you were supposed to be saving yourself for me

Oh, Baby (Bucky x reader)

Word count:  1300

         “I was protecting you!” You shouted at Bucky, who was currently pacing the space of the jet. “You were surrounded by agents! What’d you expect me to do? Let you die?”

           “Yes Y/N!” He shouted back at you, turning towards you. “You were supposed to get back on this damn ship and save yourself! Now, look at you!” He pointed towards your bruised cheek.

           “I’d rather have a beat-up face than a dead boyfriend!”  You screamed back at him. Steve and Natasha were awkwardly sitting beside you, looking at each other. “You’re too proud, James. It’s not my fault that you needed help and were too pussy to admit it!”

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Sick Day

Summary: Gabriel shows up and finds you’re not feeling well.

Pairings: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings/tags: fluff

Word Count: 1107

Author’s Note: This was written for the lovely @becaamm.  Hope you’re feeling better sweetie!

No beta involved in this one.  Apologies for any mistakes.

All the tags:  @girl-next-door-writes @sumara62  @fand0maniac @feelmyroarrrr @omgreganlove @jannalionheart @baritonechick

Gabe tags:  @theblackenedsky @bloodstained-porcelain-doll  @pepperwoodatnight @lacqueluster  @samikitten

Your phone buzzed for the hundredth time today and you groaned.  Hazy eyes sought out the faint glow that emanated from across your room.  The Winchesters skittered along the edge of your mind, but the reason remained elusive.  No doubt it was them calling and as much as you wanted to see what they needed, your phone might as well have been in South Africa because there was no way you were making it out of bed, let alone all the way to the dresser.

You had known the moment you woke up to the heaviness in your head that you were getting sick.  You tried to get some things done, but an ache began to spread, making the simplest movements unpleasant.  Your throat felt on fire, making it hard to eat or drink.  There wasn’t much you could do but crawl back into bed, exhausted and miserable, and hope whatever you’d caught went away soon.    

You didn’t get sick often, but when you did, boy did you get hit hard and today was no exception.  

“Cupcake?” A familiar voice caught you off guard.  Normally the arrival of your boyfriend sent butterflies fluttering in a flurry of excitement.  Today, you barely had it in you to even roll in his direction.

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Giant: Ch. 3

Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out
‘Cause if we don’t leave this town
We might never make it out.

Previously on Giant

There were still visits. Still calls, texts at all hours, weekends spent at home, weekends spent visiting. It was not as much as they’d like, but still, the friends kept in touch as much as they could, or hope. Kara didn’t regret her decision as much as she thought she would, only realizing into their first holiday without her father that she needed the time at home to fix herself and grieve properly that she wouldn’t have gotten if she’d gone away to school.

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wanting pt.2 (complete)

*request —> Anonymous said: Wait wait wait. Stop everything. Are u gonna do a part2 of ‘wanting’? Because i liked it so much and now you got me suffering wanting to know what’s next and i really really need a Part 2. I really loved it. I love you and your writing 💓💓👌😭

Originally posted by sugutie

author’s note: 1,216 words. 

I wasn’t going to write a second part tbh. I really hated the first part to this like I hated it with a passion. But then I saw your request again recently and went “Oh, why the hell not.” Let’s hope this goes a bit better. (thank you so so much for your kind words anon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  I’m very appreciative of you loving me and my writing. one person’s trash is another person’s treasure lolol

wanting pt.1 here

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do you wanna touch me (there) - Isaac Lahey one shot *smut*

Summary: After an exhausting day of running errands, you were disappointed to return home to an empty loft. Or so you thought.

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Rating: Mature for graphic sexual content, heavy swearing

Originally posted by smutdiaries

“I’m home!” you announced as you entered the loft, struggling to carry a week’s worth of groceries. Thinking you could hulk it out, you had grabbed all the bags from your car at the same time. Second trips were a bitch.

One of the bags slightly teetered against your arm, threatening to topple over. “Anyone here? I could use some help!”  you desperately requested. You were met with silence.

“Guys?” you squeaked. Still nothing.

Yeah, you regretted everything. 

Feeling like a rejected soccer mom, you huffed against a lock of hair that had fallen over your face. You trudged across the loft and into the kitchen, gingerly setting the groceries onto the counter. 

“Children,” you grumbled bitterly to yourself. Even though you were all the same age. Well, excluding Derek.  

“Everyone just runs around town chasing their little monsters, trying to save the whole damn world when they can’t even take care of themselves… So I’m just supposed to cook, clean, AND do their shopping for them… Which, okay fine, I don’t even mind that much. But it’s not like anyone has ever offered to help me with anything… “ You continued to mumble grievances under your breath as you stored the food away.

You placed Stiles’ favorite Cap’n Crunch cereal into a cabinet and Isaac’s cookie dough ice cream into the fridge followed by Lydia’s fat free Greek yogurt and Derek’s ample selection of lean meat and vegetables. Then, you put Scott’s specially requested three different flavors of Lay’s chips into the pantry and arranged Allison’s vegan cheese and bread on the counter.

You sighed as you leaned against the counter to relieve your sore feet. 

Suddenly, you heard a crash followed by a swift “fuck!”

You swiveled around, startled by the unexpected outcry. Sounds like someone was home after all.

Irritation bubbled under your skin as you set off to track down the source of the noise. You were rather curious as to who it was and what they were doing because apparently it was far more important than responding to your cries for help.

One by one, you kicked open the doors lining the hallway. You were feeling dramatic. 

All of the rooms were vacant so far, but there was one left at the end of the hall.

It belonged to Isaac.

You narrowed your eyes at his door, ajar and unsuspecting. You marched forward, ready to FBI his sorry ass when suddenly a deep, guttural moan broke through the air.

“Fuck… yes…”

You froze. Was he…? 

No. No way.

But it couldn’t hurt to confirm.

Creeping towards his room, you carefully nudged his door, peeking inside. What you saw caused your jaw to drop to the floor. 

It was Isaac, laying naked on his bed with a fist wrapped resolutely around his cock. He was a sight to behold with his mouth gaping, eyes screwed shut, face twisted in ecstasy as he stroked himself up and down. A sheen of sweat was visible on his forehead and chest. His cheeks were tinted bright pink. He looked divine, ethereal even, a sharp contrast to the filthy moans that tumbled sporadically from his lips. 

Irritation quickly forgotten, you stood dumbly outside his door, transfixed by his movements. Well, this explains why he couldn’t hear you earlier. Looking down at his floor, you saw a broken lamp discarded by his bed. You thought back to the loud crash you’d heard. Perplexed, you wondered how in the world this kid managed to break his lamp trying to have a wank.

A faint whimper redirected your attention to Isaac. His bed was positioned against the wall of his doorway, so he was facing away from you, but you had a full shot of his body. You couldn’t help but just stare at him. You knew it was wrong, lurking like a creep behind him. Even though basic human decency would dictate that you leave immediately and give your friend his privacy, you physically couldn’t turn away, too afraid to miss a single moment. 

He was somehow more beautiful than you’d imagined. His body, splayed out in careless abandon, was something straight out of a Michelangelo painting. His arm strained to maintain his pace, muscles taut under glistening skin. A light smattering of hair adorned his chest, followed by a provocative trail leading down to his considerable erection.

Captivated by its sheer size, you swallowed your gasp, inspecting all the prominent lines and veins that decorated his cock. You licked your lips, mouth dry with desire. You’d never been so turned on before. 

It’s not that you weren’t sexually experienced, but those other guys barely lasted thirty seconds before they finished without you, leaving you unsatisfied and underwhelmed. Seeing Isaac pleasure himself was getting you off more than any of them ever had. 

You closed your legs, rubbing your thighs together in a feeble attempt to quell some of the tension pooling in your stomach. You weren’t even in the same room as Isaac and he was sending you over the edge. At this point, oxygen was becoming an issue as your struggled to even out your breathing. In response, your heart rate spiked, trying to restore equilibrium to your wanton state. 

Passively, you wondered why Isaac hadn’t sensed your body’s reaction yet, what with his werewolf hearing and smell. He should’ve heard your heart pounding or at least caught whiffs of your arousal. You were embarrassingly drenched. 

You strained your ears, trying to listen to what Isaac was saying. For about a minute, all you heard were soft moans until a rather strangled grunt caught your attention.


Your mouth fell open, eyes widening in shock.

Did he just say your name? Did Isaac Lahey just moan your name as he jerked himself off? It seemed more likely that you had finally reached the point of being horny where you just straight up start hallucinating.

In your everyday life, Isaac never regarded you as more than just a friend. You let him copy your Chemistry homework and he helped you train, running miles with you and teaching you fighting techniques, insisting you needed to learn in case he “wasn’t there to protect you.” 

Sure, every once in a while, he fell asleep with his head in your lap and you pretended that he didn’t nuzzle your inner thigh with his nose. And sometimes, he pulled you towards him and wrapped his scarf around your neck because he said he liked knowing you were warm and you ignored how good he smelled up close. 

But just because you fancied that there could be something deeper between you two doesn’t mean that he felt the same. It was impossible that Isaac was getting himself off thinking about you, especially because he was seemed so engrossed in his actions that he didn’t even notice that you were standing less than six feet away from him.

You were definitely hallucinating. 

“[y/n], fuck,” Isaac grunted again.

Or not.

He was louder this time, rubbing himself more aggressively. You sucked in a breath. Nope, definitely hadn’t imagine that.

This was real. Isaac was saying your name. Not Allison, not Lydia. You. 

You leaned pitifully against his doorway, your knees giving out at the realization that you were the driving force behind his euphoria. Out of all the resources at his disposal, he chose to think about you. You were the reason he was panting like a dog, gripping his sheets and muttering obscenities, one hand still deliciously twisting around his engorged shaft. 

“God, fucking dammit,” Isaac gritted, his voice quivering with desperation. He was close. 

You started to bounce on your toes, all of a sudden torn between your feelings. Fear hit you first because all you wanted to do right now was straddle him and help him finish, looking directly into his eyes as he repeated your name again and again. But what if he got angry that you’d been spying on him? You were currently in major violation of his privacy and if this went south, your friendship might not sustain the awkwardness.

A wave of courage surged through you. What if you decided to be bold? And what if he actually reciprocated your feelings? It seemed your lust, combined with your infatuation and dangerously inflated ego, had fostered a new brazen personality. You were tired of always putting others first, never pursuing what you wanted. 

Fuck it. What did you really have to lose? If he rejects you, you could just tell him to go fuck himself. Literally. While moaning your name.

Also, not only did you really want to do this, but you’d always considered yourself a good friend. If Isaac wanted to get off, then you were going to help. 

Taking a deep breath, you confidently strode over the threshold of Isaac’s bedroom, slamming the door into the wall. Your sudden intrusion alarmed Isaac out of his reverie. His unfocused eyes met yours, then widened in bewilderment.

“[y/n], shit,” Isaac scrambled around, seemingly trying to stand up and cower away at the same time. You swiftly made your way over, mounting his thighs and pushing his shoulders back down. He looked up at you, stunned in disbelief. You were both surprised by your dominance. 

“Hiii,” you chimed, your mouth tugging up at one corner. “What’s up?” 

You affectionately brushed away some curly tendrils stuck to his forehead. Isaac stilled at your touch, almost imperceptibly tilting his head into your palm. He swallowed, still unsure of what was happening. Frankly, you didn’t know either, improvising as you went along.

“[y/n], what’s going on?” he asked nervously, still panting a little. 

“I could hear you from the kitchen.”

“Oh–wait the kitchen?! You heard me… all the way from the kitchen. Great,” he finished lamely. “Was anyone else with you?”


“Okay, that’s–that’s good. Yeah,” he stuttered. “Um, did you hear everything I said?” 

“Yeah, I was standing outside your door,” you bluntly confessed. His face turned a deeper shade of red.

“Shit, okay, you know that I wasn’t being some creepy guy just jerking off to your name, right? I mean, I was jerking off… and saying your name… But it isn’t like that, I promise. You’re more special than that, okay? I didn’t even know anyone was home! Fuck, [y/n], you have every right to hate me–” 

You swooped down suddenly, pressing your lips against his, cutting him off mid-rant. Isaac sharply sucked in through his nose, going rigid under you in shock. You kept some distance between your bodies, supporting yourself on your hands to avoid overwhelming him all your weight. You lingered for a few moments, your hair curtaining your joined lips as you waited for him to recover. Hesitantly, Isaac responded, parting his lips as he leaned up to meet your movements.

Gradually gaining confidence, he lifted his hand to the back of your head, fisting your hair and bringing you flush against him. He cradled your jaw, holding you in place as he kissed you back emphatically. 

Your hands instinctively gripped his shoulder, clinging to him as your mind swam in delight. But when Isaac started to grind his bare hips into yours, you swiftly pulled away, surprised that you’d gotten carried away so fast. You sat up, taking in the flustered expression on his face, his eyes half-lidded in disorientation. You bit your lip, stifling the laughter bubbling in your chest.

“So, I guess I don’t hate you,” you remarked casually, gently caressing his cheek with your knuckles. You brushed your thumb against his bottom lip, which was still very red from your previous ministrations. 

Isaac blinked, absorbing your words, his chest heaving up and down. He looked forward at where your clothed sex hovered a few millimeters above his still erect cock that now rested against his stomach. 

“Christ, [y/n],” Isaac breathed out. You could tell he was still wrestling with his emotions just like you were earlier. His eyebrows were scrunched in concentration. Patiently, you waited for him to sort out his thoughts.

“Let me get this straight. So you just barged in here, fully aware of what I was doing, then climbed on top of me, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I am naked.” Isaac’s voice inflected at the end as he flippantly motioned to his persistent erection. “Then, you kissed me. And pulled away like ten seconds later!”

You nodded thoughtfully, then burst into giggles, amused by how baffled he sounded. If this is how people reacted when you stepped out of your comfort zone, you never wanted to play it safe again.

“And your point is?” you inquired innocently, a smirk teasing your features. 

He raised an eyebrow at you, locking his jaw. 

“I mean, was there a problem with what I did? Because if you’d prefer to just take care of yourself, you can tell me. I’ll just leave you to it,” you shrugged nonchalantly, slightly lifting off the bed. You were abruptly pulled back down by Isaac’s large hands clasping your thighs, squeezing the flesh as he held you down. You huffed out a breath of laughter, placing your hands on his torso to balance yourself.

“You shouldn’t start something you’re not going to finish,” he warned evenly, his thumbs tracing circles on your inner thighs. You sobered at his tone, now trying to hold back a whimper. 

“What if I want you to finish?” you challenged. “What if I want to watch you finish, hear you say my name over and over like you were doing earlier.” 

He raised his eyebrows, an amused smirk pulling at his mouth. Neither of you had ever experienced your smug side before.

“Tell me what this is, [y/n], and we’ll do anything you want. Tell me what happens next,” he demanded, his voice so commanding that you felt it rumble through your core.

You exhaled, considering the implications of his questions.

“Well, I don’t know what ‘this’ is… but I know I don’t want to stop,” you offered candidly. 

“Yeah?” Isaac murmured with a small smile, kneading his hands up and down your thighs. “I don’t want to stop either.”

“That’s good,” you whispered airily, shivering as his fingers trailed the bare skin just below your ass. “And as for what happens next…”

You crossed your arms over you body, grabbed the hem of your t-shirt and lifted it over your head. 

“That depends on you telling me exactly what you pictured me doing while you were touching yourself.” 

Even though you spoke confidently, you secretly wished you’d worn a different bra. Maybe something lacy or black, just anything that wasn’t white and cotton and thrown on in haste. But Isaac didn’t seem to mind, staring open-mouthed at your chest. 

He looked at you, rendered speechless by your initiative. He quickly regained his composure, his eyes a darker shade of blue than before. 

“This looks about right, actually,” Isaac approved. He folded his hands behind his head, propping himself up. He observed you, cocky and thrilled that you were giving yourself to him. “We’re just missing one thing…”

You frowned, cocking your head to the side. What did you forget? 

He chuckled lightly at your questioning look, answering you silently by gently tugging you forward to slam his lips against yours. Oh. 

You smiled into the kiss, giddy with contentment, thinking back to before when you’d pulled away a little too early. You were eager to act out all of Isaac’s fantasies, but you would’ve also been happy if this is all he wanted to do tonight. 

Because right here–you wrapped in his embrace, his hand in your hair, your tongue in his mouth–was exactly how you pictured it.


Helloooo guys!! So I decided to write more drabbles haha but this time it’s for Supernatural😊 Anyways, enjoy!!!!

Warnings: Slight cursing

Sam Winchester:

You lounged back on the crappy motel couch, watching a movie that happened to be airing on the TV called, ‘Horton Hears a Who!’.

“Are you watching that elephant show where he finds a tiny village or something?” Sam asked as he flopped down beside you.

You and the Winchesters had decided to rest a while before heading off to find a new case. Since the last hunt was a really tiring, the three of you allowed yourselves some grace time to relax. 

“Yeah,” you replied, glancing at him before turning back to the show. “Where’s Dean?”

“Probably out at a bar or getting some food,” Sam shrugged and you nodded.

Both of you watched the movie in peace until a certain line attracted both your attentions.

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“...Are You Even Listening?!”

Requested by an anon. Here’s to you! Cheers. 

Originally posted by kyungsing

Loving him was easy. Spending time with you was the area he needed to work on. You loved and he loved you. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to spend time with you, it was just work. He loved to overwork himself and do it each and every time with very little to no break. You knew it wasn’t healthy. His label mates new it wasn’t healthy. Hell, even he knew it wasn’t healthy! But he did it anyway. You knew how much he loved his career so you chose to ignore it. But it was getting ridiculous. He would leave your shared apartment very early and not come back until 3 in the morning and just repeat on and on and on! You wanted your boyfriend back. You felt like his studio was your competition! And the studio is winning!

But today he said it would be different. He promised to leave the studio at 8 PM to take you out on a date. 8 PM! It’s 11 PM! You were all dressed and ready looking like a billion bucks in a short Dior dress! This dress you had on was super expensive and you promised yourself you could save it for a special occasion. You thought tonight would be a good night to wear. But you were wrong. You were heartbroken. You felt betrayed. At one point you just wanted to cry but you decided to be strong. You grabbed your phone and dialed Ji Hoon. 

“Y/N! Hey!” 

“Don’t hey me! Where in the hell is Siyoung?!”

“He’s still in the studio. Did something happen?” He asked. 

“We were supposed to go on a date 3 hours ago! I’m coming to the studio. Don’t you dare tell me, or will end up fighting you too, got me?!” You threathened.

“Of course. Got it. See you soon.” He said quickly before hanging up. 

You changed out of your dressed into some sweatpants and slipped on one of his long sweatshirts. You grabbed a pair of tennis shoes and made your way down to Just Music. 

You walked in, of course everyone knew who you were and loved you dearly, but they could tell something was up. One of the female staff members walked over to you. “Y/N? You look a little, upset? Do you want to see Siyoung?” She asked. “Yep. That’s why I’m here. I know where he is. Thanks.” You dashed off and made your way to his studio. Once you opened the door you saw him and all his label mates. You stared him down trying to find the right words to use. “Baby!” “Don’t you fucking baby, asshole!” You shouted. The room came to a silence. Ji Hoon looked down at his phone. Sung Min took a sip of his beverage. Dae Woong hid behind Dong Yeol. Dong Yeol watching in complete enjoyment as if this was a scene in a drama. Chang Joong was just caught in the middle, literally. He stood only a few feet between you and Siyoung. 

“Do have any idea what time it is?!” You screamed. He looked at his watch and his eyes widened. “It’s 11:43. Baby I am so so sorry.” He said walking over to you trying to put his hand on your shoulder. I stepped back. “Sorry? That one sorry doesn’t make up for all the fucking times you ditched me for your work. You say I’m your number one priority but continue to not spend anytime with me. Do you know how hard that is for me?” You said your voice cracking a little. 

Your words hurt him because he knew what he was doing to you was wrong. He could see the hurt in your eyes. He didn’t answer back. You just assumed he wasn’t listening. He avoided your eyes. “There you go again. Getting quiet when I try to sort out things. Are you even listening?!” “Of course I am! I’m sorry, I didn’t know that was how you felt.” He apologized. You were willing to forgive him so quickly. You saw he truly meant it. Through those glasses, you could see the sincere look from him as he was talking. Unless he’s a skilled actor, he truly meant it. 

“I’m still mad at you.” You pouted. He picked you up bridal style. You yelped out in surprise. “You wanna go home and let me make it up to you?” He whispered in your ear, remembering there are other people in the room. You couldn’t stop that smile that spread across your face. “I’ll take that as a yes.” 

We hope this is what you meant. Sorry for any mistakes. Thank you for requesting. Keep em’ coming. Admin Kai and Admin June. 

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Request: @cupofkauffie​ Hi Lovely, have you written/ could you write anything where you’re significantly shorter than Kylo and people kinda tease you, but kylo is super protective and just super sweet fluffiness?? (Like leaning to put his head on your shoulder or picking you up when you’re being stubborn) I’d LOVE to read it if you have!!

A/N: This is so cute, I’m a sucker for these kind of requests (maily bc I am exactly a foot smaller than Adam/Kylo so I’m living through this) so thank you for this! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 3.8K+

It was one thing to be shorter than Kylo Ren. It was another thing to be significantly shorter than Kylo Ren. And by significantly, it was almost a foot difference. You didn’t mind your height, it actually was a big advantage for the life you had. It was easier for you to maneuver around narrow paths or having to crawl into small spaces. But, of course, when you worked along side six men who were much taller than you–including their master–you were prone to be made fun of.

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Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

“What the hell lady! You could have gotten yourself killed!”

You thought it would be a simple beginners hunt, but of course you were wrong. There was supposed to be one ghost, and there ended up being about 50. And like every other hunter they wanted to kill you.

“Um, excuse me, but your tall friend almost got his spine broken by one of them, so don’t be yelling at me!”

When you were almost killed 2 other hunters came rushing in and saved you, one tall and brunette, and the other with green eyes and dirty blonde hair

“Whatever, I’m Dean, and this is my brother Sam. We’re the-”


They both looked surprised

“How’d you know” the tall one asked.

“Everyone knows you”

Just hold me please.

Hello, Love bugs!

My first request for this blog!  (y/n) = your name.

Warnings- Anxiety, Panic Attack. like two swears. Fluff

George X Reader

Can you have a George imagine where you have a panic attack and he calms you down? Sorry- Thanks princess 😘 

It was probably a mix of everything. Schoolwork, friends, love. It was a lot to try and keep straight in your mind.You knew the blow up was eventually going to happen. You just didn’t know when. It was most likely going to happen at the most inconvenient of times. Unfortunately, you were right. It was potions with Snape. You had already been on edge from the simple fact that you needed to do well in this lab otherwise your marks we’re sure to take a downward turn. You were adding in the root extract when Pansy Parkinson hit your elbow making you put in way too much into the cauldron. It was ruined that easily. You felt your face get red as every sound was blocked out of your mind but the sound of her laugh. Her obnoxious laugh that makes your blood boil while simultaneously making a deep pit inside of your stomach.

“Miss.Y/N. Is there a problem?” Of course, it was Snape. Your only chance of saving yourself was the hope that he saw what that no good bitch had done. Making him feel pity for you. Unlikely of situations but it was worth a shot.

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Tükörsima (Part 1)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairing: Guardian!Yoongi x You
Word Count: 3.9k
Date Posted: 04-23-17

GIF is not mine.
Warning: mentions of blood 

Yoongi is a guardian of a mortal soul that he has cared about for more than a hundred of years. He makes his way to protect this soul even within the lies he spat and secrets he kept.

Parts: 1

Tükörsima (adj.) lit. “as smooth as the surface of the mirror”; describes a still water which has unbroken surface, neither by wind nor by some object or animal

Breathing hitched, you took a knife from your kitchen a placed the blade on the skin of your arm. Your whole body was shaking. Your breathing was uneven but you wanted to see it. Whatever it was that you’ve been seeing in your sleep, whether it’d be just a dream or a piece from your past, you wanted to see it. You wanted to witness it in front of you. You wanted to confirm what you had seen and remember it as a real memory—not as a dream and not as an imagination.

You inhaled sharply and did it. The blade cut into the flesh of your arm swiftly. Blood was starting to drip from your arm to the tiles of your room. You hissed in pain loudly, not caring about the guys from next door, the kids outside, and whoever it was listening to the radio noisily. You tried to cover the open skin and let out a short cry of pain. And then, you felt it. The blood rushed into your veins—a feeling of panic and adrenaline rush, as if the whole room was circling around you and you couldn’t stop it. Your head was spinning. You closed your eyes and as soon as the blood drips from your arm to the floor, the motions stopped. You looked around and you saw it. You put down the knife which made a very unpleasant noise. You took all the courage you have to stand up from the corner of your room.

He was standing there—in front of you. You caught him with your eyes. His frame was lean and he was looking at you blankly. His skin was pale. His eyes were just as you could remember them. His lips were perfectly shaped like the bow of an angel. He looked like a person from way back in the past with his clothes. You couldn’t describe the elegance of his white outfit with touches of gold. He looked like a knight with his sword on the left side of his hips. And with the sight, you knew that he wasn’t from here. The heel of his shoe clicked against your floor. He squinted his eyes as he looked at you.

The room enclosed the both of you. The light in your room was more than enough for you to see his face. He was a beauty. You admitted that yourself. He was indescribable in a way that you’ve lost words on how you could tell in detail about his features.

“You have called me for unknown matters,” he said, the chivalry heard from the tone of his voice. He bowed in front of you which left you breathless. He then, stood in a very proper posture. One of his hands was holding the haft of his sword. “And I can see that you are very much aware of my presence.”

You swallowed, not knowing where to start. “Why can I see you? Why am I seeing you?”

He smiled, not showing his teeth, but a smile of reassurance. “I should be the one asking you that, Y/N. Why and how can you see me?”

“A-and you know my name? How?”

The way he said your name was different. He said it as if he knew you from the very beginning. Something in your heart started to ache but you didn’t know why. You wanted to put your hand on your chest but your whole body was in shock due to the amount of pain. You couldn’t help but to wince in agony. Even after that short pain in your chest, you felt the pain in your head. It was piercing.  

Flashbacks rang inside your head which made your head ache. Why and how can I see you?

“Move away! Move away!”

The doctor and nurses were motioning the people to stay away from the path. Everything felt as if everyone’s in panic. Your eyelids were heavy. Your body was numb. You couldn’t see much except the blurry hands going around your eyesight, the distorted lights, and heavy breathing. You didn’t know what’s happening. You kept from moving your head side to side slowly until something caught your eye. A lean figure of a man who’s looking at you meters away but you could see him… clearly, not a distorted figure. His skin was pale and his eyes were watering. You tried to put your hand up just so you could touch him, to see if he was real. When your eyes met, everything stopped—everyone stopped, the moving of your bed stopped, the doctors and the nurses stopped, and at that brief moment, you could breathe properly, your eyelids weren’t heavy, and you could feel something.

You were about to get up from the hospital bed but then he pushed you back with his two fingers pushing your forehead right before you could even get up. “Don’t break eye contact,” he said with a stern voice and you obeyed him.

He licked his lips and with a tear escaping his eye, he said one word, “Live.

With that word, everything started to move again and your breathing started to weaken just like how it was before he brought the time to a standstill. Your eyes tried to find him with your heavy eyelids but he was nowhere found from your sight. Everything after that became dark and one day, you just woke up with your family crying by your side.

“You saved me,” you told him. “I-I could still remember it! You saved me from the car accident six years ago. I remember it. You told me one word—‘live’.”

His forehead furrowed. He was starting to get startled with everything he’d heard from you. You weren’t supposed to remember a thing, but he didn’t tell you that. He tightened his jaw and walked to you. You were shaking and his eyes narrowed because of the blood dripping from your arm. That made him even more alarmed.

He sighed heavily and held your wrist, examining your arm. “How did you know hurting yourself this badly would get me to you?” he asked with a very strong tone, as if demanding to be answered. He grinned sarcastically and tilted his head. “I was made by the gods to protect you but here you are, hurting yourself.”

“What?” Now it was your time to narrow your eyes. “What do you mean by that? What ‘gods’ are you talking about exactly? And, what are you?”

You said the last question with utter strength in tone. You wanted answers. You knew your life wasn’t normal when you remembered what happened six years ago. You remembered everything from the accident itself until the moment you’ve reached the hospital. When everything stopped on your way to the emergency room, you knew something’s different. It was odd. Even though, you were only a teenager, you knew to yourself that it was unusual. No one can stop time.

“I am the creature you name me to be,” he said succinctly, still examining your arm.

You shook your head. “I never named you anything,” you told him. He kept on looking at your arm and you wanted to pull it away from him. “What are y—”

“Look at me,” he cut off and you didn’t know why you obeyed. You looked at him and stared into his eyes—those brown eyes that you remembered. “Don’t break eye contact.

Those words. You remembered them still. You knew how he said it. And all of sudden, everything went quiet. You couldn’t hear any music playing next door, kids playing from outside, and the radio that was loudly playing from someone’s room in the apartment. The moment you looked into his eyes, you didn’t dare to look away. From your peripheral vision, you could see how your clock stopped ticking. You felt nothing but him holding your wrist tighter than his grip a while ago.

As soon as the blood from your arm touched the floor, you started hearing everything again. Everything and everyone were moving again. You inhaled sharply from everything that had happened. He stopped time again. You wanted to ask him how and why did he do that, but before you even could, he wiped the blood from your arm and you saw nothing but a scar—no open wound.

He smirked at you as soon as you he saw your response with what he had done. “I’m sorry I couldn’t take away the scar,” he remarked. “I believe that will be there for years.”

Words were suddenly running out. You felt like you didn’t know a word when you looked at him. He didn’t seem to be amused with your reaction. He looked at the blood on the floor and then looked at you again.

“You shouldn’t hurt yourself,” he advised as if you did it without a purpose. “I will repeat my question from a while ago, how did you know that hurting yourself this badly would get me to you?”

He put his arm on your side, resting it on the wall you were leaning on. You could feel his breath hitting your cheeks as you were avoiding eye contacts with him. He leaned forward which made you mutter a curse word under your breath.

“Stop it,” you said in gritted teeth. “I want to know what’s happening. Answer me first. What are you?”

He gave you another smile. It wasn’t making you feel better; it was making you sick. It made you think as if he was toying you around because you were clueless and puzzled by everything that’s happening right now. He couldn’t help but to let out a small laugh.

Still holding the haft of his sword with his left hand, he cleared his throat. “If you were this clueless when you called me, then you shouldn’t have done that, but well, where would you get information about what’s happening, right?”

With uneven breathing, you snapped, “Stop bullshitting me and get to the point.”

“I told you, Y/N. I am who you name me to be,” he said blankly.

“And what do you mean by that?”

He tilted his head. “I can be called as your guardian or your angel. If you think I’m a demon, you may do so. If you think I’m a monster, then think about it again.” He looked at your arm. “Do you have any form of cloth in here to wipe the blood from your skin?”

You shook your head but went to one of your drawers to get a towel anyways. You wiped your arm and cringed when you realized the amount of blood you have lost. Still looking at him, you sat on the edge of your bed. Suddenly, you felt that the room was too small for the both of you or maybe you were just slightly intimidated by him.

“I owe you my life,” you told him. “Without you, I wouldn’t have my friends, my family, my career, and everything special I’m having right now. I’m sorry if I spat mean words to you a while ago. I owe you my life and I called you here to ask you about yourself and in what way could I repay it.”

He looked at the wide space beside you. “May I sit beside you, Y/N?”

“Yeah, sure,” you told him, not minding it.

Sitting next to you with still a proper posture, he faced you. “Y/N, you can’t repay me. You can’t. No matter what you do, you can’t.” At some point, you felt anguish and pain in his voice. He cleared his throat. “Just keep yourself safe. At least that could help me.”

“If I keep myself safe then how can I summon you once again?” you asked with sincerity in your voice.  “Is there another way so I wouldn’t hurt myself?”

He wanted to shake his head. There were no other ways for you to summon him unless you badly hurt yourself or when you’re badly hurt in general. He wanted to tell you about it but he didn’t. He didn’t want you to feel bad. You were somehow, at some point, special to him. That’s why you had him as your guardian or angel.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be the one to come to you,” he told you.

He was sure about his remark. He knew it whenever you feel troubled. He knew almost everything about you. He knew it whenever you needed help, but he should only come to you when you are in terrible pain. But then again, of course, he wouldn’t say those to you.

“Oh,” you tilted your head to the side, “so all those times I experimented on how I could make you come here, you could’ve done it, but you didn’t? That’s just great. And yet, a while ago you’re telling me how I got to know how to summon you. You’re truly fantastic, just waiting for me to hurt myself, huh?”

“It’s not like that,” he said and you could hear sadness in his voice. “It’s not what you think it is. There are a lot of things you don’t know. Stop thinking as if you could discover everything from the very start because you can’t and you won’t.”

It pained you a little but you ignored it. You didn’t know him much either so what’s the point of minding the little pain? “Why do I have you? Does everyone have someone like you? Or am I unique?”

“Well, unique wouldn’t be the word I’ll use,” he said and started to think of another word. “Probably, someone who’s exceptional.”

“That’s a synonym, smartass.”

He sighed in defeat. “You apologized to me a while ago and started throwing mean words right after. You probably should not have apologized, Y/N.”

There was it again. His tone, the way he called your name was different.

“Why do you call my name like that?” you asked. “Why is it that you seemed to be so fond of me while I, on the other hand, don’t even know your name?”

“Do you want to know my name or do you want to mark a new name for me?”

Your forehead furrowed due to his suggestion. It was unusual. Why would you name someone who already has a name? It wasn’t normal but you everything from the accident up to this point wasn’t normal and you have to get along with that fact.

You shook your head. “Why would I name you when you already have one? Let me hear your name.”

This time, you smiled at him. You thought that he would be delighted that his name didn’t have to be changed and you were right. He was happy. He looked at you with transparency in his eyes. He looked at you as if he wanted you to know what he was feeling right now. He didn’t amount his feelings into words but he wanted to express it with the way he looked at you.

“My name is Yoongi,” he said. “In our world, I am named as Tükörsima because that was how the last soul I guided named me.”

It was not a name, you were sure about that. You could bet that it’s a word with either a beautiful or an awful meaning to describe the angel who’s right in front of you right now. You wonder if he knew the meaning of his name or if he wanted to know what was behind the word. Before you could ask him about his name, there was a thing that weighed out anything you were curious with.

“The last soul,” you repeated, “you mean, like, there’s someone before me?”

The corner of his lip curled upward. He nodded his head. “Yes, there’s someone before you.”

“How are we chosen? Us, souls, how do you pick us?”

You wanted to know how they choose the soul they protect. You felt that this was the perfect question to ask him. Under the light of your wide room, you could see his eyes looking at you intently as if studying what you were going to ask him next. You felt that your questions were somewhat dangerous and are a part of the rules or codes they shouldn’t be breaking. However, you took the opportunity. Whether this question was going to break a rule or not, it would be worth a try.

“The gods choose the soul we guide,” he said. “We guide souls to help them escape creating huge mistakes they’ve done with their previous lives. They, the gods, don’t want the exact thing to happen all over again. I don’t know what it is that you’ve done before but it might be something that had provoked us.”

You listened to him and believed everything he said. You nodded your head as he explained everything with his words. Just imagining their world made you curious about it and daydream about how ethereal it is.

“So you, angels—”

“Mmm,” he hummed. “Angels, interesting. It seems that you’ve found a word to name a creature like me—like us, our kind, to be exact.”

“You’ve got gods and everything leading you and all so, let me just call you an angel before I find the right term,” you told him.

He would want to be called an angel but he didn’t want say it because angels don’t sin and their kinds do.

You played with your fingers and continued what you were saying, “So you, angels, guide us from creating the same mistake we’ve done in the past. That’s amazing. That means you’re helping us from danger of being in the same position all over again. I wonder what it is that I’ve made that pushed the gods to lead me into being guided by a guardian. Your world seems interesting…”

“Our world is… nothing but darkness,” he stated truthfully. “It is utter darkness and it felt like we’re isolated in a cage without lights. It didn’t just feel like it—it already does. The darkness was darker than any color you’d imagine. Black isn’t enough to justify it. The gods, however, live in a much more beautiful place. We, angels, as you call, are right under and we have to run to get to where the gods are.

There are no stairs; we couldn’t see it. However, if you keep running in whatever direction you’re at, you’d see a ray of light and that would lead you to their way. I, who was given a sword, can get to their place with one slash. This was a power given to me by the god who had chosen void rather than leading our ways. It’s a long story,” he ended.

Everything he started was interesting. You wanted him to tell you more but it seemed like he wanted to finish it right there. You thought about the god who had chosen void rather than leading their ways. It made you thought of a lot of possible things. Their world wasn’t as beautiful as you thought it would be. So the sword wasn’t meant for a battle, it was made as a portal.

“Do angels like you lie?” you asked out of sudden. “Maybe you guys are truly angels if you don’t.”

“We don’t,” Yoongi lied.

Yoongi went into the only Silent Room in his world where the angels like him gather to stay away from the darkness. It was a wide place where everything was made of marbles and glasses—where there was light. Clicking the soles of his shoes to the marble tiles of the place, he made his way to his favorite spot where the books of their world were aligned. He made his way to the second level of the aligned books, trying to pick up something that would interest him. Before he could even take one, a figure appeared on his right.

“Yoongi, I can’t believe you just visited the world of the mortals,” Hoseok said a bit loudly. “And what did you say to your soul?”

The name of the soul cannot be said by anyone except its guardian. One who would call a name other than the soul he or she was handling will be punished by the gods that was why everyone was careful not to mention a name although they knew the names of the souls guided by the other guardians.

Hoseok was one of the angels he could talk to. In their world, however, they preferred calling themselves guardians. The two of them decided to talk to somewhere only they could hear themselves. Guardians, at least, were given their privacies in the Silent Room. There were areas where the guardians can enclose themselves with their own magic. Hoseok found an empty area and he imprisoned the two of them with an unseen cage made up of his force. Other guardians could see them but wouldn’t hear what they say. By the time Hoseok completely closed the area, Yoongi told everything he had said to you to him. He was intently listening to every word Yoongi spat. Hoseok was somehow amazed by how Yoongi handled the situation where the soul was too curious about pasts, souls, realms, and different things a soul would be afraid asking to a guardian.

“But can you believe how many lies you’ve spat to her, Yoongi?” Hoseok said while shaking his head in disbelief as soon as Yoongi finished his story. “I’m not saying that you should tell her everything, but you could have at least told her the little truth of the stories so she wouldn’t consider that you’re lying by the time she finds out a thing—”

Yoongi shook his head. “No,” he cut off. “She should never know a thing. It will damage her and I was here to protect her.” He ran his hands through his hair, a bit frustrated because of his sudden decisions.

“Yeah, protect her?” Hoseok said as if what Yoongi remarked was ridiculous. “She wants to see you more often, you know that? She knew how to summon you but you told her you’ll be on your way even if she wouldn’t be pained terribly! You do know we’re not allowed to go the mortals’ world except when they needed us, right?”

The only thing Yoongi could do was to sigh and tap his fingers on the book that he was about to read. “I just want to protect her, Hoseok. You know the reasons. I know you’ll even do the same thing.”

“I wouldn’t lie, to tell you honestly,” the younger guardian said back. “You’ve been around this place for a hundred years and you know what happens when we hide something from the gods. Look, I’m not going to rat you out, but please, just please, be careful.”

“Of course, I will be.”

“And tell your soul, the next time you come back to her world, the truths she needs to hear. You spat too much lies in a day.” Hoseok tilted his head and breathed out heavily. “You’re totally doomed once the gods find out that you’ll visit the mortals’ world without your need to be there.”

Angry Love (E2-Harrison x Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

You nearly died from saving Cisco and Dante from Rupture, which causes Harry to become extremely pissed at you. For what reason, you don’t know…





“But that’s –”

“And absolutely dangerous!!”

You heaved a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Will you just –”

No!” Harry cut you off with a firm look that had even Barry, Cisco and Caitlin shrinking from him. Running his hands through his hair, he gripped chunks of his locks tightly and practically yanked them out. “You don’t get a say in the matter! Not after that stunt you pulled!! I mean, Jesus, ________! You scared the living hell out of me. Out of all of us! You could’ve died! Did you know that?”

You kept your gaze low. “Yes.”

Bullshit!” He grabbed a mug and threw it across the room.

The small ceramic cup burst into a thousand shards and scattered across the floor.

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Stay Professional! Part 5

Work AU! Fluff and Angst: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Summary: Jungkook offers you a job as an apology for his rude behaviour and hopes to get to know a little more about you- despite the rough first encounter, he finds himself pondering and wondering about you. Is this much more than a just a professional relationship? 

A/N: This is going to be longer than usual because I having been updating! (My laptop is in a dodgy state so please bare with me for late updates. As always, thanks for reading!) 

“I was calling to let you know that I’m interested in the job offer.” 

Jungkook’s face brightened up despite his eye-bags heavy on his delicate features. “That’s great. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll call you as soon as I find a spot for you.” 

The sweet velvety voice that belonged to Jungkook was completely different to what you normally heard during your time at his company: his pleasing low and cool tones that surely charmed the entire office. His gentle chuckles were indescribably sexy yet it possessed a slight ring of innocence to it. You’d never thought that he would be so sweet- so suddenly reassuring and loving. It was completely different from what you originally thought of him- stuck up, stunning and selfish. Stunning was in-fact, still a fact. 

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Ride or Die (Barry Allen x Reader)

Originally posted by claraoswan

Requested by: anonymous “i have an idea for a oneshot of barry/cisco x reader from a convo i’ve actually had: 1: “you know what let’s freaking fight” 2: “i’d rather make out.” 1: “what” 2: “what?” 1: “i mean i’m down, but that was unexpected.” the reader can be either :)”

Word Count: 1,065


Author’s Note: So this’ll be the last imagine for a while, probably like a two or three days haha bc um my laptop broke so im using my mom’s rn and it’s in her room and she’ll be SUPER confused as to why im in there 24/7 so…anyways thanks you guys AND IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG FORGIVE ME

“That’s it! I’m done!” you said frustrated. Barry was smiling like what happened was some kind of joke, making you even more irritated. “Barry, seriously, this isn’t funny.” You crossed your arms in anger. 

He had been messing around with your computer when he accidentally deleted all of the pictures that you’d taken on your trip to Europe. All.

You had been wanting to go and explore that continent for the longest time and when you had finally done it with a group from your college, of course you’d taken photos. A couple hundred actually. 

You loved that trip and when you figured out that all of the pictures were gone, you were mad. Beyond mad. You were so frustrated and angry that you could feel tears building up, blurring your eyesight. 

And that wasn’t all of it. Lately, your boyfriend, Barry, had been bailing on your dates. Now, you knew he was the ‘oh so famous’ Flash. You loved him for it and you respected it. But when he had cancelled five dates already, you were angry. And hurt.

But you didn’t say anything. What were you supposed to say? ‘Oh, Barry. Stop saving Central City and come have a date with me’? No, you couldn’t. That would make you sound selfish and barbaric.

So you kept it in.

And now, after a horrible day at school, you had come home to this. And Barry was about to start laughing. Really, if you were a cartoon, smoke would be fuming out of your ears.

You took one long deep breath in and tried to calm yourself. Sadly enough, it didn’t work. 

“You think this is funny?” you asked, clenching your fists.

“I mean, it’s pr-” Barry started, looking at the laptop but then saw your facial expression which clearly told him not to continue that sentence. “Oh, no. It’s not funny. At all,” he stuttered.

“You-.” You gestured to the laptop. “You just deleted all of my photos, Barry!” you said with a raised voice.

“It’s okay, Y/N. You can-” he continued but you cut him off.

“What, Barry? I can what?”

“Y/N, I didn’t want to fight, but if you’re gonna act like this-” Barry said, getting interrupted again.

“Oh, oh,” you scoffed. “Okay, so it’s my fault? You know what? Let’s fight, Barry! Let’s freaking fight!” you yelled, letting your built-up anger out.

Barry shook his head and scoffed back lightly. “I’m not gonna fight you, Y/N,” he told you with a cocky smile.

You squinted his eyes at him. “Are you kidding me? Why not? What, you can’t take the heat?” you asked him. You actually thought his douche stance was one of the hottest things that he could do, and no matter how badly you wanted to be mad at him, that smirk would get you every time.

He leaned against the wall with arms crossed and shrugged, acting as if he didn’t care.

“I mean,” he paused in mock thought, one eyebrow quirking up, “I’d rather make out. But that’s, you know, your preference.”

This made you pause. You raised your eyebrows in surprise yet you could feel a blush rising from your cheeks. And it wasn’t from anger. Even though you and Barry had made out many times, and gone further than that, just the word makes you turn red. 

“What?” you questioned, trying to keep your voice steady. 

Barry looked at you as if you just had said something that he didn’t hear. “What?” he asked, acting confused.

You glared at him. This tall, hot, arrogant, headache of a boyfriend was making your emotions go into haywire. And, for some unknown reason, you loved it.

You chuckled and let your arms dangle by your sides. Shrugging, you replied back to his proposition. “I mean, I’m down, but really Barry. That was totally unexpected.”

And just like that, the core of your anger melted away and the only thing that you could focus on was his lips on yours.

He grinned at you before crossing the room to where you stood. Barry grabbed you by the waist and came to kiss you. At first, it was a regular kiss, but when you tangled your fingers into his hair and pulled lightly is when it got more heated. 

He pulled you closer, your bodies melting into each other. Barry’s hand came to grab the back of your head, pushing your lips tighter against his. His tongue licked your lips, mutely asking for an entrance that you gladly gave. 

You moaned into the kiss, feeling his tongue against yours. 

But then you pulled away, remembered the reason why you were mad in the first place.

“Mm, Bar,” you whispered. He resorted to kissing down your neck and sucking on one spot. Oh, that’ll leave a hickey later.

“I’m supposed mad at you, Barry Allen,” you said teasingly. Instead of stopping, however, he bit the raw spot on your neck, sending a blissful feeling throughout your entire body. You hummed in pleasure.

“Don’t worry, Y/N,” he murmured against your neck, finding another spot to suck. “They’re all in the backup folder.”

“What?” you asked, slightly pulling away. “Really?”

He sighed, missing your warmth against him. “Yes, really. Now come back here,” Barry mumbled, grabbing your cheeks to crash his lips against yours.

You smiled into the kiss, pushing him onto the couch that was behind him. You crawled onto his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’m still mad at you. I still need to talk to you,” you murmured against his swollen lips.

“And I still wanna make out with you,” Barry said. With that, he carried you and flip the two of you. You laid under him as he hovered above with on his elbows. You squealed as Barry pecked you lightly on the lips.

“I could stay like this all night,” he whispered. You beamed at him. You knew that there was still unfixed problems between the two of you, but right now, you could care less.

“Why not?” you said.

Barry’s smile grew big before showering you with kisses. You knew that Barry would make you mad again, and vice versa. But, it was okay. You knew that it would be okay, because you loved each other. 

And if two people loved each other so much, they could overcome any fight that they faced. Together.

The End


Author’s Note: So I hope that you guys liked this imagine:) idrk how good it is haha but this’ll be the last one for a few days:( I will try to write one tomorrow too but it probably wont be until I get my new laptop which will be…idk when bc THE MAILMAN IS TAKING IS SWEET TIME SHIPPING IT anyways love you guys and see you soon!

The Difference Between You and I


Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Prompt: “You had your chance”

Summary: Hi could you do #28 “you had your chance” on Elijah? Like him betraying you then regretting it afterwards or something like that? I don’t know if you are accepting requests but if so could you please do that?

Whichever it came down too you knew Elijah would always choose his family, even if it was between you or them. He kept on repeating that he loved you and he hoped that you would be able to forgive him some day, but sitting here in the Mikealson compound awaiting Elijah’s return forgiveness didn’t seem to be on the table.

The latest evil roaming the streets of New Orleans Lucien Castle had erupted a huge battle between himself and of course the Mikealsons. You just happened to get caught in the cross fire and the decision you never thought Elijah had to make, he was force to make it and his choice wasn’t to save your llife…instead he saved Freya’s. Granted that was his long lost sister and you didn’t blame him for picking her, you were mad that he had made all these promises to you and tonight he broke each and everyone of them.


“How does it feel Elijah, to know that I hold one of the two most important people in your life here before you. Their lives are literally at my mercy, all you have to do is pick either Freya or your beloved Y/N and I’ll spare whichever you choose” Lucien said, showing absolutely not compassion for his actions.

“I will end you” Elijah whispered harshly, all Lucien did was laugh at that empty threat.

You locked eyes with Elijah and saw the pain in his eyes, he looked at you utterly defeated at the choice he was forced to make.

“Forgive me” he said to you before using his vampire speed to throw a stake towards Lucien, giving him enough time to grab Freya and run.

Lucien pulled the stake out of his chest and threw it towards the ground, he leaned down to your level. “Well, well it looks like your dear Elijah left you here to die”

“Then what are you waiting for…kill me” you spat those words at Lucien.

“I was never going to kill you love, no…you should be thanking me. I showed you that your trust was placed in the wrong person. My sweet Y/N, the satisfaction I will get from you hating Elijah Mikealson is better than killing you myself”

End Flashback

Lucien was sick and power hungry, but he was right about one thing. Trusting Elijah was pointless, he was a man of his word…well he tried to be. But tonight he seemed to forget that and completely abandoned you when you needed him most.

You heard footsteps and saw Elijah walk through the giant double doors of the compound. He quickly rushed over to you, pulling you into a tight hug. “Did he hurt you? If he laid a finger on you Y/N I will kill him myself” he protested.

Pulling away from his warm embrace you placed your hands up to signal to him to stop. “The only person who hurt me tonight was you”

“I know your mad, and leaving you behind was one of the worst things I have ever done in my life.And I regret not being able to save you, but Freya-”

You scoffed, “Is your sister. I get it Elijah, because family for you will always come first. Always and forever correct? The oath you, Klaus and Rebekah swore to each other 1,000 years ago. I get that I’m not a priority to you, all because I’m not family”.

Elijah undid his button on his jacket, and took it off. You hated fighting with him but this time it was inevitable. “Is that what you think? That you don’t matter to me?” he asked baffled at your insinuation.

“What else am I suppose to think? I know you love me Elijah, but even that isn’t enough to save me when my life is in danger…not if I’m up against any of your own family”.

Turning away you couldn’t look at him, you couldn’t see the guilt in his eyes from having him stare into your eyes which were full of hurt. Taking slow deep breaths, you composed yourself and turned back around. “Lucien was right” you spoke, Elijah immediately lifted his head.

“Whatever that monster said to you, it cannot be trusted” he snarled.

“His right when he said I placed my trust in the wrong person. I’m not anger Elijah that you saved Freya, I’m anger at you for making me a promise and then turning around and breaking it. You always say your a man of your word, but when you had your chance to keep your word to me…you broke it in favor of one of your family members”

He stepped forward and went to pull you into another hug, but you backed away. That simply action alone hurt Elijah more than your words ever could. “I love you, but I can’t trust if my life is in danger again that you would come and save me, if it ever came down to that again”.

“Y/N listen to me, I will not let Lucien Castle out of all people come between us. I made a choice, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. If your life ever is in danger again I will go travel to the ends of this earth, to do whatever it takes to save you. One mistake, one choice shouldn’t wipe years upon years of history”

Gently touching his cheek you said, “I know Elijah, but I need to know wholeheartedly that without a second pause or doubt, that you would always choose me. And I know that may sound incredibly selfish, but I would never hesitate to choose you if it ever came down to it. I don’t care if it was between you or Klaus or anyone in this entire world…I would always pick you”

Taking a step back, you wiped the tears falling down your rosy cheeks. Grabbing your coat that was placed over the chair you begun walking out the door, before halting and turning back to Elijah who was still rooted in the same spot he was in minutes ago. Locking eyes once more you spoke, “That is where you and I are different. You’re my family Elijah, however clearly I’m not yours”.

With that your boots clicked beneath the stone floor and you faded from view, leaving Elijah Mikealson behind and breaking both your hearts in the process.

“Who I Am Inside” Part 15

A/n: I know it has been awhile. I’ve just been busy with other stuff. I’ve been feeling very guilty lately for not posting as much and I will try harder too! Here’s chapter 15! Let me know what you think.

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   Sam’s Pov

“Can I talk to you for a minute, Sam?” Dean asked me, before taking a seat across from me in the Library and handed me a beer.

   “Where’s Y/n and the rest of the gang?” I asked, as I noticed they weren’t in sight.

“They all hit the hay early. The case wore them out. I wanted to apologize to you for what I said earlier. I never meant to get so angry at you.”

“I know you didn’t really mean it, Dean. You were just upset about, Y/n.”

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Protect Her (Percival Graves x Reader)

Anon Request:  Can you do a Graves x reader where he saves you from someone and is just really protective and takes care of it and afterwards he’s still worried and wants to make sure you’re okay and comforts you? Protective graves just sounds too cute and there’s none out there ahh

AN//: This is my first story so I hope I do this prompt justice because it is so freaking adorable!! I am taking a quick break from ships to write this because it has been sitting in my inbox for about 4 hours now and I have been eyeballing it ahaha hope you enjoy!! words in italics are thoughts 

Word count: 1, 081

Warnings: None 

“Y/L/N Stay behind me at all times, last thing I need is you getting injured” Graves said, gesturing behind him. Graves wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he really cared about you, ever since you joined his Auror team he couldn’t tear his eyes of off you, you were so gorgeous and intelligent. He tries so hard to suppress his feelings for you since it went against MACUSA rules but every time you say his name his heart beats a little faster and he feels his breath being taken from him.

“Come on Mr Graves, you know I can handle myself. I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t protect myself and others” You snap back at him, you always felt like he was babying you and even though you found it sweet it got tedious sometimes.

Suddenly 6 figures apparated in front of you, spells started flying every where. You start running towards a pillar to get some cover when all of a sudden you were pulled back and a spell flew right where you were about to run “This miss Y/L/N is why you stay behind me” Graves breathed out heavily, shaken up at almost losing you “Thank you sir but we need cover come on!” You exclaimed

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Taehyung - Breathless.

The Save Me Series

Genre: Romance / Fantasy.

Warning: Suicide mention.

Summary:  Taehyung thinks his life is worthless, so he jumps, hoping that the sea takes his last breath away. Water spirits weren’t supposed to mix with humans, you were supposed to be wary of them, to protect your people and yourself. But when you hear a harmless boy talking about not wanting his life anymore you can’t help but interfere.

The water engulfed Taehyung’s body entirely, the coldness of it slipping into his bones, but Taehyung didn’t fight the current or the unnatural force that pulled him down and deeper into the ocean, instead he let himself get dragged down. He almost liked how this was turning out to be easier than expected, as he had imagined he would have to fight to stay under the water long enough to pass out, but as he was being pulled down he thought that maybe this was meant to be, soon his lungs would flood with salt water and his body would want to instinctively reach for the oxygen no matter his intentions, so Taehyung appreciated this strange force. It would be easier as it would be over sooner.

You knew something had fallen into the current, it was probably being dragged down and since you were on guard you had the duty to go  and see what it was. Sometimes humans let their objects fall down to the water, making it dirty and impure, sometimes there were humans that got too curious and thus you had to put on traps, your people couldn’t risk to be discovered or put in the open by them; sometimes humans just fell down to the water innocently, but they were dragged by the tide trap just the same. You didn’t want to kill humans just for the sake of it, so it was of the most importance that you went down there and find out what had fallen into the water.

You moved through the water gracefully, every part of your body was made to be on the sea, you didn’t need to go up to breathe even if you went there to watch the sky and explore the terrestrial side of the world, but if you wanted to you could spend the rest of your life under the water, just enjoying the wonders of life under the sea. You wished there wasn’t a human in the trap, but as you got closer to it you found out it was a boy who had fallen there.

He was looking around with a confused expression, which was normal since in any other occasion any human would have drowned already. the assigned trap for the unlucky humans was designed as a sort of bubble that didn’t allow them to go to the surface but that let them breathe until they were found, that way the water people could be the judge if the human had good intentions or not. If the human was innocent they just let them go, making them forget about the incident with a simple spell; but if the human had ill intentions then they were left there to drown in most cases, in others, things got much worse.

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Stay Professional! Part 2

Work AU! Fluff and Angst: JK x Reader

Read Part 1 Here.

“Where.. what..? What happened?” You slowly opened your eyes to find yourself neatly tucked under your covers dressed in yesterday’s work clothes that stank of alcohol. You immediately felt as though someone had violently stirred your stomach like a thick soup of calm-chowder and ran straight to the bathroom, almost vomiting up the bitter taste of bile. 

Clueless and with a killer migraine, you splashed some cold water on your face and looked up- a reflection of dark eye-bags and hair that defied physics. 

“Oh god..” You mumbled to yourself, evidently becoming terrified at the thoughts of what you could’ve possibly done last night. The last time you got that drunk was all the way back in 1st year university when it was acceptable and was the encouraged norm. So many mistakes were made..

You checked your wrist-watch to find that it was halfway through the day and you’d not left the house for work. Panicking, you hopped in the shower and temporarily forgot about the migraine until you stepped out of the elevator and into the office. 

Greeted with whispers from co-workers and an angry boss that had glued her hands to her hips, it was a reasonable reaction considering your wet hair and struggle to walk in a straight line. 

“Look who decided to show up huh?” 

“I’m so sorry Ma’am. I..” adrenaline rushed throughout your body as you tried to find a reasonable excuse for why you could possibly show up 4 hours late to work. 

“You..? What? What did you do? You look like a mess. You look terrible!” 

Since you couldn’t think of anything logical to say, you’d just decided to tell her the truth. You were experiencing the worst hangover possible so it was understandable that you weren’t thinking the most logical. 

“I went out with my friend last night and I didn’t feel well in the morning. Please let me off the hook.” You sighed, bowing your head down to show respect and asked for forgiveness. 

“You’ve been such a slacking member. You don’t even know how to make coffee and you can’t handle the simplest of tasks. Tell me, how’d you manage you even get this job?” 

You just gritted your teeth together in hopes that she would stop spewing utter bullshit. I didn’t spend ¾ of my life in school to get treated like this.

“My apologies ma’am. I promise you this will never happen again.” 

“You don’t need to kiss my feet. You’re not even worth it. You’re fired.” 

You’re fired. 

I’m fired? 

Those words echoed through your mind and looked up at her with a shocked and annoyed expression. Eyebrows raised and eyes squinted, you looked at her in disbelief.

“E-excuse me?” You scoffed, unable to keep up the ‘submissive-perfect-girl’ image any longer.

“You’re fired. Get out.” She repeated, turning around in a swift motion and walked away from you- tempting you to throw daggers into her back. 

“You’re a bitch you know that? You treat everyone else like shit and think you’re all that when in reality, how are we expected to look up to someone that can’t even dress half as decent as your ugly sugar-daddies? You’re rude and annoying as fuck and then you wonder why you keep getting dumped by all of them you parasite.” Your vulgar language brought the entire floor to a silence. Your co-workers looked at you as if they’d had seen a zombie climb through the window and it looked like everyone’s souls had been sucked right out of their bodies due to shock. 

Your boss was in disbelief and refused to process the words that had ran through her burning ears from anger. 

“What did you just say to me?” She hissed loudly, violently pushing the closest stack of books down onto the ground. She was pissed.. but so were you.

“I’ve just about had it with your bullshit everyday. You make my life miserable and I hope you continue to get dumped because karma really is a bitch.” 

“Watch your mouth you ungrateful bitch!” She grabbed hold of a cup that was full of hot coffee (that was probably made by the secretary in your absence) and threw it in your direction. 

Instinctively, you covered your face with your arms and let out an inaudible scream of fear. To your surprise, no heat or burning sensation followed on. Instead, the scent of rich coffee and expensive clothes put your fear to a halt.

“Am I interrupting something?” Jungkook presented his usual cold demeanour and spoke in an icy tone that was sure to freeze the hottest of fires. 

He swiftly shook off the boiling coffee which dripped down his new Versace coat sleeve that he had purchased recently and stared down at your boss with eyes of pure disgust. 

“I believe this is against not only company rules but normal legislation as well. Your actions will have concerning consequences. Please understand that you will face charges.” He spoke gently with a smile on his face, a sense of deadliness that caused her to whimper in fright.  

A followup of yells from Jungkook’s bodyguards broke the thick atmosphere. 

“Sir! Are you alright?! We’re so terribly sorry sir we got caught up with the CEO in the hallway.” They projected their voices a little too loud for the sensitive ears of Jungkook. 

“Shut up… this is nothing.” He wiped off the excess hot coffee from his coat and threw the tissue at one of the body guards. 

“Are you sure sir? Your mother will be very worried. Would you like me to contact the CEO?” They mumbled with teeth evidently chattering, terrified at the amount of trouble they’d have to face. 

His mother? The CEO? WHAT?!

The realisation hit you like a 5 tonne truck. You’d just been saved by the future CEO of the company. Instead of you, he was splashed with hot coffee. Because of you- he was splashed with hot coffee. How in the world were you supposed to process that kind of information. What have I done?

Y/N, clean yourself up and my office. Immediately.” He barked, causing you to jump in shock from his unusual loud voice. 

Was it possible to die from nervousness? Your heart was beating so fast it felt like it could fly out of your chest at any moment. The sweat that formed in your palms was almost convincing enough to say that you’d just recently washed them. You still looked like a mess and you tried your best to tame down the hairs but there were still persistent strands that stuck up in the most inconvenient places. 

You took a deep breath in and out for the 5th time before pep talking yourself for the 8th and attempted to knock on his door for the 10th time. You gently knocked on his office door and prayed to all the gods in the world for forgiveness. 

“Come in.” He said, his voice now recognisable as you’d gotten a little familiar with his velvety tones- unable to remember exactly why. 

“Did you call for me, Sir?” You shuffled into his office, a plastered blush and anxiety evidently obvious on your features. You stared down at his white tiled flooring and fiddled around with your sweaty thumbs. What could he want from me? I’m already fired. 

“How could you possibly act as if nothing has happened after your actions?” He questioned, resting his hands that were clasped together on the dark mahogany desk. 

“Please pardon my actions. I spoke completely out of line and I apologise deeply for my vulgar language. I’ll leave the company as soon as possible, sir.” 

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Y/N.” He looked at you. The temperature of your body skyrocketed from his curious stares that felt as long as centuries. 

“Do you perhaps.. not recall of your actions from last night?” His voice was firm and stiff, it progressed to increase in volume as he got up from his leather seat and approached you. 

“I.. I don’t have any clue on what you’re talking about sir. I do remember drinking last night though, but I don’t remember anything else. Please forgive me for any inconvenience that I may have caused.” 

“Stop apologising and look at me properly.” He commanded, his husky tone sent you running for the hills inside your head. 

You examined his expression- such a beautiful face and jaw dropping features. The heat rose up to your ears and you felt as red as a ripe tomato. What was he doing? So close up in your personal space. 

“You don’t remember even if I’m this close?” He murmured, a somewhat arrogant smirk that spread across his lips. You felt his words graze your skin and shook your head quickly. 

“Sir I have no clue on what you’re talking about.” You looked away from him, eyes adverted down onto the ground once again. 

“Then what if I do this?” He mumbled, gently placing his hand on your chin to turn your lips onto his. His cold lips felt familiar and somehow relaxing yet you were freaking out completely from his sudden actions. But you couldn’t possibly push him away. He had you wrapped around his finger and continued to deepen the kiss by gently sucking on your bottom lip and trailed his hand down your spine. 

Part 3