glanced at Izuku nervously, as though she wasn’t sure if it was okay for her to have it.

Izuku took his chopsticks and picked up one of the pork cutlets on his plate, then blew on it for a moment to cool it before he bit into it. Eri was still watching him, so he smiled while chewing and nodded.

She tried using the chopsticks as well, but it became clear after a few tries that she had no idea what she was doing. Eri pouted and glared at the utensils in frustration until Izuku helped her out, showing her how to hold them and pick up her food. When she finally took a bite of the pork cutlet, her eyes sparkled even more and she almost forgot to chew in her haste to eat the delicious meal.

“Is it good?” Izuku asked.

“Mmhmm!” She hummed back, her mouth stuffed full of food.

They ate in relative silence until Inko came back into the kitchen. “Eri, the bath is ready. Let’s get you cleaned up, okay?”

Eri swallowed and looked at Izuku nervously, waiting until he smiled at her reassuringly before she answered Inko. “Okay…”

She tugged on Izuku’s sleeve as she got out of her chair and it took him a moment to realize that she wanted him to come along. He glanced at his mother, who nodded silently, smiling somewhat in amusement. “Alright, I’ll come too.”

They got Eri into the bathroom where Inko had her take off her dirty white dress and underwear before helping the girl get into the tub of warm water. Izuku was a little flustered by the whole experience- he didn’t know a lot about children and he knew even less about bathing them, so Inko took the lead. She got Eri cleaned up with body wash while Izuku poured some shampoo into the girl’s hair and gently worked the soap through the messy white locks. Eri was halfway leaning out of the tub throughout it all so that she could hold onto Izuku’s shirt sleeve, only letting go when Inko had to clean her arms and hands, and then she immediately reattached herself to the teenager.

Inko could already see that Eri had become very dependent on Izuku. Anyone else getting this attached so quickly would probably not be a good thing, but kids were different. She knew from experience how impressionable children were and how easily they could form attachments. If Eri really had had no positive relationships in her life so far, it was no surprise to Inko why she had latched onto Izuku with such fervor. He had been the first person to show her kindness, the first to protect her, and the one who saved her from those terrible people.

In Eri’s mind, Izuku was literally the only safe place in the world. It didn’t matter if she knew nothing about him because she had realized that he would not hurt her. To a child like her, whose world growing up had probably been hostile at best, that was more than enough of a reason to stay close to him.

As soon as Eri had been cleaned up, Inko helped dry her off with a towel and then got Eri changed into some fresh pajamas while Izuku took a quick shower (after Izuku assured Eri he would be back as fast as he could). Because Inko was so used to buying clothing like this for Izuku when he was Eri’s age, they were All Might-themed pajama pants and a sweater to keep the girl warm. As soon as she was changed, Inko took a brush and carefully worked it through the girl’s hair.

Izuku walked out of the bathroom in shorts and a white t-shirt just as Inko nodded, happy with the image of Eri looking full, clean, and sleepy in her new pajamas. “Okay, now you two get your teeth brushed and then get to bed. Izuku, there should be a spare toothbrush for Eri in the cabinet next to the sink.”

“I’ll get it,” he promised, letting Eri take his hand again. She yawned, eyes drooping from sleepiness.

As soon as their teeth were brushed, Eri held her arms up towards Izuku in the universal gesture all children made when they wanted to be picked up. Izuku did so after a short pause to figure out how to do it right and got the little girl bundled up safely in his arms. Eri wrapped her small arms around his neck and clutched at his shirt, her eyes barely open.

Izuku got them to his room lifted the covers so that he could lay Eri down, but she whimpered after a moment. “I-it’s dark…”

“Would a little light make it better?” He asked. She nodded jerkily and he made a mental note that she didn’t like dark places. “Okay, one moment. I’m sure I’ve still got it here somewhere…”

Still carrying Eri, Izuku walked to his bed stand and opened the drawer. He rummaged through it for a minute before pulling out an All Might-themed nightlight he’d had as a child when he was also scared of the dark. “Here we go.”

He plugged it in and All Might’s teeth glowed white, not blindingly so, but enough to keep the room from being really dark. Izuku looked at Eri. “Is that better?”

She nodded, relaxing somewhat. Izuku got them into his bed and situated Eri so she was lying next to him, but that proved to be pointless because she crawled over and buried herself into his shirt as much as she could, tucking her legs up into his stomach. He couldn’t help but smile at her and used his hand to brush aside some of her white hair behind the small horn on her forehead. Then he got his arms wrapped around the girl and curled his body around her, shielding her from the world as best he could. “Goodnight, Eri.”

She managed some mumbled, incoherent reply, but Izuku knew she was more or less asleep now, so he just closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Class 1A was already in their seats for homeroom and Mr. Aizawa had just walked in, but as they got themselves ready for the day, they came to the realization that one of their classmates was missing.

“Izuku’s not here?” Momo asked, raising an eyebrow.

“That’s odd…” Tenya scratched his chin. “He’s not the type to be late. Is he sick?”

Eijirou glanced at Katsuki. “Hey man, did Izuku text you or anything to say what was up?”

Katsuki scowled. “What am I, his mom? I don’t know what’s taking the nerd, either.”

In the back of his mind, he was actually wondering just where in the hell Izuku had ended up. No one had told him anything about it since last night, but was it possible there had been more villain trouble involving the girl he and Izuku had saved? Ugh, the thought already had his fingers twitching. He was gonna be fidgety and in a bad mood until he got some answers.

“Regardless, let’s get class started,” Aizawa muttered, looking as tired as ever. “It looks like everyone’s here except for Izuku-”

“S-sorry I’m late!”

The door flew open and everyone looked towards it, finding their class President standing there as they expected, but they weren’t expecting the small child attached to his left hand peeking out from behind him. Eri was wearing an All Might-themed hoodie over a pale yellow dress, long white socks, and a pair of yellow sandals.

Aizawa just stared at Izuku, who was smiling nervously, and the even more nervous-looking girl who was locked onto him for a moment before he glanced back at the schedule for the day. “Moving on…”

“THAT’S IT?!” Half the class exclaimed in disbelief.

“Hold up, we’re just gonna skim over the fact that Izuku brought a kid to school?” Denki demanded.

“She’s cute, but why is she here?” Tsuyu asked.

Izuku scratched the back of his head. “W-well, um…”


Izuku and Eri both yelped and jumped in perfect sync as All Might popped up behind them, waving his hand at the rest of the class. They had met with him upon arriving at school, but they had thought he was still speaking with Inko in his office.

Aizawa looked mildly annoyed. “All Might, don’t barge in so early in the morning.”

“Sorry, Aizawa!” The Symbol of Peace apologized. “I’ll make this short and sweet!”

The class waited for him to give them an explanation for the current situation. “Ahem…for reasons, Eri here will be with Izuku for a little bit! Get along, everyone!” He gave them a thumbs up and his trademark wide grin.

Rikido was less than satisfied with that answer. “That’s too short and it’s not sweet at all!”

“Coming from the sugar man, that’s harsh,” Hanta muttered. “Seriously though, that’s all you’re telling us?”

“Sorry, but I can’t tell you much right now,” All Might apologized. “For the time being, I just need you all to cooperate with Izuku so Eri feels comfortable, okay? Thank you!”

The Pro took off then, (probably running back to his office so he could deflate and save energy on his time limit) leaving the class in an awkward silence. Izuku smiled with an equal amount of awkwardness. “Th-that’s how it is! Um, so this is Eri. Eri, these are my friends! They’re nice, just a little noisy sometimes.”

Eri peeked out from behind Izuku again and gave the class a nearly-silent greeting. “H-hi…”

“Oh my glob, she’s adorable!” Mina squealed, almost jumping out of her seat. “Can I hug her?!”

Aizawa sighed. “Stay in your seat, Mina. Izuku, go grab an extra chair from the back for Eri. The rest of you listen up, will you? Time is limited. Be more rational.”

So while Izuku led Eri to the back of the room to get an extra chair, Aizawa looked over his papers for the day. “Today we’re going to be taking a break from the combat training we’ve been doing the last couple of days. Being a hero isn’t just about fighting villains, you know. An even bigger part of it is rescuing people. That’s going to be the scenario we’ll tackle today- rescue training.”

“You’ll be supervised by a team of three including myself, All Might, and one other Pro teaching here. When you come to the hero course later in the day, you can change into your costumes if you want, but it’s not completely necessary this time. Some of your costumes probably aren’t designed for these kinds of tasks yet, after all. Since the training area is fairly far away, we’ll get there by bus. Do me a favor and hurry there when it’s time.”

Aizawa grabbed his sleeping bag after that. “That’s all for homeroom. You’d best prepare yourselves for the trial ahead, kids.”

As soon as they got the all-clear, Katsuki spun around in his desk to look at Izuku and Eri, who probably couldn’t be sitting any closer to him if the seats were fused together. “Explain.”

“She ended up staying with mom and I after what happened,” Izuku replied, keeping his voice low so the other students wouldn’t hear, even as some of them got up to come over. “All Might wants me to keep quiet about it, but she just feels safe with me, I guess.”

Katsuki glanced at Eri, who looked back at him nervously, and shrugged. “Fair enough.”

“That reminds me, how did you find us last night?” Izuku asked him. “It was too far away for you to hear anything from home, wasn’t it?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot with all the craziness last night,” Katsuki grabbed his bag and stuffed his arm into it for a few moments, rummaging around before he yanked out an All Might-themed wallet. “You left this on the table, moron. Mom made me run after you to give it back.”

“Sorry,” Izuku took it back gratefully and pocketed it. “But thanks for showing up.”

“You’re buying me extra-spicy chicken wings after school.”


That was all they could say before half the class surrounded them, some eager, some curious to get a look at Eri. The girl cringed away from them and completely abandoned her chair to crawl into Izuku’s lap and hide there, burying her face in his neck.

Katsuki saw that and barked at their classmates. “Do you scrubs have nothing else to do?! Back off or I’ll kill you!”

Izuku wrapped his arms around Eri and smiled apologetically at his classmates. “Sorry, she’s pretty shy. Can you guys give us a bit of space?”

“Oh, okay,” Ochako, who was at the front of the group, backed up with the others so Izuku and Eri weren’t boxed in and then crouched, sitting on her heels. She could see that the little girl was really nervous, so she offered her a bright smile. “Eri, right? Hi, Eri! I’m Ochako!”

Izuku gently rubbed Eri’s back, reassuring her that everything was okay. “It’s alright, Eri. They won’t hurt you.”

Eri shifted just enough so that she could peer at them with one eye and tried to return the greeting. “H-hello…”

Suddenly, her eyes fixed on a dark, beaked shape- Izuku’s classmate, Fumikage. Eri stared at the falcon-headed boy for a grand total of three seconds before she sucked in her breath and paled in terror.

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found you thanks to your wonderful dgm edits! you always make so many godtier shitposts, one have to follow you to have earliest access to them 👌 so that's how found you, but stayed bc of your wonderful personality and best content <3

Anonymously, tell me how you found my blog!

this is so sweet and honestly— come here

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i feel that all my hard work with edits(none of them were done in less than 3 or 4 hours) are worth it. Thank you very much! o’’; also thank you for the compliments you’te so nice <3333
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The Next Chapter!

It is here! :o

Summary: Curumo is bad at asking for things, but Mairon obliges anyways. Afterwards, Melkor begins his lessons for Mairon, and something begins between them. 

As I do, I will provide a preview:

“A mace? Really?” Mairon questioned as he caught it, its heft catching him by surprise. But then he realized something. Its edges appeared random, but in fact they were carefully chosen. No one but the best smith could have made it. “Master, this is mine. Or was. Where did you get it?”

Melkor raised his eyebrows, flashing the whites of his eyes. “All these weapons were thrown into the trash pit, Mairon. So you tell me.”

Mairon closed his eyes and bit his lip. He had thrown it away. He knew the Valar would reject the harsh design, and so he rejected it first. The stiff spikes came to him in his work when his first frustrations with his life appeared, and Curumo was assigned to be his apprentice. Those fiery flashes of frustration returned when he realized how much control the Valar had over him then, and how much they did still.

The thought ignited his rage, and his body began to smoulder. Melkor looked pleased.

“I need you to shed every last philosophy the other Valar have instilled in you. From aesthetics to ethics, you will be theirs no more,” he said, clenching his fist and shaking it at Mairon.

“I was never theirs to begin with,” Mairon insisted, but he understood Melkor’s point. He lived with their laws for so long it would take more than his pledge to Melkor to shake them. It would take a crucible.

He raised the mace above his shoulder, loving the way the weight made his muscles tense.

“Yes!” Melkor said with enthusiasm. “Swing it and use its momentum like you would with a smith’s hammer. Follow through and you will smash your enemies out of your way, as I know you wish you could do with everyone that gets in your way. When they are down, rain your rage upon them.”

Melkor licked his lips, awaiting what Mairon would do with the weapon.

Read the rest here, if you so please! I hope you enjoy it!

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Warning if you don’t want to cry then don’t read this!

So this year is the 4th year my mother died from cancer , i stumbled upon ronan and remembered these lyrics..

“You were my best four years”

I immediatly made the connection and i cried hard like a little girl


“Come on baby with me, we’re gonna fly away from here

Out of this curtained room in this hospital grey, we’ll just disappear”

When i listened to ronan the 2nd time i cried even harder it made my eyes super red like i never seen before.

For all the cancer victims and all your loved ones who died:

Just know that you’re not alone missing them,we all miss people dead or alive and sometimes we cry and it’s very ok to, it’s important that we continue to cherish their memories so that they will always be alive forever in our hearts.

if you’re still awake, please don’t care about what people say, i mean it’s already what this era is about, i know it but, we all know you’re not fucking pregnant. even if you were, it’s not something to shame, i don’t know why people made it a big deal. we’re trying our best to shut them up. i love you.