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100% convinced that social justice bloggers on this website are just as obsessed with misery as their conservative foes. No matter how you try to present it extremism is extremism. When we can’t even have productive dialogue and action we’re essentially marching in place.

How can you demonize someone for not knowing what you know? How can you sit there and demand that people “get educated” while ignoring those with learning or physical disabilites? I got a message from a 16 year old Black girl that made a self hating post and you know what grown Black people were doing? Harassing her, calling her stupid. Eventually some nice people stepped in including myself but that was honestly the last straw. You want me to believe that there’s no room for error, no time to learn? Just shovel down information without truly understanding it and attacking others blindly because it satisfies your own self loathing? That’s dark.

So I don’t care how “woke” you are there was a time in your life when you were FAST ASLEEP and essentially dead to the social justice conversations. And if anyone questioning and bringing up valid concerns about your behaviors gets met with hostility know that you are no better than those conservatives you love to bring up. Get real.

So I saw this post today

And all I could think of was

Yen: Where were you today? I missed u. *shit that was clingy af ppl cant see me be nice* Thought ya lil ugly ass went and joined the soul circus

Geralt: *“I missed u”* love u too bae *dies of fangirl*

People: *“Thought ya lil ugly ass went and joined the soul circus”* wUT GERALT SHE ABUSES U HATE HEEEER


Credit to @pinkquinn for the photo !

Guuuys these are just my theories about what’s going on in this scene, taken from the Suicide Squad Movie Novelization! Shortly before Deadshot asks Harley “When’s the last time someone was nice to you?”, they were having a conversation and she says “you like me, you really like me”. Also she looks upset so it could have been when he asks her why she acts like an idiot. Sorry I just freaked when I seen this and had to put this out there

So While Making My Recent Pic Edit of David Tennant, This Happened In Front of My Whole Family...
  • Step-Mom:So who's crotch are you looking at?
  • Me:Huh?
  • Step-Mom:Who's crotch is that, and why are you looking at it?
  • Me *scrolls up so she can see who it is; who is David Tennant btw*:I am not looking at his crotch. It just happens to be were this part of this edit I am working on is at.
  • Step-Mom:Uh huh, sure. You're suppose to look at their face not their crotch.
  • Me:Yeah, I know that. But you have to admit even if I was doing what you think I was doing; he does have a very nice crotch to look at, so...
  • Rest of Family Listening:
  • Me:What? At least now you all know I am not gay.

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((Is it still compliment Boople-pai hour)) Boople is like mom friend and calls people sweetie and is so damn nICE ALL THE TIME HOW DO YOU DO IT- aaaaaaa *vibrating softly on the ground* MY HEART IS FEELING LIKE IT'S GONNA BURST I MUST HUG *vibrates over and hugs your leggy* ;w;

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you~~~

and If I were a momma… I’d be a smol momma (  ;; > v >)


Messages *Neymar imagine*


“Babe I have practice today I can’t stay here the whole time” Neymar said 

I didn’t pay any attention to his words because at this moment, all I wanted to do was stay in the exact position we were in right now. “You can say that you were sick” I said 

Neymar chuckled, and pulled me closer. “Or I could just go so that I could come back and we could cuddle faster” He said

I shook my head, “I think I like my idea better” I said

Neymar chuckled, just staying in bed like this felt really nice. Even though Neymar had to leave in a few to go to practice, enjoying the moment is nice. Well it was going nicely until his phone played a little ring tone. 

Looking up at him, I motioned to his phone. “You not going to answer that?’ I asked

He looked at me, and shook his head. “It’s probably one of the guys I’m fine” 

“What if it’s important?” I questioned

He chuckled looking at me, “Oh now you’re worried about the importance of things” 

I rolled my eyes, “Shut up, and check the message” 

Neymar sighed before reaching over, and picking up his phone. Hitting the home button, the screen flashed on and we both read the text message. “Why is she texting you?” I asked

Neymar sighed, “I don’t know” 

I sat up looking at him, “You don’t know?” I asked

He nodded, “Yes I don’t know Y/N, I can’t read inside of her mind” 

“Why do you still have her number saved in your phone?” 

“I don’t know I never got around to deleting it” 

I nodded, “Right, right it makes sense” 

“See it does” 

I turned my direction towards him, “Are you serious?That doesn’t make any fucking sense Neymar, you guys broke up a long-long time ago you should have deleted it a long-long time ago” I said 

“What does it matter anyways?It’s just a text” 

I scoffed, “It’s just a text Neymar? What other bitches number’s do you have saved that was from ‘A long time ago?’” I questioned 

“Y/N I don’t understand why you’re being so jealous right now we’re over, I’m dating you” 

I rolled my eyes, “Open the phone” I said 


“Open the phone Neymar?” 

“For what”

“Because I need to know if you were texting other bitches or not” 

Neymar didn’t say anything and got out of the bed, “I’m not doing this with you” He said

“Doing what proving that you’re texting thirsty, bitch ass hoes? That’s what you’re not going to do?” I asked

Neymar stopped walking and turned around to face me, “Y/N I don’t understand why you’re so fucking jealous of everything. Bruna’s number wasn’t erased because I forgot to erase it, there’s nothing else to it. I’m not fucking her, I’m not seeing her I’m not doing anything with her so get it out of your fucking skull that something’s going on because nothings happening.” 

~Later That Day

“So you just let him walk out of the house?” Ria asked

I nodded, “We just yelled at each other you think I’m gonna walk after him, and it’s going to be happy ever after?” I questioned her

Ria chuckled, “I don’t expect it to be happy ever after but I mean you could’ve said something differently” 

I rolled my eyes, “Like what?”

“How about I’m sorry?” 

I sighed, “Whatever it’s done now, and now I need to find a better way of saying I’m sorry” I said

Ria sat back in her chair, and looked at me. “Why not make him, his favorite food and dressing up for him a bit?” 

I looked up at her from my nails, “That doesn’t sound to bad” I said

She nodded, “That’s because it isn’t bad Y/N”

We both laughed, and talked for a little while more before she left. As soon as Ria left I went into the kitchen, and looked for somethings to use to cook with. When I found them I got to cooking, and before I knew it I was done and staring at a masterpiece. 

I looked at the time, and it was close to the time that Neymar would normally come home. And I’m assuming that he’s going to come home, I mean he left the house with his bag for practice and I don’t think he’s going to want to stay in that for  the rest of the night. 

Heading into the bedroom, I took a shower and then dressed up in what Neymar calls the “Sweet Dress”. To be completely honest, I don’t know why he calls it that but he just does. Anyways, after I finished getting ready I placed some candles around the food and table and then dimmed down the lights. 

And like I guessed earlier Neymar ended up coming back to the house, using his key he unlocked the door and I could see his faint shadow walking into the house. “Y/N? Whatever kind of trick or game you’re trying to play it’s not working any magic whatsoever” He said as he turned on the lights

I turned myself so that I was facing the entry way into the dinning room. “Y/N what is-Whoa” He said once he made it to the door. 

I looked at him, “What?” 

I watched as his eyes, traveled up and down my body and then they finally landed on my eyes. “So are you going to come into the dining room or not?” I asked

Neymar absentmindedly nodded his head, before stepping into the dining room. Once I got off the counter I took his hand, and lead him to the seat making him sit down. His eyes the entire time stayed trained on mine, I bent over in front of him as I brought the cup closer. 

“W-Wh-What’s all this for?” He stuttered

I turned to him and gave him the most seductive look I could muster up, as I placed one hand on his shoulder and the other on the top of the chair. “What’s what for?” I asked

Neymar gulped before trying to place his gaze somewhere else other than in front of him or on me. “A-All of this” 

Placing one finger under his chin, I turned his head so that he was only lookin at me. “What?” He asked

“I’m sorry” I said

Neymar blinked a couple of times, “You’re what?” 

I sighed, “I said I’m sorry and I’m not saying it again” 

He didn’t say anything for a little while, and thats when I felt his hands pull me by my waist on to his lap. “Neymar” I said

He raised an eyebrow, “So you think you think that you’re allowed to say I’m sorry and that’s it?” He asked a glint going through his eyes as he spoke

This time I rose my eyebrow towards him, “What?” 

“You look hot” He said

“Aren’t you supposed to accept my apology? Say it’s okay” 

Neymar smirked, “I have my way of showing you that I accept you’re sorry” He said, “Which is?” I questioned him

Neymar’s smirk widened, “Follow me” 

i went to a strip club tonight and the strippers were honestly so nice. one was putting her boobs in my face and i asked her how her night was and told her i loved the song she chose, and she was so nice and was like “im really tired but glad you guys are here”. be nice to strippers omg. they have to deal with so many horrific dudes. there were so many gross men and i feel so bad that they have to deal with that every night. the dudes were being nasty and touchy with me and my friends and we were just there to have fun so i cant even imagine how they would be with the strippers. im drunk and i love strippers so much

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Who is your favourite Rogue and Gambit voices and Why?

I kind of think all of the voice actors did well.

“X-Men: The Animated Series” set the standard for what their voices should sound like.  Even now, when I read the comics, these are the voices I tend to hear.  Lenore Zann’s super-Southern voice was sometimes over-the-top, but was exactly what was called for, with the lines she had.  Tony Daniel’s Gambit was so damn suave, it made you want to slap him and kiss him in equal measure.

Then, on “X-Men: Evolution,” we had Alessandro Juliani’s Gambit, which seemed effortless, and Meghan Black had a perfect variation for a disaffected, teenage Rogue.

On “Wolverine and the X-Men,” Kieren van den Blink’s Rogue was a nice, middle-road between being Southern and modern girl, and Phil LaMarr’s Gambit sounded pretty darn Cajun to me.

All of them sounded right for the variation that they were playing, so I loved them all.  If I had to choose, I’d go with can den Blink’s Rogue and Daniel’s Gambit.

I just want to thank you to the people who’ve been here for me through the second dog adventure. There were a lot of heartbreaks, I made some difficult decisions, I vented a lot :’) like I started this journey almost three years ago and some of you have been here the whole time and seen the whole saga?? And you’ve all been so nice???? Thank you so much

I can’t believe the wait is over and I finally have two dogs

Melbourne wrap up

It’s a beautiful, well cultured, friendly city (except that one museum guard who rolled her eyes and then walked away when I mentioned I kept getting lost).

Most of my touring time I got to do by myself while the others were in meetings. Which allowed me to really dig into the places I wanted to go. It would have been nice to have a walking partner, but I always end up either feeling rushed or like I’m waiting on them when I’m looking at new things/places with someone else. And I usually feel like I’ve missed something. So, the alone touring was ok.

Did you know that there’s a city law that requires all public buildings to house public art? That’s something. Besides that, there are sculptures on every corner, architecture to die for, street art districts, and museums with a good mix of modern, classical, and primitive art.

The weather wasn’t terrible despite everyone apologizing for how terrible they thought it was. We were in their equivalent to Feb/March and it was breezy and mild with some light rain and sun. They really aught to visit Montana in winter. They’d never apologize again.

The food. Everything tasted like heaven and rainbows. I ate everything from a middle eastern chicken salad with goat cheese and beet cous cous, to the panco breaded barramundi, a French toast with poached rhubarb oat crumble and creme fraiche that only was French toast because there was bread in there somewhere, a Spanish tapas style lamb backstrap that Michael proclaimed the best bite of food he had ever tasted, and many styles of “best in the Southern Hemisphere” rocky road. But eating out every meal doesn’t make my digestive tract happy. Imodium for dessert.

Then, for just a day, we were shuttled out into the country to see a farm and some wildlife. We toured around the Koala Sanctuary and saw them and a few swamp wallabies. We learned that koalas often carry the clap and are sharp clawed meanie, so no hugging.
I got to watch a man shame my shearing abilities as he made a marino naked in about 15 seconds. Also watched a very nice border collie do something with sheep besides just annoy them. Then to the penguins. We sat on a beach at night wearing way too many layers and a night vision binocular waiting for little blue penguins to come ashore after a day of fishing. They were small waddly things that made some strange quack/honk/squeek noises. The sky was clear that night, so we looked up a lot to see suns we had never seen before.

I saw a wild cockatoo and a few galahs. I wished I could have seen more parrots, but we were mostly in the city. The birds there were quite interesting enough though. Every time I saw a new one that I couldn’t name, I think I squealed. There were enormous pelicans that could steal your toddlers, geese that looked cuddly, but aren’t, black swans, purple “hens”, magpies the size of raptors, fairy wrens (!!!), something black and brown with a yellow mask that made a sweet song about the size of a starling, and some very pretty odd ducks.

Same went for the flora. Usually on a hike, Michael will point to some random plant and say what’s that? I will at least have an idea of what family it is in. There? Fucking clueless. New fantastic looking plants everywhere. I wanted to put a bunch of babies in my bag, but customs might have something to say about that.

The one major problem with my trip was my body. It seems my body doesn’t like traveling. It started with my stomach and airline food. I had “allergies” before we left that bloomed into a full cold while we were there. I couldn’t sleep at night. I kept waking up at 3:30am even when we went to bed at 11. I gave myself massive blisters walking 8 miles touring the city on day one. And, oh hey! Guess who started getting hot flashes while we were there? This guy. Am I really that old? Then on the way back in the plane, my feet and legs swelled up. Like, really bad. I walked barefoot through LAX (which is disgusting) because my shoes wouldn’t go on right. They only are back to normal this morning- a full day after getting home.

All in all, it was a good trip. But I’m soooo glad to be home. Cities wear on me after a while. There is a reason I live in Montana. I like quiet spaces and cities, even in the recesses, are never truly quiet. Next time I go to Australia, I’m heading north. To the less populated areas. Or at least, that is my plan.

Tldr: good trip. nice to be home.

First I would like to thank each and every one of you for your submissions, they were all incredibly done and choosing a top three proved to be difficult. I truly hope that you enjoyed entering this contest. I’ve had a lot of fun seeing how you all chose to edit Marlo, it was definitely a nice change for me personally. I hope it was for all of you, too. Hopefully this is something that you would all like to see from me again some time. 

Again, thank you all so so much for entering. I truly adored every single one of your edits, and cannot thank you enough for submitting in the first place. I wasn’t expecting much regarding involvement for a first contest, and you all completely blew me away.

Winners, please contact me about which of the three sims you would like!

Hey, I did the thing!

As you were nice to me and whatnot, I figured I’d go with both. And i seem to recall you got a HB!Jacket recently? So I drew you in that and otherwise… improvised? Anyway, I hope you like this!

By the way, in your selfie you were a massive cutie c:

———- Oh my god??? This is so cute ahhhhh! Thank you so much, I love it!!! 💜💜

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On the topic of not getting that single tiny thing from the summer games, I really wanted the reaper spray. I got the dva one three times

i got the fucking mccree skin four fucking times and sym’s ribbon dance three times

i mean, both were nice to have but did you have to give it to me so many times

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Car dealerships are the worstttttttt omg where I went they were super nice and gave me a great deal and like I am 23 and have been saving for a new car since I was like 18 so I had a pretty nice money down check and once they saw that I sat in the finance guys office for like 2 hours by myself!!!! Good luck on your car tho Amy!! 💩

yeah i think a lot depends on the people you’re dealing with, the car buying environment (i.e., i’m buying a 2016 and it’s almost the end of 2016 so the 2017s are already out and they may be trying to get rid of old inventory), etc. 

i hate the experience of it. the good thing is that i don’t NEED a new car so if it’s not the price i want, i am ok with just walking out and saying forget it. but if i can get a decent deal now, i’m up for it. 

this guy seems willing to work with me on price so we’ll see! i’m nervous how much they’ll give me for my trade-in but we’ll see. 

i know i’m going to go there and probably get fixated on the black one because that really is the color i wanted but it’s weird to think i could have a new car by the end of the day….lol. i just hate the whole process and i think as a woman, the car dealers sometimes are assholes or try to take advantage so you just have to be firm. i’ve seen the look of fear on two different car guys faces after dealing with me though so im not that worried. 

also i went back to my old uni concessions job today to help out for a freshman event which consists of an all you can eat ‘buffet’ for like $7 and i got stuck swiping meal plan cards and i like being a friendly person/customer service is one of my good qualities so i was saying “hi!” and “have a great day!” to everyone that came up to me (we were serving literally thousands of ppl it was a constant stream) and these shitty lil freshman ass white boys come up and sarcastically said “thanks mom” when i told them to have a nice day and it was so funny, frustrating, and impressive all at the same time like 1) i’m just tryin to be nice u aint have to be a bitch but 2) u put so much effort and actually planned out saying that to me but also 3) that’s so stupid and it’s funny bc it’s so stupid and ur not actually funny

“Anon said: have you ever been terrified of the ocean”


And this deserves a story. When I was a teenager I went to this cove on vacation, and my sister and I were scrambling on the rocks. It was super pretty, like all turquoise and blue and shimmery.

So on the rocks it’s about waist high…and I’m crab walking over it nbd. Me, being an ass, forgets that different color water means different depths. I decide “turquoise is pretty” and head towards a nice patch of turquoise.

That shit is 20ft deep.

I walk off the rocks and into the abyss. Just…bloop. No splash. No nothing.

Sister starts freaking out, I resurface and the first thing I shout is “THE WATER IS EXCEEDINGLY DEEP”

My family still makes fun of me to this day. Mostly for being an asshole who uses “exceedingly deep” instead of “I’m drowning”

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my parents haven't been too happy about me being trans but they got happy about getting to rename me sort of so they pulled out the boy names they never got to use and they chose Wolfgang, Rowe, or sylvester, all big family names they were dying to use but since I'm trans I'm like uneased about using an interesting name since everyone would know I got to pick it :/

I think that’s so nice and special that they are renaming you. That’s so supportive of them, a step in the right direction :)

First of all, I love all those names. I know a Sylvester (cis guy). I honestly don’t think the name will matter in that regard. Nobody will look down on you for picking a unique name, and nobody will pin you as trans for one either. Choose what makes you happy, because it’s the name you will be living with. Which one makes you smile when you hear it? Whether your name is Wolfgang or Nick, Sylvester or Joe; nobody can make you feel invalid. <3


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