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Keeps His Word

“Well thanks for coming Harry! Good luck on your album!” That was the last thing Nick Grimshaw said, and frankly, you were relieved because it was 8 a.m, Friday morning, and you did not want to be up this early on you and Harry’s chill day.

You had been sitting in that chair for an hour or two, but you were unexplainibly tired and you back was starting to ache. When Harry rose from his chair behind the glass panel, you had to refrain from springing up. Sitting on the sidelines and not being able to giggle through the jokes by his side had you left in a state of boredom. Now that it was finally over, you couldn’t wait to get back in your pajamas and snuggle back into bed.

But, of course, there was always a draw back. When Harry approached you, the look of apprehension was clear. Coming closer to him, you furrowed your brows and asked him what was wrong.

“M’sorry. Gotta ‘nother meeting for my album love.” He spoke softly as his thumb rubbed nothings onto your hand.

A small sigh of drowsy frustration was bound to escape, but he was already expecting it and just kissed you temples, leading you out to the awaiting taxi hand in hand the whole time.

Your mind was wandering. Everywhere. What else was it supposed to do when he just told you that the next two hours were going to be spent sitting in another office chair discussing contracts and release dates?

You were trying though, and it was hard, because all of a sudden, his ass looked so good.
You were halfway to the taxi when you pulled back from his hold a bit, wanting to get a better view. Now that you spotted them closely, the crossed lines and alluring red that swirled along his delicious thighs, you realized that these were new.

He caught on to your slower trail of walking, confused and smiling with an eyebrow raised.

“Whatcha doin’ pet?’

You don’t even try to hide the newfound desperate and whiny lust that slurred your blunt words.

“You look hot in plaid.”

He stopped walking, blinking a couple of times before asking you to repeat yourself. He knew you to be good in bed, hell, he’d seen how riled up you got him, but this. This was new and Harry wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing.
He’d play along, he supposed. There’s no harm in a little fun right?

The back of the taxi was small, so his hip bone only inches from your own was tempting and ignited a flame that almost ate you whole. Fire. A feeling that spread between your legs when you gazed at his ring-clad hand.

When he looked over, he couldn’t help but help chuckle with pride. A hot mess you were, with your fingers fidgeting harshly with the hem of your dress, head lolled back and your bottom lip being chewed on furiously. It was clear that he had you going.

“Partition please.” Harry’s request has you coming out of your tense state, a silent curiosity floating through the air as you watch the black screen roll up.

“Harr-” You are cut off when he pulls you onto his lap, his large hands resting too close to your heat for it to be unintentional.

“Jus’ listen pet.” You shivering when you feel his cold rings on your bare thigh. With one small touch, you are already melting.

A whisper of a whimper comes from you lips when his forefinger grazes on the edge of your panties, his lips hovering by your own, never staying in one place. They’re by your ear, and although your want for his round bum is putting a damper on your senses, his command is all but innocent.

“Gotta keep it quiet pet. Don’ want him to find yeh like this, all spread fo’ me n’ wet as yeh think bout’ my arse.”

If he kept taunting you like this, you’d be done for before the 20 minute drive to the meeting was even over.

It was true though. As you sit on his thighs now, with his hands teasing between your legs, the sheer picture of his ass wrapped in those plaid trousers has you practically begging to be fucked. They were hugging his legs in all the right places and he wanted nothing more than for you to have your way as you ride him into the night.

“Harr- What are you doing?” You breath out. You are clutching the back of his shirt and he was leaving wet marks. Harry didn’t answer, leaving your question vulnerable and hanging in the suddenly thick atmosphere.

The traffic began to clear up and the people and buildings become a blur. You and Harry don’t mind though, because his head is being buried into your neck and your grind against him is becoming more ad more sloppy by the minute. Your neck is straining with your arousal, and your thighs start to quiver as your wet panties drag along his thigh.

His hands are doing nothing but slowly rubbing your clit through the barrier. Oh the things Harry would do if he could just take you right here in the back of this run down taxi. The coldness of his jeweled and metal rings makes you jump and whimper into his scalp, hands on his face in search of stability. His reaction was incredible though.

The way his lustful eyes brightened at the affect he has on you. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t on the bridge of insanity, watching you soak yourself as you moan into your hip’s movements. You were so wet, he could basically see the smear of dampness along his leg.

Hungry off of your own thirst, his hands grasp your swiveling thighs, rubbing and gripping and trailing deep impression onto the heated skin.
“Fuck! Baby..“He was too distracted to utter the warning that the destination was a block away and you were about to come on the spot, all over the leather seats. But still, he forced the words reluctantly from his lips, prying his mouth from behind your ear. He could spot the tender and slightly red blotch from the contact. I’ll finish that later, he thought while placing you next to him and back to your original seat.

“Wha?” You exasperatedly sighed in frustration, mad that he had pulled away and leaving you pitifully drenched.

Quickly, with his hands clasped around your neck for one final kiss. He whispered softly to you. “S’alright muppet. Be a good girl fo’ me and keep your knickers wet. Don’ get too worried. M’gonna make you feel good. Yeh know I always keep my word.”

You prayed to god he did.

There was only a few minutes till you arrived at the studio for another interview and you had little time to calm your breathing and wipe your liquids from his pants. It was and hurried, but he only smirked at your wet spot and took a second to fix each others hair. It wasn’t the best, but it will do.

“I was so happy to be here! Thanks fo’ having me.”

Those were the last words that came out of Harry Styles mouth before he dragged you just out of view and into a forgotten one-person bathroom at the back of the studio.

You didn’t even bother to say bye to Jim. Or Johnny. Whatever his name was, you couldn’t care to remember, because Harry had sat down for an hour and a half torturing you with those scrumptious thighs of his.

Wrapped in plaid and hugged along every curve of his legs, your eyes had grown wide when he slid on the counter and hoisted you with him. Immediately, like an old habit, your sex blooms under his watch. He motions for you to sit on his right thigh and you don’t hesitate to obey.
With one motion, your hands find his and press them harder in to the marble counter top, craning your neck upwards in a silent request for a kiss. It was a sweet little thing that made you both smile. Although there was tension and not a lot of room in a dingy bathroom for slow and sensual, he still made sure your were comfortable and loved.

“Go ‘head puppet. Make yeh feel good.” He let go of you hands, and settled for a strong hold on your lower back, adoring the way your hips curve and move along his skin. Your hands did wonders when you tugged at his plaid trousers, yanking away the tight and lined fabric. A heavy moan burst through the both of you when you felt your clit rub against his bare skin.

The flaming pit in your stomach ached for the friction, and Harry watched with a awestruck face of his own when you hips flicked a little quicker. Piece by piece, Harry was watching you become unraveled under him and the thought of making you come with his thigh along was enough to have his dick twitch.

“Ahh.. Harry” You spoke mumbles of good feelings and praises in his ear as he roamed you body with his fingertips.

Aroung your ears is were he finally attached his mouth once again. Knowing the sensitivity it would cause you, his words came quick and rushed.

“Yeh can scream if yeh wan’“ His lips matched with flesh of your neck again, but he kept on speaking. “We’re in the back love. Thick walls here an’ everybody is leavin’ fo’ break.”

And you did scream. Maybe a little too loud, but you couldn’t help it when his neck sucking had you barely able to hold yourself upright. With your brows creased, you lean towards him. The leverage and heat of hands as they tugged at your scalp lightly had you closer than ever. He was begging for you to splash on his thigh and moan his name.

There was a destination he was determined to reach, and this time, it wasn’t a studio down the street.

His cock was pulsating in his jeans but he had no room for it now that your were close. Your hands were traveling, snatching anything of his to make it come quicker and harder. They dug semi-circles into his forearm and bruises along his rib cage and spurts of hair mishandled but the look of you withering out shined it all. Everything in his mind screamed you, and eventually, you came screaming him.

“There yeh go fo’ me peaches. Nice an’ easy. Love yeh. Did so well fo’ me.” He chanted this tune of his while you rode him out, diving for the last bits of orgasm left in you. There wasn’t much though. you had spilled an ocean over his plain pants and he didn’t care one bit.

He was slow letting you down from him, holding you up and not bothering to try and hide his pride when you could barely murmur words. Your legs were shaking and your thighs still burned from the delectable pressure. A cream had smeared itself between your thighs, and Harry toyed with your wetness.

“Still wet fo’ me? Gonna have to clean yeh up princess.”

His digits roamed you sensitive center, and he chuckled when a jolt of pleasure claw led at you spine. You weren’t ashamed though. How couldn’t you feel so sensitive when Harry was blowing heat against your neck and grazing the liquid from you core? Teasingly, he raised two soaked fingers of his from your panties and lifted them to his plump pink lips. With your eyes fluttering from the sight, he loaned into his own licks against his skin, cleaning up the remains of your slickness.

“Ugh…Harry! I need-” You were still breathless when you continued you piece-meal sentence. “Need your kisses. Got me shaken down there.”

“S'alright love. Need yeh lips too.”

It was a halfhearted attempt to calm you down, but his kisses remained tight and slow with passion for a minute or two. Sweet, burning, and on the brink of hungry, just the way that had you molded into his arms as he pulled you closer.

The sweet mellow pace of his breath combined with yours slowed as he lead you It of the dingy area. Not long would he keep his love here, were he couldn’t hold her and praise her endearing moans.

He needed to show his girl some proper loving.

The car was waiting patiently when you two finally exited. You had to stifle a cackle by nuzzling into his neck, because his face was almost comical when he discovered it was the same taxi driver form before. This time, the partition was rolled up tight and the greetings were long gone.

“Gon’ be a good girl again? Let me really fuck yeh when we get home princess?” His words were silent to the ears of the driver, but hot and heavy as they floated through the ears of yours.

And all you can do is whimper and wait, because he always keeps his word.

Dark Nights (Part 1)

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Summary: The reader meets a strange Alpha, Dean Winchester, one terrible night that leads them down a path neither ever intended to set foot on…

Dark Nights Masterlist

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, attempted assault, violence

A/N: Hope you enjoy the first of many parts!…

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heey first of i just wanted to say that you're like literally my favorite blog no joke i love love your writing like i cannot stop smiling whenever im reading your stuff and as your friends to lovers thingy is one of my favorites i was wondering if you could do one with taehyung?? thaanks 💙

find: jin | jimin | namjoon | jungkook | yoongi 

  • you and taehyung have always been messes,,,,but cute messes together
  • you technically became friends in detention ,,,,,,
  • taehyung had been sitting at the back of the classroom with silly string all over his hair and shirt ,,,, he’d brought a can to school and accidentally sprayed himself and the gym teacher
  • and you,,,,well you had gotten into an argument that had ended in a food fight and there was probably still some cold cheese from a pizza that was flung at you in your hair
  • but,,,,,,with mutual understanding you and taehyung had just grinned and gone “that’s what you’re in here for? cool!”
  • the teacher who was supposed to be guarding you and making sure you were doing homework had flaked in the middle to go gossip in the hall so you and taehyung had moved closer discussing if it would be good to make a break for it or not
  • you thought maybe using the silly string as a distraction could work but also taehyung wasn’t looking to get expelled so you’d decided instead that peeking out the door till the teachers backs were both turned you two would dash down the hall for freedom
  • and you did,,,,,,,,you were just a tad slower and taehyung had grabbed your hand and pulled you along through the doors as the sound of the teacher drowned out behind you
  • after that,,,,you two became inseparable 
  • and sure it had a lot to do with you both loving practical jokes and being free-spirited but it also had to do with just,,,,,how you got each other without words
  • just looks and smiles and inside jokes,,,, and you never making fun of taehyung in anyway because no matter how people saw him 
  • taehyun is smart and caring and you knew that,,,just like he knew that about you
  • and growing up you guys got out of pranks and skipping class and just became more into going to live concerts late at night and staying up past 4 am to set of fireworks on the beach with other friends you’d made as you got older
  • and ,,,, it stayed nice and carefree but you were also adults now so,,,,you had to be there for each other not just for laughs but for serious things as well
  • and one day taehyung confides that he’d like to be a singer and you support him one hundred percent but before an audition he decides he wants to dye his hair to stand out
  • “what color are you thinking?”
  • “,,,,,,,you’re going to laugh but,,,,,,,orange”
  • you look at taehyung like are you being serious but you can see the twinkle in his eye and you’re like ok orange it is let’s make you into a walking flaming dorito
  • and it was ur first time,,,,bleaching and dying someones hair,,,,but taehyung for some reason trusted you
  • even though you were the two kids who thought itd be smart to throw water balloons over a huge spiked fence in highschool ,,,,, but hey friends trust friends,,,,,,,,right?
  • and so with paper towels everywhere  and you standing behind taehyung in your tiny bathroom,,,you managed to get him in an old t-shirt with gloves on your hands and spreading bleach over his hair
  • and every minute or so he’d whine that it stings and you’d be like suck it up kim we have another half your head to go
  • and taehyung would mumble that you should at least try to distract him and you would go do u want me to focus so i dont get bleach in ur eye or what
  • taehyung: point taken
  • and when you’d finally got him blonde,,,you could start on getting him orange
  • and tbh taehyung was like “you should dye your hair too,,,let’s be matching!” and you were like if i ever am feeling the baby carrot hair look ill tell u and taehyung rolls his eyes and ur like hey i can see u in the mirror dude
  • and he sticks his tongue out and ur like im holding the life of ur scalp in my hands do not test me
  • ,,,,,but when you were done,,,,, taehyung closing the door to wait before taking a shower you’d spread out on your couch tired of standing 
  • and half an hour later your friend walked out, after you hear the dryer turn of,,,,,,his orange hair as bright as possible,,,,,and you cannot help it
  • walking over and ruffling your hands through his hair
  • smiling and going “i did a good job,,,,its so cute!!” and somehow you cant stop yourself from adding “your hair is so soft too,,,,”
  • and taehyung,,, letting you run your hands through his hair,,,,brings his fingers up to wrap around your wrist and he gently pulls them so you look at him 
  • and,,,,,,even with a hair color not many can pull off,,,,,,you see how it falls into taehyungs eyes
  • makes your friends naturally gorgeous skin shine,,,,,,eyes slightly hooded and lips parted
  • and you are used to being this close to taehyung,,,,but in the quiet moment in your living room with his body so close to yours you can feel the warmth of his presence
  • your heart cant calm down 
  • and taehyung seems to feel it too,,,,,,u didn’t know just dying someones hair could mean getting so intimate but thinking on it 
  • the whole thing,,,,,seemed like such a couple thing to do,,,,the standing behind taehyung and fixing the back of his shirt so it wont get dirty,,,, wiping sweat from his forehead and stray dye,,,,giggling and joking and having taehyung threaten to tickle you if anything
  • like sure friends could do all of this too,,,,,but taehyungs grip on you ,,,, his eyes,,,,,,, something now was different
  • and just one more inch and you can feel his cheek brush yours,,,, the long bangs tickling you and then his lips,,,,,
  • settle just at the corner of your mouth,,, like the almighty funny and carefree taehyung is nervous to kiss his bestfriend on the lips
  • and when you pull back the two of you are silent but taehyung walks you back against the sofa and it’s like,,,,natural for you two to fall back in each others arms
  • your hand coming up again to run through his hair and taehyung whispers
  • “i think we’ve always been a couple,,,,neither of us just said anything,,,”
  • you nod,,, pressing a bit closer and going “but to be a singer,,, we’re gonna have to keep pretending it’s just friends”
  • taehyung leans down pressing his forehead to yours and grinning “well we’ve convinced everyone thats just what it is but for now - we’re alone and im going to kiss you some more”
  • “ok carrotcake kim”
  • “don’t spoil the moment” 
Slytherin!Tom AU - Epilogue

One | Two | Three | Four

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*Note: this is SUPER cheesy and SUPER fluffly like it’s so gross i love myself read at ur own risk xoxo. also i loved writing this series. hope u all enjoyed it as much as i did :’)

“Okay class, that concludes today’s lesson.” I sighed in relief, feeling the weight of Creatures Care stress being lifted off me as I packed my bag.

“Eager to leave, are we?” I smiled at the familiar voice, not having to look up to see who it was. “You seem to be in some sort of – rush? Off to somewhere, Hufflepuff?” I repressed my giddy laugh, slinging my bag over my shoulder as I turned around, seeing a small bouquet of Petunias covering my favorite face.

“As beautiful as these are,” I said, bringing my hand up to take them, moving them out of the way, “I much rather prefer the face behind them.” I smiled, leaning in, smiling when Tom’s hand came up to cup my cheek and hold me in place as he kissed me.

“Yes, I’m sure you do, darling,” he pulled away, pecking me once more before pulling away completely, “but, I did promise you Petunias everyday – and I’m nothing if not a man of my word.” I rolled my eyes at him, wrapping my arm around his waist while I held the bouquet in my other hand, leaning into him when I felt his arm wrap around my shoulders as we walked out into the beautiful spring air of Hogwarts, the feeling of the weekend settling in.

After mine and Tom’s moment in front of Hagrid’s home, we had gone on a few disastrous dates – Tom had tried to impress me once with a charm, only to have it turn our food into something non-edible. He fractured his arm another time, and almost gave me a concussion a different date. He almost threw in the towel, saying he was too much of a danger to be around me. I offered to plan the next date – we ended up going to Hogsmeade, drinking a couple of butterbeers and talking for a few hours. After that, Tom’s first-date jitters seemed to have disappeared, because we’ve been on several other dates afterward, accident-free.

“Nicholas invited us to his game tonight – but he’s got food poisoning. So, he most likely won’t be playing.” I scoffed, shaking my head.

“Nicholas? Not playing? Doubtful.” Tom laughed, nodding in agreement. “I’ll send him my best wishes – but, I do not want to see him projectile all over the field.”

“I was hoping you’d say no.”

“Why?” I lifted the Petunias, smiling as I brought them up to my nose, sniffing them.

“I’ve got somewhere I’d like to show you.” I plucked one off, lifting it to place it behind Tom’s ear.

“Oh? What is it?” He shook his head, allowing me to place the flower on him and also allowing me to fix his hair around it.

“You’ll have to wait – until tonight, Hufflepuff.” He leaned down, kissing me softly and walking the opposite direction, the flower still tucked safely behind his ear.

“Until tonight, Slytherin.”

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Being Damian’s Only Girlfriend

- Damian Wayne, despite being his fathers son, only had one girlfriend for his entire life.

- If anyone thinks he’d go into a relationship thinking it would end, they are wrong.

- You two met at Gotham Academy and you accused him of being Robin on the second day of term

- You made sure no one was around, but to you it was was just too obvious.

- The fact you figured it out and ended up catching him on a roof that same night, after he’d denied everything, made him respect you.

- It also meant he had to keep a close eye on you, make sure you didn’t tell anyone.

- Since he was hanging around you, you decided to actually befriend him.

- “Hey bestie.” you’d say loudly whenever you saw him.

- It had taken him a while to understand what you were doing.

- “She’s saying your her best friend.” Jon explained to him on one of their missions. Damian had been talking about you non stop. It seemed like he was both infuriated and in awe of you. Ranting with emotion instead of complaining and being cold.

- “But we barely know each other and it’s so annoying. The way she smiles when she see’s me. People shouldn’t smile at me, they should fear me.”

- “You are the night!” Jon mocked and Damian punched him. “She’s probably just saying it because she’s going to be your best friend, and because she knows it confuses you. Fight fire with fire.”

- So that’s what Damian did.

- “Hello, best friend.” he tried. It sounded so formal when he said.

- You had laughed “Knew you’d come around.”

- Soon you both started sitting together and actually talking. Actually becoming really close friends.

- You always partnered up and would often study together.

- Whenever you went to Wayne Manor, Damian always tried to plan it when he thought nobody else would be home.

- Somehow, someone was always there. Almost like Tim hacked Damian’s phone after seeing him smiling.

- Damian Wayne didn’t smile.

- You two had been sitting in the garden when Tim sat down with you.

- “You youngins need any help.” Tim had had the most contact with you, and you knew Damian didn’t like him.

- “'Cos you didn’t sound a thousand there.” you joked

- “Get lost, Drake.”

- “That’s no way to speak to your wonderful older brother.”

- “Wonderful is the last word I’d use to describe someone whose more coffee than human.”

- “Oh! I know why you’re so grouchy. I’m crashing a date, aren’t I! I’ll leave you two love birds to it.” he tried to run away but Damian flung a knife at his ear.

- Tim managed to just duck in time.

- “Damian!” Bruce yelled from the house.

- “My hand slipped!” he shouted back.

- You both knew his entire clan where spying on you.

- That spot in the garden became your guys spot. Whenever it was nice enough to be outside, you guys would be there.

- Damian attempted to teach you how to use a sword, it didn’t go very well.

- He’d liked spending time with you though.

- Instead, it turned out you were really good a throwing knives.

- Like unnaturally good at it.

- Whenever there was someone extremely dangerous on the loose, Damian would come by your house in his Robin gear and drop off a set of throwing knives.

- Knowing he was Robin from the begin was extremely useful for your relationship.

- You often helped cover for him when he had to disappear, or if he was gone for a long time without warning.

- He realised he was falling in love with you, you had been sitting in the sun and day dreaming.

- You guys were supposed to be doing homework, but you’d become bored.

- He had looked over to see you smiling and half asleep.

- Someone just clicked in his head. He wanted to see you like that forever. He wanted to be the reason you looked so at peace.

- When you realised you were falling in love with him was during an accident as Robin.

- You two had been at a school disco together, older kids were using to raise money.

- He was upset about leaving, he’d wanted to test the idea of a relationship with you.

- He’d been acting strange, so you swung by Wayne Manor to wait for him to get back.

- Alfred seemed overly concerned about something but didn’t tell you.

- After it was nearly early morning, you were pacing the kitchen and making cookies.

- “I really advise that you go to sleep.” Alfred tried

- “No, I’m stressed. Too stressed for sleep. When I’m stressed and cook.” you pulled the tray out of the oven.

- “I’m sure Master Damian is fine.”

- “Then why aren’t they back yet? Damian said it would be a relatively easy job.”

- That was when Bruce had come crashing in with Damian in his arms.

- You had waited with the rest of the family, feeling completely numb.

- What if Damian died? What would you do then?

- Thinking about how you might loose him every night suddenly came to smack you in the head. You cared to much about him to loose him.

- You needed to let him know that you liked him.

- “Aren’t you a bit over dressed for three in the morning?” Dick commented.

- “We had been at a school thing…” your voice was quiet and you had made another load of cookies. “I came here because he’d been acting weird and I wanted…I…wanted to talk to him about it.”

- “He’ll be fine.” Dick assured you. Despite being in their lives for years, this was the first time you were fully aware of how dangerous being Robin was.

- Guess you’d been a bit naïve before.

- “Keep making cookies, these are really good.” Tim nodded, stuffing another one into his mouth. Steph smacked him on the back of the head.

- Damian was banned from patrolling for two weeks.

- Instead the two of you spent almost all of your time together. Both awkwardly skirting around the fact you liked each other.

- When Damian found out how worried you’d been, curtesy of Dick, he decided to tell you about his feelings.

- You two sat in a room for an hour and a half, talking through the relationship

- You talked from dealing with Robin stress to life goal and how a relationship would fit with that. Maybe that wasn’t what most seventeen years did when they got together but you didn’t care.

- The family had been eavesdropping the entire time, only stopping when Tim laughed a bit to loud and a knife just missed the top of his head - through the door.

- “You know that’s not how most relationships start right?” Tim said once you left.

- “I don’t plan on having to start another one, so that doesn’t matter.” he had a stupid smile on his face for the next week..

-  He meant it too. He didn’t plan on dating anyone but you.

- Even when you both went to different universities, your relationship plan covered when dates would happen.

- He was doing business and you were studying forensics science and decided to get a degree in art history too.

- Suddenly your schedule seemed busier than his.

- You were still both happy and very much in love with each other.

- Since you were both studying in Gotham, the obvious solution was to move in together.

- You found it hilarious, watching Damian attempt to live without a butler.

- He was a fast learner though.

- The only time there was a hitch in your guys plan, was when you got the chance to study in Paris for a year.

- You both thought long distance wouldn’t be that hard for you, but it was.

- Both of you thought you might end up breaking up, neither of you wanted to though.

- “If it doesn’t work with Y/N, then it’s never going to work.” Damian sulked to Jon.

- “That’s what everyone says about there first long term love.” Jon rolled his eyes.

- “She’s more than that.” Damian scowled

- Damian ended up getting himself extremely injured since he was thinking about you.

- Alfred phoned you and when you found out, you were on the first flight back to Gotham.

- “Y/N.” Damian said, he was on bed rest. “You need to be in Paris,”

- “I need to be here with you.”

- You did go back to Paris, but Damian took a small break to go with you, helping cleaning up the streets of Paris.

- The next hick in your guys plan wasn’t as bad.

- “Damian!” you yelled from the bathroom after throwing up. You had been late and now you were throwing up.

- “Are you okay?” he rushed to your side on the bathroom floor.

- “I think I’m pregnant.”

- “What?” he was panicking. You guys were supposed to get married first.

- “Pregnant.” you said a it slower.

- “As in baby?”

- “As in baby.”

- He was silent for a while.

- “That’s great.”

- “Really?” you asked, unsure on whether he was telling the truth.

- “It just means we’re going to organising a wedding with less time than I thought. The rings hidden in my shoe is you want me to go get it.” he said it so casually that you almost missed the fact he was proposing.

- “Ring?”

- “I was going to propose anyway.”

- “I thought marriage was a little bit later on the timeline?” you teased.

- “So you don’t want to get married?” he frowned.

- “Of course I want to get married, you idiot.”

Happy Birthday to me 🎉🎉Thought I’d share this little mess in celebration. Also, happy birthday to my birthday twin @a-fallen-little-pine-cone 🎉🎉

ANON REQUESTED: BTS reaction to you having a bad headache that makes you stay in bed all day. 


 Jin would felt so bad that you had a terrible headache. He understood how you felt especially when Jin has his own headaches to stress about. Jin would drop everything just to cook you your favorite meal, was sure you drank plenty of water and cuddles with you when you were mad.

 "Jagi, look I made you’re favorite dish!“ 


 Namjoon wouldn’t know honestly what to do. He would tuck you in your blanket to make sure you got enough sleep to relieve the pain. He would bring you hot tea(tae hehe). He would watch you until you fell asleep so he knows you’re getting sleep in the first place. 

 "Jagi, you’re so beautiful when you’re trying to sleep.”


 Yoongi gets very soft when you have a severe headache. This boy will not to anything except talk to you and cuddle throughout the whole time. He knew you were pissy so he kept in on the low-low. After your headache relieved a little, he would take you to the grocery store at midnight just to play around in and get junk food.

 "Is your headache getting better?“ 


 Hoseok knew you had a headache and didn’t want to bother you. Knowing how loud he was himself, he normally waited for you to wake up to see if you were okay. In times you were breathing slower, Hoseok would panic and check you’re pulse to see if you’re alive… waking you up. 



 Jimin would be so shy when it comes to taking care of you. You knew he got flustered easily so you didn’t ask for anything much. You got up to get stuff and he would scold you for getting up. At the end, just like everyone else he would end up cuddling you to distress you’re stress.

 "You know Jagiya… you’re not suppose to get out of your bed!!“


 Taehyung became very serious the moment you felt ill. Having a headache could bring everyone’s mood down. It brought down Taehyung’s mood because he knew he couldn’t spend his time with you. Instead, to make it up. Taehyung called in his hyung Jin, and they made a meal for you. At the end, you guys watched movies and cuddled.

 "Jagiya, are you feeling better?”


 Jungkook would give you a warm loving hug every now and then. He knows you love hugs and cuddles when you have headaches like these. Jungkook would ask if you wanted to see a doctor, just to make sure it was nothing serious. On the bed, he would draw soothing circles on you’re back and ask what you would do the next day with him. You slowly ended up drifting to sleep.

 "So, wanna hang out tomorrow because we all know your headache ruined it!“

Wicked Games (Jungkook x Reader)

“Consider me surprised.”

Warnings: bondage, dirty talk

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There's a reason Steve prefers vintage porn to the modern stuff, and it's not what most people would think.

“I-I’m sorry,” Tony said, holding an offended hand up to him. “You what?” 

Steve let out a tired sigh. “I don’t like the new digital film,” he repeated, this time a little slower. 

“Digital film isn’t a thing, Rogers,” he protested. “It’s just digital.” 

He rolled his eyes. “Fine, Tony, I don’t like digital,” he corrected. “It’s just too-too-” 

“Crude?” offered Clint. 

Steve snapped his fingers and pointed at him. “Yes, thank you, Clint. Crude. It’s too crude.” 

Tony’s face twisted further into confusion. “It’s porn! It’s supposed to be crude!” 

He shot him a look. “Not like that, Tony,” he chastised. “Back then they were artistic. The compositions, the lingerie, the set, everything was thought out. Now? Now everything looks slapdash and cheap. Bettie Page is rolling over in her grave.” 

Tony let out a dramatic gasp. “I cannot believe you would bring her into this.” 

ksy; curl up, darling

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Summary: You feel awake when your soulmate is, and you feel tired when your soulmate is asleep. It’s a bit difficult when you live in different time-zones … completely. (Soulmate!AU)

Warnings: none, just fluff

Words: 1.7k

Another night, wasted away, staring at the ceiling. It’s always been like this for you, some of your friends called you nocturnal. It wasn’t your fault your soulmate was either a night owl, or on a different side of the world. You knew that when you got up in the morning, the dark circles would be more prominent, and all you could do was look at your reflection, and mentally flip your soulmate off. 

Once you meet your soulmate, all of this stops. For you, you tried everyday to look for someone who was asleep in a coffee shop, or on a bench. Then again, you didn’t think about the subway under your feet. In LA, you mostly walked to your college and your job, and rarely did you ever take the subway.

“Hey! (Name)!” A familiar voice squealed from behind you, “It’s been awhile hasn’t it?!” You whirled around to see your friend, Soo-Jin, bounding towards you, she had gone for about two months to visit family in Korea. She enveloped you in a hug, and you laughed, hugging her back.

“Hey, Soo-Jin!” You grinned, “How was Korea?” At that question, you could practically see the words threatening to spill out of her mouth. The pure excitement in her eyes made you temporarily forget about your tiredness.

“It was great!” She chuckled, her voice getting softer, and more delicate, “(Name). I found my soulmate.” Your eyes widened, and suddenly, the tiredness came back. You practically felt the dark circles get darker, and your eyes get older. Nonetheless, you smiled and asked her about him or her.

“He’s great. I’m just glad I still knew some Korean. I saw him in a little restaurant. He was passed out on the table, in front of a computer. All I could see was his green hair. The closer I got to him, the more I wanted to fall asleep right then and there.” You smiled, as you saw the adoration in her eyes as she talked about him as if he was there.

“I’m glad you found yours,” you said. You didn’t mean for it to come out bitter, but it had that undertone. Luckily, Soo-Jin didn’t seem to notice. She rambled on about his like and dislikes, and you smiled and nodded along until you reached your college. 

The only time you felt remotely glad that you had a soulmate who was awake late, was when you had a seven o’clock lecture in the morning. You figured that whoever your soulmate was, they must’ve lived in across the international dateline. It was hard to think that you might never have the chance to meet them. You had researched how different the time-zones were over there than from California, it was mostly sixteen hours ahead. Japan, Korea, some places in Russia. All the time you were looking that stuff up, you were groaning, and lamenting how your soulmate could stay up through the worst times.

“(Name), do you have an answer for number 16?” Your professor asked. You knew he didn’t expect one, but you had one. You were extremely quiet, but you uttered the answer, and he smiled. The rest of the class went smoothly, until you got on the subway, to make your way to your part-time job. It was a quick ride of course, you tried to spend as little time on the subway as possible. That was until you feel asleep in a seat, your head slumped to the side, and you drifted into a peaceful sleep.

It wasn’t until the automated voice announced the last stop on the train, that you woke up. The voice startled you awake, and you heard another loud voice on the other side of the door as you pushed your way through. It took you a bit to realize the people you were sitting next to were holding a small hand camera and speaking into it. One of them turned to you, and smiled.

“Do you know — ah …” the loud voice came from the tiny man. You could tell his English was not the best, as he turned to his friend for help. After a couple seconds of back and forth, another man turned to me, and asked a question in fluent English.

“Do you know when the next train is supposed to come?” 

You looked forlornly down the tracks as you watched the train you were supposed to take leave the station … on the other side of the tracks.

“Well, I’m assuming you want to get back into the city, and for starters, that means we both need to be on the other side of the tracks. I’m already late, I’ll just call in sick. Erin will understand,” the last part of the sentence was mostly to reassure yourself.

“Hey! Don’t you think you could walk a little slower?!” You shouted, almost out of breath, “I’m supposed to be showing you where the train is!” The boys glanced back at you, unaware of there positions about twenty-five feet ahead of you. They all slowed and waited for you to catch up.

“Sorry,” the fluent one chuckled. You sighed, and took the lead once more, walking them to where the train station that headed back to the city was. When the next train showed up, all of you shuffled on.

“So, what’re you guys doing in LA?” You asked, smiling at them for the first time. You let out a long breath, as you looked around and there was no one else on the train.

“We’re here for  —.” The fluent one tried to speak, but was cut off.

“We are Seventeen. We are, uh, here for — KCON 2017!” The tiny, loud one yelled. You laughed a bit to yourself, silently wishing Soo-Jin was there, so they could speak their native language, and she could translate.

“Well, that sounds exciting. I love Seventeen,” you replied. It took all of your will not to scream, and pinch all of their cheeks. Joshua, Seungkwan, Minghao, and Jeonghan were sitting right in front of your eyes, and sure, you had thought about the scenario in your heard, but never imagined it would become reality. You put on the best grin you could muster, because the great feeling of tiredness had just overwhelmed you again.

“So, are you guys tired? It must’ve been a long flight,” you asked. They all shook their heads, saying they slept on the plane, and on the car ride to the hotel. You nodded, pursing your lips, and trying not to let your eyelids slip closed. It had been awhile since you checked the clock, and you pulled out your phone to do so, only to realize it was dead. You groaned, and all of them stared at you.

“Something wrong?” Joshua asked. 

“My phone’s dead. I just needed to know the time,” you breathed in exasperation. 

“It’s five o’clock,” he replied. Your eyebrows shot up, and as soon as he uttered those words, your stomach let out a loud grumble. It was kinda funny how it worked on a schedule. At five, you usually get your takeout from where ever you’re feeling that night and head back to your apartment. Your hand immediately went to your stomach, and Jeonghan let out a little laugh.

“Ah. I’m so hungry,” you muttered, “I could probably stop a McDonald’s or something on the way home.” You mulled over your options until Joshua’s voice broke your thoughts.

“We could take you someplace,” he offered, “it’s the least we could do.”

“You really shouldn’t,” you protested, “I honestly have to go home and feed my cat.” You cringed at your lie, but also kinda felt bad for your imaginary cat. He was always your scapegoat.

“Anyone can see through that lie, (Name),” Joshua laughed, “and besides, our leader already agreed. He said all of them are excited to meet you.” You didn’t really know why, since all you’d done was helped four lost people find their way on the subway, but, hey, free food is free food.

“Well, if you insist.”

The four boys kind of made a square around you. It was almost like a fort, and of course they were all taller than you, so it made it very hard to see, but sooner or later, you made it to the restaurant. It was extremely fancy, and looked really expensive. You took a huge gulp of air, and smiled nervously, tugging at your collar. It’d been awhile since you’d been anywhere this fancy.

“Uh, are you sure this is the right place.” You weren’t sure if the pull in your stomach was from nervousness, or excitement, or maybe neither. The slight pull continued until you sat down at a booth. Then, the next feeling was a hot, burning sensation in your chest. You looked to your left, and saw Seungkwan burying his face into the hamburger he had ordered, and to your right, Hoshi was sitting silently, his eyes falling shut for a few seconds at a time. 

The feeling of time slipping by had somewhat stopped, being there with one of the most famous Korean boy bands of 2017. You didn’t seem to notice when minutes turned into hours, and awkward laughs turned into genuine smiles, but you did notice the second when you felt the sudden urge to curl up in front of a fire, and fall asleep next to Hoshi.

That’s when your heart skipped a beat, stopped, burst, and did somersaults all at the same time. You felt the weight on your right shoulder, and you looked down at Hoshi sleeping. You glanced around the table, and no one had seemed to notice. After a few seconds of a mental argument, you hesitantly laid your cheek down on the top of Hoshi’s head. You couldn’t even tell how many minutes it took you to fall into a peaceful sleep, but you were out like a light.

For a few moments, time was frozen. Hoshi had woken up, and slipped his head from under yours. Your head was now leaning on his shoulder, and you were fast asleep. He was brushing away every stray hair that happened to fall into your face.

“Soulmates, huh?” Vernon laughed, “Hyung, didn’t you find yours in a coffee shop?” Woozi’s eyes crinkled as he smiled.

“Yep,” he replied.

{ five’s company // ch. 14 }

a/n: maybe you can stop yelling at me now?? enjoy! it’s up early!

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t/w: mention of an abusive/toxic relationship, negative thoughts (but it’s nothing really bad!)

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When Alexander woke up, it was three a.m. It was still dark outside. Herc was snoring softly. Alex was lying on top of him, the blankets covering the both of them. John was close to Laf, the two of them asleep. 

Alex didn’t see you in the bed. He figured his eyes were playing tricks on him. 

He shifted a little, then went back to sleep. 

When he woke up and you weren’t at breakfast, he knew something was wrong. When he had bad days, you all stayed home with him. Mental health days, Laf said when he made the very first one an official thing. Alex kind of scrunched up at the word, but he found them to be incredibly helpful on days like these.

You were supposed to be here on “mental health days.” You were always up before him. You always got up before each of the boys. So where were you today?

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Sleepy Waters

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Request: Okay so my request would probably end up being kinda long so if you don’t want to do it I understand completely and won’t love you any less but could you please do a Dean x reader titanic au? You can change the ending to make it fluffy if you want

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, disaster scenario

A/N: Um, I may have royally changed this from what you were probably looking for by setting it in modern day and making it more Poseidon Adventure-y and basically not following the plot of Titanic at all…yeah…I came up with this…sorry…

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ohmygod your childhood friend theory is so pure and now i can just imagine the MC having all these inside jokes and playing games in the streets of vesuvia with asra and muriel and imagine that when their parents would allow it, the three of them can cuddle up together for warmth in their house during winter being coddled by MC's mom and playing pranks on the merchant sticks in the mud in the market place and then getting each other out of trouble

wait im not done the three would be fricking spoiled by the merchants in the marketplace because the three of them were adorable and smart and the MC could be teaching Asra all these cute little magic tricks and improving their magic together and wow im crying your theory is beautiful now just imagine the MC losing everything with their memories and how much that would hurt and im hurting rn fuck


asra telling muriel what happened after they lost their memories.

“you were right, i suppose,” asra says, a bittersweet smile on his lips, his eyes filling with tears. “lucio managed to rip my heart out, after all.”

When he hears from Holster through the group chat that Bitty had been in a car accident, Jack checks his schedule (in hindsight, he would’ve gone regardless of practice times) and floors it all the way from Providence to Samwell. Jack tries to not internally freak out and run every red light he comes across, but all he could think of throughout the drive is the words “side swiped by a semi” and “Bitty in car.” There had definitely been more info, but Jack barely reads the rest before hopping into his car.

When he gets to the Haus, furiously knocking on the front door and shocking the living daylights out of Chowder, who’d answered, he finds Bitty at the kitchen table, his left arm in a sling brace and a cut on his upper cheek under two small pieces of butterfly tape. He looks tired, and slightly worse for wear, but he is still the most brilliant and best thing Jack’s ever seen.

“I’m fine,” Bitty is saying to Holster, who’s hovering over him with a bowl. “I really appreciate you taking care of me, but I know you have a quiz tomorrow, Holster. And I don’t think chicken soup is going to heal my wrist.”

“As your captain, I order you to let me feed you this chicken soup,” Holster says. Ransom is nodding from his place at the counter, helping himself to leftover pie. “Plus, the chicken soup is supposed to heal your soul. It helps, okay? Tween magazines don’t lie.”

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Dragon AU- You can't leave me with just that! Does Steve ever get a chance to apologize to Tony? How did he end up in Tony's clutches anyways? Will they become friends? Does Tony have any dragon friends? What sorts of things are in his horde (including that 12% of Pepper's?) (I hope you don't regret telling me I could throw questions at you.)

Tony was lonely, so Natasha does some scrying to find someone that could be his companion. She finds a displaced prince without a country and decides that he’s just as good a person as any (and also she has a soft spot for lonely people). She doesn’t see that the prince is waiting for a knight to bring horses for them. Bucky arrives just in time to see a hulking red figure flying away from where he left Steve, and something in the curl of the dragon’s tail was cursing up a blue streak. “Ah,” Bucky says, because that can be no one else but Steve.

Natasha thinks it’s funny how gullible Tony is so she tells him that Steve is a princess and Tony has no reason to doubt her. He thinks it’s very strange that this princess is using such uncouth language. He thought princesses were supposed to be prim and proper. So he asks. “What did you just call me,” Steve hisses, blood boiling after years of being small and sickly and bullies actually calling him ‘princess.’ Oh, Tony thinks. This human is hard of hearing. So he repeats himself, louder and slower. Steve kicks him under his wing, hard, and swears at him so violently that Tony scuttles out of the room in terror.

“He doesn’t like me,” Tony tells Natasha, voice small, and Natasha purses her lips, but she should have expected that. She forgets that she’s the outlier sometimes. She’d been alone so long that finding Tony in her castle had actually been… kinda nice. She hadn’t thought about how a normal person would react to Tony. “Give him time,” Natasha decides after some thought, because she can’t imagine anyone not growing to love Tony.

And then Bucky comes and Tony shivers with terror because knights still make him think of Howard roaring and trying to protect his mate and Maria trying to cover Tony with her body before a sword was plunged through her. But Bucky just warns Tony that he needs to let Steve go for his own safety. It’s not that Tony doesn’t believe him, it’s just–he believes Natasha more. And Natasha said to give him time. So he says “no” and “go find your own princess” and is very proud of himself when the knight retreats with nothing more than a “suit yourself” and a shrug. He must have been very intimidating.

Tony thinks that maybe this will sway Steve in his favor because he’s defended him against an evil knight. But Steve just yells louder and kicks him again and oh, that hurt! Tony shuffles backward, frightened, and realizes that Natasha made a mistake. Steve doesn’t like him. Steve is never going to like him. No noble’s ever going to like him. Rhodey is the only good knight and king. Everyone else is bad. He should have realized that when Rhodey was the first knight to help him.

Luckily the knight isn’t too far away. Tony drops Steve and goes home, and Natasha tries to heal the bruising as best she can, even though she’s angry and upset with herself for sending Tony to get someone who was just going to hurt him.

To his credit, Steve keeps trying to apologize even with Natasha flinging green fire at him. He just wants them to understand: kidnapping him, calling him a princess because someone thinks it’s hilarious, and holding him against his will was not a good way to start a friendship. Rhodey comes by because news of a ruckus going on at the “old haunted castle” got back to him and sighs loudly when Natasha and Steve both shout their sides of the story at him. “Natasha, you were wrong for having Tony kidnap Steve and having him call Steve a princess,” Rhodey tells her, and she scowls petulantly and crosses her arms. Steve doesn’t have time to bask in his smugness though, because Rhodey turns to him and adds, “But you shouldn’t have kicked Tony when you realized he was a gullible dummy. All he knows of humans are Natasha, me, and the knights that murdered his parents in front of him.” Steve makes a horrified noise and covers his mouth. “Nooooo.” “Steve,” Bucky says. “I am always amazed by how well you manage to stick your foot in it.”

Pepper just shows up one day, says, “The man they want me to marry is gross,” and Tony sort of shuffles his claws before asking her, “Are you a princess?” “Yes,” Pepper says viciously. “So you won’t swear at me?” “Of course not!” Tony thinks he likes princesses much better than princes. So he lets her into the castle. Natasha won’t mind probably. Pepper wrinkles her nose at how much ruin the castle is in. “You live here?” “Rhodey fixed it up so it’s not dangerous anymore,” Tony insists. Pepper figures that’s alright then. She offers Tony her favorite book that she’d brought with her when she ran away as payment for keeping her. Tony misunderstands and shows her to his hoard, which includes but is not limited to: books, gems, candlesticks, gold and copper coins, fleece, and she’s pretty sure she sees a few pillows. “I thought dragons only hoarded gems and gold.” Tony shuffles his claws awkwardly. Maybe that’s true. He wouldn’t know.

Pepper rolls up her sleeves and gets to work because she hates clutter. The shelves are cleared of the gems and coins and fleece to make room for the books. She asks Tony to find some empty crates and he does her one better and finds a couple empty trunks. She fills one with the candlesticks and the other with the fleece and pillows. She’s just trying to figure out whether she should separate the coins by type when Natasha bursts in and shouts, “Who the hell are you?!” “I’m Princess Virginia Potts,” Pepper tells her. “The man my parents want me to marry is gross so I ran here.” “Get out!” “No,” Pepper tells her firmly, and then decides she should at least separate the coins between gold and copper. Natasha hovers by the door awkwardly before turning to glare up at Tony. Tony shrugs, peering down at the book Pepper had given him. It’s got a sword in a stone on the cover. Maybe Natasha will read it to him. “Okay but twelve percent of this is mine now,” Pepper says when she’s finished, covered in dust and sweat. Natasha sputters, but Tony just shrugs again, turning the book this way and that. If Natasha won’t read it to him, Rhodey will when he comes to visit. Maybe Pepper will even read it to him!

Dragons outside of family groups are solitary so he doesn’t have any dragon friends. :C It’s part of why he’s such a strange dragon. He didn’t have anyone to teach him how.


“You sure this is a good idea?”

“Seeing as Magnus can’t make a portal, I’d say we have to.”

They were all outside, standing at the entrance to Alicante. Isabelle, Simon, Alec, Magnus—Max and Rafe were staying with Mayrse in Alicante until Magnus got better—the Blackthorns, Aline, Emma, and Kit. Everyone was shivering in the chilly air, uncommon for the summer in Alicante, but waiting patiently nevertheless. A warlock was meant to come and make them a portal for them to go back to the New York Institute, and then to Los Angeles for the Blackthorns, but he hadn’t turned up yet.

Simon looked around at all of them. The effects of the last few days was clearly shown on their faces. Magnus looked pale and thinner than usual, and grief was written over everyone’s faces. The shock that followed the fire-message that Simon had received was impossible to describe. Robert—dead? It wasn’t a possibility that he could have ever imagined. He had thought at the time he’d never be able to explain this to Izzy, who’s relationship with her father had strengthened so much over the last few years, to explain that her father was dead?

He didn’t have to. She had ripped the note from his numb fingers, seeing the expression on his face, probably panicking about her brother and Magnus—they’d all known he was ill—but she had instead received the news of her father death. He remembered with terrible clarity, the look on Izzy’s face when she’d dropped the note and started to weep in the middle of their kitchen. It was the worst feeling in the world.

Snapping back to the present, Simon watched the group all turn to see a dark red skinned warlock walk around the corner. His mind immediately supplied “Darth Maul”. God, he really needed to stop geeking out at the most inappropriate moments.

“Are you Daernus Cael?” Julian questioned, his voice determined but eyes distant from the rest of his body, as if he were in a completely different place to here. Simon supposed he was. Simon himself had experienced a family going through the loss of a little kid, and he definitely had not wanted to experience it again, but here he was.

“Yes.” The warlock answered with a thick accent that was hard to place. He looked over at Magnus and nodded to him, as a sign of respect or greeting Simon didn’t know. Magnus nodded back, albeit a bit slower. Their little crowd parted as to let the warlock work on a portal out of the main entrance of Alicante. He’d come by recommendation from one of the council members—Simon couldn’t remember who—as there weren’t any other warlocks that were capable of creating a portal at the moment, even Magnus. He remembered the tight grip that Izzy had placed on him when they’d seen Alec, grey-faced and wan, drooped near Magnus’s unconscious body in Mayrse’s house.

Izzy was in fact gripping his hand tightly now, whether to reassure herself or him he didn’t know. The warlock had taken a step back to finish his handy work, and Simon stepped forward closer to Isabelle. “You okay to go back to New York?” He asked in a low voice, squeezing her hand. She nodded, her dark eyes turned up to his, and then taking a deep reassuring breath and relaxing. He gave her a small smile, let go of her hands, and turned around, only to bump straight into Daernus. The warlock let something clatter out of his fingers, onto the floor. “Here, let me get that,” Simon said apologetically, before Daernus had the chance to say anything. He picked up what seemed to be a blue pendant hung on a chain, like a necklace. He closed his hand around it and felt a sudden warmth rush through his body, and then Daernus was snatching the necklace back, his face creased in annoyance. Weird.

Then he was turning to the others, and announcing that they should make their way through the deep deep blue portal, two at a time at most, in his deep gravelly voice. Alec and Magnus went first, Magnus leaning on the former for support. They vanished in the swirl of shadows. After that came Helen and Aline, holding hands as they entered the portal. Simon wasn’t too sure what was happening with their exile, but it seemed they’d been let off the hook for now, considering Livia’s death. Next went a couple of the Blackthorns, Emma and Kit, Cristina and then finally Simon and Isabelle.

He felt a little more nervous than usual, going into a portal made by a warlock he didn’t know. He brushed it off as false superstitions, then took Izzy’s hand and led her to the portal.

Right before they stepped into the blue, sucking whirlpool, he heard the warlock say behind him: “Enjoy your trip.” Simon turned to say thank you, but stopped short when he caught sight of Daernus’s face. It was twisted into a horrible smile, but before Simon could yell at his fiancée to stop, to not go through, she had pulled him in and he felt the free falling sensation of the portal, and everything went black.

It felt different. It felt… wrong. He couldn’t call out to anyone in the abyss, couldn’t keep his hold on Izzy’s hand, and it felt as if he were being torn violently away from the world, which was a very wrong sensation indeed, and then he was falling, falling without Isabelle, and he needed to it to stop, he needed the world to……

- - -

Simon woke with a start, and jerked his body into a sitting position straight away. He felt groggy, his head was hammering, and his couldn’t concentrate.

Where was he?

He looked around blearily, and realised he was in an alley. Why was he in an alley? The the memories hit him fast and hard all at once. He stood bolt upright, winced when his head throbbed, and leaned one hand against the alley wall.

The warlock… the warlock that was supposed to have sent them to New York… had sent him here. Alone. Where was everyone else? And come to think of it, where the hell was he?

Simon stumbled out of the alleyway, and saw, to his great surprise, that he was in Brooklyn. Huh. Maybe Daernus had just sent them randomly placed over the city for… fun? Even in his head, that sounded stupid. He jogged a few years down the block, wondering where the hell he was going to find everyone, when he realised that he wasn’t far from Magnus’s loft. He quickened his stride, hoping to at least find someone at the loft, something. He didn’t know where the hell Izzy was, he thought, fighting down panic, and where anyone else had been sent! Simon swallowed hard. If Magnus was at the loft then he’d be able to help. Magnus was able to fix anything.

He skidded to a stop in front of the apartment building, and stopped short as he noticed the label. “Lightwood.” Magnus’s idea of a joke, maybe? But he was serious his relationship with Alec. He wouldn’t joke about being married.

Simon bounced on the balls of his feet, feeling more panicky than he should have. He pressed the buzzer, once, twice, and then the audio crackled to life. “What do you want?” A grumpy voice filtered through the buzzer.

Relief coursed through Simon like a wave. It was Alec. He wasn’t alone in this after all. He cleared his throat, and the words burst out of him. “Alec! Oh my god, thank god you’re okay, do you know where anyone else is? I can’t find anyone anywhere and I was just dumped out of the portal into an alleyway—”. The door buzzed as to let him in, and Simon, puzzled, swung open the door, stepping into the stairwell. He frowned. Something didn’t feel right.

He took the stairs three at a time, and got to the right floor, and sagged in relief when he saw Alec poking his head out of the door. He looked… different. Simon couldn’t pinpoint it. “Hey!” Simon panted, coming to a halt at the doorstep. Alec’s eyebrows furrowed. “Do I know you?” He asked.

Simon rolled his eyes. “Ha ha, very funny. Is Magnus in there with you?” He craned his head to see inside, but Alec moved and blocked the loft from view. “Seriously, who are you? Who’s Magnus?” Alec asked, seeming genuinely confused, and a little angry.

Simon felt his stomach turn. “Alec. It’s me. Simon Lewis? Mundane turned vampire turned Shadowhunter? Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn?” He said, in a light tone that didn’t cover his mood. What the hell was going on? Did Alec gain a head injury coming through the portal?

Alec frowned at him. “Either you go away now, or I’ll magic you away. I have no idea what you’re talking about and I don’t want to. And I have no idea how you seem to know me. I’ve never seen you before in my life. And for your information— I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn,” he said, looking pissed off. “Now go away and stop bothering me.”

“Alec—” he started, his stomach dropping even more, but Alec just glared at him and slammed the door.

What the fuck?

What had just happened?

His mind went blank, trying to process whatever had just happened. What the hell?

Simon walked down the stairs and out in an absolute daze, almost tripping, and then at the front door to the exit, realised what had been so weird about Alec’s appearance.

No runes.

— — — — —

hey guys!!! this is just something I’ve been wanting to write, i’m planning this fic as a multi-chapter (i was struck by inspiration) and i hope you all like it!! i can’t wait until the later chapters ;D

Take Care of You- William Nylander

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Ok a little smutty smut first time with Willy thing happens here! I like how it turned out! I hope you guys do too! For those staying: enjoy! For those skipping: Up next is Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson!

Warning: smut, sex, smexy time

Anon Request: Hey:) Could you please write a William Nylander imagine where him and his gf are about to have sex for the first time (in their relationship) but he doesn’t know that she’s a virgin because she is to embarassed to admit it to him?


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anonymous asked:

there's a lot of posts about women in ancient and medieval times, but what i haven't seen is how people justified their sexism. How did men have female loved ones that they thought were inferior? What men and women think was the difference between the genders? Why did so many women put up with it? Did some of them truly believe they were inferior?

It’s been said that the scariest words are, “But it’s always been done this way!” And that was the primary reason sexism was around. Men had been in charge for thousands of years, and very few women had the time and organization necessary to foment rebellion. There’s a reason many social movements occurred after a large section of the population were well fed, safe, and had leisure time.

Part of the sexism came from religion. Women were seen as inherently sinful because, according to the Bible, they (through Eve) are the reason everyone has to suffer on Earth instead of chilling in Paradise. Many medieval women accepted subservience as part of the punishment for their great-x1000 grandmother eating the apple. Or they accepted having a lower status because they thought this was how God wanted it to be. If women had any questions about their world, they were supposed to consult the Bible, which is not the most feminist work in the world.

Women were seen as more delicate, more gentle, more supple, more envious, more loving, more prone to laughing, and more malicious than men. Women were also seen as slower to work and more deceitful. A medieval woman’s view on men is impossible to find because of the rarity of female authors, but you can assume men were cruder, rougher, less openly joyful, harder working, and more truthful. 

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&. sorry to my unknown lover

okay so i’ve never actually posted a fic straight onto tumblr before??? unbelievable??? anYWAYs this is some james/lily shit that i just,,, wrote in two days and it’s nearly 4k words i’m a bit shocked at myself tbh. you can also alternatively read it on ao3 HERE ( & maybe leave a comment!! )

“James Potter’s in love with you.”

It’s a girls night, see. You’re sitting crossed-legged on your bed, one of your knee length socks slipping down to your ankle, in the middle of putting your photo frames back on your bedside table. You do this every year first, as soon as you get back to your dorm after the Welcome feast, before you do anything like changing into your pyjamas or brushing your teeth.

Mary’s got her tongue poked out on her own bed next to you, concentrating very hard on painting her toe nails. Dorcas and Marlene are probably in the Common Room, where you left them an hour ago, still cuddling, because the rest of the dorm is empty. You wait until Mary has finished up her left foot before speaking.

“He’s not in love with me,” you reply dismissively. “He barely knows me.”

It’s not entirely true, of course, not anymore. Maybe a few years ago. Not in the last year, though; he’s seen you, bleary-eyed and snappish over breakfast, and exchanging cheeky comments with Professor Slughorn in public, and that time at the end of sixth year when you thought cutting your hair that length was truly a good idea. It was at the end of the last school year, your sixth, when you looked and there was a newfound maturity in him that wasn’t there before. It scared you a little to think it’d been there a while and you just didn’t notice. You lay at the top of the highest row of stands by the Quidditch pitch with him coming back into sixth year, only a month and a bit after your father died, and he let you stare at the stars and talk to him like nothing else mattered in the world.

He knows you, maybe just a bit. Mostly, you think he’s in love with the idea of you, rather than the real you. This does not reassure you.

“Mm.” The noise Mary makes clearly indicates that she doesn’t believe you, and she leans forward to blow her toe nails. “Does this colour look good on me, d’you think?”

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Office Cohorts

fluff // There’s trouble bubbling up at work

With a screech, the chair in front of you was pulled up. You kept your face pointed down at your laptop, but your eyes didn’t dare take themselves away from the intruder who’d now sat down and placed his files and cup down. You waited for him to say something, better yet, stand up and sit at the other empty tables.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” He asked.

You inwardly scoffed. What was the point in asking when he’d already become well acquainted with the seat?

“Sure.” You finally said.

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